The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 16
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I n RDITOn C^Uforniau Issued Kvery ftvenlntf Itocepl Sunday in Hakersfleld, Kern County, California In POM itfflrn Ht RaUnrHflold, Cnllfornlii, a* mall matter under the Art of Congress Murrh inghousc Electric & Manufacturing Company gives notice lluil its employes will receive M per cent more llian the usual wages for the month of August, Hicy sharing in ex- rcSS C'limingS UCCOrclillg to U MCW re MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS by the corpora liun. Sales of electrical equipment Ihrobghoul Die United States Tho ^\»«o^liitod Prr«M IH Pxr.liiHlvoly rntltlrd (o iho nno , . . i i • i n -ii • it for puhllrnilnn of ail IIPWH illspntrlifH rrortHwl to It or • IlIIVC! increased llOriXOnlolly Wlllllll lll not nthrnvlNr rroilliml In this pap«r. and also tho lorfi) news piihllHhcel thoroln. Tlio Hnkf-rKflr-kl ( 'nltfnrnlnn Ifl n n rllftit of thn rcrclvcM thn roinpMo wire Prr\ of both. \v months, such increase bringing increased profits, nnd such profits (ire now lo he siuired between Iliose who supply the UKPHKHKNTATrVKS Jlrynm, MrlffMli Af Mninf»on. Nrw VorU. ('htr-nKf'. Pi-trull, AUantM, ry l - Holllrttty-MfiKr-npoii Co., AiiK' 'lf<«, Hcaitlc. Hftn WAHHI.VfJTON', H. r... UUflKAP 1'Vrdrrlo J. Jla-nldii, IHriM-tor, WiiHlilritfton. D, C. TIfIR PAPER MADE IN THE V. 8. A. cnpilnl flnnndng Ihe corporation nnd who supply Ihe labor. And out in Arizona 2500 copper miners will receive n 5 per cent wage increase beginning tomorrow. The copper market has improved nnd lhal industry which for a number of years failed lo meet expenses, is again on n small dividend basis and Ihe stockholders are nol Ihe only beneficiaries. The miners, themselves, will participate. This is in line with Ihe recent action of the which have sub- J r ' By M*ry Raymond NCA C.UAPTHH XI mont IH ho «aid naively, taking the other'ugly weapon from Wlnnlo, who had Junt entered the T ' lllin >' that you fo)1<s thought T the helpless L up in - «omo .racket/ or .. "Startd guard. Molly. First room, announced viciously "T Aln'i .1 ""*"« "*' "\ nume nicnei/or wiana guard, «T~L LI , . ! y j olhor. Slnoo you'ro forcing m/ to thought, get a sheet. I'm going to nearly as woak'Btomochod as you spend tho night, I'd like a little on- tlo this follow up BO tight he'll think think. I hate «n6o,kH, loo, just like ^rtnlnmcnt.' 1 he can never ge^ loose." I hate mice and rats. T to t gangster nppeared to be Mo»y IIH.I.C IHJCO ana rats. Here—come . B«.III§O«TI M j ^-uieu iu u« -. * •/• . r ' *^»»«»v« r, *M*I, ~* i. .ii/. 1 ™^ como amnsotl. "You're Jlkoly to Kot right Tt } vas ttl1 «• nightmare. ^ o think of it, we d better give J^ouis used to this place." ho nWkfed.J nightmare she had been In ho wood room koy slnco we've got a "How would you like to stay here' il "Wmed. But the horror trim ire BURAL rmnn tn viati .,»» permanently?" < Ing* Somoho\v f she was ' * ^5 »v v' \j i j i f j L |_/ y j H I L II Pi _ 1 i t~t »_~ ..». j. I __• — _. . _ . j . * • i • • to do Brent's bidding. The for ^^h ^^A ^^L £4 5 litt- EUROPEAN FERMENT * -^ —^«¥*^ ^ — J + '-- v VKNTS in two of the smaller Huropcnn , l(wlin K m <> l( > r ' <* counlries illnslrale the political iiihla-' »l»"l«'lly iifldccMo Ihe pay of (heir employes, bilily I hnl keeps conlinenlal Knrope in a ! And Iliis development in indusiry should and critical slale. Lilhnania went Fascist last '. <l"»'l'"<'»» will make for stability p between year. II has now returned to popular ivp- ''"'Plover and employed, resenlalion. Al Ihe same time word comes l! WI " probnbly not have the approval of from Iliimniiin, one of Ihe few remaining: mc -» wh " IIISIsl lhnl ^»nployers have no in- monarchies, Hint steps have been ! '" ITsl ln lhos(1 who work for lh <' m < l'»l •" taken toward German Na/i-ism with || I(t »!H' I'nce of such substantial limitnliun of parliamentary rule. t you like to stay here'! IL H ^m«ci. wut me norror was tovl«ifit«» i permanently?^ <Mng* Somoho\v f she was followln Kho wont to tho door and oxlmoted "> wouldn't like it. Too lone^ JnTnwISGir 111111 " with ' 8Wlftn ° 8 in koy. "Ho Hiiru you don't foave 8Of !l9' • precision, hat koy lying around," sho warned I '"What apodal • brand of amuse* would suit you, young follow?" I While Brent worked, Louis glared nything. f Poker." at him through reddened oyes. Oc- Now, wouldn't that bo a nico conformity his gazo shifted to tho In. 