The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 14
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i F r t i i f I '- 1 T "L Bi h 1 I ' .t I I f *• r f I ,V ' "- - • 1 L '-.'! ,- ~. r - -'-•-' > _ B B n - J_ - - f — ^ - B 1 - -'.' '"• L :, '•"„ ', '.)<-. "c '- '' '" •">' • -, '-•'. .. '•.•:-,. I ' i .. , - -. r THE flAKBtlSprULD CALIFORNIA^, WEDNESDAy, SEPTEMBERj 2» 1 t 1 receive reiu UTTO FTE n o. PAL MFII TUPMAN CIK HILLS MEHOAMTILE COMPANY Business Opportunities ^H BW - — ^BBI — ^JBL ^B*ti- -i HOTPiIj on Nineteenth Hlrefit, with nlrnti roputfttlon. 47 rooniM. Cl«an anrl inndi»n». rlood furnlliiro all rormiM.] Htnurly (it |3BO to <f.0n IKT u-rtjk. LOTIK I''aH»», rhrap •••(?. mr.O. Torntft. Wanted—Female WANTKD—WnllroRnos for banquet .Sunday evening, .Bftptnmber 6. Apply Mr, CniMty. Hotel Kl Tcjun. 28 otal !« tfood In Makers - flHd. Hun to pr«Hent ciwncr rotlr- (lit?* IN your HAf.KWOMAN, to noil direct an OWMIT for H year*. . 17'tO K Inbllnlind I ln« of knit. KnK Ooodn, Inoorporat^d, HOfl \VaHblnffton, J-OH r-r-t For Sale—Improved Pro t HlX-nOOM, modern homo. Walking Hardwood floor* through mil. Tl)« «lnk. LarKo iicrnen«»a-ln front ami back porch, Bnsement. Owner golritf to Lonjr Beach. Must Hell nt onoo for $3flOO. Vary easy Thin IN good. Soo It. Price 1700 \< n For Said—Automobiles For Sale—Automobllii For Sale—Automobiles i il'I'Ml.TT'MTV - - OWMPI- 'iiiTiil rnpr'-hnndlw nloro In <"'inin. unity tlnliiK jfr.od bun- inrm. Mtork ronslMH fit Kro'-r-rlr-H, bit rd 'A urn. fit nn I in pi fin cut K dry .n..)n. In- d/'llvi-rloM, «•!(• Will In- r.|. (• .'iMf'k Which IL It If Mini A I" flp- KlxliirftM und t f nMitiiihU- l.'iMK nt 1"U rent nn M !r,tr Mm* HP I Nl( WANTKI) PJxprtrlcneed f.M.fral kltrhnii work In Krmi.ll from 8™!? main's l n. I ?nf > 'or 1 'froM? fi'^AHT HAKHUHI'lttrJ.). furnished four- FOR HAt.*lC—• .Snmll house and furnl- turo, Vfsry r^aaonablri, In Keith Addition. «20 Watnr HtrP*»t. 2f) it. m. to p . a t . 2S OB 28 •*• r- "*• Situations Wanted—Male room hoimn with «l*»nplntf poroli, nftlffhborliood, lot« of whacjn, on H linn. $2ftO down, f.lfi pr»r month. W. K. Hray, 1414 Seventeenth wtroct ir»7, hrl<'U hullfl- In-'. R :t 1 t f work In or tu-nr Mak- ^^Nfir•l(^ II. ''. llryant, S720-.I-1. WANT! '.\ t »* 1 .i I>r«luoo. 30 MllM.tLK- AfiK)> ninn want« «-orU. Minill ranch, board, rnr»rn and ren,- 1 waK' l M. l^riinh IlolrrH'H, r, JCIUHTRRNTH Hlrr*»l biiBlnoMH lot, 7f)Xl2l! foot, iidjolnlnK promlnonl corner, 1'rlrrd rlKlit for quick '35 BUICK SPORT COUPE, rtimblo seat '34 BUICK TRUNK mountH $305 '35 CHEVROLET SEDAN '35 CHEVROLET COACH '34 CHEVROLET SEDAN $7-15 $605 $046 $505 '3i nurcK COUPE. 0 wli. ( rocondtttonod $305 '3-t CHBVttOLBT COUPE .$495 '04 CHEVROLET KDSTR. $426 ',313 CHEVROLET. UDSTU. $325 '34 CADILLAC 8 SEDAN 1 , side mounts, very clean finish and mechanically $1505 '30 CHEVROLET MSTR. TR. Bedan, with trunk $745 '34 OLDSMOBJLE 8 TR. sedan, with trunk $01)5 \V. K, Ilray, lf.7. 1-Ui Hoventoenlh. WITH Financial WKHT Nlneleenlh nlreel corner, 57* fU2 ffpt with good D-rooin home. firm. Hardware, i living rerun, rllnlng room, kitchen, 2 nuitorlal or grmwrlcs, Hitch bedroom-H. largo Hcr^ouprl pftrnh; not exiwiod. Horn of r»>tVr- j nbunrlniiff* of film In. J'rlre $42GO.OO. Write Hox UO, The rullfw-j ternm. W. !•'. Ilray, MM Hovou* .11 i »»»(.n.h nlre*»t. plinuo 1u7. hill M. . , -. - —w •-- •, r_ A —•» • -.W —,*U-»-" 1*— •' L-BB-Bt* Ih \VANTKI' Work, prlnlnr. 38 yearn* : ATTIIAC'TIVK new hnu&n In Prlma- AN> AMOUNT LOANKU ON YOL'H HOT "> **> u^rvn M 1.11) no card, but wilt Mnrrltrl, Hober, Indufl- re««. Hurry Ht-alh, 202 f», f'lillf. "I iff: JU Jl >i-.' IlKPAV IN KKMr-MONTFM.Y OH MONTHLY I'AYMKNTS HICK J flonn itcruraU'ly and promptly. KvfinlnKH or HiUurdnyn and Hun- cluy.i. ''"[>>' or whortlmnd work. Kor IPMI. pbonr OS;>«. 