The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 29, 1963 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1963
Page 2
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: V* -<-" .V Vl ',/ v ,- ,,.., > \ - THE OTTAWA HERALD Friday, March 39, IMS * , , " I •'... • '. • ; Should Boxing Be Abolished? "Fight Game Just Sick,' Cure It But Don't Kill It By MURRAY ROSE Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Another death in the ring and cries of "abolish boxing" are being trumpeted around the world. The biggest tears are shed by men who don't have to worry about where the next meal is coming from and whether there will be a roof over their heads, or whether there will be heat to keep their kids from freezing. Really want to abolish boxing? Easy, get rid of the slums; end the recurring depressions when a man will sell his soul for work to feed his starving family; stamp out the prejudice that makes it so hard for a person with the wrong color skin, religion or accent to get an even break in the world's rat race. • •Sure, shed your tears — and Tightly—for the death of Davey Moore. No one condones the loss of even one life if it can be prevented. But first go to the slums in your own city, in Latin America. Go to the Far East and see the human derelicts dying on the streets because they never had a chance. Shed your tears for them. Then wipe out this poverty, sickness, misery and hunger. Until that's done go to Dick Tiger. Fighting Harada, Battling Torres, Pone Kingpetch, Eder Jofre, Carlos Ortiz, Floyd Patterson. Sonny Listen, Barney Ross, Carmen Basillo, Rocky Graziano, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney and the kids in the gyms of America. Mexico, Japan, Puerto Rico, South America, Africa and Europe and ask them whether they want boxing abolished. Why do men enter the ring? To most it's the only way out of the depths, the fastest way to the top and a hope to be somebody; a chance to take their families out of the grinding poverty; a chance to hold their heads high. The average guy takes more chances playing golf on a weekend on a municipal course than any well-conditioned fighter in the ring. The boxer knows what to expect. Those flying white balls can come at you from every side while you're trying to line up a putt. The do-gooders say killing is the Try A Set of Our Factory Bonded BRAKE SHOES We are equipped to Hone Brake Cylinders Turn Brake Drums Wagnor»Lockhood BRAKE FLUID EIS BRAKE REPAIR KITS (The Kit with Expanders) HARRY SMITH AUTO SUPPLY 110 S. Main CH 2-1522 object of boxing. Baloney. It would have been wiped out years ago if that was the case. Pick out a sport where the opponents are more friendly before and after a match than boxing. You can't do it. Sure boxing has its faults, no question about it. So has society. You don't kill a man when he's sick. Don't abolish boxing. Cure it. Here's Hairy Experience For The Bald LOS ANGELES (AP)-If you're shiny en top, but still a little bushy around the sides, multiple punch grafting may be just the sort of hairy experience you're looking for. Dr. Samuel Ayres III says multiple punch grafting is a technique for transplanting hair from the sides or back of the head to areas where the crops have failed. A New York University specialist originated the method and Ayres modified it. Ayres, a skin specialist and clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California Medical school, said Thursday tiny holes are punched in the bald areas then hair follicles are taken from elsewhere on the head, soaked in a saline solution, and planted in the holes. Each graft is a little more than an eighth of an inch in diameter and 12 to 15 hairs, he said. Ayres says it takes about three months for the transplanted hair to grow to normal length. Hippo Twins Born At Zoo ST. LOUIS (AP)-"It's twins!" R. Martin Perkins, director of the St. Louis zoo, announced exultantly Thursday. "The first time anywhere, that I've ever heard about." The