The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 15
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THE BAKERSP1ELD CALIFORNIA?!, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1936 •3s. ADS FOR SURE RESULTS 1 For Sale—Furnltun USED FURNITURE SPECIALS BoberU Bros, closet bed , Baby bed, can* paneled 5-pc. breakfast set, hardwood D.pc, overstfd, bid de/venp, set JB.66 7.95 19.60 4.05 TOR SAL1S-—One Buckskin horse, two S sntlc Palamlno mttros. Inquire ar O Stable, corner Pierce Road and 09 Highway. 81 3>po, enameled bedroom act 2.p<v Robertl Bros, llvlhs room s*t, riist tapsstry, like new $48.00 Z-po. Karpen living room set, green tapestry, like new $39,50 Many Other Blr Bargains POPBl, FURNITURE! EXCHANC1E Ardlt*UOIaese Bldg. 623 Sumner St; Just west of Baker, Phone 1341 Us MAQK8TIC Radio good condition, 1. enamel breakfast set, 511 beautiful cabinet, 6-plece new .50. Kitchen BAVIsVuRN'tTURia EXCHANGE 2106 Chester Avenue. 20 Radios, Musical Instruments FOR SALE—Used piano, good make, cheap, 2817 Drooena street. PIANO for gale, Baby Brand, nearly, new, dark brown mahogany coso, Will 1*11 cheap on rental terms. Inquire Qalbrallh Van and Storage, 271S Chester avenue. 31 FOR SALE—One K-flat Buesaher saxophone and one B-flat clarinet, mdmond chedevllle, pairs, first quality. Like new. Phone 4869. 30 Fruits and Vtgetables CANNING peaoh*s and peara. Union avenue. Dye's Market. 610 31 NEW almonds (1936 crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stook- ton street, BaHorafleld. 44 Legal Notices Poultry and LlyijUook LAROE Red fryers, pound 88e. Live weight, 1080 Lincoln street, phone Reds, Rocks. "Their feet DELICIOUS fryers, Battery milk fed, never touch the ground." Tender, juicy, Dressed, delivered. 121 Mo- Cord. Phone 8857-J. 81 WELL-BRED saddle horses, 8-year- olds, colts and broken horses. Pln- tos and solid colors, $40 up, Also one light bron'c saddle, oho ladles' swell fork, one English, Will have a few more plntos In n few days. Crawford, Route 2, Box 48, Telephone 28-P-2. 30 •MONTHS-OLD choice White Log- horn pullets for Hale, sacrifice. Hanson and Freeman strains, crossed, owner recently passed Phone 1747, 31 FOR SALE—Oood black Jersey milk oow. Phono 1918-W, 89 Wantid—Misctllantous FOR SXLB-rPura bred Fox f unnies. < Japanese Silkies, , Box 98. Phonft 466, Terrier Route SO WanUd to Buy-Mhcillantom WANTED—To buy'! houses to be moved from present location, cheap for cash. Phone 8726, between hours 8 to 10 a, m. or 6 to 8 p. m. 2D BEST prices paid for bottles, rags, iron and other junk. Phone 307 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 420 Kant Nineteenth. 7-9-36-tf WANTED—-Old burlap and rags. Buy- j Ing bottles and other junk. Call S1TO for pick-up wngon. 717 Sum- tier street. «-I5-tf L A, PRODUCE MARKET LO LocX) OS Leeal Notices FOR SALE—35 Rhode Island Red chicken*, 8 pound* each. 80o per pound. 813 East Seventh street. 89 Dogs and Other Pett WANT a homo Apply yellow Drive. for two small does. houso on Higglns 29 Legal Notices NOTICE OF «AUE OF SEMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Kern County, California • Notice Is hereby given that pursu ant to an ordsr of the Board of 8u pervlsors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 17, 1936, sealed bids will be received at the office of tho Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County at the 4 Court House In the City of Bakers- fl«ld until 11 o'clock a. m,, Monday September 14, 1980, for the purchase of eighteen bonds of Seml-Tropio School District, Kern County. California, of the denomination of JlOOO.OI , each. Said bonds were Issued by the sale Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the State of California, and In conformity with • the order of said Board of Supervisors, passed on the 17th day of August 1938, and bear Interest at the rat of 5 per cent per annum. Interest pay able annually for the first year the bonds have to run and seml-annually thereafter, both principal and Interes payable In lawful money of the United States of America, on the 17th day of August and February of eaoh am every year out of the Interest BUI pinking fund of said Seml-Tropl School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of the Interes coupons attached to said bonds; sau bonds to be numbered consecutively from 1 to 18, Inclusive, aa follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year: Bonds Nos, S to 8, Inclusive, $1000.00 cnohj to. run i years; Bonds Nos. 9 to 12, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years: Bonds Nos. 13 to 16, Inclusive, $1000,000 each, to run 4 years; Bonds Nos, 17 to 38, Inclusive, $1000,00 each, to run 6 years. The Semi-Tropic School District has been acting as .a School District, under the laws of the State of California, continuously since 1S96; the assessed valuation of the taxable property In said Beml-Troplq School District was One Million Nine Hundred . and Seventy-Qne Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Dollars ($1,971,620.00) and has now an outstanding Indebted- liesn of nothing, The bonds herein referred to were Voted for the purpose of raising money «. fors 3. The building or purchasing of school bulldlnga; 8. The making of alterations or additions to the school building or buildings other than such as may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; 5, The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 0. Tho permanent Improvement of the school grounds. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must be equal In amount to the par value of the said bonds and accrued Interest to date of delivery and each hid must bo accompanied with u certified check payable to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County, or a cash deposit for the sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. The check or cash deposit will be returned to the bidder In case of the. rejection of the bid and the same will be forfeited to Beml-Troplo School District • If the bidder neglects or refuses to pay the amount bid for the uald bonds Within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of the bids for said bonds as aforesaid, said bond* will be sold to the highest and b«»t bidder for cash, lawful money of the United States of America, subject to the said conditions and provisions, Bids for the bonds at a lower rate of Interest wt'l a|«o be considered. The said Board of Supervisors, however, reserving the right to reject any and all bids for said bonds. All bids must be enclosed In sealed envelopes addressed to F. 13. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PROPOSALS 8BMT-TROP- IC SCHOOL, DISTRICT BONDS." - By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 17, 19S». (Seal) F. 13. SMITH. County Clerk and Clerk of said Bourd. Aug. it to Bept. 6, Inc. NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA, TO CON SUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PUR POSES. _____ Notice Is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Kern County will meet at their rooms In the i. County Court House, City of Bakersfield. County of Kern, State of California, at 11:00 o'clock a. m., Monday, September 14, 19S<, for the purpose of consummating the purchase from C. L. Taylor and Ola R. Taylor, his wife, Raymond Q. Taylor and Dora Louise Taylor, his wife, for the ' sum of $1400.00, of the following hereinafter described real properly, to- wit i The west half of Villa Lot 41 of Drury's Addition In the County of • Kern, BUtc of California. M par map recorded March 18, 1907, In Book 1, * Pag* 101 of Maps In the off let of the County Recorder of Mud County, excepting therefrom the south 76 feet: and also excepting, therefrom a strip SO f«tt wide on tit* north and West Bid** thereof reserved for public road*. Said property Is to be used for public purposes, to-wlti for Hospital Ground*. Any and all persons Interested In the matter may appear at the above mentioned time and plac* and t>* heard. ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 29706 ' Action brought In the Superior Court of the County of Kern, and Complaint filed In tho office of the Clerk of tho Superior Court of said County. In tho Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Kern, JOHN BBATT1K HUDSON, also known an John B. Hudson, also known as ,T, B. Hudson, nnd HENRIETTA J. HUDSON. his wife; CHARLES L. HUDSON, also known as C. U Hudson, and RUTH M. HUDSON, his wife; PERCY F. HUDSON, also known aa P. F. Hudson, nnd I-OURBNA M. HUDSON, also known as Lorena Hudson, his wife; SUHAN A. HUDSON, nlBO known as Susie Hudson; ROBERT L. HUDSON; C> DOUGLAS SMITH; THEODORE K. MoMURRAY, also known OB T. K. McMurray, and C. W. McMURRAY, Plaintiffs, vs. S. A. FLETCHKIt and MARY ROW FLKTCHER, his wife; E. A. PARKFORD. also known aa Edwin A. Parkford, and ROBERT BROMBERC1, Trustee In Bankruptcy In tho Matter of Edwin A. Parkford, Bankrupt, Caso No. 27268 In the United Slates District Court, Southern District of California, and MARY JANE PARKFORD. his wife; W. J. BARNHART and Blsle D. Burnhart, his wife; GUY I,. HARDI8ON and 7.ETTA N. HARDISON, his wife; II. A. WARDEEN and EDNA R. BARDEEN, his wife, and BARDE1SN PETROLEUM COMPANY, Ltd., a corporation: WILLARD MALLORY and MARY JANE MALLORY, his wife; iAKE VIEW OIL LEASE COM- ANY; WILLIAM T. BELL and BESSIE BELL, his wife; E. V. REDMAN and MARY JANE REDMAN, ila wife: F, J. HUC1HE8 and MARY JANE HUOHES. his wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON. Jr., and MARY TANK THOMPSON, his wife; RALPH D, DOUGLAS and MARY JANE D.OUCJLAH, his wlfo; JOHN DOE and TANS DOE. his wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY JANE ROE, his wife; IOHN DOE COMPANY, a corpora- Ion, and RICHARD ROE COMPANY, a corporation, Defendants. THE PEOPLT3 OP THE STATE OP CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO: 8. A. FLETCHER AND MARY ROE FLETCHER, bin wife; 13. A. PARKFORD. also known as Edwin A. Parkford. and ROBERT BROMRERO, Trustee In Bankruptcy In the Matter of Edwin A. Parkford, Bankrupt: Case No. 272DO In the United States District Court, Southern District of California, and MARY JANE PARKFORD, hlH wife: W. J. BARNHART and ELSIE IX BARNHART, his wlfo; GUY L. HARDISON and ZETTA N. HARDISON. his wife; H. A. BARDEEN and EDNA R. BARDEEN, his wife, and BARDEEN PETROLEUM COMPANY, Lid,, a corporation: WfLLARD MAT-LORY and MARY JANE MALLORY. bin wife: LAKE VIEW OIL LEASE COMPANY: AV1LLIAM T. BELL find BESSIE BELL, his wife; E. V. REDMAN and MARY JANE REDMAN, his Wife; F. J. HUGHES and MARY JANE HUGHES, h|« wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, Jr., and MARY JANE THOMPSON, hip wlfo; RALPH D, DOUGLAS and MARY JANE DOUGLAS, hlH wlfo; JOHN DOE and JANE DOE, his wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY JANE ROE, his wife; JOHN DOE COMPANY, a corporation, and RICHARD ROE COMPANY, a corporation, Defendants. You are directed lo appear In an action brought against you by the above named plaintiffs in the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Kern, and to answer the complaint therein within ten days after the servlc.