The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 13
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I . - L Hand-to-Hand Combat Is Feature of Action in / I •• ^ L I ' ^ Spanish AVar r By-ItAHOLD EOTINGBIl United Pre*i Btaff Con-Mpondenl BEHOBIK, French-Spanish Frontier, Sept. S.—Sweattng, dirty and blood stained Spaniards, rebel and loyalist, fought hand to hand in the broiling sun today in the climactic stage of tho battle of Irun, As they fought, tho sticky sweet smell of fresh blood in their nostrils, across the frontier to France streamed a lino of women and children, crying, stumbling along with what possessions they could carry from abandoned homes. A doaen persons on tho French aide wero wounded by bullets that 'camo across the narrow Bidaasoa river which is the frontier, On our side, as wo watched tho battle, thero was tho gentle life of beautiful southern France, and on theirs the death that tho fighting mon> countrymen and frequently neighbors, saw In the eyes of the enemies they faced in civil war. Move Up Munitions It seemed hopeless for the loyalists. They were short of ammunition, they wero untrained workmen under attack by trained, well- equipped professional ealdtcrs. But they fought on. All during the night the rebels were busy moving up munitions and food, reinforcing and replacing the men who had driven tho loyalists back yard by yard yesterday. The rebels had taken Fort San Martial, the rock of tho loyalist defense, and they were In the streets of Behobla, the Spanish town across the river • from French Bchoble. They were winning as tho fighting ended and it Beemed that they must take Irun today, however gallant the defense. Tho battle was resumed tit dawn. Its start showd that thero was fight left in the loyalists, for they started f it. As the sky lightened, there began a ragged volley of flro from houses. Loyalist cannon, doling out their dwindling supply of ammunition, . began bombarding the San Marlta! fort—its guna now turned hack* ward? and pointed against Irun, which it had defended so stoutly. Hand to Hand Conflict • Soon tho rebels and loyalists were fighting hand to hand around San Martial. It waa estimated that 100 men were killed and many more wounded on both sides in the fighting yesterday, the fiercest of tho long battle. About 700 men wero killed in the fighting during the four days ending yesterday. It is not fighting on a big war ecalo but one- area in a civil war In which battles aro going on all over Spain—Httlo battles for the most part but In which no clement of big war tragedy or drama is lacking und fn which the armies aro made up of 'men who were for tho moat part neighbors seven weeks ago and now are savago enemies. Not more than 300 men are on tho rebel elde hero at Irun, but most are tough, trained soldiers, against about 12,000 untrained, undisciplined, ill armed ley- elists. If you feel... tired run-down nervous out of sorts Js usually a definite wpon for such complaints. . .so, now let's reason sensibly. Don't try to get well in a day. . ,th!« Js asking too much of Nature, Remember, she has certain natural processes that just cannot be hurried. Therefore, If you are pale, firarf, lank tt keen appctitc t have lost wciphG and feel rundown... a. frequent sign that your blood-cells are weak, with a tendency towards anemia— then do try in the simple, easy way so many millions approve— by starting a course of 6.S.S. Blood Tonic to feel Ukc yourself again. Q s.s.s. o». THE BAKER9FIELD CALIfORNIAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 19S« or •,",.' , — ecueandFe reckemidge From Pflfffi Seventeen) cupled fields. by Ben Mr. Sallada of the oil who has been New Lynch Threat Against Brothers Once again San Diego police arc seeking a cruel sex murderer, following discovery of the ravished and horribly beaten body of Uuth Muir, 48-year-old Riverside, Calif. Y. W. C. A', secretary, shown above. Miss Muir's body was found near, the ocean front in La JoIIa, the seventh victim in a scries of shocking murders within the San Diego city limits, which have occurred during the last six years. Report on City Recreation Program Filed by Director Ill at Ventura Is reported lo bo on the way lo I'ecovery and will return to Follows, where ho Is now located, .September 10. Mr, and Mrs. Don Cooper and children, who have been camped on tho mountain all summer, are returning to their homo at Bodttsh Wednesday. Mr, and Mrs. George Thatcher and daughters Mabel, Sit- y.annc and Georgia Ann have returned to their homestead located ut HoHsler Flat. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Shaw of tho lookmu have hart as their guest over the week end Mra. 11. 