'IVtmt mo," ho grinnod. Molly, on tho other Hide of (he door, hoard Winnio's ugly words, but -" madn no Impression. | | * lit* ----- -* -,- ,~ .,.*,._ r ~~- -- - -* . .». * ^ • •••-* Qt-feuu i?u |«. ^^-V* VV^ LilVJ flea. I woiildn t bo surprised If you slim, golden-haired girl who stead- V.?"*?/ 1 , 0 , 1 * '. l »ncan punch. And If ily lovelod a gun at his head. His won<t rnattor beoauso ho didn't bcliovo me." her eyes. Yeah?" | Tears rolled down Molly's face. Yen. T'd likr to play poker until "Brent, Bront! T know you'd come, about rno," Alolly'a first silont prayor wont out. * QI. |j|. tt i »«.'»., i u j i r> ^7 i^^ [JlUr V 1JUJ\ t;i" UIILI1 I -"--'-p'-t «^ B w • v • * .... w .* i, *- -, — — v ,. ,^-p «no iai(J jior lips ngalnst (ho rough ho gets hero. I'm a good player If but whon T realised you were In noanlH, whispering brokenly, "Oh J I do Hay HO myself." ' | da ngor T nearly diod." Hrpnl, what havn I dono lo you?" "Think a lot of your game, don't llor hand was on tho door knob, you?" in nor agitation Hho rlonohod it. "You can't help but know whon tbo cutr-h minor k Hho In " 8t bn . Molly breathed _ trind thn knob door IVHH not hat woimm! carefully. the Inro ol .such substantial evidence those M ,V, rloor WIIH not 'ockori. • i , ..... . Ilmt woninn! TJio«o last venomtMiH who arc employed are nol hkelv lo lake very ' words of winnie'H luui i»-on a Nurmn itj±+m— * ft A _ seriously Ihe claims of politicians whoso ! Hho''"hmi B\vpn JI % l "iiv r « u Vh! n , u ! ulH °; "You can't help but know whon . >u ro good." "No shark rvor trimmed mo at pokor yot." Louis suld slowly. "I don't claim to bo a Hhark," Don't cry. darling. Not h where T can't comfort you. \Vo*d ret roplind modestly, "but—" "But what?" "You thought of that a Httlo too i," a voice from the doorway interrupted, Bront dropped Molly's hands and reached toward his pocket. "You thought of that too late, What Ihese smaller countries do in (he ' ™usiy Ihe claims of p(,Iilicians whos way of unvcrnmonl does nol matter much beyond their own boundaries, but as rellect- Ihe influence of larger nations pledged to autocratic governments and opposition (o democracy, Ihey serve as examples of Ihe general ferment among Kuropcan peoples. Devotees of Xa/i-ism and Fascism are op- inlfTrsI in '» >" I" unresl among wage- voles. by unlocking the door before Hho withdrew tho koy und luuulnd it to I-.OI1IM. Molly opened the door a fnietlon Brent smllod. "Well . 1 don't too," came the voice. "Thei man fu JIM t.o be brngglng" mars bciiori lour span or jno is "There's a pack of' cards on the lengthened »• Httlo by being sensible, •intol." ] <0 nlM Miiid. "Got 'em.' 1 though T don't think it will matter "Okay. Watch your stop. NO *»» tho lonp run." miy tricks. T'vo irot. a trhnror And you," Stephen Black Klaboratoly careful, Brent pushed K"f on a pokor hand." wheeled upon Molly, "you'll have to with him. That's what you get CLASS OF I')M I N TI1K Klhiopian alVair Mussolini mobi- li/ed "Ihe class of ION." Now comes poscti 10 paruamemary rme u.uier me gen- • So . viH IUlssin wilh » ni11 ''or !)0(MH)0 men lo eral assumplion (hat government by Ihe pen-! brill « lls nnn >' s '^"Mlh In l,()()(KO()U t an in- nle is inellicienl and that nconlc are in- cmisr ol ;m °. oon ' '''l'^' UOO.OOO recruits posed lo parliamentary rnl< is inellicienl and that people an capable of self-government, and onsr- of ;»)(),()()(). 'I'bese 5100,000 recruits are also from "Iho class of I!M-P\ Ihe vear foi l< quently only Ihe gifted few are filled to rule. What Ihey really mean is (hut Ihe peoples Ihey have made subjecl lo themselves are not suited to parliamentary government, hul by centuries of submission lean lo Ihe voice • rium of authority. None of (he long established luiman democratic governments has failed, and their peoples nrc antagonistic lo any form of governmenl (hat would deprive them of I heir individual liberties and (I """ • sl " rl( ' (l ""' W " rl(l Wnr - Ihe or an Inch. 8h« cotilci HOP limit tho tublo closer nnd seated hlniaelf for tnlH "tehl's work. If you'd been now. fliti faro WIIH impasslvo, but auross from l^ouln. I smart I mlprht have found a way out who knew he must bo swnpt by Inner lurrnnil. nrunt in |I!H absurd diH- RMlm>, his mouth Hot in grim lines, hit) jjniy nytiH liko fltool. How Mho htm! Mo WMH farliiK her, and for a other military nations are drawing on Ihe class of thai fatal vear for Iheir latest food moment Hho