* on you of this Summons, If served within. tho County of Kern, or within thirty days If served elsewhere, and you ar« notified that unless you appear and answer as above rerwlred, the plaintiffs will take Judgment for any money or damages demanded In the Complaint, as arising upon contract, or will apply to the Court for any other relief demanded in the Complaint. Given under my hand and n»al of the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California, May 18, 19.10, (Seal) F. E. SMITH. County Clerk of Superior Court. By E. D. Kueffner, Deputy. C. Douglas Smith, Kanta Mario, California, Attorney for Plaintiffs. Aug. 13, 20, 27;- Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24; Oct. 1. S, 15. 22. SCHOOL BOND ELECTION NOTICE Notice Is hereby given to the qualified electors of Vaughn School District of the County of Kern, Slate of California, that In accordance with law, an cleat Inn will he held on the llth day of September, 1036, at Vaughn School House In said District, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m, and 6 o'clock p. m., during which period and between which bourn the polls shall remain open, at which election there will be submitted the question of Issuing and selling bonds of said district to the amount of Twelve Thousand ($12,000.00) Dollars, for tho purpose of raising money for the following purposes: 1. The purchasing of school lots; 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings; 3. The making of alterations or additions to the school building or buildings other than such aa may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; fi. Tho supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 8. The permanent Improvement of the school grounds; All of the foregoing purposes enumerated herein are hereby united and shall he voted upon tis one single proposition. Tho said bonds thereunder to be issued and sold shall be of the denomination of One Thousand ($1000.00) Dollars each, and shall bear Interest at the rate of B per cent per annum, payable annually for the first year th« bonds have to run «"d seml-annually thereafter, and eaid bonds shsll be numbered from I to U, consecutively, pyahle as follows: Bond No. 1, One Thousand Dollars, to run 1 year. i Bonds Nos. 3 and 3, One Thousand Dollars each, to run 2 years. Bonds Nos. 4 and B, One Thousand Dollars each, to run 3 years. Bonds Nos. 8 to 8 Inclusive, One Thousand Dollars each, to run 4 years. Bonds NOB. 9 to 12, Inclusive, One Thousand Dollars each, to run 6 years. That Mrs. Wllma Lan«y will act as Inspector and Mrs, Hnih Werth and Mrs. Mae Stinkard will act as the Judges of said Klectlon, and con- riii"t the same, said Inspector and Judges bclnff competent and qualified electors of said Hchool District. IN WITNESS THEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this 15th day of August, 183B. T. M. COOPER FRANCIS M. SEIBERT DAISY OLDV1ELD. Trustees of Vaughn School District, Kern County, Calif. Aug. 20, 27. Sept., 3. 10. 1'rttt l,f.»»«<l Wlrt) ANGELES, Sept. 8.— Beans: LocX) Kentucky Wonders, 4©4Hc; fair, 3®i8He; poorer. 2o lb.; pole fancy 6tF6V4e: yellow wax best, S\4JJ3c: fair 2c; Llmas local, nnd 8nn Diego county best, Stf3V*c; fair, W^-fi lb. Cauliflower: Quadalupo and Santa Maria snowball, 75®90c; best, $1.00 crate; Plsmo-Oceano, large site, $1.16 ffl.25; medium, $1.00; local best, 60(8) 7Bc; fair, 40®50<:. Corn: Local Oregon Evergreen lugs, 40if45c: best, Me; fair, SOffS&cj No. 2s, IBtZOe. ' Figs: Local Brunswlnks, best, 4<$6e; fair, 3o lb. ; Kadotas large (Otic, large B'^o; San Joaquln valley Kadotas, 4 (tffi'i best, 6c; San Diego county beat, 4||8c pound. Grapes: Han Joaquln valley seedless lHO>l*tc, best 2c 11).: Muscats 202>,lo, fancy 2\ic.. holdovers l',»Oi red Mala- gas 2c: Tokays 2Cf2Wc; Lady Fingers, fair, medium site 2Hc, fancy largo 3® SVic; Rlblors 2<ft2Uc; Malagas 35c lug; local Concords 3c lb, ; Esoondldo Mus- cats 2© S yo, 'fair IHc )b. Pears: I««ke county Bartlfttts 8J* 8'ic., best 3'^c lb, ; Placer countv Sw 1 S»4o: Llttlerock, large 2V4ft<2'!ic,' medium 2U(!?2>4o, small and poorer 2c; Oregon Bartletts Z'HSfSe lb. Tomatoes: Ventura county Stones and Olobi-H lugs 4xr>» n«ofi$I.OO, fair 7Bo; BxBs best $1,8601.35. fair $1.00© LIB; 6x6s S0*j | 90c: Honderosus f-xSs $1.35((fl.BO, 6xf.s 90i»?fl$1.00; local Stones BxGs 76(B>!)Oo, tixfis 00070c, fair r<0c; San Diego county Stones 4x.'is fiOflOOc, Bx5s 90o(».*1.00, Ox(!s 06(B70c; lug. Potatoes; Stockton Wisconsin Prides host $3.20 c.wt., fair $2.00, ordinary $1.60, washed $®l.