2*1 -— +- - Situations Wanted—Female vora 1'ark. f> rooom, hrr>akfant room, all tllo bath with fdiowisr. Inr^o porrh. limit I uu HyMt*>in, nnd material of tho bewt. Double Karaffo with Hlooplng rjiiartM*n abovo, alno KHH and Mghtw. lx)t inoxK^H. Ownor tranfiforrod out of town, will M»ll for contractor's prlco. Son [y>yd KamJH. Tho Robln- IHZfi fhoutpf avonup. 29 '31 PACKARD SEDAN, H!do niouulH '29 PACKARD SEDAN, 7-piiss., tip-top Bhupe $ '35 CF'rUYSUSR, AlttSTRRAM coupe, oxtra clean I4B5 $745 '35 PLYMOUTH PT DE LUXli coupe : '35 STUDEOAKER SEDAN with trunk, radio und many $085 '35 PLYMOUTH SEDAN •34 PLYMOUTH SEDAN '34 PLYMOUTH COUPE '35 FORD V8 COUPE '34 FORD V8 SEDAN '31 FORD A TUDOR '35 PONTIAC SEDAN '35 WILLYS 77 SEDAN '34 WILLYS 77 SEDAN i t $035 $525 $515 $565 $405 $235 $095 $395 $325 '30 CADILLAC SEDAN, trunk, side mounts, good rubber $495 '34 STUDEBAKER SEDAN, 4 with trunk '32 FORD V8 DE LUXE Four door sedan $635 $305 '34 HUDSON 8 SEDAN, Hldo mountH, new finlfih $U25 MA-NY OTHER CARS FROM $25.00 to $100.00 WITH MANY MILES LEFT '34 OLDSMOBILB 6 TR. ' sodan '33 PLYMOUTH COUPE '31 DE SOTO COUPE '31 BUICK SEDAN $015 $395 $245 $385 HA' ' / rj / - 10 ^1 ;Co Nf i wfitnan u-antn wnrlc liy hour or tif pnii'tlcal itiirHn. *. I'honr .! fi-rodn. nmdorn IIOUMQ, Hhrulm, lro«H, flno lofii- tlnn, $2000, fano flown, $2,1 month. TIM do for Hiruill'T piano. BukorH- fl.-ld Ucalty. 2G15 K Htrct't. Phono rJETWKKN 8 A. M. AND 6 P. M. PHONE 6300 FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS nu; K-7-tf Nt'RSK. rnldillo URno", tlcHircn rarn nf Inrly or KontlfMiinri alouo. '• $47r*0.00- A HpliMidld ft-room homo in r 'linuilr CIIHO proferri'il. .'r Uftfi-M SALARY Olaislfied Columns Close H a. m. ^ C,illfflinl«n will not hi r*lpor>ilh1l for •rrnrt In ClMilfltd Adv»rtli»m*nti tak«ri »v*r til*ption« unleli eorrtntlnn li *"»r flrit 'J f w -w wanlH pr>Altlon or K'-'H'Tul <>t~ /li-i» wnrlr Would Ilkn tu Itmrn In- Huinnnt or |I>KIL| Htr-noKraphy. I'liom- IM27- U* 110 Telephone 31 for City Service Blfi MUNKY SCHOOL K.KI'KNHKS Horvlci- In Kii l JlOIIHUWl VflB. HhlK Phono 2200 ill-Hi rr Arourifl Call Mrn. ' Alta Vlnta. Mvlnff room with flro- rooni, two larpf^ l>*>fl - rooinfl. Imth, Hcrvlcn pon-h, wonderful yard, arljorn, Hhaun, fruit. Only I7:» foci from Alta VUta Prlvo, $1000 dou'i. payrnnnt. Ualanco monthly. $27ftO.OO— A nindM'n, fi-room houno (n rolnrod «lrl u-antH work; «h" H..ulh«H«i pat I of tho . Ity. Out - tl.n hour r,r mornlMK |ob. Will' »*ldo neiidw paint IriHldn l« fin*;. Uuy 2H thlN and paint U yourself and nut out your rent pa> n.ri.t. The r*'iit fir, you arc paylns now will pay for to famlllt*H. tho ho\iHft. nlr«M ; TAVI.OH AND TAYIAUl 0!» f»l I I*l«i0 r'lM-Mtor Avo. J'hono 712. £S T Br , » Bulc K.SKD C.AU DJ5HT. iilli! (^hosier Avonuo Fhono -J2S hewolet USED CAR DKPT. 18Lh and N or 20th and M 1708 Phone 421 USED CAR DEPT. Twenty-second and "Eye" Phono 420 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles i.iihti|*-r n : ! ( AI'N f hllY Cull t,r.(tl ,1 r — Work t n u v o nek tin For Rent—Rooms a ml iiuf IIUUHO for at tho i 1930 Bulck 61 trunk sedan at $400 discount. Must Bee to appreciate. 12!» Special Announcements 1'T.A T«> NATK>NAli AMI KA' T.S Sfptr«rnl.«-r f »o 7. Jld.iw roiin«l trip .x rage Co for rr-nt in pr.vato In, uutnUlc I'tilrari'T', iiciit ly fnrnlHliifl. nr-ar Imlh. 210« KOU HAM'3 -On I) Htrcot, oight from renter. Nice flvc- flout LOU HARRISON, 1110 teenth street. Eigh- nun, Air p"i ' ', DHKSHMAKINO and All work Phom- 71SI-W. 800 On 4 14 If p. Cli..IK- fi274-H. SI.I ; :KI'INU room for rent I m t h !!l I U find f, K Iron I. Hclf In 1'lunin 1IAVI1 yo\i mi r*'Npi*i»t w !H not prrrnii Utintty (iVci "1 nffi-d iMihltiy'' Uf-nH-niln-r .Ninon. 17. >K, Mpf-flMll/cH In ri'rr*'i-t rillinK, nvr-rHliiffi'il* r^pulr ln«. upliolMliTliiK iUt ICiiJil Twrntv f Ir - 1 B -^ ** -LH " -B . l.nldlM-!'. roiiHiilt w.lh inn. Yon will MI\" mniii'v li. .