The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 11
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER S, 19M Eagles Will Participate in Frontier Days' Activities M EMBERS of Bakersfleld Aerie of Eagles will enter Into Frontier festivities In a big way, It wan decided at a meeting held Wednesday evening. M. T. Chrlstenson, secretary of the aerie, said today that the aerie ha* some champion whisker growers who have already obtained good coverage and a whls- kerlno meeting will bo held on September 23 when the Eagles will put their chins together and measure yardage on the growths. To Give Awards Prizes will be given not only for the longest beards but for other types of whiskers. A committee was appointed to take charge of the whlskerlno meeting by Charles Findlay, president, to Include R. J. Veon, B. J. Jones and M. G. Nunnelly. Tho Eagles will also take part In the general TYontler Days festivities and will have an entry In the paradn. The committee to take charge of this participation Includes: W. A. Fuggltt, J. II. Brady and R. L. Stubblefleld. Presents Report At the meeting R. J. Veon, junior past president, presented a complete report on the grand aerie convention which he attended In August at Chicago. He quoted statistics on membership, finance, and outlined major activities and projects of the order. Plans for the big bonflro meeting to be held In October were also discussed. At this meeting, a largo Initiation will be held and the mortgage on the present lodge home will bo burned. ELY BACK FROM Plan Barbecue and Two-Day Fete on Mount Breckenridge Attend Amaranth Events in South After attending a matrons and patrons function In Los Angelea and a steak dinner given by Roso Sail- Ing and Sam Sailing at Altadena for the benefit of Southgate court, several local officers of the order of the Amaranth and members have returned. Among those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, Mr. and Mrs. "William Reagan, Mrs. Estello Marks and Miss Inez Axley. .4 « » r/VPKll BACKING HELPS To cut sheer fabrics without Impairing them, first pin the fabric to wrapping paper or newspaper. Lay the pattern on the material and cut through the paper ns well aa the cloth. Thin materials will not pull out of shape if this method is followed. LAST GENTLEMAN TWIN FALLS, Idaho, Sept. 3. (A. P.)— The rulo of "ladles first" settled a school board election that wound up In a tie between Mrs. Maude S. McCoy and Lionel A. Dean. With a low bow, Dean withdrew In favor of his fair opponent. South Africa Wine Exports Go Higher CAPETOWN. Aug. 27.—South African exports of wines have Increased forty-fold In the past 10 years, and a large part of tho Increase Is attributed to the preference granted by Britain. The preference, bcgaji In 1910 with 12 cents a gallon on light wines and was raised to 25 cents In 1927 and to 50 cents In 1931 after the Ottawa conference. Great Britain now takes nine- tenths of the Union's total exports of wlno, which were 1,100,000 gallons last year. In 1926 exports to Britain were only 15,000 gallons. The export of brandy from the Union is also increasing. Canada Is the beat customer, having taken 16,000 gallons of last year's total of 27,000 gallons. * 4 > TO IRON PLEATEn SKIRTS Pleated skirts can bo laundered easily if tho underfold of each pleat Is stitched close to the crease. Tho stitching will not show and It eliminates bother In Ironing, for you lay the pleats In on tho wrong side, following the stitched line, as u guide. D. T. Dawe to Be Supervisor of Research and Guidance; Exhibit at Fair ' Herbert L. Healy, county superintendent of schools, Is back at his desk today after a month's vacation at the Healy summer home at Morro. Mrs. Healy, and Miss Ruth Healy and Phillip also returned from tho beach whore they were Joined for part of tho summer by the eldest daughter of tho household, Mrs. Carlos Richards whoso marriage was a recent event. Mrs, Richards re.