The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 27, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1963
Page 5
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'*!& SEWING SESSION - American Legion Auxiliary sewed rug rags for a VA Hospital at a series of four meetings. Pictured at last meeting at home of Mrs. Roy B. Church are (back row, from left) Mrs. OKU- Graham, Mm. Frank McNutt, Mrs. H. F. Duvall, Mrs. Church, Mrs. David Bunch, president; Mrs. Tom Flory, Mrs. C. E. Buckner, Mrs. George McDowell and Mrs. Wayland Blair. Seated (from left) are Mrs. Frank Sargent, Mrs. Ray Howell, Mrs. Howard Henderson, Mrs. 0. H. Brock, Mrs. H. G. Williams, Mrs. Verla Ribeau and Mrs. Clar Sinclair. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) Hints From Heloise Don't Leave Cellophane Wrapping On Lampshade By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Girls: I would like to issue one word of caution to you if you have bought a new lamp shade. If you left the cellophane strips on it (which usually are wrapped around the shade to prevent dust so forth), Remove marks and them. You probably are keeping the cellophane on your lamp shade to protect it from dust. Don't do this. This is not the reason the cellophane was even put there. It will cause i a r k edges eventually. When the sun shines in your home it w i 1 1 make dark streaks on your lamp shade. Always remove the cellophane wrapping as soon as you bring the shade home — this is most preferred — to prevent streaks, dark places and warp. This comes from a manufacturer of lamp shades. How can we doubt their word? Let's not even try. They are educated in this field. We aren't. Why let a pretty lamp shade warp? cooled too long and the shortening with which the pans were greased has become solid again Place the cake — pan and all— on the lower burner of your stove for a couple of seconds. The cake will fall right out! DiUie Roberts Dear Heloise: If by any chance food has boil ed dry on the stove, take the fill ed pan to the kitchen sink and— tilting the pan to one side — let the cold water run over the bottom of the pan. This can also be done by filling up the sink with cold water and holding the pan in the water for a mimite or so Dear Heloise: Heloise Let me tall you something that I only learned tonight and I'm 43 yean old. I had poured a can of apple sauce into a wide-mouthed cereal dish. It took up about six inches of "square" space in my ice box. Being desperate for more space when my husband brought in the groceries. . . it was either throw the apple sauce out or put it in what I put into? It was a mayonnaise jar — I had no idea how much those old mayonnaise jars held. It is my thought tonight that any leftovers you have you try and use mayonnaise, mustard and salad dressing jars. You can see how much food you have in it, and it takes up far less space. And.. . makes for a neater refrigerator too. H. R. Dear Heloise: , Have you ever made a layer :cake and after allowing it to -cool in the pan found it does not want to fall out of the pan? This happens when the cake is LTL Meets At Trinity The Northside Loyal Temperance Legion met yesterday at Trinity Methodist Church. Barbara Stipp, president, gave the call to worship. Elaine Ingle, chaplain, read the scripture, Proverbs 16:16, and led in repeating the 23rd Psalm. Group singing was directed by Richard McFadden with Mrs. A. E. Sullins at the piano. Georgia Ledom gave the secretary's report. Leading the salute to the American, Christian ,and Temperance flags were John McCready, Stanley Adell and Margaret McCready. Members gave their temperance pledge. Rev. Roy Armstrong greeted the children and led prayer. Plans were made for the observance of Youth Temperance Education Week in April. Toe story, "Grandfather and the Litterbugs," was told by Mrs. Mary Black. Donna Hulcey and Diane Bums sang, Whole World in "He's Got the His Hands." Marilyn Wright showed a temperance poster which she had made. The craft project was the making of pencil holders. Rita Maiburg was in charge of the recreation. Cookies were furnished by Barbara Stipp. Complete Line at SCWINO cmctc Albright's No burned taste will remaii with the food. If the food is stuc to the pan, gently pour it int another pan itself, leaving th scorched food in the original pan Don't scrape it out. To clean the pan after remov ing the food, add water and little baking soda and let stan< for an hour or so and then was] the pan with a maximum c ease. Polly Thorne Socialettes Chapter AU PEO, had a program on "Water Resources," bj Mrs. W. G. Ransom, Jr., las evening. A $5 donation was vote to the PTA milk fund. Mrs. C A. Peacock was hostess, assistec by Phyllis Foster. Twenty - one were present Stopping tomorrow for a brief visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Scott, Jewel, Carol, Lowell, Lyle and Lynn, will be friends, Mr and Mrs. D. W. Polkinghorn, Kan sas City. They will have with them, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rice Liverpool, England, whom they are taking on a tour of the Southwest. They will go to Mexico and up through California before returning to Kansas City. The Kansas Citians became acquainted with them on trips abroad. Past Commanders club voted a $5 contribution to the PTA milk Fund last evening at Mrs. J. W Roberts' home. Mrs. 0. 