The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 15
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T«E BAKEUSP1ELD CALIFORNIA?*, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1936 CLASSIFIED ADS SELL! Wanted to Buy-Mlsccllanious LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK Reports Indicate Summe POULTRY, BUTTER, EGOS J. A, HOQUE A COMPANY Momberi New York Stock Exehnnaa <l'nltrit frrnf Leaned Wire) NEW VOHK. Sept. 2.-~ Dogs and Other Pits 5PB1DIQHEBD Scottle. puppies, bird cages and stands, complete. $1.95; parakeets, BBa; canaries, males and females, your pick, $1,00. Pets wanted. 1124 Third street. Phone 588U-J. KITTENS to give away. TWenty-thlfd street. Call at 1925 WANT a home Apply yellow for two small dogs. house on • Hlgglns 20 TOY Fox terrier, female, 8 weeks old $5. 1205 Robinson street. 2 Legal Notices WANTED—To buy 2 houses to be moved from present location, cheap for cnsli, Phone 3726, between hours 8 to 10 a. in. or 6 to 8 p. in. BEST price* paid for bottles, rags, iron and other junk. Phone M7 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 420 East Nineteenth^ 7-9-86-tf WANTED—Old burlap and ruga. Buying bottles and other junk. Call 2170 for pick-up, wagon, 717 Sumner street. B-lB-tf For Exchange. Miscellaneous NOTICE OF SALE OF SEMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONOS Kern County, California Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to an order of tho Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State of California, made August 17, 1938, sealed bids will bo received at the office of the Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors of said County .at the Court House in the City of Bakersfield until 11 o'clock a. m., Monday, September 14, 1036, for tho purchase of eighteen bonds of Seml-Troplo School District, Kern County: California, of the denomination of $1000.00 each. * Said bonds were issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the State of California, and In conformity wlih the order of said Board of Supervisors, passed on the 17th day of August, 1936, and bear Interest at the rate of R per cent per annum, interest payable, annually for the first year the bopds have to run and neml-annually thereafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of the United Slates of America, on the 17th days of August and February of each and every year out of Ihe Interest and pinking fund of said Seml-Tropld School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of tho Interest .coupons attached to said bonds; said bonds to be numbered consecutively from 1 to 18, Inclusive, as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. 5 to 8, Inclusive, $1000.00 «aoh, to run 2 years: Bonds NOB. 9 to 12, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years: , Bonds Nos. 13 to 16. Inclusive, $1000,000 each, to run 4 years; Bonds Nos. 17 to 18, inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 5 years. The Semi-Tropic School District has been acting as a School District, under the laws of the State of Callfor- iila, continuously since 1896; the assessed valuation of tho taxable property In said Seml-Troplo School District was One Million Nino Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand Five ••Hundred Twenty Dollars ($1,971,620.00) nnd has now an outstanding: Indebtedness of nothing. The bonds herein referred lo were voled for the purpose of raising monev for: 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings; 3. The making of alterations or additions to the school building or bulldlnR.1 other than such us may he necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs: G. The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 6. The permanent Improvement of the school grounds. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must bo equal in amount to th^par value of the said bonds and accrued Interest to date of delivery and each bid must bo accompanied with a certified check payable to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County, or a cash deposit for the sum of lit least ten .per cent of the amount of the bid. Ths check or cash deposit will be returned to the bidder in case of the rejection of the hid and the same will be forfeited to Semi-Tropic School Dlstrlci If the bidder neglects or refuses lo pay the amount bid for Ihe said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of tho acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of the bids for said bonds as aforesaid, said bonds will * be sold to the highest and best bidder for cash, lawful money of the United States of America, subject to the said conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rale , of Interest will also bo considered. The said Board of Supervisors, however, reserving tho right to reject any and all bids for said bonds. All bids must be enclosed in sealed envelopes addressed to F. E. Smith, Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PROPOSALS SEMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern. State of California, made August 17, 193G. (Seal) F. E. SMITH. County Clerk and Clerk of maid Board. Aug. 22 to Sept. 6, tno. OU SALE—Or trade, 1928 Hudson Brougham, good condition, or trade for eleotrle refrigerator or furniture. 