fancied MM eyes rented upon the! door of her rouin with a peculiar Intent MOHH. "Mo known I'm In this room," Molly thought. "Ile'H miff«(ins fearfully because hn can't help mo. I'm to be tho ono to help him now. There he u way. 1 " Wlnnl*', who hud given her aurnsH from Louis. Mrent won tho deal, shuffled, I Cor you, But now. since you've neon doalt, and the gamo hogun. Mo won Louis and mo without masks, I tho firnt himrt and was oponly boast- RUCSH you'll have to go walking with ful. T^oiils' Hwarthy face reddened UH, too." \ slightly. Ho Hhuffled tho cards "But, Stove, you can't do that!" rath or clumsily with hta thick, awk- Louis cried. ward bands. "What's romo ovor you?" Black How about lotting mo shufflo snecrod. "Hail a change of heart tho curds again?" Bront asked In a Just bccauHO thlH fellow whows you loud, Irritating tone. # * A t f I.. ,. ft . ^ jl__.j.ri what a tlumb lug you are and the Iho opportunity! for him," uko these Htrinffs off lll( ' M ' fuels il 111X1/1 " ice, nixl (ha) has left lillle that t) I by experi- of the great war on the mililarilv In bU c-halr. bin Th t> next hullft.Hhiipnd houd tiirown bark, II!H plnnc-d both of Louis' arms on tho •CM hnlf rloHod. Mo WMH looking at | lulj|lj ln ll vlso-llkn grip, with What was that?' 1 Louis asked girl breaks a lamp ovor your angrily, hlu oyos concentrating in hend?" umuzcnioiit. HIM keen cyea had taken in the Me was not to receive an answer, situation quickly, i hero was a crash, an onragcd bol- "j ain't awkiii' nothln' low. ua glass shiilterod on tho gang- LoulH said. Btors head and kerosene poured into mvt and lot mo at him. But tho girl aim mouth. —you don't want nothln' to happen moment Brent had | to hop. Who's the girl. vSteve!" know she's tho your mind. . t , . . She's different from what you in PIK-I, porkPt think. Hho'H tho ono we went after, liui Molly, anticipating his order. I Htevo—the Atllforcl girl." (Concluded Tomorrow) (By 0. 0. McINTYRE) XJI3W YOnK, Sept'8.—VihcpAt As- Al tor aeema to have settled down to a Hfo of commuting between Bermuda, where ho ha« reared a pal- szo. and tho St. Hegls hotel, which he developed Into a paying hobby. The St. was almost dec lasso when, bankrupted Into hla lap, he became Its millionaire Mine Host. Astor began to peer Into hotel running chiefly out of curiosity to «eo Just what made It tick. And like ReovoB-Smlth, tho great London hotelier, became absorbed by Its romance. Ho found Inn kooplng moro exciting than polo or cruising in his luxurious yacht. When not In Bermuda, ho is at the St. Regis, early and late, whooping things socially. Puttering about tho kitchens, inspecting wine caves and on occasion has stood behind tho desk. As a result, the hotel Is out front again. And the rendezvous of society. Wacky, no end I Astor Is a fervid fan of Amos 'n' Andy and drops everything at the 7 o'clock hour to tune In. He Is also a window shopper, barging the avenue to gaze. All of which he could buy it he so desired. Which makes window shopping not BO much fun. Driving down tho avenue lato in a mistral, this vagary: There's no sickly blob of light on a lonely street so enchanting as those found only in a London fog. No wonder wo get so much gripping realism out of Kng.lsh literature. No man can walk a London street at such a time, without imagination Jumping tho gun. It happens that I llvo in tho cooperative spire whero Sothern and Marlowe onco had an apartment. In fact it is only two floors away. And I often think of tho tlmo they were trouplng through Ohio and in Dayton sent ahead for a house—rather than th usual hotel—with "At least four master bedrooms." That impressed us out there in tho corn rows where master bedrooms were rather strange things. I'm often tempted to. wangle a look at their apartment Just to BOO how many "master bedrooms" they had while not trouplng. In our layout wb haven't 'ary ono. Apropos of seeing the Normandlo and Queen Mary tho samo week: Because It was tho first ship in which I ever sailed, I've always thought the Mauritania had tho most graceful bird-like lines. People marvel over how tho new leviathans are manipulated in the North River by the tiny tumblebug-Hke tugs. But tho marvel of all is tho way super liners arc handled at Southampton. -England, considering the mill pond aspect of the harbor which give.