The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 28, 1963 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1963
Page 2
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«WI^ |» THE OTTAWA HERALD ^™ Thursday, March 28, 1963 Can Smash A Putter And Putt With It, Too By WILL GRIMSLEY .Associated Press Sports Writer ' NEW YORK (AP) - American ingenuity, which has split the jitom, put man in orbit and planted Telestar in the heavens, now 4ias come up with the ultimate in scientific achievement—a release valve for the agitated golfer. The secret is the expendable putter. In a maniacal rage, you can smash it to splinters. Then, with -a flick of the wrist you can re- ijstore the club to good health and 'continue about your business. This dream gadget of the short- tempered golfer is not a gimmick. It is the design of established golf ^engineers and the project of one of the country's leading sporting goods manufacturers, parent company of the firm that makes Ben Hogan's clubs. "We have put out several hundred and they have been gobbled up like pancakes," said the designing engineer, Ben Holdemess of New York. "We intend to put them on the mass market." The unique implement is called the Temper Tamer. It consists of a heavy brass blade, a leather grip and three shafts. The shafts can be screwed interchangeably into the blade and grip. One of the shafts is made of strong laminated wood. It is la- belled "permanent." It would be hard to crack with a sledgehammer. The other two are of fragile maple, firm enough for putting purposes but weak enough to snap like match sticks under duress. They are clearly marked "breakable." It's the latter two which take the punishment for a flubbed putt across the knee or against a tree. The price of the original putter is $30, complete with one unbreakable and two expendable shafts. Spares may be bought in lots of three for $4.95. That's $1.65 a crack. Holderness said he got the idea from a golf cartoon which showed a steamed-up golfer trying to break one of the modern steel- shafted clubs. He was complaining: "Why don't they make a club that will break?" \Bowting Roundup High 10 For Sue; High 30 For Ruth • Two of Ottawa's better women howlers were pitted against each jother last night, and one came through with the best series and Jme other the best line. They met ?n the Wednesday Night Ladies •League at the Royal T Lanes. ; Ruth Carlson rolled a 509 in fcer anchor spot on the Peoples •National Bank team. Sue Wol- Jjast, also anchonvoman, notched ! Sees Rough [Going For * ; Roland • I COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - "The JManeater," student newspaper at 'the University of Missouri, said •in an editorial Wednesday it fears jihe university's committee on stu- jlent conduct will be harder on jlohnny Roland, star football halfback, than on another student in ^he same trouble. I Roland is to appear before the committee this week. He paid a J&50 fine last week on a malicious Jnischief charge involving the Iheft of two tires and wheels from jm automobile. : The newspaper quoted Roland is saying he has not reported for ypring football practice at the "suggestion of coach Dan Devine. Roland was an all-Big Eight selection last year as a sophomore. ^ Devine announced Monday Roland was not out for practice but declined to say whose decision it was. He declined to comment on the "Maneater" editorial. + GILLETTE ^ '^ Super Power Bar A + Tractor Tires • J See Us for J J FAST, EFFICIENT J J TIRE SERVICE J J on All Tractors! J J HO West 4th St T T Right Down Town T <•>€_-. f Fire & + * Jam S Supply, lac, I J CH 3-4436 J a 224 line in her 507 series for Wright's Studio. The studio five claimed a 3-1 victory over the bank girls and kept their wide lead in the league. Second-place Moore's Chevrolet beat Romstedt's Grocery, 3-1, to stay in the race. Wright's record is 89-31; Moore's, 77 1 /6-42 1 / 2 . Owen Ogle beat all bowlers last night, posting a 582 for Colby's Furniture, 4-0 winner over Hank's Sinclair in the Booster League at the Royal T. Game honors went to D. Wie neke who put a 236 into his 565 for Bienie's Garage, 3-1 winner over Western Auto in the Twilight League at the Ottawa Bowl. Other high scorers were C. Terry. 