The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 4
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IUi<04r^^3w^wV^r^ • "*•- \ O-'J* ' i V/ '^-- -J - . , ': j • - :' J| :-'< f - -, ;•' ?;< '-«.:- ,'? ' '; ? / - V - .- • , - , • ' - , : I I -.'I - 'O J - .- -'• .'- - - . - ,L . t .-.In-. .1 'n / L-l , 1 '• * k - ' r 4 THE 1UK ELD CALtFOUtfiAN, US L ' hi ' L ' ' . v ' ' 1 r •. 8,1 I - •**? *r- irt* T, "^ • ., -i .• ;;.* *'- i ";» • i -i. Merriam Denies Bureaus Eat Tax r M*«off'fr'*rf fw £***<** Wire) SAN 'DIBQO, Bopt. 3.—A Httl" L more than one-eighth of tho state budget Is spent for operation of Its departments, bureau and alons, Governor Frank V. Merrlam unld hero In an address directed at critics of hie administration. Tho ntntp executive wan principal Breaker at inn annual convrntlnn of qounty unaomiors, and Morrlum took oecnMon to answer thnu* who chargr his bureaus anil commls- (.Jovornor Morrlmn nn!d (ho cowl of operating* tho Htato Is on'ly $27,000,- 00ft nnntially, while thf Ht»m ImdKM lor tho blnnnliim is $431,000,000. lie pointed nut that $1!17,000,000 Is returned i'k. count IP* without n charge for oonectlon; $HS,000,000 la spent by wlf-nmlntalnlMK Institutions; $-18,000.000 budgeted for relief; $J 7.000,000 for lntnr«Bt and sinking fundH on voted bond*, nn'1 $0,000,000 for ft badly-needed build Ing 1 program. NCI SAM WELCOME JAP ' . Field glum at Fort Jny, on Governor^ Inland, roared a noifiy 21-gun KaJUtc to welcome the cruising Japanese naval trniniiiK Hqimdron on ftrrival at New York, The Yakurtio nearly ohKcurew the flagahip Iwate. 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Noie Spray 97c "Double Action" 2 f , r 33c NNEW DISPUTE 1 L Wallcoul of Body Resulla in Complications Th Muy Hinder Peace Step (Unittd /YCJM Lwnct Wire) \ BAN FKANCtacO, Bopt. 3.—A hearing to dotormfno whether tho International fleamen'n Union or tho * Ballorn' Union of tho Pacific nhall ropro«oht couHt w>uimm In contract negotiatlona with «hij>owncrH Wftfl complicated today by a walkout by roprcflontativos of tho sailors' organization. Aaron Shapiro, caunBcl for tho union, aald ho loft "not In repudiation of tho regional labor board (which 10 hearing argument*) In the caflo), but becauflo I doomed tho rec- were full/' Would force S. D. P. After withdrawal of tho BailotH' Union ropreffontallvea, llobort Mtt- lor, attorney for tho tntcrnallonAl, luked tho labor board to Inatltuta proceeding* to force tho H. U. P. to send delegate to tho hoarlngfl rather than send roqucHted rocordu by mo*- s<-ntfor, an wa« done after the walkout. Thi« demand wius taken under ttdvlsomcnt. 4 Record** of yoBtordny's proceedtnga In tho JurlAdlotlonnl dtapnte were went to tho board hcadquartcrB at Washington. Tho T. H. U. clalniB preccdonoo over the Sailors* Union. Tho latter, however, nmlntalnH It roprasented coast Ballorfl In IP.1-1 when the \vork- liiff contract between iieanicn and Milpownors was drawn up and should bo permitted to retain Its authority when now negotiations get under way. Shipowners Walt Meanwhile, (shipowner?* awaited the doclftlon of tho International Long- uhoremon's Association concerning tho foriner'fl demand that issues not Bottled by direct negotiation bo Hub- milted to a three-member arbitration board. Changes in Pension Bill to Be Made Immediately; Increase Eligibility ' . It has been long since youVd seen a picture of this famous couple, nnd they live BO unobtrusively than an even longer period might elapse before they .appear together before the lens. So, we take pleasure In presenting Mr. and Mrj». Irving Berlin, on return from a trip abroad. They hold hands aH though returning from a honeymoon trip, but the marriage of Ellin Mackay to the songwriter was one of New York society'*! sensations a decade ago. THROWS SHOE AS WARNING TOL1SDO, Sept. 3. (U. P.)— Three members of A. 13. Lancer's family narrowly escaped death in their burning homo, when a motorist, un- dblo to arouse tho sleeping household Tho longshoremen are conductinff by knocking at tho door, removed a poll of their membership to deter mlnn altitude on tho arbitration nhoo and hurled it through a window. Tho breaking glass awakened tho family. ICB CREAM IS MISSILE NEW BRITAIN, Conn.* Sept. 3. (U. P.)— Fancy missiles uro being used In this city by those bent on (VniteA 7*r«* /jcoitfrf LOS ANOELliiS, a Sept, 8.—Four- changes, ono of which would make eligible for pension benefits persons who Had earned m6re i thttn $2400 a year, will be inserted In the Townsend old age revolving pension bill now pending before Conrfwss, Br. Kfrancis 13. Town^nd announced today. Predicting "revolution and disaster" unless unemployment problems are solved permanently, he said the changes would be drafted to broaden the legislation. "The first ono will be a provision that the transaction tax would be applied in .such manned that moAey collected would bo received only as needed/' Towftsend said. "Tho second change will be the' i withdrawal of the restriction which provides that persons earning,|2400 a year or more tostild no£ be ellgiblo to benefits under thfc Plan. The third would bo that the transaction tax would be clearly defined and to apply to every sale, making tax universal; the fourth would bo a rule that pension checks munt be deposited in bfthks and irfoney bo made available to trade channels through a clieoking; system." Tho elderly pension plan leader renewed his onslaughts against both old-line political parties and reported a "mass movement of dis- BOtlafied voters for the new Union party," led by neprcaentativo William Lemke of North Dakota, Its presidential candidate. * RANK IflDRKSY LOS ANGBLIBS, Sept. 3. (A. P.)— It was a moonlight night, Just right for possum hunting. But when a Negro Janitor on tho fourth floor of the towering Jx>s Angelas city Jail saw a furry form scurry across destruction. Police found that some- the floor ho reported to a watchman, body had thrown a pint brick of ice cream through tho Jewelry store window of Joseph Koslorek and Company. Nothing wa» missing and tho motive 1« unknown. with Homo excitement: "Boss, I Just dono seen the biggest rat I ever did see!" The watchman caught the possum and took It homo. • i DRIYE CARErUILY USE SELLING GASOLINE IN AMERICA f : and/ of courio, uso Mobil oil Largest Selling Alotor Oil intheWorld i * GENERAL PETROLEUM C BEFORE YOU GO HAVE THBSB CHECKED L BY YOUR GENERAL DEALER DTlres D Batteries Q Headlights QFaaBtk -r QSptrkPlugt Q&tdiAtor ' - . ± En reutt /ooA/or /if i FLYING RED HORSE j 1 - •, ^' I I L-

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