The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 2
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tf-± *&& -^'jL'.p I . . •>. -\'St, .^r^-f'VM,- 1 \-':--t<-- ^.'V^E-, \. -v .. -_," : «35l!;.'-. .,^.'-:™*.-.;: , ..' _^» '•*-• ' \ - ' ~- - - '- ' • '-' v^yiS^TTTo' •..,-•- ;V\v«'.";- •". . - - • . . •- , - • . .- • - .- - < i • ; ' • .• < •*.'..•. ,>v : -^H^"' r I ^ H'n I'" f | •V . ' if '*>. <,>' T* * .-.'• *>.i.-ff • &v m i.' '(•' ,V . i .' i 1? •- i ,i.'- -??•* - . .' r H h - r**-. ft. L'. *^ .!* IF J .¥ Wf. '-. ¥ w* . h S: vV- -^ V,;v* H- L f * > i -^ .-r 1 • -. ~r 'fl - i * i F ' T ' f X /:.'•*: .'*i »' :* ..-?. .-':• ••> •-•i* @P* - • ' m't '•''. i r, >.l -• ' 'I' . ' I .- j - i»j VH - • 'MV r ~* y- •j-m-' '' /, '/f '.,'r r* ., X' ',* >'' • I. -f m tm /. - •- 1 '.I. :•*>-* .-r-, i' •. W " ' l '.^•. * i n »*.<- v r r V . - '- --' .r f-'.lt 't; ."SJ univcrs cr sin cu tire in the easy lounge style. Sonic the new side venls, others the smart hi-fold haek nnd there's a two hut ton peak lapel model that's a pip. * Slip one on and you'll know you've found a friend ... they're ill til easy and coinforlahlo. *" • \\ HA RY COFFEE FRESNO H A K E R S F 1 E L D f .r V^-V.MO^L';;;^,-?.:; '',•-, j. :>,'-, v- *- r ^ • T. -' i' • • ^ - n r •',-^ r^fe^m^ff^?^^ VV/Vt^^^vx-;;:-1. --.,t\. • '' ' ; >- -,;' :-:,**•'•,'•'-- :/ - '•'• '" ' • •• ^P/H^^-r ' '.>-*'•' THE MKEnSFlELt) CAUFOnmAN, THUl&DAt, SEPTEMBER 3, 1938 NEW GOVERNOR v- Wll V •^•"^^^•P"^"»W*^«» f Federal Court in Boiac Says Mortgage Lnw Viola les 5lh Amendment (AMQctotMI Prca* heated Wire) TJOtgJS, Itlnho, K«pt. 3.—FodbrAl Hoi Judge c. (>'. Cfivunah today hold tho nmr-nrlwl Krazlnr-Leniko farm mortgage art unconstitutional* The judge {Jrwlnrwl tho net vloluUm Hie fifth amnndninnt of tho-fcdorul rtinnillullon In Unit it "dftiirlvi-H Mm credit nr of properly rlghtn without duo procoKH of law." Tho iimf-mk'd net provides Mutt, a debtor mny n»nmln In pnHH<»«Hlon of fiirrn Iniul three ycjmi after mortgago f "lowir*! proceed tii^H havn been t*;rl agnlriHt lilin. Tho ruling wa« In tho bankruptcy onun of Mark Maynard of North Mnlio, who nought to Invoke tho fcd- jornl luw aft^r hlfl (M*rKtltorR had taken ' poMHi>H(iIon of iho property. j Thn orlRlnnl net wn« declared tin- ciiiiHiltuUonal by iho nuprtimo court Mif tho Hulled HliilOH. It later wftM inniMidcd by cotiRnmii. M'csn .federal dlHirlrt roil ft n hnvn held thf amended •l«w unconiiMtuMonal whllo four havo h f • found It connlllutlonal, court attaches hero Mild. i 4 FISH UKAM5K DIES rcmiKJKA. Hopt. 3. (A. I. J .)- Ilpiano : M, Ijrirro. G.'J-yonr-old Hanta Hnrbiirn flHh dealer, tiled from hourt falluro HH lio won about to*8tart a fishing: trip yoHl* 1 By: ; L¥LB 0; tVfi^ON Iljiiknnr Peterson, former lieutenant governor of Minnesota, was irmtnllcd HH governor recently on the death of Governor Floyd Omon. .* TT^iiT —••.._ i m_ -.-;- --rl--" --lam.--"-— -.114. .-.-..-. jrifiin-.-."^—r - " " 11."— — ~f ^-^ i HOVIKT TKST8 UOCKICT MOHCOVV, Hnpt. 3. (It. J*.)—An all- motnl rorket deHlgned to reach tho HtratoHphero )ma been built by tho HtraloHphero cnmmlltoo of Iho central council of tho Mocloty for aviation tind chemical defense. It will nmko H.s first flight fthortly. 