«ndnrnp!i.K uinl j \ fnir now honin K I INinalti., )i:;i Sixth Mrt-H. Ti;lrphnin« ' J. ant ^ — ^. - —-'— I Aui'll'in Knln ft( Nu|n i r ' ^ Innr rillntt'« ranch. Jim! raM of j Tulan- I'ounly llnnptfal. Tulai''' ; I.Jrln« vrnir 1lv«M(nrU. ntiic|.lnor> ilUt Ulld llf>HH('ll"i*l ROCiflM < !'"» id Imi M'r\ Irn nnd l.i'*:t acl v f>rt Iro 1 In inn viiUoy. M. K r*M \Vniy |icr»hr)lf. miin T'h'.rif :!(!(!. IS (0)1 iriltiire AMoorSailairy Viirullnn KumlH Avallablo MONKV AT ONCK Nt) ItKI) TAPK NO KMMAHIIASSINMI INVESTIGATIONS and ('onlldontlal , , , , , , WMKUIO YOU JIAVK A WIDE room homo complotoly furnlHhei i S rOT>KCTION OF LAT1-; MODEL InrludlMK cxpoiiHlvo Uenorul; UHKn CAUa TO ciIOOSJ-J FUOM Plymouth touring Bodan $085 $025 $485 Business Cards LAUNDRY SERVICE B( Uandry Strvlw UnflHMll«d-Th»t U Our Sl«*i -TM Dlffertnt 8irvle« M9 Zorlfl OdorUii Dry CUanltil CITIZENS LAUNDRY ' SlxUinth *fld 0 Strath Ph»fl« a8» JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE, AUDITS, SYSTEM* 20B-B Profuilontt Bulldlm Phone 4MI m*m*~+t+*—+*^*+i t P*" •• PAYNE & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Nlniteinth tnd C Strath J* 0. Ptyni J. Bruot Payht fntf * —• • i . i._. .-•-riT-r-l.. . I -j--- -. ' " " DOUGHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funsrii Director! and Ambulance Service 1100 Truxtun Av*nu», at N Strut Phon« 667 Lady Attendant TTm^^r^^— ~ —~ ^^^^^n^^^T^T^TT^^—r^—^-r"^^^ m For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR RENT — One-sack concrete mixer. Mcars Lumber Co. Phone 3810. 44 FURS—-Factory samples. Pur coata, Jacketn, foxes, collars. Huge stock. Furs remodeled. "The House of 1000 Fur Bargains." Dow's Whole- pale Furs. 133 Kearney, San Fran- clsco. 8-10-tg FEED prices advancing rapidly. Buy now. Our prices are Tow, consistent with quality. San Joaquln Grain Company, Fourteenth and D. Phone 385. 7-14-tf For Sal urniture BED davenport, studio couch, good assortment of used beds, chairs and tables at low cost. Kruno Furnl- turo. 809 Baker street. Phone 2139. USED mohair overstuffed sot cheap. 2721 Niles street. Eloctrk; roKrlgonTt.or, $2800, narti 4f ,, iP ,,, ., . , rnirti. Kolly & Hon. 1712 Cheater \ ^ Mymoutli touring aoclai .,, „ 'ii'i oo 193R Chevrolet Ala»tcr coach 1 HOMO tlOt)» «J 4/1*1 • vn i s«_ . i 19114 Ford Coupe IN THIS SHADU> IN OUR COOL BUILDING NOT IN AN OPEN LOT SHILLING FOR LESS THAN $1.00 All gooC transportation. If you want a good used car for less money, see our selection. BAKERSFIELD USED CAR §e n 'M fnr rt'til *r ' L " iUi n . t <-J ti I'llOlK 032 Hult-U 01 sodan 032 l.-'l Ford Hodan prl\ n I NI' ' (•; f run t I M-i In "iin, * I'' l< mil H ' '"UHt-1 I Inn »tM- ('nil li;:d J •>!• , noro, rlowo In, nomn ' 2!i ; fruit. Hmiill down payment will ..." , .. hun-IIo. Phiinn fiKfiO-W. -'!,,.„,. , hMir«.om for rnniiii j H),I1! Chrysler G Hodfin Imth. UM- jroit SAMC—Clump for ciiHh. nplcn-j ,j ):u Chevrolet cabriolet did flvcj-rootn homo, llkn now, on ; \^\ phovrolot coach ChoHtor Placo; Hldowulkn; nicely tjiao OldBinohile Hodan linprovod GO font. lot. Kolly &j 1920 Chovrolot Hon, 171^ ChoHtor. Phono HO.'!. $475 1935 Chevrolet Muster sedan $505 If ilnsln<il # Tu K fttn»rt I'hmio lf*7H J. $385 $350 $300 Chov. Mnstor trunk sod. $695 1035 Dodge trunk sedan 1935 Ford do luxe coupe $745 $585 TWENTIETH AND M Phone 263 .- In, f*>r I'liOi and l'< Ml UK.NT Km nlnh. ,1 runm l.nih. (»iit'<ii|' /-til in. I'| :'H;,tl It '/K l'*lt' 'NT in-ill (MUM fri|- | <<ti t \n 21* .''i»l.*K-HM<»M lions*- \\lth 2 hiulronnin, , uatPil .n I'-iiMt I(akor*ir.t»li1 (*.n*n i 1934 Chevrolet pickup iraslier .oors inn O I '.M'.! \ * 'ill! I p- 111 '• l<» KIMH! M.-hool Ttilal prl.-u $2K.O, I |f.OO down HIM I 1.10 por triimlli. ?2»r», 1034 Ford dolx cpo, am. wills $485 ?295 ' igaa Ford sport coupe, rumble $335 $185 ! 