The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 7, 1971 · Page 31
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 31

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 31
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State Fair Result* Many Kansas 4-H'ers Entered Horse Show Complete results of the State Fair 4-H horse show have now been received. Cecil Eyestone, state 4-H specialist for the Kansas State University Extension Service, reports nearly 300 4-Hers and more than 400 horses participated. Results of the show are listed by name and county: HALTER CLASSES Quartet-horses— 1971 filly — I. Bob Criqul, Shawnee; 2. Russoll Thlessen, Butler; 3. Sharee Laflln, Pottawatomie. 1970 filly — 1. John Bare, Clark; 2. Suzanne Muller, Morris; 3. Susie Dclll, Crawford. ..1969 maro — 1. Sharce Laflln, Pottawatomie; 2, Mark Mathews, Barber; 3. Chris Sebree, Saline. 1968 mare — l. Kay Rockhold, Mcpherson; 2. Candy Grlttltts, Jefferson; 3. Denl Morris, Crawford. 1947 or older maro — 1. Susie Dclll, Crawford (CHAMPION); Mary Meschko, Reno (RESERVE CHAMPION); 3. Laura Osburn, Franklin. 1970 gelding — 1. Jane Cofer, Sedgwick; 2. Bill Powers, Butler; 3. Suzanne Muller, Morris. 1949 gelding — 1. Gail Burden, Sumner; 2. Jonl McKee, Cherokee; 3. Chris Ediger, Reno. 1948 gelding — 1. Susan Shandy, Riley; 2. Sandy Anweller, Jackson; 3. Krlstl Maxon, Labette. 1947 or older gelding — 1. Laura Osburn, Franklin (CHAMPION); 2. Cheryl Hartzlor, Woodson (RESERVE CHAMPION); 3. Debbie Kcster, Logan.. 1971 Stallion — 1. Brltt King, McPher- »on; 2. Karen Halo, Saline; 3. Roxanne Jacobs, Meade. Welsh Ponies 1971 filly — 1. David Orear, Lyon. 1970 filly. — 1. David Orear, Lyon. 1949 mare •— 1. Lisa Coffman, Harvey. 1947 or older mare — 1. Teresa Burkhart, Harvey (CHAMPION); 2. Marie Fletcher, Sedgwick; 3. Cindy Orear, Lyon. 1969 gelding — 1. Teresa Burkhart, Harvey (CHAMPION). 1948 gelding — 2. Becky Hay, Harvey. 1971 stallions — 1. Cindy Orear, Lyon; 2. Teresa Burkhart, Harvey. Other Ponies 1971 filly — 1. Deadra Cauble, Sedgwick. 1947 or older mare — 1. Trade Myers, Miami; 2. John Showaller, Sherman. 1970 gelding — 1. Marilyn Norris, Shawnee. I. Nancy Shepard, Sodg- 1968 gelding wick. 1967 or older gelding — 1. Sherry Plgg, Shawnee; 2. Cindy Hlldebrand, Shawnee Arabian 1971 filly — 1. Debbie Kill, Johnson. I»6» mare — I. Nancy Reschke, Rice. 1967 or older mare — 1. Kathy Gelman McPberson (CHAMPION); 2. Helen Hopkins, Johnson (RESERVE CHAMPION) 1969 gelding — 1. Chris Koehn, Harvey (CHAMPION). 1968 gelding — I. Connie Koehn, Harvey 1967 or older gelding — 1. Helen Hopkins, Johnson (RESERVE CHAMPION) 1971 stallions — l. Karln Wicks, Sedg wick. Appaloosa 1971 filly — 1. Greg McMahon, Sedgwick; 2. Cindy Soldel, Osborne. 1970 filly — 1. Kim Linenbergor, Finney. 1969 mare — I. Michael Tlllotson Sedgwick; 2. Debblo Regehr, McPherson. 1968 maro — I. Diana Becker, Elk; 2. Joy 1 Grainger, Labette. .1967 or older mare — 1. Stacey Berschauer, Sedgwick (CHAMPION); 2. Thomas Dempsey, Sedgwick (RESERVE CHAMPION); 3. Susie Lockwood, Brown. 1969 gelding — 1. Robin Greason, Harvey. 1968 gelding — 1. Lisa Beard, Neosho. 1967 or older gelding — 1. Susie Lockwood, Brown (CHAMPION); 2. Thomas Dempsey, Sedgwick (RESERVE CHAMPION); 3. Robin Greason, Harvey. 1971 stallion — I. Randy Riley, Barton. Palomino 1967 or older mare — 1. Jane Cofer, Sedgwick (CHAMPION); 2. Marta Jel- fers, Jefferson (RESERVE CHAMPION); 3. Sharon Cummlngs, Shawnee. 1970 gelding — I. Cal Cofer, Sedgwick (CHAMPION). 1968 gelding — 1. Slacy Smith, Jefferson (RESERVE CHAMPION). Morgan 1968 mare — 1. Sheree Grove, Wyandotte (RESERVE CHAMPION). 1967 or older mare — 1. Sherry Morgan, Sedgwick (CHAMPION). 1967 or older geldings — 1. Susan Burns, Sedgwick (CHAMPION); 2. Patty Hufferd, Harvey (RESERVE CHAMPION). Paint of Pinto 1969 filly — 1. Gail Winn, Elk. 1948 mare — 1. Barbara Forney, Wyandotte (CHAMPION); 2. Jennifer Howlson, Saline; 3. Don Ramsey, Sedgwick. 