'f d a formula for sensible Uv* 'on will enjoy the "middle years" _ M. ^h ^ « f exercse n drink, choose tt WASHINGTON, 86pt, 3, — The ftntf-noosovclt rebellion ni tho Houtli in Judged by'political ob«dryer» today to bo dead—as dead a« iluoy J?. v ~ - . • - , ' - ' _ Long. ' ":*';". Senator Long was shot on the ovc> ning of September 8 la«t year in tho fltalo Capitol by Dr. Carl L Austin Wolss. Iwottff died two days lalor. Tho south's antMtooBevolt f- movement died with him BO far as thiH election your Iff'concerned. Polla and tho i more accurate tost of primary rotuhiH phiH tho actlonH of a handful of Houthern TJemocratB who could lead a rcHpectablo antl* admlnlBiratlon movement Indicate tho pro-HoouoVolt Btato of mind prevailing in. tho 80-caJlorJ solid south, Thnt arjoa comprlseB nlno Htatou: Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, MlBsls- Hlppl, boulnlana and Arkansas, Jx>u- iBlana had Heceded from tho new deal during Long'H lifetime. Ho was a rising power in Arkansas. The kinffflnh had promised to de« feat Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas In the Democratic primary this year, Ho had a similar engage* mcnt In MlsMlMBlppl where Henator fat IfnrrlHon WIIM going up for another term. Thero wan tho beginning of nn alllanco between Iho klng- flMh and Ciovernor JSugrsno Talnmdge, Iho iinM-now deal chief executive of Georgia. Henator undoubtedly would havo waded Into tho South Carolina prlmnry whero Senator James F. HyrnoH, of iho now deal circle, had to eontoHt for his Sonata scat. would havo boon a formidable cam- pnlgner In any of those- states. • In tho 51 woehs since. Long died Iho anlt-cidmlnlHt ration movement haw Buffered a perles of rovorses In tho Kouth. T'OHtmastor-Osneral James A, Farley ond tho remnants of the Long machine mndo peace In Louisiana. Several Income tax actions ngalnst Long henchmen wore dropped, possibly by coincidence?. Louisiana In In the Roosevelt column. son and Harrison, each chal- by anil-new denl opponents, Kwamped them. Byrnes, similarly bosei. won his primary by so wldo a margin that the anti-administration in .Smith Carolina lost much prestige (lemplte Senator Ellison P. (Cotton I'M) Smith, who IN Byrnes' colleague nnd an outspoken anti-new dealer. Smith grumbled against many Uooso L last antl-noosevclt bulwark in the south will fall with Tatmago. Tho score for tho new deal Is ie«s lopsided in North Carolina and Virginia, Senator Joaiah W. Bailey, who has been critical of HooseYeU policies, wa« renominated in the former HtatQ taut ho expressed warm ftd* miration tor the administration in his campaign, In Virginia Senator Glass, bitterly critical of tho new deal, won renomi- nated without opposition, Shortly thereafter he made a speech into which observe™ read BO sharp an Indictment of the administration that It was -BUBpected he would refuse to support Mr. Hoosevelt this year. But tfie peppery little man emerged from tho White House last week to announce he would vote for Koosevolt and Garner in November. Without his leadership the anti*admlnistration movement in Virginia is not likely to progress far. There lias been a showing of Townsond old ago pension strength In Florida primaries, but so far there indication the state will go for Representative William Jjbmke, presidential candidate of the Union party who enjoys Dr. Francis IS. Towns- i end's personal endorsement Dr. Struck Heads 33 Pet. in Submarine Gaiti Is Forecast After Toldb Announcement ,. G. Palmer, Hollywood publisher, will oppose Huron Flits, incumbent, for the office o? district attorney of Los Angeles county in November. Palmei: won the primaries although he did not actively campaign and supported a rival in his newspaper. / 0 r/« o/ thai agrees with you. RA of whiskey, this plain statement has been invaluable to men who \viioLiisoMH VORM oi' \vniSKHY." like fine whiskey and drink it in Whiskies arc A MOS his conclusive verdict of our moderation. recent research is the answer of a It means that they have been group of trained, fact-finding able to be sure of getting, in men who for months investigated Seagram's Crowns, not only fiuc- ihc (|ucstion, "How does the fi human system respond to differ- wlmkcy which is easy on S ctit forms of whiskey?" men, considerate, kind—and most As a guide to the sensible choice likely to agree with them. __.