twins were the first pair of hippopotamuses believed born in captivity. The second was born about three hours after the first. Both apparently were doing well. The parents, Jeepers, the father and Peepers, the mother, were doing well too. The babies weigh about 40 pounds each. Newborn hippos normally weight about 100 pounds. Jeepers and Peepers had a baby last year, but it lived only a short time. Zoo records showed only one other report of a multiple hippo birth. Explorer Samuel Baker found a mother with two calves many years ago in Africa. Victim Ahead In A Robbery BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)-An 82- year-old widow came out $2 ahead when two bandits held up her delicatessen Thursday. Rose Deziak told police one man ordered a package of cigarettes and gave her a $10 bill. She stuffed it in her apron and went to the cash register to make change. The man pulled out a gun and scooped up the bills in the cash register, she said. He got |8. OTTAWA BOWL 418V a N. Main Phone CH 2*0741 CLASSIC Pepsi-Cola— 3 1st 2nd 3rd Ttl. N. Brown 152 221 162 543 R. Johnson 302 188 138 540 B. HUH 153 1H 120 470 J. Snider 139 176 170 485 R. Kamp 913 181 191 602 Edsnlstons—1 K. Jones 178 161 147 486 D. Griffin 122 113 159 394 C. Worl 141 134 98 373 B. Miller 135 219 149 503 H. Birckhead 155 230 152 537 Ottawa Bowl—3 X. Cordle 138 171 194 631 D. Cordle 153 149 110 4B2 L. Cordle 130 201 155 4(6 C. Coral* 170 172 1S6 4M V. DomtU 121 204 151 483 Ktttjr Clover—I Xi. Akert 157 158 158 473 L Thomas .162 124 129 415 B. Hollon .. 149 178 131 458 K. Hollon 150 168 118 436 H. Tucker 122 136 149 407 Pe»«a arm.—0 B. Jones 147 149 114 470 J. Taylor .. 190 1H 147 525 J. Colt ... 145 141 143 427 O. Fllnsbaufh .. .. 19fi 154 138 488 MT. FlUubaUfh ,. .197 184 110 551 Ottawa bMlaliwi—4 M. Jooei 198 146 147 4*1 C. Foster 147 165 133 445 A. UlttftbM 104 136 160 500 W. 4M4» 196 174 366 638 THURSDAY NIGHT LADIES Budfe's Hardware—4 , _ 1st 2nd 3rd Ttl. V. Foster 184 151 156 493 R. WIeneke 124 146 116 386 L. Kiom 145 152 130 427 f. Kramer 139 163 151 463 H. Wenthe 159 152 152 463 Mann-Hell Draft—« J. Dodd 119 (7 124 330 N.-Thrasher 115 H 101 322 V. Dodd 158 109 133 400 M. Jones 110 111 13 314 I. Cordle 130 140 136 406 Beantjrland—4 M. Burns 159 124 122 403 M. Miller Ill 121 125 364 I. I'hsrn 1«3 147 132 442 M. Iihaug 90 122 151 370 M. Atnsworth 138 165 152 464 Blenles Carafe * Bedjr Bhep—« H. Skllllng 104 100 162 371 P. Toumberlln .... 129 124 123 376 McMillen 112 147 134 393 W. Blen 125 141 141 415 B. Kersley 144 IN 11* 379 Townert—0 E. Crandall 113 H lit 330 A. Allman lot 13 M 171 0. CloUelter 91 tl A. Bell HI 17 103 31* E. McDanlcl 178 111 122 418 Bradi—4 L. Lollar 114 10* 114 337 A. Fredeen 142 131 133 403 1. Harfh 110 115 131 347 J- Bpeer 143 »l UM 450 N. Lollar .. m 154 166 49T Killing Is The Object" And It Should Be Halted By JIM BECKER Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Shortly after the war, one of the major political parties ran a national campaign with the slogan: "Had Enoagh?" If boxing were the candidate on the same platform today, my answer would be: "Yes." Boxing should be abolished. Now, completely, for good. It is difficult to think of a single argument in its defense that stands up, except perhaps that many of us have enjoyed watching some fights. We shouldn't be very proud of that when we consider that the ones we liked best were the ones where real punishment was dealt out. Let's look at the defense. It gives poor boys a chance. Nuts. Hundreds who made millions are broke. Beau Jack went from! shining shoes to shining shoes in: 10 punishing years in the ring.) The only thing he gets out of it today is bigger tips from the few customers who recognize the man at the other end of the rag. It is a manly art. Foolishness. Every boxing gym in the country is cluttered with broken bits of former men, their brains scrambled, their faces pounded and smashed into grotesque shapes. Ring a bell and they spring to a