- sides near Santa Maria. Boating and fishing wcro tho chief diversions of tho party. Mr. Healy announced today that D. T. Dowe, formerly principal of the Ollg School, will be county supervisor of research mid child guidance, succeeding Everett T. Calvcsrt who will study at Harvard this year, working for his doctor or philosophy degree. J. Harl Toner, assistant superintendent and J. W. Byfleld, super visor of attendance, are other supervisors who have returned from vacations. Miss Anna Maude Anderson, supervisor of art, Is at tho stato fall- In charge of the Kern county rural school exhibit there. Miss Gertrude Qazonhuber, super visor of music, Is en routo homo from tho orient where who spent tho summer. Miss Anno Holgerson, supervisor of elementary education In tho lower grades, Is ending her vacation at her homo In Watsonvllle. PREPARATIONS am in fun swing •If or a free barbecue over the week end at Brcckenrldge. Tho management has loft nothing undone for tho comfort of guests, each ono Is :o cotno equipped with knife nnd 'ork. Steaks and trimmings will be n charge of Hilly Rnnkln. Henry Castro, l,o Roy Rnnkln, Fred Oil- vera nnd Walter Thatcher. Music For dancing will bo furnished by tho Sago Brush orchestra from Isabella. Miss Sarah McCord of llnnford, who was passing: through COUNCIL TO MEET A special meeting of tho Woman's Council of First Christian Church Is being called by Mrs. Jack Allen president, for Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. All circle presidents and committee chairmen arc asked to bo present. 50,000 People Can't Be Wrong Quick Relief at Small Cost ** Trial Bottle for 25c (With Applicator) Friday and Saturday Only Sufferers! Scientific Medicine Relieves Nasal Congestion, Head Colds, Stops Sneezing and Discomfort in Hay Fever, Relieves Nasal Catarrh and Sinus Trouble, Relieves Simple Bronchial Asthma and Coughs Due to Cold If you suffer with any'of the above complaint* you can have a liberal introductory bottle of a medicine with applicator which has helped many others for 25 CENTS. All you have to do is read the offer which follows: You owe this to yourself. This scientific medicine, known as Aratone has helped practically every person who has taken it. That U why we offer this trial bottle with applicator for 25 cents, because we feel that if a person is helped they will keep on using it. The regular price of Aratone is $1.00, $1.75 and $3.00. Aratone is a medicine composed of eleven ingredients. It does not contain any habit forming drugs. You can use it in a medicine dropper, an atomizer, or pour a little in your hand and snuffle it into your nose. Above all things you do not have to wait a day or an hour or two minutes to feel Aratone getting to work. Within one minute after it has entered your nasal passages you will feel it beginning to clear and open up the breathing organs. It does not do this harshly but in a soothing, cleansing, way. The medicine will not irritate. Positively not. It is healing. It is harmless. Where you have a bad Cold, Nasal Catarrh, Sinus Trouble, Simple Bronchial Asthma, or Nasal Congestion, it will start a flow of mucus that will relieve you almost immediately. In hay fever it will relieve that sneezing, stuffed-up condition. Where you have a cough due to a mean cold just spray or gargle Aratone and notice that quick relief. We claim to have no cure- all but Aratone has proven its value in, helping so many people that the least you can do is to take advantage of this liberal offer and try it. You owe this to yourself and your family. And this .o/fer is good, remember, only Friday and Saturday*,»« re*d the reft of this ^aiuiotmceinfnt and act at rr What Aratone Does t will stop the poisons which are in the nose from being carried into the rest of the body. That dripping and dropping of mucus into the stomach which cautet lots of appetite, skin eruptions, acid stomach, indigestion, and a general run-do\sTi feeling will be done away with. You know only too well if you suffer with Nasal Catarrh, Hay Fever, Sinus Trouble, Asthma, Colds or Coughs how miserable you feel. Also you know how offensive bad breath caused by nasal trouble is and how nervous and irritable you are. Aratone relieves acidity, for it is alkaline. Nine ingredients are used to make this alkaline solution. It will flush out so many impurities in your nasal passages, you will* wonder how you could have breathed at all. These impurities have been lodged there so long that when you are rid of them you will feel like a new person. Those morning headaches will disappear, sneering will stop, you'll have s good night's sleep, and above all you will get * breath of real fresh air. And that will allow Na* lure to do its work, for you will have strength to throw off attacks of these nasal troubles. It will bring you back the health you should enjoy. Aratone gets into those inflamed and swollen nasal passages and fights the congestion the moment U enters the nose. It will make you look, feel and act like a new man or woman. Get your bottle of Aratone for 25 cents (Friday and Saturday, Only) at the Hughes Drug Co., Eighteenth and "Eye." COUPON AND ONLY 25 CENTS IS good for one introductory bcftle of ARATONE NASAL MEDICINE (With Applteatori enrldge. This