Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on August 28, 1966 · Page 3
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 3

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 28, 1966
Page 3
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PAGE 22 ANDERSON SUNDAY HERALD SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 1966 Johnson Tells Of Happiness On Birthday JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (UPI) -President Johnson looked at toward weather a city dweller toe gray rain-clouded skies over the Pedernales River Saturday and said with a reasons for his happy attitude would find dismal, Yugoslavia, telegrams from former President Harry S Truman, comedian Danny Thoa CONTINENTAL INVESTMENT NOTES INTEREST A YEAR GUARANTEED RATE Available in mu/tip/ci ot $100 CUMULATIVE TYPE: ^JS INCOME WE: ^1^5 fluorcnl'ed rate o( 7,053% a year. Call for full information ME 8-3547 ME 9-3334 or v/rite CONTINENTAL CREDIT CORPORATION 2019 W. MorriiSt. 3159 E. lOHi Sf. INDIANAPOLIS This ii ntl on oiler IB stfl Offer can be mode by prospectus only "I have a happy family andjmas and a group of Western we have our health, the country u "ion telephone girls in Den- Batisfied sigh, "No hill countryiis prosperous and 1 just can't ver. rancher could ever have aifeel sorry for myself," he said.! A s t a I e convention of Ohio better birthday." I "And then to cap it off, for apemocrats telephoned from On his 58th birthday (he'country that always is dry, to!Columbus^ to sing happy Chief Executive explained the ina ve the river full and a one- birthday, inch rain this morning. I tell you. it's a good birthday." The President, relaxing in a large lounge chair with the Presidential seal on the greenj ^^^ ^^ leather head rest, spent HH| ff^ HI ^^B nour chatting with T^ ^^B ^^S ^^H«y porters about his b i rthd ay,, , . . . ,,, M •••• «I^ and his multitude of reasons for telephoned to them f.uaa •««——m i£r h wanted Quietude o[ the evcning festivities-a Johnson invited newsmen and : Tcxas | )ar |, ecue featured bv a photographers to the ranch for; b ; rthdav cake for a small gl : ol ,p a momentary break in a day he :of rela| -j ves and f r i en ds. wanted to spend in quietude i ._ «. with his wife. i . His personal wish for hisjHona Kong Red Paper David Dubinsky, former President of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, called in his best wishes, The only item of near..formality on the President's ,.„ ; schedule was a talk to a group which he at their National birthday was this: "Just going out with Lady Bird and walkuig:Jn ||TIPrOV6 alone, talking and remembering " with no one listening, no: HONG KONG (UPI) — cameras, no one saying 'here, Communist China's official Pek- it's time to do this.'" iing Peoples Daily newspaper! The President came to the. will halve its subscription price • ranch late Friday after a and speed deliveries in Hong' speaking lour which took hinvKong in an effort to build upj to three states—Idaho, Colorado leadership in this British crown i and Oklahoma. colony, its distributors said! Phone calls came in from all ; Saturday. over the world—cables from. "*" British Prime Minister Harold! Puerto Rico has an area 01 Wilson and Marshal Tito or.1,435 sq. miles. lahli Starts De Gaulle Visit Plans PAPEETE, Tahiti (UPI) Paradise is being renovated for considerable sum in Tahiti. the coming visit of French President diaries de Gaulle. Tahiti's single roadway isn't general magnificent views of paved with gold, but the newly Tahiti's lagoons. Brush and laid coating of thin gravel and shrubs along the newly paved Lai' is a considerable inv ment, as are newly planted flowers, freshly painted buildings and clearing of unsightly orush. De Gaulle is due to arrive Sept. 6, four days prior to France's scheduled testing of its biggest nuclear device. Tahitians, who haven't seen "Mon General" in 10 years, are overjoyed. • Gaulle's impending visit has, prompted the biggest "clean-up, fix-up" campaign in Polynesian history. Gravel, paint and flower seeds are at a premium as officials rush to manicure nature's already abundent gifts and to patch up local utilities. Tahitians, striving have enthusiastically embraced]^ Then, jf all goes as^ptaned, " the local government's new "flowered district contest"—an effort to cover every inch of De freshly govern- Gaulle's route with planted flowers. .The A week or so ago, an Ander- json man and his wife, Burnell Burnell And Lottie Hickcm On