-,_ FIVE A i,ii-ibi»Tii Cor p.—Executive Offices: New York lllenilcd Wlu'skcy. The flfrji^lu whiskies in this pimluct lire 5 yean ur more did. 2*><,>a itnigbt vlunkey, mui 7^'n neutral spirits cliitillfij (riun American grain. Buttlctl under (his lornuilj ilnce M.iy lV3fi. 90 1'rouf. ( ttcaflram'i Seven Crown nicndeil \Vlii.kev. The mr-iifiht vhl^Uici In this product utc 3 iftuf* or more old, .WVi% .(rai^ht whiskies, and f'-'Vj'/n neutriil §pirin diititlod from Amtikiin grjm. Ilottled under dill lunnuU ilncD May 1936. UO PruuC SEVEN CROWN $J40 nuivpiitlon nt FMilludelphiti. When firm IL Noffro prrachrr and then a Nt-Ki'M nn'inhor of CongreHs wore pfM'inUl'^1 tit nddrcRH the delegates Urn Heimlor from South Carolina took a wnlU. Ono tcHi ronmlna of nnti-now doat Bonltmont in iho pouth. That will bo hnd Hoptcnib<*r n in tho Georgia primary. Governor Talmndge and Henntor Hlchard B. Tlu»Boll, Jr., a new flea lor, oppose each other for nomination to tho Senate. The concariaiia In that HuaaeU will win and that tho Excluo 'I'm n ' MOST WHOLESOME FORM WHISKEY ' ^ Civ« your youngster lh« righl slart with proper outlining and equipment. Our 1-Coil Aulo^toan Plan supplies cash Quickly with no co-signers and no salary assignments. Plenty of lime to repayl CONSUMERS C MI4 I7ilt STRUT 4M TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR EYES INCLUDING EXAMINATION ON EASY PAYMENTS No Money Down WEEK NO INTEREST OR EXTRAS * * O.D. REGISTERED OPTOMET OFFICES WITH 1508 Nineteenth Street, Bakortfiold •*--«F*H I--I • J .V— ^** I-. ^' --*!-• —•-*+!. "•-'-•••If "^ -.-, »^rf- r; V V / r • • 4 I •jf I r, r S-' -. Reward Will be imlil by Uic inainilardu-or for HIIV Corn TiUKAT ClUdSTO WIKH POMITIVK Corn Cure rimiiui rnnovK. A|NO rtnnnvoh \VartM and (ulJoiiMtN. ;t,V ul SHVO-MUIY UniK Slum, Twi'iittoUi ami Clu'hloi* uvoiuiu. Nat (United Prc8» DKTKQJT, S6pt. 3.—The National Exchange tllub, convening hero for Us sliver jubilee (Jonvohtloh, elected Dr. Kuno H. Struck of Davenport, Iowa, president* Regional vlce-ttreqldenta Include: SoiithwoHt, ChaHes TJ. Morgan, Fort Worth, Toxas; Mountain'atatcn. Carl H. I-ytlc, ' Denver; and Pacific StatoB, A, 33arl WashbUrn, Pledt mont. Calif. Members elected to tho board-, of control include; Louis C, Klmbill, Rait Lake City; Dr. W. J. KllertM, Wichita, Kan. M L. A. Set Record Preit'te&*)/- WASHINGTON, Sept 3.—An increase in the submarlho strength of world's sea powers to 1 more tonnage than per- by ekl$tlnfir naval treaties was -forecast today by Japaii'e -dnj nouncsment that it will retain 1B.B98 tons pf undersea boats scheduled to be scrapped by December 31. - .. , Japanese embassy officials said to* day that a note on the submarine question had been received from Tdkio'and would be transmitted to the state department soon. Thei' said Mjt could be assumed" to be similar to the note,presented to tho British government announcing the intention of keeping tonnage sufficient for approximately 12 sub- marlneSi The Japanese, move was made in answer to Qreat Britain's recoht invocation of the escalator clause of the London treaty of 1930. The British announced they would re^ j