The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 17
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'V'-' ,'><r»v „„•£ "W 1 ,S-, - THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1936 Harris & Curtis Shell Prepares to 117^11 Y_ lrt*_» ^1 1 T\ «li rra -m *•, Wellls Finished Harris & Curtis of Taf t have cause tb be satisfied with tho lot on nose- dale" highway they purchased In Frultvale several years ngo, slnco Oil Incorporated has just completed a flowing well on It nnd Is building: derrick for another. Exact capacity of tho flow will not be determined for several days because wells In this portion of the field como In producing large amounts of wutcr and* clear up slowly. Output;is estimated at 300 barrels of 18 gravity oil and 700 barrels of water. This Issues from a depth of approximately 3400 feet, with pressures of 800 pounds on the casing and '100 on tho tubing. Number 2 will bo drilled one location east, on the same'lease. I,'. ,1. Slock Is president of'Oil Incorporated, and A. A. Holmes Is superintendent of drilling, * \ Pure tin Is used In the manufacture of, collapsible lubes for shaving creams and tooth pastes. Drill Three More Throe and a half mllen of oil land is the extent of Shell Oil Company's leases In Round Mountain field. A distance of 4 miles, except for a half- mile stretch belonging to Honolulu Oil Corporation, could bo walked along the field on land leased by the company. Shell has announced locations for three widely scattered wells. Caldwell No. 10 will be drilled in the north portion of the. 4SO-acro On Id- well lease on section 7, 28-29. Two and a half miles south, Freeman No. 11 will be located on the, 1 Freeman lease on section 20 and between the, two, Oleese No. 1-8 will be drilled on the. 160-acre'Olceso lease on section 17. Claude 33. ,Peavy Is division superintendent. ' _ + . » 78-YEAR-OI.D JAR B12NLO, ,111., Sept. 3. (U. P.)—A quart jar 78 years old and In service every dny Is the proud possession of Mrs. Mary . K. Davis. -i.yi.--yy v. A Long Cool Drink of WHITE HORSE Brings You Back to Life A long cool drink of White Hone lifts your tpirita without lifring your temperature. Always name jour brand. TOMORROW you'll be glad you said White Hone TODAY. Half'bottle* and Pinfj also on tale JBROWNE VINTNERS CO., Inc. New York, Boiton, Chicago Lot Angelei Kern Oil Fie Ids Weekly Review *. * * * * * * *., * * * * Recent Developments Summarized -(By JOHN CRAWFORD)*- Two Valley Tests to Be Abandoned NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED fpHAT the oil sand had been picked •*• up In Shell OH Company's second well In the new Ten Section field was probably the most Interesting Item of news carried by oil columns of The Hakersfleld Californlan during the past wcok. The new project, Slevons A-fl, encountered pay dirt DO foot hlglior than In the Initial hole, Indicating two things: First, that the structure rises to the southland second, that the "dip" Is not very steop and the oil sand may extend over a wldo arep.. Shell stopped to sot easing before continuing far Into the productive formation. A a soon as the cement has hardened, the hole will bo taken on down In nn attempt to determine Just how thick the oil sandii are. The first Shell producer, It will he remembered, took In only SO feet of sand. IIB operators were, "playing safe" and wanted to take no chances on running Into possible water. Importance of the Ten Section field will ho tremendously enhanced If Shell rnn establish the existence of dc.epcr productive horizons' similar