579 with a 218 for the Knights, of Columbus No. 3 team which split 2-2 with Royal T in the Booster League; Mueller with 564 for the No. 1 Knights, 3-1 winner Booster over K of C No. 2, and P. Freeden who rolled a 560 for his Shoes team which split 2-2 with Blakesley in the Commercial League at the Ottawa Bowl. Other team results and individual scores in the Ottawa Bowl leagues appear elsewhere in today's sports section. Here are team results and high individual scores in the Royal T leagues: LADIES Towner's—3 High 10-30 — A. Nutt, 178-J58 Kansas State B»nk—1 High 10-30 — H. Llegerot, 1B2-485 Petrex of Texad—1 High 10 — H. Ogle, 165 High 30 — N. Lollar, 462 Seller Studio—0 High 10-30 — M. Buss. 143-387 Wright's Studio—3 High 10-30 — S. Wolgast, 224-507 Peoples National Bank—1 High 10-30 — R. Carlson, 188-509 Moore'* Chevrolet—3 High 10-30 — Jones, 163-463 Bomstedt'f Grocery—1 High 10-30 — V. Dengel, 163-430 Meadow Gold—3 High 10 — A. Smith, 165 High 30 — I. Honn. 466 First National Bank—1 High 10-30 — N. Fritts. 155-441 BOOSTER ille'»—3 High 10-30, K. Mille. 180-497 Bobertson Motor—1 High l'J-30 — R. Spall, 178-453 Colby Furniture—I High 10-30 — Ogle, 207-582 Rank's Sinclair—(I High 10 — Howe. 169 High 30 — Letter. 421 K of C No. 1—3 High 10-30 — Mueller, 193-564 K of C No. 3—1 High 10-30 — Fr. Beler, 212-552 Princeton—3 High 10-30 — Stockard. 174-483 Kitty Clover—1 High 10-30 — D. Bell, 202-530 |K of C No. S—3 | High 10-30 — C. Terry, 218-578 1 Boyal T Lanes—1 High 10-30 — Wolgast, 193-550 Weeb May Or May Not Coach Titans NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Titans,- or Gothams, or whoever they are, may have a new coach. It may be Weeb Ewbank. On the other hand, they may not have a new coach. In which case it isn't Weeb Ewbak. At least at the moment. Besides, Ewbank isn't sure he wants the job. "Premature and unfounded" Ewbank said in Baltimore Wednesday of a report that be had been named head coach of the American Football League team. "We are still considering several candidates," said David A. (Sonny) Werblin, head of the syndicate which recently laid out $1 million for the right to operate the bankrupt club. Werblin has said he plans a complete house-cleaning of the Titans, which probably means a new general manager as well as 'lead coach. Clyde (Bulldog) Turner has a year to go on a head coaching contract which calls for $20,000 a year. This probably will be bought up. George Sauer, general manager under former owner Harry Wismer, will be retained as road secretary. Ewbank coached the Baltimore Colts of the National Football League from 1954 until he was fired last season. He won league championships in 1958 and 1959 and was NFL Coach of the Year in 1958. EVERYONE... BUT EVERYONE READS THE HERALD ! CLASSIFIED ADS. DO YOU? See Wide Open Azalea Scramble WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP)-The $20,000 Azalea Open Golf Tournament, which has produced three playoffs in the last five years, begins its 15th staging today with the absence of a clear cut favorite making it possible that more overtime play will be required to determine the winner. The tournament has been passed up by the elite of the touring professional clan, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, who are looking ahead to nert week's Augusta Masters. Only one of the current 10 