1812 Brown street. Original owner, Legal Notices Best in M$ny Years Pueific Growers STATEMENT OF MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS HELD MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1936, ET 8EQUITUR, , Board met at 10:07 A, M. with all members present. Tho Minutes of Ihe meeting of the Board held Monday, August 17, 1936, were approved and Stalemenl of Minutes approved and ordered published. Allowances lo Indlgents were made. Order In re purchase of lols, Mo- Jave, rescinded, Lelter from Native Sons of Golden West, In re Admission Day, filed. Permit to move Indivisible load granted. Applications for business licenses wero granted. Assessor authorized to correct assessment rolls. Claims against the County were allowed. Hearing of Viewers' Report 038 set for September 2g, 1930, 11:00 A.M. Budget transfers were mnde. Requisitions were approved. Sale of a portion of Old County Hospllal Site lo H. D. Hcadon, el ux., for $2800.00 was confirmed. Board took a recess to Thursday, August 27, 1936, at 1:00 P. M. Thursday, August 27, IMG, Board met at 1:08 P. M.. all present. The Board canvassed the returns of tho August Primary Election to and Including Soledad precinct and took a recefts to August 28, 108B. Friday. August 28, 1936, Board met at 9:05 A. M. with all present. The Board canvassed the returns of the August Primary Election lo and Including Bakersfleld 42 precinct and look a recess lo August 2D, 1030 Saturday, August 29, 1936, the Board met nt 9:08 A. M. with all present. Tho Board comploled the canvass of Ihe rolurns of the August Primary Election with tho exception of the votes cast hy absent voters and then adjourned to the next regular meeting, Monday, August 31, 193fi _ . „ P. E. SMITH. Sept. 2. Clerk of the Board. NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given thnt bids will bo received by the Board of Trustees of the nio Bravo School District at the school house of said District at Ulo Uravo, Kern fountv. California, until 7 P. M., Thursday, September 10th, 1936, bids to bo directed to the attention of the CMerk of the Hoard, for the purchase of onis school bus, specifications as follows: For n 42 to 50-passenger bus. Other requirements to conform to State Highway Patrol specifications. The .Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bids to be opened at tho school house at 7:30 P. M., Monday, September 10th, BOARD OF " TRUSTEES, RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT. F. .1. SCHIERLMANN, Clerk. Sept., 2-9. (Atnociatcd Pren Ltaied Wire) SAN JfRANCISCO, Sept. 2,—Pacific coast farmers generally are having their best of many summers this year—tho result of a number of Influences combining to favor the far west. Production In most lines is good, prices are good anil have advanced during the. last several months. Tho mid-west drought haa turned buying of farm products lo tho far wAt, making marketing easier and surer. Prices of goods tho farmer must buy have gone tip too, but much less than the 10 per cent average rlso accruing to producers oC raw farm products. With this upturn in economic conditions of the largo farm population, prospects brightened materially for the autumn In general business. In creased purchasing power in the hands of a large percentage of the population, business observers said, should work out normally to ex pandcd sales at retail, better gen oral trade, transportation nnd manufacturing activities and employment. Latest authoritative Department of Agriculture figures In west coast production Indicate: Deciduous frull sales nearly doubled Iho volume, and more than doubled Iho income to growers, last year, on the average for tho seven Paoiflo slope slates. Citrus fruit shipments wero a bit short of last year—61.701 cars to the end of July against 6452 In last year's great movement. Vegetable growers shipped several thousand more cars than a year ago. Grain marketings wero largo and profitable. • • » KentuckiantoGive Blood Transfusion (Associated Prenn Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Sept. 2. — Young Maurice Oldham of Lexington, Ky., will bo called to Chicago for u blood transfusion in an effort to save Iho Iffe. of 7-year-old Phillip Levitt, suffering from vlrldans strpptocococclc. Ihe Levitt physlclnan decided today. Hundreds