* impression somehow it would be taxed to berth a rowboat. Another enigma is how boats are over docked without getting wedged be« tween banks of the Clyde going to Glasgow I \ Some good gray columnist, touched by lachrymose sentimentality, .should wander through down town New York, say from St. Paul's to the Battery on a quiet Sunday evening, and let himself go philosophically. The Trinity churchyard, the timid pigeons approaching with bright ungrateful eyes, the thick silence and the only activity spurts of steam geysering up from manholes. It should inspire a Gray's Blegy train oC thought for an Edna Millay or an Authur Gultorman. L I noticed Nicholas -Murray Butler loitering in front of a news stand be- foro entering a subway kiosk near the University the other late afternoon. Ho searched about, thumbing this and that, and then with a faint smile selected The New Yorker. Thingumabobs: Gilbert White, Paris portrait painter, likes corn on cob for breakfast , . * Rattling the skeleton: Rudy Vallee was saxophonist in Peter Arno's orchestra that played for Gllda Gray'* shimmy . . . Johnny Horgan, hotel man, has a scout to find thoso th u nderous plaid shirts and vivid tics * * Grace Moore la now tho wealthiest opera sinper. Chuckle from Punch: A pretty miss on a golfing green, misses h,er putt by on eyelash, stamps her dainty foot and* turning to her walrus mustached caddy, exclaims: "Wouldn't you call that exasperating?" He replied: "That's a word I don't use, myself, Miss.*' I read this to two visitors without getting a flicker of a grin but it's the only thing I can find to print that will get me tho blazes away from this typewriter. I'm sick of the thing! )<> HatlufacMMon of a rat 1 BU"«. Molly!" hr» called, "There is Molly Milvcrcd. With II!K nm.sU H wiiM oven moro terrifying ; had ono of tho guim and now was minded leaders of most nations. nicnlurv (hnl purlin- ! sons "'' flM ' lhl « ° r i»'inM UKMIK MOIIM( ' (M " rIlls lllv »PI""li»« ' ' To per- sneh an- luimilinlin^. Kaseism and ils various forms, and Communism are authoritarian. Their peoples Nho looked about her small prlwon. WJIH not hlng that could bo UN a wfupun. Tho wobdroom. IIH K WIIH I'jillud, was bare of wood, flare of everything but tho Iron cut. Iho cnu'ked mirror on tho wall, u position of Illli- i r ''alr, and a l(r>nmrno lamp whlrh i....I.. M...I i i i i i i. .1 I gUiwod dimly on tho chulr. mals that are horn and hred only lor the; TI.O lamp: i Hcarccly breathing, Molly took tho lamp to thn door und blew out Iho .,. '' lcv r(t(lurr niMiikiiid lo purpose of armed conllicl. are suhjeets, nol free men. Some persons may prefer to have Iheir ruling done for them, hnl those thai have known freedom llw . hl lllul ! lllssnl ll|r lirsl '' ulir • V(>nrs uf exislenre in the midst of Ihe These hoys of "Ihe class of I!»M" saw lhe> Ilffhl - 1C th " tloor .1.1 ... i - i .1 ..... - .. . l opciiful it Hhe \vol can never he expected to accept dictatorship for Ihe cure of K nvcrnmeiilnl ills. Instead of j l!'"''!" 1 llml rvrr slnidi lll( making the world safe for democracy llu real position today is for Ihe democratic ermnenls lo keep themselves safe for demor- realest i \ ii n .T i calas- I ' H| V , . i. ... M.I „. Htrotc-hliiK hlH arniH above him. "I enough l(» learn lhal the ellecls ; oan't fiKum nut what all tho excito- wbon it Nhc would bo undone. Hln» opened the door a trifle, and InHtantly wan awaro that Hrent hail tieen the HllKlit movement. Mo WHM yawnliiK clnboratoly, ariiiN above him. "I (By PAUL MALLON—Copyright 1936) \WA.SMtNGT ' ' ernry Dlir PON, Sept. 3.—Tho L.R- frc(|uontly takes a inf war were devnslalion and ruin, (hat vic- racv and lei those of other tendencies ^et Ihe governments they deserve. tors and vanquished Iosl Iheir hesl Mood and the Youthful ho | >^ for a more enlightened! M ; world on Ihe halllelields; and that Ihe world was impoverished economically. AI Iheir present u^e they see the entire earth suffering from ils aftermath in Ihe conflict of ANY persons undervalue the ell'ecls of governmental ideals, and social and eeo- their individual votes. They forgel uomic upheavals. Well mav Ihev rebel at i es fforni VAI.llE OF VOTKS TKN YKAItS AOO tThn I'nlirurnUn, thU ftnt0. 1020) lOxpIonlon trupH that Ihe result is tho a^reMalc ( ,f rV ery hal- , Hie fate thai is theirs. Instead of heing horn lot recorded and that il mi^hl happen one i lo huild a new and saner world, Ihe have vole mijLfhl decide an election. Mui il is he- hcon deslined to lak 17 mint* wurki'PH; l.lltln hopn ontor- tnlnod for vlrtlmH; lYosldpnl Cool- ldK«» may not run In 1028; llopott of I'ullfornltmn for $125.000.000 tux ro- fund blunted: YOUIIK hurt plurality of with MB proolnotH Htlll out: -i- .M • Wimlell UeopH load; 1.1 ry % Up amis 111 Illtile 111- mmU ntand rourt coming more evident that voters are nri/.iuii lernalioiuil wars. Thev wt»re Ihe liones of' Ill l l .K ll< \" r , f<Hi| 1. l , l l' r ! 