The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 11
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Whidden-Moehnke Vows Are Recited Enjoyaencious anreaaies**! cruncbyspooi.- •izc biscuits —rich in tempting, nut-like flavor. Made of 100% natural whole wheat. •ok«d by Nabisco National Biscuit Company At a quietly arranged ceremony held at the Lutheran Church last week-end. Miss Hetty AYhidrlen, young- teacher at Bakersfirld JTifch School, pledged her marriage vows to Sergeant Hiehard Moeluike. Minter Field, with the Ileverend Hicbard Janets performing the cere^uony. Attended by Air. and Mrs. J. M. ChriRtensen, the couple also had as their 'guests at the wedding Major Jack \Vhidden, brother of the brid<\ and his wife, who was a former teacher at Bakersi'ield Iliyh School in the same department in which Mrs. Moehnke teaches. Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Whidden, parents of the bride, journeyed up from Van Xuys to see their daughter married. The bride, a graduate of University of California at J.*os Angeles, has been an instructor in the physical education department of the local high school, as well as serving as adviser for many of the school's clubs. Sergeant Moohnke is a graduate of Oregon Slate College, where he distinguished himself as a football player. At present, Sergeant Moehnke is alert crew chief for the transit aircraft, at Minter Field. Following the ceremony, open house was held for the many friends of the young couple at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chrislensen. TKArilKK \VKDS—Anothpr popular high school teacher lias joined tbe ranks of young; matrons, Miss petty Whidden having been married last week end to Sergeant Uichard Moohnke of 'Minter Field. A Lutheran ceremony was read by the Ileverend Ilicliai'tl .Jagels. From the original Shredded Wheat Bakeries at Niagara Falls WITH Misses Plan Trip to Camp Roberts Thirty Minute Misses will be transported to Camp Roberts this week end where they will be the guests of scry icemen at. several social functions. The buses will leave the V. S.O. hall at 1 p. m. Saturday, and the girls will be accompanied by Mrs. Mark Linscolt. Mrs. Thompson to Talk for W. C. T. U. A. NOTES A budget was made for the year when Olig P. T. A. met recently for a short business meeting, also discussing' old and new business. Re- fresmments werfc served. Mrs. Jennie Ray Thompson, of Los Angeles, corresponding secretary of the Southern Caliiurnia AVoman's Christian Temperance I'nion, M'ill be the speaker at the annual conveir- tion of the Kern County Woman's Christian Temperance 1'nlon. which has been set for September L'6. The convention will be held in the First Christian Church of this city, and will be a one-day session only, morning and afternoon, with no evening session as in former years. Mrs. Thompson will address the delegates and visitors at the noon luncheon session, using the theme, "What of the Morrow?" During the afternoon she will direct a clinic. Mrs. William ,1. Sehultz, county president, will