The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 21
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i,y fir,. ' va I THE BAKERSFtEM) CALIPORN1AN, THURSDAY, SEPTE^ER 8, YW Friendly...TMrtf* , HE WINS AN HEIRESS IN HIS SEARCH FOR SMUGGLERS* Chipttr « "DUSTER'S LAST STAND Ttehnlcolor Ctrtotn "EARLY BIRD AND THE WORM" HARRY CAREY HOOT GIBSON "THE LAST OUTLAW" IESSIE MATTHEWS ROBERT YOUNG LOVE AGAIN" Author Is Pleased With Film of Book Portraits of the leading players listed in the cttSt of lh& Warner Brothetti picture, "Anthony Adverse," which plays at the Nile theater for tine tiny only nerft Wednesday, ware sent to the author, Hervey Allen, by DIreutor Mervyn" !«Roy, These portraits were in character .and costume as the players,appear in the film. LeRoy asked the writer to. chock the photographs of Fredric March, Olivia rBe Etaviland). Anita Louise, »• Edmund Gwetui, Claude Rains, ILouls Mayward and some 30 other principals of the Btory. to see how closely they tallied with his own mental picture of the characters he created. Mr. Allen put Mis stamp of approval on all players from Mr. March down. Ho was particularly pleased because he believed the noted actors and actresses selected had the talent to make his characters come to life, right out of the book. The picture Is a dynamic and Spectacular production filmed on a mammoth scale and will be presented hero for two performances only, Wednesday, September 9, for which all seats are reserved. Tickets are now on sale at the Nile theater box office and should bo secured well in advance for choice selection. 4 , », _ Film Company Is Sued for (Untied Prctt Leated Wtt-t) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3.—An ac tor who didn't appear in a picture and a second who did but under the other's name are seeking more than half a million dollars from Columbia Studios today because of a mistake In screen credits. As a bizarre sequel to Leon Beaumon's recent $305,000 suit, Harold U. tjoodwln today filed suit for $250,000 damages, claiming ho was credited with Beaumon's part In the picture, "Western Frontier." Goodwin, a former juvenile actor who played with Mai'y Pickford years ago, complained also that the studio published the picture in book form and likewise used his name as a player. Beaumon, in his suit, was angered because ho appeared In the picture but was given Goodwin's name in the credits. NEW COMEDY TEAM AT Scene From "Kelly tho Second" T HE new comedy team, Patsy Kelly and Charley Chase In the comedy feature, "Kelly tho Second," now showing ' fit tho Fox, provides laughs for everyone. ' Patsy and Charley throw their hats in the ring and the fun begins. Showing on the same program Is the star studded; heart-touching love drama, "The Road to Glory," with Frcdrlc March, Warner Baxter, Lionel Barrymore and June Lang heading tho cast. A colored cartoon, "Hawaiian Birds," and Mctrotono news, bringing to the screen Hollywood's screen favorites in the stranga epidemic, "Knock, Knock." which Is sweeping the nation, complete this program, which ends Saturday. Corinne Griffith Is W. S. Hart Not to Coming Westward! Return to Screen Radio Tonight KCO-KPO-NitllMI Bf»l«et«t!nt C«i*|i«w-*i«tl«i irtpimi It: KFI. KEOA, KF80, HOW. KCX. KOMO, KHO. KJR, KQA. KOA. KOHL. KDYL, ROtR, KTAR. KFRC-CB»~0»ii LM tn< 0»limibl«-«uwll« »re«rtm» tn: KHI. K08, KDS, KMJ. KOW, KtlK, KERN, KOW KVI. K»U KOIN. KEPY. CHARMS COUNT (Automated I'f(i» Lcateit V'ireJ KANSAS CITY, Sept. 3.—Corinne | Griffith, New York stage star, will linger only briefly in Hollywood, she said here while en route to the film capital. She is making the trip on business involving real estate holdings, but she is In a hurry to get back to New York and see a professional football game Tuesday night. Her husband, George Preston Marshall, owns tho Boston Braves pro grid- dors, (Attoclated I'rcss Ltanfd Wire) NRWIfALL, Sept, a.