11 ' I f~ , "^ ill* >I\'|'VIV\^LI Pli*il1tiltrii*arii^ljllrri il ' M riM - i • - • f 4! ... f ' I1 * nHKIM«IU^IU Illl Iheir privileges. I Ins is rrvnded m Ilic uum their pnreuls lor the redemption of Ihe race. » lliml her of absentee voles recorded throughout'Now lh«\se \\ar-horu hnhics are eonsiileretl *i«oo. I Hul; Uubuni litiknrnfloUl Hook and" (Jravol nn InvoHtment of with a monthly pay roll of trial poll In udvanco of its rcpnlur poll, nmrcly for Its own private n?*e. Torhnlrlunn rail it a "pilot poll," be- c-atiHo It IH Hiipponed to furnlnh n g-uldo to what may ho expoiHod later from Oio larger public poll. Unnnlly Iho reHtiltfl of thin ptlot poll louk o\it unofficially, but thlH your they have boon Kuarded more Hecurely than UHiml. Ono reuHon IH Hiipponed to bo that It Rhowed a hoavior porcentaKo for T^undon tban any of tho other polls now current. In fuel, a gentleman of t runt worthy voracity and exceptionally good eyoHtKht H*IW tho totaln ono day laat week whon they showed thin unex- poctml llno-up: Lundon, 56 por cent. ItooHovolt, 37 por cent. Letnko, 7 por cient. Note—tho pilot poll also hinted at a fairly atronff Ilopubllcan majority In Mnlno whero tho olectlon will bo held .September 15. Q UESTION— / nntlnn for t RANDOM NOTIOS « were registered Ihey still showed their in- Major I'Yederiek teresl by voting. MIsw KmnooH Torron IH loud In iM'o In u rontoMt to dotormliH' thn queen of the Mrxlcun fluv rolobnitinn. . V. UiiHh IH horo from Fin IB oil a hnwlnoHH trip. TWKNTY YKA1IH A(iO (lltn ('Allfomlnn. thin tltte. tOltU Kinhartfo lifted the country. These absent electors did their ! nnly st» much gun fodder. parl as real cili/eus by providing for the —«-- record of their votes. Although temporarily removed from the localitv where Ihev ii ii i,... fc . i ii i whipped lOfiO c'urn Iv. nurulumi. belter | roniiuK to wuit r. 1 Known as Huruham the Seoul, and world re- j limi1 l>0 According to reports in the news several "owned explorer, author and adventurer, election results turned on the absent vole, has been seriously injured as Ihe result of In Riverside an I against Ihe incumbent by n plurality of 1MM ! is "'"> years old, and Ihese years have been voles following llu* count of absentee votes. Milled with adventures such as fe.w men have! thus overcoming n mnjorily of M f ( ,v Senator DiiTimi before these ballots were included. In Kern county a similar experience took Hefore the absentee \otes were counted Leonard A technical oxplana- ho unoxpoctod ban- don load tills parly In tho wamo IM that tho flsruniH Included fow volon from Btronff TluoRovrlt territory and many from pro-handnn NtroiiKholdH In tho cant. Fow rctuniH woro then In from tho Houth, HH, n dohato ha.n nlroudv I'lllO tho Innt month thn county produce, Hlnrtod ninonff tho few top pollH riaiiH who have rocolvod (lio pilot tip. Tho n \io«t Ion con tors on who- thor tho mot hod will provo to bo IIH accurato thin year as In tho pant, hocntiao of dlfl'oront' tochnlcal fitoturM Involvod. ordinarily In tho past •* • •• *••"• • x »• »•" "'i tiifni in ^ uii\ •••••• ••* * •« .•» i I'ni.n > ii i j in vu jm 11 ic i i-nini ui j InmllltiPH; I'^iubaruo lifted ami n Riverside an aspirant for the slate semt-'his aulomobile plungiuu down a steen bank p »Khi.hmir law i« paHHed; UaiirondH , • .11.11- i • i ...... ( t lltt prepuralionH for wtrugKlo with orsnip won the Uepubhcnn nomination nrnr his home m the llollvwood lulls. I le I tMnpioyen; Railway oomtmnii^ mimi ' * I f 1 1 A M I I igainst Ihe incumbent by n pluralilv of 1MM ! is 7;"i years old, and Ihese vears have becii^nU%o^nw^ i^'iaid bere- New Kabor bo laid bere; H pot for Monday; Human- tun <lrlve IM rheeked but AunlrlunH place. McC.linlot'lv. running, against Stanley Abel (or Hie ollicc of super-! r ° ITlrunl ol visnr for the Fourth District, led by fill votes llu ' vu ' lim ° according lo Ihe uuolllcial tabulation. After Ihe count of Ihe absentee ballots Stanley •i Abel, the incuiubenl, was victor bv 8 votes. * It will thus be. seen that no voter can afford to underestimate his privileges as u citizen. Jt is his duly