The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 12
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.VI ' THE BAKEUSPIELD CALIFORN1AN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 19M UN OF MOOSE KING FR CA YOU Sessions Will Be I Icld in Druids' Hull in East linkersflcld Id hull in Kiiftl lias been rhounn rut MX* ntnv placf> for Woinrn oT tho MOOM**, Binning Fridny of thin wcok, promptly at 8 o'clock. Mr«. Kntnlt Oroe/>oii(?)j, itcnlor rrgnnt, will pr**- wldo and MrN. Harry KrotiKli will art RH ontcrtalnmosit riinlrman. Mr«. John Powd will pri' a import of a ntato cnnrlavn In Run Dlcgo a few weekn ag«. 1^.11 arlivl- tlM» \vfll ho plan nor! an thl« l« IJio flrwt mnctlnff of tho autumn nnnAon. hoTB having flulH Vilocks aro lo brlnfi thc-rn. I!y OLIVK IlOBEttTS UAIITON) rlrttf of tho school boll through tho land Is echoed with mlngfarl fr-Mlng In I ho minds of mothers . . . relief that tho children will ho regularly occupied again, sympathy with thn many vexing situations with which they riro confronted In class. in nn especially prepared fmrlo-H of threo articles, of which tho accompanying i« the flrftt, pllvo Hobortn Barton, nationally famous child training expert, dlsoimscs for Tho Culifornlan reactors tho problems connected With going to school. Number of Women Nimrods Increases t'rcfut J.rtttrd \\'irr) TON. Hf-pt. 8.—Ttatiirn* from tho »nlo of Until rig llconnp.s Issued to wnmim nnd child ron in 1PBG showed n n IncrniHf of 10,077 over the prnvlouM ynnr, uncord Ing to ChrirlPB H. JrirUtton, uclltiM <'*»in of "The Hwift change from home feathers to school husks our children nnd we must stop feeling worry for them know (hey must Jake it us they find St." * * won't kill let thorn 'Vir MIchlRan. with ^T.^tifi. \otl »H oihrr ow in nif- niirnhrr of llrf»iim>H purchnsod l>y wonirn In HUK t'JoHCHt coinpctlior wmi \V>Hl ginia with a lotnl of f»fiOfl. Utah in Ifl.U IHMIUH! SUBJi HcrnisoH to child rni, nnd f.784. * »t» nnd In from lhf» «>ut the family thnro were* IIIi.M? II iHHiiod to women and Uin Unllrxl HlatfH iltir UK!-! Hu, while unly the pi-cvlotiH OK first TwMhiK of a now of advanced I'nlty sludentH WHH nt I ho r.Vnter. li!!! Hmith"rn Mntol, on Tiipwhiy evening ft* H <»'rlork, Airs. DrJIa Rhutts, ITnlty nilnlntor, in charge. The HUSH will be hold open for new cnrollrnonin during Th* "r.c«n^riH In Truth" for beginners hold at the KM voy llotnl. Taft. Monday ovenlriK ut R o'clork, IH now open for montn. M OTMinUH thn world ovor look for' to (hn ihiy whm nrtiool Tho rhlldn»n urn gutting out or Imtid pf'rlmpM, or ln/.y and (hill. hi'.v rnuhi* facifH, of courwo, and talk M IfiJil/iK lh« htilldlng would hum down hefor« I ho fatal flay whnn thry rnuwt return, hut tin 1 flr«t cold (iltrftgn lhf»y flown M H tnoiik an mlco and to hdritf IjdHsod uKUIn wliti lng HUi» n r*Mil thrill. \\'orr-j' Ahouf TcHrhcr Hcljitloim Tht* parudox TOIIM-H In when tho very ntothfTH who have oxprcimod thnmHcivcM iw ho I UK nnxlrnm for /»'*ho«l roudn't to bogln, dovolop ovrr night it certain pnrttnnnMhl|i with ttirlr children ngaliiHt i\\n nrHt- whlU- Huxiur. /t IH not rvtwnlitwnt i»V(sr JoHlng tho coinpu ny of i hdr fnmllloH, Init rather a worry nhout everything In general. Hilly in HO iand. Will thn now how to K*"' him to making him wluh- IH slow. Will Ml«« id llmt who can j;nt If Bho l« nllowod all the to do. Htop foollnff sorry for tho i Tho mlniiln wo, nhow Mpmpathy to anyone for anything, wo aro wnaken- Inif Jiltt own power lo flffht. . FJffJlt, In tho sonsn of moral 'courago In If tho rhlld IH ovor to learn to stand on bis own font it won't he hcratiso of beintf enuirht on a (Minh- Ion every time he comes down but h<»i:utiMd ho will lenrn lo manaffo himself liettcr, and thus avoid trouble, •ililorlrif? everything, • few cbll- havn inoro erossos to hear In llffl Umrt In family llfo. Hut In ono I hey havu fowor allowancos ' on f'tifje Nlnrteon) hnrd tn work bornV know without Offer Violin and Piano Instruction Unto aro nnttinil In ony rnothor, hut thorn 10 only one thing B ttAND new 1957 mode I, with n«w 12-lnch Coph«r PUOTO.TONR . Shadow Uttm Tunit. Rl«c« tron Httin Ampll- n*w fl-tuba c hi >ii«. MB f,' Inch