«0; local While Rose best $2.2B®-i.35 c\vt., fair $1.75(9 2.00. Watermelons; Per ton local and Kan Joaouln valley Stripes 18-22. lb. $10.00 0)12.00, small and poorer $0.00. FINANCIAL LETTER J. A. HOQL.E A COMPANY Members New York Stack Exchange At the bottom of the depression years supplies of overythtnn \vnro more than ample and demand was small. Consequently, a buyer*' market prevailed. Now we have a sellers' market. The seller In In n position to dictate tho prioo. Supplies are small and demand l» expanding. More cuttle have boon Imported Into tbn United States In 19H5 tbnn In four previous years com- blued and the first four months of J03H showing Increases oven over the startling record of 1P35. The snmo IB true of canned beef. More wheat was Imported last year than In tho 12 preceding years together, In 19S5 occurred the first unfavorable balance of trade In wheat slnofi the years of the Civil War, More corn wan Imported Into tho United States during tho first four months of 193fi than In thn full five years prior to IPHIi and In 1985 more than the entire amount of Imports during the previous 15 yearn. The same holds for barley, oats, butler and Innumerable othur commodities down tho list. Hlenl makers are reported paying premiums uv«r tho new advanced market prices for the best i}r»de of jsorop steel. They arc also buying "argo qtmntltlCH of thn No. S grade 1'ponune of the shortage of the host grades. Despite (ho splendid production record of automobile mumifmMurern during tho recently completed year, supplies of tho 198(1 model In dealers' Imtulx Is remarkably low, even lower than registration figures now Indicate. These and other factors must bo considered In-financial markets. Tone Firm; Shares Advance or Hold Their Own; 15 Slocks Higher TREASURY REPORT Frvtt t.cniird ll'lrr.) AVAS1IINQTON, Sept. 3.-The position of the treasury on September 1 : Reonlpts, $IO,B1S.7M.85| expenditures, |3I.115,S96.40; balance, $1, 8811,006,6118. <0; customs receipts for the month, $1,085,448.76.. Receipts for the fiscal year. $(H4,- 77.1,890.35: expenditures, $1,013,242,(118,92, Including «3r>0,:4D,?S5.U5 of emergency expenditures; nxucss of expenditures, $;iOS.4i!n,OiS.67; gross debt, $33,37G,fl!U,2ril.7!l, a decrease of $3,447, 889. 2& under the previous day; gold assets, $10,717,255,687.^0. FOREIGN EXCHANGE —$, NOTICB Of SCHOOL DISTRICT ELECTION COR INCREASE OF AUTHORIZED EXPENDITURES Notice Is hereby given to the qualified electors of Kornvlllo Union Klu- mentary School District, of Kern county, California, that. In accordance with the provisions of the School Code of the State of California, an election will he held on tho 8th day of September, 1838, In thn school house In this School District between the hours of 8 o'clock p. in. and 7 o'clock p. m. (during whloh period and between which hours tho polls nhall remain open) at which election tho question whether the total authorised expenditures of the District shall be Increased from $5818.00 to $22,120.00 for the school year 1938-1937 shall be submitted to the qualified electors of said School District and voted upon. It la proposed to Increase the expenditures of the District during the school year by $16,307.00; the total amount of the proposed expenditures of the District, including the proposed Increase for tho school year 1DD6-1D37 Is $22,120.00. For thn purpose of holding said election, the School District shall be and It Is hereby established as Speclul Kleotlon Precinct No. 1, as hereinafter numbered; and the persons hereinafter named being competent and qualified electors of said Hchool District, and of the Special Klectlon Precinct for which they are respectively appointed, arc hereby appointed officers of election, us hereinafter designated; and said Officers of Klec- tlon shall conduct said election and make returns thereof pursuant to aw, an follows: Special Election Precinct No. 1. Shall Include all the area embraced In Kernvllle Union Klementary School District. POLLING PLACE therein shall be at School house. Officers of ISlectlon for said Special Election Precinct: Inspector: Ida B. Pascoe Judge: Hcrthtt M. Converse Judge; Lillian U. Parr Kadi qualified elector of said Kern- vllle Union Elementary School District! Khali be entitled to vote only In the School District Bpeolal Kl«cllon prenlnct of which he Is a resident. IN WITNK8H WHKRBOK. we hsve hereunto tie! our hands this 17th day of August, 1936. FLOSSIE B. HAND BERT D, JAMES H. A, PULTON KLORKNCIC M. PASCOK Members of tho Governing Board of Kernvllle Union Klemoniary School District, of Kern County, California. Aug. 20-27; Sept. J. ( fret* Lrntcil \\'irf) NKW YOUK, .Sept. «.— Kngland, pound, fi.OIHi, up .OO'j,. K.nKlaml, 00-day bill rate, 5.03, HHi. Canada, dollar, l.oo. France, franc. .Oti&SHj. Italy, lira, .0787, off .0001. Belgium, belga, .188!t. up ,00l)0',i. Germany, murk, .402.1, up .0001. Switzerland, franc, .3200. Holland, guilder, .11791, off 0001. Sweden, Icrnna, .2r>97. up .0001. Norway, krone, .2531. Denmark, krone, .2248, off .0001. Japan, yen, (2040, up .0001. up fVriM lifatrd Wire) SAN FIUNCISCO, Bept. 3.