1930 Ford stand, cpe, perfect $225 MANY OTHER FINIO BUYS TermR and Trades Open Kvoulngs and Sundays TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER $425 ee FOR REAL VALUES 1936 Ply. tour, sedan, low mil. $785 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $605 N Mahogany living room set Axinin. rug, 9x12 seamless Modern bedroom set, 3-pc. Double deck coll springs $60.00 28.50 55.00 $5.95 Inner-spring mattress, 312 coil 16.75 Cong, rugs, 7.6x9, Crescent 3.75 Seaboairc For Rent—Rooms With Board K. Karp*, 1.517 KlRhtoont h. 8 - n i t f a( TU'M Ai'UICS with ^-rnoin hou««v IninicOlato pnHHfMwlon. Hrniill down pay in on t, Imhinoo monthly. KINANCIO COMPANY 2300 CI1KHTI5K AVK. PIIONK 2;.20 7 Ul 3(1 tf H v<-nin* _ L l'*i Ut I IK N'T ItV (til V r.| K f- nn and Chester I'hone 5828 52 PHONK -o 1935 Plymouth de luxe coupe $645 1933 Chevrolet master sedan $465 1935 Ford do luxe coupe 1931 Ford Hport roadster USED Bedroom set, 4-pc., Monterey $34.50 Volour davenport 10.00 Walnut dining table, 6 chairs 19.00 Carpet strips, 4xS ft. - 3.00 Daybeds 4.00 to 7.00 HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th, cor. ISth nnd N streets. ___ _ Phone 341 _ 52 USKD KUUNrruma SPECIALS Robert! Brow. rloNet bod $7.95 Baby hod, oano paneled $5.05 C-pc. brcakfant set. hardwood $7.95 «»Hi wUh \ ory »* 4- 1 I « :.'S on I 1 ' 'I MM, AH PIANO. modern, I hnrnvjuh Yn>v I r oHt i»r ui **un« In \ nur homo, $1 . I'rli-nl I'tirtnn II T 21. M ^ - T*-B|lB-B.-_ r* TNVKHTIMATIH (lift tif*m<fllii uf Intf^r ttul MulliliiK * HrlflnllU«\ oi'|f»rl*"m, lnlfMM, ItnrioloMA. All u uMn mat r ran lir IHMMI. A lit » nil f I tin dlnu IM nnuln nf yoni In) rM I nut Tho niiim- *>f Od'o of nil Jill turn* M IU» In Mm hir«^ Intf'MlnnH I lr rlrun Uitililo, MM \vi-ll an 4111 (hid'* Surh <-ondlllniiH n« rontit \\t\\ t Ion. rrh'>MK, prontitt n 1 1 u nd low M oort prfMMin . mu I lflin t nuMuna, lililn^v ami 1 1 Mir r ullm^niM i i*?*poml u M h .oiey M i.M 1'rlvad- ciil rn IH-O. I win Jntnlnit 'HI I li. T\vit KI-II t ICIIHMI ]iri< fMl. McH.M If ilnMlrcfl :it(0 !>•• iitnr filrpfl ' Hlilnli'. 1".' nintf and hoiiut .fully fur- • ii - roritu nt rl*'l ly inodrrn 00-fool U)t, In IT* r-nt (Iliilrl.-t; t.rftiitlfiilly uhlo gura«", IUUINC haw flimrs. ttlf drain, auto- ,.,... liMttnr. iMirnldiro munt »»o 19.i4 WlllyH 1929 Ford coach 1928 Chevrolet coach J926 Bulck coach 19UG Chevrolet coach 3-pc. ovorstfd. bed dnvonp. set $29.50 3-pc. enameled bedroom HCt $14.95 2-pc. Robert! Bros, living room sot, rust tapnstry, like now $45.00 $585 j 2-po. Karpon living room set, $2G5 i ffrccn tapestry, like new $29.50 Many Oth^r nig Barpralns POPI3L FUrtNITCUK IIXCHANOE $105 $95 Ardiz/i-Olcese nidg. G23 Sumnor St.. $37.50 $32.50 .TiiRt of Baker. Phono 1341 52 1409 EIGHTEENTH STREET Phone 831 52 to I if*d. 1 IN yiflLEC'T USKD CARS H'ldnoii coup*' $H2Sdown ! L 1934 Torraphinn coupu $105 down: $115 down i $155 down. 1934 Ford roach To Aiihtrlfd pnoph.1 on junt your Inunodlutftly Nt> KMMAIUIASH1NU 1NVKSTKIATION t ' n ] Valley nance . MM-nnrl.-M, tvlth liounl. i mm I h nt $!» pi-r vvi-'-tt . ill! I i Hi-aiuifM- i\\ ninic For Rent — Houses !!'.! ?.'.V n ' ,« $ , fl ; : '°' iV 2 ? 0 t'^V t 1 '". 1 ' S Iy2! * Chovrolot coupe IT " k<f ICIIL UnWIUtl TsiTflinaS Ford VS Hodiin KOR SAIJ-; $IM)0; throo-rocnn 1934 IludHon $OUdo\vn $123 down $222 down homo, fdgn of rlty; HO foot lot; 1932 Sl'udohnker sodan $132 down Kf'H HI'IN'T I'm hlnlinM, fnr fhrrn tiifni(h«, uflh op (li MI t»f IriiMliu: nn- tii'fl. at i-ml t»f |>»M Iml. to per \^ Ull lint iuor« tliiin nnn clillil. 1 01 nit IHIIIMO, 'j mil'* from HH. MKIKM, wator. 1712 ChoHtor. Ph " ,„ ., r u ' i i!';n uak and seaan Kolly it Son, -,,,„« it in i <„,» 'j.''t ))0 il930 Hupmobllo Hedan (HIM iilj.t. wit l . ,.„,, ,, , , 192!) HudHon sedan 11 Ai'llKH, 7 itiUns fnun town. pnv»»d , j i mi Hlltm I load. MOO- aj. mnall hnu.M*", K'"><l well anl but m» motor. $-.'