The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 16
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c^ f ,t b ~' .**"*!- l ?r'X.-'fi ':*-~t-'^ :y *.,,-* y'.-Ji*? v .?:<,t-^ '•-*•+<' ';-«jnw Ji?A^v^-T £_"•":•* '• ' ••- /-, • • - . ' „ - c , r • - ... .,,\ -,.i '•- -.;.„ :- ,.\".;.-Y-)g- i-,.'?/-'r - • '' - ' • * * n 1 I t r i ' •A H r I' ' -—'• , • •!•/'..--•, ;- '-i/,'." ' " :V3 ; v ^r --? 1 -/ t '-- >V ;: - * ~-*-f- • -" --VY ff $'*£#'' i-r * ,^-']"^-. : -, ,C S ^V r,^/rL 1 '' T " f -t"- i- • •• . •• ; --•'•% v" w '^ ' - - .-• -\- "r> *j *, £v>/-^''/•'-' • - .-^'''•^V:v^v:^;;^'^V:-^:«r-: •• :-^*>^:^cv;C 1 • - -• fc .;-,-- '.'''-'. JL -' • V 1 i,"- •;..•--- / " ' - ' f". ' -•-•'". \.'*' = '- ! v- JL .,,- •- , --.,-•-.•'.../; .-,{' ' • V -..'"-*.-; •- "< '- v.;v ••" . ^ L rv - -*' , * * v * .- • * - -. *. : - • - > '.;,' --,-•'- . - ,•'.•.*,-;• r- -•• •.. • - T . • f • •. '- - • V- - , \ c .-, *,.- - • I • i " - . • ..-'•:' . ' . - - T ,• • * •,-,*.,..*!-, * W .. I I r' -'«' -. ' d I t - J \ . o-WiS^ -v^v.^ '&V -v** v - -,";-,- "^.'i^-vMrvV™;^;^ -i , fi** V> v. ',-*:," -, irj - '•, -/' r-*'-- '"'/i'. 1 • ••, -r^r ,''/'; '--'- - U •-" : '- *> '-''•*" "• *:^ f :< t.^ s V^^*"7> * f '-* V :-*^*' / M a W&*'- ^, r ^ ;;V'*'-vt^ ./*M v^--^*** *' • l ~ 5 -'" • ! "V '" --->'.: *?i ^',\\-' ;?,*'.'• V- •'••, ,-• *• v •,'•'- *:'.- yrv?* '^V -'" v-*':': .• >>^V fc v-v •V^' 1 :;-'" ' ? : a '-^r, H-^'FtiT: 1 <*' J '-;--':^V ••^V^"" >' a^.-^ •'' 'V "----^--< '-• ' , •';'•-, '.: .- *- t .•--,.-'< <-..-,--- . . - •.••.. ', , , .. :.- ' : i .- - 1 -,-, j-., * , :• -V:.".v - r—-•*:- ,- '-.-^ :,? -'- -\^ ''^k .../, '-vi ' T '-.r J <r '•/ • ./ .V-'-V '. 4"i f'• ' ;• • '•- .-, -•:-*.•••;/;•'• -- - \ -, .'--•>•..•- /' :-,:. •• : ;-^';v : .-^VvV ;... •;-<..•.•.* . ,-•• -,-.y >>•-.•,; -:.'•.*".•_.: i • -•••' -' '.'"-, - . - • fc * . ' .-'' r ^ • ' .V '*'-•:•>'• '•< ."/• ' •••-. ' ' • • ' • "•• L *" I J V .- J ' '< II IL >d,l^ |l ,-..:• - - \ . ' / .; ' . ' * • • . • , - '*'• . - • • ' -;, - • -; • . -;- - .**-.,-.- ,,- - J • l . h • I ' I ' - , J ^ I . . I •- ^ ' . . + > . • - • * . ,>,--- * , • :• • . •'•,.'.'• • . - - -.-,'. . : • • •. 'i..- ' , • • ., . ?;V-;.-V-' -"•>. X-j .^..:s,*;*'.' - h n 1 H ' f l r ,ll • V ' .. . . "• n 1 - !• m • •*> 1 >," - >^r- . ' ^: - -rA . •.-•.•!.. . i- - :- - .<' ' t - -- •, • I •-. ' rJ • Cbttortal man Svery Kvfdtng Kxropt Sunday In Kern County, Callfurnld tfbtlifbt^tlitt.ll : l )ar ^ v ' ins ncc °l )lc( ' ° pl«lfot 4 ni and uolurally ^^ ' nil of Ihein or most of them luivc Aoughl lo enrry on I llieir pled^cM. Mr, London, if leeled, will xvisli to redeem his, nnd lie cr ri>r1 In mtM nfflf'f 111 Hjl 1< ('H-I'iclM . I 'll I if'iMrlil, IL. 1 ' 'ii'if.rnl - ...,| i ,i t ! f* I 11 I i iiiftllI mnlUT iirnl." til" A«M MfiWri-HH Mi.r.-h P., U7!i XVOIlM l)t> lllllC U'SS tluil) 1111111(111 if ||(! (lid liol By Mary Raymond HIA ' V- OK THK ASSOCIATION PUKKH thr Thr AR.fnrlftlfd 1'rrsn if- pxr-hlffvrlv rnllll' 1 '! I' for pill.llriittnu of nll_nrwp. dlM.n t. IM-N i-n-dltffl lo It or liol Iti put*' 1 !". "Hfl filnn Hn- upon (ir)iigt*es.*9 such reformalions us lie Ims pledged himself to brinK nhoul. In clo- tluil he will not devinte from Ihe course lni<l down hy most of his predecessors. Tho nni*ni*.flrlf| ("'i,Jif(t?nlJin I;-- nUr. « rhi-nt -if 'Vfh I MO ., ,, *• i • i r I'or inslance the caiuhdale has a farm rc-h limit sat. In thn office? or the -y'H chief of dPU»etivoH. "What do you know," he asked bluntly, "about 'The Uod J'oppy* and thn man who ownn It?" Mlrluii»| l>onavun ntudlprl Urcnt thoiiKhtfully for n moment bofore 1ru5ti-«l wlrr sorvt.-f nf l.uih, f rmiiiod. innn tn thr* i -Mayi»*? man HUM UKIMIKSKNTATIVKK yiuit. UrlffUli £ !n< Y'TU. i 'hit UK". I " 'i*tii. Allantn. nr i*i ii'irlvr hn<i r»iuni ' " f ' (?n In u "' P (t lWH. U'K no pUico for is p*n i> IHIS i mm- - f oo]H and i,,,t,| (Hj AH for thn mnn Whnt will he do nhonl il if he!?; 1 , 10 (nV ! IH , u Itl » r ' k ( " tnlK . ' I rl Hny ho haw » toiiKh hwirt « liccomes I'residenl ? Let (.on^ress throw it ( n. Nnn. Hhin. outwuniiy IIP i< . , ,, .. , ... . . i ,, i, ,. i within HrnliH-that IK, tbi* IPK«-! llm Illlo the dlsennl Without n slrilKUlf / Illinlly. i i tn Hlrr-irhiMi by bin mnnrt c And wilh eeci nnrl If. I hadn't ducked whon the firing bcffan I wouldn't be tolling thlH talo," "Whon iho ll«ht« wont on?" prompted iho stranger again. Sn '' f) n \VAS1MN*1TUN. I' ' . J, llMJ'litn, Mroi-l"r. iiko the THIS PAI'KK MAMK IN TMK I'. S. A AVOIDING TIIOU»I,K s n wnlehword, will I • upon C.on^rcss le^islntion to hrin^ (luit policy into elVeel ? Or will he permit Ihe ln\< T - nmluTs to K° on ' n Iheir spendihrifl wnys without n conlesl? Of course he will do jusl whnl President Roosevelt Ims done, ulloiupi ' V 1 ,"' 11 * «» I ' I| »K . . ' I-lroiiHo niunbfi to impress Ins views upon (.on^ress, and in thnt he will follow in Ihe foolsleps of hi>'« b*'(VMT10 HK I'OI to Htep ovp.r a too confident. thut Blip. Mr. • number of bin rar." l.irent nnld, "and a denorlptlon of It." Donuvan turned to a file. "Hlad (o neooniuiodutp you. HR a ordinary When tho lights went, on, young fr-llow, Iho crowd went wild. 13 very* hotly wan trying to got out of there. and you couldn't, blame anybody for that. The police had a hard llmo handling tho crowd. Thn girl got away, Tho poMrv* ruwhod a car to thn bridge and stopped every cnr going back to town, but I under- Htiiml thoy nevor did find her." 