—Tho market maintained a firm tone In curly trndlnR on tho San Francisco Stock Kxchnngo today with most of the lenders making small gains or holding prevloiiB closing prices. Although activity WIIH well diversified turnover In Individual stock* wan light. At tho clpno of the third hour there were 15 pains, 11 and 13 unchanged. Industrial* Industrials to «how improvement Oliver Fillers "H" up H, Thomas Alice tin ! U, Union Sugar common and Woslern Pipe nnd Hteol ui> %, Dl Olortrlo Frull common up ! /6 anil Alias Ulesel, Callfornlu Kn- gels, Consolidated Chemical and KchleHlngar preferred onch up V4- Nutlonal Automotive Fibres lost "a and Pnplflo dm, Lockheed nnd Km- porlum were eiioh off l i. I'lllltlcs AmoiiK tho Ing common and mont 5 per cent moved up U nnd FINANCIAL (AHociated Pftm Leafed Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 3.—Th« refinancing plan of the Los Angeles Railway Corporation was approved by the railroad commission today. Un- years for capital expenditures and | Imprgvements. i Th« plan provides for refunding I $!»,000,000 of corporation bonds, ownod | by the Henry K, Hunllngton RKtato | and related Interest* as a junior issue. | to publicly owned bonds, and for In- j Milne not more than $S,Sf>4.400 par value B per cent noncnmulallvo preferred mock In place of present open Indebtedness to the estate, by the corporation. ADVANCEAIN.Y. Good, but Buying Lacks in Vigor LOS ANGELES STOCKS I'rrii Lcatri H'irrJ LOS ANOELMS. Sept. 3. —Storks moved Irregularly hlRhi-r In moderately faster trading thlx morning on the \MH Aiweles stock exchange. Two stocks nindn new highs, Montgomery Ward nnd Houlhern Pacific, and one made a now low, International Telephone. Volume nt inld-soBslon wivs csU- lusted at in,000 nhtirp!<. Of the 8(1 Issues traded. 1) wcru up, S down and 13 unc-banned. Quotations wore as follow* NEW YORK CLOSE (United 1'rrtn I,ruled Wire! NEW YORK, Sept, 3.— Railroad! Stock-— Clone Atnhlunn S3 Baltimore * Ohio 24 Chesapeake Jt Ohio i>7'» Krie 17«« Cireut Northern pfd 41U Illinois Central. !7S New York (Vntral 4.1 ! \ t Northern Pacific !6'« Pennsylvania 3"S Southern Pacific Union Pacific utilities Pacific Light- i Induitrisli Hallway Kqulp- I American Can preferred each j *™*«™> T<<1 - * Tcl Pacific fins B14 ! SpiUur' Tr'actor 'I'.::'.'.'.: I cities Sorvlco I CoHithhla (!as | Consolidated <!s« f'orn Products Curllas-Wright First National Stores 47'i I Fox Film "A" 30',» I f'lenernl Kleetric, 47 I flenernl Poods 38*» t.iolii Must i:i", fJorvdyeni- Tire * Rubber £("< International HnrvoRler 7S'< International Tel. & Tel IJ'i per cent preferred were up S , .... Clerk of th* Board. August S! to S«pUmb»r U, loo, NOTICE City of Bskersfleld Civil Service Com. mission for the Police Department NOTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN that competitive examination for the position of Lieutenant of Police of the Bakersfleld Police Department will be held at 1:00 p. m., September 15, J8H. at Fire House Number 1. at Twentieth and K Streets, Bakemtleld. California. Only member* of the Bakersfleld Police Department having three years' experience aw regular paid peace officers and who nave served on the Bakersfleld Police Department for not )*ss than one year Immediately pre- oedlnir the date of the examination are eligible. All applications must bo on file with the commission by not later than U o'clock noon, September 11, 1986. Further Information as to applied lions and scope of examination may be secured from the Secretary of the Police Civil Service Corominslon. City -Hall, BMerafleld, Callfarna. -^M$OK PY HUaBBB, •41 JNrvItt* Garni ' t» September Jl, Robt. McNamarra Retrial Is Begun (United Prem l.raitd Wire) HONOLULU, Sopt. a.—Hotrlnl of Robert C. MeNamnrra, Honolulu business man, on chin-Ken of manslaughter in tho den Ih of Ralph Palmer, San Francisco attorney, began at 10 a. in. lotlay. Judgo 11. 1C. Stafford of tho lerrl- toriul court dlsmlHBed a jury deliberating tho CRHO ut 9:37 a, m. after It failed to agree on n verdict. Judgo Stafford ordered n panel of 26 jurors to report thin morning. Tho retrial was scheduled Immediately lo enable Mrs. Palmer to testify tomorrow. She Is HOhcdtilnfl to sail for Kan Francisco Saturday. Traffic Police May Dislike Goff Plan (United Preu r.caiai Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Kept. 3.—Captain Charles Ooff, head of tho Han Francisco polloo truffle bureau, IIBM a new plan designed to aid motorists but which may not prove popular with traffic, police. Ho IniendB lo dress patrolmen In while HO aulorno- bile drivers can distinguish them more easily. Rabbi'Stephen Wise Supports Roosevelt NEW VonK, Hepl. 3.—Rabbi Him- plien A, Wise. Jewish Liberal leader, will take an active part In the presidential ruTip^Ign In behalf of President Rt/roowU, James A. Farley, Democratic national chairman, an- pounced today, Uabbl Wise, will mnko his first speoch ill Portland, Mulne, on Sop- teml>er 12. .I •» • « — IN APPRECIATION Itolnu Chlr.a Oil A. 11.. ritlseiiK National Claudo Noon .... Cony OH Kmseo Derrick Kxntosr Oil A Ulobfi drain (Joneral Motorrt ,.. Hancock Oil A 1 lolly Development K Inner Air Lincoln Polo I<oc.khend Air LahlndiitttrleH L. A. U. und IB. Pfd 1 Pacific. Finance Republic. PiMrolcum Sec. First Null Southern Pacific Standard Oil Cnllf Transiimcrlcu 1'nlon Oil rallf. Unlvermil Conn, oil Wellington Oil Western Air Mining Slocks Cardinal Uold i Ml 07 23 .sr. . .40 . . i fi ["„ :n n mi IK 'is 62'i *',» (17 2.1 .85 .40 .16 Pa clflc Public .Service preferred declined H, Market Htreot Hallway print- preferred wns down % and Soul hern Pacific Golden Onto "A" ami "H" wero both down l ,fc. Oils Oils continued quiet. Slpmil "A" moved tip '\. Universal Consolldnted wns down ' 4 nnd Union of California lost <». Fireman'M Fund Insurance moved lip 1 U nnd North American Investment common pained 1. Trams- nnwlca nprnoti l<t ISty and sold down lo 13VJ, off !i> °n a turnover of 1800 shiiros. —, 4 , » 140 124S I74>4 2'.".