The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 20, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 8
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8 Wednesdoy, September 20,1944 gfte 9afcer«fiel& Calltorman AIR PROGRAMS WKIINKSHAT fi:IIO 1 1, 11:30 p. !n . KKRN* — Noxvs; t:15. ti-nca by Leon i'a> iif KI'MT— »T:,I" cl Hcalicr; 6:1S. .-•• irrn Ti.-l. KFI — AMi-n V nine Mn.iv. R:'M In 7:IHI p. m. K 1 MIX - Si-.-.i I'cht K-tiHis. (•..'j,'), Coioiift 7:lltl tn 7:SO n. m. Kl;r:N-- l..i: nr.n.l (;i:,m tivv hs, V ]:, 'I'.-! >l:il,.|],\ K I'.Mi '-- t :: ,;il>nt(s -n Sp.iti^: 7.707, To,ijl>*>: \Vnr ( 'l«nniHMIl;) M . 7.10. l.^woll •rii.iiun«. Kl-'l- Kiiv K\.~ci. KKI'.N— S. raml.y Anil.y K I'M. -I.nnn Ii;,nerj. K! I— Ka.v Ky."er. «:<><> to H : :III p. m . KKKN — \VH!I li tlif- W,iil,l i;., n.v &:!.".. r.inn an.] Ahi,. r. Kl'Ml'— .1-in K'ne. •!.. W:iliz T-mr KI'I — .Mu^:• Chup; !'.]:.. It.ty M;iyPOle. H::iO to !>:OM p. m. K^^;^'--^l^ iir«t iini lii'.Mi'— IliuMcu Druiiiincjii.]. KKI — Carton «,f chc.-m. !):«() lo l):«ll p. rn. Ki:KV--PiiMn]iic.T. Kl'.Mt:— Xou-s: !i 1;',. iv.,.] I?, own l\KI-..\li. Mini Mis. Ni.iih. B::in to lOitm p. m. KKKX— H.'iii-v .1. T.-IJI.T: :*:,. Rosclancl r.i'llro.iir. . :> ;.f.. N.-u v. KI'MC— l-;nll<in l.i.«-,.-. .1 r ; 9 4;, N,wa Kl-'l — I.isln fip. i;i ,«.-ri.*. 10:110 tn I0::!l) n. m. KPMC — TVinB* Over Ihr- Con-, i Kl-'l — (\nci The llf-r.'.i-ici ; in 15. Kl-'l \''.\ o\v it IIP^N. 10:30 In 1 1 :<>0 n, m, Ki:t:\ — Harry Owcija nriliistiii K I'.Mf— I;;H w.iml \";ih's (n, |i"»tl ;l. ' sMj.' the .\t-\M-; Id:-}.',. T;i l,i|- 11:00 In 1 1 :Hn p. m. KKK.V- .Tin.'. MovniE \V,nl,I. 11:1",. M' ti ry K ini: V ( i, ,-t,.-M r !( KI'.Mr— \, «-.-. I i-d,-,. s<.lirt' Sm.iin' KI'I — i:i, •vriith H.MJ, .\,«s; 111., I'o.-t J'nni.le; 11. jn. i',.| (l j g i.iitui. M::tO to r.':00 Midinaht KKK.V— Tf.,i \Vci..,, )8 iinri HIB Orchestra; 11 :. : '5. News. Kt'MC— Silv.-r N'oi -lurnr KKI — i\HC) T...I Wrrms iinrl Ills Si. J'niMus ciiihcMra. Il:i;. Music Till 'KsnAY (1:00 to (i::tO a. m. KKDV—Sliith and .Mniinpim. fi In. .Nrtlidlia! 1'arm and >luioc Hour. (1:30 to 7:00 H. tn. KKUN—Xalionnl FBI-..; n rH Home Hour; ti^.'i, MiiHic-Hl Rrveille. Kl'MC—AIusitHl c'knk; 6:.'»;>, On the Farm. KI'T—chtK'k Wneon Jnmhorec: 640, News. 7:0(1 (o 7:30 a. in. KKRN—Nr-ws; 7:1."., .Martin Acronsky. Kr.\lC~.\[-n-H; 7:ir,, Jlploilics of Today. Kl-'l—Today's lltrors. 7:10. T. B. Ulakintnn. 7:30 In 8:011 H. m. KKRN"—.Jainos Ablie ObscrvcH; 7:15, The Liwlcninjr 1'oflt. KPMi:—Top Tunes; 7:40. Weill's News; 7:45. N'cws. Kl-'l—Maii'h to Victory: 7:45. Sum Hayes, News. 8:00 (o 8:30 H. m. KKR.N'—Klectworxl Lnwloii: 8:16. Victory MarchoH. KP.MC—Shady Valley Folks KKJ—Johnny Alurrnv- Talks It Over; 8:15, T. R. Hltikixton. POL I TIC At AD VERT 18 EM E N T HEAR i Gov. Thomas E. DEWEY THURSDAY September 21 8:00 P. M. FRIDAY September 22 8:00 P. M. MONDAY September 25 7:00 P. M. KMJ FRESNO 580 on Your Dial KFI LOS