leading money winners and five of last year's top 15 are here. This absence of dominant figures on the 6,651-yard, par 72 Cape Fear Country Club course should make for a wide-open scramble. ALL-STATER AND HIS FANS - Wayne Cranwell, an all-state basketball selection at Melvern High, is pictured with two of his best fans, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Cranwell. (Herald Photo) All Melvern Ached Over One Sore Toe By A. I. VAN CLEAVE MELVERN — Melvern is a sports town, and when Wayne Cranwell's toe, the middle one on the right foot, started hurting after the first week of basketball practice back in the winter a lot of people felt an ache. Not the ' least was Melvern High Coach Gene Otis who had only Cranwell back in the way of experience from his 1962 state Cl?s. B championship team. "I didn't know whether we could count on him there for awhile," said Otis. As it turned out, Otis could depend a great deal on Wayne. The 6-foot, 1% inch farm boy sparked the Panthers through first-place victories in the Osage County League and Tournament, the Class BB^'district tourney at Richmond and the regional at Greeley. Right on into the state tourney where the Panthers dropped their opener to Sylvia in a squeaker. Cranwell made the all-tournament team at Dodge City, darned unusual for a man on a team beaten out in an opener, Butts-Bryant Case 'Matter' Of Ethics ATLANTA (AP) - Records show that Wallace Butts made telephone calls to persons who had been involved in gambb'ng on college sports events, "but there is no evidence that Butts was engaged in gambling," Atty. ;Gen. Eugene Cook of Georgia says. Cook said Wednesday that he had found no violation of state law in alleged telephne conversions between Butts, former Georgia athletic director, and football coach Paul Bryant of Alabama. The Georgia attorney general, who is investigating charges that Butts and Bryant conspired to rig the Georgia-Alabama football game last fall, indicated that final deposition of the case would be up to the Southeastern Conference as an ethical, not legal, matter. At Birmingham, Ala., SEC Commissioner Bernie Moore said he is calling a meeting of the conference executive committee. But he said it might be a month before the members could get together. "I am not calling the meeting because of Butts and Bryant," Moore said. "Of course, if we get the meeting, it will be discussed." The commissioner said he was still investigating the charges against Butts and Bryant "and I will present my findings to the executive committee." OTTAWA BOWL 41SV 2 N. Main Phone CH 2-9741 COMMERCIAL Fredecn Shoes— t 1st 2nd P. Predeen ....... 178 176 B. Parks .......... 126 117 E. Elder .......... 127 156 B. Lister .......... 158 169 A. Coaus .......... 145 151 Blakesley'i Citiei Serv.— ? E. Honn ........ 156 166 W. Cromwell ...... 121 114 H. Linneman ..... 166 154 T. Adams ........ 151 165 D. Dillon ....... 147 170 Crltes Body Shop— 4 E. Wise ........... 125 133 B. Weidner ....... 142 153 W. Hozen ........ 172 172 3rd Ttl. 206 560 136 375 74 357 158 486 118 415 181 503 156 381 174 484 178 484 186 503 165 433 176 470 168 512 142 433 161 507 O. Morrison ....... 154 137 R. Crltes ...... 178 16* Tudd's Mobile Homes— 0 H. Kramer ........ 158 174 171 503 J. Todd ........... 135 138 143 406 R. Shofner ........ 175 128 168 472 J. Doty ........... 133 184 174 410 B. Wenthe ........ 167 213 161 541 Texaco — I R. Page .......... 160 211 178 550 F. Simmons ...... 154 188 154 506 R. Duffield ........ 154 172 157 483 A. Knoeppel ....... 173 175 186 534 O. Dunkln ....... 173 173 140 486 Keriley Cowboys— 0 B. Lewis .......... 151 134 116 401 D. Skilllng ........ 153 164 116 433 D. Toumberlin .. .. 149 156 124 42S E. Ferguson ....... 158 134 134 436 C. Kersley ........ 