The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 6
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• . -, -.' - -; .--•-- „--.."» \ ii - '• •' - .'/ ,; \ , -, . - - '••'-.- ~ * ~ '' ? •• " " r ' l \ L ^ "•" ' n * L ' - '. -f , -. ' n .1 ' L ™l " ' •'-',.'.' ' ' * " i'r r . • 1 . *VS($;?.y . ? £C^ .''-"'• - • * ' ' - ' * ,- ! - ' . ' , ' . ,' ' ..."''' "' •- . - • - ' - - I , , .' ', ' . ' " •'•;.• •'- ',• ': ' • • - • , ; "• • * . . *' i j ' * • i ^ "• j i . . fj • . BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, ^p^P^^p^p^PV^VV^BIpl^^VH^Vp^^^^p^^H^^^P^^^P^^^^^P^^^HBP^P^^^V^4pHBVI^^B4^^^P^P^^^P^p^p^P^pV^^^^V'^B^^P^^^P^^P^p^p^^^VP^^BV^P^^^P^^^P^^^P^p^^P^P^pl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J P^^^^^^^^P^^^^^P^^P^^^PP^P^P^^^^^^^P^^P^P^P^^P^^P^P^^^P^^P^^^^^^^P^P^P^^PP^^^P^^P^P^^^P^^P^^^^^P^^^P^PP^^^^^^P^^^^P^^^^P^P^^^P^^^^^^^^P^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^P^P^^^^^^^^ r^v^'f" -^•-•'^ '- v - 'fr " A lI: 'k*rVl/* '"0 ,Al-.V,'* '*0.'.', , ?,~ ^' ' r ' L. * ,: - !- , <• '•-,''•-•", '- >• - - ' ' r • •l ' I * ' ' • - ' - HEPTEMUIJR n r _.| Efe^^^^^^^J^^^^^^^*±|f«±«u£^^^^k_£j^£^^^^^^^^£^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^p^^^^^P^^^^rP^P^^^^P^p^P^^p^^^^P^P^P^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^PP^^^P^^^^p^PP^P^P^^P^P^PP^P^P^P^P^PJ P^^lltP^ • :^v : vi>':'.:'^^;^'^- C' : - V.. -/'' - =.|-,'-V^ .:'.; v<v, -•: • :. , ',- -.:•" j-.; • » -' -; ' • , ,i •' - L h' . • - r . ', - - • , •- r •'-' * •• i ' • -• ':'- - * - . • . . ' -.-"', • ->.-•" i - --.. i '.. ' ~ , - - " . - . • -j . * *- -? . • - . ' - - - - - • m - .•,:'-•• ' . , - * - • ' -' : - - - . , . . - . - • • . ' -- • . ' . ' . -..-•- r '•:*-V \.,..: ^ ^i-".----. J •-'"•• ,•',,*.- fi -;-;.- /'-."•; I v '- I - . - . f < • -.-'-- .-. + •' •A--? - '- ' i,,'* "- " -'*• - .^:-: ' j •' i -.<- ^ i -t J ' UICMGUOVK, Kept. 3. "Mr. and MTH. .UimoH Hunim loft on TuoMl;iy morning l»y nulomobllo for a t \vo \vpf»kH' vacation which will tnl<o them tn Stockton, Pacific Urovo and other roiiNi point*. Mrs. AV M. U'hltoNklo and flovon children motomtl to I villo on Saturrlny afl'-rnnon to nhn|> and nnjoi' tlin ihoator. Mr and Mrn H (.'. Trtplolt, tin- MlRSPfi Alloo Miif- Stuhr nnd Miiry- lotilnn NnllHpn roturnnd homo THOB- day from a four-day husln«*s and MiHiiro trip lo Hitnla Marhara and L I I Mr. nnd MrH. f'harlon M. Ila«HOtt have reinrnod from H roc*»nt trip to PaNHdonn. whoto they vlwltod with Mr«. HuwHott'B wlHlor. MrH. Hoy Kp p'-r-ioii. Men MMHHOU'H ffraiid- nrphow, KuKcno KdwardH, nrrom- pitnii'd thi-m Hiniih and returned to h.H homo In I'aHafJemi aftor wpenrt- IiiK tho Hummer til the HHHHOII rnneh. LENGTHY TRIP IS ENJOYED BY TRIO MclMirlund Ftmiily lloturns Aflrr Tour of PncIHc (lo»sl and North ws t. SPECIALS *OIt FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FOOD PRODUCTS TELKPHONK PKA8 No. 1 fan 12c No. 2 Can 15c No. 1 No. 2 SUGAR COHN Can Can KIDNEY BEANS No. 2 Can HOMINY No. 2 Can 8c No. 2"'i Can 10r KED ALASKA SALMON No. 1 Can 25c WHITE MEAT TUNA 1»1b. Can 20c CHEF MILANIS Chirk on and Kgg 16-oz. Jar RAINIER IH5ER 12 BottlcH fUti 24 Bottles $2^5 t nn bottlc/r GOLD MEFML FLOUR fi-lb. Hnrk 25c 10-lh. Suck 4Ht- 24'/i-II)r Sack $1.11 49-11). Snck $2.15 GOLDMN STATK IIUTTKH rirsl dnidft Pound Me (JOLI)EN STATE MILK 6 Small CnriH 2.'ic .'