-; 73 t -ii« 44'.> fis ! -i 4S«,, .",:>'„ POULTRY, BUTTER, EGOS ffiitlcij I't-ett l.rnred Wlr LOS ANOKL10R, SfiH. S.-- Buttgr Kxtras, 3< l ,te. I'rlmn flrntn, 34 "ir. Sti 107M, j 35 ' a 13H a i in',, 8% 8 'A i ::> dirty light NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS TO FURNISH ONE DISC TYPE QRAOER FOR THE STR&8T DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF OAKER6FIEUD. PUUSUANT to order of the Council of the rity «f Bakersfitld, Notice Is hereby given; That bids will be received .at the office of the f'lty Clerk until five o'clock P, M. Tuesday, September 8, 19C6. the same to be opened at a regular meeting of the Council at eight o'clock P. M. of said date, for the following equipment: One dice type grader, suitable for use by the Street Department, specifications for which may be obtained at the offlee of the City BngIneer. All bids must be accompanied by a certified check In the sum of ten per cent of the contract price which the successful bidder shall forfeit upon failure to enter Into the contract. The Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Quality and adaptability to the purpose for which the dlso typo grader Is Intended will be considered by the Council In making the award, and prlo« quoted will not be the only determining factor. Dated; Soptemher J,^ City CJerk and Bx-Offlelo Clerk of the Council of the City of Bak- «r*fl*ld. Sept. 1 to 7, Inc. . S. F. LIVESTOCK (Vnllfd r'mt tenure) Wire) SOUTH SAN FUANC1HCO, Kepi. S. Hogs tlOO: direct 115; butohern mostly 10 to 20c lower, early top 112.10 on load )80-lh. weight*; 3 load* good, l!(tln und medium weight California** 112.05; f«w modimn to Hood ISO to iilft- Ih. wclghlH )ll. 110^12.00: slaughter pl(T" averHjflnff 00 to 02 Ihx., lll.fln^t' 11.50; imcklni; HD\VH weak lo ii6o lower, hulli |N.SOit8.7u, K'H'd quoted JU. Lnto Wedne.Hday, part load lw»l buli'her.s $11.00. Cattle, 300; Hleern fairly active, steady; loud good 1040-lh. Kln>i-t-feil sleero $7.65; li loads 8SO to 1rtU-M> Kfasxy and Htecrs $7.(Kill 1 7.25; flomn loadn KOrled; Hhort load welirhtK JB.7fi; load 1'oinnnni lOflO-lh. horned KIHHH utecrs $5.75 sorted 4 baud (Tr, hotlor Ki'ivl" Kho stock scarce, lower grade sicndy; pood rnngft cows uuoled up in $5.f>0, low and cutlcrw moslly $3.00 HH, 00; heavy dairy cows up to $4.GO; hulls scarce, quoted moslly $5.50 down. Lato WednoHdny. linlf lond good 705-11). fed nteer« $8; package d05- Ib. fed heifers $7.BO. Calves. 100, direct 20, holdovers fin. Slow, fully 2r«; lower; lo«d medium COO.Ih. TexaN calves $C.7fi; choice vi; n lorn nominally quoted tin to $10. .Sheep. ,135. LamliK fnlrly acllvo, moHtly steady; i>url dec'k iiinljuin lo pood 71-lb, California woolnd $8,10; pHc.kHKtt mndlum 73-lli, $7.50; about 300 hem) mc.dlnm 63-lb. shorn ItunliH $7, «oried 2Ti per cent $1; Nlrlctly (food wooled Isiftlm ah^anl, noinlmilly quoted Up lo $S.7!j; olhnr flUKM-s abuciH; choice ewes ciuotcil $3.7«. Market closed I-ahor dtiy. t'ndergrftiloi", 33c. Egai (Cainllttl) Lai-Re-Clean cxlrUH !!!<•: Itght eMras EOc; clean mandards i!7ii; Cifl>' NtiindnrdH 2r,c, rhi-.-ltM "7c. Medium*—Clean extr:i« Hfi'jc, Unlit dirty extras Sftc; clean HlHiidHrrt* 24r, light dirty standnrds 8S<-; elmckn S!c. Hmftll- Clean extniH t^c, Unlit dirty extrn.** 17c. Case, counts 2™c. Poultry Prices Hens, Leghorns, 3U to 514 pounds. lions, Leghorns, over !IVi and up to pounds, Mr. llena, LeRhornn. over 4 pounds, 16o. IleiiK. colored, ~' t lo 4 poundN, SOc. ]len«, colured, 4 pounds and up, 23c. HrollerH, over I and up to 1 ",i poilniln, 20o. ^rollers, over 1H and tip to JU pounds, 20e. Frycru, Leghorn*, over 2'» and up to S pound", Ific. Fryers, colored, 2',t mid u)) In 3'i pounds, ISc. Fryers, colored, over 3',i and up to 4 pounds, 10o. Itoaslei-H, Hofl bone, llarrett Hoclm, ovor 4 poundH and up, JOc. lUitiRters, Hdft bone, other lhan Harred Hoclm. u\or 4 pounds and up, 20c. KIHRii, lir. Old IOOHtCr», I)C. I IluclillngB. 4\4 ixiiiiitlH and up. I4o. I UucklliiK.i. undiir 4','j pounds, 12c. ! Old rtueliM, lie. i Vnunii I'nn lurlicyn, n |ionnrlM and { up lo IS poundu, li'i Mi>niK»merv Ward North Amnrlcnn Pacific (Inn Hleclrlc 3R*i Uftdlo Corpora lion 10 T i Hitfeutiy Sldfen li^H Hears-lUipburk S41i U. K. Rubber 3<n.» ; I r nlon Cnrhlde A Carbon P''1« i United Aircraft "«" ! !i i Warner Hrothers "'41 Western Union K7'« I WeNllnRhouse Klectrlo 1S!Mj j Woolworih . r '4-\ L .1. c. Penney !>| ; Trannuinwrlen 13'» ! Metals ' American .Smelting St 1 A naconda S!> I Het hi eh em Stoel *»i* T » | InlernnllonHl Nlekel M'fc '; Kenneciill Copper 47'» i Rep\ihllc Ktnel !V'i •. 