1. O'Brion of Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. John Stark to nnd grandson, Jack Xcrkle, were compelled to retunfi to Bakorsftald bo* fore their vacation was completed on account of tho illness of Mr. Stark to. Tho Cal Cohron home was iho scene of a merry house party ovor the week end. Among the guests wero Mr. and Mrs. AV, Brown, Miss Kltu Brown and Miss Nadlne Brown of Keenc. Nadlne Brown will enter tUo University of California shortly. Mr, and Mrs. Pat ISdmondnou and f Am I)3 r and Mrs, Kdmondson's mother. Mrs. Stella Parrlsh, returned to Bakorsflold Sunday, after having spent two weeks on tho mountain. Among guests who registered at tho lodgo the past wook wore Messrs. and MeHdames Mickey l.ukew. K. 11, Ufqulst. Clyde Marks of Delano. Carl Mason of Isabella, Miss Leonora Kllett, MPHNI'S. Carl Bergman of Hamilton 1'Meld, Bruco Bradford, Roy Jumper oT Delano, Clyde Marks. Jr.. of McFarlund and Vic indlg of Taft. Report Ruth Muir Kitted by Woman (Continued /Vom Page Ot\f) Palestine Depression Brings Knit in Male Market; * Strike Is Cause Pret»Lca»ed Wire) JKIU3SA1-.EM, Sept. 3.—One of tho strangest results of tho Arab "strike" In Palestine IB a fnll In tho price of wives. Prices once ranged from $45 to $250, according to tho ago, size and other attractions of the woman. Now they have dropped to a minimum of $26 and a maximum of $160, Tho reason is simple, the strike has Interrupted the normal work of the village women, such as working In tho fields and bringing; eggs and vegetables lo tho town, for sale, and marriages, therefore, aro being postponed. Another reason Is thnt tho strike has caused a lack of purchasing power among the Arabs. Faces Charge of Kidnaping Three (Continued From Page Fifteen) ties. I^oflt year and tho year before wo experienced this same situation at the end of tho recreation period. "I not only want to commend you, but I want to commend thoao other workers who have assisted you and the entire citizenry of Bakcrsfleld for tho foresight which they have had in providing this recreational program. It has actually saved the city money, and of far more- Importance IB the saving 1 of tho youth *t our city." Park Improved Speaking of the UBO of the parks, Mr. Conipton said: "Tho establishment of a playground In Central park 1ms clone much to clear up a bad situation. Heretofore this park has been notorious for arunkH, dope traffic and degenerate** of ull kinds. Undesirables began to move out as the playground developed. Tho jTlay- Kround supervisor was deputized by the police department In order that ho might ask offenders to t "move o\v" "Whenever necessary tho police wagon was railed and tho offender locked up. The citizens of ftakcrsficld pay for the upkeep of this park and there is no reason why one of the finest of all our city parks should bo reserved a« a place for drunks, dopo fiends, degenerates and freight train hobooH. "The total park attendance of thoso participating In tho programs won t'O/J'19." Pnrli Libraries "Park libraries, extended to. UH through the courtesy of John Henderson, Kern county librarian, were fr.nturoa of the park program*. Klfty books wero checked to each piny- Kround. From two to thrco hundred children made use of these books each wecH. "Numerous groups used tho parks for lunches, picnics and meetings of various kinds* The supervisors in ehorpre* of the pnrKR were Instructed to offer their assistance to theso groups in order to make their stay n« pleasant and enjoyable as poa- aiblo. "The local 1VPA office furnished us with able osslstontc?, who \ver« to cheeking equipment, th* park libraries, reading stories to smaller children and arete ting with group games. The total of hours oi* WP*V help conimun- front $00 of those I S Object of Program Speaking of tho success of the community night programs, Mr. Conipton Raid: "Their purpose wnn to provide e,U»an, wholesome entertainment for children and ariulU*. to glvo Bakersfield an opportunity to enjoy tho fine talent that is In our midst and to give this talent an opportunity for uclf-expresnton. The community night program** wero sponsored by the P. t. A. groups of the city. leadership of Mr*. 