of offers from persons till over the country have poured Into Mr. and Mrs. Morris Levitt, who offered to act as human "lest lubes" In an effort to nave their boy's life. None has seamed acceptable except that ot tho Oldham boy, ill, the BOH of a Lexington city commissioner. Mrs. Levitt said thoy had wired for young Oldham to come here nt once. Dr. Paul Sahlln, the physician attending Phillip, H ald the Oldham boy "comcH up to nil specifications." Previously the family and physician, despairing of finding the proper type of blond, had asked that all offers be discontinued. During the first hour Ihls morning a sharp rally took place that caused the tune to run as much ns three minutes lute. The spurt was short lived, however, and thereafter a more even pace wan maintained until the last hour, when some of tho selling advance was lost. Volume wns larger, totaling 1,850,000 shares and net gains of Industrial and rail averages were .30 and ,34, respectively. The current churning around Is typical ot an advancing market. Last Thursday a sharp upturn wns witnessed and since then n consolidating period has been In progress. As the market approaches previous resistant levels profit-Inking Increases and buying must he of sufficient volume to take all offerings and In con- llnuo tho advance. It In this supply nnd demand that lit time* gives an erratic appearance to the market ns n whole. Some Issues which are In heavy supply find the going tough, while others move ahead readily. When more move ahead than stand still, then tho market finds tho pressure relaxed nnd a sharp rally results. Current markets have had B Inrge proportion of traders removed and the market Is on more nnd more of an Investment basis. Kor this reason the movements lire slower and less sharp. Investment funds must pile up In sufficient volume to do the work that borrowed funds used to do. Another Item thnt Investors as well ns speculators fall to reallr.o Is that under current conditions tho market has a greater tendency to follow the news than to nnltclpato the news. He- cently It has been several days In a number of Instances before a stock O f I moves forward to discount noroe particularly favorable news after it has been released. Emporium, Hnlc Bros., S. P., Mdrclmnt Among Strong Western Shares lAf»nrlated Pre»» Leaned Wire) SAX FRANCISCO, Sept. 2.~De- parlinent store slocks kept up their rlso of the last two weeks today, with Emporium tind 1lnle Urothers making new highs on gains of major fractions. Other now highs Included Southern Pacific, tip nearly 2, Union Sugar preferred up 1, and Mnrchnnt, which extended Its recent long gains Railroads Atchlgoii Baltimore & Ohio Chesapeake * Ohio.... Erie Oreat .Northern, pfd— Illinois Central Missouri Pacific New York Central Northern Pacific . 28 . s-H . 44 . 27'* . 39 H . 43 .140 Steels, Rails, Utilities Specialties Advance Close Is Firm i< and i • Southern Pacific ! Union I'aclflo ; Industrials j American Can .)24~» i American Tel. & Tel 174'!. I Mordenn 2RMb j Caterpillar Tractor 73 T i> I Cities .Service 4 SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS SU 53 1»8H I3"4 2\4 24'i NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PUR. POSES. . Notice is hereby Riven that the Board of Supervisors of Kern Couniy will meet at their rooms In the County Court House, City of Bakersfield, County of Kern, State of California., at 11:00 o'clock a. m., Monday, September 14, 1986, for the purpose of consummating the purchase from C. L. Taylor and Ola R. Taylor, his wife, Raymond Q. Taylor and Dora Louise Taylor, his wife, for the Hum or 11400.00, of the following hereinafter described real property, towlt: The west half of Villa Lot 40 of Drury's Addition In tho County of Kern, State of California, as per map recorded March 18. .1907. In Book I. Page 101 of Maps In lh« office of the County Recorder of said County, excepting therefrom the south 7C feet; and also excepting therefrom a strip SO feet wide on the ndrth and west •> aides thereof reserved for public roads. 8ald property Is to be used for pub- He purposes, to-wit: for Hospital Qroundt. Any and all persons Interested In i the matter may appear at tho above mentioned time and place nnd be heard. Paled August 39, 193(1. V. m. SMITH. Clerk of the Board. August 81 to September 11, Inc. NOTICE City of Bakersfleld Civil Service Com' million for th« Police Department NOTICK IS HEREBY QIVI3N that competitive examination for the position of Lieutenant of Police of the , BattersfUld Police Department will be held at 1:00 p. m., September 15. 