Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 7
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 7

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 7
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AMPCKSON SUNDAY HERALD LBJ Absence May Help SUNDAY, OCTOHK », WASHINGTON (AP) _ Nfl|for the reflection of a Demo- matter what a president does, it Icratic Congress, especially has political repercussions. So those first termers who have when Lyndon B. Johnson goes to loyally supported his Great So- Manila late in October, he could l»<-'« help the Democrats early in No- <!iety. vember. A month ago the President think the good ones usually look at it that way." Rep. Gerald R. Ford of Michigan, lite House Republican leader, says: "Words from the Pres- '•-"j- w,»oja. VYUIUS iroiii we n Rival party leaders, however ident won't help anybody." lev differ idpolnpipall acre* A nnlihVal i diet T n k- , ihey differ ideological!., agree that A political i alist, v* H *v* iuwiu[jit,tiii, , ugi^c c» )JUlll«,«ll 1 aUM, JOJ the course this nation will keeps the figures handy: On domestically is being de-! average the party in po Job-son the iwer assured reporters he planned to „., campaign, as much <s • iSsiblejcidedTh'is fa'lTo'n s'lch unlikely lo:esli seals in'a vca'r wSenl up to Election Day Nov. 8. 'battlegrounds as Fond du Lac, president isn't running Bui he didnt on out that Wis.; Great Neck, N.Y.; San In one respect Johnson's mis- weekend, or the rext weekend, Bernardino, Calif., and Man-sion is unusual - he is special-' or the two weekends after that, ning Iowa king in freshman represents The only travel plans an- Unless they gain substantially lives, many of whom are here Bounced during this period was in the House, Republicans say, only because the GOP pi idea- ms decision to attend a seven- their voice will not be heeded tial candidate Barry Goldwa- nation summit meeting, now set when the administration decides ter, sank with such force that [or Oct 28-29, in Manila, on it really wants to move. a host of Republican legislators what to do about the war in Viet If the Republicans do achieve were pulled under with him Nai ?- . ,. M substantial gains, Democrats In theory, these new Demo- What happened? say, Johnson's programs w i 11 crats are sitting drcks- They Did the President decide the shrivel"/rtm maLiutritLn. Democrats would lose heavily Can Johnson do or say any anyway, and it might be better not to be closely identified with Statistically and' historically specific failures? the answer is no. With war in Viet Nam, with Presidents, no matter how Inflation at home, with racial intense then- efforts, almost al- violence spewing both in the ways fail to keep the opposition North and in the South, with from gaining in Congress during fVlllc dwnMTKT fVldf Me- nnmilncifir r«ff_trno« nlsuitlXriA ^^ . . „.. «j uuu m M^ tJVUlAl, VHV1I polls showing that his oooularity is slumping, was he told by tot they some candidates might be better him? off without thing now to help his cause? Or is it that; right before the off-year elections. Jack Mills, executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, puts the classic argument this way: haven't been here lor.g enough to establish a reputation; they are from distri ts usually hostile to Deimcrats — 48 of them replaced Republicans; their support of Johnson means that if his views and stands are losing their appeal so are theirs. In practice, political theories often develop exceptions which is what Johnson hopjs is happening this y:ar. "I do not have the feeling." he Grand Jury Clears Official ANGOLA, Ind. (AP) _ The PAGE 11 On The House AP Newsfeatures „. . ;• —,— •—' — ""B The more manufacturers try iS 1 .. County j *?"$ jury to easc our tasks b y » e dialri P. 1 ' 8 ™.."*. rec .<?r d .o f the coun- bution of specialty products tha 'us products that precise results, |oils which are quickly absorbed!!! has hardened a bit, then do (UPI) ~ The Unit «<J Nations 'by woods. Therefore, always i tne Pointing. While it's'a kind of Thursday disclaimed any fresh • prime wood first with HnsooH I'!* 1 ' 0 . 