The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 7, 1971 · Page 26
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 26

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 26
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". . Plus half of next week's allowance is $4.50, minus the change from Colonel Sanders makes it $3.75 and the 60 cents I paid the paper boy brings it to $4.35." "HE flunked freshman math?" "Children of Your Own!" - 5 Son Has Never Been Without Own Funds By ERMA BOMBECK and BIL KEANE •xcirpted from tht book 'JUST WAIT TILL YOU HAVE CHILOREN Of YOUR OWN I' Copyright (c) 1971 by Erma Bombtck and Bit KMIM . PuMithtd by Doubleday t Company, Inc. My son did not show signs of money deficiency until he opened his small fist in the nursery and found it was empty. He leaned over to the kid in the next crib and said, "Hey, bub, you wanta buy an ID bracelet practically new?" He has never been without funds since. When he was three, he was selling our financial statement to neighbors. When he was six, he was underselling the Avon lady. By the time he was nine, he was pulling his teeth and peddling them to the tooth fairy faster than his gums could heal. One Christmas morning, after he had received $300 worth of toys and baubles, he approached his father and said, "I want to talk about my allowance." His father smiled, "What about every week if I gave you a shiny dime in return for emptying the garbage, cleaning your room (which is almost the same thing) and clearing the table each night for Mother?" "You don't understand," he said. "I am not applying for the Peace Corps. I am talking about a guaranteed weekly salary of $1.50, with fringe benefits, option to negotiate biannually and 6% per cent interest on all money borrowed back by you and Mom." Real Crisis Oh, how I hated to borrow money from that kid. It was like doing business with the Mafia. When a loan had not been repaid, he would circulate through our small dinner party, walk up to his father, kiss him on either cheek and place a small, white carnation in his buttonhole and announce in a loud clear voice. "You have until 11 p.m. to repay the $3 you borrowed for pizza last Thursday." We'd laugh, of course, saying, "Aren't children too much?" but I wished we had enough to pay him everything we owed. The real crisis came one day in high school. He came home and said, "I have to have another increase in my allowance." Fact or Fancy Hutchinson News Thursday, Oct. 7, 1971 P«g« • October Bride-Elect Honored With Courtesy A bridal courtesy in the Jack Engel home in Liberal honored Sheri Goodpasture, Oct. 23 bride-elect of Lt. Bob Curry. Fall bouquets decorated the tables. Hostesses were Mrs. Engel, Mmes. Jack Penny and Harold Catlin. Mrs. Leslie Goodpasture and Mrs. J. K. Curry were among the guests. MRS. DWIGHT Snyder was hostess Tuesday in her home at Nickerson for a meeting of MYR EHU. The lesson on crafts was given by Mmes. Bert Billups and Clyde Short. New officers of the unit are, Mmes. Harold Might, president; Ron Lawson, vice-president; Harry Brace, secretary-treasurer; and Janesy Reed, reporter. ARLINGTON Wakpala Club members met for a program on macrame art, with a workshop conducted by Mrs. Donna Lehner of Haven. Hostesses were Mrs. Donald Moore and Mrs. Calvin Schroeder. Mrs. Steve Trembley gave the meditation. The GFWC and Courier reports were given by Mrs. Frank Parker. FORMER Hanston residents Rev. and Mrs. Charles E. Ruff of Belleville, will observe their golden wedding anniversary with a reception from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday in the Belleville Baptist Church. Rev. Ruff is pastor of the Baptist Church, and served in the Minneola Church for a period of time. MR. AND MRS. John C. Jones of Stafford were honored with a dinner in Donald's Serva- teria in Pratt, followed by a reception in Fellowship Hall of the Pratt First Christian Church, in observance of their silver wedding anniversary. Hostesses were their daughter, Marilyn; Mmes. Don Allison and Emerson Gillett, Stafford. Mrs. Wendell Perks, El Dorado, who was maid of honor at the Jones' wedding, presided at the serving table, assisted by Joyclyn Redwine, Greensburg; Debora Allison, Linda Allison, Emily Gillett and Mark Gillett. THE HOTEL Warren in McPherson was the setting of a dinner meeting for members of Delta Kappa Gamma and their guests. Lela Koehn presided. Mrs. S. J. Auernheimer is a transfer member of the society. Mrs. W. J. Schultis was program chairman and presented a skit on the purposes and goals of Delta Kappa Gamma. Others in the skit were Ernestine Scantland, Mary Beth Peterson, Mmes. Rex Guse and Marie Wall. Violin selections were played by Mrs. Bruce Kline, ac­ companied by Janelle Morgan of McPherson College. MR. AND MRS. W. A. Lewis of Greensburg will observe their 64th wedding anniversary Sunday. Their children