! Tnll Cans 23c MARSHMALIX)\VS Plain or AHnortod I -Ib. \ COCA COLA on VEGETABLES KKNTUCKY WONDEH StriiiK HCIUIH or (irccn LlmuH Pound HI5LL PKI'PKHH SPINACH AND CAUUOTH hcN Re UADIHIIKS Head UTAH CKLKRY TOMATOKH APPLKS • ' I llfi* * ' • - - • • • - • •*•- • * i > £t*^\ lf|I\ '' -•l-i>***-<*|l4«l|4|{ I,OS ANGKUCS (irrcn SWOP! Torn MEATS Hi>. SLICKI) HACON Arni'iur'n Htnr -,-k__V- -%' STKISU 1*01111(1 I'OT UOAST 17r CtJHK STEAKS INninil IIKNH li. n ve 2fl UAItY I1KKK MVK.H full nil ............... . llll ('OM)KKI) '.'% In 4-Hi. round KHVKHS u vn u* Phone 2020 for Food HHK "Kye" SI reel Talk, Dun'I Wnlk—Cnuh or Clinrnr—l-'w l>rltr<'i u Bakersfield Grocery Co ^ ^P^P^^P^pAVftpfc*!** ^>-V Corner Ninetccnlh und L Streets FREE DELIVERY—PHONE 436 For Your Oonvonlenco Open Evenlngi And Sundayi Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Prices MMM ^ MMMII<MMIIMMIIBMMBM> ^^ WORKINGMAN'S STORE We bought thousands of dollars 1 worth of Qrocerlea before the raise. While our stock loots we will not advance our retail prices. Stock up now. Sugar Golden Key Milk IOC- CD na Chile Bnucc ^f' I I • I tMfc Cntsup hottlo Canned Corn, Peas, Tomntoos. Kraut, Hominy, String I Benna ...... I cans Chef Choice or Ravioli pt, bottles •• •! eef Tnmalos . .can Compound, tn Bulk Ib. Oleomargarine Ibn. First . .lh. Creamery Butter Quality; Solid Tomato Sauce «• can& ^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^•^^•^^^^^^^^^^A^^ft^^^AArite^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Small—Medium Fresh Eggs doz. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Graham or Soda Craokora......•• box ^^^^^^^^'^P^^^'^P^^^^^P^P^P^^P^P^'^P^P^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^P^' aoaronl or Spaghetti... .6-lb. box Victory Dog Food .~w cans Golden State Flour .•»"!? Ibs. ^^^^^p^p^^^^^^^p^^^^^^pv^^^^^^^^^p^^^^^^^^^p^^^^^^p^^v Hills Bros. Coffee Ib. Campbell's Worcheater SRUCO . . Cvoz. bottle Campbell's Worcheeter Siiiicc 'UP- 0*oz, ^— m—^m—M — ^m - . ^^^^^'^^^^^•^^•^••••^••••^^'^"•••^plpWpapBPjpJfcHP^P^pMpBPJP^lp^ Post Toniitles , . fc for •^—.—^—^ — _ ... • ^^^ VW ^T^^^ m ^ ^ ' ' H ^ r ^^^~^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^p^f^pl^P^^P^P^P^PJP^PV Halifax Pure Vanilla Extract. - . .H*oz. bottle I 1 ll »-. 4 ll \l W *i« n ti ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Onkor Washing Powder Large and Medium ackages Doth for Mother's Q read. . . 1-ib. i oa f {1C Alber'a or Sperry'* Pancake Flour . , .pka. ••^fc^^^^^^BB I !• I I — - _ V^F pt. c ; an I Up Hill* Bros- Coffee.. Pure Flo 1?-ox. can - -i- v 1 I • We Are Headquarters for Complete Line of Restaurant and Boarding House Supplies «t Wholesale Prices '/'/iff Calif orntonj MrKAMhANt). Hopt. 3.— -Mr. nnd Mrn. I'Mwunl \VHllH nnd tlielr «on, Chnrl'-H. havft returned from a HOV- f-nil wcfkn 1 \ ncatlon which Included on Minor/try through northern Cull- n-Kon nnd \VaHhlngton. cnjoyrd n night HO«lriK 'rip through tho (ioldnii '.talo park In H«n Krai'M-luro. Thc-y on Joyed tho trip via tho HcoriJo Fled wood high- wny. vlwltod fit Klarnath ! ;1 nllH. Oregon, and ni < 'rater I.filu 1 , Oroffon. Whllo nt J'roflWfr, WnHhlngton, (h^y wvru gurntM of Mr. \VIIM« f par- cutH, Mr. tnid Mr«. \V. A. \Vlllln. At Klninnth l i 'n!l« thoy vfnltor] with Mr«. V\'(lllN' niintH. Mra. lOnima Tun noil iintl Mr«. Myrtlo Vail. hey wort* gurfttn of Mr. \VI1M«' hrcithor-ln-law nnd Hlntor, Mr. nnd MrH. L. K. Duvull nt Mtihton. VVnnh- ItiKton, nnr] of hlH l>rot>tcr nnd wlfo, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wlllln nl Toloda, Oi't-gon. Thoy woro m'compnnlorl homo hy Mr. WIIIlM 1 rathe.