Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on August 28, 1966 · Page 13
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 13

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 28, 1966
Page 13
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SUNDAY. AU6UST 21, 1M6 ANDERSON SUNDAY HERALD Contract •jr ••wwd i«li«nfc«« MMI BMurtf L. Grow HM By HOWARD SCHENKEN AND RICHARD L. FREY Every experienced declarer knows that if he must lose a trump trick it will usually be good play to lose it as early as possible, while he still controls the hand. To do that on today's deal, South had to make an unusual play in trumps. Y.I: NORTH (D) N-S * Q 3 VAK8 OQ106 *AKJ97 WEST EAST * A 5 4KJ1094 V 6 4 3 <? Q 5 2 «J875 OK94S » 8 3 3 2 * 10 SOUTH 48762 <? J 10 9 7 <> A 2 4Q64 The bidding: Nortk East Son* West 1* 1* 2* P.s. 14 P.9S 37 PM. t<7 AUP«m Opening lead; Spade ac* cash a ipade. Th« hand will I beset. Winning pla; lay is to ith the tru ruff at East's one spade overcaLl would shut some N-S teams out of the heart spot, but North made a good move when he counter - attacked with two spades. This type cue-bid used considered forcing to tut an improved teeh- to be game, nique allows the cue-bidder to drop the bidding if partner cannot show some sign of strength. Thus, if South, on a different hand, had bid only three clubs over North's two spade bid, North could have passed. On his actual hand, South had a trifle to spare, and the borderline game contract was reached. West opened ace and another spade and East played a third round, on which West threw a club. If declarer ruffs routinely with dummy's spade eight, he is in trouble. The trump queen does not drop twice, so he is faced with the problem of drawing the third round of trumps without letting the defense DON'T MOVE n HP ROOM Room Additions Remodeling Planning to modernize your home this year? Take advantage of c Planning and Financing Service. Free Estimates 60 Months To Pay Plenty Off Strut Parking ETERSEN^r •CumfectO 1701 Ohio AVI. Phon. 644.8891 continuing with the eight spoi and overtaking in the South hand. If the trump queen appears, the rest is easy. If East does not put up the queen, South ruffs his last spade on the table. Now the club queen is an entry to the closed hand for •a trump lead and trumps can be drawn provided they break 3-3. N-S vulnerable, the bidding has gone: West, Pass, 1 spade; North, Pass, 2 hearts; East, 1 diamond, Pass; South, l heart, 'South holds: S: A K H: J 9 7 6 5 4 3 D: 6 4 C: A 8. What should he bid? For answer, see Tuesday's hand. HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK Dish Cement A handy homemade cement j for broken dishes can be concocted by melting powdered alum in a spoon over a gas flame, then while this is still! hot, rub it over the edge ofi the two pieces you want toj stick together, pressing- them together, and letting dry. Such mended articles can be washed in hot Water, too. I have before me two recen letters from readers which : think add up to a column tha will interest most of my read ers. The first one says, "Ji would be nice if you wouk someday outline how to give oneself a facial massage." The other says, "I am 40 rears old and I am doing every- Mng I can to remain as youtn- 'ul looking as possible. Here is he routine for my skin care Please tell me if I am leaving anything out I should be doing. I have plenty of time to do whatever is necessary to keep my complexion youthful. "When I get up in the morn- rig, I apply cleansing cream. Then I remove that with a wet loth. After that I apply a lubri- ating cream and massage it in rigorously. I stroke upward on my cheeks with good deep movements about 20 times on ach cheek. Then I remove the ream and again rinse with hot water. Then I pat my face all ver to bring up circulation and lap my jaws. Removes Makeup "At night I again remove my makeup and apply a lubricating ream and go through the same outine I used in the morning, igorous massage on the cheeks. ifter removing the cream, rub an eye cream all around my eyes. I do this thoroughly am frustrated because I don't ook any better after being aithful with this care for six months. In (act I think I loo older. Maybe it's just catching up with me." It's a wonder this reader poor face isn't worn to a nu I don't believe in facial ma sage unless it is done by ; expert except in certain are, and done in a certain way. T most important thing is not stretch the skin or break dow he fatty deposits beneath it. iiink women do more harm than good when using vigoroi massage. In my opinion, and that some experts, it is best to p the cream