1936, at Fire Houte Number 1, at Twentieth and K Streets. Bakerafleld. California, Only members of the Bakersfletd * Police Department having three years' Experience as regular paid peace officers ana who have served on the Bakersfleld police Department for not let* than .one year Immediately preceding the dale of the examination •re Wlglble, « All applications must be on (lie with the Commission by not later than IS o'clock noon, September 13, 1938. further Information as to application! and •cope of examination may be secured from the Secretary of the Police Civil Service Commission, City Hall. Bakersfleld, Catlforna. GEORGE V. HUQHES, Chairman, Civil Service Commission, August 18 to September 11, incl. NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS TO FURNISH ONE DISC TYPE GRADER FOR THE STREET DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF BAKERSFIELD. PURSUANT to order of the Council of the City of Bakersfleld, Notice la hereby given: That bids will be received at the office of the City Clerk until five o'clock P. M. Tuesday, September 8. 1930, tho same to bo opened at a regular meeting of the Council at eight o'clock P. M. of said date, for the following equipment: One disc typo grader, suitable for use by the Street Department, specifications for which may be obtained at tho office of the City Engineer. All bids must bo accompanied by a certified check In the sum of ten per cent of the contract price which the successful bidder shall forfeit upon failure to enter Into tho contract. The Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Quality and adaptability to the purpose for which the disc type grader is Intended will be considered by tho Council in making the award, and price quoted wjll not be the only determining factor. Dated: September 1, 1930. V. VAN R1PKR, City Clerk and Ex-Offlclo Clerk of the Council of the City of Bakersfield. Sept, 2 tti 7, inc. Difficult to Get Black Legion Jury (Annactatcd Prenn Leaned Wire) DETROIT, Sept. 2.—Selection of a Jury to try 10 men charged with shouting Charles A. Poole. to death "because he knew too much" of Black Legion activities was Inter rupled today by tho exhaustion of the flrst^Jury panel of !I2 vohlremen. Court was adjourned until Friday to give bailiffs time to bring a BOC- ond special pane) of 100 venlremen Into court. Tho Keven Jurors tentatively selected at Die time of the adjournment were Instructed by Cli cult Judge Joseph A. Moynllian to report to Iho court any attempt to Influence them by "suggestion or Innuendo." Charles A. Rawson, Ex-Senator, Is Dead ~e- (Annotated Prenn Leafed Wirt) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2.— Stock— High Close Crown Hell. com. VTC.... S'Vi Dl Giorgio Frt. Corp. pfd.. 51) Fireman's Fund Ins B8'4j O-en. Paint Corp. com 13U Magnavox Co., Ltd 2<^ Mat-chant Cnlc. Meh. com. 26 Pacific Light, com B3^i Pacific Tel. & Tel., com... 129 Plpn Whistle, pfd 4% S. J. L. & P. 7% pr. pfd...1 IB 115 H. K. Sehleslngor A, com. 1 1 Sl&nal OH & Gas Co 2S 28 Southern Pacific, coin 4S r i, 43 r «» Standard Oil of California i'>5',fc Iln^i Tidewater ASBO. OH, pfd...104H 104'ii Trnimamsrlca Corp..' 13H ISH Union Oil Co. of Calif.... 20% 20% W. p & S. Co., Cal.. conj. B7H 37H Atlis Diesel, California Ink and | Sail Juauuln Power 7,s wore up 1 ' to 1'4. while Pacific Telephone, Hlg nal "A." Fireman'* Fund and North American Investment tiVis were off that much. Curb stocks averaged higher, though n Inrge block, helil steady. General ISIectrlc, up l'< to JlSVi.and Victor Equipment preferred, up n fraction, reached their highest 1!'3G prices, but Victor retraced Its trucks. Calliornlii Oregon Power tis of 1927 and General Metals lost H point each. « i » LOS ANGELES STOCKS (Antaeialeti Prent Leaned Wire) LOS ANGKLK8, Hept. 2.— Stocks continued extremely ilull and lower this morning on the. Angeles stock exchange although showing firming tendencies ^ownrd mldsesslon. At 11:30 this mornhiK there wero only 9000 shares traded. Southern Pacific was tho bright unfit, moving up l>4j on 800,shares, to a now high. Of the 25 Issues traded, 5 worn up, 12 down and S unchanged. Quotations were a* follows •Stock- t-i,* Bolsa Chlca Oil A f! Vt Cltiv.oiiB National HlKh 12J CHICAGO GRAIN Close 7 Mr 2D U 19'i. 22>,» .40 .HI f.isuK'iatrd 1'rmK LtaxeA Wire) Wheat: September $1.0S»-, V t 1 .OR'.i: December J1.07' t <fi1.07% ; Miiy J1.06U @1.0fi%. Corn: September JI.IM'uff1.05; December SUHiirSlTHc; May SS'iJi 88%r. Oats: September Sfltsc; December 40Vi<iT40%c; May 41V. Hye: .September R0'.4c; December 77!(,<87Sc; May 75%c. Barley: September 75c; December 67c. 4- ,» Hank.... 2H Claude Neon Klec. Prod..» 11 ICniBco Derrick 10% Hancock Oil A 22'n Khmer Aircraft 40 Lincoln Petroleum Ifi Lockheed Aircraft !i' 4 L. A. IndiiHlrlnK:' 4"k Mennseo Mtg 4% 4'', Pacific Klnnnce 2!