125 123 173 410 TWILIGHT LEAGUE Bennett Cry. No. 3—1 1st 2nd 3rd Ttl. D. Hall 157 181 202 540 D. Stoneklng 103 123 114 340 F. Heckman 106 130 180 386 J. Moody ISO 310 303 573 M. Miller 155 137 138 430 Ottawa Bui SerT.—3 D. Smay 161 180 166 507 B. Oll'.iland 130 138 135 384 F. Dlsque 188 148 175 511 B. Flggins 181 1W 188 585 Western Auto—I I. McFadden 148 148 138 433 J. Swlnehart 143 143 143 428 H. McFadden Ill 105 118 334 C. McFadden 123 203 172 487 H. Linneman 180 168 133 493 Bienie's Carafe * Body Skop—3 V. Blen 167 180 135 492 G. Bowen 148 135 196 479 D. Wieneke 179 ISO 236 565 D. Killion 156 158 1M 480 L. Bten 303 144 148 494 Bob's Clothes—! Rodgers 136 143 158 436 G. Foster 175 13* 131 444 A. Miller 162 141 117 430 M. Pierson 157 153 134 443 S. Deyore 313 183 137 533 Milkers—1 C. Frltts 183 187 150 499 Honn 147 169 176 493 Powell 178 141 166 415 Mack 168 179 167 514 Conrad 154 138 135 428 Exhibition Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wednesday's Results New York A 7, Minnesota 6 New York N 6, St. Louis 4 Cincinnati 6, Los Angeles N 0 Chicago A 3, Washington 0 Milwaukee 6, Detroit 1 Philadelphia 9, Kansas City 2 Los Angeles A 4, Boston 3 Chicago N 12, Cleveland 11 Tacoma, PCL 10, San Francisco 9 Scoreboard COLLEGE RESULTS Baseball Warrensburg State 9, William Jewell 8 Track Pittsburg State 120&, Springfield State 24% Hutchinson Junior College 74, Wichita Freshmen 48 Abilene Christian 87, Colorado 58 Tennis Oklahoma 5, Air Force Academy 2 Pittsburg State 5, William Jewell 4 and was chosen on a newspaper's All-State Class BB team. i Wayne went to see a doctor about that toe, and an X-ray was made. The toe bone was split. "Someone must have been standing on it when I jumped," said Wayne. He didn't know the toe was so seriously damaged at the time. Wayne, 17-year-old senior, missed Melvern's first two games, with Quenemo and Americus. Then he came back to average better than 20 points per game the rest of the season of 22 wins and throe losses. Wayne is one of the many fine athletes coming out of Melvern High during the past five years under Otis. He's a 4-year basketball letterman. He won the school numeral as a football end in his sophomore year but suffered a leg injury and gave up the game. He letters in track and claims a 21.2 in the 180 low hurdles; 16.6 in the 120 high hurdles, and 19 feet, 8 inches, in the broad jump. Says Otis: "Wayne is one of the best shooters I've ever had. He's a fine student and real fine basketball player." The chance is good that Craft well will join other Melvem boys, Darrell Schultz and Gary Patterson at Emporia State Teachers College. "They've talked to me," said Wayne. Schultz was post man on last year's state championship team and played with this year's Emporia State freshman team. Patterson was All-CIC at E-State this season. During Otis' five seasons at Melvern he has placed second in the regional twice and went on to the state twice. Wayne is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Cranwell who lived four miles north of Melvern. A "B" student in high school, he plans to study business adminstration at college. FOR SALE! I960 Oldsmobile 4-Dr. Hardtop Locally owned - Low milage - real clean See the following •I BURCH II Trade- ins 4-row International Corn Planter, rubber tires. 