'M)o you llvo on this Hldo of the the localit "Horn on thin e "You rnimt know pretty well," "Kvory foot of It." "I'm thinking of taking a place out hero. Maybe you could tell me If (hero uro any empty houwjH around." i of the buddings. Brent Htoopcd and fonuNcd a rluMhlight on the number. The number did not with the one he carried (By O. 0. McINTYRB) in memory. YORK, Sept. 2.—Tho me tropolla, swiftly becoming an air cooled town, Is likely to become what VcrliapB there wan another car In civic boon tern have contended It the gamgo. Ho utralffhtenetl and felt should he: A crack aumrner reeort. a heavy hand on hfa shoulder. Moro folk stuck to the city this hot "What, my prowling friend, is the season than ever before and modern object of your call this evening? refrigeration played a big part. Chlcketm? Corn? You toll me." Kven the Broadway, loaf era who Brent laughed. "I was looking for used to swelter through the torrid Mr. Black. Thin i« such a queer, days got their break by clotting in run-down place I thought Bill .Pat- front of the air conditioned spots. rick had made a mistake about It. The restaurants are now, more than So I was looking at the license num- 60 per cent of thorn, cooler than the e ' to make sure." I^ong Island and Jersey shore row did you know the license breexes. People dlno and sll for number?"* hours. duty Wnshin^loii mid JeH'erson nnd Madison and • nU-koMri!nrn«ii. - . hf i n*. Ill wrlto it down for you." lli> hnruled llront n card. Krenl got E VMMY tuition Ini •. of course, a ' toward its nationals who happen lo he enuHht in foreign areas whew strife exists, and drover Clcvclnnd and Theodore hnt (here is a reciprocal ohh'Kalion on cili- veil and Woodrnw Wilson. Oh yes, he will plenl\ of company when he insists legislation. Or rather, he you. Chief," lo I)!H fept. * "VVluit dooH UliirU want now? Monroe and Jackson and Ahraham Lincoln f h y nnw hoiiBii?" the detpetivn q li-d. I (Ion t know he could nfl one: Had an Idea he needed money. At one (Imp bp p.nuld have paid for withnut it, r /ens lo remove regions \\ hen they him from war-lorn Ilv» (|MVH \vbp|) he run it Hiring ( >f m os I Ihe opporlmiily, upon Ihtis prevenlin« Ihe involvement of their would have if lie wen homelands in conllicls with which they dent, which seems at this writing In he a have no concern. very remote possihilily. Americans in Spain have laid warning lo leave that country, and proper steps have hern I alien lo evacuate them. If they refuse to accept the chance they do so at Iheir Thr Slnlr |),-,mrlM.rnl luis .lour rm'lnrv niilpul for .Inly, ,.!! llml is pn.ssihlr in snulintf ships I., n- '"•'"« '''Tk,„,«•<! will. Ihr I..I y IUJUHOH in fbl- a lot of irlliittnr- . moni-y Into Mlnck'H poo- to he elected I'resi- ketH, but tho government, loeatod T W W The baldhcadcd man thought a moment. "Tbere'w one. Been vacant a year, but you wouldn't want It. its not fit for rats to llvo (n. Belonged to old man HardlNon, who WILH BO mlHorly he let It almoBl tumble down on him. After ho died fplkH Hald It was haunted. Claimed they H aw lights In It Hometlmes, You couldn t get anybody to go anywbero near that house nfter night fall. Guess you wouldn't want it, anyhow. It H ihreo or four mllen off the highway In tho woods.'" <*!» 11 it Pr-rff<'t!" Hrcnt exclaimed. VVhnt'n that?" (PHP filthy Hlreiin iM'i-f nnd MpcruMl " lilark U.'d dmvn, ac'rordlng in popular opinion, but I'w* nlwn.VM my own thlnkliiK and I'm not con RANDOM NOTKS The l-'ederal Heserve Hoard computes th( KM Jimt tho, IIOUHO I'm looking for. The doctor Raid r mtmt live In tho country." Hront nddocl haHtily, I haven't l>pon well recently." "Von look fit an a fiddle.' Tint If It H ulr you want, you'll K*'t plenty of it IhrouKh tlu- biff rrackn at old man HnrdlHon'H place-." "T wondor if you could direct mo "I'm not doliitf u hotiHe for him. to thn hoiiHe?" v-nt mild frankly. I "Hure. r>rlve on the highway The d(*ti*ftlve ddickled. "I would about five nilloH until you find a llttfa IMM-II own risk. ...... If I hadn't Idimvu that. ,Ju«t , at Hlrt per CCIll. wanted to h.-ar you talk a IIM.1.