1 ' 5 . J° b . a second coat peace initiative by Secretary fLiM rVey01 'v W f d Kf sd , ay ,^ d -* - I""'" •««•"• Stati KntrS* f' C f blaS , at the the morc difficult becomes the; X^L^uTsaid it P™ b !™° f .^''; h . u found no iniDron"i» : v in t'- Take a simple little Ihmg likc :in , 2 :> cents conduct by Richard H. M i c k p . V uscd P rlmar ''>' a 1 ' 3 " 1 " 1 stamped self who the slate board ;ilrged h^.i"' 1 ™. 0 "' P ancs - r "'" "' "" received $10,000 wrongfully fori c ' ua '' t - v °' P u ">' e ••• —-'--- — first consideration should .vu.vuo J^u, o ocvviiu vval pcavc miuaiiv wood first with Un^^t^ffll^M.^^ 81 ^ UN Disclaims Further Thant Peace Efforts UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (UPI) - The United Nations The jury said the retose of the report concerning Mick by the state examiner was "Irresponsible and ill-advised." It .also implied politics was involved, noting that Mick was Republican and the sta'.j , 0 -..board was under a ",omocratic a shelf because it costs the Belmont Evangelist of Texas as their guest speaker in the Fall Harvest Campaign, Oct. 9 through 16. Services will be held at 7:30 each week day night , and at 7 o'clock on Sunday evenings. The nurseries are open for children up to three years old. Evangelist Boyd will address j . > i «"- -•"• '<»•**• "i*. i\,viuig. nc Ejvaiigcuai, ouyu wui auuieas argument this way: told a news conference, "that!the primary department through record shows presidentsjthere will be any substantiate teenage departments during j, 'Our --_. -••-• - —.—":••"•""•"• wny ao vou place putty be to select one tha is formu- around &e w j no d w pane? Not ated for long service Ask a to keep tae pane in place friend OT_ neighbor who has had That's Pthe ^ po[ &osep ^ e administr?tion with an election upcoming. can get Andy! ^ " " nr P 7™t ™ taT ri A" 'P itistive had >*« ru - f!j ,u pievem jou irom ao- more( j j n [ ne f aee o f unyielding and a K^**J^±\^$^.£% £%& -. •;;*"" »UIIII(JVU..M'U - addressed envoi- it L UL r J 1 ^ ^•^- bombing. n-= of all the ope to Know-How, P. 0. Box Unhealthy CrOWding | India, which has direct .', < ?L gr l a ." v J 95 ^' Jamai ", N. Y. 11431.) , D , „ ,. j iconact -vith all the Southeast wliv do you place putty 1x60011 IS K6QQIGQ Asian governments, has in- NEW YORK (UPI) _ The [«™f^ United States, that a satisfactory result which brand he used or ask the opinion of your dealer rather than .merely selecting one from least. metal pieces known as glazier's or glazing points. The putty is simply to keep water from seeping through the window. And the simplest way to do that is to roll a strip between the National Commission on Com munity Health " ' preparing a crowding in _ _ growing problem threatening both physical and mental Dcominu (* j, t , • is iw iuu a a-uip ueiween ins The MO 000 was for wort Hnn S ^ A ^- °! ere s a PU^Dahis of vour hinds and Dress „ MiJK^iV.^telmade for wooden sash and one it into D i ace . after whid ,- * health. lie The Belmont Bible Church bv 1 ^^ 83 ^-^^*™!™^ for wooden sash and will have Evangelist Joe Boyd and Associates Inr" whlh ?F or metal sash ' lhe latter nf TsvaQ O c thoir m ,=ct cn^i,. ^ a Associates Inc., which cidiheres better to a non-oo whh n'wWch in wnicn to a non-porous it into nlace, after which you smcn'.h it out with a outtv knife. In this smoothing process, you survevini? work in wHpli fho 1 - r — , — ,— r «.«-w ln Lnls sinooininu process, s^S wTLoLd hlch fte ss ^JT^L ' JLf ™??s«_ ^ e _^ h Mick resigned as county surveyor after the state board report was announced. FIRESTONE AWARD WASHINGTON (AP) -Firestone Tire i ~ granted a i. „.., ..._ „ 0 Army contract Friday, with generally cost . , metal sash putty you require, be sure you know whether your e windows are glazed with the but not so firmly that you risk facing inside or outside, be.-.