The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 3, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, September 3, 1936
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ED IT10N COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE TNI LEAftlNO NlWSrAHft Of THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT EDITION VOL. XLVI 22 PAGES BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1938 THREE SECTIONS No. 29 ATLANTIC FLYERS SAFE IN WALES POMONA EXPERT SAYS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL TO WHICH SEX GORY HAIR WISPS BELONGED (United Prctn teate,d Wire) E JOLLA, Sept. 3.—Investigation of the fantastic sex- slaying of..Ruth Muir, 48-year-old spinster, today cen- " tercd about contradictory reports her degenerate attacker may have been either a man or a woman. Last night, the possibility seemed strong that the Y. W. C. A. executive, said by her parents to have lived a life of seclusion from men friends, had been killed by another woman. Today Professor--^ J. Laudermilk, research expert at Pomona, said it — frwas impossible to tell if bloody hairs found in Miss Muir's hand were those of a woman. The report the hairs had been identified as from a blonde or gray-haired woman was given last night by Ed Dteck- mann, San Diego detective working with Laudermilk In testa of the That Number Necessary for Merchant Marine to Hold Its Rank (Allocated Pros* Leased l\'irc) WASHINGTON, Sept. 8.—Contending that 800 new ships aro needed to put the American merchant,, ; ma£Uie. 4l on, oyqn r-tepreis... with foreign-'Vqssels,' shipping board bureau officials reported today they ar,e laying" tentative groundwork for a largo construction program. Preparing preliminary data for -the now .maritime commission, officials said they have found that new merchant ships of all classes-are needed. Commission to Function .-• Tho new five-member commission, created under the ship subsidy law enacted by the last congress after a bitter controversy, has not yet been appointed by President Roosevelt. When It does begirt functioning, officials said, foundation work for the new construction program w\ll have been accomplished. They said the co-operation of private operators will bo necessary io carry out. the expansion. If they should approve of the program and take full advantage of the preferred subsidies, It was said, ns much as $500,000,000 might be spent for'new construction. To launch tho program, the maritime commission will have about »100,000.000 In cash plus another $87,000,000 of notes receivable now held by tho shipping board bureau. Will Pay Subsidies Under tho new law, the United States will pay direct subsidies to operators to build and run ships. This plan replaces a system of Indirect subsidies given In the form of payments for carrying tho mall on the seas. Tho present law was passed only after, a long and hot-tempered struggle. Some legislators were critical of any kind of subsidy as wrong In principle; other groups favoring sub-" sidles differed us to specific provisions. Tho law that finally emerged provides for subsidies up to 50 per cent of construction costs, with 20-year, 3V4 per cent government loans for as much aa 26 per cent more. It also provides subsidies for operating ships. GALE SWEEPS IMPERIAL BRAWLEY, Sept. 3. (A. P.)