The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 22
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 22

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 22
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, THE DAKERSF1ELD CALIPOttNIAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1086 YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROCER BETTER BEST I-lb. Pkg, , , CRACKERS 10c »:• 19c BETTER BEST l-lb, GRAHAMS 10c ^ 19c PREPARED FOODS 25c r'ranco-AnicricHii SPAGHETTI. .. . No. .')03 cans for Campbell'*) SOUPS, all except rhlrken. 3 . 10-O/. for Libby's CHILI CON CARNE No. I IXL IIEEK TAMALES No. Vi cnn \\ nlker'.s TAMALES .. No. I tan Milan)* CHICK KN mill NOODLES l-lb. jar 9c 2 f 0r I Be 2 ,„,. 25c 25c Van Cninp PORK AND ItKANH l-lb. 6c IIOIISEIIOLI) SUPPLIES 29c I7c 9c I Be ,.»,„ I0c 3 l( ,,25c 20c 9c 7c Kcd .Slur IIROOMS . .en MATCHES, Highway llrnnd. cln. of I! boxes Waldorf TISSUE, O regular roll* "for ."rehrnder'n ANT POWDER :>•>•/. pkg. LIGHT GLOIIES. '10 <ir (>0 \viil t I'tirli Srol'« TISSl'E TOWEL ROLLS Wrigbfh SII.N ICIJ CREAM.. 8-o/. jnr l.init STARCH IZ-o/.. pkg. SAL SODA, llollv 2',-lh. plig. JAMS AND JELLIES Welch'. 17 C GKAPELADE Mb. Jnr 3, 25c Dixie JELLY-- Aswt. Flavor**, 7-o/,. glnns PPLE HUTTER. LibbyV No. I can •nil, Inr APPLE HUTTER. I A* Orchid JAM, Tree Fruil. ORfc Itee Land IK) NICY . .5-Hi.can 37c SOAPS AND CLEANSERS White King Grimiihtti'd Q I «\ SOAP large pkg. «" » KIMHO SOA .Machine large pk«. Oxydol (iraniilaled SOAP .large pkg. l.ux Toilet SOAP ......... Lifebuoy SOAP but ( rvHtiil White SOAP, regular burr* Q I9c 20c bar 6C 6c 25c . K (,. WHITE NAPT1IA. regular Itnrn O " bui'H 'almolive Toilet SOAP bur (.olil DUN! SOAP POWDER., large pkg. !5c Sunhrite CLEANSER regular sire can (ioodwin'n bottle 2 ror 9C I2c MEVERAQES llrown Derby HEEH 12-oz. can for Dixie ADE, AtiHortcd 1'lavorn ......... pkg. COCA COLA, nirton of fi holllcH, deposit • • ...... Welch (JRAPE JUICE, ........... pint bottle Welch (JRAPE JUICE. ......... f|tiur(, bottle 25c 5c 25c I9c 36c I'ale Face GINGER ALE, pliiM depOHlt, O I R|» .. .12-o/. bottle *" for • *»« I'nle Knee GINGER ALE, pltiN depoNll, 28-o/.. bottle IQc CANNED MEATS AND FISH Libby'i* DEVILED MEAT HVi-07.. Libby'u .SLICED IIEEF 21;,-oy.. Llbby'M VIENNA SAUSAGE l-o/.. l.ibby'N VEAL LOAF... 12-u/. Libby LL'NCH TONCUE. li o/. I ndcrwoocl'H DEVILED HAM No. ', Target CORNED IIEEK .12-07,. can llappyvale PINK •SALMON No. I can Anne Kippered SNACKS. ..No. H can White Star TUNA. No. 'i cun 4c I3c 9c I3c 20c I2c I5c IQc 4c I5c BEER CATSUP BEER 1 ,.1-OZ. hottlcH AUU L bottlca PLUS BOTTLE DEPOSIT (Plue Bottle Deposit) SUPERLA SHORTENING...^ 83c DEPEIWUBIE COFFEE Quality bl«nd of Central and South Amtrlcan eoff»«i. A (avoflle far mor* than 30 yean. Ouarontrtd to pleaie. niRiunv COFFEE Our blggtil itlltrl Mild, mellow flavor. WhoU roait, ground to ordtr at moment of purehait. HOB Hill COFFEE TOPS in the coffee field. Rich, dlillnctlve flavor. Ground when you buy it, (or your own method of brewing. DEL MONTE TOMATO JUICE 4 N 25c CANNED FRUITS V. D. APPLE SAUCE ....No. 2 can Del Monte PLUMS No. 2'/j can Del Monte APRICOTS No. 2!/j can Planada Fancy Breakfast FIGS No. 1 can Dainty Mix FRUIT COCKTAIL. No. lean Libby PEACHES, Sliced or Halves, v No. 2'/i can Uillsdalc PINEAPPLE. JUrokcn Slices, No. 2'/i can- (Oc I3c I8c I2c I4c I6c SALAD DRESSINGS hNNAISE • '/j-pint jar Dated MAYONNAISE IQg Dated MAYONNAISE pint jar Dated MAYONNAISE ............ quart jar NuMadc SALAD DRESSING NuMadc SALAD DRESSING ............. pint jar 22c 38c '/j-pint jar I 1C I8c 3lc NuMadc SALAD DRESSING quart jar NuMadc SANDWICH I O fi SPREAD.. '/ 2 tplnt jar uMado SANDWICH SPREAD ..... pint jar NuMadc SANDWICH SPREAD... quart jar CANDIES CANDY BARS, O All Kinds..... ""for MARSIIMALLOWS, Fluf f lest.... l-lb. pkg. LIFE SAVERS or BEECHNUT DROPS, Q Assorted ..... Wfor G. F. P. CANDY, Asst '/i-lb. pkg. Wrigley's GUM, Q I A. Asst. Flavors. * for '*•«• FLOUR Sperry Drifted Snow FLOUR... No. 10 bag Sperry Drifted Snow FLOUR.. 