are Calvin C. Lewis, Mmes. Bruce Harrel, L. V. Knight, Pratt, and Dale Kern, Greensburg. KANSAS Upsilon chapter of Phi Sigma Alpha members were guests at a salad dinner in the home of Mrs. Hugo Meyers of Hoisington, in observance of the 11th Founder's Day. Hostesses were officers of the chapter. Appearing on the program were Mme. Lynn Duke, Hurschel Sparkman, Myers, Joe Kalpin and Donald Eyers. Mrs. Duke showed movies of a trip to Alaska. Guests were Mmes. Lee Owens, Lincoln D. Goss, Hutchinson; Kasper Heinz, Claflin; Edd Hester and Tom Keeley. MRS. CURTIS Skaggs was hostess in her home at Pratt for a salad supper and meeting of P.E.O. Chapter F. Co-hostesses were Mmes. Ike Gatz, Fran Woolfolk and Charles Bergner. Mrs. Fred Kerr is chairman of the program committee, with the theme for the year to be "Journey to the Stars." In keeping with the theme, Mmes. Thayer Carmichael and Ken­ neth Hill gave the program entitled "My Stars!" MRS. EULAH Buchanan of Little River, who is retiring as librarian of Jthe Little River Library, was honored at a party in the library. Mrs. Buchanan was presented a gift from the board. Present were Paul Perry, Evelyn Cobb, Ruie Miller, Marie Nelson, Ruth Perry, Vicki Whimpe, Rhea Everett, Annie Hodgson and Louella Griffitt. LARNED Portia club members met in the home of Mrs. Charles Johnson. Mrs. V. C. Daniels was co-hostess. Mrs. Wiley Compton gave the program on "Our Need for Ecology Legislation," which is the program theme for the year. Mrs. Ann Smith presided. MRS. ERNEST Rosiere was hostess in her home at Newton for a meeting of the Sorelle Club. Mrs. Esther Smith, Memphis, Tenn., was a guest. Mrs. Kathryn Schrieock was the assisting hostess; Mrs. Rosiere presided at the business meeting. PRATT Welcome Wagon Club members met at dinner in the Park Hills Country Club. Mrs. Virgil Murphy installed the following new officers; Mmes. L. L. Dale, president; Brent Richter, vice-president; Bob Etter, secretary; and Jim Foster, treasurer. A musical program was given by Mrs. Glen Cunningham; she was accompanied by Mrs. Fred Lighter. MR. AND MRS. Ralph Mcllrath of Kingman will be honored with a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday in Fellow* ship Hall of the Kingman United Methodist Church in observance of their 60th wedding anniversary. Their children, Messrs. and Mmes. John Mcllrath, 23 Sunflower; Robert Mcllrath, Mmes. Bill Mcllrath and Arnold Gilchrist, Kingman, will be hosts for the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Mcllrath have 16 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. They request no gifts. Let's Cook! Fresh Vegetable Monday Stew One of the best-selling items in kitchen ware today is the Chinese wok. In use for centuries, it is a round-bottomed pan which sits on a metal ring or collar over the heat. It is heavy and the sloping sides conduct heat beautifully. This al- "I've been meaning to have a talk with you," said his father. "Your mother and I have decided we can no longer afford a teen-ager. We are paying you to shine your own shoes, pass English, take a laxative, keep your feet off the table, close your mouth when you eat, stand op straight, be pleasant to your Aunt Clara, feed your own hamster, eat a good breakfast, change your shirt and let us use our own phone. The next thing you know you will ask us to pay you to breathe." "What are you suggesting?'* asked our son. "I am suggesting that you think about a job," said his father. Money Deficiency "Doing what?" he asked. "That is up to you," said his father. "But if I were you I would begin to take stock of myself. At your age you should be able to contribute something unique to the job market. Think about it . . . perhaps you could do something mechanical." "Come to think of it," he mused, "I was the only guy at camp who could light a match on his zipper." "Or maybe something musical," said his father. "A lot of boys today are making a bundle. . ." "As a matter of fact, there's a group of us in study hall who can do the Hail Mary in belches." He grinned. "Or something in an office. Your mother has an orderly mind." "Yeah. I did have the idea to sleep with all my clothes on to save time in the mornings." "Or maybe something in law enforcement. Have you thought about that?" "Sure. Did I tell you I can hang my head out of the car window and make a noise just like a siren? Sometimes three or four cars pull off the highway." "Perhaps sales is your answer. Maybe you have a hidden talent for selling things." "Remember the garage sale Mom had and I sold the garage in the first five minutes?" "Look, boy," said his father irritably. "What exactly are your talents to date?" "I ate 22 hot dogs once, parked 15 boys and a fat cheerleader into a Volkswagen, recited "Hamlet" in pig Latin, did a great impersonation of Warren G. Harding and made a Christmas tree out of x'g in typing