—Trco limbs snapped and telephone and telegraph wires tangled under tho force of a 40-mlle-an-hour gale which swept into Imperial valley last night from the Gulf of Mexico, temperatures resulted. Lower DEATH SUMMONS HARRY B.THAYER (Auociated fre»* Levied MEW CANAAN, Conn., Sept. 3. •\\ Harry B. Thayer, 79, former president of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, dl«d at hi* home here today after • year'* Illneit. A former president of the Western Electric Company, he became vice-president of the A. T. and T. In 1909 and waa made prealdent In 1919. Mr. Thayer .retired at pr.e*U dent of the company In U26, when le reached the age of 70, and served aa chairman until 1928. He was appointed a member of the aircraft board, a *1-»- yoar position, during the World War, by President Wllaon. hairs, torn underclothing and other material found at the crime scene. Surprising Element Another surprising element arose when Jack .Burge, 31, dressed In women's clothing and wearing a brown wig, was. held by Los Angeles officers and questioned In- the case. Burgo,-who said he was a marine, was said to have admitted he 'was In 'San Diego- yesterday, "a few miles from La Jolla. Jeahie Negro cook of, thp , Mr. uh4-.'Mi& Joseph Mulrs, vaca- tionists ' at" this smart resort, Was questioned by polico today In an effort to learn more of Miss Muir's habits. Two men, Earl Davis, Negro, and Carl Lewis, laborer, wero being questioned at central station In San Diego. Miss Mulr went alone to a "lover's bench" overlooking tho moonlit ocean Monday night. Two hours later she was dead, her head battered by repeated blows from an unidentified heavy object, her clothing toni and her body mutilated. Surgeon's Statement County Autopsy Surgeon F. E. Toomey entered a record of "criminal attack" after careful examination of the body. He said, however, that although the female organs were Injured, there was no proof the attack had been performed by a man. Detective 13d Dleckmann of San Diego sent back the report of tho hair analysis after a day spent work- Ing with Professor Laudermllk In (Continued on rage Xinetern) Buck Jones' Yacht in Grave Danger (United Lcatcd Wire.) HOLLYWOOD. Sept. 3.— Buck Jones, cowboy star of films, today reported that his yacht Sartartla waa fighting a gale in mld-Paclflc waters and had appealed for aid. The actor, hero making a picture, Raid ho had been Informed In a radio-telephone. message relayed to his wife that tho boat was out of fuel and had only a day's supply of water aboard. Jones had sailed to Honolulu aboard the yacht in the transpacific race several weeks ago but returned by steamer to fill a picture engagement. Tho Sartartla left Hawaii a week ago. The vessel said In the message that the fuel ran out about 1100 miles east of the Island of Maul, nearly 400 miles off regular steamer lanes. Tho actor Immediately made an attempt to charter a hydroplane to carry water and gasoline to the boat but was unable to find any pilot willing to risk his plane on tho hazardous flight. Captain Van Valen reported In his message that tho yacht wan bucking a heavy gale and could rook* little progre«n with her sails. Officers Redouble Effort to Protect Two Briles From Mobsters IMPERIL INNOCENT Immunity if Surrender Withdrawn; Parents' Home Watched LATE BULLETIN YREKA, Sept. 3. (U. P.)—Rewards totaling $1000 were posted laic today by the Sitihlyou county board of supervisors for the apprehension of John and Court Itritc, accused of slaying three men. f United rrem Lratcd Wire) Y REKA, Sept. 8.—Alarmed t by Air Company to File Exceptions (Asiocialcil rrcit Lcatcd Wtre} NEW YORK. sept. 3.— F. O. Wilson, Kansas City, vice-president and treasurer ,of Transcontinental and Western AJr. Inc.. said here today the company will file exceptions to the report of the bureau of air commerce on ' the "probable cause" of the plane crash at Uniontown, Pa.,* la*t April 7. The bureau attributed tho crash In which 12 were killed to poor judgment on the part of the pilot. T ; Wilson did not specify tho but sold they, will be , filed within a we*k with the secretary of commerce, now evidence that hair-trigger "mountain justice" threatens John and Court (Coke) Brite, accused triple-slayers, when and if they are captured, Slskiyoti county authorities today redoubled precautions against mob violence as virtually all leads in their flvc-day man hunt collapsed. Innocent