3-Section International Rotary Hoe. Two, 4-section Rotary Hoes. 3-Section International Drag Harrow ... and many others. Ask For a Demonstration of "BURCH" Tools in Field comparison - Save on Low direct factory -• dealer carload prices! Dennis Auto Co. 31 S West Wilson Cyclones Claim Thirteen Firsts Scoring an overwhelming, victory margin over the Garnett thinclads yesterday afternoon, Coach Orb's Cox's Cyclone track- men scampered off with 13 of 16 possible first places to bring home the first win of the 1963 track season, 15544; Cox, exhibiting usual coach's dissatisfaction with the opening performance,, cast a wary eye over the'times of his charges and exclaimed, "We got lots of work to do." Although the head mentor felt a need for improvement, he still offered a few compliments on the performance of his Reds. "We have no real strong points yet, but we had a fair javelin and broad jump. We got a good pole vault from Charles Bowling and Lester (Edwards) did well in the hurdles for this early in the year and no more experience than he has." Lester, in his first year as a trackman, took first place in two hurdle events and was second in the high jump. He also ran on the mile relay team to give him top honors as the high scorer of the meet with 15% points. The second high scorer, Roy Dunn, utilized his strong right arm to take three first places in the shot, discus and javelin to amass 15 points in a strong second place finish. Jerry Turley, a transfer student from Parsons, churned out a first place in the broad jump and the 100-yard dash, along with a third in the 220. He also ran on the winning mile relay team for 14 points and was third high scorer. Other first place finishes went to Craig Davis in the mile; Roger Ferguson in the 440; Wayne Parker in the 880, and Bowling in the pole vault. Final Score: Ottawa 155 Garnett 64. Here are the summaries, with individuals listed in the order of their platings and the winner's time. 0 is for Ottawa, G. for Garnett 120-yard high hurdles: Edwards (0), Doran (G), Meyer (G), Marmon (G), Presley (0); Timt — 16.8. 100-yard dash: Turley (0), Carter, (G), Woodward (0), Henry (0), Altic (0); Time - 10.7. Mile: Davis (0), O'Dea (0), Langdon (0), Hagarty (0), Foxx (0); Time — 5:04.8. 880 relay: Ottawa's Motelet, Altic, Turley and Woodward; Time - 1:38.. 440 yard: Ferguson (0), Gray (0), Maloney (0), BonJour (0), Miller (G); Time - 56.2. 180 low hurdles: Edwards (0), Shotwell' (0), McKnight (G), Time — 22.9. 880 yard: Parker (0), Doman (0), Park (0), Dunbar (G), Beasley (G); Time — 2:16.2. Medley: Garnett, Ottawa's second-place crew included Woods, Motelet, Henry and Winchester; Time — 4:04.5. 220 yard: Carter (G), Woodward (0), Turley (0), BonJour (0), Altic (0); Time - 23.8. Mile relay: Ottawa's Shepard, Edwards, Bowling and Williams; lime - 4:00.9. Shot put: Dunn (0), Meyer (G), Saathoff (0), Wheeler (0). Green (0); Distance — 45 feet, five and three-eighths inches. Duscus: Dunn (0), Meyer (G), Saathoff (0), Wheeler (0), Green (0); Distance — 116 feet, three and one-half inches. Javelin: Dunn (0), Snider (0), Dorn (G), Motelet (0), O'Dea (0); Distance - 157 feet, 11 inches. Pole Vault: Bowling (0), ti« for second among Ottawa's Presley, Mavity and Henry, Anderegg (G); Height - 12 feet. High Jump: McKnight (G). Edwards (0), tie for third among Garnett's Fishburn and Marmon and Ottawa's Murray and Park; height — 5 feet, 3 inches. Broad Jump: Turley (0), Carter (G), Woodward (0), Ahring (G), Bowling (0), Distance — 20 feet, six and one-half inches. For Insurance On dwellings, household goods, buildings and automobQv See Dean Berlin, Agent 100 E. Second Phone CH 2-2804 VUUNT SUES ARE NLCOMNUR &mm SUES WE (Why?) One good reason: Valiant prices now start lower than Falcon or Corvair! Surprised to hiar it? You're not alone. Valiant makes a lot of people think it costs more than it really does. Valiant's fresh new styling and rich-looking interiors givt the impression of high price. But check the Manufac- furor's Suggested Retail Prices. Valiant costs less than its closest competitors. We'll be glad to show you! *From latest available national sales figures of 1963 models in comparison with 1962 models. BOB WHITE MOTOR CO. 118 8. Hickory, Ottawa, Kansas CH

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