*. I'm in. Mr. mlffhly poor dftcctivo ; forked road ruttlnff Into (lie woodw. ' iif "->'L "> I nl ^K -I H'H HO nvcrffrown with ffrnnn now most pooplo would think It WOH jimt n pnth. I('H the road that loads inn\ r (hem, even at some peril of nnuar- !lll<l "*• Anrl A "« llsl hlfls fllir lo IMill<( ' » to glvi- yuu Homo Si iiurt. Knpp nwny from Mlack. ; Htralght to thn M'-'H diinKd-citiH ami Htnart whlrh ! drlvn. If f wero you. rniilrd nllm-k fr he iiirplnnrs nf Ihr '• | ' ( '" nl «''l'nillv MS Ill oilier Words, nut of Inwn. My I he, wav. ' I law b*M'ii for or i ^ it' H a lonely wait until ng. a rmiplf of <hi VH. I HM right-hand factions. Ollieiallv, the Inited Slates is (lie peak for these Iwo months is heller Ihini Minn IH nut I'hank yon. Chh-f. 'Tlinnk you vory much, rjnodby." "H 1 r wan you. nnd I happened to a llffht In thoRo rta ' " n,n- Ihe years prior lo the depression. In num I want to «rrnc«l in' Ilic (Innu-.slir ..IV.iirs nf Spnin. ' r '"'Inslri.'s Ilir .uilpul is nmrkrdly in- Ships w.-rc sent In r.-innvr Aini-rinin rili/.«-iiH '•'•«•"«"'«• lm " " I1(l sll ' ( ' 1 "' •''''>' sl.'ppcd up I ^ b '| * -1'ldd** from Ihe dangers of Ihe i ivil war, nml as il _* P<'Hiis happens one of these vessels had to repel an pnrtH. I'd sure thp: w »it until morning. FolkH Hay old Miont Hinlleil - "ian Ifardiflon'H ghont " In his il !(I| » II(>( ' () - t ll "AuylhlUR I run do?" . . ... 1( . . "N'«»thlng. ThiinkH .hint Ihc Hame. ver .lime; iiulomohiles, II points; n i rin.i i n.-.-ri h«-ip. r'n run on t' t 11 '* 7 points. Mnt nolw illislandin^ hfildheur]nri nmn'H warning was lost In the Hiidden roar of tho old A Hlvirt while la. tor. HronCn search- turned off tho highway and was ese li:>l attack hy homhs from an airplane helon^- either lo Ihe rehels or to the menl, I-'ortimately no damage was done, hut had Ihe American deslrn\er been sunk • or disahled n serious international situation would have developed involving the nenlnil piovmenl. l th i(M kilhl ivim - , r >nll 11V|1| . fnl|M(| yo1| nc . P(U . ( , mmn doop i n tho M-oodland d IH-IP. monlo-yliiK around with thonei nv tni? '•I'lerly num. I'm at i H|< I \ on'(I IK- beyond . Wh-n KOIK! lurk." \V»H thn dot*>r- uaH n ellrnmer of light. lips .' Suddenly bo ance ahead i drove tiling is thai employment does not ^ain in " I • | i • | t*ll i I ? t i i • i i i*l'-|ll i>iin^ir|l|-|I|TJ|Jl'lTT«- - , • - - •- n .T. ••i f ««iir>^- proporhon. II is around <SN per cent and H\<- H at aiom- for n \\-hii.-. a frown (1 f ' per , ! lno > voortH ..got_out of thn nalnriilly we wonder 1 what is w ronjn witli n recovery thai fails to restore people lo em- i MM Id-en, dark f\'f i H. * * * HinliltMi notor|p| v i hat And in considering that vexing pro Idem, M.-HM "I M.-IW '^ " and thr e rn men la I relief lo do \\ illi the situation? '"' K " 1 ' 1 (urr. bill \Ve count as emplox ed (hose who are re- Jidirt H.T i • *" '••Mil-- t n "l-'rt-rirhv'H" < a [in rll y crowd for I h* KfounilM hiul ni'-al. MTHOII on the an aiidlrnoo of ear and Htnrtnl rautloualy on foot ; toward the houne. Iln saw. an ho came elnser. that, hnd | with Ihe exception of one light, the In a j dilapidated old hou»*« wa« In dark- ncRH. A rar was parked c-lose to the ft rent npoko ountly. "Kverybody Never hafl there been such terrific In town knows It. Black'n a big summer buninesa In the eatinR re- fellow." eorta, Thousand** drove In from their "What did you want with him?" country estates daily to lunch and "I havo a meniiatfe for him. Hill dine In town, finding It far more Bald T waan't to talk with anyone comfortably [than the al fresco places el»e; If he'H hero, ask him to step 'oy Uhed to frnquent. Never have " sidewalks been so prom* outside please '' "Not* so fast, my friend. What enody. do you Hay to stepping Inside, In HtOttd?" Op and.down Park and Fifth avenues this summer the de luxe apartment houses -were Installing cooling He was trapped! And Molly was KvBtems — anticipating that New here. Urent was certain of it. Yorkero want to stay home In Hum Ho controlled his voice with an they can keep cool. BulldlngH BO conditioned are Immediately effort. "Just as you say." , "We came out for a rest. Black 1 booked to capacity. . was nervous. d hore Patrick sends you out. How'd It happen?" Add sermons In everything: A mu a T was «ome work on tho Blcian In the ICarle theater In AVash buildinff." Brent lied Rlihly. "The Inffton. p. C. t Is a narsou In a nearby roof leaked from that last rain. Bill church. Ho plays a hot trumpet in needed somebody to take a message the pit and rushes over between and ho offered me $5 to make tho shown on Sunday to Maryland to trip. T was glad to do it, too." I preach his sermon. "We'll see what Black thinks of your message. First I'll relievo you I Vaudeville acts have thinned to a of your gun. OUOKH you wouldiVt bo minimum. The great variety busl- maklng a lonely trip like