Alan Periled Potential vlgllantlsm was displayed last* ~ w IK ht-™ Trtiort>"a." «'-lai^» • ^ crowd gathered quickly at King's Club, Weed, Callf>-2S tnllos-from±reka~ after word spread through the mountains th&t a man Identified as Jolin Brlto had been captured at Htewart Springs Canyon. The "man. a Scandinavian prospector, later was Identified as John Soynlg and was hustled off to tho Shasta county jail at Redding "for his own protection" under orders of Sheriff W. Q. Chandler. Brought to the King's Club resort by possemon who accosted him as he emerged from the canyon, Soynlg, badly frightened by tho throng of excited mountain people who gathered from all directions, along with traffic patrolmen and deputj r sheriffs, vigorously denied ho waa Brlte. Dramatic Moment It was a dramatic moment when Mrs. Chester Barton, wife of a Horse Creek storekeeper, Identified Soynlg aa one of the fugitives. "I cannot bo mistaken," Mrs. Barton said, peering at the prospector's face, "that Is John Brlte." A cordon of deputy sheriffs stepped up and encircled tho captive. Handcuffs wore snapped on his wrists. Tho crowd of onlookers moved In closer, murmuring barely audible threats. A hurried call brought Sheriff Chandler. Saved by Sheriff Striding Into the mountain resort where Soynlg sat, trembling, among his guards, Chandler exploded Into a rago: "AVhy that Isn't John Brlto. It doesn't look anything like him." Posses were withdrawn temporarily from the search for tho Brlles. Guards remained stationed at all points of egress from the region. An Inquest Into tho deaths of the three victims of tho "battle of Horse creek" — Deputy Sheriff Martin Lango, Deputy Sheriff Jo(Continued on Page Nineteen} Japan and Soviets in Another Clash (United I'retf Leaned Wire) MOSCOW, Sept. S.—Tho longstanding enmity between Soviet Russia nnd,Japan flared up again today when government ugenclen here charged that Japanese-dominated Manchukuo was attempting to drive Soviet consuls frooi Its territory. Officials cited the recent Incident at Tsltslhar when an employe of the Soviet, consulate was arrested on charges of being a spy and a boycott against the Soviet agency waa started. The Soviet official news service, Tass. reported from Khabarovsk. Russian center of Information In the Far East: "The Japaneae-Manchukuoan powers have assumed an exceptionally unseemly line of behavior respecting Soviet consulates, apparently with the aim of creating condition* under which their maintenance In Manch- kuo will be Impossible." Roosevelt, London Meet, Clasp Hands f United Prct» Leated Wire) T)ES MOINES. Iowa, Sept. 3.— ^ President Roosevelt and Governor Alf M. Landon clasped hands In tho state Capitol hero Into today as they filed Into the private dining room to bo guests of Governor Clyde L. Herring for luncheon. "I understand, Governor, that you had a hard motor rldo In order to get here," Mr. Roosevelt observed. Landon suld ' ho did, smiling broadly. Mr. Roosevelt then presented don to his son, John, who has been accompanying his father on the drought tour. The nation's chief executive waa presented to the Kansas governor along with those of Oklahoma, Mlsourl and Nebraska, who will join later in a discussion of drought problems. Landon was first to speak to Mr. Roosevelt as tho governors and congressional representatives started for tho luncheon room. There was no seating arrangement for tho tables, but the six governors and Judge Charles Dewey sat at one. They merely pulled up chairs nnd sat down, Landon taking a seat two removed from the President. nuts. ROOSEVTCLT MEKTS GOVERNORS IN IOWA NORWAY DENIES SOVIET DEMAND (United Frt*t Ltattd Wire) O SLO, Norway, Sept. 3.