fighting stance. It's always good for a laugh. People get killed at other sports. Hogwash. Killing is the object of boxing. Just listen to the crowd sometime. Or take a good look at contorted faces when one of our fellow human beings is being battered senseless. The ancient Romans couldn't have looked any uglier. Sure, sometimes golfers are struck by lightning. And a dozen high school boys got killed playing football last year, but that wasn't the object of their game. What appeal does this sport of boxing have for you and me? We want to see one of the guys get hurt, that's what. Of course, we don't want him killed—even the Romans put their thumbs up once in a while. But we pay to see the killers in the ring. Jack Dempsey outdrew them all. Scientific boxers can't make a dime. You will hear it argued that a law to abolish boxing will be like Prohibition—people will go watch fights anyway, if they have to rent river barges for it. Nuts to that, too. We have had enough of boxing. Take its license away, run it out of the big arenas, wipe it off the television screens, and you won't collect a big enough crowd to rent a row boat. Bowling Roundup Wimpy Gets 628 With A 256 Line A 628 series by Arthur L. "Wimpy" Jones was the spark Ottawa Insulation needed last night to sweep four points from Pence Food Center in the Classic League at the Ottawa Bowl Lanes. "Wimpy" opened with an 198 and added an 174 middle line. Then he closed with a 256, 101 pins over his 155 average. Another Classic Leaguer, Ralph Kampschroeder, rolled a 602, on lines of 213-191-198, as his Pepsi- Cola five posted a 2640 team series and beat Edmiston's, 3-1. Tony VanLeiden led his Conrad's Painters to the highest team series of the night, 2669, as the painters beat Briscoe Drugs, 3-1, in the AMF League at the Royal T Lanes. Tony scored 578, and every man on the team beat 500, as follows: L. Wichman, 538; Al Beets, 505; Dave Heckman, 513, and D. Beiter, 535. John Kimbrel scored the top line in the AMF League, a 220 in his 536 series for Briscoe. D. Burgoon posted a 552 series for Pepsi-Cola, 3-1 loser to Brown's Hardware in the AMF. Nancy Lollar's 496 was the top series in the Thursday Night Ladies League at the Ottawa Bowl. She rolled it for Bond's Cleaners, 4-0 winner over Towner's. V. Foster scored the top line, 184, in her 493 series for Budge's Hardware, 4-0 winner over Mann-Bell Drug. Margaret Williams rolled a nice 179 line in her 308 two-line series to lead the girls in the GAA League at the Royal T this week. Margaret's Gutter Bugs swept three points from the Lane Duffers. Team results and individual scores in the Ottawa Bowl league appear elsewhere on this page. Here are team results and high individual scores in the Royal T leagues: AMF LltwIiTi—3 High 10-30 — Richardson, 193-516 Colbern't—1 High 10 — Milton and Seller, in , High 30 — Seller, 450 Blue Moon— a High 10 — O. Denniston, 181 High 30 — J. Sauer, 479 Dutch 807 PKnti—1 High 10-30 — H. Day, 313-493 Conrad'i Painters—S High 10 — D. Belter, 311 High JO — T. VanLeiden, 578 BrlieM Draft—1 High 10-30 — J. Klmbrell, 330-516 Peterson's Majenry— 9 High 10-30 - J. Peterion, 185-469 Cheney's Markeli—1 High 10-30 — B. Young, 173-478 Brawn's Hardware—! High 10 — B. Carlson, 199 High 30 — E. Frittl, 837 Prpii-Cola—1 High 10-30 — D. Burgoon, 310451 GAA JUNIORS Splitters— 9 High 10 — Kaub It Waymtre, 136 High 30 — Kaub. 346 Pin Topalen—0 (Forfeit) Pin Poppers—» High 10-30 — B. Mangum, 137-204 Strikei * Sparei—1 High 10-30 — K. Barr, 104-193 Gutter Bus—3 High l'd-30 — M. WUllami, 179-308 Lane Duffers—0 High 10 — E. Ponton, 138 High 30 — Ponton * Davenport, 336 Bopin'i Bowleri— Z High 10-30 — P. Bybolt, 139-341 Twisters—1 High 10-30 — E. Bpeer, 135-340 Unpredictable!