this With- news remains only a vrtsp — to be car- out carrying a gun. It wouldn't bo rled away by the neweut amusement right wife, would It?" "T did happen to bring one, Hill * i M n zephyr. Somebody told me that If Eddie Darling, once the ace hooker, Patrick told you to bring a gun!" | had 25 weeks straight to book he Not exactly. Ue wild it wo* couldn't fill the bills with more than pretty dark and deserted out hero three nets per half week. The new and maybe T'cl be afraid to make tho crop of performers are all one num- trip. T said I wasn't, but T thought her specialties. A pajama tap I mlsht be held up. You never can dancer, a vocal mimic or a trio of tell on n dark hiphwav " knockabouts who hurl themselves to "I understand. OutuTlH sure trcach- t h ,° eventual tumble Into the pit. eroiw. "While- you're here I'll take Mi 118 - of course, the inevitable micro- care of yours. You don't mind?" phono hiiBffcr with expresHionlcsa Brent handed over hl.n Run, watch-' faco - " r °oPV the bultfe In the other's pocket that was partly a mean piece of ar-1 T talked to a diction teacher rc- tlllery and partly a hand which he SSPyjL who . somo ?* & ™ ago had n knew was accustomed to using U. $25.000_ assiffnme_nt she performed "Here's Black now." ' " " " ~~ Brent turned and faced the night club owner, whose dark eyes raked him ominously—taking In tho labor- er'H #i\rb and tumbled hair. "Patrick said two men were com- In*? to 'the Red Poppy* to talk with you tonight. lie said It was necessary for you to bo there." "I'm going in. but not because of your message. I have an idea you're successfully in 14 months. Her pupil was a thoroughly masculino youth of 15 who, when his voice started' changing went Into a feminine fal* oetto and stuck there. So much so he withdrew from the world. I DW* And became a, sufferer from melancholia. But under a routine of voice oxer* • clses ho won tho fight. So completely, he la something of a baritone. For no particular reason—perhaps the topic of voice touched It off—C Just recalled Raymond Hitchcock and one of his huaky musings—now rather hackneyed but one of Ihe best he over spawned. Hltchy was complaining of an Indisposition one day to Frank Case of the Algonquin. Case suggested calling 1 a physician. "Not for me," rasped Httchy. "When I get flick I call a horse doctor. Thoso birds don't ask questions. They hava to know." .Every now and then T drop around to James (Dlnty) Moonfs and drift to a shelter In the rear called Tho Paddock to talk things over with that doughty old vintner, himself. Ho IH rarest of surviving Broadway Romans of another day. A die-hard honed to razor-edged retorts hy bartending In tough artfas and eventn- * ally to own a cafo that Js one of the better known. Much of the world's swift changing Inspires only his 'high nosed sniff. He comes of a school of bluntness—the real rugged Individualists whom time never, softens yot perhaps ho has been a sucker fop more hard luck stories and cried out of more food than any restaurateur of his day. Heal estate boom note: That hugo building next to the Essex House on Central Park South, vacant so long, is occupied at last. A big pigeon hawk has taK*m up residence on the twentieth floor and. when hungry, flies out, gets himself a pigeon and files back again. T blew a figurative kiss today at a Myrna looking sales girl nt a department store counter. bosomy dowager tapped tho " counter with her lorgnette nnd boomed: "In there such a thing as ,. service here?" Said the sales girl: "Coming up. Queen!" And added archly: "Something for the coronation?" ilv of the I'nilcd Slates. To avoid any such * t the Slate Department has moved to recall all American warships Irom Spanish waters. Discretion in Ihe present circmnslaiices is . . . , . . . i«>pt Hi-ntiing not.'M tt» the IIOVH In i 11 n r ••! i i . -.1 I'l'ivin^ assistance 1 m»umi wnr < on uovern- ih<- orchi-Hira askimr th.-m m ninv heller Mam lulih* arLjmnenl over nulils wilh . . . , HUT, ,-..„, VV a .r unu IMMM I0 ' )ltl > ment projecls, and in that connection Ihr m "" m "" " >M 41 u Bneak. I'm taking: my wife back to town. There's a job Louis and I got to do before dnybreak— maybe two Jobs—that might bother her. Women are funny that way." (Continued tomorrow) KDITOH'R NOTE The Callforntan will print tottera from rtfldern. Such letters MUST b« con- flnfld to 150 wordn written leclbly and on one nldn of th«* paper. The upaca limit In imperative. No inonymowi rnmnmnlmUons will he printed. This Is *nu>hRtl<?. The CallfomUn reserrw the rUht to delete or reject any or all manuscripts and Is not renpoiulhle for sentiments contained therein, I/ettera of more than 150 wonta will be rejected. Brevity Is R deslrahle feature. They mu«t be hon» fldely signed hy the writer with complete addresa given, although the nama may not b» published. shl ' W;1H xhn loo to b.