- r. \V. A. Wlllln, wlio will remain (in tholr K'lost fur a time. BakerftfioUl McFarland Woman Feted at Dinner DKLANO, Hop!. 3.---Mrs. Klmor 1C. Ixibrr flit octal nod at n 7 o'clock dlnnrr on \VodiioHdny nifflit rompll- rnPMlIiiK lirr Hlslnr, Mrn. IS. M. Htp- pry (tf MrKfirhuKl. who wa« ci»ln- hrntlMK lirr birthday annlvorHiiry. A folor Hi'honio of pink and yellow wan cnrrl'-d fiut In tho favont and othrr tubln appnlntmrntn and covers wcro IN Id for MTH. Illpppy. Mr, Jtlppoy, .Mr. and MI-H. It. I*. I'oulHon and tluMr TK'pnf.'W, Tracy HanderBOti, all of VlHfilln. tho MlnnoH Uornloo nnd Jf'Hii Lobro. Klmor 1*3, Lnbro, Jr., »nd Jtidffo Klnu-r !^. Lobro and tho DWLANO Hopt. 3,--Charlo« -W. nfi: ol* Alpau^h transacted btis- in town on Monday nftomoon. Mrw, Clyde Brown accompanied by hnr HlHtorH MeHdmnoM Clem Pearl and Cnlhnrlnn Horry of Tuft, and hor brother, JXJU!H Hal»a f motor^od to Hakfrsflclr] on Tuesday morning to transact brimlno«n. Raymond Howor of a Monday overling guont of hln paix-nts. Mr. and Mrs. llomor A. Howor. PrlcndH horo liuvo rocolvod word of tho tragic doath of Bert Donnln of Ducor who went to round up cattle on ihn DonnlH ranch. When bo did not return lite family InHtltutcd a Moarch for him, and after a day'H hunt found both homo and rider drowned. It IN not known whether ho got Into qujckwmd or utruck a wo tor holo. Mr. nnd Mm. J. K. Hamilton arc ontortainlnK fti» ihelr KueslH tholr daughter, Arr«. ICwlrig liono, Mr. Hono arid two children who have Just returned from spending tho summer In Oakland, and aro on their way to ihfelr home near Woodlako, wlicro Mr. Hono will touch this year. Mrs. Haniuol T. McCawlcy motored to Ducor on Monday afternoon and vtaltotJ at the ranch homo of Mr. and MI-H. Monry Xlmrnorman. Mr. and MrH. Homer Hobortaon of Kant a Ana havo continued their Journoy to Han Kranclaco H pond Ing tho week end hero Mr. Hohurtflon'fl mother. HobortHon. and his nlster Hldor. Raymond Ramsey was. a Tuesday bnnlriofls visitor at Plxloy, Earllmart and Alpaugh. Mrs. Piiul Zimmerman and hor son Nool Vnnco and daughters Eileen «nd Hovnrley aro on Joying a visit at San ,Joso with iholr mother and grandmother Mrs. Ida Hayes Parker. Mrs. Mlnnlw P. Smith has received word from her daughter Mrs. A. H. Hoffman telling hor that tho family havo moved from Mojavo to Bakersfield whore- Mr. Hoffman who baa boon train master for the past five years for tlin Southern Pacific Railroad r'ornpuny how been transferred by his company. They are accompanied by their daughter Miss Flos- H!O Hoffman. Miss Hattlo CJHfflth has returned to tho homo of hor parents Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. aftfir with Katie Fred Mrs. C. 13. Griffith after an enjoyable week's visit at tho country hom« of Mr, and Mrs. Loyd Hamilton west of. Pond as the guest of Mlsa Betty HamlJn. Itlchard Dlxon hau returned to tho homo of his parents Mr. and Mrs. If rank Kitchen after an enjoyable visit with his uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scthman at the Standard Oil station .at Pond. <$> •<$> KEENE KE1DNK, Sept. 3.