.00, Inilf UouHl'd NI''l>r»lH. Itn*. S IH-lf 1929 Chryttler $95 down $75 down $75 down $75 down WITH A UKAL GUAHANTEK 193G KORD TOUR. SKDAN $095 1935 KOIIU ULX. CI'.. RADIO $625 1934 KORD iJlfi LUXE TUDOR, TRUNK. RADIO $495 J934 FORD UH LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 KORD COUPE $475 WHITE truck In good condition, for $225, Union Truck Center, i FOH 29 MAOKSTIC Radio, beautiful cabinet, good rondltlon. $1C/>0. 6-plece new onntnol breakfast set, $11.60. Kitchen cabinet, $7. GO. DAVIS FURNITURE EXCHANGE 2tor. C'hPKter Avonuo. 29 —Dining room set and buffet. Tost over $200. Will eacrl- flro for ??:» rnsh. Phono 2S6-W. 29 Pe Koto Sport sedan; clean H»27 Cudlllao coupe: n real buy 1927 Nash coach; good ruhbor 19,27 EBHOX nedan, cut to $.»0 $-15 $35 i DOUGLASS USED CARS Twenty-fourth and I. Vhono 3377-.T "I Handle My Own Paper" . r »2 FOR KAt,B-Ono K-flat Buescher snxophono and ono B-flftt clarinet, Kl Cherlovlllo. pulrn, first qual- * t< Q nnw. Phono 4860. 30 For Sale—Miscellaneous If) to .'^1 |Hll'c \Vlll Mi M'll t IT I)H Whllt U IM tn hll\«- U rotnnli' an int>rnal iiia.>innR<'. Ash ut>nvit i'01 Hulicrffldn 111) 11(11II (,' I'hdlin d Hi our Viliuriln MltM'inl Thriniiy, NH thr It t ure H mi t h*td nf n*n luring r n \ nt r m \ •> noi nuilr -a:i tf VHH Vuu prjr |h»rl (»fM ,1 It and t-M nor < * i Mi* ma ri. < Mil rnpnirt m *i t 1 Or, Hay Midi? I'hnnn IM [\. ?, \r ! I'M\ i;- IK.IUM UK |M-irh H nitty, in) r>H. «nlnr T Ci \\ HI. l r « U( ItlON"! I) nit NO lit ."lit with T\Vi fri' Hinnll t > lll'USON AM. 1 ) TERRAPLANE fd 1934 PLYMOUTH DLX. SKD. $645 ! FOU SALE-Blg John Deero tractor. mil 'i<i.<i>n\nr \ MW .".mmin tiir 1 Three 14-inch plows Riid douhlo 1J.14 I IMULAi IjAJNb CUUIW $•!»[>; dis( . t Uoule 2, Box 170. Al Vldo. 1933 PLYMOUTH COUPE $395 , 1935 CI-IKV. MAS. TO. COACH $ -05 Hinith of 'M 1!2IH-J. h r- (.room Beach and Mountain Property Avenvio Phono ;»9G5 OMKV. SED. HKNEWKD $ 11132 KURD CPM.,'Rh5NBWH3D $325 iy;n FOHU VICTOIUA RNWD $205 1931 FORD CPE.. RENEWED $286 1931 FORD. TUDOR, R'N'W'D $285 I'lllHt KUlt SAM. Mnuntulu V »-. fully Cull iifirr r» i». m.. 1401 v-finviMilh. Pl.nnn ;"> Jl'HT WEST OF FOX THEATRE 1931 PLYMOUTH COACH I'Vnnlr 1 1m nliuhl ( Mirfnl- ill I rfi 17<M K HTIIKCT Af^SA N INH * U' 1 i »HI->: AtUll? ' JM of < i|t»i WulfM i itlory Y< I ( \i , c S l!!H 1:1 A 1. 1*- AMI IMC AN Ihi'i l,h,* H Italian ?1M Si I ..... li 1-Vtr i i'K.rr\ ill IDIIN phunn W H4 TllANSKi;H I'lunnM. fur en ull ttic tluio Direct. A, 1 Why Pay lU'hlrl" A I .1 , PH v M'M.lhU for 1.' f.n- If. $?0 SI fin- IX F a t c- r » t «*N fiT ol IHT ii ( 'oiifhl. N i t M A I, A M Y 11 if I H rrf Inn ii'-oil o mi »H Ill'.NT 'I'i'iit HIM) Irallrr I lot \\4iltT ull (Im 1 line, hluiworH, i (nllclM. ntudonnrv \\»fh lul>^. .1 ! nitloH unutli <>r t''i»tlit*'rnth nlrrrt IMI t s;3'J-H-l. : For Sale Mnihnr HI-HI t'« FOR SALE $150 lil!.\li!U ouch; Son. 1712 Cl.oHtiM Dec t noutb \\ oil fur!>! »* x Hi, fl.o /Pr 1 ^^ ,, (Ltti! a I HO n v two lota. of oily. Kelly, I'hoiu. :u>;i. i 29 : r in Alta WO .Ti ! J9:U KORD TRUCK : 1930 FORD COUPE I 1029 KORD TOURING 1 102!) KORD COUPE 19111) DE SOTO SEDAN 1929 FORD TUDOR MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP $295 $295 sm $105 $165 $195 $145 First road south Rainbow Garden. 29 USED TRACTORS—Model 50 Monarch, for $225; model 30 Cat, for $250; pneumatic tractor trailer, $135. Union Truck Center. 29 TWO Fordson tractors, ono with winch and "A" frame, $2;?6; ono with winch only, $200. ' Union TROMBONE. Olds & Son, excellent rendition, for cash. Call 1719 Hob-, .n.son street, between hours 4 and 7 ]». in. 28 Fruits and Vegetables ^^^^^f CANNING PEACHES PHILliIP Truck Center. 20 Whli Htroot .'iirliliiK I 1 )! Wanted to Rent — Rooms l» nf Flower Vl in TruM U'nrtlM >..-r\ I lltUlt Lost—Found—Strayed FOUNT*- Two lout MM * \ I:N IM:HII :\( in itriv.'i- f»-r iirv » liiK imili' AttiiulUr nffi'i lu \-\%\\\ 1'iu I v \\ ill, Tin- ( 'nllfni nlaii, IMM I" H y.