The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE .20, 19-17. BLYTHKV1U/E (ARK.) COURIER NRWS PACK THHW? Price Controls Might Be Forced Marshall's European Plan Will Draw Heavily On U. S. Facilities My I,KB NICHOLS (IJiiilcil Vress Stuff Correspondent) /WASHINGTON, June 20. (UP) — aCO Vice President Emil Rieve said todu'^'.lial crop failures and adoi>- tton of the Marshall plan for nid to Europe iniylH force this country to return to price controls and r:n inning. Rlcvc who is president or LheCio Textile Worker* Union of Ainej-Ica told the joint Congressional f;oo- nonilc Committee Hint the coming months nmy see prlcc.s climb even higher. "If tills country goes In seriously for the Marshall plan." Hlevc said, '•Tremendous' pressure will be brought on our productive facilities and capacities. These liressures for more food, clothing and machinery will inevitably be transplanted into our price structure." Emrihasizini; that he was not opposed to aiding Etirouenn rehabilitation, Rieve sniil tlmt in granting such aid "it should be fully understood that we must take positive action to slop price increases here." If foreign demands and erop failures continue, he said, tile United 1 Slates "will inevitably have higher and higher prices." "This will require that we reestablish price control and a rationing program," the CIO officer said. Edward A. O'Neal, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, suggested yesterday that the threatened meat shortage might necessitate a return to price con- ^•pls. But 'chairman Robert A. TRft, n., O.< of the joint Economi:.' Committee commented, "not n cHLnce." "Ve can control prices somewhat by controlling exports." Talt said. Rieve said present high prices, liigh profits and reduced purchasing power "are all steps on the road to -.he collapse of our economy." "Whether the collapse comes within a period of six months or In a shorter or longer period of Lime cannot be predicted with any degree or accuracy," lie said, "but it seems to me that factors on the unfavorable side are so great ... steps must be taken immediately by this joint committee in carrying out an economic program which will p'-o- mote maximum employment, production and purchasing power." Rieve, who Is chairman of the CIO's full employment committee, proposed a 13-point program which he said '.vould meet the objectives or the Full Employment act. Among his major points were: 1. Establishment or a Federal Investigation Board, composed of representatives of Congress, the ^exe- cutivc, public-spirited citizens, , labor and agriculture, which would "shed light on the unwarranted levels" 01 many prices. "By use of pub!ioji^;>ressure and exposure of profiteering." he said, "we may b<: able to force lower prices." 2. Return of price controls nm' rationing if foreign demands increase and crop failures continue. 3. Creation of a federal monopoly investigating board to find out "the extent to which our economy is under the control of monopoly groups." Urge Self Regulation For Beer Establishments Haco Boyd, Little Rock, state director of the Arkansas Committee, United States Brewers Foundation, addressed Mississippi county beer retailers and wholesalers in meetings at -Blytl\cvllle and Osceola Wednesday afternoon. Mr. 'Boyd urged dealers to keep in line with the Arkansas Committee's program of sanitation and s elf regulation. "Dealers in a privileged business," ,Mi. Boyd s;iid. "must so conduct their establishments so they will be acceptable to the citizens or -Mississippi county." He particularly stressed the Foundation's program of cleaning up the uoei industry in Arkansas by weeding out undesirable dealers mid J^jcctionable outlets. Other speakers at the meetings were George S. Brewer, Foundation public relations director, and James M. Boliart. Little Ro:k public relations counsel. New Traffic Hazard: 'Drunken Flying' James Fronimos, the Lot Angeles student pilot who crash-landed this plane in downlewn I':' •Calif., has the doubtful distinction ot nciny the ln°s! man ever booked :it tlie loral jail for "dmntto'V flying." lie only liad two hours of solo (lying to his credit when (he nceidciil luippened one! csciiped with only a scratched ftice; Five Negroes Die, 11 Others Overcome by Gas •MOBILE, Ala.. June 20. (UP) — Carbon monoxide fumes from the hold of a former navy s being: convirte;! ITKIJ vessel by t 'Steamship Corp, at for use as a '.