1967 or older mare — 1. Kent McEn- tlre, Sedgwick; 2. Jane Kaufman, Harvey; 3. Susan Kenncy, McPherson. 1967 or older gelding — 1. Mike Corcoran, Johnson (CHAMPION); 2. Rick Maxson, Labette (RESERVE CHAMPION); 3. Gall Winn, Elk. American Saddlebred 1947 or older mare — 1. Tonl Thomas, Sedgwick (CHAMPION). 1947 or older gelding — 1. Shlrlee Perkins, Sedgwick (CHAMPION); 2. Rebecca Hodgson, Rico (RESERVE CHAMPION). SHOWMANSHIP American Saddlebred 1. Tonl Thomas, Sedgwick; 2. Shlrlee Perkins, Sedgwick. Quarter Hone, Other Breeds 1J-13 year old — 1. Debbie Kcster, Logan; 2. Tammy Strack, Barber; 3. Laura Osburn, Franklin. M-15 year old — 1. Susie Deill, Crawford; 2. Mark Mathews, Barber; 3. Susie Lockwood, Brown. 14 yean and older — 1. Mary Meschko, Reno; 2. Debbie Gorthy, Cheyenne; 3. Cindy Gorthy, Cheyenne. PERFORMANCE CLASSES Western Pleasure 12-13 years old — 1. Debbie Keslor, Logan; 2. Laura Osburn, Franklin; 3. Kevin McGlashon, Johnson. 14-15 years old — 1. Mike Kline, Johnson; 2. Susie Deill, Crawford; 3. Stacey Berschauer, Sedgwick. 14 years and older — 1. Candy Grlf- fitts, Jefferson;. 2. Debbie Gorthy, Cheyenne; 3. Cynthia Dlpman, Pawnee. Ponies under 14 inches — 1. Trade Myers, Miami; 2. Cindy Seldel, Osborne; 3. Teresa Burkhart, Harvey. Western Horsemanship 12-13 years old — 1. Laura Osburn, Franklin; 2. Martha Jeffers, Jefforson; 3. Verenda Litton, Johnson. 14-15 years old — 1. Wayne Van Burcn, Johnson; 2. Stacey Berschauer, Sedgwick; 3. Mike Kline, Johnson. 14 years and older — 1. Mary Mcschkc, Reno; 2. Bruce Walqulst, Osage; 3. Martha Brown, Butler. American Saddlebred Three-Galled Pleasure Horse (English Equipment) 1. Tonl Thomas, Sedgwick; 2. Joy Miller, Douglas; 3. Shlrlee Perkins, Sedgwick. Equitation Saddle seat — 1. Jeanlne Jones, Sedgwick; 2. Toni Thomas, Sedgwick; 3. Kathy Gelman, McPherson. Hunt sot — I. Teresa Burkhart, Harvey; 2. Shanna Gibson, McPherson; 3. Julie Taggart, Harvey. Raining 12-14 years old — 1. Debbie Kcster, Logan; 2. Marianne Pcmber, Ness; 3. Tammy Strack, Barber. 15 years and older — 1. Bob Clemence, Dickinson; 2. Judy John, Neosho; 3. Krlstl Maxson, Labette. Pole Bending 1. Tammy Strack, Barber (22.04 seconds); 2. Judy John, Neosho (22.08 seconds); 3. Millie Thomas, Finney (22.09 seconds). Barrel Racing 1. Susie Lockwood, Brown (15.04 seconds); 2. Tammy Strack, Barber (15.05 seconds); 3. Judy John, Neosho (15.06 seconds). Calf Roping 1. Bob Clemence, Dickinson (16.4 seconds); 2. Tim Walker, McPherson (21.2 seconds); 3. Steve Charnahan, Labette (30.1 seconds). Hutchinson News Thursday, Oct. 7, 197 1 Page 11 High Blood Pressure Is Not A Disease By DOCTOR MEDICUS Q. Please discuss high blood pressure. What is normal for a (fc-year old man or woman? What are the causes? What drugs are used in treating tliis condition? What about the new drug "Aldactazide"? A. High blood pressure is not a disease. It is a symptom. And the cliasolic pressure, or level of pressure during the relaxation, phase |(when the heart is filling), is more impor tant to the pa tient's future than is t h e systolic level or maximum pressure. As people get old- ler. the vessels Th e Doctors Answer may simply be more rigid and a "water-hammer" effect gives some elevation at the sharp peak. This often is of little re lationship to any disease process. So, although "normal" blood pressure is usually expressed as "100 to 140 systolic and (>5 to 90 diastolic", someone at age 65 could well have somewhat higher systolic pressures without any very dire consequences. High blood pressure (properly called "hypertension") is associated with many disease conditions. And a good many of them can be treated so that the blood pressure become normal. For example, a toxic goiter can be removed, or tumors of the adrenal gland taken out. Then the stimulus to overactive blood force is done away with. Blood pressure drops to normal and the strain on the heart and blood vessel system is relieved. When narrow places develop in arteries so that the kidney does not get blood under enough pressure to operate th© filtra- YOUR FRONT ROW SEAT TO THE count W8 PHILCO Portable Transittordad In 27 vital circuits for longer lifo. Big tmt performance and reliability. • Philco's Cosmetic Color Circuit provides a greater range of color shades to get faces more lifelike. • 14"/102 Sq. In. Mogicolor picture tuba for greater color brilliance. • Stylish cabinet finished to match Walnut furniture. 