—Mr. and Mrs. K. Brown and MlflSfiH Nadlne and Rita Brown were guests during the week end or Calvin Conron at Breck- cnrldRO. Lieutenant Charges O. Kirk, Mrs. Kirk and eon Malcolm recently re- lurned from a week's vacation In Los Angeles and along the coast. Mrs. F. F. Brown and daughter Nadlno are vacationing this week In Kan Francisco with Mr«. Brown's Bister, Mm. Ellis Jennings and daughter Virginia of Tulare. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kruse and son Kenneth recently returned from a vacation which took In San Fran- clHco, Plsino and Yosemlte. R. L. Cooper and Bill Cobb of tho Cooper Cattle Company were visitors In Keene, Tuesday. Mrs. Kathryn Rlebcl and daughter Dorothy have for the past week been guests at the homo of Mrs. Rlebel's brother. Billy Martin, In ganger. Rimer Brown motored to Bakersfield on business Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Flltmoro recently returned from Ventura where their won and his family .reside. The Fillmorcs have recently purchased a new sedan. A pleasant afternoon was enjoyed at the homo of Mrs. Bettye Heal when she, entertained Mcsdamea E. O. Kakftw. K. R. Blakenleo nnd Charles G. Kirk Monday afternoon. Card playing was tlio main diversion of the afternoon. " Captain Kenneth J. O'Brien, commanding officer of CCC Camp Te- harhapl. visited the stub camp In Lebeo Monday. C. W. Caton recently returned frorn Bakersfleld after having his tonMlH removed. Phone 5800 n Union Avenue and Kentucky Street Phone 3053 FREE DELIVERY Twentieth and We Open From 7:30 a to 9 p. m. Dally and Sunday BABY BEEF ROAST CUDAHY'S HALF OR WHOLE BACON . Ib.SOc Shoulder STEAK Ib. 15c FRESH GROUND ROUND STEAK. Ib. 18c BREAST OF VEAL Ib. lOc SHOULDER VEAL STEAK . Ib.l7c Swift's Premium Skin Off Half Only ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^'^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^'"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^BBW^B^^HH^HBPBBI^BB^B^HIH^P^HIB POTATOES 25 Ibs. 55 c I CORN . LARGE SOLID COAST LETTUCE . 2 heads 9 c EGGPLANT . doz. 25 c ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ '^^^'^'^^^'^•^•^•^^'^•^•^•^^•^^•^•^•^•^^^^'^^^•^^•^'^^^•^^^^^•^^•P^^P^^^^^^^^^^^V^H each 1 c No. I KENTUCKY WONDER STRING TOMATOES. 3 Ibs. 10c BEANS . 19c ___ _ . . ,,. . ,... . ,, ,, ^ l "~ v ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^lWB^l^lH^HIBVHPHHMHIBHH^BiHH^m^^BBVVPi ELLEFLEUR APPLES 10 Ibs. Box, 59c 2-LB, JAR I DEL MONTE No. Z[' a SLICED PEANUT BUTTER . 25c PINEAPPLE . DODGE HOMINY can 9 PALACE TOMATO SAUCE. . . 6forl9c DINETTT No. 1 TALL VKGETABLF, SALAD . . . . . > ^^^*'^^ n ' H *'**'* n ******* 4 * B ^'*^*^*^^'^^ H **l^ k ** ll| fc BM " l|B ^^ H ' l ^"Vip^pMMhpAp^plMHpl^p^p^p^p^MplpMpBBpJ^p^Hp^p|p^p^p^p^p^pMp^pBa^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^pM ' • ^W^^F^^P"-"^F^^.^p^^iJ»^^^^PP^^^^^^F"^^^^^.T^^^^F^P^^^p^P^^»^F^r^^W^.^Pr^^^W^PJ^P«^^^.^..^^^P« PUFFED WHEAT pkg. 9c ^Pj^^pj^^a^p»^h^»^^^^^^^»^^^^^»^^^^^^^j^^^i^^^^^ —^— , — — VHM^B^MMIV •••"•-'•'••^•.••"•••••^•.Wi.fc.Wi.Mi.*.*.^^.**^ VAN CAMP'S 18-OZ. CAN PORK AND BEANS. 5 KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES . 2pkgs.l5c B. nnd M. No. 2 CAN LIMA BEANS 3 cans 25 c DEL MONTE PICNIC SIZE LIGHTHOUSE ASPARAGUS CLEANSER. 