Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on August 28, 1966 · Page 19
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 19

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 28, 1966
Page 19
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ANDERSON SUNDAY HERALD SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 19M many Changes Are Ahead For Old Castle In England Cliveden, Once Proud House, Goes To Trust MAIDENHEAD, England,who died in March at the agejwould-be actress and girl about (UPI) -It claims no ghosts. But what memories it has! Cliveden, one of the great houses of England, has come to another turning point in a history embracing some four centuries. Soon it is to be taken in government trust and, rather sadly, no one is yet quite sure what comes next for Cliveden. of .58, decided to return the;London, was taking a nude dip lease to the national trust !• Through the great halls andi'ne 2nd Viscount Astor hus- gardens and gorgeous rooms of! band ot Nancy, on condition Cliveden kings and queens and ' n e family could live there in SF&& ^Is^EtS^at^rnower'^^u, schoolboy of 14. If he wants to live at Cliveden when- he comes of age he will have to negotiate with the trust. It was given the house for the nation in 1942 by 8, 1961, when the late Lord j Stephen Ward, with whom she assistant Astor walked through the door'jwas with a guest, War Minister Aster's , John Profumo, on an aflerdinv cottage on the Cliveden estate ner stroll. The Thames-side cottage is Cliveden in October ; Cliveden because of its size." a spokesman said. In the meantime, anyone with cents) can come for a look at Cliveden. It the Astors have come and gone. perpetuity. Duels have been fought there Nobody has decided yet who and politics plotted. '[else is going to move in. A girl swam naked in! Cliveden (pronounced Civ- Cliveden's swimming pool and<'d en and formerly spelled | the ripples she made were to 'Cliefden) was twice burned to rock a government " ie ground and last rebuilt in Here lived the notorious 2nd (1850 by Charles Barry, ar- Duke of Buckingham member ; chitect of Britain's Parliament, of the "Hellfire Club." in the Famous Duel 17th Century. Here Frederick.! Amid the spacious grounds of Prince of Wales, received a!sculpture-dotted, rolling lawns mortal blow from a cricket ball and woodland is a flower bed in 1751. Kings George I and II, shaped like commemorates a Queens Victoria" and Elizabeth I bv the Duke of Buckingham II visited Cliveden Here and the Duke of Shrewsbury in danced high society at lavish 1668. The Duchess of Shrews- parties. Here the "Clivedenl&ury, Buckingham's mistress, Set" talked appeasement before I is said to have dressed in blue World War II. satin as a page boy and held his Touched By Scandal And here began the Profumo scandal that nearly brought down the British government of 1963. still hang on the wall and a The huge, palatial marsionjwood carving of them arm in! with its spectacular view!arm adorns the main staircase.; across the Thames, four miles i Buckingham was a rich and upriver from Maidenhead, has influential courtier but also, as stylish shelter to the given Astor family since William Waldorf Astor emigrated from America and bought it in 1893 from the Duke of Westminster. He also bought a viscountcy. But now the family is moving out because of the death of one of Britain's richest men, 3rd Viscount Astor, son American-born Lady. Nancy Astor. It is the end of an era. Executors of the will of the thrice-married Viscount Astor, New Machine Makes Harvesting Green Beans A Very Fast Deal HAMBURG, Germany (GF)— A new farm machine, able to harvest green beans at the rate it would take 50 farmhands, has gone on the market in Germany. The machine, which Germans call a "robot harvester," can also be used to pick other vegetables and berries. The first of the fully-automatic harvesters has been put to work on the fields of a large North German bean farm. It is hauled by tractor and the tractor also supplies the power necessary to operate the machine. ! Constructed to harvest two tones rows of beans at a time, the "robot" includes finger-1 i k e mechanisms, which reach down and scoop up beans and leaves and haul them inside onto a conveyor belt. Two blowers in the harvester detach and remove the leaves as the beans pass by along the conveyor. Afterwards, the beans are automatically sacked and ready for shipment to the canning factory. As well as a labor and timesaving device, the harvester is! also credited with enabling!per second. and permission to use the pool. properties but it won't be easy The national trust takes over I to find the right tenant for by mort walker LUCKILY I HAVE AAV DIVER'S SUIT ON UNPER MV TUX > I'LL SIVE \ HER TME SLIP ( THROUGH THE [ HOTEL > POOl f- MV