> S'.i Pacific Indemnity 'J7'i, L'TVj Republic Petroleum X'j (*'•» Securlly Co. UnltH 4r, 4Ti So. Calif. Kdlnon 3l»i 31", Southern Pacific 4.'l'>j 13H Trnnsanierlca 13", 13«4 Union Oil of Calif 21 21 Wellington Oil ft !i Western Air Kxprrss S'>, Ki.j Mining Stocks Cardinal Gold 1.2Ei 1 20 Columbia OHS Consolidated Gas Corn Products ... J CitrtlsN-WrlRht I'Mi-Kt National Stores Pox Film "A" General Kleclrlc General Foods i Sold Dust Goodyear Tire unrt Rubber... International Harvest International Tel. & Tel .lolinn-Manvlllc Montgomery Ward North American Pacific (Ins ISIectrlc Kmlto Corporation Safeway Stores Sears-Roebuck IV S. Rubber Union Carbide. &. Carbon t'tiltpil Aircraft Wnrner UtotherK \VeKterii Union WeHlnglunino Kleclrlc Wonlworth ,1. C. Penney Transiinivrlfit Metnls Ainorli-an .Sim-llliiK Atmciimla Bethlehem Steel Internal iniinl NU-kt-1 KeniH'cnt 1 Copper Republic Stei'l U. S. Steol. . . YumviUiiiu Steel Tobacco and Sugar American Sugar American Tobacco "A" American Tobacco "H" Ciibnn American Sujjnr Great Western Sugar U. .1. UeynulilH "H" Oils Atlantic Refining i 'niiKolldatod Moxicau Sea.hoii.rvl Phillips Pete I Shell-Union I Sljuiilnril of California i Standard of New Jersey I Socony Vneiinni ' I Texas < 'oinv>anv Tidewater AKSOO.. new I Motors i Auburn MotofN j Chrynler | General Mnlorn . 11 udwn j I'acluiril Motors StmlebiiKer Tlmken Holler llenrliiK Equipment! American Car Foundry American Locomotive Baldwin Locomotive 21 Vtj 44 08 K Hens, colored, 3 . M».j . 47S . 311 - 14U . 24* 4 ! ia'n .115 . 48 • V'i" !ui "" f.4*.«ocln/r(f 7'rrn* Leafed Wirei NEW YORK, Sept. 2.—A more active and confident stock market today got behind steels, rails, utilities nnd upeclaltles and save them an upward push for fractions to 2 or more points. Kurther evidence of economic progress, it wns salii. provided the principal bullish Inspiration. A 14 pounds, He. number of now highs for llu> punt I Hens, Leghorn; year or longer wero rccordeil. The I close was firm. Transfers were j around 1,,100,000 shares. i pound's!"'i!0c! Shares holding to the front ranks ' " '' Included U. S. Stool. HMhlehem, Crucible, YomiRstown Sheet nnd Tube, Interlake Iron, Suntn 1<Y, New York Central, Union pacific. Delft ware A Hudson. Atlantic Coast Lino. Baltimore & Ohio. Illinois Centrnl, Southern Pacific, Douglas Aircraft, United Aircraft, Wright Aeronau (leal, Boeing, American Smelting. CPITO de Pnsco. Anacntuln. Klectrlc Auto-Lite. Collins & Aldmnn. Waldorf System, Loevv's ami Huc.yrus- Krle. ; , .»• «. fVntttd Prett Leaned Wire) LOS ANOELE8, Hept. 1.— Butter Kxlras, 3«Vie. Prime firsts, 34Hc. Standards. 33He. I Umlcrgrades, 33c. Eggs (Candled) i Lard*—Clean extras Sic! light dirty ! extras 2Sc; clean standards 27c; light i dirty standard;! 25c; checks 27c. I Mediums—Clean extras 23Hc; light i dirty extras 24He; clean standards ! 2,ir; light dirty standards 22c; checks j 22c. i Small--Clean extras ISc; light dirty extras 17i\ Case counts 22c. Poultry Prlce» Hens. Leghorns. 2'/i to 3'i pounds, JSc. Hens, Leghorns, over S',1 and up to over 4 pounds, 16c. i to 4 pounds. 20c. la and up, 23c. up to l'*i 1V4 and up to 2'i and to up J'.i Broilers, over i pounds. 20c. 1 Fryers. Legorns, .to .1 pounds, 1 f>t . j Fryers, colored. 2 I pounds, ISc. j Fryers, colored, over ' lioasterB. soft bone, over 4 pounds and up, 19<:. Coasters, soft bone, other than Burred Rocks, over 4 pounds and up. 3'i and up to Barred nocks. L A, PRODUCE MARKET Old ducks Gee.«c. Ifi Young lorn 4 1 .u nounds ami up. I4 Under 4 '4 pounds. 12c. lie. Bl'i 64', 47', 22 \ 70V, 23 S ! ' ! ' a -<. 8(1 > 27", 12', 35', 112 '•» . :u' 4 . 11 4 'j 4r,», ( 4 .MorifiN'rf /Vr.-<,% /.rii.«rd \\ it c i j I,(>S ANGKLKS, Sept 2.-Apples: Wntsoiivllln Belleflours. loose Sl.tiO'n 1.7.", cn-t., Delicious f 2 rtrti'i 2.2!i: Winter; Hiinmms Sl.iiOfii 1.7*); SUinner'n seeil- i lings, bom J2; Sonoma county Graven- steins, best $2 25(Ji 2.fiO, fair and $1.71>fi2.00: Jonathans $:t.;,0. lurkeyn. 13 pounds and up to IS pounds, H'o. Young torn turkeys, over IS jwuiulF, 2ltr. Hen liiikoyR. s pounds and up. 20c. old ton, tuilceys, He. old hen turkeys. IV. Squalis. under II pounds per dozen, up, 26c. Capons. < 'upons. Rabbits. 11 pounds per dozen and nniler 7 pounds, SGc. 7 pounds ami up, 2Sc. No. 1 while 3',i to 4V» local Jonathans »3,00}ir3.f,0; full PH.- j pounds, each Ho. pins tit.Dflfi'3.00: Klnc Davids, medium Kablilt*. No l mixed colors, to Inrae $3.00fff 3.110. smiill }2 cwt. M 1 "' 1 , 4 ,'- pounds, each Be. Cabbage: Local Cnmionhall. fair 7!> i "abbils. No. 1 old :,c. [ <r»0c, funcv Jl.005/1.25 cnito. poor lo ! ~ ordinary f>0(jftide; red cabbage $1.76 | * — 1.40. type. :Ujr ( H iloxen) 22-Inch, lies! *l.00«fl Id. ftah . J>0ej}$l. fair ",:>•'. Si e\\ HIM Wnrnri <S>- I'reti Leaned irjrir; DBS MOINE8, Iowa, Sept. 2.