—Norway notified the Soviet am- basiador today that It rejected the Russian demand for the expulsion of Leon Trotzky, exiled Soviet leader, who has been given asylum In this country. Norway declared It Is satisfied Trotxky was not Involved In the murder of Sergei Kirov, as charged at the recent terrorist trlfl In Moscow. -ATLANtIO FLYERS Treasury \Vill Borrow $'lOO,000,tfOO in New Loan MERRILL AND RICHMAN OUT OF FUEL, FORGED DOWN UNHARMED, AND CRAFT NOT DAMAGED rrfm Leated Wire) PURPOSE EXPLAINED S/^KOYDON AIRDROME, England. Sept. 3.—The Croydon '. | V-W communications oflicc announced officially today the Unsettled Conditions in i^ I1K>r i cnn flyers, Merrill and Richman, out of gasoline, had i made a safe forced landing at Lhvyncelyn, Carmarthenshire, i South Wales. The communications office slated Merrill had I telephoned Croydon, reporting the transatlantic plane. Lady Peace, had landed in a Held, that the flyers were unhurt and i that the machine was undamaged. The aviators, who had a ! topped the exploits of a long'*' Europe; Must Main la in Working Balance il'nitrn rrett l.raned Wire ) WASHINGTON. Sept. 3.-In surprise move, Secretary of the i- \~ r • • in Treasury ll,nry MorgenUmn Jr. i 8t . of °<*«" lc 8 P' cd f '>' cr f In announced today that tho treasury their flight from New lork to tho DBS MOIX13S, Iowa, Sept. 3. (U. MlMl Held ill Connection M.O.OOO.OOO for the entire fiscal .V-Presldont RooHovelt and the! , ' , "! • • I y T' ,"* " lll » nw> , b >' •'"'•Moni ROOM. overnors of five OKrlcultimil states' AVllll SUlNMIlU of In his revise! buii K .n estimate rove, through fla ff .frln RB d streets to i ^ ' , I, . *, ycMr,-d»», P.V govemora drove the IOWR .capital today for nn unprecedented drought conference bringing 1 . ;t%Ptli»r th.o,,r|ynl < Demo- awl- Republican 'candidate tor tlio presidency.,. ..... ,, .The governor of JCansaa, Alt M. Lnndon, dashed across country from bis capital' by automobile but 'failed to arrive In Umo to join tho automobile cavalcade parading before a throng scattered through tho business district and across the hillside lawn fronting the Capitol. Ho was expected any moment. Tho Republican presidential nominee, however, decided (to drive dl(Continued an 1'oye Sixteen) * » » Baseball Results NATIONAL LEAGUE (First game) At Cincinnati— R. n. 15. Boston ,, o G l Cincinnati 3 9 2 Batteries: AVolr. Rels and Lopez; Schott, Derringer and Ixmibardl. (First game) At Pittsburgh— n n. B. Philadelphia 4 10 1 Pittsburgh 3 7 \ Batteries: Bowman and Grace; Lucas and Todd. flco. Alberts (United l'r?**~I.<-n*fd Wlrtu pAivLAND," B«?pt.-81—• V'our mnn indicted In"^connection wltli the shipboard ulaying Of CJeorgc Alberts last March were arraigned today on flint degree murder charges before Superior Judge K. C. Tyrell. fermiodlutely nfter the arraignment Judge Tyrol! granted 11 temporary postponement at the request of Henry C. LcvonHliI, attorney re- will borrow in new | the Irish coast, came down cash In addition to refunding JBH.- j approximately 175 miles 000,000 In note* falling due Scptom-! f rom ,l, pir Gfovclon R oill. nor 1 l. i ,..,. , , - " . \ » , I lioir estimated elapsed Umo from Floyd Dennett Field, Brooklyn, to Dingle bay. Ireland, had boon computed at 15 hours ami 40 minutes, by far tho speediest crossing. They were reported sighted off South Wales at 2: 20 p. m. (8:20 a. in. eastern standard time), but It ber IB. Secretary MorgeiUlmu suld new borrowing was the cash offprint? since he onm« Into office. Ho promised that tho treas- ur.Vs net bom.w!nit» would not ox- Reason Given Morgenthnti mild because of unset-' tied European conditions It would be unwlMO to dip Into the treasury's working balance of-around.