to regard himself as a possible deciding factor in an election. Hy acting on llml principle the voice of tho people will bt- really heard. n; P. in. SetmflUiin renlKUH offlee, , MM innynr of l,o» AnK'^w. IValrs ! Riven lead of 10 voton by ihin.hMiii ims r,i,-,.,i .iniii. iu ti,,. or j "V!;:^ I1(1) , nmypl , wm „„„„„,„ AlriCl) \\hcil that CoulilU*llt N\as less well'"* thp IM.VIHU of ibo eoruerwtono for i i i i- ... ' *li fl I-nbiM* Tempi' 1 known, and has lou^ht against savage tribes i where his powers as n scout put him in the! Tho ban colloctod million from dlroctor- h'H. mainly olty, automobilo and tol- nphono, Tbo UouBovolt volo thin your IH exported to draw hoavtly from rlaHHCH which nro not on tho tolrpboim and auto HM(H and may not bn in n VM liable city dtroctorloH. Tho dobalo will probably wax wanner fnmi now until Novombor. V • • r PIMKl,Y WITH I.»UA WAI*— Tho ro- tlremont of Undo Hnm'H only wtiman diplomat was announced a« a polltleal move. MTH. Huth Hryan Mr and r. u wtiuo« nm on 1H|1 throll|lh VrtUoy SOU AY In 10 years U will bo IIH bard to Owen Hondo asked to be relieved of her Don mark post lo campaign for tho President. Unmenlion was Iho fact that law- yci-H and diplomats have boon do- bating MI-H. Owon's cltlxenship status alnco who became Mrs. Hondo, iho official vlnw unannounced was that MPH. Owen coukl legally have remained as American minister do- Bpito an old treaty with Denmark which seemed to place her status in doubt. Lawyers ffonerally took the view that tho latest revision of tho cable act by Congress negatived the citlBonship clause of tho treaty and enabled nor to keep her citizenship. Nevertheless* tho diplomats have been lamenting- privately that tho Issue was rained. Tho state department has declined to say anything opening ono way or another. On *JJQ nskle it Is said Messrs. Hull and Phillips declined to decide and passed tho problem to tho President. » * * UIG1I JINKS—Tho market spirit ; 4 or Wall Htreotnrs in Washington is higher (han tho bttsincss indices. Somo say they expect steel production to go to an Impossible 95 ~»er t-ent. Othons aro banking on tho prospects of war and Inflation, per- onnial possibilities which have fre- Miiontly regenerated waning spirits. Jlardcncd murkoteors describe tho Ftcramblo as a fu-ramblo between two pro teams trying to outguess each olhor. with tho public keeping moro or less definitely to Urn sidelines. Iho most amusing financial yarn now current is iho ono about tho corporations making money so fast that thoir bookkeepers aro having trouble concealing It. At least ono railroad and u public- utility uro said to bo In that happy predicament. * * * r ULL—Tho broadcasting trado Is complaining that tho politicians aro holding down on thoir radio budgets. No long-term contracts are being made. Koth Farley and Hamilton aro buying only single- period time. At this rate, neither tho Republicans nor Democrats will spend tho millions of dollars planned by each for this type uf promotion. But this rate will not last. Tho Republicans arc getting'ready a more oxtonnlve final radio campaign limn has ovor boon attempted hi polities before. Democrats huvo heard about il, but do not know Iho EDITOIVS NOTtt Th* Callfornlan will print letters from readers. Such letters MUST be confined to 160 wortU written legibly and on one side of tbo paper. The tipace lUntt Is ImperatlM. No anonymous communications will be printed. This Is emphatic. The CalifomIan rwerrea tht right to delete or reject any or all manuscripts and Is not responsible for sentiments contained therein. Letter^ of more than l&O words will b« rejected. Brevity Is a desirable feature. They must be bon* fldely iigned by the writer with complete address ghen. although the name may not be published. DUMPING KITTENS Editor tho Californian: "Why must so-called civilized people dump their kittens in the suburbs?