* i lv UH a pic- worrlrtl nnd much. Hhn (By PAUL MALLON—Copyright 1936) red- far I inns thn I li;i vr nlrenH\ nhimdoned i son. Anv Amerieims thnt are still in Ih t l\#\\\ \i\tt /ones will do \\ell lo ohserve Ih sume \\ise preinnlions nnd leave while Ih in \\\\ antifiuar-d uuio- t'K'HHr-<| rl»»H»»r \\hllr thn num WUH «poak- s A MUUDKU A DAY testimony of a \\TA ollicial or an e\-o|]i- uhMo . cial in Ihe Kasl May region is inlereslin^. lit says: "If we invite people who \\ere accus- "TIH-.I ui,m hMppened 0 " Imned lo \\nrk all ilnv In do a half dav\s Ml .!'V"" 1 ,7 llr>(1 M I ni'ii tho pollen rnrne. ' work instead, we nre M"i n M l () have 'l know scores of people in mv vicinity who it • • \\MKinNOTON. Sept. 2.—J-'olltlcal \ ,.„.„ ,. t i . . . . scribes and Pharisees here; X .i«" ;..l h \\^V/!lV;""!'' l ^ < ? rt ?. bo » f " havo been amazed lately by , .,,- , i ,i \slio are willing to maUe Ih plenl v hl '" tl(Hl »»»an i 't lll(lll »ilit thn placn WUH lining change. | hm tho puiim worn nftm- ihln ruhltrr ami dnm If thnv dlrln't n ,,, m , Oll h \"*\^ { «\4 , , buld- Ihe conlines of llx* stale ol Cnlj were always self-suppnrlinM; they would he ' My tllhl ° waH rliim> l " ln!H fornia there is a murder every 1* I hours ^'If-supporliiiM now witlioul ^.vernmenl as- or even a little oflener Hum that since Ihciv s ^lm> l ' (t »"d in such event Ihev would md were homicides in the ,'il'M davs »>f l)(i niimhered alnon^ the imempltiyed. I am J»'sl wondering how numy of ten million and -i:i:> killings during IH.'il. Not in all (ireat Hrilain and its far tiling dominions is "H*'M''dl\ unemployed would Iliul their way M 1 !' 1 '^') '""'^ i"h> industr if the work the .es o an there a record anywhere nearly approaching ( l lll( "'>' ' this one in California. And of course lherei nnrr <li(l NVMS lllr (inl >' wnrl < is n reason. The death penalty attaches | n iWilhin his murder in (ireat Itrilnin jusl as il does jn'n^ader can lind most of the slates in America, hut there is a ' Nv '*'' " 1(l nvnilabl e. 11 own knowledge llu evidi'iice in conformitv Ilr ° H I ' OH TKN YKAHS AGO f rutlfiutilnn. ihb,'. in-.M) I li-adllnrs: Lc-nd of Voiing (o i:'.707; .IndgM Kcolch ^ of the e\-\VPA nllieinl. ddl IIUN dilTerence. The laws are enforced and pen-j allies exacted in the former coimlrv, while' poM or Kocb. Knrn 1'f'OO Inut over H C.raml Jury: War- Small hope for I.PO- lUrhanlson Urltp thn number of sensational intnrna- lional HiigKPHtlonH of which Slate Hull IH Ignorant. i It was iM-PHldcnt Hoosevolt'a omhryonlc kloa of K«ttlnK MussoHnl, Hitler. Stalin, et al., to put their Nplluul HhuuH urulor thn Hame peuco inhlo with no kicking allowed. Mr. Hull mild tho President had never HUKK'fBtod Huc-h a thliiK to him. nor ho to tho Protfldcnt. and thero was i»f/thlnK In It. Now It IH nowH from Kurope that \VaHhliiKlnn haw put out foelora in- formiilly looking toward a world economic, conforcnco. Mi*, Hull ignored tho nows whon It flrnt came from Paris Uut whon both tho A. P. nnd U P. reported the name thing- a few lator from nn official Hrltlsh iimn In T-ondon. Mr. Hull took his dontaI pen In hand again. In n fc-w carefully I'hoscn words, Mr. Hull announced hn had nevor h<'ard of tho matter, thut It had been no consideration horo. * * * pUOMOTION—Offhand, it would 1 appour thut IMHIIV poopln nro lot* ting thoir Intornuiloiml InuiKlnutlonu Wood row Wilson hit "ho kept UB out of war" in lOlfi and they have boon doing quite -well so far. SINGLE TAX Editor The Callfornlan: One can draw a sigh of relief that the single tax amendment nan boon ruled off tho ballot. Its proponents woll knew that It had no chance of fiiiccess If It were openly proposed. But there was a real danger that enough heedlefls people would bo foolecl by its camouflage title, "To Heap tho Sales Tax," to put it over. I notice that tho friends of single tax have announced that they will try again In two yearn as thoy mind" or what nomo new deal friend b « tal<cn to fleo they , , 4l , . privately asked tho French and Brit- and a11 othr *n UKIlto of Inltlatue Ish oconomlHtH ' , moasures should put their proposals more. nm 1<Mmo - o « man in chnrgo Then- is noI mid should not he Ihe slight- vlrtl( 'v PN-HHOH c.h.ii.b;*.; Wm«iv dc- 111 nsr l>(1 allv convii'tion for murder in Ihe i'niled Stales rsl ohjeclion to supplying employment finis n rarity. Indeed, if prtiseeulimi is stoutly resisted it seems almosl impossihle to secure a verdicl of guilty where the chai frnln MiMilt v lor auditor. for HiiprrvlHor; ShorlrldKi» I I' 1 ' for<fI K» "ffiilrs hero l« not keep- Ing up with latest new deal thought on thlN Hiihjnrt. Neither concliiRlon ; warranted. Mr. Hull knows every- \\ ho he are uncinploved. nnd it i • interesting if the numher 1 is murder, and even when such a verdicl is r dered there is no certainly that Ihe penally "' will ever he exacted, what wilh appeals and ni»lionall\. wilh possihle clemency. We can reduce the (.alifornia record lo that of (ireal hrilam h> adnptinf* Hie same stern policy relative lo M uiek pniseeiiliiiu and tfl^MMMMUHMI in prninpl pimishmenl of ollenders, hut so ' '''' l<> JIM *' vv ' he actuallv ascertained, something Unit could lie ri'iidily neromplishrd if Ihr n^rnoirs \otr for illntrlct atlor nt-v IH n H folio UN lln I IP v. r.iHill: Ir- uiul and will ln» of- wln. Fi'l-17 and SrhinhM. i i Kor i'i' I'Otlld W.