—William S. Hart, the two-gun man of the silent screen, Is too busily and pleasantly engrossed In ranch life to go back Into pictures. "Absolutely nothing doing." he enld today, emphatically declaring nothing will como of the latest attempt to luro him back before tho camera. "I'm through. I've retired." i. .» « * A. fulgurite, a curious glassy tube of fused sand particles. Is produced when lightning strikes In sand. 6:00 te 5iSO p. rri. KERN and network—Colonel Frank KnoX. NBC n*lWorth—To be announced. WBXAI—nocordings; 6:15, Mac Himself. • KNX~0lck Tracy; 6:15. Maurice's Orchestra. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m, ICKRN—Tloyftl Texans. NBC network—Dinner Concert. W8XAI—Recordings, KNX—Buddy and Ginger; 6:46, Jack Armstrong. 8:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKHN' and network—MlRhty Oregon. NBC network—Music Hall. •\V8XAI—Xown Flashes; 6:16, Dinner Concert to 6:46. KNX—Word Dances; 6:15, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KKRN nad network—March of Time; 0:45, Corner Stone Philosopher. NBC network—Music Hull. AV8XAI—6:45, .Sketches In Melody. KNXi—Jones Boys; 6:45, Songa at Eventide. 7lOO to 7:30 p. in. K13UN nnd network—Hal Kemp Orchestra; 7:16, Hcnfrew of thu Mounted. NBC network—Amos and Andy: 7:16, Show boat, W6XAT—Kb and Xeb; 7:16, 20-30 Club. KNX—ICImcr Goes Hollywood; 7:15, Jlmmlo Dickie, 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KRRN and network—Jay Kreo- nitin and Orchestra, NBC network—Show Bout. WOXA1 -- UublnoCr-Jan Peerce; 7:46, Cecil and Sally. KNX—Ncwlywcd.s; 7:45, King Cowboy. SlOO to 8:30 p. m, KKRIC nnd n<-twork--nhdrlie Burnett and orchestra. NBC network—Show Boat; 8:15, Symphony Hour. AV6XAI—Hollywood on I'imidc: 8:16, Frank \ViiliiDiibe. KNX—Culling All Carf. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KKRN nnd network—Pausing I'ti- rade; SMS, Univ«rflty ISxplorcr. NBC—Symphony Hour. \V6XAt—llomn l-'olks; S:15. Hits and Knroros. KNX—Hollywood on I'arado; S:4f>, World Dunces. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m, K1SKN nnd network — Magaxlno of tho Air. NBC ni-twork—Symphony Hour; 8:15, Talent Parade. KNX—News; 9:15, Jay WhIUdcti to DM5. W6XAJ—Mows Klashcs; 9:l[i, Enhocs of Blagti and Screen to 9:45. ' 9:Sd to lOlOO p. m. KKRN and network-—Jan (larber Orchwttra, NHC network—Talent Parade. W6XAI—Rhythm mid Romfttiee. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KtiRN—>Vortd In Review; 10:10. Onylord carter at organ. NBC network—News Klnphns; 10:15, Hotel St. Prancls Orchoa- trn. W6XAJ—All Request Program. 10i30 to 11:00 p. m. VTGXA1—All KequcKt I'rogrnm. RANGER " r PHB Count of Monte Orlsto.'* of the million-dollar Holland? production of the Alexander Damns novel which hns thrilled millions of renders In every civilized country In tho world returns to the Xlle Theater ncreui\ today HS the companion feature to the Rreat iminlotil romance In color. "\Yluuv pee," stitrrlnR Kddle Cantor. I'l-oducod on a lavish pcnle. with :i seoro of principals und hundreds of supporting players, "Tho Count of Monto Crlsto" offers Tloborl Donat. hniulBomo young Knpllsh stage and screen star, whom film I'DIIH will recall UB the UlnR'H love rival In the "Tho Private l.lfo oC Henry tint Kttfhth," In his first Amerlenn-mnde film. Fannie Hurst Paid $100,000 for Story (VnUfi rrc»« Leaiei Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 3.—Pannle Hurst, the novelist, has sold he.r unpublished novel "Great Laugh- tor," to Mctro-GoUhvyn-Mftyer for $100,000—tho largest price over'paid for motion picture Hghui pr i 0 r to publication of a track. Harper & Brothers will publish "Great Laughter" In October. ill. A. R. HEADQUARTERS CLOSE j TIFFIN, Ohio. Sept. 3. (IT. I 1 For tho first times In more than half ti century, headquarters of tha Gen- et-til AVllIlnm H. Gibson post of the Grand Arm}' of tho Republic aro vacant. Only four members remain on tho rosier. Door» Qp«n 0:45 p. ni. NOW SHOWING You Don't "Sec" This Picture . . . You Live It thrilling attractions make up tho program KtartiiiK tomorrow at tho, Fox California theater. The flr«t feature In "The Border Patrolman," a story of thoiisiincls of miles of blnxlng border starring the favorite outdoor star, George O'llrlen, with Polly Ann Young, Hoy Mason and Hmlley Burnottc. The noeond feature Is "High Tension." an all- laugh, ull-thrlll story of two pals who lived and loved recklessly. Brian Donlevy, (lli'iula FarriMl. Norman FoHtor. Helen Wood and