3 cans lOc ARMOUR'S—TALL WELCH'S MILK . . . 3 cans 21 c GRAPE JUICE. 18c CAMPBELL ICE COLO DUTCH LUNCH OR AtTA BEER . . . 3 cans 25 c »•»»•*•» $1*95 TOMATO JUICE . . FREE—BASEBALL CAP OR BEACH BALL SEPTEMBER 14 SCipLOPENING L Plans Completed for Coming Term, at jVIcFurland; lo Open Cafeteria (Special to The Sept. 3. — Tho opening date for tho McFarland Grammar School has boon set for Monday, September 14, according to an announcement made by District Superintendent B. M. Hlgglnbotham. Ho also stated that all classrooms and furniture havo been thoroughly cleaned and varnished in preparation for another successful year. Tho auditorium 1ms been completely refinished and equipped with new back-stago curtains, drop curtain and window drapes. Cafeteria Plans The cafeteria, under the super* vision of Mrs. Bessie Hlgglnbotham, will bo open to servo tho children and teachers and a full day of school will be maintained. Children entering tho kindergarten must have reached their fifth birthday by March H und beginners the first grade must havo reached their sixth birthday by at least March 14. Parents and guardians will greatly assist the school and their children by having them at school tho first day and on Umo according to bus schedule. Two new busses have been purchased this year for the transportation of pupils. Tho board of trustees of tho school havo elected three new teachers for this year. They report that the following force has boon elected to have charge- during tho year. Teachers Listed K. M. Hlgglnbotham, district superintendent; Miss Klslc May Slade. eighth grade and penmanship Supervisor; Robert n. Strange, eighth grade, manual arts and physical education. Miss Lottie Long, seventh grade and child accounting; Wallace Bierley, seventh grado. supervisor of nature study and visual education nnd assistant music director; Miss Virginia McCann, sixth grade, cafe- torla treasurer; Miss Fern Troy, fifth grade supervisor of girls' physical education, speech correction and dramatics: Mlsa Edna Lewis, fourth grade; Miss Mary Ratekln. third grado and, assistant uuisk* director; Roy Davis. 4A and 5A grades, and fifth and sixth gradeH manua) arta. Also supervisor of boj'S 1 physical Ruth Heffner, HOC- welfare chairman; Mrs. Catharine Cavanaph, art and departmental supervisor; Miss La- Veecla O'Hagan, first grado and librarian; Mins Eleanor MacDonald, 2A and 3A grades; Miss Mario Miller, 1A and IB grades. Also domentlc arts; Miss JeBslo SmllHo. kindergarten, music BUpprvlKor nnd office secretary; Mlna Ruth Moycr, migratory teacher and G. A. Forsbald, band instructor. T80 ^_ _ _ —^ Mra. Mrs. education; ond grade and McFAULAND, Sept. 3.—-Mr. and Mrs. C. .ft. Moomaw and-their daughters, Misses iflthel and Veda» visited friends *ln Fresno Saturday and Sunday. They were Accompanied homo by blisses Eunice'and" Myrtle Moomaw. who passed several days as guests of friends 'and relatives at Modesto and Fresno. Miss Helen Brownsberger of LaVerne was a recent guest in tho homo of Mr, and Mrs. A. H* Qrober. Miss Prances Urober and Miss Brownsborger and Miss Qrober were college mates at LaVorne last year. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Roorhe, their daughter, Miss Violet, their son Clifton, accompanied by Mrs. Andrew Bllckenstaff, called on Mrs. Roome's father. J, R. Green, who is very ill at a Bakcrsfield hospital. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker included Mr. and Mrs. Ed- Steward, their daughter, Miss Vivian, and their son Clayton, and Virgil Weddio. Fred Clark and his sister, Miss Harriet Clark of Eagle Rock, and wylle Morse and his daughter. Miss Jean, of Fullcrton were recent vlsi tors in the home of Mr. and William Adams and Mr. and Jule Kuentzel. R. L. Clark, with the Layne & Bowler Company, accompanied by Mrs. Clark, have returned from Te- hachapl, where they passed the week end with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Yoder. Dinner guests in the country home of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Snick recently were Miss Helen Brownsberger of La Verne and Miss Frances Orober. Miss Brownaberger and Miss Grober were college mates of Miss Mary Shlck when they attended LaVerne last year. Colonel and Mrs. O. S. Grant are entertaining this week for the former's mother, Mra. Mary Grant of Was co. Tuesday morning* callers at the home of Reverend and Mrs. J. A. Coffnmn were their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lyman of Pasadena, who were on route to Sequoia to enjoy a vacation. J. A. Cole manager at tho local Safeway with Mrs. Colo and two sons Darrell and Jlmmio returned from a two weeks' vacation passed at Santa Barbara and other interesting- places. Mrs. 1^-anH Qarzoll and her daughter, Miss Doris, will attend tho state fair at Sacramento Saturday. They their have GLENNVILLE WAS CO \VAHro. .Sept. 3,—A baby boy was born on Frid/iy, August 28. to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Riddle. Paul Wise. Hthlollc coach of the Wo8co High School, la expected bark In AVriBco tho latter part of this Tho Congregational Ladles' Altl will moot Wednesday at the homo of the president, Mrs. Tlpton Mathcws. Ralph and Roy Kraft aro enjoying a visit at tho homo of their parents, Mr. and MrH. W. O. Kraft. Thoyex- poet to leave for the Bible Institute of Los AngeleH next week where thoy are registered for their nccond year. Mr. and Mro. Fred Tuobner and Mrs. John Koskam have returned from a summer vacation spent with relatives at their former homo in Lorraine, Kan. Tho King's Daughters, composed of tho younpror married women of rhe German Baptist Church, will hold n meeting Thursday afternoon at tho church whnro thoy will sow for the bazaar which they will prlvc In Sep- tr-mbnr In conjunction with the Qer- ninn Baptist Ladles' Aid. Mr. and Mrs. Owcnr Thompson and Children returned Sunclnv from an eastern trip during which thoy purchased n new car to drive back. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Nule are back In Wasco after a trip east where they purchased a. oar and visited friends nnd relatives, going as far east as New York. Remands for Trial Lodi's Water Suit GLENNVILLE, Sept. 3. — Tho summer's closing church pervicos at the Olennvllln Church were held on Sunday. August 30. Paul M. Gammons, the student minister, will return to school at San Ansclmo soon. Special feature** of tho closing services were a polo by Miss Edith Hockett of Balccrsfleld and an accordian solo by Howard Maddux of Glenn- vlllo. A Sunday evening sing and get- together was enjoyed by about 3G people ut the manso. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Hay Green and Miss Mabel Maddux. The many friends of Mra. L. R. Stcphenson will bo glad to hear she Is on the road to recovery at tho San Jonquln Hospital. Mr. and Mra. Ce.cll Page, returned to their homo at Wasco Tuesday after spending several weeks ut their mountain home. Guests of Mra. Orrln Olds Tuesday wcro Mrs. Everett Williams and sons DelherL and Cocll nnd Mrs. Nona Williams and'son Wallace of Tiger Flats. Harry Connor has returned to his homo hero qfter being 1 employed several months at tho CCC ramp at Road's End near Falrvlew. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newman were business visitors in Bakersfield on Tuesday. • Mr. nnd Mrs. Marvin Maddux were business visitors In Bakersflold on Tuesday. William Snaro of tho bureau of Identification, was In Glonnvllle to- dav on official business. will return via Modeato Sunday and attend tho Swiss celebration bein* hold there. "T Miss Kathryn Branlger returned from Hollywood, where ihe viittea with relatives over the week end* Miss Marie Louise DeBolt, who ao- companled her on the trip, remained in tho south for a longer visit, Sh* expects to return later with hee mother, Mrs. B. D. 'BeBolt, who baa been there for several days. Arnold Qarzoll left Sunday for San Luis Obtapo, where he wlU past two weeks visiting relatives. Sunday guests in the country homo of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Alexander Included their Bakersfleld friends Mr. and Mra. A, Wolochow. Sunday -guests in the hom,o of Mr. and Mra. L. £3. Nabers were their friends Mr. and Mrs. ti, M. Weaver of Sultana. They were accompanied home by Blllie Nabers who will paa» a week visiting them and with hi* friend Donald Schwab of DInuba. Miss Martha Sohick, returned missionary from China, preached a mis* slonary sermon at Raisin City Church of tho Brethren Sunday morning. She was accompanied north by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Taylor* The trio were dinner guesta of Mrs* Taylor's parents, Reverend and Mra. Alva Long, pastor and wife at tha Raisin City church. Mr. and Mra. F. W. Dickinson visited Sunday as guesta of their son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mra. T. R. Totton of Bakersfleld. Miss Rita Taylor, who has been very 111 for several weeks. Is much improved in health. At present aha is a guest of her aunt, Mra. Henry Puelcher, in Los Angeles. She e»» pects to return home next week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marshall and * their son, Roger, will move to their newly purchased home in Tulare Monday. Their homo is of English, type, contains six rooms and is located on North N street. Mr. Marshall is coach at tho Tulare High School. Last year ho taught Jn the Caruthcrfl High. ¥ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alexander aro rejoicing over the birth of their first child a son, Terranco Richard, who was born Thursday, night at the Delano Emergency Hospital, The baby weighed 7 pounds and 2 ounces.;" Mrs. Alexander will be remembered as Miss *Ruby Sh Iff let. Sho how holds the position of librarian, but is enjoying a leave of absence until December. * Mr. and Mra. Ralph Alexander entertained Friday and Saturday for their friends, Dr. and Mrs. B. H. Harrison, who were returning from a trip to British Columbia to their Los Angeles homo. YES. THIS FOOD EN YOU CONSTIPATI -- - • - - * . Look out for those half-sick days f when you feel listless, headachy, out-of-sorts. Your trouble may bo constipation* The real cause .of common constipation is top littlo "bulk" in' meals. 