— Charles A. Raweon of Des Molnea, 67, former United States senator from Iowa, died today at a hospital, where he wan taken August 10 after suffering a broken hip when he fell from his bed at home during a dream. lie had suffered from diabetes for years, hla physician. Dr. A. C. Page, said, and complications remitting from that and bin Injury caused, hla death. — 4 * » MISS 1IATF1BU) \VKDS BAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 2. <U. P.) John Snyder, Oakland, and hU bride, the former Janlne Hatfifld, daughter of Lieutenant Governor Uoorge J. Hatfield, were honeymooning today ' following their marriage here bast night. Claim Steel Firm ChargesToo Much (United Prcnn Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 2.—War ren Shannon, a director of the, Golden Gate Bridge District, charged today thiit Hie Bethlehem Steel Com- I'liny Is overcharging the district for tho traveling safely nets installed on the bridge. When .shannon offered to produce proof tomorrow of tho overcharge, bridge directors blocked the Hlgnlng of a contract for $82,000 and ordered their building committee to invcHtignte Bethlehem priced tho nets, ordered Installed to prevent workers from plunging 2fiO foot to their death, at $98,000. Of thiH figure tho bridge district wa« to pay $S2,000 and thfi steel company tho remainder. According to Shannon the nets tost only $20,000 and "therefore they are not costing tho Bethlehem Steel Company a cent." Church Thief Gets Helpful Sentence (Annvclatcd I'rens Leaned Wire) LONG BEACI I, Sept. 2.—Superior Judge Walter Gates sentenced John F. Connaghan today to deposit ono dollar a week for the next year In the poor box of tho Church of Mnry Htar of Ihe Sea In Srm Pedro. Connaghan, a San Pedro cook, pleaded guilty lo Bleating 30 cents from the poor box. 4 > » Order Recheck of Trial Testimony! (i'titted Prent Leaned Wire) OAKLAND, Scjil. 2.—An order requiring court reporters to check more than 100,000 words of shorthand against transcribed testimony today Interrupted the perjury trial of B. Kay Krltz, former Alameda city manager. The order was obtained by De- fenup Attorney Myron Harris on the | grounds Hint the notes were not | transcribed by the Hnmc reporter | who had taken them nl the Grand Jury hearing, where Fritz was indicted. •» » » Building Permits in $315,000 Increase (Atttictatcd 1'renn Lea ted Wire) CLAKEMONT, Sept. 2.—Augunt building permits here of $4155 brought the year's total to datw to 1357,400, compared to J42.290 last year. + * » , ABANDON DEATH I'llQliK KAN RAFAEL, Sept, 2. (U. P.r— 'County and city authorities today abandoned a murder invenUgatlon In .tho dt'uth of Mm. Mary Loutue Purcell. 25-year-old wife of a- Hurt Rafael chain storo manager, whose razor-Hlaahed body was foubd In their apartment here laat Saturday. They decided she killed herself. FINANCIAL fVniled I'rcm Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sopt. 2.—-The Stale Supreme Court IIHH held that a proposed $42:,,000 bond Issue In R<»d- wond City, to be. uspil in buying up dellmiuent Improvement district bonds, was Illegal. Tho Issue had been proposed under the municipal bond act of 1DH> nnd had been objected lo by U. K. Myers, treasurer of Redwood City, who refused to approve. It. The Supreme Court (sustained Myers' Bland. Killer Will Make Parole Bid, Aver (United 1'renn Leaned Wire) FOLSOM PRISON. Sept. 2.—Andrew Mareck, 30, who. with three confederates, wad convicted of tho KangRtur Hliiylng of Policeman C. H. Carrick in u epualioany holdup In Santa Hosa In 1932, has made application for a parole, It WIIH reported today. Tho application will be considered at the next mooting of tho Blale board of prison pardons and paroles here. Mareck entered the prison in May, 1933, lo servo a life term. Ho was tried twice previously and acquitted on murder charges In tho death of Anita Lund, who died after an Illegal operation, urn! whose body was thrown from an automobile near Halada Beach. Mareck last flR-ured In tho news on Ffbruay 14, this year, when his mother, Mrs. Lena Mareck, assert- edly smuggled a half-ounce of morphine lo him In Iho prison here by passing 11 capsule, from her mouth lo his, while pretending to give him a motherly kiss. LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK lA.tlt>rlated 1'rfsn Leated Wirt I LOS ANGKLKS. Kept. 2.—Hogs Receipts 50; Ktoady; few light $11.60© ll.Sli; top $11.S, r >. Cattle: llecolpls 800: holdovers 517; steady; short fed steers $7 001f7.65; some held higher; K nil's steers $i!,60; Mexicans $5.f>()(li B.OO; short fed heifers ft!.75ifl 7.00; grasn heifers Jti.OO down; COWN $4.7fiifi-r>.60: culler grades $3.00H> 4.50; medium bulls Jft.50 down. Calves; Receipt* 200, steady; \eal- ers $7.. r »("il 8.50; choice iiuotiMl lo wouled lambs COTTON FUTURES Sheep: Iteceipts none 1 noted lo $9.00. {Atnneintcd Preff Lfntrd \\'ire) XK\V YOIIK, Sept. 2. -Cotton held fairly steady today on a moderate trade demand and covrtlnit. December, after sellliiK up in 11 f,2 or IS poinU nil higher was rullni; nroiiml 11 f,a ilurliiK llin nildi1li> of the afternoon with the Kenernl list showing net aitvnnri's of (1 to 10 points. Futures cloned very Blotuly. 