preside and there will be reports of officers and department heads for the year closing September o'X There will also be election of officers and appointment of department heads. M 3300 ENERGY UNITS AND 9000 UNITS VITAMIN "A" IN EVERY POUND You FOOD CITY ^ Meat Department FULL LINE OF FRESH AND SMOK FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD I 720 CHESTER AVE. FREE PARKING SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ^f ^^^_ ^^^^^^^^ ^^_ . . — — — 1 • 1 • ^t—M—^m —•— t _ m _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^BM^MM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CHRIS and JACK QUALITY VEGETABLES WE HAVE WHAT WE ADVERTISE each MAYFLOWER Pure Vegetable OLEO Mb. carton GREEN SAMPAN Delicatessen Dept. ^^^•-^--•^••MMM^^^^—M« Oregon 9 Finest AMERICAN DDAR RIPE Ibs. Betty Crocker SOUP MIX ER8 QUALITY YBUTT 1-lb. Carto WOODBURY FACIAL SOAP Purchases Unlimited LARQ GRADE OGRAM GGS Carton HUNT'S LIGHT MEAT No. H . can TUNA FRESH GROUND PEANUT UTTER BROS CAN LLS KAFF ESSI HAG Bo( Pkc Crunchy Nut, Ib., 28c sw FANCY UDAY LOAF VEAL CUDAHY Lunch ongue Hoffman KOSH rocco Viget Crystal White LAUNDRY SOAP Cakes PALMOLIV TOILET SOAP Giant Bars SUPER SUDS START THAT FRUIT CAKE NOW FOR THAT SOMEONE OVERSEAS We have just received a large shipment off DURKH'S FAMOUS U £|||.«h •*••«*• A Jfc l*'Ht niay 1 CUDAHY'S FAMOUS TANG. '£? 35c FOOD CITY RED LABEL KARO Jar PRIZE PACK 24-oz. Jar BAKER'S DE LUXE COCOA C'an Lemon and Orange Peel, Citron, Cherries, Harlequin Mix BECK'S BAKERY 1812 ElghUMlth FRUIT CAK Order Now for Your Ov«rs«a* Mailing DELIC WELCH DINNER Grapelaoe Liquor Department MELLWOOD Straight Bourbon Whiskey Full f*»15 Pints . . . Four Years Old GOLD MEDAL Distilled Dry Gin 90.Proof Grain PENH CHAMP lCd% PURE Motor Oil can Superior Fancy Chicken RAVI 8-oz. Jars Fluffo SHORTENING Car ion Leroux Liquours Apricet—Ptack—Cherry 4/5 Quart . . CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—TOO TY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD FOOD CIETY PARADE Birthday I'jirty A party was over by Mrs. Siaiilry Mi HIM-, m* ,114 I strt>r-t, in lioimr of her tlaiiRh- tcr, Onrwiiia .Ir-an, who \V;IH ceU'brut- ur her tliinl bin Inlay anniversary. The chfMivn i-pcnt the at'lrruoon playing in the sa ml box and with oilier toys. (.'oloriHl pin whools \vore (list rl- hntr.'d as favors and a pink and yd- loy cuke was scrvod in addition to othtM- rofrcslitncnts. Small *yollow cups filled with randy and inscribed with the names of the guests served as, place cards. Mrs. Miller was assisted by Mrs. Earl <,Iray, Mrs. Uoyd Miller, and Miss Xorine Korel. The honoree was the recipient of many Out-of-town quests nltendinpr were Mrs. U. A. .Korel and Miss Xorine Borel, of Grapevine: .Mrs, Pnnl Pus- per re, .Airs. Russell Lnpe. Mrs. Hubert Schwartx, Mrs. IVmis Yer- ami, and Mrs. T.ocfin, ot' l>olano. Others aUnndintr were; Whiit;iU*Ts Private First t'i.iss and Mrs. Albert \Vhil taker ai ri\ '••! Tuesday 1'mm Douglas, Ati/ . Jo j-pi-nd the former's 14-day 1 'urlmiLih with relat ives and friends. Mrs. \Y)uU.ik-T is tbe fur- iner .