• \Valenn:m Ihe Alabama ship killed .five Nugro workmen an<l overcame II others .yesterday.. The dead were Tommy Phillips, Sam Manuel, Sum F<ix, Dnpri'i;' Stiili; Ducks. Hrvant and Emer liitffin. They had | A rescue crow, .protected by i;us been working on tin- former N ivy; masks, lifted the workers from llio attack transport Waukesha, which'hold uf the ship with n crane. Newspapermen Arrive in Tokyo For Conferences TOKYO, June L>[i. (UPi —A niuiy of n American newspaper publishers iiml edildi's arrived In Japan indiiy and immadl.Uely visited Japanese political leaders [or ini conferences on loi'u! problems. 'HH> ni'oup arrived from Slittng- h"l »l llanedu Airport near Tokyo at 12:17 p.m. (ll:« p.m. EOT lay], As they ultmlie'l down from tlir i'an-Amerk'iin Conslella. lion Ameriea. lliuy woro met by Li- (ii'ii. Robert l,. Kichi'llK'nfJr, (•'imiKimliny gencm! of iho Eighth Aimy. Tlu' publlsliers vlslled Jiipanr.w r'Mvicn Minister HIU«I|I Ashldu i" air his views on tho forthcoin- liii! Japanese peare I wily, ihu or.- I'uiMlU'ii. mid foreign trade problems. Tlic parly Inter mot Prime Mln- Isk'i TI-I.SU Kalayinnu In i«. similar infcnmil nu'Ctlng. Mrs. ORilen M. Held and Mm. Ovi'ia unlp Hobby, W"j women iiii'iuliors of tlio parly, met wlln UO pruihinnit Japanese women leader.", In a forum on the rule of women in nuiilein life. Mesdiiiiu'!! Held and llobliy'uild the women Unit women "II over Ihe world would Join haml:; in a peace luomncni ul I lie pioper lime. | High Winds Again Strike Vicinity of Pine Bluff Too Late to C'lXE BLUFF, Al'k., June 20. IU1') - Winds or tomadlc Intensity again Imve wrought havoc In the Illtlo Union connnunlly near pine Uluff which wn.i the scene of trugeclj' lust April 1. The tent-slielU'rs of t\vo fiuullle.s wore blown uway. mid iHH'sonnl belongings scattered yesterday when high winds ripped UiruiiKh the Union community yesterday. No one was killed or Injured. A family of seven and olhurs were wiped nut tho first o( Uio month when u tornado ripped through lira I'liii! llluff men iintl claimed the lls't'3 of 31 persons. PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin TliouioiliU cliinn Ero«n» to irlni. UM * titiftnii (orniiiTii To reliovu Ulacomfort of l>lle», Soiit Ion v I.LillilliM. Will ri'iil r,,r full i'fi'll liiurt nl r.BV. Wanted To Buy I'lntr I'.HIK lnli|i\. (117, In Kijml.r'Mididi'ri. riiutu' Help Wanted Announcing Courier Ne»'.s Want Ads IF STOMACH BALKS DUE TO GAS AND BLOAT Help Get Food Digested to Relieve Yourself of This Nervous Distress Do you feel nil pnffert-up and miserable alter every meal, taste SHUT, bitter food? If so. here Is how you may Ret I'lesscrt relief In helping your stomach do the Job—it should be doing—in the digestion of Its food. Every time food enters the stomach *. vllal gastric Juice must flow normally to break-up certain food particles; else the food 1 may ferment. Sour food, acid Indigestion ami gas frequently cause n morbid, touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous condition, loss of nppEtlte, underweight, testlcs* sleep, weakness. To get real relief you must increft« the flow of this vital gastric Juice. MecU- cafuLlilhorUtes, In Independent iRbora,- tor^Rcsts on human stomachs, have by positive proof shown thnl SS3 Tonic Is amazingly effective In Increasing this flow when It Is too little or scanty due to ft non-organic slomncli disturbance. This Is due to thfr SSS Tonic formula whjch contains special and potent actl- -,-aVtog Inrrcdlents. Also. SSS Tonic helps tnittrt-up non- oreaulc wealc, watery blood In nutit- tlonal nnemlR— so with a good flow of this gastric digestive Juice, plus rich red- blood you should eat batter, sleep better, feel better, work better, piny totter. Avoid punishing yourself with overdoses of soda and other allca'.lurs to counteract gas and bloating when what AT DREIFUS /\ . Minor'* llrctal Olnlilli'iil nr Uccdil riwiliirlRii l"day. fallow I - cl i I'm- H/i't; NI tiU iliM'4 NluiiM m Jutt in Little Boy Aprons Infant Batiste Gowns TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. I'honu ^108'. 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