awakened old memories and she changed her ttlncry to Include a trip to the mountain. Her father came west to take over management of tho first mill locntod on tho mountain and was thero when the property was purchased by Whylllo nnd Dorherty. Aside from Improvements sho found llttlo changes. Kinds Memento Mrc. Roy Gardiner, daughter of tho Into John O. Hart, while exploring on Iho mountain found a. slnb with her father's mmio carved on It. with the date. She Is hopeful that the owner will permit her to have this memento. Tho Grady Cowarts had as their week end guests Mrs. Hazel Dodds ! and Charles Webster. I Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Glasgow of Taft j are preparing to close their cnbln tlio mlddlo of tho month. Knch year HOOS additional Improvements made to their place until now they have one of the most attractive In tho tract. The William Humble cabin was the. scene of a family reunion Sunday. Those seated nt dinner \vero Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dumble, Miss Lois Dumble, Miss Fay Dumble, Ross Dumble, Hob Sturdevant and Herman Difm- ble. Mr. Dumblo oxpocts to move down September 10. The Phil Shellnbnrgoi-s of Rosf-dnlo spent the last week of their vacation on tho mountain. guests over Saturday nnd Sunduy wore Mr. nnd Mrs. M. Helmforth nnd Miss Kathorlnc Curran. Miss Gladyn She.llabarger returned tu her position Monday morning. Moving Down Mr. and Mrs. Mol Brlttan nnd Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Currnn camo down during the last week, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Hob Curran nnd family returned to Bakorsfleld Sunday morning. They expect to spend the Labor Day holiday at thr-lr cabin. Mr. and Mrs. Vollx Unites nnd their niece, Miss Mario Nichols, nro j spending a few days at the bencheH. ! Labor Dnv will POO them on the mountain. They will break up camp about September IB. The Pfalsgraf cabin houses Messrs, and Mesdamcs Waller Wei- chell, Roy Gardiner, and son Melvln. They spent tho day sightseeing: nnd returned homo by tho way of Havllah and Kern canyon. Tho cabin of Dr. nnd Mrs. A. M. Tuttle Is being occupied this week by the F. L. Parker family nnd Mrs. Parker's father. R. R. Flshell. The. Tu.- tlos expect to spend the holiday nt | their cabin nnd then close It for tho ! s<tmmer. I Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Foley nnd j family spent the week end at the Glen Grant cnbln. Mr. and Mrs. Grant are spending n few dnys at thn southern benches. Guests over tho week end at tho A1 Brain cnbln wero Messrs, nnd | Mesdnmes Ray Barnhart, Roy Oil- lesple, Charles F. Brown: Mlssos Klennor Brnln. Luclllo Olllespln, I Margaret Jean Brown and Ray Oscar Barnhart. Ray Rnrnhnrt will ducted nt the home of Miss Virginia Jnmlson which Is located In I the vicinity of Woody. Mr. nnd I Mrs. Barn hart will return to tho j mountain for tho closing of tho season. Win Waltx PfUe Mr. and Mrs. Brown wcro tho winners of tho prize wait* nt the dancn given at tho lodge Saturday evening. Tho Roy Snllndny cottngo was oe- f'Conflnurd on rage \lnetecn) B1UUXILIARY 10 I Group'lo Convene on I | Member Is Honored nt i Recent Parly i To begin autumn activities, OH Center Lodge Xo. 308, Todies' Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Hallway Trainmen, will meet Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock nt Kagles' hall with Mrs. Krnm Htgglns presiding. The unit entertained yesterday at a surprise party honoring Mrs. F. W. Glass, 3021 San Emldlo street, on her birthday anniversary. I Attending wero Mesdnmes William i Illgglns, Georgo Schmidt, Harry Da! vis, C, Itannn. Harry Bench, M. i Mooro (Los Angeles), J. E. Card well, j 11. Holdrldgo, Kverett Holiday, Phil I WIlllams.L. Nichols, L. W. Holland, j J. O. Oldakor, F. J, Donnelly, Bruce ' DoVanoy, l). Kaiser. J. Carty and i S. NohulU. K, of C. Will Meet Tonight; to Take Part in Services! T5AKERSFIELD Council. Knights of Columbus, will resume weekly meetings for the fall and winter Reason tonight at 8 o'clock. Stanley Bailey, grand knight, will preside at the session to be held , at K. of C. hall. At 7:30 o'clock, the members will assemble at the funeral chapel of Doughty-Calhoun-O'Meara to take part in a rosary sen-ice for | the late Mrs. Matt Delanty. Mr. I Dclantr Is a past grand knight of the local council. fm PARLEY W.C.T.U. Annual Meeting Friday Anna Gordon Union, \V. C. T. U. will elect officers, appoint delegates to a Tafl convention September 18 and hear annual reports when members meet Friday at 2 o'clock at Calvary Baptist Church. Mrs. W. J. Ailklsson will preside. Mrs. Xair