\Iis-; liita Markt-s. and the yoiim," p*-opl" arc imw uuests »>r lier parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. Manuel Mark( s. of A* ho RniuJ. He is the sun of M. r \\ \Vhiitaker of Oakland. Master Sergeant. Kupene M. AY hit- taker, a brother of the visitor, is serving in Franco, lie is a former employe of Hrork's store here. A hroiher-in-la\v, Private First Class James If. Tusworlh, is in India with the Air Transport Command. H«- recently spent his furloufih in Puri. India. Private First ('lass Tilsworth is a son of Mr. and Mrs. H. I... Titsworth of 7 I'll-A Thirtv-first street. // L //> ^ ^, - >H .X Sa fp*r r^.'.v. v. ;*-» -f< •t.t 7'.- •_».'•• SW % v ®± :*::.-. :--<-K<*:<• i *•*r*> • P.- F J v;v..viv-s Ww >.«*¥• i-^ -:*.«-'.'-x.- •*»* i -, w. ^-•'.-.VA > <• -. '•m. -V* *>. :*. i' 'ffJ-~f*V* •"*_- '*&8jft£* *•••'%'.<• » *"» /• *, • • ' 3* • * • f M • ' - * f-f, ' ' *'••.'J • -fi.:' -•"•- .'-.-.* .-^ ;v>. •*il :'.'•' -- K .\\'.«»-. r • ~L_L •*• Bilftril - ' I - *J * f ^ - I _• " ' '-^ ^». '] 3?T#ft!fi3«? 'T 'It •-••3>. :•:-:•_•- V , V.*. V '<-,' ».-.<-: -., *•''. ffiffS- -'• »" -^". _'"'^ r *^ x'l^'^'.'r* '*cu •ffJ n >. vV./. p-.'-^'^^Xv-V-'-S ••v» ^. i ->^-% »**•.. i r tx --• * . n rv:',-. y.vv *>.'> y.* 1 > • - * «.* J« • • L_ *^..-- .^ ff - -^ * • I .'"• I I I '.-. .v^., ,V^».*if* w - i * /jTj*»*ft <V ' - -p.' •/X-x:- •x^ 1 •.- •_-»»_ W •.\ '-• .-> Hi- - ' - •- * V *>* W>. fti: ^ ' •• ' '. '*'••'•"'"•># 'i','."* V. fffssjft.*j .^•AV--.W , . ,-.-. <_-• »p •-s-r- -.»• -•--X' .'.•^'^-.'''.• *.• • >.X'^;:. ~ '.I-' 1 * I 4 >v.* v. -: *!».-_*_'_- .* ,\V-' -* -r*. .• -ij . b - '-*•'- -f^. P>! - • •* Ore/ e ''•eje *>es nirs — TJn.vd .Mi!!.-r Rinilf Tin )i:iml Jjuncs MI Cmvnn .lnm'(.|i MrC.nvi .John liny .liirK Ki< ha nlm I~;i rlo < "iriiy Miss rutrii in I'rtMi rhiMrrn — Ttobni i J.n? Miller (lury YcrKJHio WalUT Kay Tommy I'nyne Harvey AlrCinvnn .1 ininiy N'iinrv V ITCH no Kovnnn.-t Hay KOHM lie LMIH- Dunne McCnwan Ailorro HU'haml Arrive From New Mexiro J.ieutonant \V. K Taft of. Fort Sunnier. X. M. accompanied by Mrs*. Taft and t heir 4-months-old twin daughters, Virginia and Kllen. are guests of the lieutenant's mother, Mrs. Roy llurdinff. \'20 IMxon street, and of his aunt, Mrs. W. T. Prury, ~!»L'ft Sunset avenue. They arrived a week ago Saturday, and Airs. Taft ami tbe children will remain for the winter. Lieutenant Taft will leave Thursday or Friday. Pg V- J r .v. f r ^ s*r- F ?*:: XX y . «v. S^* j r '// t".j '-I fc*_*_"j /^- *,-.-- ••«?• r ^r » ^ •X^' ^5 r F* •>•»•« a^a .'.I. 1 '_ :•:•:* .V* ^ lino Chnrf Prestnrts... real h«me made flavor because they are made oflarge, luscious, pitted cherries- red as dark garnets; tenderly and gently simmered with pure sugar. life* H'l Mr* I M^-VA v-v ff.ff t?* NDAR - . -xx-v KILIS 'EM DEAD —flies, ants, moths, spiders, silverfish, mosquitoes •--.•- * i .* . •.. ".- - I L 1 •V. •--. •;•:. .