-ft,000. to moot l>rea(>nl ivenini wan morn than two bourn before UK news of tholr forced landing was re- nSOO Mile* to in Pilot Discovers 6 Victims in Wreckage of Vessel (A Mnnifrif /*n.t» l.rated Wlrt) SKWAUU. Alaska. Sept. 3—Air- pluno pilot Al Horning flew here, with word the bodies of sis. persons weiv found in Pilot Steve Mills It was Indicated the $514,000,000 of i IH pnr rent notes maturing Hop-| tember 15 will be exchanged for new j note*, bearing more Interest rules, j powtlbly i«i per cent. ; Acting Budget Director Diinlel AV. Hell told reporters the treasury's talned by the Seattle district of tho j W orkln B bnlanrn had been reduced Marine Firemen to represent Frank j n |, 0 ul $800,000,000 since tho flm-al J. Conner and Marl King, two of tho accused men. Stating ho had arrived from Seattle by piano, hint night, he asked time to coimult with his clients. Arraigned with Connor and King were 12. II. Rainnpy and Ooorgo Wallace. King and Ramsey aro acoimod by District Attorney Karl Warren of Alamcda County of cohsnlrlng to kill Alberts because of his opposition to "radical" union tendencies. Wallace aasertodly has confessed that ho participated In tho actual slaying of tho engineer aboard the freighter Point Lobos for a down payment of $10. Conner, former fireman on the inurder boat, Is charged with being the "finger man" of the killing. A fifth suspect, Ben Hachowllz, named as tho actual slayer, still was being nought. Meanwhile tho Maritime Federation of the Pacific adopted a resolution year began July 1. In addition, an expected $S^,ono.OOO From Now York to the |.i,i.- v m K j where they landed Is roughly SSoo wrecked plane on the Kenal Penln- mll«s. by the great clrrlo rotrl.i which , suln. He took off at once with four they followed on tho eastward leg of' men. saying be would return today their projected round trip flight be-: to get additional help In carrying tho tween New York and Uindon. , bodies out of the wilderness. The great circle route they fol- .M|||n nnd his five passengers, who lowed pl'ioed their estimated ills tun CM left Anchorage Sunday for a day'fl from Floyd Hennett to London • at ! fishing on the Russian river, wero 3460 miles. round with tho plane on a 2000-foot Their lonKcst Btreteh over water ridge nt?«r Skllak lake, between here was 1992 miles from Harbor Grace, and Anchorage, Horning said. Newfoundland, to C'obh, Irish Free The passengers were Mr. and Mrs. demanding that the Foll<>tte sen- 16, he ( suld. i HOLC Needs Morgcntliau said tho treasury Is taking care also of financial needs of j the Home Owners' Loan Corporation •. HO that It does not have to go Into | the market for money. ! These factors. Morgenthau ex- • plained, led to the decision to seek the new money at thlH lime. tennis In the event they were forced down at sea. Commander George lVm<l, transatlantic pilot: Amelia Enrhnrt. who twlc«3 lnu= flown the ocean, and Cap- tnlri liddle Rlckenbacker, World War no« und head of Eastern Air Lines for which Merrill IK a pilot, were nmong noted aviators who saw Klchmnn ivnd Merrill off. Hlckenbacker flow alongside them Definite details of the refunding j for ,1 short time In another piano of the $614.000.000 will bo announced ) September «. Morgontlmu auld. ' Demand Freighter at S. F. Be Worked (Second game) At Pittsburgh— R. H. E. Philadelphia l g 5 Pittsburgh D 9 2 Batteries: Pnwseuu and Atwood; Hoyt and Padden. At Chicago— R. if. 15, | Brooklyn i 4 oi Chicago o 6 3 Batteries: Mungo and Pbelps, Berres; Lee and Hart net t. New York at St. Ixiuls unfinished. AMERICAN LEAGUE At Boston— R. ]|. Chicago 3 9 Boston 2 11 K. 1 1 Batteries: \Vhltehead and Scwell; W. Ferrell and R. Ferrcll. (Second game) At Boston — Ch Icaffo . ....... . ......... n. 11. 