class." "That's it?" asked his father, his shoulders slumping. "What ya expect? I'm only a high school boy." "Do it again," said his father. "Do what?" "Breathe in and out. It isn 't worth 10 .bucks, but everyone has to start somewhere." Next: Prom Fat love is . , . letting him go bowling with the boys every week. Ceoyfiakl 1)71 [OS ANGUES 1IMIS lows quick cooking with very little fat — fine for today's cholesterol-conscious cooks. By Dottie Wellington (Adv.) Besides all the traditional Chinese stir-fried dishes, we find it useful for lots of ordinary cooking, too. For instance this fresh vegetable stew— a good way with Sunday's leftover roast. Haven't got a wok? Use a large skillet — either way it's table ready in less than 15 minutes. MONDAY STEW 2 to 3 c. cooked beef or lamb V* c. olive or vegetable oil 6 to 8 green onions 2 to 3 zuccini squash. 1 green pepper 1 clove garlic, mashed 4 tomatoes Grated rind of V-i lemon Pinch of sweet basil Salt and lemon pepper If the meat is rare, so much the better. Cut it from the bone, and trim away all fat and gristle. Cut into chunks. Cut onions into one-inch pieces, using some of the green part. Slice zuccini one- half inch thick. Seed pepper and cut into one-inch squares. Cut tomatoes into wedges. When fresh tomatoes aren't available, use one can tomato wedges, drained. Heat oil in wok or skillet until it almost smokes. Add meat cubes and stir until hot and beginning to brown around edges. Add onions, zuccini and green pepper. Cook and stir for two minutes and then cover for a minute or two. Add garlic, tomatoes and seasonsings — the amount will vary according to how much the roast was seasoned first time around. Again, cook and stir until tomatoes are hot through. Not too long; the vegetables should retain all their brilliant colors and some crispness. Serves five to six. STEAMA17C ' carpet. cleaning "Call Doug for a Clean Rug" Phona M3-231I THE GOLDEN wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Edward McMichael of Kingman was observed at a family dinner in the Kingman United Methodist Church. Hosts for the event were their children, Mrs. John E. Milburn, Penalosa, and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Covington, Scottsdale, Ariz. Mr. and Mrs. McMichael have five grandchildren, Byron and Bruce Milburn, and Ed, Linda and Michael Covington. 0 DEAR JUDY: Should I have an outside canvas enclosure made and put over our central air portion of the system that is located outdoors? I have noticed some people have covers made for the outside unit. J.R. DEAR J.R.: If you wish to spend money unnecessarily put a cover on the unit. However I don't know of a single manu facturer that recommends the j outside air condensing unit be covered with additional protection other than what comes with it. Mechanics advise units that are enclosed frequently encounter various nests built within the unit that cause trouble the following year. Leave the unit alone. Don't wrap it up. Many manufacturers request that the electrical current be left on to the condensing unit so that the oil will remain separated from the refrigerant — so do not pull the switch to the outdoor condensing unit unless the manufacturer's instructions say otherwise. If you have any question regarding your Air Conditioning, Winterizing Service or Heating Service, please feel free to call for the free recommendations of a service Engineer from Stevens inc., 662-3351. They will be glad to assist you with your Heating and Air Conditioning problems. Whatever your problem — Plumbing, Heating or Air Conditioning — just write DEAR JUDY, P. O. Box 1067, Hutchinson, Kansas 67501. , J&$4-zr 7N. Bravo Crepeshirt! *8. store for you" Main Dramatic collar makes its points in a burst of fashion fluidity. Rich, carefree Sand Crepe of 80% Dacron® polyester, 20% cotton. White, drama shades. Sizes 30-38. Surprise your Granny with our Granny Bunch Sunday, October 10th is Grandmother's Day Come to Northgafe Hardware DAYS Sept30-Oct. 1,2, 3 Thiirs., Fri., Sot. & Sun., i Ball Bearing Rolling Pin Reg. Q7* $1.49 Wi T PYREX 9" Pie Plate Reg. p.* 69c Q I Nothing could please her more than to be remembered on HER day with a long-lasting bouquet of colorful fresh flowers. Whether your Granny lives nearby or many miles away, we'll guarantee delivery almost anywhere, in time for Grandmother's Day. Our Granny Bunch is available from $7.50 to $15.00. Call US Today Satisfaction QuarantMd Flowers Belong In Your Life! 24 hour answering service 662-6637 521 East 11th Monday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. • 6:00 p.m. Pick Up Your FREE Recipo For Applo BundtCakt "New In Hutchinson" For Time & Temperature Just Dial 663-6189 Courtesy of Northgate Hardware. "Northgate Shopping Center" 507 East 30th — Phone 6624722 Open Dally I am to I pm-Opaa Sunday—14 pm

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