into the face gent and then take care to remoy t with as little rubbing or fri ion as possible. It is very beneficial to mas lage gently with the fingertip using a rotary motion, alon the lines at the comers of th eyes and on the forehead (a er applying an oily cream). If you would like to have m eaflet "Your Outer Coating send a stamped, self-addressee envelope with your request fo t to Josephine Lowman. Anyone desiring to communicate with Josephine Lowman may reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, Des Moines, la. MORE WINDOWS WASHINGTON - There ar tiree times more widows thai widowers in the U.S. When Mailing Coins mailing coins with TELEVISION SCHEDULE letter, one efficient way to do :his is to cut a large corner n an enevelope, slip the coins inside this, fold it, staple it to the letter in such a way that the staple holds the coins inside. Faded Handwriting Faded handwriting on japer can be restored by mois- ening the paper and brushing over it with a solution of sul- ihohydric ammonia. 6-NBC WFBM - WISH Symbol C Below Denote* Program In Color 13-ABC WLW-I USA (C) USA (C) Christopher Program Looking Around Cadle Chapel Cadle Chapel HOW CAN I? Looking Around ISP LiKhl Time Q. What can I do about wall- oper that has loosened and come away from the wall? A. Mix a paste of flour and water thin enough to be picked up in a medicine dropper. If the bulge in the paper is at a seam, gently lift the edge of the paper with a paring knife and squirt paste underneath. If the bulge is in the middle of a sheet of paper, puncture the paper at the top of the bulge so that the tip of the medicine! dropper can be inserted. Rub' the area gently with a damp sponge or cloth to smooth the! paper and remove the excess! paste. Q. How can I prevent the formation of a "skin" over myj freshly-mixed starch solution? : A. After you've prepared your starch, cover the bowl I with a piece of cloth stretched tight. Q. How can I improvise a >adding under my carpets if ij don't have the real thing? A. With several layers of lewspaper. One excellent -fca- ure of this kind of padding is hat the moths detest the smell if printer's ink! WISHING WELL Registered U. S. Patent Office. 2 A 8 H T" P E 3 I £ C 3 L 8 B ,t S TS 4 B D t C i E 3 A '/ U 2 T C S C a s •l J 2 G 5 U 4 A :i D I 2 N t> I '< Y 6 A 5 A O 8 O n V 7 O T Y 4 O P t R. 4 E X M 2 G 5 Y 2 A 4 R 0 O 5 I E n T 3 J 3 T J E t> P S B 4 D S C 7 R V O 4 R 3 N A B 3 ' P 5 O 2 N 8 E b H 4 S 7 S 0 S 7 O 4 U S R G 2 O 6 A A S 2 I 8 E W 2 B V 4 U 7" Y 3 U 6 G S I 8 R 6 B S E 6 H ITERE is a pleasant little game that will give you u message * *• every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and rheck every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then road the message the letters under the checked figures pive you. £-29 © 1566, by William J. Mitlrr. Distributed by Kinf F««um Syndicate. Inc. PAOI 41 four B.l» r AIM! Mine by Myrtle M«yw CI1ILDS ABILITIES Dear Mrs. Eldred: Today, schools are giving fast learners every chance to mova aflead to more interesting work. Meanwhile, children, who could e fast learners, are being rowded into slow classes and losing precious time they never will regain _ simply because no one ever took the time to develop their abilities. 'he child must suiter for the parent's negligence and indif- erence. Also, it is so humiliat- ng for a child to be told by the er ttat he * " the slow THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW .by Fngoiy 8t Shorten ^THEN ME BATTLES THE HIGH COST OF LIVING- C OTHER PEOPLE'S}, BOSSO IS PATRIOTIC TO THE CORE — A RAISE? ARB you MAP??TME" PRESIDENT EXPECTS US ALL TO F|GHT INFLATION.' AN EXTI?A DOLLAR IM/ VOUI? PAY ENVELOPE WOULP BE ////)/// DANGEROUS TO • -^ //1 - / THC ECONOMY! < -4 CARLtf.COlEMAti zsar/utiw'sr. ALLfHTCWUM, Holsum BEETLE BAILE By MORT WALKER BO// WHAT A OW/ DO VtXJ •VER «EE A D«/ID AVkTM THIS, BMTIE? W«LL, THEM MUM THEMV IC*M» DOWN wrm MUMP* AMP CHICKED PCX AT THE S4W6 TIME BARNEY GOOGI E AND SNUFFY SMITH By FRED LASSWELL BALIS O'FIRE" COULOM'T THEV PICK OUT A NAME THAT WJUZN'T SO AU- FIRED COMMON)? OZELLA JUNE? TH' BARLOWS JEST GOT A BRAND-NEW VOUNG-UN, LOWEEZV- A LEETLE NINE-POUND SAL!! By CHICK YOUNG HE STANDS ON ONE L.ES ANB FLAPS HIS WINGS WILDLY AMD EMITS A SHRILL WHISTLE BLONDG-.SUESS HOW THE MALE RUPFEO GROUSE ATTRACTS THS FEMALE THOW? , 7:00 Silent 7:13 Silent 7:30 Silent 7:45 Silenl By ALEX RAYMOND WELL,/MARION'S. LEAVING XNP ARMITA6E LOOKS VERY PLEASEP WITH HIM? SELF. HE MUST HAVE SIVEN HER THE STOCK TIP HEWS 1EUINS- «E ^V ABOUT... AH, OUR YOLWS LADY IS ALREADY CHANSER, SHE COE5N'T WASTE ANY