0 7 0 Boston 5 10 l Hiitlerles: Cain, Brown und Shou, Hewell: Marcum_und_Hcrg. At Philadelphia— H. it. K. St. Louis 3 2 o Philadelphia J c I-1 Batteries: Andrews, Vnn Alia, and ! Ilcmsley; Fink, Oumpert and Hayes, i twoon tin 1 shipowners' commit too and tho Marino Cooks' and Stewards' Association wero postponed until to- ate committee Investigate the entire case as a "frameup against labor." Observe State Law on Valley Project (Antnflated I'reti Lentrd n'lrfi SAN FRANCISCO, Kept. 3. State laws, governing (military conditions in workers' cniiipH. will be observed when construction Finns on the i morrow, when the'unions "negotiu- central valley water project. If plans announced today by Governor Frank F. Merrlam nnd Timothy A. Kenr- don, stale Industrial relations bead, materialize. lleardon said state officials will ask the federal government or provide that In every contract let for constmctlon of the gliint water works the sanitary laws of the state must prevail In all worker*' rumps. "Unless this IH done villages of ramshackle construction and primitive sanitary conditions will IK- ere«-t ed all along the line of tho witter works." Reunion declared. I'lnn Rot urn Merrill Is on an extended vacation i from the Air Miles. The pair planned > to remain In Ixmdon "for a day or so," Hlr.hmnn snlil before tho take- ' off, to await good went her and proper winds for the return flight, i Richman said he wanted to make ' the trip "just for the sport of It " Illchmnn bought the plnnn In IMS '. In July. He and Merrill ' (United rrem treated Wire) KAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 3.—Km ployers today demanded that long shoremen work the Dollar freighter i fl<MV ll tn ?s>w Vnrk In August Admiral Nulton, tied up at Herkelcy ! Tl113 night club entertainer him- pier an the reHiilt of a strike of the i Mp ' 1 hnldOi transport pilot's license, Warehousemen's Union, affiliate of! Bn d has been flying as an amateur the IntcrnuUoiui! longshoremen's I 'or about nine yi-nrs. Association, against the 101 Uorudo OH Company. I Merrill Noted Flyer .. , . i Merrill flow to Kouth America At the same time, negotiations be- 1 Mrty {Mn At New York- Cleveland R. 4 II. 15. 8 1 New York 6 6 0 Batteries: Feller, Oalehouse, Leo and George; Gomez and Olonn. INJURIES FATAL YO8EMITB. Sept, 3. fU. P.)— Charlen Alblu, 37, of Ontario, Calif- died here last night from Injuries suffered when hi* automobile struck a tree near- Yo»emlto lodge. MUtti Ellen Anderson, of Yowmite, hl» At Washington— n II. E. Detroit j g o Washington 3 g :» Batteries: Bridges and Myall, Hayworth: Appleton and . Millies. Building Up 103 Pet, LA. Areas (4t»ottatr4 Prtu VtauA Wtrt) •IX)S ANQEL-KS, Sept. 3,—K«w construction In southern California gained 103 per cent in August over . ,-- ,'tho »ame month a year WISP, the companion, ww injured sirlously. cl amber of coininerco rcportod today. v.'i STORKE VISITED BY STORK TWICE (Aiiociatfd I'reti Leatrd Wire) S ANTA BARBARA, Sept. 3.— Twice In three hour* Thomas M. Btorke, publisher of the Santa Barbara News and Press, waa presented with grandchildren. A daughter waa born to hi* son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. Morris Cox, In a San Francisco Hospital at 4 o'clock. A daughter waa born at 7 o'clock In * hospital here to hla •on and daughter-in-law, Mr, and Mrs. Charles A. Storke, II. The babies' great-grandparent* are Mr. and Mr*. Charts* A. Storke, pioneer Santa Barbaran*. coimnltten WHS iinnl>le to attend tt meeting scheduled for today. Union officials refused to comment on their reaction to the demand to unload tho strike-bound ship. America to Keep Walke^Golf Cup (I'nttcil I'rnt Leaned Wire) PIN13 VALIJCY. N. J . Kept. 3.— America rdulned Hie Wnlkrr cup, Hyrnliollc of Interntitlonal golf HU- prninucy todiiy by Hcorlm; three victories In ax many t<hiKl f "' inittclieM, Kvi-n If Greiit Itrllaln Hhould win the remaining flv«> olngleH nmti-he-H. the lOIlfi inretliiR would renult In n 5-0 deadlock and tbo cup would re. main tho property of the l.'niteil fj talcs. The third slngleM victory was scored by Allxrrt Campbell of Seattle. who defeated Jock Mcl-eati. & and 4. Ex-Judge Sullivan's Sight Is Restored KAN FRANCIBCO. Sept. 3.