\\ \\\K full ilrlulU >'f c\O"i I '•li''i niMl I I'fn t'ln'r. Mll-'il In- lot nl mint :tO ANTKU t<> r.Mil ^ '»n'iu In jiri\ lit e hoim*. No \\ i Mn MOH 1^.1 A, flirt' <'*ullforultiM M.\ltl> tint. I04HU \\nuliul li\ oniilicr In lini'PV honui to t 1 i* yi'.tru old I'or inf .OH. ;i;i:i| .1, after K p tn. lady, ntul up I'uyn n Vlfitn. tiio innMl illhtrlr-l In HaUnrwflohl. to nu'c, bull ding n >«'<«, location ! uiniPH, oto. \Vo inuUo tho you maki* the trrnm. Taylor A Taylor. Hii;0 OhfHtor A\ e. riiono 712 S 27-lf USED CAR LOT 2uth yt. -West of Fox Thoatro Varletv-Valne en does lOUi uurt Chester Opp. Courthouse Phono 701 Upon Bvenlnga KOR S A M3 — 8-foot wall case with mirrors back. Call riftor 5 p. m., 1401 Twenty-seventh Btreot. Phono 63ft. _ CABBACJR plants now roady to plant, also ColotiR nnd Kuphnbta Splendid CLING; ONLY 100 LUGS; WHILE THEY LAST. PER LUG, 43c. GREEN PROG MARKET, CORNER CALIFORNIA AND CHESTER AVENUES. PHONK 2131. PEARS -Extra largo northern Call- fornia BartlettH, No, 1 fruit, 1 per lug. Phono 5452. Jimmy Paddock. _ ^ _ 28 CANXINO pearlies and pears. 610 rn.on n ven no. Dyn's Market. 31 n» K TftiVftka iai^ Sixth H'o C r |NKW almondp (193fl crop> for ealo » "f- -?',-K n ? kaf OJ1 Mxlh HUCL ! from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stock- Tclophono 16R3-J. __ ^^^^B_^kBB.Br BB-B^VB ^^PBB^lB^hBV>4lB^HB v aVBaVBk v j4VBaVBB a BBJB^BBBB a BjB v B a fB w JBlB v ^B^^p BBB a f^B m JB^%B v 'B v a v B^BBp^BBjBV4^B v> ff^ B 1 ^ 1 'a B ffAB v > lk .B B v a v r BB < ^B > v a v a v a VB^B a v a vb.B B BfB M VBBBBjB^BB a v a v a w_BBfiiBBB^g^BlBfBIB v > BgV^^B^BflBB A.^ ^BBBBl.BB'aJB^BBM^^^BBBB FOR SAIjB — High oven tens Btovo, $7.50. Library table. $2.00. Overstuffed sofa, J4.00. 629 Beech street. po ton street, nakerofleld. 44 fur no KIND THE CAR YOU WANT HERE ' $785 ! tlfy nnd ]iny for ad nt " ' i f j i i nuino *'f T\vi>nl> - rr, i 1 AM IN TI1K MAHKKT fur im i-xpi't 1« iii-tMl I' ni II a ltd \ i •»',('( a It IP ntitn, w Illi KI orrr\ o Chi- W an t e d t o R e n t—H o uses AN'TI'.lt tu rrnt PcrnmiuMit, r«»- "u! !.. (onantM umM Mntill niu-if or iluplt'X (J tut uviilluhlo. rxtru lurRA restricted lot, small huiiHo ' id'tr. Mnrin.i tfimir ^ »nar.. |io down, «a wnok. UKU) 1)0(i R° trunk K Uoutty. 2515 K iMuine I 11*35 Pontlno G trunk nodan R-30-tf! 1930 Kord' V-8 tudor For Sale-Unimproved Land : IM4 Kurtl v ' 8 H .in OK TUA1>,.--tfiO lu'ro.H In Inynkorn, Krrn rounly \Vouh1 oil lot In HiikrrMflrlil and (orniH srr S Van, n str^^t. VlnkcrNflnht. rwllf Ifl.'H Dodgo M 0-w H ocl an 1031 Plymouth ruupo 735 595 525 625 j original tires $585 550 19211 DA Dodgo Kodan, reuou- 1035 Ford two-door nodan, Kor — f j STHAYICh in Houtr :i, wni'i* nut v h.i n for ad. pant un i . • I . . \ . run til' 1 ' V mid Mi«\ .'Stl. Tit \\\ •• :n i \ t LOST- --Hmall guld lm».li.M engraved U J » 1 -'liui. •• Kr\\itti| h- 1 V- * '•** '•' \;i in Hi* t ' i»hiM M u I prr r I ,MH ill i on nt y jiurl< 1*11 in 1 1 lu fl 'H \vnlch I 'tmln \ i i i plu '• ' \\liti I I -a I K' '' ;ini .» lul | ^ ,*1! 1 1 \n "s T •*• for nil\ an* < h a t inn < ! i \ o ,i|t ** \V ANT tt» rvMit, t or fi rnuin n In Mr**- niif urnlAhn), "V PHI 11 N i>i|, tn l r -n M) HaKfM ttf Irlil It. luM wrrti 1* a in. amt Ml MMI i M" U tu tl room nnfiirniNhiMl partly I iiiuMinl litii|Nt\ rltv i»r i ui l«*i Nt> rhlhlroa. I' for Mr WhltlnUrr f \ir ACUI^S, -. r 11^*1 31 7 tnfnutn,* fn>n. town. " »'oupo 1932 Plymouth I'H roupo flnn JMyinuuth IM. 1 ronpo iii: 1 Plymouth PA -175 •ir>o :.5o dllioned FUR coats — I.eopurd rat coat, $49.50. Marmtnk coat, $59.50. Seallne coat, $47.50. Squirrel belly coat, $09.50. Many other bargains. Repairing nnd remodel InR by expert fxirrler. Jjeo's Fur Shop, with Popel Furniture Exchange, 023 Suinnor street. t ___ 30 FOR SAT, K— Spark oil hwitor. new, at one-half original coat. Thono 2740 -W. 28 $245 iRTCCONDITIONKn wash machines 1030 l'hevroU»t four-door Hoduu, rocondltlontHl $295 375 11030 Chrysler four-door so- untl In iKtittnj; wnior Mystoiu, J1100, j IH.'ll Plymouth cotlpo turn. down. $1*0 a month. llowiinl , I»M-» cii.ivr.ilot iiifiwin vi .1. i i ... ., . . .. i 1 .'