8, A. McConnac, president of tho Bakersfield Council P. T, A. was extremely helpful at all Umem. AVaJter BJioe- mn I Hi abl y tutslKt ed t ho r. T. A. groups during tho first eight weeks ! of tho program and hl» place wa» taken by Miss Kathryn Walt during tho remaining four weeks. Proper lighting effects and stage decorations which wero lacking tho previous summer, made a far more attractive setting Cor tho programs. Programs were usually centered about eomo particular (.home or continuity that increased their appeal. Mr. C'ompton particularly lauded tho local talent that participated and praised in particular tho miccefss of the community dramatics introduced, Scaling Limited Tho attendance at the Hy night programs ranged to 2000. The popularity programs was proved by the fart (hat wo were never able to seat nil of tho people who came at any of tho 12 programs. in reporting tho Bticoesuful skating parties. Mr. Complon polnu out that during tho entire minimer thera was not a single serious accident. The roller skating parties on O Rtreet wero sponsored by tho 20-30 Club and those on Jackson street by tho P. T. A. groups on (be TSaftt Bidc* and tho East Bakcrsfteld Progresslvo Clubs. "Tho activities at the park playgrounds inoludcd ping pong, bad- mlnton, horseshoes, jacks, marbles, shufflo-bonrd. rheckera, domlnofin, croconojp. volley-ball, basobnJl, tether-ball, niinlaturo golf, tennis, h^idball. atory telling and group games for snutU rhlldron. Tournaments were held In several of tho ga m e.s . $2025 Total Cost Tho entire coBt of the program*, in- eluding HHlarles, playground «un- pllep, erjulpmrnt nnd repairs, was approximately $11025. Mr, Campion, In addition to gpteet- ing and assuming the staff, purchasing the supplies, outlining the program of activitlep, traveled more than 1600 miles In supervising the programs and visiting Los Angeles and Long Boaoh playgrounds at his own ex pen so and personalty supervised many of tho psrk programs. Jlct rorommends to tho rommlsnlon that next yoar playground programs be Introduced ut Jastro and Lowell ParKe *n addition to tho packs used this year; that tho campaign bo con- tinned for swimming pools; that a study of delinquency arena b« made and playgrounds eRtnbllHhod In those aivap; that dramatic play be Increased as a part of tho community night programs; complete lighting of tho parks for playground activities; that activities bo introduced for olo>r high school and Junior rolleRre aged groups; nnd a rhnrtftr to guarantee. funds for recreation be Introduced. Mnny AsMM Tho trained playground supervisors woro: Jack Frost at Jefferson. John Clymer at Boato and Elhert Kbersolo at Central; Walter Shoosmith und Miss Kathryn AValt, community entertainments; Don Kobesky, piiulpmrnt and properties; public address system, Claudo Morelock, Kddlo Corbett and Don Orif- fMh. and rJshl WPA work«r«. CAMPATRIA, Sept, 3.—Charged with kidnaping a mother and her two chlUlron from tholr :N Hand homo, AVIllle Harris, 3G.yo«r-oM Negro, faced preliminary hearing today. Mrs. Victoria G. Sola and two young children wore removed to an abandoned ranch August 29. Vltirrls wart arrested there. scph Clark and Fred Seaborn, Vai- lejo. Calif.—brought other renewed threats of possible Vlgihtnta violence. Muttered threats against District Attorney James Bavin wero hcnrd frequently In tho crowded hearing room, Davis offered comparative Immunity to the fugitives—a charge of Involuntary manslaughter — if they would glvo themselves up of their own accord, Immunity Withdrawn This offer was withdrawn ywiter day and simultaneously guards wore r«-postcd in tho vicinity of tho brothers' parents' homo, near Homo crook. Sheriff Chandler still believed It poUHlblo that tho Brlte brothers may re.vlsU their mother and father, and bo persuaded to nur- ix»nder. Herbert Johnson, an inquest Juror antl Davis clashed frtHjuently dur- iiiff presentation of testimony. Johnson objected to the prosecutor's methods in questioning wHncsses, nmonff whom were John Baker, miner and only survivor among the . quartet who went t*> tho BrUojt* 1 camp to an*est tho brothoi-s, nnd Benjamin Kranklln Decker, rancher who visited tho camp after tho HhootlnR. Decker said John Brlto told him ho had done all tho shooting, although Baker said Court Brlto fired tho first shots. KING IIOIUS >U3RTS DUCK ROMK, Sept. S. (U, T\V—King Boris of Bulgaria visited Premier Mussolini today at the Palaxxo Venenia. Tho subject of their conversation was tiot announced. •cover* Plans to Combat Consumer Group LOS AXGKUSS. Sept. 3.—Manu faclurerH and retail dealers, organ* Jjted Into "tho Associated Merchants of California.* 1 today prepared to combat what they called propaganda for consumers' co-operatives, FUGITIVE CAPTURED KHANCJSCO, Sept. 3. (V. JM Granvlllo "W. Johnson, escaped trusty from tho Arlcona penitentiary at Florence, Ariz., was held here today for Arizona nuthorttles following: his arrest yesterday in a downtown hotel. Considers Its Problems Most Interesting; Also Unique (United Prct* Leaned Wire) '. N FUANCXSCO, Sept. 3.