1 Your system misses its regular exercise* Get this needed "bulk" in a delicious cereal: Kcllogg's ALI>BRAK« "Within the body, its "bulk" absorbs moisture, forms a soft mass, gently sponges out the system. Why keep on feeling "bad -when 7011 can feel good? Millions ,of people use ALI>BRAK. Tests prove it's safe and effective. ALI/-BRAN is guaranteed. Try It a week. If not satisfactory, your money will bo refunded by the Kellogg Company. Two tablespoonf uls daily are usually sufficient. Serve as a cereal, with milk or cream, or cook into recipes. Remember, ALL-BRAN also Bupplies vitamin B and iron. * Certainly you'd rather eat a food than take pills and drugs. Buy ALL-BRAK at your grocer's. Mado by Kellogg in Battle Creek. WASHINGTON MARKET 1917-1919 L Street PHONE 1083 FREE DE ERY Friday and Saturday Specials Del Monte PEARS, No. can.. Ltn*c<l Wire) SAN KUANC1SCO, Sept. 3,—Tho state Supremo Court, upholding the majority of thcv findlngi! of tho San Joaquln county Superior Court, haa roniandod for rntrtnl portions of tho city of 1.(Mil's water mi It apralnat tho KiiKt Hay Muntclpnl Utlllttos Dtn- trlct nnd tho Paoiflo Ona nnd TSloc- trio Company. Tho rourt nfflrmoil tho city of Lodl's prior right to Mokohimne rlvor \vator but dlroctoU Judfo Ben* Jnmln C. Jones to determtno ape- clflcully whether tho rights of tho city can "ho fully protected without requiring tho tremendouR relonses of water entailed in this decree." Much of thw releases ordered by Jtulffo Jones, the Supremo Court held, ultimately ran off into the ocean and was wasted. It suggftftted the cl^cj-ee might be modified without Impairing the prior rights of tho eity to the water. Del Monte PINEAPPLE JUICE; No 1 can ---- Quaker PUFFED WHEAT ....... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^^W^^M^B^^^^^^M^^^^ Sperry PANCAKE FLOUR ..... 3-lb. pkg. Argo CORN STARCH Mb pkg. Lux TOILET SOAP....* •HM^»W*M Armour's CORNED BEE ^^^^^^^^^^^•^^••MHiABiim ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^ r ^^^^^^ m ^^^^^f^^ rj ^ rm COCOMALT F...oan IOC Horn-O-PIenty DILL PICKLES.No. 2'/ a can Golden Harvest PEAS No. 2 can Del Monte FRUIT COCKTAIL.No. 1 can KARO SYRUP Blue, Blue, 10-lb. 5-lb. Campbell's PORK AND 71 -. BEANS 22-oz, torn I 2*0 Ib. can * * * * » 11D* SPARERIBS, Freah .... p^HpBpBHMW BEEF TONGUES P^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BEEF HEART .... POT ROAST ........... Ib. CHUCK STEAK Tap it! Drink it! n Discard TapaCan PRICE cans ....... COCOMALT.Ib.can35c|| Schilling .. * ___„__ . ... .. - . . . ^B i ' ^^tmiJr GOLDEN STATE HILLS BROS. FLOUR . 244 Ibs. 69 c I COFFEE . . Ib. can 28 c a king Funoy Colored FRYERS .........Ib. mmmmmm VEAt STEAK t ' PORK SAUSAGE POTATOES, No. 1 ...... 25-ib, Bellefleur APPLES, I Box 67o. ...... .10 Ibft. 1 TOMATOES, medium... 8WEET CORN lug bd% F ' * * , .* : ' 1 . ' ••>. ^,;Wn«»^*^;^~^™^ * . , - r >, L- :.*.\'... •*. t -"• .' i:i" . * ' J ' :; ''• - ' ' " • -.--- . ; -. ^ \-,.-* ,, -,v , •' ' — TV* V *" ! ' -,'•.'- •,. i " "• : i-

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