.»-> * (KM I lM*'l II1II h II* 32,". 275 for wale. Maytag and noveral good make*. Klortrlo and gasoline motors. Alno service on all makes. Phono 1027. Mt'Mahan. 80 S " 17 lf . UKll lit) Solo SA inaslor Hodun 4LM \Vrlli' . ..t\ '' I'lu WA\T I 1 p i i'n i P in \\\\ :;iiO uftrr Kord Personals ANT \\MUK- \i;i:n MKI.I-- -I f ..... .it,- full titr.'o I'latiM "\ For Sale—Im \ n,« A (-M-II i v M AKTKH tlilw dulfc. Konlomlior 1!, I9;u*.. i not be rchponslidp for uny contracted l»y otlior than ni>heK T-'runh t,'ue\an. Jr. COUPLE leaving Supii' f. for Okln., will tain- I* iitHjpIo t». H. Cull ut i:iui» Tulan- ' '"• '^ "i ;tn, iii a!. I.- uinl \\ uii.i aivoutits \v ri-UU \\ , i • irit mid K (i> \\ 01 K A 1'lf (» ll\ "U \V Hit I'S - Business Opportunities Help Wanted—Female >AVS I lout Hat'KiUn—l'\»ur-room intd Uit. oily. \ViilM-. V'xill prioo. SNOO. liiiHy tcnuw. Kruitk I'ay. 1M4 •^ «• F -^B.>i —BH^rlBB^K. hf- «- PIVHMIOOM houfc<» outHldo city, wtth nhmUs fr\ili. lasvn. ou tiuartcr aero. l'il,',» $2l!;.0 Will ari'ppl Hvtltuhlu t nulc, Oil Lands I!>:; - l -'i»'> v ™ioi "^ "•• • • ^ ^ tnititii i^ • 19.U DodKo b nedan Ai'UKAiil' 1 . wnntPd In or around oil 11KIO Kurd town BOilaii Must \w potontlal oil |«ao n u |r|t oonnn la.i.l. siHlo prloo nntl lorallon. Ad- ' «.oupo ilri'MM I 1 , t». iio\ MM. MctrupolUan Station, UOH Autt^l^M. 32 • • - ^ •- • ' "' ' -"* • -- - - - *- ". .-m ™, ^ j..^, .-!-——•—"•.»*«.>-**.-^.h^.^ .„ .._ KOU KAbl*; -$U pur aero for 120 acroH foo title, potential oil land, i'loso to nowly Uitteovored gas i fioM nnd pa«t and proaont ox- 191*9 Chovrolot pickup plorutlon. Kolly & Son, 1712 1931 Uodgo IVi-ton irucU Cliautur ttvcnuo. Tolophono 383. i 1930 Kord panel ilolivery dun, motor overhauled. 4 Kood rubber, good paint $235 i 4»0 Ktito 1930 Modol A do IIIXQ I •'•50 i I'oup*;, rinnblo scat, V8 i 350 wheels ]929 Model A pickup, runs a45 . good 250 i 1929 Chevrolet coach, good FOR SAUK- Milk from r.u*rni*oy end .Trn-aoy cows. Snoolal prlcoa In ga.- lou lotn. Miller B Imlry. first house Kuiith Purudlso Auto Camp, Los , Phone 16-K-22. 2S CANNING PEACHES — PHILUP CLING; ONLY 100 LUGS; WHILE THEY LAST, PER LUG. 43c. WHELDEN'S MARKET, UNION AND GOLDEN STATE! HIGHWAY. PHONE 5590. B^N^BBVf'&B_^BVaVJBa^^Hh^PB B > BJ^BVBjBVABT J ^B B fQpB > f^BVa>BBVaVBfBV0Bf' II BpB B BtoT ^^^^*^^^f^^^~r9^BF^P^fB^^BP 4t^p^BfB a ^AB^0BJBBjfB^^PVfl.^kAB^HB^^^^H^B4BTBfB v BWBfHlBfBVftaBVlfpBfe^BVaB_hB_fJ^^H^BlBV^hHH^^^^HBVafeBl^HB^I^HBfllH,^HA Typewriters— Office Supplies KOR SALE — Two cash registers, for grocery and eaH Btatlon. 1640 Chester avenue. Phone 4465. P. U. Lynch. ___ 28 Poultry and Livestock Community AUCTION Thursday, Septem- $275 FOR SALti-Klectrlc refrigerator, less than 1 year old, one-half price. 203 28 SlflS ! l-lnooln 8lroAt, Olldnlo. ^f f* •» \f » • • B/-IJ.B.1 —--4» I ••" -h I .•M>BB.hBBW-.»BB.t.B..bVB^. I . I .W-HB.b4B. 1 '* *""»^--'^PB»"B"BPB'-'^.P 250 Uodgo pickup crciais rubber, motor iu fine con- i dition $105 B 'f - 1-, _ r p,*, KrunU l>uy, 1M4 - - Im, ..... - •-*• I rl-U r IBBB^-B -Bf J DHIVIC-IN eating, drinking C'ontrnlly located, c-'Od ntrcot. < >P- i-ratlnsr HUccpHMfully t;ood will. equipment, 11000 cat»h I'^ranU Uny, 1514 WANT!.!' tie i>lih'i K Ntli. !M M»>l»li;ilN 0-i'Ooiu hoinu i»n urro, U!NO n i'-rooiu homo In Uooil dtAtiU'l. , ^ ou both. H, ICIwood. UO" For Sale—Automobiles tf^^MV^^*^**...*^.*^-^.!^^.^ •*+, ~*^ .++**+•**+******+,++,*+ UAKEUSPLKLD MOTOR CO. $105 145 295 195 405 525 ir FRUIT jars, while they last, washed, quarts 24c mid 34o dozen; pints Ific and UOo doaon; glasses, 10c flozen. 