ANGELES 610 on Your Dial KPO SAN FRANCISCO 680 on Your Dial On the Air! 3:15 P. M. TODAY VICTORY FOODS FAIR Broadcast Direct From the) Fairground* 6 p 1 Kl CO MAN'S iNER $£ WALTER KIERNAN i$ Ae * Blut N »'*ork •p! Reporter talks about •:-|j: people who «re newt- Presented By JMcMAHAN'S Monday Through Friday 12:45 P. M. 8:.')0 In 0:00 a. m. KKRN—Ri-rakfant Chlh. KI'Mi'—Happy Joe and P.nlph R 4.",. In Vni;r Neiehbnrhood: 8:05. Charlotte I'f.'M.-. KFI-.-.N>w« Period; 8:10. (NBC) David Haruni. 9:00 la 9:30a. in. KF.R.V —-News ill the World: 9 10. I.O'al News; 0:10. ln-2-4 hninh. KI'Mc--Bnak^ Cartci; 9:Ifi, Nnmcs and Plares in the News. Kl-'l News; 9 no. Kdward .lorgenmn; !':!."•. f.\BD Larry Smith. Commentator »::IO to 10:00 H. m. KKH.V—Hifakfast at h'ardi's KPMC-.Slidlnnil. ti. H. A.; DMJ, Amazlnic Jennifer Logan KFI —MHJIII- H. S. Turner; 9:40, Ronny .Mansfield. 10:00 lo 10:30 a. nt. KKIl.V— Tony Morse; 10:10, Blue i 'ori esDonrtents Abroad. KP.MC—News: 10:10. Jm-k Kerch. KFI — (NHci Vi'ire of a Nation, in.13, letter de l.irna'B Clriweiipt.. ' 10:30 to 11:00 a. m. KKRN—Mv Tine KtoiV; 10:00 The Aunt, .leniima Show. KP.MC—Thin l-'roni Tlbbetls: 10:40. Ainei-i.-Hn \\''H ,lur\ Kl-'l- CNFIC) Aunt .Mary; 10:4S, Ait Art linker. l 11:00 tn 11:30 a. m. KKRN — Haukhage Talking; 11:15, Island Melodies. KPMC—Cedrl,: Foster. ll:lb. Waltz Time. KFI—IN'RC!) Gllldlns Light; 11:15, (NBC 1 Todays Children. 11:30 to 13:00 a m. K KIIX—Cilamonr Manor KPMC —Manhattan Highlights; 11:45. Hkyllne Serenade. KFI—(Nnrt) Women In White; 11:45, Hymi.K of All Churches. 12:00 lo 12:30 p. m. KKIt.N'—NewK of the World; 1MO. Local New*. KPMc — NP.WM; 12:1",. Noon-Tjino Nor-k Out.s. KFI -Noon Farm llnpoi ter; 1 -': 1 0 INBc") Mil l'ri kms. I'1:30 tn 1:00 p. m. K1-:U.\ — Hetwi.-n the Linei-; l:,4.",. Kiernan'^ Cncii'-r. KP.MC--Coiinlry cuniinpntalor; K.45. To br Miimitili' t.,1. KFI—f.S'HCi PI-PI...I- YOIIIIK'S F.imih; K 40. Itiuhl to Happnins,.. 1:00 lo 1:30 p. m. KKRN -Sam Hnyes: 1:10. Hoi, Nit-hols KP.MC- Think Haul .\'<iw; 1 :lr,, I»|-;tin:,s of Life KFI--H:ii-k»tll|5l.. \\ifn; 1:15. Stella JJallnx. 1:30 In 1 !:00 p. m. K1-)KN—Time Views the News. 1 10, nine No'wsroom Rt-vifw; 1:00. iiOnerHl Maione. KPMC —To hi> unnoum'Cd; 1:45, Handy Man. KFI— Lorenxo .Tones; 1:40, Young Widder Hi-own. ',':0(l lo 3::f(l n. in. KiORN—When a Girl MIII-II..BJ 'J:10. Wo Love and Learn. KP.Mi;—Fares, and l j lace« in HIP News' -:l."i. Mutiny on the High Hem. KFI -(Nllci Whf-n n Ctrl Murrii-a; -:lj. We Love and Learn. 2:30 In :i:00 p. in. KKItN — What's Poin', Ladif->? KP.Mi;—King <:,ilo Trio; ;:40. lOimy Rhythm. Kl-'l—(Nile:l Jusl Plain Hill; :':4,-,, I-'ront-PuKi; I-'ai i i:ll. 3:(IO (o 3:30 p. m. KKItN—Appointment With Life' KPMC—Crirrin Reporting; 3 10 Lout Umpire. KFI—Road of J.ifc: .110, Suit I'hi,\holise. 3:30 In 4:00 p. m. KKItN—Klhel and Albert; 3.15. rllind Troubadfiur. KP.MC—ThniKH Worth While; 3:45. Johnson Family. Kl-'l — Vic Mud Sadc; 3:43, \Vumui of America. 