-aliiM'. l''or triMiHinvr: ShlcldH. I,nh.I, tit hi. thing thnt IM going on in A morion n i do. Whatever it Ifl. It will not be InlonuUloiwI relailonR: IlkewUe. Iho i important. (Total Communist vote in 1933 wafi 102.091.) The chances of holding an Interna- before tho voters honestly and un- tional cconcmlc conference any time dor tltles tnat expreHS. the real in- soon are as meagre an the cha'nco of tereat of the measure. In tho first ffettlnff Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini Place, the law nhould not permit the toirelher. Mr. Hull'H economic ad vis- assembling of two or more separate em aro understood to be of tho opln- proposals, an in this case, under a Ion that, until Prance loses tho bat- title that expresses tho object of tlo of tho franc, the thought of a only one. conference Is decidedly premature. And In tho second place, voters They cannot nee tho possibility of a should not be at any time required conference anywhere on the horizon, to npnrove two measures, when they They aro not even looking for it any | may wish to approve one and disapprove tho other. The voters of However, an unofficial feeler now I California may wish to disapprove nnd then shows that Mr. Roosevelt the sales tax. Past events indicate Is not responsible for the unsettled that they do not wish to approve Htuto of the world, that he is trying, the single tax. If the present law that those foreigners are holding permits this very questionable free- him back. It Is the perfect campaign dom, it should be changed, picture or Mr. barleys purposes, as Speaking of titles. T understand ong as Mr. Hull avoids international that it is the duty of the attorney- Implications by denying anything so- general to furnish tho titles under rlous is Intended or hoped for. | wn lch measures appear on tho bal- MUCKS—None of the politicians e much what the ('oinmuniHts r PHlC * car ram stories were bnsoil on dl rt-rt Information, rathor than Imagin (Vn-d at tin* o.mniv ''air hi-m only worthwhile explanation of tho paradox apparently Is that, while Mr. Hull is Hllll In rhurgo of Intorna- lot. Personally, I do not believe wo should throw tho sales tax out unless wo have something better than hns been offered yet to substitute for It. It is not really a burden Nevertheless .Inner Interest baa tie- Bomo tax and it u just as well that ' ENJOYED HOT WEATHER Editor The Californlan: My wife is back from tho coast. She has been away for two months and I have remained In Bakcrsflelcl to enjoy tho fine summer. It has been a great experience. But for a few days when the thermometer forgot Itself the weather was flno for one of my disposition. I wrote to you once before telling; you that I intended to remain hero and enjoy the healthy hot days anrt qpol evenings. I havo not regretted my choice. I know nothing healthier than tho weather we have In th*» valley, My wife thought sho could not aland It and so left for the coast with the children. Now sho tells mo of the fotfs and cold weather with occasional hot spoils, I reply by telling her of the continued sunshine and tho clear starry nights that aro a holiday for the likes of me. Bak- ersfleld for me. J. D. S. Bakersfield, August 31. 1936. HOUSE RENTS Editor The Callfornlan: Wo Iiko to think of BakersfleKl as a progressive city, but when people como here to live, they can find neither suitable houses or apartments within their incomes. Tho rents hero are too high for the accommodations offered and salaries do not match the demands of houso and apartment owners. Dingy, dark, unattractive rooms, houses that are shabby and miserably furnished—these are all that tho renter can find at sky high prices. I havo a good Job here, but T -am returning south whore rents aro cheaper and living conditions better. My decision will probably not affect tho future of Bakersfield, but there must bo many more like me who prefer fairly decent living quarters within. their income. J. S. WEDDING CHAPEL Editor The Callfornlan: Bakersfield needs a wedding cha- were loenlly nmlmllcd insleml of! .».,„ I:.' »^ h.s '^^i .« .ho !»:"«!,fir!£»Jl f 5»'^ Memiwhile Ihe puhlie will he interested in Ihe fuel that federal relief speinlin^s wen* t-lty afii'r H vlHli tn San Knmrlsoo. Krni'Ht Smith. 