Robert McWade make up tho (JUKI. The third attraction is chapter four of the serial "Ouster's Last Stand." Metrutono News completes the prugrnm. Closing today at. the California are two swell featunw: Harry Carey and Hoot, Gibson In "The I'rfiHl Outlaw"; and .lesstc Mnt- thewH and Robert Toting In "It's Again." It May Be Your Last Chance to See These frotlric MARCH Wnr.iei BrtXTtR lionrl BAKRVMOHE with iUNt'lANG" 90 Merry Minute* of Screen Joy PATSY KELLY OUV« "Mf B«y" W1LUAMS PtHKELTON Clurilt CHASE ROBT. DONAT ELISSA LAJMH In ZIEOrELD'S (irtnliit TECHNICOLOR OAL-ORIOU8 MUSICAL "WHOOPEE" | The Only Woman Who Ever Created Scandal In the White House . . | The Gorgeous Hussy ' COMING—AT LAST! A N*W ftrt Uf T< hrtM k, Mm MtiHMt It hwuMi ta M W«i* ti frttw kl SINTHONH BDVERSE 1^1 HVtlr O..M..I.. MRRVVN L»»OV WEDNESDAY. SEPTtMBtR I Mttliitt. J:20— Emnlni. 1:20 r. > I'rlc.l—SOc. 75f, tl.M plui In. ONE DAY ONLY NILE 'OOIO'I l»BCttt mOTOQIIf O <OHI« UltN NOW Showgrounds Nineteenth and Union -AND ALL THIS WEEK Sensational Free Attractions Shows & Rides LET'S GO PHER PHUN WHY Mi THIS BEER DEBATE THE CAP SEALED CAN... MADE TO ORDER FOR BEER.. COMBINES THE BEST POINTS OF BOTTLE AND CAN >o*Y So •• pour F OLKS argued about beer in bottles and beer in cans until maybe you're a little bit confused. But now the debate is ended. Now the Cap Sealed Can has taken the best features of can and bottle and combined them in one simple, ideal container, custom- built for beer. Easy to open, easy to pour, easy to drink out of (from a clean, cap-protected, sanitary opening), the Cap Sealed Can brings you all the original delicious brewery flavor, intact. Why? Because the Cap Scaled Can, like a beer barrel, is lined after it is made, to insure a one-piece lining; it protects against light; it permits faster pasteurizing. And on picnics or anywhere the Cap Sealed Can is so wonderfully convenient. . . saves half the weight and space ... no deposits or returns . . . chills quickly ... no chance of breakage. To be sure of getting the finest beer in the finest container, ask for the Cap Sealed Can. cop .proi CAP-SlftlEO Nowh«i*'c the bast '( n«w§ h»ard ihUyearl In Cap Sea led Cqtts .... The KING ofBEERl EL KEY ,,. the Beer of Quality DUcovcr that »xtia tom»- (hlnq you q«t la •vtiy CUB of EL KEY . . . lh* ttiull o( comblninij Y«OII ol bi»w- inq •np»ri»nc«, fin* mat»i- lali and modem method». attributed by ABC Di.tributing Co. Karnci 4. Clotf*lter O. Limi ou» , coo\* v* v ,nd no •«m L W BEER •••••M•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• MANPOWER vs. HORSEPOWER Who Will Win? Man or Motor— See the Tug-of-War Between a Caterpillar Tractor and Human Beings at Seventeenth and "Eye" Saturday, September 5,11:00 a. m. Sponsored by COUSINS TRACTOR COMPANY See Joe E. Brown in "Earthworm Tractors" Fox California, Starting Sunday Bak«r«fl*ld'« Mott Unique Cafe DINE • DANCE Chicken—Stiaks—Chops Served at All Houre 3 Flotr Showi Nightly 10 f, in., 11 ilO p. B|., I i. m. No Cover Clurg* Ekc«pt S«turd«y CLUB OASIS Dance Nightly Except Monday to the Merry Mutic of the OASIS TRIO Ht*r thtm ev*ry w»*K ever WBXAl TOWN PHIOgB JACK CONUEY. PreprUUr qn/^xTT/^ TJT DANCING UNDER THE 1 UiN lljrll 1 MOON IN COOL COMFORT to the Music of Bill Fleck and His Orchestra AT THE UNION AVENUE DANCE PAVILION Admission 40c On »h« »lr o«rr Slut Ion W6XA1 cv«ry Thurntdiiy and Saturday J»;15 (o fl:15 »80 Baker SI met REOPENS TOMORROW GENE AUTRY "COMIW ROUND THE MOUNTAIN" and PHIL It EG AN in "Laughing Irish Eyes" Our Gsnff Comctly; Short* GRANADA ] LAST DAY—2 BIQ FEATURES ! Fiction's lavofili EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Avtnut *t Terrac* Way Nty* «nd Cool Horn* of Flnett Food* ttnd Mixed Drink* LAST DAY—a BIQ FEATURES Warren William, June Travl* in "TIMES SQUARE PLAYBOY" Al*0 M. Lindsay. W. Hull in "THE LAW IN HER HANDS" Cartoon Act New* AND POX FUN FEATURE "IVMY SATURDAY NIOHT" AUo New* *ttd Short 5utJ)«et» Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Wickersham Co "" inij "lyi" VIRGINIA LAST DAY—FRANK BUCK'S "FANQ AND CLAW" Kay • Walker.'Trtm W<»r« "THE DARK HOUR" Comedy. New* *rm N«v*Hy

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