0 Wolf gave the program topic "Easter Ideas." RUSSELL STOVER'S Chocolate EASTER EGGS 318 S. Main CH 2-3024 You Are Invited to visit our Garden Center at 5th and Cherry !n Ottawa. You will enjoy browsing around to see the splendid assortment we have of everything you need for your yard and garden. Open every day Except Sunday • A.M. *o 5:30 P.M. WILLIS GARDEN CENTER Coworkers Meeting Coworkers Shut-In Circle had devotions by Mrs. Fred Puvogel and Mrs. Harvey McCann at the meeting with Mrs. Kittie Radabaugh yesterday. Mrs. R. W. Stead presided. Members had a session of singing. Mrs. Minnie Bogart read an article, "Sunshine for Shut-Ins," and Mrs. Florecne Brown and Mrs. Radabaugh gave readings. The collection was $2.60. Members reported 60 cards and letters sent, 67 telephone calls and 30 sick and social calls made, and 20 gifts sent. They ate sack lunches at the close. . Post Sews Carpet Rags US Army Mothers post sewed carpet rags and finished four knee robes for a VA Hospital at an all-day sewing session yesterday in Memorial Auditorium. The group marked the end of a membership drive conducted by two captains. Mrs. F. A. Doman and Mrs. Albert Caleb, Mrs. Caleb and her group, the losers, provided pie ala mode for dessert after members ate sack lunches. Twenty-seven attended. Ann Landers Wrong Choice But It's Hers Dear Ann Landers: Can save this marriage? My you] Dear Dakota: Relax. You're do- wife has become very friendly with a woman whose reputation isn't worth a plugged nickel. She has gone through three or four husbands. I'm not sure which. This woman got my wife interested in mixed-league bowling. At least three nights a week they are out until 2 a. m. — s o m e- times later. Last month they Went to Toledo on an overnight bowling trip. Next week they plan to go to Columbus. I phoned the woman yesterday and told her to leave my wife alone. She read me off in pretty salty language and said my wife is old enough to chose her own friends. We have two children who are beginning to wonder what's going on. The house is always a mess and I've had to cook dinner for myself and the kids more times than I care to admit. Please give me THE SPARE some advice.— ing her a favor. This woman obviously has a compulsion to clean — so let her enjoy hersel and don't give it another thought To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for Ann Landers' book let, "How To Be Date Bait," en closing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-address ed stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to.her in care of this news paper enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope. Jokes For Roll Call Members of Royal Neighbors social club told Irish jokes for roll call Monday evening at the meeting with Mrs. Jess Medlen Mrs. H. H. Feuerborn presided Mrs. Frank Sargent was appoint ed club reporter. Mrs. Warren Welton and Mrs Lena Gyre received prizes in games and Mrs. Glenn Miller received the door prize. Mrs. Lois is Dear Spare: The woman right when she says your wife Is old enough to choose her own friends. And if this is her choice she doesn't deserve the respectability of home, husband and children. Tell her she can go with you to a marriage counselor or a clergyman and discuss the prob- em. (Something is wrong or she wouldn't be running around.) If she is unwilling to make the effort to get the marriage back in working condition then tell her to ake all her clothes the next time she goes on an overnight bowling rip. Dear Ann Landers: I was in- erested in your reply to the woman who was upset because her [uests insisted in helping her clear he table and do up the dishes in spite of her protests. When we entertain guests I'm >erfectly relaxed about leaving he dishes until they say goodnight. But this one friend of mine s an absolute nut about orderli- ess. She just can't stand it. I've begged her not to clean up, but she may as well be deaf. She goes right ahead, clears the table, washes the dishes, puts everything away, dumps the garbage, scours the sink and bleaches the dish cloth. I can't tie her to a chair, Ann, and she simply insists on cleaning up in spite of my pleading. In recent months I've let her go ahead and do it. Am I being rude in permitting a guest to work while I sit in the living room?— SOUTH DAKOTA Mclntosh and land assisted Mrs. the serving refreshments, Harry Gilli- hostess in Missionettes Hold Meeting Lynette Demison presided at the meeting of Missionettes in First Assembly of God Church Monday evening and gave an opening prayer. The work was making bookmarks. Mrs. Jack Dennison, sponsor, gave the closing prayer. Visitors were Vickie Castleberry and Bessie Fern Williams. Other members were Marilyn and ••MMBJHal Listerine *9cS/ze Now Selling at STEVE ALLEN plays the fun piano -the Wurlitzer electronic piano •nd Steve says, "Small size... big tone. Great? And earphones too—you can practice in privacy!" Plays like any piano—but th* rich, vibrant tona ia produced and amplifitd alactronically. Light anough to move easily to playroom, tarraca, summer cottage. Small anough to fit almost anywhere. In your choice of baautiful woods. 75 John G. Kaiser Drug Store (In Masonic Bldg.) 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