1' f<. SI eel 701, j Vanadium Heel ^SV-j x Tobacco and SHORT Amerlenn Kuunr «2 7 » Amtrlciin Tubucco "A" ^»"» Amerlcnn Toluieeo "It" 101', f'uliun Amerlt'un .Snp,ar 11 (Jri'Ht Wehtrrn Hucar 1.'i r «n It. J. Reynolds "»" ;,«>* OIU AllRDIIc Rnflnlnit S7' t Consolidated I5li Mexlrnn Seaboard ,11-% Phillips Petroleum 41'» Shell Union 18'i Ktandurd of California .%'» Hlnnrlard of New Jersey t!3 »Socony Vacuum 13' 4 TesHH Compuny , H7*i Tidewater AHS'II (new) 16H Mutort Auburn Motors 31'» Chryfilnr l're»» Lcaifil H'ircy XF.W YORK, Sept. S.—Specialties ticked off substantial advances in today's stock market while profit rwillzers took potshots at some of the recent leaders. BuslnesH and Industrial news was <J-1 Inspiring for Iho most part but buy- j j ing vigor was lacking in thn ma- I I Jority of Instances. The close was Irregular. Transfers approximated 1.100.000 shares. .Share gainers of fractions to a poinl or more included Mack Truck. F.aton Manufacturing-, Brlggs Manufacturing. Crown Cork, American Locomotive, Baldwin Locomotive preferred, Du Pont, Deere. Westinghouse. Ooodyenr. United States Rub- btsr, International Nickel, Consoll- dnted Kdlson. North American and American Water Works. About unchnnged to a trifle heavy \verc United suites Steel, Bethlehem, (iencrnl Motors. chryBlor. Sears Roebuck. OniiRlas Aircraft, National Dlntlllcrs. Western Union. American Telephone. Anaconda. Kenne- con, Standard on of New Jersey, Santa Fc. New York Central. Dela- I wart- i Hudson, N'urlhi'in Pacific, I Hnltiniore & Ohio, l.oew's. Holly i .Suiiiir and Klectrlc Auto-Lite. Packard Molors wns one of the day's most active Issues, being- I turned over in lut'lfc V>l»cks at a small advance. ! Packurd officials nnnounced the ', introduction of a new six-cylinder car nnd revealed plan.* for the production of tnorp automobiles during [ the new wiles year than In any other ; P. 1 months of the company's history. j There was more Interest exhibited I In motor accessories nnd rail eo.ulp- 1 mould KarnltiRH iii-ospret« for these | lines were viewed as highly prom- lltidi-on Packard Motors Ktud«bak*r Tlmken Holler llnitrlng Equlpmantt American Car Foundry American Locomotive Bulilwlii Locomotive Onneral Tank HUiwan Warner .114 . I7'i 0314 The recent strength of heavy In- dilHlrv MorUN WHS seen aft u highly favorable recovery indicator by most nmrket analysis, llopoful was the. advance of steel scrap nt PlltMmrRli to the highest level Mince 19?1) Nnd p red let ion M of government official.- that 'iOlt.OOO residences will he completed .this year against 7.5.000 in the preceding term. Hiithllnif company "hares were in the hoiK'ful cliifs us eniftncering con- striie.tlun awards U»|K week were placer) at nearly $^S,OOO.OQO compared with ab«,.it $:'S.uOO.OOO in the came lOS.'i week awards were the heaviest of any month this your. ! COTTON FUTURES J 4 , , 4 f .liijoriiiteif I'rttt t.ftttrd H"jre> NICW VOItfv. Sept. 3.—Cotton showed conUnued irreaularlly today. Illni? Deemed lo be. about bal- trude. tiuylim and operation** were ntlrllmted larifcly to r*-biiKetiu cvenlne up. After MhuwInK lift lussi'K »f a to 8 points during I lie moriHUK. prices rallied but renewed hedRliiR or liqutdntion was" encountered H!IOV« yesterday's closing uiioi«iiiin,-«. The mid-afternoon market «:•» about net unchanged to 1 point lowei-, liccember selling around II.i>) Coiion futurcH closed barely «te«dy, S lo It lower October, MM, Decemhvr, 11.»7; .tiinmiry. 11.SH; March. tl.6l@1t.G3'. MII>. 11.67; July. 11.64011.65. Spot utottdy, mlddllni?. 11.J5. ttnced by further \ ZOc , YOIIIIK loin turkeys, over 1H pounds, c. lien turkoy«, n pounds and up. 20c. old torn turkeys. 14c. Old )ir>n turkeyw, Me. Huuub«, undor II puunOH Up, Iflc. rnpons, It pounds per duxen, ilutcii and under 7 pounds, 2f>c. 7 pnutidH and up, 2S.\ Kuhhtts, No. 1 white 3'^ lo pounds, each lie. Hubblts, No. 1 mixed utilorn, and 4H potintis, each Uc. RuhbllK, No. 1 uld tie. L, A. CASH GRAIN We wish to thank our frlondu for their kind exprcpKlnns of fcympathy and for the benutlful floral offerings durlnu our recent liereavement. WALTHIl UUYAN, MH. ANO MUH, 1II5NUV (JRIMAUD AND FAMILY, MH, A Nil MHS. TOM MELLON AND KAM1LY. Mil. AND MI18. ,H")K JIHI'ITALLIW, MH. ANU MUM, V. OHIMAUD, MH. ANI> MI4H. JUAN CMI- MAUD AND FAMILY. 1'irn l.rntcii H'lrcJ LOU ANOICLKH. Kopl 8.- Current local grain t|U<'|jitlon« wwre reported hy the Krderal-Stalo Market New» Service UK fyllou's: (Price.* quoted lira i:wt.i field run, In curlnudu only); No. 2 yellow corn, hulk, iirompi delivery. rail. 18. 45® 2. 4(1 Argentine c-orn, (julek delivery, bulk SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS (A»tnrialfd I'rc't leane SAN KHANCIKCO, H«l>l. \\'irr) n.—Htocks: TIlKh Clona As»q. IIIH. fund 6U Crown, /.ol. pftl. H 105 Oior^lo Frt, com. 105 13 100 3\ GOVERNMENT BONDS BAR SILVER r.4»ii)eloff(f I'm* l.rairil \\ lie NKW YORK, H»pl. J.--Cloning Oovermnenl I.lnndn. Treasury 4'4», 47-65, 119.11 .T/is, 43-45. IOS,!2. 4s, 44-54. 114.H. .ISs, 4fl-&fi, ll!.l». 3%*. 4,1-47, 103.UV BH», 41-43. Mch I'J'.Mn S'^K. 41. 100.!i 3'is, 44-4i>, HlS.n 3Us, 4C-4!I. 107 i 3s, 40-4K, IUi1,r>. 29js, 45-47, lot Hi Federnl Farm Mortgsg* S»i», 1-' -47. 103.7. 3n, 47, 101 I.V 3s, I!'. 