24 i/j-lb. bap Pillsbury Best FLOUR. . . .No. 10 bag Pillsbury Best FLOUR '~ .2-l'/Hb. bag :K • large package $1.01 BISQUICK OA ft »wl» PET POODS Skippy DOG FOOD... l-lb. can Stronghcart DOG AND CAT FOOD l-lb. can " fo Balto DOG FOOD O l-lb. can ™ for . Healthway DOG FOOD. (Broken Bis- Q 9c cuits) Ibs. BIRD SEED, Clarcmont l-lb. pky. 9c BAKING NEEDS Royal BAKING POWDER... i2-oz. can Rumford BAKING POWDER... 12-oz. can Clabber Girl BAKING POWDER... 10-oz. can Clabber Girl BAKING 9 1 * POWDER. . . .2-lb. can •• I • Baker's COCOANUT, Southern A^ Style ......... No. »/ 4 can«"» Baker's Premium CHOCOLATE ........... '/i-lb. cake Pillsbury CAKE FLOUR.... large pkg. I5c 23c Arm & Hammer BAKING SODA O l-lb. pkg. * for CANNED VEGETABLES STRING BEANS, Champion O No. 2 can ** for, STRING BEANS, Deluxe Asparagus Style No. 2 can Stokcly's KIDNEY BEANS ...... No. 2 can CORN, Del Monte Tiny 2 for 25c No. 2 can SPINACH, Masterpiece ..... No. 2'/2 can PEAS, Del Monte Early ' ....No. 2 can OMATOES, De Solid Pack...No. 2'/ 2 27c TOMATOES, Del Monte I Qg OUR MOTHERS COCOA 2-lb. Can 12c DIAMOND WAX PAPER 40-ft. Roll QUALITY MEATS MORRELL'S BACON "..27 ROUND STEAK i»22 c SWIFT'S SALT PORK .. ib. 22c PLATE RIB BOIL ib. 7c STERLING BULK SHORTENING MOc BEST CUTS - NO NECK CUTS BEEF ROAST ib.14c FRESH FISH SALMON . . ib. 19 C FRESH CAUGHT (Siloed Lb. 22c) REAL ROAST PEANUT BUTTER 2-lb. Jar SHORTENING AND SALAD OIL Old Mill SALAD Oil ........ pint bottle Old Mill SALAD OIL ...... quart bottle SALAD OIL. Mnzoln or WeHNon- • • -pint can SALAD OIL, or \\Vsfion (|iinr( can SALAD OIL, Ma/.ola or WeNM>n.!!-(|unrt run CriKcoSIIORTENINC, ............ l-lb. can SHORTENING;, 3-lb. can I7c 29c 22c 42c 79c 2ic 56c CANNINC Pure Cnnr I A SIKiAR • V Ib*. 12 On W* Kcrr Rcgulnr Mamin FRUIT JARS. 12 pints here Reiiular MIINHH FRUIT JARS. VI () t». Kerr Regulnr Mavon FRUIT JARS. 12 "i-gallons Kerr Regular Mason LIDS 4 • carton of 12 ™ for CERTO (for making fine jam* iincl jolllcH) bottle CRACKERS AND COOKJES 2lc lilt/. CRACKERS pound package Champion BUTTER I-J^ FLAKES.... Mb. pkg. « "• Snow flake I ftf» CRACKERS.Mb. pkg. • «*«» Old Faahlon GINGER OA« SNAPS ....Mb. pltg. *WC Harvest Blossom FLOUR No, 5 |7 Bag , , , Ji I V fc". ,.30c 2 B 4 .r:. ,63c r $1.20 98-lb. CO ?A Bae , .^^.idVI CERISALS CREAM OF WHEAT ........ small package CREAM OF WHEAT ........ large package Quaker CRACKLES ...regular size imckagc GRAPE-NUT FLAKES ....... pkg. Minute TAPIOCA . . regular size package Q fi *»** BULK Per Gallon VINEGAR 15c SYRUPS Sleepy Hollow CANE AND MAPLE.... pint Sleepy Hollow CANE AND MAPLE.. quart Sleepy Hollow CANE AN I) MAPLE ......... 10-lb. can Log Cabin SYRUP ......... medium can Log Cabin SYRUP ........... small can OA* *"!» 1C ilV I A fi * •» Red Label KARO SYRUP. (white) ............... 5-lb. can nine Label KARO SYRUP, > (dark) ............. 5-lb. can COFFEE AND TEA 26c Maxwell House COFFEE....Mb. can Hills Red Can COFFEE....Mb. can Hills Red Can COFFEE....2-lb. can SANKA or KAFFEE HAG Mb. can Canterbury TEA— (Orange Pekoe) Ulack 14-lb. Canterbury TEA— (Orange Pekoe) Black K OVALT1NE- .6-0%. can 28c 55c 38c I3c 23c 3lc TUNE IN! * CALIFORNIA'S HOUR Every Monday Evening * STATION KERN, AT 9 P. M. * Light Meat MISSION TUNA 2 No. _ _ Cans FRUITS AND VEGETABLES POTATOES 10' 23c No. 1 STOCKTON BURBANKS APPLES... 10-19c FANCY No. I BELLEFLEURS PEPPERS.... 2 - 5c CRISP, GREEN BELL PEPPERS PEARS 3"15c No. 1 FANCY LAKE COUNTY EGGPLANT. . 2-5c FRESH, FANCY BANANAS. . 3 -14c LARGE RIPE FRUIT PRICES EFFECTIVE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 AND 0

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