- My neighbors and I arc deluged with kittens regularly! In the middle of tho night one hears a forlorn wailing which announces theso unwanted cats! Next morning, our old mother cat brlnga tho hungry visitors to the back door to breakfast with her own numerous progeny. Two years of frenzied phoning the local Humane Society have resulted in Iho same procedure—a man's voice agrees to come got tho strays, but somehow no ono has ever arrived yot! Don't farmers want cats any moro? Tt seems to me these dumpers might at least ask at a farm first! Since the neighbors are mostly stern realists who maintain that the strays will leave 1C unfed long enough—most of tho cats leave for our place, and share our cats' food. That leaves her hungry, too. Cats aro expensive and extra cats aro an added burden which no sensible person wanlH to tolerate. What can bo dono about It? How have other readers of the Bakersflold Call- fornian solved this problem? How does ono give cats away? Did you over try it? Klttonlshly yours, S. P. H. M. Highland Park, Bakorsfield, Sopt. 1, 1H3C. ACCIDENTAL SHOOTINGS Kdltor Tho Callfornian: I got so burned up every time I pick up a paper and read of some accidental shooting of a young child. What arn parents thinking of. allowing a child with a rifle? There is a law concerning a license on hunting; a law that says a boy must bo lil y^ara of ago before being allowed in a pool hall or beer parlor; a law that they must be 16 years of ago before operating a car. \ Then why doesn't some one da something to mako a law to keev> nmall children from rifles and such? It eeema to me if this were done it would do away wjth this accidental child shooting, I have seen many a boy 18 or H deliberately point a rifle at another "Just for fun/' Well. It may be fun to them but not to the heartbroken mother when It accidentally goes off. I have two small boys and. believe me.- even if they would be called sissies that is one thing they will never have. I hope some day some one will wake u» and do something. MRS. L. A. Olldale. August 31. 1936. j i V^^IMV^I^H^HA^Id^HrtA^^^Hfr POLITICAL INFORMATION Editor The Callfornian: It Is only a few weeks before tho November election now and I am hoping that Impartial persons Interested In good government will seo that Information Is disseminated that mav bo helpful In making a selection of good persons to hold executive positions during tho next term. I do not mean through newspaper columns, but a more personal channel, say candidates' meetings at which men can bo Interrogated on their views on such things as taxation, social welfare, relief, employment service, civil service; meetings at which can bo interpreted proposed amendments, for example, liquor control, instructors' tenure, eminent domain, penal Institutions for femalo felons, public service commission, otc. MRS. J. A. GOODMAN. Bakersfield, Sept. 1, 1930. Q. 1 win ti (By FREDERIC J. HASKIN) Nuio---iho broadcasting companion (loodwln, Jr. and his moihor. Jon (lontlwln, hitvo roturnod . Now in his age ho is OIU* of Ihr UUU'hilU'S of dvili/U- fmin ll tr| l> to the southern • ;. ., ii :, i ii j» . i . , . ! A fane of tmmllpox has lion. Ilr is not (he Iirsi mUvutmvr who has r puno.i in the find im alien In iho I'nltod States as I would probably not mourn much If a wild buffalo . , , even tho pro-1 lh e national committees fall lo run fesHtonal patriots cnn sleep In ponce, i «P big bills, as both aro considered rolonol Daniel W. Mao.Cormaok, very slow pay. Homo of tho bills Washington. D. C.. commissioner of round Ihr slm>ts of a crowded city or Iho highways of the country in these later davs L^ • ' *M f >_•* n "f the emmpalKn four years a«ro aro Maid not* to havo boon sett lot) yet. TIIIUTY YKAKS AliO iiiii.Miiir 11*..i* .».,»! ...: * ii IUU n 'M uian exploring savage lands. Much sympathy will he felt for the greatest of living explorers in his misadventure. Whatever may have boon its cause his accident points to the fact that automobile* EVIDENCE DAILY s arc iustrunuMiis of dangor as woll as of pleasure and ulilily. The iniflle mishaps on Iho slroets and highways that air recorded every day reveal the lael Unit unless under proper control and piloUnl wilh caution the feeling capital alone. Hardly a day goes hy ; automobile brings grealer risks Ihan eliinb- Ihul the dispatches do not carry items noting, ing the 'highest peaks or taking chances with increnses in wages. As, for instance, \Vesu! wild animals in remote lands. T IS well worth noting lhal the wave of prosperity overtaking industry is nol af- UeadltuoH: Winery at Fresno Umt roiiKh explosion )uml $300,00 worth of property destroyed; Strlkobnuvk- rn air housed til Han Francisco and xpoot to Hiioceed in running tho oars; Mr. Tlrynn IH now In I .os Anffeies earpenters do not on Htrllu) as planned. A poopln which alluxvM iia K'onenttlnn to bo tniiKht hUtor which exalts itH own a bo Oonti-Hl bolol nt o\viK*d V>y A. wa» dontroypd by Uro Friday morning, Tbo bulKUnR WUH conntructod In tho 'son. Kor moro than two hours ln«t night flro wnn battled hero In the bulldlnn: at tho corner of Nineteenth nnd K slrootf*. PiunARo J40.000 waa dono boforo tho wore checked. Among horrtoiihoo men hero now $3 for plwln horpei*hoo» HIV: Plnnell. IU J» Urnndt, John . Uiooy, O. J. llundy, ^r. Pollock, J, Heath. C, Hpitlm\ ,1. M. \ It. Baldwin. .1, 1.1. -Harvey* Jean i UuviHBmul uml T. 1'utiueito. and holds up to hatred, ridicule and < contempt tho niumlH of another country, is creatlns; a dangerous sit- i nation for tho world.