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. KI-:UN—SOUKS We Love. KP.MC—Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 4-15 Real Life Stories. KFI—INHC) Doctor Kate; 4:15. (NBC) JV'CWB of the World. 4:80 la 5:00 p. m. KKRN"—TI'H Murder; 4:40, News of the World. KPMC—World's Front Page; 5:45, Symphonic Swinff. KFI—Art linker. R:00 to (5:30 p. in, KKRN—Terry and the I'lrales; 0:10, Iliik Tracy. KPMC—ciii.k carter: f.'l.",. Superman. KFI —1NUCI Okay for Uel'Mse; r>:30 In 11:00 p. in, 0 15. NL-WH Period. KKRN—Jack ArniKlrulig ; 040. H"P HaniKan. KPMC— Advcnnm's of Tom Mix; 0:1."!, NiKht News Wire. KFI —Alvin Wilder; 6:li (Mil.:) News, l.ouis Lot-liner. HOLD KVKRYTIIING COM I»M »Y nt unmet me. T. •.»q u j. BIT, an OUT OUR WAV By J. R. WILLIAMS "\Vltrrt> ilUI MHI ret > inir tu\i*ly iicrnuincnt?" Listen To San Francisco Opera Starting September 29 10:00 P. M. and Send for Your Free Copy of the "Opera Booklet" by Writing to: Radio Station KPMC HEAR GOV. THOMAS E. DEWEY TONIGHT at 8 KPOondN.B.C Rtbnwkwt KQW 11:30 HEROES ARE MADE-MOT BORM JR.W/.LLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB EGAD, MrXRTHA 1 . DUR»rAG OOR.SEARS OP MARITAL 8HC.S VOU'Vje PRESEDOrt A. STAGE ROBBER/TELL AAE -*•«- l UP /V\M ROOM WrXME VOO <E>TUIv\8LED ONTO A 6Orv\ OF MONEY T HID AMD FOR.SOT MONEV ISFLSPAPER.TO SOD 616 VVJUHNiSOO IT SOU SET <bTUCr</-«-Al.L INE FOUSiO ROOST RECENTLY SOME KEV6 THW DOM'T FIT ANVTHlNS, A POLDIN6 «i CORKSCREW, AND ATltO f HE'D mi M, Llr<E LIGHTNING-« GUMPS Hook, Line and Sinker By GUS EDSON YUPBLIOA.rVS FOLLOWING THEN YOU THINK A rS«,MOUS BtTOF POUITICALX THERE rtBALLV /P you CAN'T ) ARE JEWELS OF UCK YOUK ENEMIES, /(&REAT VALUE HIPPEN IN THIS OLP MANSION? IF THERE A«E x >ea PON'T I THINK THEY BELONS \ THINK SHE'S TO ELIJAH -NOT TO Ug-\ FALLING PON'T MENTION THIS I FOR HIS LINE TO THAT"S£ AUTIFUL ^Do YOU? POOR OLP ELIJAH • HAWK-HE'S NUTTIER THAN A SQUIRRELS STORE ROOM-FIRST. HE SCREAANsD THAT WB HAP FOUNP HIS OEWEL5. THEN HE PENIEP THEIR EXISTENCE- OH, HE'S SANE, LL RKSHT- GASOLINE ALLEY Look Who's Here By KING MO, HONESTLY, T VOU'VB PON6 I'M NOT RIGHT-TILL i CAME RANGING. MV ALONC. NOrV, H4S-CHANC6Pf/ PO SO FOK MYSELF BV Y0U OUT THERE TO SEI?V6, PIP I ? I W9S KIPPINC, MIMA. YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL—EXCEPT THAT TALL,D4(?K MASTEI? YOU'KE WELCOME HIM, YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL, THIS is rvoern A FROM FffANCEJ PO YOU WINP IF I SPEND MY FUKlOUGH ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES That's Different By EDGAR MARTIN «> ^ V\(\Vt,906, I'M V\OOO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WELL. WHAT \ L JUST GOT THE LATEST HAVE YOU GOT /O?PY OF GAZE AAAGAZINEH | TO TILL. Me 2 /—AND LOOK WHATS IN The Deal's Off! By MERRILt BLOSSBR THOSFARE MY LEGS, AND i CAN PROVE l TRY AND PROVE IT.' ' VOU'U. HAVE COMPETITION FROM . 2,540 OTHER GIRL'S fep./vore) OUR SEARCH FOR fH£ OWNER. Qf j H p *?