—3 High 10 — J. Wood, 130 High 30 — K. Zlegler, 353 Bleepert—0 (Forfeit) Phone CH 2-4700 HUGHES CUES Modernize Your Directional Lights with a new GE 1034 AMBER BULB Ask for this bulb at your favorite Garage or Service Station HUGHES AUTO PARTS 424 S. Main CH 2-3224 REFEREE — Winton (Pop) Noah, veteran North Texas State coach, will serve as referee of Kansas Relays at Lawrence April 19-20. Cincinnati Wins NBA Opener BOSTON (API-Confident Cincinnati, a team with momentum, has the jump on Boston's old pros in the Eastern Division playoff finals thanks in large part to Oscar Robertson and reserve Hub Reed. Cincinnati returns home for the second game of the National Basketball Association. tonight after whipping the Celtics 135-132 Thursday night in the opener of the best-of-7 series. The Western Division finals between Los Angeles and St. Louis gets under way Sunday at Los. Angeles. Robertson scored 29 of his 43 points in the Royals' big second half, clicking on 68 per cent of lus field goal tries. "Red played the big part in the second half," happy Cincy Coach Charlie Wolf said afterward. "He did a great job guarding Bill Russell. I don't believe Russell scored a point while Reed was in there. "You can't play 24 minutes and expect to win," said Celtics star Bob Cousy, referring to a strong Boston first half when the five- time champions led by as much as 20 points. Record Budget For NY ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller has the approval of the New York Legis lature for a record, $2.82-billion state budget. It came after a long fight in which he suffered a setback but preserved a key element in what apparently is his bid for the Republican nomination for president next year. The fiscal program as approved requires $35.4 million in additional state levies but it will be raised under the designation of "fees," allowing Rockefeller to continue his policy of reporting to Republican audiences throughout the nation he has held the line on taxes. The Rockefeller budget for the fiscal year beginning next Monday was approved Wednesday by the Republican-controlled legislature. [Pick Players ,,;<. <: , ^ ^ i A ri ii Good As Gabby V By JOE RfilCHLER Associated Pros Sports Writer APACHE JUNCTION, Aril. (AP)-The things they lay about John Bateman, rookie catcher of the Houston Colte, are hard to believe. For example: "The kid has a better arm than Ernie Lombardi. I'd compare his arm to Gabby HtrtnettV'-Mtn. ager Harry Craft of the Colts, "He's the closest thing to BUI Dickey, Gabby Hartnett and Walker Cooper I ever saw"— Cleveland head scout Walter Shannon. Let's go back and hear what else Craft has to say about the 20-year-old catching find from Killeen, Tex., who was discovered at a tryout camp a year ago and paid no bonus, just $77 for transportation. "I wouldn't say Bateman has the finest arm in baseball today but I'd like to see one better," said Harry. "The kid has done everything remarkably well. There's a strong possibility (hit Bateman may be our number one catcher." The catchers Bateman has to beat out for No, 1 include veteran Hal Smith, Jim Campbell and rookie Dave Adlesh. Craft hinted that Adlesh, who has had no previous professional experience, may be retained. Campbell may be optioned if Smith if told or traded. Bateman, who looks and acts older than his 20 years, broke into pro ball at Modesto, Calif. v last year, batted .280, hit 21 home runs and drove in 75 runs in 121 games, How he was overlooked earlier by, baseball's eagle eyes is a mystery, Bateman didn't think the jump from Class C to the majors was too much for him, "I believe I'm good enough to win the job," he said matter-of- factly. "I'm giving it my best shot. The most important thing is I'm getting the chance." Junior High Ties 4 Track Records Trials At KC KANSAS CITY (AP)-Two AH- America players will be among the NCAA university all-stars who will compete in the Pan-American basketball trials in Kansas April 1-2. They are Tom Thacker, 6-foot-l jumping jack from Cincinnati, and Gary Bradds, 6-8, of Ohio State, the Big Ten scoring champion. Cincinnati also has two other players on the 10-man squad — George Wilson and Tony Yates. Others are Jimmy Rayl of Indiana, Dave Downey