„... s UU.UE «i uuujiuv, uc - cracKing me glass. Tne excess cijuse .there is an interior metal ou tty will scrape off easily. . P. uttv and a . n exterior met- that a little excess putty will squeeze out around the blade cracking the glass. The excess KJN (Af) —Fire- sasn P uu > ana an exterior met- some glaziers keep a pan of t Rubber Co. wa s : a ' sash putty. And then there| soa pv water handv dipping the $1.4 million U.S. are glazing compounds whichj put iy knife into it occasionally •oM ITri/Jin! u.i'tV, f PnPrJllK 1 />nct o lit tli-i mni'd Kill . . i_ _ . f i ,. r ,. , . ' speace report on the cities over- as a report, publication in scheduled October, would ended. not even discus proposals -.mtil the of North Viet Nam is South Viet Nam, speaking for itself, told Thant Wednesday that the peace key was not represent more than four years , cessation of U.S. bo: .bing but ^an end to "aggression initiated of research. Viet Cong Charges Japan Aids In War radio Thursday attacked — j ^..^ u n. v Ior nesoiBiions 10 € Japanese government for "ac- Nam war » he said I lively turning Japan into an A spokesman for Thant said Wednesday that "whatever the secretary general is doing, he is doing quietly" in connection with Viet Nam, but Thursday he sought to correcl misimpres- sions of a new iniliatlve. "The secretary general has negotiations to end the Viet tibilities. If Johnson hasn't gone cam- 'allv cost a little more but 1 i I ,,, r , •'" '' ;vel >' lurnine Ja P an M ° a " -"rll_-"±4- in elasti- o. esilicnt for a ' '"" P P Y ° g! imnortant ! °S istics base ta ' lhe i VETERAN IN TLIM-FLAM' D°riod of im- D'- • „ .. ' •„ , "-S. in its aggressive war in; HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Vetere vou hZ"-nlv P H ih. •, T"° lho ."'•' ttv W1 " '"•'• South V:ct Nam. It charged!an character actor Harrv .c 5 ou have »oUed the ,i anti ,,,. olcrt „. Do no .. h O"--!Janan makes SO per cer-t of the Morgan ha^ joined "- - ' '" paigning, he still hasn't said come into my district And that he has abandoned the idea. He may again go out to plead il ^ a ™«^^^ in - n-e date, I'd not want a president to'much. Merged Papers Waive Rights lo Columns WASHINGTON (UPI) -The [ustice Department said Thurs!day the 'New York [Journal Tribune Corp. (WJT) World :had agreed to waive its rights :to publication of 19 newspaper features, apparently thus clear- Jing away the last legal obstacle in the three-newspaper merger. Under terms of a proposed consent judgment, acting Atiy. "- stake, With only Democrats seats at are so far , ahead, 68-32, there's no way to catch them. The score in the House stands, Democrats, 294, Republicans, 139, with two vacancies. Here again the, margin is too great to be. ercome, but Republicans^ argue that, if they could pick up 50 seats or so, with the help of conservative Democrats they could block, or modify, many of Johnson's proposals. Every two years all 435 House seats must be voted on, 'but that sounds far more chancy than it is. Many congressmen are firmly entrenched, and at least 49 of them have no opposition at all. Only the marginal rroup is in doubt, and this y?ar the marginal grop is bulging. In 1964 an I unusually large number, 111,! — crept into office with 55 pe- -entjHouse Ways and Means Com he first entered business career. Turning to the ministry, he received the Master of Theology degree at the Theological Seminary at Fort Worth, Tex. He has served as a pastor, evangelist, Christian educator and editor. Steward Webber is the host pastor. _ Guidelines For Medical Program Set WASHINGTON (AP) - The The Flim-Flam Man" at 20th Centurv-Fox. — j— 0 ~~,..., t u %,»»'}. iimj. — T' .,.„., v/ii.^v, ii >i,» uu pc- cut iiuuat. tlaVa dllU IVlciinS ^ ,Gen Ramsey Clark said f-e or less of the vote, and 62 of mittee agreed Wednesday WalVPT fit fhn ,-lrthtfl */* 'Ih/l^Q ITThn hn^nl,. n-nj. :* _.ll. ° . J — .^, «™.tt aa.u i-ej-" "~-° v- ;i"= vuic, aim oi uiiiniiiee agreed Wednesday on waiver of the rights to. ftose who barely made it are i guidelines to limit federal-state certain columns and other Democrats. [ med ical aid programs, especial Worse, from their viewpoint, i y f or able bodied adults. •_!_.! tuin 4-UilUIllti CU1U UUlCi HeatiTes should make it possi- Lble for all newspapers serving the New York market to bid on the features. 11 first-term Democrats slipped in by 51 per cent or less of the votes, and so qualify as geniL e •~ .