104 5 «H, A5Z. 103 2P s%». 4n. 10:.;. £'««, 42-44. 102ft. f. rt I i nH'ietalnt Prfti l.raif<t \\'ir«) NKW YOHK. Sept. }.-.|Ur silver • leady and tmchangeit at 44* 4 v. f*nllfol'itia "'heal, RiicUed, N<j, I soft or No. 1 hard white. H.tnSrf/T'o. CHllforntii hurley, «neked. 44 Ilix. No. 2 bright wc.Mt-rn. I1.004/ 1.68VS; No. 1, 48 lb».. I1.MV4W L85. California yellow njllo, Hacked, No. Flrmnaii N Fund 100 Mugnln com 21 Murrhant Cute, cum 84U P. CI. A- B. 0 pet, lit pfd..<t2'.4 P. O. & K. f.H pel. let pfd 2« ES Pacific Lighting com *4 54 Pac. Pub. Hvu IB! iifd.. 2&',i 25'. Ilwy. ICquli). 6 pet. pftr. .. ]9^t IB 1 Republic Piitrok'tnn ' (i-'i, »i. ,SchlnHlnge.r, com I I KelilM»lngrr pfil !>'i '.I'.j HlKnul nil 2S*< "S", Ho. J'IM Uolden lialo A.. 3Vi 3'» Ho Pur. ijuldi-n (iuie II.. I», )••, Trmis»merli;» IBH I3't Union oil of Cnllf 21 20*» Western IMpo c«l. com... 37V4 371/4 FUNERALS HKLANTY luxury services Catherine Imlunty. «lfe • Ill'laillv. Sfiffi II slrerl. «ill HI 7:30 o''-lorU lunlght at 1' METALS MARKET LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK l'Hlliinin-i'i'Me,tni ciut|n-l Rinl will he ^.l,lf<lnlll/.ell nl SI. Ki <*liUt"''h ill ^ (>'I-!I"-K Sal morning, vith tluj Ui ^ l-'a'hor HlKcli i>f MDi'end, finn.rily of 1 ersfleld, .nffi.lM'liH Tlie ivm will be received in the ••hurrh morrow Ht 7 ?.0 p in., u ceren with ru*ui'y followlm; main Ihere iinlll dun* for Mrc. f Mult l,e iiiliiy THE WEATHER SuiTum-nt'i Santa Claru, and Han Juinium vnlleya: Partly cloudy nnd mild (nni|;hi nnd '"rl- (lil.t , gentl« i hlHiKr.lbli 1 Wind, moMly ntFfthHeMerly Snn Fruncisii-o Uiy region; Partly rlnudy nnd mlH tonight and Krl- day; K<-ntl« W»M wind. Northern California: Partly cloudy tonight nnd KrlriK}". local showers over hi|th inounlaias; little change in temperature: Bentlo to moderate nrtith\ve«{ \vin,l *>ff o«>afit. Sierra Nevada: I'nseltled and cool tonight (mil Friday; local •hower/,, MIOU nurriow HI hlfh altitudes; gentle io tiK.ilerHte north nnd niirlhueM wind Kouthcrn i'ulifi'i nia - fair and cloudy Slid un<?ul«d west portion tonlghi ami Friday; loom! *ln>wers over mmmtalus: llttlq change In tcnipfralure; centl« moderule northwest wind off the const. M I ll.ik- unit "ill of ihr t H«tur>lu.v mornliig. Inlcnneni be In (Irecnlawn Sloinorlal Park INTENTIONS TO WED COLBURN - DA HLINQ — Brewer A. Colburn, Jj, and Edna B. Kurllng, 18, both of Bakersfleld. DKPUB-McCLINTON— Oeoree H. De- pus, 48, and Alice MoCllnton, SI., both of Bakersfleld. irnASBR-WILKES— V. Kent Eraser. 2F>, and Helen Wllllr.'s, 25, both of Uakerafloid. _ MORSK-DIRKSKN— John D. Morse, 27, and TUtchel iJlrkuen, 2i, both of Bhftftcr. _ NORMAN -BTniNaKPt—noy D. Norman, S3, follow*, and Virginia Stringer. 13, Uakernfleld. («r M. B-ehoenliefor. U, anil Murga- j-el K, Newberry, go, U«kor»fl»ld. (Attocialrd I'rcn I.rated Wire) KKW YORK, Bept. 1.—Copper quiet; electrolytic spot and futuri', 9.76: export, 9,70. Tin steady; spot and nearby, 42.«7',,t» 43.00; future, 42.£0<ar42.62V». l^nad steady; spot NOW York, 4.8004,65; Bast HI. r.oulH, 4.45. /Inc. dull, EMBI fit. Loulit, spot und future, 4,sr,. Iron, aluiiiliium, antlmuny, quicksilver, platinum and wolframite, uncliunced. OHICAQO DRAIN (Vnilet Freti Leami wire) CHICAGO. Kept, 3.— Omlns cloVed; Wheat — BepUmW, tl.W%dl.tOi DMomber, fl.O»lt«}.Qltt; May, I1.07V4 id. ojy,. Corn-8«ntwnb«r, comber, SIKOOS'/rc; Ouu — Kept»mber, 41 He: May, 43HC, Ily*~-H«pt«mb*r, 7»^c; May, .Ila, fl.OIHgl.Qfl; p«. May. 8»HW89c. iOHct December, 71Uo; IJeoeinber, (AttHflalnl I'reti l,rair<l H'<rrJ " LOH ANGBL1IK, H«pt. 8.—Ho«s— nec,<;1plK, 1.0; Mleiidy; fow ItRhU. $fl.J5 Oll.7f>; rholcu. liu-ltlnx. Cntlln—HeoelplM 600; holdovers, 405; hleiidy but »lou - on fleers; best short- fed Kte«r« hqld above J7.JO: luudluin helferN, »0.7B; cows. l4.7Jfl6.I5; cutter pradeB, I2.75IU 4.00; mculuiii bulls, »r,.00«5.f.O. Cttlvrit—RerelpU (0; l)r«ct|i-»lly no K»1e»; all tluBsoK i]uotod xteudr. Sheep—Hsoelptn nonoi wonted lambs quoted to fit.00. Hl-:ilNl)ON--KtiHiuenl the H«v. LOS ANQELES HAY . LO8 4- : > ANOKLRH. Sept. 3.— iy, f. o. b, l«os Angela", P*r ton; lolce barley. $11.000114.00. o»t», $H.OO«!$I5.00. Alfalfa, delivered liynes or El M I"'H! NO, 1 extra leafy rabbit, $1150 _., ... No. r, *1B.60«M«,00. U, H. NO'. S leafy, $16.00. U, 8. No. !, $1».60. set \ dueled by paHlor of FiiM Melhotlim Chunli werw held for Harold lieindon, 7- year-old son tjf Mr. and Mrs. !,»•- llB llrrndon, 6SO R tttruet, who drowned Monday In Kern Island Canal. The rltos were held at 2 o'lrliick Wednesday /rom Kllcklnger- Digler chapel, where many floriU fiUco* attested tin- popularity nf the little victim. Mr*. Pearl M. b'mltli. contritllo nnlulst. sang, accompanying h*rs«lf at th« organ. lUrold, u natlvo of Am.Tndern, Is survtvtnl by his p«r*nU and five tirathcr*. Leslie, Jr., Robert, Jerry, Walter and Hugh. Many relatives from lh» ciiast arrived for the funeral. Interment was In*n- lawn Memorial. Hark. Union Cemetery irURNIBHBS MONUMENTS GRAVE MARKERS .FLOWS* CONTAINiHS Prim Itw in kMilM wjtl (M Hun Of Ha it QiHtttry. TiliH»«ai mi Serving Western Investors Since 1015 J. A. HOGLE & Uuiuu ttn* rout *TOcjr WCIM.VCI; ttt UOS S«V»nt««ntl» Phona 8S40

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