Wagon Train Win Cash in Kroger's "Let's Go To The Races 1 ' Items, prices and coupon in this ao* effective through Tuesday night, August 30lh. Copyright-1966 —The Kroger Co. Quantity Rights Reserved. Fresh, R/pe Bananas • • Lb. 10 Pick up your free card every time you shop Sfar/c & Wefze/ #1 Bacon.. Chef'J Charcoal .10^29 ^:^. (Beer, wino or cigarettes excluded) «, . ~ "TOP '< Coupon n»p!ie! Tuel'. night. Aug. 30th I TOP Cold Water Detergent— 1 5c Off Surf Label Dctercgnt Breeze Deleregnt-lOc Off lobel Sunshine Rinso Detergent Silver Dctergu Dust Advanced ASI Detergent Active 30c Off Label Giant ... Size Ki ng Size Giant ._ Size King . . -. Size 20-lb. . .. . Size 9-lb. 3-Oz. . . Size $]35 Detergent Tablets-lOc Off label Vim Liquid Detergent Swan Aqua Cinaner—7c Off Label < of 40 $]35 $]85 Liquid Detergent Dove Pint Size 12-Oz. ... Size 28 C Fabric Softener Final Touch Snop Lux 33-Oz. - Size Reg. v» Bars O^_' Soap Fluffy All 3 w75< Lux Snap lOc Off In hi-1 Dishwasher All " ! st41< Praise Bnlli "'"'• Q QOc Size *•* Bins \J£. Snap - 10c Off lahpl Cold Water All...... ^ 69< Praise Lifebuoy ^ 2 Ba r S 29 Lifebuoy ..S 18" Shortening Delergent Wislc Liquid Detergent Lux ...^.. Ot. . , Size 12-Oz. .. Siza Bath f\ _ Size JL Bars R(1 fl- O OO<! C 42-Oz. Spry Can and Lottie Hickem, of 1817 Kerrwood Drive, accomplished what they had decided to do 'way last spring. In the photo above Mr. Hickem is riding one of his horses on a wagon train pictured here as it winds through one of the several corn- only more so, next year." Burnell, it might be noted, had an experience that would chill anyone else's affection for horses. He managed to let a horse injure him somewhat, but after a few hours of headache .... it was back on the trail. A less munities in the vicinity of W hardy soul would have been Jefferson, North Carolina. i looking up train schedules long Where they traveled, these [ago. hundreds of men and women j AJJ j n ^ bandaged head and who truly make up the "horsey jaj^ Burnell Hickem is shown set" thereabouts was along the leading the wagon train as it wound its way through one of the many, many communities in North Carolina, a place where, incidentally, he insists the campfires are pretty bright and beckon for next year's joys. While in the area, they visited a daughter, Mrs. Maynard (Lejehn) Perkins, and children, all of Greensboro, North Carolina. Here is a re- South Fort of New River, with most of them costumed in true wagon train fashion, which means mother hubbards and all. Actually, the train traveled all along Blue Ridge skyline . . . which is some traveling. Campfires, small side trips on horse back and the companionship of people just plain enjoying themselves more than made up for all the effort involved. Even now, Burnell Hickem is back at his food counter in Haags, where Mrs. Hickem is store manager, and both are planning_to_^gp_at_it again, Sen. Smith lo Seek GOP Party Post WASHINGTON (API — Sen. Margaret Chase Smith R-Maine, who thinks some traditions are made to be broken, is getting ready to challenge a long-standing Senate custom. Providing she is re-elected in November to a fourth six-year term, the silver-haired senator expects lo be a candidate for the chairmanship of the Conference of All Republican Senators. So woman has held this or any other party leadership post) I in the memory of the oldest Sen- late inhabitant. As jobs go, it is more of an honor lhan a working assign- 1 ment. The chairman presides at rare parly caucuses and nominally names the members of a ! committee which passes out j assignments to Republicans to j the Senate's standing commil- itee?. i Then there is the prestige that 'goes with being asked to the i White House as a member of Ithe GOP leadership when the j President has a bipartisan conference. The conference chairmanship, currently held by retiring Sen. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts, has come to be re-j gardcd as something of a Newj England possession. Sen. George D. Aikcn. R-Vl.,j who offered Mrs. Smith's name i in nomination for the presidency 'at the 1%4 GOP Convention., 'Maid in a separate interview it would he "a Hood thing for the party" to honor the woman senator. At ti», Mrs. Smith is serving out her 18th year in the Senate. With Saltonstall's retirement in January, she will rank fifth among Republicans in service. JBOXDS SALKS <;AIN INDIANAPOLIS (UPl)-Sales of U. S. Savings Bonds in Indiana during July totaled S!!,684,5-M. a gain of 5.17 per con* over the same period a year ago. Fifty-four of the state's 92 [counties reported sales gains lover Julv of l%?