Announces Family Membership to Be Theme in Seventh District Mrs. Carl Xalr, resident of seventh district, and Mrs. Andrew Hancock, state chairman of Founders' day, have been attending a meeting of tho state board of managers which Is concluding Its session at Hotel Oaklnnrt at Oakland today. Mrs. Hancock served on tho committee of finance and budget and will finish tha week by attending a conference on origination at San JOBP. Mrs. Xalr has announced plans i for the district as being for "fam- i lly membership," R program based j on Btntn resolutions. There will be district contact, to all week assocla* ! ttons. sho announced. There will I also bo an active campaign to op- l>o»o any legislation that would cur! l.ill the state program. HA FR BA >PY RELIEF )M PAINFUL ;KACHE Caused by Tired Kidneys M»ny of tho«« gnawing, nicclog, p&lnful back&criM people ulame on eoldi or ttraina arc often oauwd by tired kliineva—and may be relieved «ben (natal In the right nay. The kidneys are Nalure'a cllef way of laldoi excen addi and potaonou* want* out of tbt blood. Moat people POM alwut 3 plnU a day or about S pound t of wmlc. If the 15 mile* of kidney tube, and filter* don't work wril, po',*mou« waate matter itaya In the blood. Theu poinnoa may mart nafzinc backaches, rheumatic palm, lumbago, leg paint, JQM of prp and energy, getting up nlgtitu, awel- ling, pufilneaa under tae eye*, headache* and distinct*. Don't wait! A«k your drunrbt for Doan'i PIU», uteri lurrettfully by mluipn* for over 40 year*. They give happy relief and will help the 16 mile* of kidney tune* flush out polaonotu vaat* from the blood. Oet Doan'a rill*. BUY or RENT Lowest Terms Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H GUITARS Small PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Uli Nineteenth St. UNDERWEAR Trimmed Rayon Bloomers, panties, brief pant>e», shorty bloomer* and vest*, AH have elastic top* and dainty lace trim- mine. 4 to 16. NEW BLOUSES Grand Values! 98 New cottons and acetate crepes in fall color* 1 For sports, dress, street wear I New collar and sleeve designs! Sizes 7 to 1(5. GIRLS' SKIRTS All Wool Hip skirts are smarter than ever this Fall! Fine flannel* in plaldi and check*. New Fall color*. Sizes 8 to 16. PENNEY'S STORE-WIDE Amoskeaa GINGHAMS Glorious "Glorianl" Ginghams GOO Yards. Just Arrived A clazr.llng selection of tho most beautiful plaid and checked ginghams we have ever oCfared. A genuine AMOSKISAG product. Oouiu In and see tho valuo lu tlii'Bo unusual ginghams; 36 Ins. wltlo. SWEATERS 49 c $2.98 A complete selection of quality swoatorn at bottom prices. All tho popular stylns and weaves. Good Blf.o range. Look them over now. Girls! Look! Regulation Gym Suits 89c Becoming one-pleco gym sulta of durable Sampson cloth. This serviceable suit la the answer to your gym suit requirements. Get two at this price. They're so easy to keep neat and smart appearing. Don't miss them. This Is a real "value opportunity." It Pays to Shop at Penney's y BOULDER PANTS 1.98 pair Sanforized, twill weave, slacks. . . . More serviceable and bolter looking than cords. Side straps, flap waistband and wide bottoms. Colors bis- cult and brown. Sco them! BOYS' SHIRTS 98c An exceptionally flno dross and school shirt. Full cut. Fast color. . . . PatteniH, plains and whites, llolh wad ran uud broadcloth.. SWEAT SHIRTS MICKEY MOUSE 49C Follows! Hero's a swelllooking: fleeco lined pullover sweat shirt tor school. Jn till colors. * Latent thing In gwcat shlrlH . . Made like polo Bhlrta. Fleece- lined . . Swell solid colorings and u picture of POPEYC 79c Fancy Scarfs 1UC each Guy. tolorful triangle urarfs. Tho finishing touch tn a nmiirl r< hciul fntrmlilf 1'lulilN, plalnn and craohba In all colorH. CHUdren'g ANKLETS 19c pair Clever little pattern* In durable school luikleU. Color* to compliment any cn«emlil«. Look Die in over. ! ! A New Shipment ! ! 435 Dainty Sunny Tucker •V* DRESSES 98 -eh A complete new group of these popular print dresses . . . Lovely designs, every one . . princess styles, two- piece effects, sailor models. Just in time to complete your girls' school wardrobe. Sizes 6 to 16. Got yours while the selection Is complete. STORE HOURS 8:00 A. M. TO 6:00 P. M. Men! HerSt quality! TROUSERS '3.98 Qiole* fabrics, hand picked for their smartness and durability! Up-to-date styling! Se« them! Men's Towncraft OXFORDS 2.98 Suitable for school, dress or business. Goodyear welt shoe of quality black side leather. All leather sole. Neat and comfortable. 1014 BAKER 2018 CHESTER PENNEY COMPANY II C O

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