ITALlAM- DESISMED JEEPOJ.A/ sword through her husband. / TMEV MST I SETTER WATCM I WHOSE STOMAChI V Tl-iEV BUS KMOW HE SWALLOWS? TWO-WAV AMCMOVY the national trust guide confesses, "a man of notorious profligacy." longed to an aristocratic circle indulged in orgies in a maze of . Cliveden would rather forget I the Profumo scandal and keeps | "" the 20-foot wall that surrounds the open air swimming pool. Famous Swim Christine Keeler, a model, JfNUFFY BARNEY GOOGLE farmers to preserve high nutritional values in the harvested / BALLS O'FIRE!! / n*'/— r-1\* i hi' -rrt f—» /\» *. i crops. Because it works so rap- HE MIGHT BE RIGHT V/ IN TH'MIDDLE OF A I / REVENOOER DREAM, AN'TH'SECONTieiVE HIM A NUDGE HE'D BOUNCE A RIFLE-BALL OFF'N MY . PUNKIN'HAID I'D RUN OUT.THAR AN WAKE HIM UP IF HE DIDN'T .HAVE HIS TRIGGER FINGER ON THAT DADBURN SHOOTIN' IRON idly, the harvest can be accomplished without the danger IT'S FIXIN'TO RAIN CATS AN'DOGS, AN' VONDERSETS PAW- 7 UPAG'lNSTHIS FAVORITE STUMP SOUND ASLEEP of losing food values caused by and time in harvesting by hand. to 50 per cent of their vitamin In Germany, this is increasingly important because of rising vegetable sales on the (market. German canning fac- 50 million jars of green beans in 19651 with an average eight ounces of beans in each jar. ic Energy Commission labora- camera capable of operating at AN'IF I DON'T. WAKE HIM UP AN' HE GITS SOAKIN'WET, HE'S LIABLE TO GO AFTER ME WIF TH 1 BRESH . BROOM LAND O'GOSHEN" I WONDER HOW OL'KING SOL WOULD GIT OUT QF A PICKLEMENT LIKE THIS 15 million frames per second. However, most photographic experimentation at Los Alamos is at far slower speeds — only GOLLY! LOOK'T j THAT MELON' r ©1966 Walt Disney Production! World Rit;!,!. Reserved /MMM! THESE MELONS DON'T HAVE MUCH WHOPPER! BUT THEY SURE HAVE LOTSA By SYDNEY OMARR FOR AUGUST 29 "Tha wise man conlro/j his cfesf/'ny . . . Asfro/ogy poinls the way. ARIES (Mai'. 21 - Apr. 10)i Tendency exists to try being too many places at once. Concentrate forces — make necessary decisions. Strive for harmony, especially at home. Family member may have legitimate complaint. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20): Be sure of information. If confronted by higher-up, state case with sincerity. To avoid self-deception ... be realistic. Guard reputation. Ignore unfounded rumors. GEMIM (May 21 - June 20): Study TAURUS message. You can gain financially and emotionally if persistent. Use past experience. Consulting with older individual can affect important decision . . . favorably! CANCER (June 21 - July 22): One (close to you may be in argumentative mood. Know this and make concession. Don't permit pride to cause flareup. Emphasis on money, investments, expenses . . . but be wary. . LEO (July 2,1 - Aug. 22>: Day features new starts in new directions. You can get new lease on activities. Stress independence, originality. You arc especially attractive to members of opposite sex. VIRGO (Aug. 2.1 - Sepl. 22): Observe rules, details, regulations. Accent employment opportunity. Utilize intuitive intelect. If you follow through on hunch, you could gain valuable knowledge later in day. LIBRA (Sept. 2.1 - Oct. 22): Favorable lunar aspect pro- moles romantic interesls. Obtain hint from LEO message. Follow through by being perceptive, persistent. Check possessions . . . don't over-spend. SCORPIO (Oct. 2.1 - Nov. 21): You may now feel bogged down with numerous tasks, details. But aid is due from unexpected source. Maintain sense of humor. Be optimistic. You will win! . SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Ore. 21): All news received today should be evaluated. You may not be entirely pleased ... . but if you know truth you can take constructive action. Be ready for change. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. IS): Place limit on expenditures. Realize alternative methods are all around you. Gain indicated if you outline creative budget. Be aware of possessions, assets. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): You feel you need reassurance where affection, love is concerned. You get this by taking initiative. Dress up — be sparkling. Then others respond in positive manner. PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 21)): Don't get involved in clandestine affairs, meeting. Being frank gets desired results. Many are in your corner. Realize this and proceed accordingly. Find time to relax. * * * IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY . . . you are highly intuitive. Your life is likely to feature much change, travel, i romance. * * * GENERAI, TENDENCIES: Cycle high for PISCES, ARIES. Special word to SAGITTARIUS: Be perceptive. What appears on surface may not tell entire story.

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