717 Humner street. U-12-tf B.F B" #. jf r A J 'ANTl-I* 1 Noif.t-l(»'np|.v f.n iwo ml- M tildlf< iiHod It'll Sar niiiiiM woman in i-r.-rT,M| inonlo b-roont homo. Coruor lot r«- Ktrlrtod dlHtrU't. All tho lutoitt fU- < und rcmvpywueos. l''or a real 1983 Chevrolet Hf ton truck 1935 Kord V-S pickup 1935 Dodgo punol deltvory DAKBUSFIEUD OAUAUK 20th Kt.~-Just Weal of Fox Tlunit. i 1101 BAKER ST. PHONE 263 31 52 , StlRVICIi) Btatluii, KariiRr. Htoro with — .' qimrtertt lu oil district. Ainu ' AVAN'TICU-• nnd ; few in lunch Ptand in H. Klwood. 1*U'3 "Kyr" «trri»t foi n ' ';t M l n homo «P« this, $400 down glvoN pos- at oiu'o. I.OBH thun rent prloo Stanley. 1700 K SO 'nonihly. H (runt 7 Chovrolot roadste 1028 I'Miovrolot roadator 1027 ChryBler rondBter $35 -—— • • r mfiTT -iti+i Cl ydc Itoirr <..- •, , ^ I' ooupo Bi Bl LI _L- 4 uotentUil -*- Sfven unllM. wtiu-rn, fur- nnw; flm> lot-Htlon; J2l»u. Prl.'** $is.fi00, Howard NiclutlH, Inr. 3-29-tf LA to wil holh n nd Mnull \Mi t; ,^ lloruurU UliAN'O *"» n In ami U.K.H. mnj \\.|>1\ 000 modern .S.mnlnh Tllo roof, C'lo«i> lot, Slitidv. Y*HI w,tll ! UBO SALKS AND S12UV1CE Opou Kvoulnw and 8 tt nday MM| 1M4 Blllck M7 Mdftn CURN1QR 20TH ANM'.i "KYIS" o touring «i>dun USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent AH Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNETT TRACTOR CO. 2130 Cheater A ve. 7-30-tf KOUU roadster dollvory J7I-U 1926 Overland fl sedan, price *'*"! L»t« 1J*29 Kord road., ti whc PER xooo Low Grade Mtsmllled 1x8 and 2x4 SIS REDWOOD SIDIXO AT $20 1x4 to 1x10. S4S Finish, $42 1x4 FLOORING. $29 1x4 "IS" Kiln Pried T A G $19.00 her a, 10 a. in., B miles south of Rakersflcld on Union avenue. 200 or more fryers nnd heavy rhlckens. fat calves and hogs, other lives took, v uutomobllo tires, grape crushers, power wine presses, gas ranges, electric washers. Bring what you have to sell. W. E. usborn, auctioneer. Phone FOR SALE—Fat Red fryers, all Also Bed hens. We dress and deliver free. Bradford's, 1106 Kern street. Phono 8041 -R. _ FOR SALE— New Zealand white rabbits. Does and bucks, selected stock. Bradford's, 1100 Kern. Phono 304 1 -R. _ J _ FOR SALE—Good black Jersey milk cow. Phone 1918-W. HOURO Paint, all colors, gal. 2-0x3-0 Sash. 1 U., glazed Redwood Posts, 8x4, 6 ft,, et. SHINGLES. BUNDLES, 75o LESS 6% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 Bargains 101 1.23 Sue 18o this pro! t y woll -consiruot I Vice |5»aO. federal IhuiPthg Act icnus. Prli'o Htunloy. 1700 K strent, 21* Phono 1724 Dodge HOdun n.nvrolot wport roadster J245 USB . new paint, down $76 I n i\ \ K. LOS ANGELES th 81, ADam* 6171 31 '.'. C, DOUOLAS8, 2l>TTI AND in)U HALW-1036 Nanli Mauler couch, i 193L* ChovroliH coupo $295 i**an moniWs! 603 ' Sixtoouth * u ' w i)j ! BIST AND K. PlIONHS 1034 .58- 1020 SH-ton UMC truck with power wluclu Uurgaln it« Is for $350. Unloii Truck Center. 20 KHU1T JAHS- gimrtN 24c; pints. IDc. Wo »l«io buy ratrs, hottien, junk of aU kinds. Phone 1786 for pick-up wagon. 132 Ea«t Twenty-first street. •p ^P^Bl ^Bl POH SALE—35 Rhode Island Red * chickens, 3 pounds. each, 20o per pound. 213 East Seventh street. 89 FOR SALE—Good work horse; will sell cheap. Two miles north of Rosedale. Frank Reina. * BABY chicks. Have started fall* Rocks. Have now 200 Hanson strain Leghorns, Reds and Rook8, hatch Tuesday. Book orders for future delivery. Rlvervlew Hatch- r. home of better baby chicks. 88 B^^^B_^BB^BBVBVBVBVB^BVBVB^BVBVBBBVBB m BBBBBBBVBB^BBBBB^BVB^BVB^B^BVB^BVBBV.VB^BfB^B^B^BVl^B^B^BfB^BfB^B^B^B^BfBVB^B^B^B^B^B^BfBVBVBVBVBVBBBBBBBVBBB m BBB^BVBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbBBBBBi ^ Poultry and Livestock (WANTED—Saddle horto to use. pasture, CalJ after & m. SALB-One register«4 brood sow. V*our ffilts- Opal Fry, ahkf- *«• as . r -I - '•f t ... •• • .. ffl L ^ . 1 ' { 1 • .'. .B - t j''*- L ™ J.- . , \- O,- ../ i- J . ';b ^'-

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