tain 40,000 ions of destroyers In addition to tho 150,000 tons jpermittod by the pact. Any signatory nation—If It considers it necessary to its -national defense—may Invoke the escalator or ''escape" clausb and increase Its strength in any category of ships by notifying *he other signers, They, in turn, may nmko proportionate increases. LOS ANG BLISS, Sept. 3,-—August marriage licenses set an all-time record for the month here, Rosamond KIco, head of the license bureau, reported today. There were ,2178 licenses Issued during the month, compared to 2liil for the same month last yeftr, which topped the previous August record of 2100 In 1929. The largest single month was last Juno when 2892 were Issued. YOUNG DIPLOMAT GM.NDAU3, Sept. 3. '(A, P.) Thousands of Japanese children in southern California are studying the English language.' Now S-yeal'-old 13velyn I.a Von Swanson is meeting them halfway. She is studying Japanese, to understand better the conversation of her oriental playmates. BOOTH WITHAM -h EW car owners realize how easily an new Firestone Standard Tire are made possible otherwise perfect Labor Day trip can be because Firestone saves you money five ways spoiled by tire trouble. Now Firestone makes buying better raw materials at the source, it possible for you to equip your car with four controlling every step in processing the new tires that will give you blowout protection, material, more efficient tire manufacturing, non-skid safety and long mileage — at volume production and more economical prices remarkably low* Ever since the since introduction of the new Firestone Standard Tire the Firestone factories have been running day and night to take care of the demand. Car owners were recognize the outstanding safety and economy of this remarkable new tire* The extra values in the distribution. Come in today and see this amazing new tire- You too will agree that never before have you seen so much q tire for the money* Don't take chances on j~ unsafe tires on your ,- holiday trip — let us «quip your car with a new set of Firestone Standard Tires first choice of thrifty car owners. II 4*0-11 1 : •gs£S5»si SPARK PLUGS Fireitonc ipark plugi live hotter spark and [linger mflenfti ) Eo«k In SCAT COVERS 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.00*20 __ _ __ __ ___________ i —— — — — Firestone Sentinel, built of sooci material*; by skilled workmen In volume produc* tion. Firestone Courier, built for small car owners who want safety at a low price. _^_^_^_^_^_^_MMHWVi AUTO SUPPLIES BRAKE LINING FlreMonebrik* lining five* potlfiveconrrol. 1— • ^ —n • 4.5Cv:t..., 4.75-lff.. ., !i Labor Eit«i H0%VMVBMHMMl ^m-^^^^^f ^^^—^ l ^ •——^^^ FAN BELTS 30x3 H CI. $4.35 Boih fUt •nd 4- * * >USMLI9HTI •i«litor 79 IliitfU rut U mil puu i»w **£ t . . * n * l«Vi A «. •UMPIR •UAIPI ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••••PPVVP^BWI^^^'"***""^^^^^^*^^^^^^™' 1 ' " ' • ' -— Listen to the Voice o/ Firestone — Monday Evehinjp over N. B» C* JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE AUTO *\ * K t. •'V * . \* -1 ^mi li mF STOR Inc. » Chester at Twenty-fourth Street •* ' ^^ °t j f Phone 4060 F L .- I i rf . . * \> k , _, • •'.* St, •-V . • . ! ''.r. P. - ., i N' •f - i f , - / L *, . -.- I • * f ~ ^£-.!U - K .J » 4 ' -•- ' l ', ,' t '\ : 1_' • ' " • . •• ', »' < *,. - •- \ • .- •*-*--= --•>— 'f- - -*^-!-$-±. '' •t.$tete&&&&?^^ (v^Z&&!&J*#&^)fc&& r sw':"--: •.-r^u^^i'^i:j^v'.r:^.:t.:;.«^-^-.i_"^ ' •-. • *U ,*•' i sflf '; -;>< 5^ >>,-;'^" ^ && ft

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