^wuuuvo. . >UIA*J, cuiu 3V qutujiy as ^CIllL C Last month, the government | political accidents, to flutter two filed a complaint against the involving features - the disputed SJ: The complaint said that the =Sj newspaper's acquisition of the : feaitures through the merger of the Herald Tribune, the World and the Journal ._ .-—. would substantially ^ lesson competition in the New York market, .; The WJT competes against •:the New York Post, the city's \ only other afternoon newspa- years and be forgotten. Yet many Democrats who barely won in 1964 may win again in 1966, no matter what called "nujdicaid," the broad Telegram American The program usually called medicare—hospitalization and optional medical benefits for those 65 ar.d older—is not affected by the bill. It would apply to what is ., the national polls say. Curiously, the best way to understand why this can be true is to turn to Jack Mill- the GOP technician who is tryinff to persons not so poor as to re make sure that the President's efforts are a staggering failure. During the next month most experts will try to assess the . In its suit, the a thai the WJ election by carefully dissecting •the issues. Mills doesn't disdain government, t these - "I think we've got IT be forced ] things going for us on issues - ened provisions for fe:!~"al aid to state health services for persons who are regarded as "medically indigent." These are quire general welfare aid, but imable to meet heavy medical The committee is expected to approve the legislation formally Thursday and send it to the got House. Congress last year permitted Ibe determined by markel place Under the proposed consent!I judgment, the WJT is free to' compete for new contracts but lican ir a Democrat? Mills' view: "You produced ia large part of their populations land run the federal 50 per cent cannot sign contracts within 30 Wisconsin7th Dislrict'''^'^™ 1 - 0111 " 1 '^ 011 far bcyond the total days after it waives its rights.(represented by John Race a If approved by the court, the j first-term Democrat - "which consent judgment would be- has alwavs been strongly Re- m come final in approval would 30 days. also end g o y e r n m e n t's earlier suit against, the newspaper. The features involved Include publican. I'm sure it will swing KQrtlr fft ,,r* ° back to us. LEGION INITIATION MARY CARTER BAS L E HOUSE PAINT g contemplated. Most not yet have new plans effect. The committee decision, not officially announced, was reported to involve these guidelines: •The states would not be lim- in setting standards for GREENFIELD, Ind (4P)— columns written by Joseph j The first veterans of the Viet! - „ , Alsop, Walter Lippman, RoscoejNam War will be initiated Tues- children or persons over 65. j|Drummond, Roland Evans andjday into Hancock Post 119 —The states also could pro£ Robert Novak. Barry Goldwa- American Legion. William E [ride for coverage, with federal -ler, Ann Landers. DavidIGalbraith of Beemer. Neb., e-n-ihelp, of persons 18 through 64 I Lawrence, Ralph McGiIl, andldidate for nalional commanderwho were blind or otherwise Arlene Dahl. |in 1967, will speak. ! disabled. • PER GAL J WITH ; . COUPON i > 4 GAL. CASE LOT " $ i HOW 13 96 ; :>COTiHPLETri.jNE OF JINTEfllbR/EXTERfoR i ;>**: PAJNTS' ; ". • TWO FOR ONE LOW PRICE There are thousands of words in the English language that didn t exist ten Christmases ago. 11 CAN LIQUID GLASS g ENAMEL AND I'/a" Give the dictionary that caught up with the English language. MARY CARTER PAINT STORE 2306 NICHOL AVE. ST. RD. 32 WEST N»xt to Marih • Tom'l Ph. 644-1944 Introducing 1 The Random House Dictionary of the English Language. The first dictionary that answers today's "word explosion." It lets you find thousands of new words that have come into existence just in the last few years: Ho Chi Minh trail, zip code, Medicare, chemosurgery, LSD, freedom ride, John Birch Society. It lets you look up people, places and events not covered in your present dictionaij. It fives you over 260,000 carefully chosen entries. Wilh every mcaniiiffand every usage made crystal-clear. (Including more than 100,000 entries just in science, technology and other special areas.) 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