—Dr.'' Miller McCltntock, nationally known traffic expert, today beagn preliminary work In a survey of San Francisco's traffic problem, which he con* aiders "one of the mont interesting in the ITnlted States." San Francisco's present traffic situation IH wnlquc. Doctor McClln* took said, bo-cause of construction of the San Francisco-Oakland bay bridge, which, when completed, will drastically niter the volume and routes of vehicular traffic in the city. Doctor McCllntock Intends to Rtudy traffic conditions hero before the bridges are opened, then make recommendations for routing and distribution of the new channels of vehicular transit. The county Board of Supervisors has under advisement a proposal to spend $10,000 in connection with the survey. If the "matching'* allocation Is approved. Doctor McCllntock will head a $V50,000 works progress administration survey throughout the city. Ho will bo assisted by 125 men. Tho job Is expected to last approximately eight months. -I F •'•' •.f i examination of tho hairs, underclothing and scrapings Of dirt from the murder scene. The ropori rend: Deteriive'R Statement "Preliminary examination reveals that hairs taken from fingernails of left hnnd and from palm of right hand wore female halrn, according to Professor l^audermllk of Pomona College." Knrly iti tho case, Autopsy Surgeon Tooinoy hud ronuirUml to report or fi the manner of milling-M!HS Muir was typical of female Mayors rather than of men. lie mild U WUN uHtml for a woman <o HtriUo many blows, n.s MIsw Muir had been struck, rather than one or two crushing blows. IJtllo herd was paid to bis statement at the time. Detectives wen* attempting to trace a blood-stained rayon slip found in a garbage, can near tho beach. They said they hold small belief it was connected with the case, but would Investigate it thoroughly. SeeU Death Weapon Search for tho dcatli weapon was to bo continued today on tho rocky ocean floor off the cove where Miss Muir was slain. Throe* pollco officers ami u Tiihlttan diver worked for hours yesterday, diving from a rowboat, without success. A judged, stained hunk of concrete fnund near tho cove was discarded after clof*o examination. Two hundred persons ni n "trailer camp" Honth of Ixi Jolln \ven? tinned briefly by officers last In nn Httempi to tram ftugpectfi. hut no Information of value was received. The hunt for a slnrky, swarthy man with unusually larg« UpH. IK-Bun with reports he hnd been seen at tho beach n n hour before Miss Muir was killed, WJIH given renewed significance) with informn- tlon provided by an unidentified woman last night. Mystery \Vomnn She* raini* Into police hoitriqunrtrrx. said Nho denltvd no publicity, nnd told detoctlVPS who had been trolled for two we*-n« b.v mich u num. Officers said they would investigate her story. The Investigation turned toward Mis* Muir's own homo in Riverside, Calif,, on tho report u Janitor there had thre«ton(v] her after who refused j him employment. Ml«s Muir had} boon vlMtlng hftro with her parents, Joseph Muir, at their Mr nml beach .Mr* fre- i not on. ONLY PM. PE MATCH OVE 29e ADD UMTT £»tr» M.fl Each orner OLIVK nOBRRTft DAHTONj f Continued From rage Eighteen} and rope-Ktrotrhlng than the* other And naturally they make tho mow of It. Dawdling over task*, not fin tailing what they have begun, quenUy condoned at home, but In school with nny sticco^fl. Complexes nnrt ObHcHsionn !<>M Naturally there nre rhura.cHor traits to ho considered, qnd the blanket-rule of m-hool Hfo IH not HO likely to lake ull thcHo into account, because H cannot. Yet, tno«r> very coinploxo* mid. obMttHHlonit of tho child ar« of Urn f«*d on too much sympathy. l*ul<'SH thvre IM nt-r cause for hin falling the chancon that ItnperBonal handling will good for him. Anyway, school IH llkci life; UH compulHionn match thoso thai the i-hild, an a man, will have to brnco himself for as long as h« Uvt?H. Hilly will have 10 learn ftomftttnift that his will 1« not invincible; and Jessie', that who ho** to Biiap out of It and got things done on time. Hhc might surprise, hereelf und her family by her ability to think hard and act quickly when she ha* to. Except with very mtlo children, and even then in a degree, the swift ( change from home feathers to school} huftka, figuratively upeakinff, Is a } good one. The latter toughen*, j train* and tenches, H cannot be perfect, for nothing can; but It won't kill our children, nnd wo must ; fctop fejrling- sorry for them, will do bettor If we keep our to ourfl«*lv<Mi und lot thont know rnust takft H aw they find it like It, They tears thpv and DIVK PIIOVES FATAL ANGJ&U58. Kept, 3. (,A, A dive from the end of tho V* ptauura pier fatnlly injured KMdomftHtln, S8, Hin he*a submvrfffed rocke. Ice .Qdre.\v «truclt . 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