to thoso of Ket- lleiuan Hills imil North Hclrldge. Tho history of the development of the deep zone of this field has been one of steady drilling by «t most two or three companies, at no time taking on the aspect of the customary oil "boom." When, however, a well is completed mich as that j brought In by Helrldge Oil Company | this week, the field is bound to reach the headlines. Tho new producer, Uelrldgo Company's No. 18, Is credited with Initial output of 4*00 barrels dally of 30 gravity crude, with 20,000,000 cubic feet of BUS. Tho shade of distinction between a "wildcat" nnd an "outpost" well is frequently hard to discern. Ho that as It may, the Mountain View field seems to bo becoming; a favorite, drilling ground for tho "outposters." 1 logon Petroleum will attempt to Abandonment has been announced j , t * I'limmu <:v UA. «i. r. .*iv.*i imin, *-i at two wildcats In the valley north • ux, A. 11. Hellr-rft UN, OoUHlold Con- sollrtnUjd Mines 1'"xHorntlon fompiui}'. WI-HI i"*f»nM Uoyrtlty Company, Limited. Itomi> i ""orporntlnn. Limited, ivoil Hlnrk Arrow oil I'omimnv to K, P. IiiMiirhiM'ty-- tx 1 !!!••«• diitfil July 7. IMU, oiii»-slMli 1-nynltv, "-yenr ftrtllhiK i-lnn.vr, south linlf of nortlicnM quar U*r. Kf<Mlon ", ??.-30. Sh,'ll oil Company t« San Krnm'isro of Kern county. W. 11. Fortlne hns quit In his Moscslan No. 1, 8 mllr.i i northwest of Terra Bella on section ; 22, 2S-26, after drilling to HI20 feet and making exhaustive tests of the formations. 1'light nnd five-eighths easing was set «t 2601 feet. 6% inch casing was set ut 2fi2fi, and l:ttor nml l-'i-i-snn lrf\n>) 'conmi\n> Surron these were perforated at various oil of commerolnl vuluc San ,>onquln Oil Company's wllil- cat In Merced county, sort Ion. i. 12-11, which was prospecting tho Cretaceous formation on the west sldo of the valley, has been stopped because no encouraging showings were struck In drilling to M,">0 feet. No casing was sel. iler , i.i. ";<-"». .Inhu Siilllvnn to Slnmlanl OH Com puny of t'nllforn'u- -l/r-aso dulotl Au- j.'iif'il 10. IliSS, i>no olulilti rii>ftHy. ',' .\onr drilling rlnii»o. unrthon^t i|'i'""- ler of norihuoHi ciuartor. HfMithoiist ; unnrtor of ni-^rihount (inaftri 1 an<l r-jtM i hnlf of rnsl half of sotithwrvt uniivli'r , of iiorthenM <iM«i'toi, soi-iloii !>. 2!>-'.'"i. ! Tl. It. Anilemon ft in. K K 1'otter i et ux Hn<l I'lisn Hnulforrt to nnmo- ! l,ei»Hc ilato<l July 21. 10.1S, otio-olphth | royally. 5-yoar ilrlllliii; claviso, north i enflt «'niftrtrr noi-tlon 34. l\\ -21). •Tohn ,t, KlelKlmiior i>l ui, Henry ItAKTKNDRRS NKKOKO A1-I.1ANCF., O., Sept. ^ tV. V.V— : ~^- '•'• —— -=-, ; : , :.... — Labor union offIrliils cnn't figure out 1>"1KICMKN START KIRK whether there's it bartonders' short- , opt"!''! M.A Mo Sept ^ 11' V\ tage or mom people "bending el- [ rjd^.eiiR nttrii<-tn,i 'l,y ii "|.la/.» tiint IIOWH." To help rell'.-ve (he help nidi could li« seen nrross uu\i\ l r letshniier et ux. Charles Klelshfuier et MX, ,!. c. MelMinufr el ux ftiul John llofift el ox to Standard Oil Company --I.rnso ilalp.l June 1?, 1^38. one- vlehih roynlty, S-year cirillltiR elausA. west lullf of southwest quarter of noiithenst quarter ami ea«t hnlf of i f-:i. i ;t half of M>i}thonft (juarter of ! m.mthwo*t nurirlr.]- nnrt east hnlf of • ^^ est half of northwest quurtrr nf Ntmthxio^t ('(unrter anrl en^f^t half of imrthi-nM quarter of southwest quarter unit norlhwent <nmrtor of south- fast quarter, nil In so<-tlon 10. !9-tfi. c. Handel ct vn t<> .lohn c. JlogTR — AHsiRiinifiit nii,llvliU'il otie.quarter In* 1 toropt In i>ll, etc,, under northoa,st quarter of suiithttrst qimrter, snot ion 1 iii, IT-::.. j lUiffalo oil Tomnany to Walter SliDoninltor -ATtRiiment 1 per i-cnt oil. eiiv. from Iliiffalo Oil Oompuny I \vcll No. 4 on portion northwest quarter sortion t!