>. commendation for Blue IT'S COMFORTABLY .COOL INSIDE FOR .MOVIE INFO. — 647-1070 NOW Ends TUESDAY AT 1:35-4:10-6:40-9:15 IT TEARS YOU APART WITH SUSPENSE! smell and took the prettiest, a cleared to allow easy sightsee- Above the floral delights, the /iwvc u« i(v*(u vrcuguw, uiv *"•»»- . , islanders have assured the and delegates from the . outei islands of French Polynesia will ba carried to Papeete by ship, bus, truck and car to pay •ove- round-the-island road have been tribute to De Gaulle. The French president will arrive in the evening and spend the night at Punaauia, 11 miles from here. He will inspect Papeete the following day, stopping to lay a wreath on a monument to France's war Soviet Luna Nears Moon MOSCOW (UPI) - Russia's Luna 11 soared into the home stretch Saturday in its bid to orbit the moon and match America's lunar Orbiter on a picture-snapping flight to landing sites for the firs select first man on the 3,616- pound spacecraft were scheduled to fire sometime late on the moon. Retro-rockets morning to brake its momen- by about 90 per cent. ment has offered $6,900 in prize money to the districts which One Kurt Friday In Two-Car Accident Evel D. Franklin, Ind. 67, was injured Friday when the car he was driving collided with a car operated by Larry Higgins, Rt. 3 Anderson, one half mile south of Ind. 9 and 38th St. According to city police, Higgins was turning right with proper turn signals when Franklin struck him from behind. Investigating,, officers stated that Franklin was taken to St. John's Hospital suffering from facial cuts and bruises and a possible broken leg. the satellite will kick free from its carrier rocket and go into orbit with its cameras grinding. There it would join both Orbiter and Luna 10, a blind but noisy "singing satellite" that acehieved the first moon orbit April 3., ,It sent back no pictures but broadcast repeated renditions of "The Interna- tionale," the Communist anthem which was piped into the Palace of Congresses in Moscow where the Soviet Communist party was meeting. Large crowds of Tahitians dead and to make a speech. De Gaulle will travel around the island Sept. 8, with a stop at a museum dedicated to French artist Paul Gaugin. The next day he.will fly to Mururoa, where two French atomic tests took place earlier this summer. He will board the "DeGrasse," command ship or the French atomic fleet. If weather conditions permit, Saturday night or Sunday De Gaul will observe the test of France's biggest nuclear device on Sept. 10. He will spent the night at Hao and return to France the following day by way Mexico. of Shown 4 P.M.-7 P.M. "Nomu, The Killer Whale" Shown 5:30-8:40 P.M. MARTY ALLEN ALSO CARTOON -AND— "TOURNAMENT OF ROSES" Kings Crown Inn Sunday Special! CHICKEN $125 ALL YOU CAN EAT | Serve from 11 10 8:30 KINGS CROWN INN 583 Broadway FOR RESERVATIONS CALL MRS, ALLEN PH. 643-6001 1st Time In Anderson J Starting Mon. 29th SESSION SAT. AFTSRNOONS 2-6 P.M. STABLES 530 MAIN NOW THRU TUES. LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN From the man who made the Academy Award Winning "THE SKY ABOVE, THE MUD BELOW/' AT 7:55 RUTHLESS DARING EXPOSE // // Fora BEWITCHING Evening Find Out What Happened 'ALL BECAUSE OF AGATHA' (A FARCE COMEDY) The Third Production of the ANDERSON CIVIC THEATRE RIVIERA THEATRE NO SEATS RESERVED-TICKETS AT THEATRE BOX OFFICE FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY AUGUST 26, 27 nnd 28 AT 8:15 P.M. MATINEE: SUNDAY, AUGUST 28 AT 2 P.M. KROGER STORES: 2547 NICHOL AVE. and MOUNDS MALL SPECIAL! 36-MONTH 12 VOLT BATTERY! fits CORVAIR! CHEVROLET! COMET! F-85! FAIRLANE! FORD! MERCURY! MUSTANG! BUICK SPECIAL! TEMPEST! WITH WRITTEN 2-PART GUARANTEE! FIRST YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT (COVERS NEW BATTERY AND INSTALLATION) ... balance of guarantee, pro-rated! Free replacement within OHE YEAR of purchase, if battery Sccomes unserviceable due to manulactuiinR defects. Alter one year, but less than three years, the ballery, II defective, will be replaced to the original purchaser at the current retail price less a pro-rata credit for the service months not received. 7th and Jackson St>. Phone 643-9712-644-4458 Open Friday 7 A.M. lo 8 P.M. All Other Dayl 7:00 lo 6 P.M. Remomber in Anderson U.S. Roynl Sells the Tires

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