*'.f. --_Y, Now that more items have been removed from the Ration List, you can use your precious lie and Red Stamps for the foods like these that you have been , issing up. BLUE STAMP VALUES FOUNTAIN (HALVES) Peaches . . . LIBBY SLICED Peaches . . . A&P FANCY Applesauce . LIBBY Tomato Juice No. F ^BH Can No, 2 ' Can RED STAMP VALUES MEL-O-BIT AMERICAN Cheese Spread NUTLEY Margarine . . . WHITE HOUSE Evap. Milk . • , 2-lb. *m Loaf Q* 1-lb. Ctn. Tall^c Can * ANN PAGE Gelatin « . • * H SULTANA Peanut Butter. . SULTANA Salad Dressing . SULTANA SMALL Stuffed Olives . ANN PAGE Egg Noodles . . PEKOE & ORANGE PEKOE Our Own Tea . • SULTANA CIDER Vinegar 1-or. Pkfl. 2-lb. Jar Pint Jar Jar Pkg. Pint A Bottle T Enjoy Coffee that's 5 Ways Better! 1. Pick of Plantation. 2. "Flavor-Saver" Roosted 3. Frether . . . In the bean 4. "Fits" your coffee pot 5. Richer in your cup EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE 1-lb. Bags GRAN. SOAP t3£ "• -, SWAN SOAP • Rtg. lars, . . . 3forl8e liillWUUiiltlUikHlltUtl DIFFERENT! BETTER! WILSON'S OLEOMARGARINE MADE fRESH DAILY IN IOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MONEY BACK GUARANTEI For More for Your Money—It's Time fo Turn to AftP! v-. •V, .. »v.' n -• •. Ss. .-•-..-- •*:>: -VI- 1 * *>x^ *.' i?»f:»ft.., ^iSMi »»fe :-- More canned vegetable items are now POINT- FREE ! Also all preserves, jams, jellies, soups and baby foods! Look at the big values listed below! Join the thrifty families who save at A&P! SUPER MARKETS ANN Gienwood Peas Sliced Beefs Preserves Rancho Soups Libby's Peas Tomato Soup Pink Beans Navy Beans . . Large Prunes Jell-0 Puddings Rice Feast Spag. Sauce Quaker Mission Bell White King Boston Prince • • • Sultana Blackberry-Apple Pea, Tomato, Vegetable Early Garden • • Campbell's Venus Brand • Mb., 12c AAP Fancy No. 2 Cans No. 2 Can Nabisco Snow Flake* Val Vita • • • 10'/ 2 -OZ. Cans 1-lb. Baby Li mas Reliable Peas Soda Crackers Pork ft Beans BftM Baked Beans Tomato Sauce Del Green Beans Fresh Eggs Olson Countryside >!*|M* AAP Monte Curfew Cut Pko. No. 2«/2 Glass Size 8-oz. Cans No. 2 Cans Dozen * in carton* Assorted Flavors Gold Medal Kitchen Arts Puffed Wheat Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Meatless Sparkles Toilet Soap Toilet Soap 4</8-OZ.AC Pkg. 8-or. <i 40 Can Pkg. Cake* Cakes Bisquick Gold Medal Flour . . Drifted Snow Flour , lona Flour Cubbison's Zweiback Corn Flakes 15-oz. 4 40 Pkg. 11 40-oz. »fl 10^45' Kellogg** • • • • • 18-or. 4 A e Pkg. 12 ^ Fresh Fruits and Vegetables! EFLEUR Cauliflower. Tokay Grapes Yellow Onions 3««.8' Meat Dept. Values AST Grode A Blode Cuts LAM ULD A A «r A. Hune In. e Cut Hamburger. , . 77* Freshly Ground Mtf Lamb Chops . . Grade AA or A. Blade Cuti Pure Lard , . . . F rUArC Grade A IJCI9 N.Y. Dressed 2'/2-3'/2 Ib. Avg. Bacon Squares.. Fancy, Eastern Liver Sausage. . 1-lb. Cartons Bologna. Large . . . Sliced Smoked • • Lunch Meat. . . Spiced . . . Sliced ALL ADVERTISED ITEMS SUIJICT TO STOCK ON HAND i\ LIFEBUOY HEALTH SOAP •V (TAXABLE ITEM3 ARE SUBJECT TO TAX) PRICES EFFECTIVE THROUGH SATURDAY Cakes

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