>, no-:'!i. ; Same to IU>Hiti A. I'lehford -Same ; as al>o\ e. Same to I'olvln Ho>'oe and father'• Inr I'nlls — Kanin as above as to ' 4 of '. 1 per rent . i o t'o extend the productive half a mile i atlon ,,, 0 ,, nkm n , so ] V e<l to open its ^ n round for the us.-oola fire ,!epart -' further southeast, in the general dl bottom i rectlon of Mohawk's recent dlscov-| (0 t | 10 ,-| 110 lir , of i ery on the Karl Fruit Company I ,|,.( n i ;property, with on outpost m'oiert I on Beellon 4, 31- % ID. It will bo known as Hankllne No. 2. | North and east of the proven field, i Huffnlo Oil Compuny la planning to ! do some "o\ltpostlng" In the north- j west quarter of section IP, UO-2'.i. narnsdall, Sheldon and Allied com* rnnks llll(1 ,-CIM.|VO male- npprenllcos i ,,,ent nnd rouldn't find It. l.utrr th.-v „,, „ ' ,,,,, OI)V( ,,. 0( , lhl , ,,, tv rhvmo,, slnrlod : Die blnro In burnhiff brush, KAI.SK At .ARM NT, Ohio., Sept. :!.-<t". TV I ! A little llKht flashed off nnd on in j.lohii I'owi-rs' attle. Nolghbors ho\ cHino nlarmed and notlfleil Ohio 1'mver I'ompnny to Invcsligat' 1 T'.ler ' ti'li'luns found u firefly caught In n ' cobweb. New Union Wells Less Productive Good wella are being completed by Union Oil Company In the new field It discovered on the outskirts of : Santa Maria, but none of them ironies up to the standard sot by the discovery writ, Adarm No. 1, which came In flowing 2400 barrels. The 'oast offset. Hettlga No. 1. section 24. 10-;>4, Is the last completion, and it : Is good for 260 barrels Jaily of 16 i Rrnvlty oil from ! 928-2578 feet, ap- i I'i'oxlinntelv the same depth as the discovery well. ; Sanrtlng-\;p is Interfering with steady production, and it may be some ttmo hoforo the well settles down nnd the maximum yield Is es: t;\l>llah<-d. Oil in this fle'ld Is slug- pish and seems to take some time ! to "get going." Tho pay sand is bottomed In tbe basement schist. Half !i mil" south, the cores in Hunrork oil Company's Brown No. 1 .on sen Ion "3, have Intimated thnt it lie Ktructure is fairly steep anil nnrru\v. This liolo has been drilled • o\ i-r K'OO I'rft deeper than the discovery well, nnd SH-lnrli rasing ha,« bacn i-ementivl tit :!11B, Oil show. ln^x -'ire repurtiMl to bo poor. panics are prospecting the same general area. • Three New Sites Located by G. P. The fifth drilling job to bo undertaken In tho Old River area will ho a well slated by Standard Oil Company 1 for section 34, 30-26. 3>,i mllos i from Old River on a lino-with tho Shell discovery well. A Kern county oil Mrllie which has attracted less attention than that til Old River, but i.s none tho less commanding greater Interest , General Petroleum Corporation has us tlmo ROCS by, is Associated Oil j lined up three now drilling site* In Company's new find north of tho i t\vo fields, on leases which comprise old Lost Hills field. ; n-JO acres each. Young Nos. riS and This Is shallow production. of i 30 will be drilled on secllon 14.. 28-27, course, and falls to develop anything of K , ( : 1r " "' ronl flcl < nm i , U ° 01 "''" No . sensational in the way of "gushers." i 8 , wl " , bo on section 10. 