16-8 hlRher. (K-lober 11 05(fil1 (IS; Pccemher 11.r.r, (Jill Illl: Januiiry ll.rt'.i, Miiii-b 11.7.'!5/ 11.7ii; May II.Ml; .Inly 11.SO. Spot steady; inM<lllnK 12 Of, L, A, CASH GRAIN half lettuce crates, fair 75fi^.'i«'; local i T'lah type. 20 to 22-Inch, 40cii.",0c. best ; COfiiliric; hearls in small orales, loi»nl i Kolden self-blanching fitH|t'«'"'; t'tali '• type ^TuiiMfli'. : Corn: l.ocnl drepon F.vergrpon. IUKS nnsHf.c, fair 2r,-,i:uic, NO. 2s uiSiHic' lUK Cucumbers Local Inns, fair 3flfl3r>e. host 40c; Lumpoc ami UiM'tos :ir>t) 40c IUK ilrapes: San .1oaq\iin valli-y needles*, liest l» t c, Musi-ills 2>j'ii'J 1 .jc. reil Mai UBas I" 4 ^i2e. bpsi 2'-. Rlblers 2 V4 4| 2' a c; l.mly FiiiBers 2S1iilc. I..M|| T.i linys 2'v; Mnlnifas S5c IUK; locul Mus- cats.'best 2'«'2'«c, fair lS'nl\c Ib. 1',-iu-. 1 M.«in,i-* ici-fino. iJuiubiltipe, Sniita Mnrin ami Arroyo iU'i\n,le. pole bent, 7 l ,i'u'*«' "> . fair. C.fiiUic. poorer. 4 l »c Hi , Sun Luis tibispo, li'.j!V;i"7c; bush, 8c: Alam»<la covmiy. ri l v''i't>c Ib. Tomatoes: Ventura counly StoncH and (llobes. IURS 4.\fm. S5'i>!'0c. 5\Ss. befit. <lilc<tl$1.00; fair, 7,',f. fiMi.s, f,:,5)' 76c; I'omlerosHs, 4x.',s, HOc'iiJI UO; .'ixfiw, SI.Hiyi.2u. Oxds, 7ri0'8fic: local Stones, 4xfis, f,0^ifir,c; 5x5H best. f,",t*7r,c, poorer, GOffliOi.'; lixfis. 40Si50c; Ux7s, iKIi/St'C. I'onilerosas. poor to ordinary, 4xfis, «0«7*0c; 5.v.',s. Gf>4/7(>r: fixOs. SO : 4i DOC IUK. t ; I'otntotiH: Stocktons. f2.2fl cwl for bi-f.1. fnlr K 00; ordinary Jl.Ml. lor-al , While Hoso. best, $2.25 fi" 2.35 cwl.; fair, fl.7fi'(i 2 00. \Vntermelons: Truck loads. Ion. local and iii,rthern, Klomllhes and stripes, IK to i'S-pound, $12.DO'n 14,00. 24 to 28-lb stripes. JH'i.nOW 18..'.U. i \>»tifi<ite<l Prenn Leated Wire.) N'KW Y'lHK, Sept. 2.—Par silver steady ami unchn-iRed tit M**c. THE WEATHER Suntn t'lurn. Snrrjimpnto. i?ali- itiiw .-in,I San .Iont|til!) valh'yn: Fair lull with oconslonnl cloudiness tonight and Tuesulny: temperature h,»!ow nnrmnl: northxvi'st wind, Nan FrarK'lpro l>:iy region: Partly rlniiilv ami rim! tonight and Thursday; nioilorate wostorly winds Northern California: Partly cloudy tonlKht anil Thursday; showers ovor mountains of extreme north portion, temperature below normal; moilerato northwest winds oft the coast. Sierra NVvnila: Partly cloudy mid miHPltloil tonight and Thursday; coulor; moderate to fresh northwest wind*. Southern <'allfornln: Fair but with cloudiness Iti went portion tonight rind Thursday; rooler east portion, moderate northwest wind off tho coaxt. S. F, LIVESTOCK •* '' r< '*" '-foncd Wire) l n,,,,Mnlfd !>,;••> Leaned Wire.) LOS ANOKLKS Hept. 2. -Currenl sOfTII SAN FIIANCISCu, Sept 2. ooi.l gran quotations wore roptirteil ; ,,,,„„ ,, 00 blllol)erH llllft v,.|i. mostly by Iho Federal-Stato MarUet N>« « i ,,,-oun.l Hl.-ady. bulK ISO n, 225-lb. Cal- Service as follows: (Prices quoU-d ar« , ,,„,.„,„„ $ )2 .|i5 4 , ,2 !i5. top |12.25 on tw» loails 1NO lo 200-lb. wrlKlils: iiai.-kaKc medium 240-lb. sori-ouls $11 25; pucl.- Ins SOWN about stnmly, fiiw $s Ooijj &.00, KOIII) quoted lo $9.25. Cattle JOO; steers fairly active. INTENTIONS TO WEO ••V cwl., flold run. In carloads only I: N'o. 2 yellow corn, built, prompt delivery, rail, $2.46<ff2.47. Argentine corn, quick delivery, bulk $2.20132,25. California wheat,, sacked No. 1 soft or No. 1 hard white-, $I.G7>,t, California barley, sacked, 44 llis.. No. 2 hrlKht wemprn, ll.600il.Q2H: No. 1, 4li His., II.M'iSi Ui.V Callfor»»ia yellow iiiilo, sacked, No. 2, $l.f>7V4ltl'l.60. CI.ASSKX-i'l.lCMKN'T -Jaeoli (i. Cias- sell. 21. and Opal V. Clement, lioth of Wasoo. ' HOWK-HTAKU—Mnrli K. Howe. 21. i and Thelrna Starr, both of llnnfoni, struily: about four loads Ib. wnruied-\tp ami short $U n GOVERNMENT BONDS lAnnni-tntril 1'rrm Leaned Wire) Ni:\V YORK, Hept. 2.—Uonds closed today: Treasury 4%s, 47-62, 119.10. SUs, 4,'l-45, 10S.2I. 4H, 44-54, aiiH. 4(1-51). 112.Ifl !!%», 40-4?, June, 10$ 12 3»is, 4.1-47. 10ri.5. 3»i«, 41-43, March, 10!l.7. SUs, 41, 100.7. 3'is, 44-4(1. 10S12. .1>,i». 40-45I. 107.1 short load itond 10(15-lb. | weluhtB al $7.Sf>; strictly (jooit around DOO-lb. t"(l steers quoted u|i to $N.50, sh» Nloclt about stonily: few common urass helfern 14 5U; bulls Bcurce, quoted $C.50 ilwn. Calvi'H 125; slow. HK-ailv loweuli; load medium 2!H)-llt. New Mexico rant;e cuiven $7; load Arlr.onax unsold; • liulcr vcaliT* nominally quoted up lo $10 Sheep 15(1; nctlvu oil lljjht hUp|ll.V. lamlis Htrontf at week's der.llne. one ilecli KOMI! so-lb. shoi t-uooleil California Inmbs (S 35; oljier classes nbKiinl: lute Ttiesilny. I wo decks medium 80 to K:<.lb. lilnlm lambH $7.5U, 75-lb Mcm- IHIIUS $7 50. •HONKA —Karl \V. McCoy, 2ti. and Ituby llonea, IS, both of Arvln .