TIME. Silent Silent Sacred Heart Religion The Answer Herald of Truth (C) Gospel Singing TV Church Jubilee ~ ':00 Silent i:15 Silent :.10 Silent :45 Silent Challenge Challenge Kaith for Today fC) THIS SCAMPS AS IF IT WILL, BE ONE OF THE BEST HANP51 EVER DEALT MYSELF. HAVE TO SET THIS MESSASE OFF RISHTAWAY. SUNDAY AFTERNOON Movie Real Estate Movie Show Focus On Face the Nation Faith Face the Nation This Is Your City Perspective on Greatne Perspective on Greatness Sports Spectacular HOW TO YOU LIKE OLP-FASHION HOOPSKIPT? SUNDAY EVENING Raiders vs. Twentieth Broncos Century News. Weather. Little Margie Sports Little Margie Playhouse 6 Playhouse 6 W. Disney (C) W. Disney (C) Voyage (C) Voyage (C) Voyage (C) Voyage fC) MISTER BREGER Ed Sullivan (C) Ed Sullivan (C) Ed Sullivan (C) EdJiulIiyanJC) Perry Mason Perry Mason Perry Mason Perry Mason Preview Tonight (C) Preview Tonight (C) Movie Movie Movie Movie THE LITT&E WOMAN Step This Waj Step This Way WHliam~!\ Buckley William F. Buckley Wackiest Ship (C) Wackiest Ship fC) Channel Chuckles Profile 300 • Choose White or Copper • Double Oven • Smart Built-in Look Convenience NOW SEE THE FUll TAPPAN LINE OF RANGES GAS — ELECTRIC "He took this course in can read 1,500 speed reading and now he words a minute." Auto Insurance Company, Dear Sirs: Please suspend my insurance because—" Relax — Save — Every Day In Herald - Bulletin Classified Ads LAFF-A-DAY 23rd X COLUMBUS AVE. 14th and MAIN ST. MOUNDS MALL TRAVEL BUREAU OPEN EVENINGS "The patients recovered buf the program died." Ratio's They'll Do It Every Time ® NO BETTER CAR DEALS CHAUNCEV. VENDETTA- THOUGHT THEY'P NEVER A N Y W H E R E THAN NOW AT HUNTER CHEVROLET YOU'LL BE SORRY IF YOU DON'T DEAL NOW LOOK UNCLE CUFF! |) Kinf F..IU,,. SynJfc.,,. Inc.. 1966. Wo.U ,,,., V ,J. "How long is your vacation in dollars and cents'" RID OF ONF. SET RELATIVES 1 HERE WE GO AGAIN ••• 1 1 V-f '• ( ' n m x*>- K ' ' \ 4 " - A ft KEN JASON " W'PL' tXJNN * Aj&l&S tS Mtomvoop m. '—U . KOMKON ' aSgF (3OHA33ET, MAG anr .~-"; — V worse ** teacher appoints a fast reader to help the slow ones. The smart reader s ego shows, and the slow eader feel inferior. This is so Take Time Why, oh why, don't parents ake time to teach their children the alphabet and .num. lers? This can be done by sing- ng, poetry and ways to amusa and hold the child's interest, vhat a disadvantage for a child o start to school when the par- nts have not taught him anything before he goes. Many veil-educated parents don't ave the time or the patience. A Mother There are two schools of wught about whether or not a hild should be taught school u b j e c t s before he goes to chool. What he does need to now are all the facts and real- ies of life. He should be talked o from the day he is born and ead to, from the time he is one ear old. He needs to hear good music, e should be learning every ay what is the right thing to •> and what is wrong. He lould be made self-sufficient so hat he can dress himself, comb is hair, wash his teeth, blow is. nose, put on is coat and ubbers or overshoes. What the parent should give im every day of his life is her nterest. When a child says, Looky, Mommy," she should oky. She should make an ad- liring comment about what he doing and thus pave the way or any criticism of how to ba ven more successful. The child who is ignored be- iuse he isn't bothering anyone also not learning anything, e is receiving no stimulus hich will make it possible for im to be a fast learner when e goes to school. Please read morrow's column which elab- ates on this subject. For information on how the hool child eats, send for Mrs. Idred's helpful booklet "The chool Child's Food and F o o d abits." To obtain your copy nd 25 cents and a stamped, If-addressed envelope with our request to Myrtle Meyer Idred. Tomorrow: "Child's Play." Anyone desiring to communicate with Myrtle Meyer Eldred can reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, Des Moines, la. 'ROBLEM A DAY What is the length of t v .e wire tMt csn ' a retched in a t i g h t, straight -ne inside a room that is 22 eet long, 14 feet wide, and 9 et high? Answer 27.58 (plus) feet. The wire ould extend from the flocr in e corner to the ceiling in the agonally opposite corner of e room. Add the squares of , 14, and 9; extract squara ot of result. , MIS OWN SIZE-58 BELT • ''-- AS CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD I SUGGKr WE VOTE. OURSELVES A 30??PAY INCREASE nUS 20r-FOR eXPENSE6!TMI5 IS •4EEPEP BECAUSE OF THE HIGH COST OF LIVING-. SIWCERELY YOURS " of-twist WHITI ENRICHED IRiAD

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