of .Illinois, Jerry Ward of Boston College, Tom Boyer of ., Arkansas, Ken Siebel of Wisconsin, and Vinnie Ernst of Providence. The squad will be coached by Ben Carnevale of Navy and Lee Williams of Colby, the vice president and president, respectively, of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The NCAA university group will compete against the AAU all-stars, Armed forces all-stars and a combination of the NAIA- NCAA college all-stars in the trials. In a record • tying effort yesterday afternoon, the Ottawa Junior High Whirlwinds of Coach Don Komhaus bowled over the Bonner Springs contingent by a whopping score of 102 2-3 to 11 1-3 in the spring track opener for the Ottawans. Ronnie Boyer, Ronnie Lloyd and Dennis Cook tied four marks to lead the rout as the Reds copped first place in every event for a clean sweep. "We're always glad to win," said Kornhaus after Boyer vaulted 10 feet, 9 inches and broad jumped 19 feet, 3 inches to tie the records of Bill Henry and Gary Mavity. Lloyd tossed the shot put 47 feet, 7% inches to tie the mark of strong-armed Billy Greene, while Dennis Cook ran off a 13.4 time in the low hurdles to match Terry Davis" previous mark. All the records were set in 1962. "These guys are going to break these times and marks," said Kornhaus about his squad's ef- fort. "We did a fair job this early in the season as we won First in every event." And in typical coaching fashion, Korn haus tossed in, "but we still have a lot of room for improvement." The Whirlwinds won first in all of the 14 events. Here are the first place winners and their times and distances: Cook, low hurdles, 13.4; Gage, 100-yard dash, 11.0; 880-yard run, Nicholson, 2:20.5; Lloyd, shot, 47 feet, 7»/4 inches; Williams, 50-yard dash, 6.1; Boyer, vault, 10 feet, 9 inches, Silvey, Gates, Carter and Gage, sprint medley, 1:53.7; Barr, high jump, 4 feet, 11 inches; Cook, 440-yard dash, 60; Maloney, Stein, Williams and Carter, 440-yard relay, 51.4; Gates, 220-yard dash, 24.4; Houston, Buck, Maloney and Williams, 880-yard relay, 1:48.4; Lloyd, discus, 126 feet, half an inch; Boyer, broad jump, 19 feet, 3 inches. Kneece Leads Azalea Field WILMINGTON, N. C. (AP) Harold Kneece, Aiken, S.C. golf professional, moved into the second round of the $20,000 Azalea Open Golf Tournament today with a one-stroke lead over Jack Fleck and Gene Littler, each a former U.S. Open champion. Kneece was one of the early birds in the field of 160 Thursday and he had to start his round on the 10th tee. He shot seven birides and one bogey over the 6,700-yard Cape Fear Country Club course and his 34-32 round withstood' the onslaught of the field for some four hours. The S-foot-7, 150-pounder won $500 of the sponsors' money for the best round of the day. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Electrical TUNE-UP SPECIAL 10 Days Only 8 Cylinder including Wheels Packed $ 6.80 6 Cylinder including Wheels Packed '4.10 MOORE Service Center 412 S. Main C H2-3640 The 5V2 Horsepower Fisherman BROWN'S HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Guns Ammunition 1540 S. Main CH 2-5241 Exhibition Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Thursday's Results Washington 5, Detroit 4 Houston 12, Boston 4 Chicago N 4, San Francisco 1 Los Angeles A 4, Cleveland 3 Cincinnati 3, New York A 2, 11 innings Los Angeles N 4, New .York N 2, 14 innings Pittsburgh 6, Baltimore 0 Minnesota 3. Kansas City 2 St. Louis 3, Milwaukee 0 For Insurance On dwellings, household gooda, buildings and automotala* See Doon Berlin, Agent 109 B. Second Phone CH 2-2W4 Buy Now No Money Down MALOTT Hdwe. & Appliances 116 S. Main for that new car with a low-cost loan from our bank..* THE NORTH SIDE BANK Tecumseh and Main DialCHJ-J05J R. S. Hill, Prea. Ed Hosier, Vice Pica, and Cashier llamie Sands, Asat. Cashier Glen Hayward, Asst. Cashier Howard Deputy, Ant Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporatioB

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