—Viscount Sun- key, former lord chancellor of Hi-eat Hrituln. T don't think we've over lived in a time whon tho influence of a Rood neighbor was moro needed through Iho school medical services of hngiund perform more than 70,000 oporatlona annually. out ihe world. — Mrs. Franklin I>. HooMovelt. A popular auporaUtion among- Alabama mountain folk is: "Cook peau or Now Yearn day and you will bo Moaned with plent tho year," No man woarn pajamas Ho doen U he's n luMipeoked individual whoso wife thinks ihej fashionable. Did ilooriro Wnsh- InKtot\, Abo himVdn or Tcddv Uoow>. • m ^ ^ ^ Ono expert pmlictR that apartment blocks may ono day lx? built without Htulrs. Uonilo slopes would replace tho fnmUInr s, WH» lU,, eUitor. A-bil of w5rry now and ibcn you on your toc», — Joan Crnw» . »ald lo bo tb«> ruin* of Tepe northern ford, scrcon pry flip« for trow flshlnu aitj now '"~ nmiic ot eeUopluuVo. '• • ; ; low extensive a political poll the Literary Di^ost mako this full?—J. H. A. Tho Literary Digest says that it is mailing about ten million questionnaires. Q. In tho survey mado by the government, what cities have tho liKhetit und lowest rents?—W. H. A. Thoro does not seem to bo any intelllRlblo pattern to tho American HvIiiK costs. Hont that $100 a month in Washington. D. C,. can be had In Portland, Oro., for $46.30. Kood that coHtH $10^.30 In - Bridgeport. Conn., can bo purchased In Codar llapids, Iowa, for $87.70. Cloth- iiiR that costs $119.70 in Hutto, Mont., can bo obtained for $80.40 In Dallas. Taxoa. Klcotrlc current that costs $136.50 in Sioux Falls. 8. D,. can bo purchased in Houston Texas, for $77, Q. Did Tho House that Jack Built originate in Mother Qooso or is it older?— F. H. R. A. The Kafirs of South Africa have a story very much liko it in form and substance. Its parallel la also found in an ancient Hebrew parable called Tho Two Zuzlih. Q. Do many girls play basketball? A. Frank a. Menke, sports expert, estimates that there aro approximately 1,000,000 girl basketball play- era. Q. What IB the price of gasoline in Purls?— K. Q. A, It in 70 cents a Kail on. Q. Who said, "Keep your face to thn sunshine and you cannot see the * ^ A, These aro the words of Helen Keller. Q. What,, Is the moaning of the Japanese word of farewell, Savon* ara?-~F. P. A. It means "If It must bo BO/' A THOUGHT FOR TODAY For a good tree brtngcth not forth corrupt ft*uit; neither doth a corrvpt tree bring forth good fruit. Q. How many American aro buried in Europe?—L. F, A. As of Juno 30, 1935, Interments In permanent American cemeteries in Europe numbered 30.895, Including 1639 unknown* Q. ^hat name does King Edward vlll of England use when ho travels incognito?— J. T. A. Ho Is traveling this summer as the Duke of Lancaster. r ri Q. What Is the origin of the word cacus?— V. A, The word Is said to be derived from the Indian kaw-kaw-wos, meaning to counsel or confer. . Luke t>; J.7. '' • • * When, men grow in old h*y am merely Baking an of- to God of the ilovlla' loavluga. Dcun Swlfl. Q. What Avere the steps in select- In «• the present Olympic swimming team and where were the finals held?—L. .W, K. A, First, there were sectional Rnd olstrlct tryouts; then, semi-final tryouts; then, final tryouts, The final tryouU for women were held in New \ork City at the Astoria. U I. Pool, Jtny 11 and 12. The men's final tryouts were conducted at Providence K. r. July 10. 11 and 12. rovwonc *' ran i«t lh« aiwwer tw 4kiM.UiMBto.-lw.9Wlr. ^ f .* J f- •. - . • . ,'. v v '-'•- ..".• --• •-.••'.:• i -*• ,•-: - > . • • • • ..... :• - - >. ' --,-.*-. - ' " •-/- • •'-<, • ; ..-;••. •• v:-» :i -,- . • r.-- ., i-. 'f »'•--. ;..:•-'-• ^ ',> • : ,'• .; - ..•; , . :-^.. •••• -.,.; .>•*.:•..,&•'•*•;:...'», :>.A. t -':'.. - .--,-•• -.- ;'.-. ,;.,">••;" :^^>/^^X^--^ ! >^^V>V^V^^ew.^^fe^.v v ^T>-ii>^ .•-*."••••=-.'. \-&:t.'\-<Z-MA<£-:H f *','-;,\\fa : ~-«-^-..-.^^ . f

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