27-28, ot Associated, however, has already j Mo " nt POBO ftpul completed one 200-barrel well at a depth of 1143 feet, is preparing to i'ITI7' j A. complete another In a deeper sand | yy ttlllS 10 between 151C and 1GOS feet and Is! rigging up for a .third project. liven should the lower sand prove no better than tho shallower zone. 200-barrel production at such'depths —with drilling costs cut to a mini- 3,000,000 Aliens Y., f H fl«'*riff/i'd /'rraii I.ffined U'ire ) SARATOGA S Pit 1 NOS. X. mum—Is nothing to be sneezed itt. \ Sept. ,T.—United Spanish War Vet- So far, Associated Is tho only oper- i i-rmiH convention adopted a rosolii- atlng concern In this area and la ' tlon today asking Secretary of Labor centering Its activity on Its large ; Frances Perkins to deport ll.OOO.uOO ! Williamson lease. ; ulleus "Illefrnlly In. the I'niteil i i States." Without attracting a considerable i They urged sho fix limits to tho amount of attention, the North Bel- period of rruldcnce of aliens who do | rldgo field on Kern county's West! not undertake obligations of citizen- Side Is nevertheless developing the! nhlp. Of this class, the resolution t'best'.. produccrB'rln -California" today: i wikl, there are,' more thn:ti 7.000,000, $75 Damage to Car That Cost Only $8 I Aiffftriatrti rrrtn Lfatrd H'<rf ) GI^VHTONBfRY. Conn., Sept. ,1. Deputy Judge Walter K. Koloy of j the Glarftcmbury Town Court addressed .lohn l.asky. "(low much damiige was done to your c«r?" "Kevcntv-flvo dollars." t.a«l<y B«ld. "Mow much did you pay for your car?" "Eight dollars." Lasky explained parts or his ancient vehicle were scarce,. ALL ABOUT STAMP COLLECTING "Everybody's Stamp I'.ooU" la a mine of Information for anyone Interested In stump collect- IIIR. It tells about llin flrM puMnge Muirpp. famous rollertoi-M and their collect limn; ubulit the rare and nioNt ^'Hlualllo flanipf, anil how to sturt aim build up nn intereBtlm; and profllnMn col- lei-tlon. Heglnnero will find tho book|p| exi'oodlnBlv helpful. Veteran phllalellMi «ill prize It lor Its authoritative material. Send today fur yrmr dun of "Everylioriy'n .Slump Rouk." Uncloee 10 <-ents to eover cost und liundllnK. Use Thlo Coupon The RitkersflxM Oilifortitnn, j InfonriHtlon Hur»»Hij ( [ Prtrtcrlc .1. Hank In, illrc«'tor, I Waehliiffton. }>. C. I I enclod<> lirrf« ith 10 rfnln ' In coin (i-urt fully wrapped) I for H copy of "BvcryboUy 1 * ; Stamp Book " i i Name Street City (Mull to WaKhliigtoii, I). «'.) JACKSON TIRE COMPANY Phone* 335-336 22OO Chester Avenue OAHL HOFF, W. W. WINSLOW, Twenty-ninth and Chutir T, V.'S OOHNER SERVICE, Sbtftir ALL GENERAL PETROLEUM STATIONS IDEAL SERVICE, WMCO JUST CHEVROLET, Umted States vmn» tTAnft mnnit mowen, iw, Rubber Company L«rg«it gtncril inanuficture ind r«- ! pair plant In the S»n Joaquln Villty. HOPPER MACHINE WORKS Inc i Of fie* and Shop 2115 M Strut Pktat 21 Supply Store Flihlng Tooli Tank* to Ordsr Btltlng Jobber* of Acetylene and Oxygen Machine Work Forging* Foundry, Boiler Work* Manufacturers 9! Ptrtabli Oil Will Htlitt an4 Rttirlii O UT OF SIGHT—way down under the floor boards your battery needs regular testing and refilling. Let the Standard Service Man look after it. just as he will gladly watch your tires, clean your windshield and lamps, check your oil, and serve you a dozen other ways. Standard Oil Service and Products cut motoring costs - and you're happier besides! That's why Standard's percentage of steady customers on the Pacific Coast is 30 % above the average. {f ^ AT STANDARD STATIONS, INC.-AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS-STANDARD OIL DEAL! ' i * 7 '''";*. • V^ «>-' K&kiiiW'J-a^^v-ai.'

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