1 ». Mint hln hurk atiil IN rriMlltiMl with gtMttni; tho first ilrrr (if tho sn • n nVKNTV YKAKK \(JO r*ltfoinlnn Ihli iUhv Itll'U 'N Civil war tn (Irooro nn king tilitltt-alcN. \\nr nrtv now up- I .1 il'M 1 * til l 1/iH J \l U\ • ' " "'H ni"in uii-.-», il n l Mill I V 11OV »e llhnul .M.KHUHHMHM) 111 . pm-r-nily In .Control of mitlnn-H rnnlly (Miou^h, JlliVv-SMTp'nV'hrn!. 1 !! 1 ^ * as Inw (Miforremenl is nniintiiined nl ils pres enl level we shall eonliniir In have a miir ilu ' ntasr(l I™ l^' 1 ' ^''H »" Iwo years, though der » day or more. \Vlueh, hv Hie vsav is u " lr nun| l )< ' 1 ' n) persons on relief inerensed ; i;«»ur law would be reeonl eonsiderahly in e.u-ess of llmi \\hirh unly I0 |K>r (>l%nt ' ! ilrsr H«"i'«'H n^tun eiu-1 m,l,/° Mluillnn wns eslahlished m Hie reckless da> s ol lontf hv train AS IN ALL TI.MK I'AST Ihorilies \\ ho Know llu' people, who nre r M>»>Nin<»u ' ; lor ilnlr) tn«, lamihar \v ilh local eonditions, to have i fruit iiiHpiity * ik & • rhiirm 1 of Iliis iiiipurlunl \\ui'K inslcad of h,.'mV i'n! m ctiiiliiiuiii(4 niilliofily in disliml renters ''''n,','.' H IIIIH taken t'hargo of domoutlc foreign affalrn. While Mr. Hull mny now dony It. IH a rather goniM*ul belief thut a dom^wtlo prfwldi'iitlul campaign IB In progroHH. Indrcd, thero IH IL SUH- plrlon that an unoffliMiil brnnoh of Mr. I lull's (Irpiirtmont IIIIH boon curd, f IK vi ra lively, at UcMnoo ratio natloual hoadiiuurtorn In New 'York. At any rnlo. IVmocratlo authorltli\M, from Mr. KooHovoH on down, have boon ftri'HNtim all nuhJoetH rolatlnt; to forolgn uffuh'H. That IH an ISHUO are keeping uppormoRt In tho public 1 nilncl. It IH tho one Mnuo on whir! thoy bfllovo thoy havo tho Thoy would to Uoep hilling It dally, like velopcd ovor Indlcatlonn that .tho %'™ ^ck an,l Ilafry »hox d kno v >'-, Man l •»«»>«• d ,° not w «" h ,, to , be ltccl« are up to their old tricta,. *No K ' t ?« * *™ conlJlbiitlni a iSttto Wn " ' lt ' hn f - mllv h '"" n - V0t flnfl a L^l ?" .Wi!?/; L^,^.. 5° £S™SZ: to tho upkeep of one of tho moBt nlHt presidential candidate, iirowder, left the ImproHHlon with the National expensive Btatew In the union. Sooner or later California IH due for }l™£» b *r*^™M?"« IT^n-mc cteknln'R of 1U «ovo^ tho OommunlBlH were willing to abandon Iheir goal temporarily In order to work Indirectly for their long range purpose. In other words, n leech policy of living from the strength of other*. Hrowder said flatly the big job of Communists IH to defeat Lnmlon nnd thus to elect mental machinery and the snles tax will servo to keep the need of such an event, before the rank and file. / FONTAINE PKNN. Route 1, Box 137. Arvin, August 31. 1930. wed at tho family homo, yet find a church too large and a church parlor inadequate. Why do so many couples Journey to the Woo Kirk o' the Heather and tho IiHtle Church of tho Flowers If this Is not true? Wo havo a community owned hotel, why not a community owned wedding chapel? Trading at -homo for young people should begin at the altar. BRIDKOROOM. Bakersfield. Sept. 1, 1930. ItOOHOVOlt. llo nl«o was for a Karmor- Labor party in 1910 along John T<. Lewis' llnow. Similarly, nn oxitstandlng editor roslgniMl from Iho official Conunu- nl»t im hi lent Inn In New York tho other dfiy charging directly that CommunlHt loadorH have mapped out plans to Hwlner their wupport to I Q. How many bridges are there (By FREDERIC J. HASKIN)= across tho Ohio river? D. W. How many huvo boon won inoltnut und fronh s,m • ' --------- ^-, *.-..,.--*.,, PIV ^*t>rm*||Bt 4*<11« til I I I t> lt|l\'l»1*dtl\l tllll \ t ** 1 \ and the (,hiel I-.\ernli\e eaeh where ollleials are neeessarilv uninformed r * v *Khion huvo n-turmMi from thoir has ils own I'unetioii and em-h is sup- as lo individuals and conditions. posed to he independent of UK other, Im history discloses that that is rallier a vmlenl .supposition. Mr.\ell has heen wulely Tnil/ky, now a resident of Norway, is plot- M-eaiiM- iiu;,i against Moscttu. demands that he h I lie Sii\ lei ^ovrrunirul, allr^m^ Hint Mununor \arutlon. V. 1.. AiluniN was a vlMltor horo raft, \ r TIIIHTX YKAKS A(iO MOM! (IflvorH aro In too much of a hurry. Ami aftor thoy pans Iho car uhrail thoy don't NOOIU to bo anywhero, anyhow.—CharloH H. IClHt- bardt, Wlrkllffo, Ohio, soleott-tl as drlvor. PreHlclent Hoonevelt and havo a ban rloned C'omnumlwl prlnolplea. The purpose, of OOUTBO, would bo A. Thero are 56 bridges and ii2 to hide within nnd behind "popular dams on tho Ohio river between front" movements. UH in Franco and 1 Pittsburgh and Cairo. Spuln. Q. How many postage stamps rho next Congress will I woro sold in this country last year? not wound much like the last one. —t). T. Tilici/ed during (lie last Hun of his "must" measures, and (iovernor I.; don intimates (hat if he should hecoi H oitdl IUOH: fumrll Htu wlnn tho rojoot of- for to atbltrato IHKUOH; Hryan may nnt HI i to Now /oulaiul; I UMortinlua- thoir own make too much inonoy for making his temporary home. Thai tfives us 1 JJ;.