Mi|lc D)«l with Aulo- milk Ilftod fndtc** (or. A r«»l fauf, •nd cm 17 $99,96 Honry Hrhwnh. concert violinist and U<ru;hcr of Vonlura and Itakorn- . hit/i Ml/iftofl hl« toftrhlng »OH> and IK now receiving enroll- tH for tho fall lorm. Mr, Hchxvnh. whu plnyod a rorltal with John ii. planlHt, nl thn high urhool Hprlng, him hud tho udvnntngo of n miinbor of yonrn 1 wludy In Hum pa unctor Hwornl nf tho foro- mowt vlnllnlHlH of Uu> pmtiiMii day. ll»i won In morn and MchnlarnhlpH with lending trachnrn nml h«H con- rfirtlxod oxtmiHlvoly both In l ami Iti thlH country. Mr. flr'hxvah will ho nwnoclalod with Ho x ton Howl. local pfanlHl and tcfu.-hor In hl« actlvltloa hern nml will nlmrn Mr. Hood'n now ntudlo muv bring built at 2300 A ntroot. i f nt|I aboiif drfobor I, tho Mvo nr- UrttH nlll ror*i.|vn MludontH at K.15 K(Mirt(<oiith ntroot. Both toiir-hrrn nl«o Innirurt In tho atudniilH homo wbon di'Mli-cd. Mr. HccM will Inuuguratn g for y»tnng HludontH u»lng a moohnnlonl Unybonrrl which will bn provMod tho nluOont wltboti! chiti*K'v HomnrUfitilo rnnultH »r*» clnlmod for (ho method, and It ban tho adiltul advantage of lining n M bi*'\jn'n«lvo rourHn. Informtillon cnn bo hnd at tho ntiulln or by tolo- Phoning VIMS. It IH announced. clann thin PLAS MATURING FOR mum Native Sons and Daughters Make Plans for Observing Admission Day In celebration of tho elghty*slJtth anniversary of tho Htato of Calif or* nla, Native Sons and Daughters of tho Ooldcn Wont will participate In traditional Admission day foto to bo h«W In Oakland, September 0 to 0. Tho celebration, It IB announced, will rovlvn tho glamor of tho state's pa«t and will bo featured by two parados, fireworks, two grand ball«, rnotorboat races, a rocloo, marathons and opon-houHQ gatherings of tho parlors. Kdwanl T. Hchnarr IH general chairman of tho committee in tthurga of nrrangemont* for tho ovont which will, It IH estimated, tako 20,000 Native Bonn and 12,600 Native DauffhtorM to tho convention city. MrH. Florence Boyle of Orovlllo and Hartley Mussel of Han Kran- rlm-o. grand president* of tho Native jJiiiightei-H And the Native Buns, will lead tholr respective delegations In tho coUtbraton, which will be ell- iiiRxad on Admlsulon day by a three- lipur purnde, wh'lch It In anticipated will be the largest and most colorful since. tho jUfnrnond Jttblleo in I02G In 1 Ban Krnnclsco. Tho local parlors of the Native Hnns and Natives* Daughters will «<tfid tlelogatons. v Enrolling Pupils at Nichols Studio Mm. I.uura K. Nichols ban re- rnntly rolurnod from a vacation sp^nt at Hoquola National Purh, and Is reopening hot* studio UI!H week at 1002 H Htrppt, where sho is receiving new nnct oid pupils In piano, plpo organ and voice. Complete oourBfH of Btudy are being offered In beginners and advanced students, Id private arid group Instruction, with Apodal courses arranged for adults who wish to take muslo na nn enjoyable avocation, but have not (ho time or Inellnallon to undertake tho Intensive study leading to a musical career. An an nffHIatod trachor of tho Hhorwood Mimic School, Mr». Nic- IH prepared to present this to serious students who do- Hire to obtain a con«ervatory training without tho necessity nf leaving home. Mrs. Nichols will U!HO pro- snnt tho now piano course for high nchool fitudfints jvho wish to rocclvo oral tin toward graduation for out- uldo musle study, using the course recently complied nnd adopted by tho Alunlc Teach era* Association or California, A musical kindergarten and "toy symphony orchestra" class for pro- ncliool children Is nuw being formed, with a limited numbor of unroll- m'Mits accepted. Thin course Includes rhythmlo expression. oar* training, Ringing, gumes, nuiHlc up- proclatlon and "toy symphony prclv Mr«. NJchol/i has been established hore a« a toacber since 1022, and la a member of the Mnnlu Teachers' Association of Cnllfornia. and the Amorlrnn Guild of Organists. Ap- polntmentn may bo made by calling tho Rtudlo any afternoon thin wook, between tho hours of 2 nnd 5 o'clock. 