—California Hospital attendants said 11 delicate operation to remove a, cataract had restored the might of Matt I. Hulllviin, former (Supreme. Court justice. The 79 year-old jurist waa recently stricken blind at bin desk. I'HL\CK OKKI'CBIW MEKT 8ANTA MONICA-. Sept. 3. (A. P) year on nn expedition aimed nt rescuing Lincoln Bllsworlh, explorer who was forced down on a flight In tho untorcllo region. He (Oontlnued nn rage Fight) Lieut. Hand Takes Poison^Is Dead (I'nltrd 1'ren Leaned Wire I VAL.LKJO. Sept. 3.— Lieutenant Wllny N. Hand, naval officer who disappeared from Ixing ficach a month ago, died In Mare Island navy ywrd ho«pltHl last night after taking poison. It wan announced today. I land WHM located here yesterday, questioned by officers of the twelfth naval district, und was token to Mare Island for return to bin ship, the L'. S. H. Maryland, for u hearing and possible counmartlii! as a do- Be rler. The medical report said ho took a large quantity of poison while on n ferry boat being taken to Mare Island. He was rushed to the navy yard bonpttal. where ho died at 10:15 p. m. i Officials ut the navy luwpltul wold ! thoy had little Information concern-! ! family lived In Long Beuch, Calif, j i They said that there wus ''no In-< formation to be given" concerning j hla ansertod suicide until after an of-1 flclal Inquiry WBM held. ! ship, Its wing and pontoons crushed, yesterday and, unable to land near the ship, dropiwd to a lake 4 miles away where they left un advance party of three men. The three were to push through trees and rugged country to the plane while the pilots returned to Anchorage for more aid. A party of eight. Including a doctor, left Anchorage yesterday afternoon to establish a bust- camp. The planes carried supplies and stretchers. 18-Year-Old Girl Missing at Beach COUONADO.. Sept. 3. — A second beach colony mystery confronted police today In the disappearance of. pretty Virginia I.awson. IS-year-old brunette high school girl who vanished within a few hours of tho attack-slaying of Ruth Mulr at La Jolla. Reports Miss Ijiwson had eloped to A*unia proved false. A telephoned message to her mother last night (•aid to be from "A Friend" said Virginia had gone to Yuma. but no trace of her was found there. Miss I^avvsoti last was seen at. 5 p. m. Monday when she told her mother she was going to Sap Diego, across the bay. to visit friends, Sho did not arrive. CARPENTER HILIJCD BY FALL j BKACH. Sept. 3. (A. P.>— ! f«*t meant .the difference b«- . tweim Uf» «.ncl death for James Several hundml members of thoLo«i AtNlnaon. ««-,venr-old carpenter. U« ..... ~ Angele* Poaoc Officers Association (fathered In annual convention here loduy. ' , • , Ml eight fo*t from a scaffold on a i school rebuilding pro,)v»ci and was 1 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS PAGE AL.TA VISTA—LINCOLN MARKET I A. 1 P. MARKET 7 BAKERSFIILD GROCERY I BK8FLO. SANDSTONE BRICK CO J BARNCTT TIRE COMPANY It BROCK. MALCOLM. COMPANY 3.11 CLUB OASIS 13 COFFEC. HARRY * CRAFT SHOWS (3 CL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL 13 FOX CALIFORNIA IJ FOX THEATER II CENSLCR-LEE 3. II GOODRICH SILVER-TOWN l> QRANADA THEATER 13 HELM. ED U HOGLE A CO. I. A.. ,. {> HOPPER MACHINE WORKS > MUFF, JOHN R Z HUGHES DRUG STORE 17.1* IQA STORE* ? JACKSON TIRE COMPANY » JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES 1. t KIMBALL t STONE '« LE ROY GORDON BEAUTY SALON It MANDARIN. THE . U NEW FISH MARKET U NILE THEATER U OWL DRUG CO 4 PEKIN HERB CO I* PENNEY. I. C.. COMPANY .17 PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 17 REX THEATER ... 13 HI ALTO THEATER 13 SAFEWAY STORES .......14 8. I. L. 4 P. CORP... U SECURITY MARKET. ,. I SMITH. RALPH U GROCERY I UNION AVE. DANCE PAVILION ......11 UNION CEMETERY ,. IJvZI URNER. DAVE i ,.....!« VIRGINIA THEATER U WASHINGTON MARKET t WEIU.. A.. INC ..,..,„* WICKCRSftAM'S JEWELRY CO (3 WITHAM 4 BOOTH..,. ..,.,...»

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