*,™. 0^00^0!^ t $ V!'?° 0: * • &_ _•_•&& A i_ * •'^••^" President he will place no such pressure a thought. If ptoUinu a^iinsl a «overument 1 ' M "> upon the lawmakers. Hut if he is elected is ground for expulsion, and it eerlainly is, and he does nol attempt In influence Con- why not the American governmei\r -I-SS, lie will perhaps slum! almir HIIK.MJ. ils iillnilii'm In smiu- uf Ilio lUissiaiw who uro wlui have occupied Ihe \Vl.ite House, residing within Ihe jurisdiction of Ihe United All Presidents are interested in cerlain poll- Male: cies; must of them are pledged to carrv out Kor tho throo y^arw on*llnK July 1, havo boon N6 urmstH horo on a deliuile program; each as the leader of Ins pi nles Imi xvhn are liusily spreading Soviet j Juncium. •"P»Kimilii t ilesignrd in llie end lo tU-stroy !M,!^«VVtto W felony <'. X.ellur Is horo from tho rump. Jeff TilllH in n vlMior In Kern, l'\ 1*. Uravi'ft Is operator nt Kern 1 know sev- ornl aotorp who aro liolng mado uo.rv- O\IN wrockH by tho inonoy thoy make. —-XX'nltor' HiiHton. film actor. A visitor to America ruuuot mako nuu'h out of Aiuorionn pollttoH, hut ho may Rot comfort from tho thought thnt \vo can't olthor.— Dr. no matter who wins tho Novombei A. In tho past fiscal year, fourteen election. Primaries ami death have billion were sold, tho largest number already erased tho most picturesque since 1932. _ figures in thn Houso. Latest to fall „. .„» , , . ., , - __ at the ballot box are: Oassawav. tho Q. Which of the popular perfumes Oklahoma cowboy, who rodo Horses uses musk as a base?--J. H. G. vip the Capitol steps for the news A. The American Perfumer says reels; HoeppM. the Callfornlan found perfumes contain musk «*» **'t ••»-^mriJ'^«» ^B^vf *--j »*••• ^*a «• •*•>• P»I^ •«••*• i — _ .; - ... . % 4 Rullty of eonsplmcy to sell a Went aa 51 fixutive. either natural musk or Point appointment (appeal pending), artificial musk. It does not know of any that uao musk as a baso, although somo of tho oriental perfumes munuractuixul In Kgypt and use musk for that purpose. and Texas Tom Rlanlon, noisiest of all no uppeul possible. Monannun of Montana lost out in a race for a senatorial nomination and Xlomihock becamo a victim of tragedy. Uoyd U. Hodo. tion. Ohio Stale ITnlvortdtv. of educa . What was the subject of \VIU Kogcr«' lust dispatch to the nffWs- papers? — K. J. A. His last • dispatch was from Fairbanks, Alaska, describing his visit to tho Matanuska valley colony. U ended with: You know, after all. there Js a lot of difference in pioneering for gold and pioneering for spinach. til MO( \ip a Urrui uolliiR no longer makes an artist—nothinir but ureut publicity.— Tallnmn, votcrun American A THOUGHT FOR TODAY A California t a mm violence Ihe Kovernmenl of this country? \ u .,,, . fl \MUUU b> tu i ha t v . . One now thought ti rtny mukos all ! dlul with curved linos on which tho hospitality one to another without grudging*~—l Peter 4:0. •0\VMf*l Ut b* lUlo a ditch. * bike many other virtues, hospital, ... _ , Ity is practiced i In lt» iwrfection, by otuhnv worth while, hut u i shadow of the pointer fulls for the j the poor. If the rich illd their share. UOITV tnouiiH- nothing. — UpU* ; hours anil minutes, thorchy tolling how the \vot>n of this, world would be uaui uuUvou • thu correct Uaio all iho year round* i lltfhtenodl—Mitu^U M. KJrklaiui. Q. Please explain how the radio beam works to keep a pilot of an airplane on his course.—C, E. H. A. It Is a series of signals sent from an airport which aids in keeping tho pilot on his course. "Wearing earphones the pilot listens to the signals which are the two code letters A (dot dash) and N (dash dot), if the pilot Is a little off his course to one Hide the A signal will predominate in signal strength. If he is a little off to tho other, ho will hear tho N signal more distinctly. If ha Is exactly on his course the signals will merge Into one long dash. Therefore, without even glancing at beacon light ahead, or if poor vial- billly obstructs It altogether,^™ may follow a direct course hy fifing hl« plane so that at all times tho long dftah predominates tn his earphones. A r«ftdvr rkn R«t th« annm« to of f»fti by wrltini Th» lUkmfleld inffinmtton But«t«. Frwler rwtar, \v«fhtutt« i n, U, C, Uirt* AW cwftU fttf eneta* ^~L l •f K-4-* t". 4,**#-«,'/." ,T^k >t -v-_'V-A > 'J 1 '«^'-^*--*A.»-*.^,-w-'\f ** -*v~- w*. 1 .* J-.H-MI r*t»i"*..* : * ^i - "-/)' r- "-^.vf.-^.^.- - — . -_rL^|.L L ..lhr.--H . h ^ J'_ ., ( ^ • -I •'*.•• - - ."I

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