4> 4> Judge Owen Will Address Masons at Meet Tonight A Texas theme ha« been selected hv Jud^e Erwln W, Owen for a talk tonight before HakcrH- ficld Lodge No. 224, F. & A. M. (n connection with a 6:30 o'clock dinner In the banquet room at Maaonlc temple. Music will be provided by the Phillips School of Music. W. A. Snaro is the worshipful master; E. H. Hendrickson is chairman of entertainment. Winning America With Amazing New Copper PHOTO-TONE SPEAKER Now everything on the air ii your* M never before! With StewftrMvarnrr*! revolutionary new Copper PHOTO- TON Ii Sprpkcr And other great improvements you get everything—foreign stations, airplanes, ships, police, nnd local broadctm—with utterly new mellowness and purity. Hear the difference today—-as Stewart-Warner gives you an actual tone-portrait of fvery note. GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST * ON TWO DAYS ONLYI • A vAlut Hoonl All pollc* f»tli •Ai) Amffktn jlioaUclfi natlooi. 7 tun»(t rltculci, tnttnot »ni! UM nnfif ftltcii. tUht«ti dJ»l, (out control, ^ Uttit lubti. An nuulDg |ttifoim«i 00(7 $23,96 ^Jng - Pleven 'Diamonds Wedding *RJng - Seven "Diamonds • it A WEEK NO MONEY DOWN • $1. IN THUD glorlow mounting* of NA arc set brilliant DIAMONDS, 11 In the Engagement Ring and 7 in the Wedding Ring—18 Diamonds in all! POTH rin«t, 'Uiu DOWN • a vtck. No interest Of extra*! Full exchange privilege! 1925 EYE PHONE 1280 08 NlNKTtiKNTU FKOBLEMT When a brldo IH chooslntf a monogram for her silverware ahe may uso tho Initials of hoi* maiden name or thoHo of her own first and last names with tho bridegroom's last Initial added. An old custom, recently revived, Is to uso a lanro Initial of tho bridegroom's family and placo abovo It smaller Initials of ber first and bis flrHt names, Joined by tt small plus « i 'i Committee- Busied on Plans for Frolic September 12; . Banquet, Sept. 15 ^ i Afcmbcrs of the Delia Sigma JTra- ternlty completed arrangement for tho anual Delt Stampede lo bo held Saturday evening, September 12, at tho Spanish ballroom, El Tojon Hotel, when tho group met Wed- nowday evening; at t)rury hall. . Jennie Parkn is chairman of the arrangements committee for tho stampede and he 1« being assisted by Qeorgo Promo and I/eo Brown. .Arrangementa for tho twenty-first annual banquet of tho fraternity were also dlflcuased. Tho affair will be hold Tuesday evening, September Ifi, at II Trovatore Cufo. Howard Freeman presided at tho Shorter Bible to e Studied Here by Adult Pupils ' nno STUDY The Shorter Bible, •*• a work arranged to leave out historical details of the Bible, but to include all contents that relate to religion, 1$ afoot in Bakcrsfield. Many requests have been brought to the ttev. A. S. Donat, pastor of First Congregational Church, to conduct such a class, and present probabilities are that it will be formed. It will be open to all adults interested and will be entirely undenominational. A few copies of the abbreviated Bible have foufid their way Into local libraries. MAYOR 00t>15N, Utah, Sept, tt.— (U. P. Mayor Harman W. Pcery of O^ offers to find anyone unmarried a mate, perform tho marriage freo and grant a recommendation for a freo building permit. SECOND TRY! mm Need More Players to Cast Comedy Melodrama; Men Are in Demand • More men players are needed before tho coating of "Gold In thd Hills or the Dead Sister's Secrot," comedy melodrama, can be com* j pletod by tho casting corriniHteo of the Bakersfield Community Theater. To finish the assignment of parts and complete tho cast, a second public tryout will be held this) evening at 7:30 o'clock at. tho local high school auditorium. There are still some good femfiiine roles avail-* able also, it Is announced. Miss Marjorto Fairbanks will direct tho play that will 'go Into rehearsal on Friday and will be presented for tho public and Community theater patrons during Frontier Bays week. Snttirttny K Install Your CENTRAL FURNACE L Wonderfully economical and comfortable. Furnace Now healthful money-saving FLOOR Qulokly FURNACE IntUIUd— •v«nly. time-saving safe There's a Natural Gas Heater fo needs your price Install it now Avoid the autumn rush oose it now An advertisement in the interest* of Natural CM Dealers by Sun joaquin l<i«ht an«j Power Corporation. •'. i

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