(1 lo 1075- " fi>i! steers ! MONTANO-MKSTAZ Martin tano. If, anil of Delano. Mary Mestuz. 1" Mon- , belli MONTUOMKHY • MuXTKL. - Carl L. MontHonifry. 35, BIM! Thvlinn Montill, both of IJiikerHfle!,!. MiillKNO-SAIlA/.t-A —• Fred IV Moreno, 24. ami (inimvovii Hurazua, 18. both of llukersflelrl SHIK1.DS - STICr'IIKNSON — Hoy Shlelils, 2«. Shaflnr. niul l' - ram-is Stuiihonson, 19, MHrccllne, Mo 24. IS, Raymond \V Smith, Bakei-Bfleld, nml Velva K. ilrny, Ontario, Thanks Voters WKIoriT-imAV 30. und (leneva Preiillco K. Dray, M. Wright. bulb of Serving Investors Since 1915 t J. A. HOGLE & CO. MIMIIII HI W YQItK STOCK IXCH4XGI 140S Seventeenth Street I'hon* 1240 OFFICES BIVTRIT Him Ix» Anatut BAtrtirif ID *»M Duco SAIT LAkt 3s. its, 4fi-4». ri'B., 46-48, 61-66. 105.18 IOC.S1 Jas. Eschen New Alameda Alcalde (l'n\led I'retf I.eau'd Wire) \ AI..AMKDA. Sept. 2.— J(imo» Ks- j die, former minority councilman, wan elected mayor of Alamudu, by Ihe. city council last night and UTI W. Morris, Ou< only other councilman to mirvlvp HIP recent shake-up, was olcctod vine-mayor. Harry A. Wellchhart. retired sleel inunufaclurer, was appointed to the council. Meanwh: 1 -! Iho perjury trial of B. Hay KHz, former city manager, continued today before Huperlor Judge E. J. Tyrrell In Oakland. 2'i,H, fifc-CO, lOa.lfi. 2«ri». 45-47, 104. 14. 2$«s, 45-47, r«»s-. 104.12. 2V»», 4S-B1, lOr.JS. 2»«H, &!-:,«, I02.5. Ferternl Fnrm Mortgage 2-^B, 42-47, n«, 47, 104.12. SH. 4I>. 104. J 3U». 04, I Of, 7 Home Owners Lo»" S.i. A-52. 103. 'M. 2Ns, 4B, 102..'.. 2US. 42-44, 102. f>. Apprci'liitlon of the support ue- | cordnil him In the meent primary; plecllon wns expresseil lotlny by i Htewurl Miigrr. <-Hni1lilut(> fur elec- i lion lo the ]iuHltlnn of Klfth dlHtrlct i supcrvlnor. | "I want to ilnink tbo many per- , Kon« who campaigned for mo a» well , a» the' viiterH for tbi'lr mipport In tho preliminary ronlrpt," Mr. Mngee | milil. at the muni! tiino i'xpri'BnliiK : ilil roi'ols'o tbi*lri'on- I" 'hi* general rife hr lln> hope llnileil lincUli lion tu come. Says Wife Kept Him From Seeking Work lUntted Prenn Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2.—Va- llanos KofulllujH, former fruit dealer, had on file today li milt for divorce from his wife, Nina, charging that "by force arid violence" iihe restrained him from seeking employment following their marriage lam Juno. KcfallnoN said Ills wife wa* receiving $60 a month relief for herself and a son by a former marriage and feared she would lose this 1C he wer-», to work to support bar. LOS ANGELES HAY (Annriflaied frent Leaned Wire) IXiS ANQICL1CK, Hepl, (.— Hay, f. o. h. I,o» AnBel**, p*r ton: Choice barley. 113.000 M4.00. Choico oats. tl4.OOQIin.00. Alfalfa, tlullvered HyncH or l-:i Mont": U. B. No. 1 extra leafy rabbit, JlS.IiO QI19.00, U. 8. No. 1. tl6.50i/$16.00. U, 8. No. 2 leafy. $16.00, U. H. N'o. i!. 112.50. BIRTHS THE IDEAL HOME LOAN Safe Convenient Economical SAVING AND f. LOAN - HKKT-.-TI. ;>tr un»l Mr». Milo Otln I ll".nt, l.'il* Twcuty-xevciiHi xtreei, ui Hon. Allen Kennedy. Augunt 1!8 at i HKSS--TII Mr and Mrs ICIUworth K I MecF, Home 2, Hox i)24. lE««t HsU ernflelrl, it won, Mu(fene Kllnwurtb. '• AuKUnl 27, at Mercy Mntipltul. B(.'r)FIKIA~>—T<> Mr. and Mm. f;*.>'- Ke Kt-of l*|il, Jr., 1803 UUOIIH Vijta, u dttuBhtfr, Jniiion (lay, AUKUiit »9 at Mercy Hospital. in order lo may mean a buy or build a saving lo house of ou over METALS MARKET *- •4- f,iti<ifiateit r'rtu Leaned Wire) NKW VOKK, Kept. electrolytic spot and future 9.76; export »,70. Tin barely hteudy; spot and nearby «,»7W«H2.»S; fuluro 4S.4oe4!(.BO. I^ttd sT««dy; spot New York 4.S06i4.0C; East St. Lotli* 4.4S. Kino quiet; Bant Bt. ix)Ui» »pot H.IU) future I.S5, ^linlnum tO.Qfl, Iron, THOMASON—To Mr. t-rt Dale Ttuiinunoii 120-U, a Mercy mid Mr*, ttob- , Houti' 1, IJox Au(Ut-t 23 at aluminum, autinioiiy, woK«»tttlt« ' ., -and Union Cemetery FURNISHES MONUMENTS GRAVE MARKERS CONTAINERS Priou low In knplni with «h» limit Olflw at Oinittry. Teliphqai 2237 your own Hie years. Home ownership is u prudent investment when carefully planned and properly iinanced. We offer u home loan that never comes due, because you pay it oJY in small monthly cash installments by the direct reduction plan. Reasonable interest rates. It is the safest, surest, quickest and least expensive method of paying off a home loan over a convenient term of years. It will pay you to consult us if you have a mortgage coining due, or if you wish to make a long-, term loan to build your home. 1807 H Street OF BAKERSFIEUD Phonei 4307 1,1 , ' S ""'« •'„,.'» I

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