8S-6H6-2 »imulitctl picluie PHILCO' 22 7282 Sq. In. Portable STAND MttUDH . Handy "ffoff-abour" Stone) I luge ouiMilr si/r Mirr n! HMIKI' Miiiir walnut grain liniali cabinet, I'tr-MM linr tuning. I Jghtrd < halt- iirl nrlciims. »MMI J i^trwhwk FM-Stereo AM-FM Meclilrn;iilf-;ill Mvlr liibiiirt. lOII-WMII illllitllt |ifrik pitwrl H-h|H-;i kri jilficn MIMIKI \)t>- Inn. I-M Slcim AM/I'M radii). I I " I)rlll\*t (i»it;u<l iliafiKcr. R< i.i*-i tion devices, the kidney then secretes a hormone to raise the general blood pressure and improve matters for itself. Such a spot in the aorta (called a "co­ arctation") may be present from birth. If removed, blood pressure usually becomes normal againi. Similar strictures may develop in the kidney arteries themselves, and a delicate operation on the artery is needed to correct matters. A toxic state of pregnancy may cause temporary rise in blood pressure that subsides after delivery. Acute inflammatory states of the kidney may do the same thing, and a brain hemorrhage can bring on very high levels of blood pressure. Physicians are usually reduced, after all examinations are finished, to call most cases of hypertension "essential" — which is a polite way of admitting ignorance of the underlying cause. When all of the correctable causes have been ruled out, treatment of symptom- causing "essential" hypertension depends on medicine. And there is a wide selection of drugs available, numbering perhaps several dozen. What agent is used depends on the experience of the physician and what works best for him, as well as factors of the individual case: presence of other d i s- easc (such as diabetes) a n d how that particular drug is tolerated by the patient. Side effects of anti-hy|)crten.sivc drugs often lessen their value. Nervous tremors, double vision, nau­ sea, faintness, drowsiness, muscle pains, diarrhea and even peptic ulcers are only a few of the things that may make change of drug necessary. "Aldactazide" is a combination of "spironolactone" with "hydrochlorothiazide". It is particularly effective for some cases of hypertension that are combined with fluid accumulation and a weakened heart action, since it serves as a diuretic as well as anliphypcr- tensive. This agent, too, must be chosen with an eye to possi- effects, and your the best judge of ble adverse own doctor is this. Adequate treatment of hypertension has added years to lives of many so afflicted. The unrelieved strain of increased pressure levels on aging arteries is often the cause of a "burst" in the pipe or obstruction from calcific hardening processes. More adult humans die from such events than from any other cause. So, if you have hypertension, keep in touch with your doctor. THESE PRICES GOOD AT ALL OTASCO STORES (Like New) Combination T.Y. Sttreo & AM-FM Radio Only $ 169 95 O-4-10/7-X 'Biggest Savings Event of the Year Prices Effective thru October Hith or While Supply Lasts! Our Entire Stock of Ladies Foundations and Slips 20% 100% Acrylic Milliken Expo 56 inch Width. Regular «3.»" yard $199 MM yard Entire Stock of FASHION FABRICS Entire Stock of GIRLS DRESSES Entire Stock of All Men's, Women's and Children's LEATHER SHOES Ladies' SLEEPWEAR Knit- Ins Special Purchase fromh Arrival* In Ladies Sportswear PnntN,To|iM,NklrtM All l'<tly<i*ti>r Values to "It."" 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