°. VE LEG S &ZSULTED '%$™*!* NCltB ° f ACCORDING TO THE EDITOR . THE GIRL MUST* BEEN A CENTIPEDE- AND HE SAYS NUTS T&THE,,, WHOLE DEAL///, WASH TUBBS reoR TWO AMP LTA HALF YEARS JAPS HAVE VAINLY SOWSHTTHEEIUSII/E SE(?<3EAMT LINK ANp MIS MEN THE/ ALWAYS ITS , THESAME- RECENTty, THEy'CE NOT — AHERENOW.' But Not Forgotten MILES TO 5T ' LL THI ^ K <JNCL ^ THE SOUffl:} AFTER BAIrNAN 1 rHOUfiHT MAYBE WC'P HAf TA HiPE SIX MONTHS OR SO. THEM I RAlSEP IT W A VEAR.THEN TO-CRIMINX SOMETHW ' MUSTA HAPPEWEP.' By LESLIE TUR> 7 ER OUNNO.PETE-lPOH'T THINK AKiy MORE.., CANT lEVENREME/WERWHATITiS UKETOMALKPOWNA | STREET IN PLAIN SI4HT, .OF Fff OUTFIT,] 0oys..., ...FINP US A HIPEOIT NEAR HERE. SNIP, you COME WITH ME-WEIL LOOK UP 3061, LEARN WHERE ALL JAPS IH THIS AREA ARE LOCATED Announcements KKI) KYDER Roasted Peanuts By FRED HARMAN NOllA CAN'T QUIT HERAT SHE'S 1 J06 HERE-'WHY, HALf ejTirt HER THESE SUCKERS COM&J DRESSING ] HERE JUST TO.^gd|L ROOrA, SEE CUT OUT TH" ACT, NO YOU CANTT QUITNEif I'LL GIVE YOU A, RAISE "..alam. YOU JAAKE r\E IAUGH-' HAIFA " •5 TIME FOR YOU TO SING? COfNEOfO.HAVE AHEART,r\OLLY; WANT AIDS Classified Advertising column! of The Bakersfleld Callfnrnlan clot* promptly at 10 o'clock each morning for til one- column ads. Two-column or larger id* must oe placed the rtsv before publication. Phone 7-7«31. 1-14-tf UIDrive'Em for rent—Trucks, i ickupr trsllen, P«rk- •r'«. Eighth ind Union svenu*. Phon* 1-904J. 1-21-tf ALL kind* of wsights und widths nf canvas. Canvas goods mad* tn nrdir at Hnrnung's. I80« Vlnettenth street. 1-t-tf REFUNDS on each clastlfltd idvtrtU*- men Is which nave been canceled btfor* the expiration date mutt bt called (nr WITH CASH RECEIPTS within one month from dati nf cancellation. The Bakerafleld Callfnrnlan. B-tl-tf FIRST UNITY TEMPLE—All Unity wrv ires available. Complete stock publications. Subscription* taken. Noon alienee dally. 123 Southern hotel. Phone 8-I82S. 66 AND NOTART PUBLIC at 1812 "Eye" street.. Phone 2-0653. NOW OPEN — LADIES' STEAM CABINET BATH. 1012 Union avenue. Phone 3-0560. '• 47 JUANITA TKLLA. formerly of Vaughn's Reauty Shop, Is now located at Carol'* Beaut Shop at 1712 Union avenue. She ivill he happy to welcome nil her old friends nnd new. Phone 6-5292. 45 FRBE hnlr analysis given before each permanent. Will save you money and oceans of Brief. At the Fountain of Youth Beauty Parlor. Phone 7-7372. 46 BARRELS—Iron batrels. cans, polls for garbage, trash, feed. Incinerators: wood bin-rein. 149 Chester avenue. Call 2-8535 or 4-4828. Lost—Found—Strayed LOKT—Billfold. Sunday. September 10. 1 L'OO Nineteenth. Lady's ring and $14. Return thn billfold and ring and keep money. Return to 1218 Nineteenth street. 44 SKRVICK MAN lost return Southern Pacific ticket to Mississippi. Will finder plcnse return to UBO. Bnkersfield. 44 LOST—Rhinestone Pin set with purple and blue sets. Valued as keepsake. Generous reward. Phone 3-1850. 45 LOST—Set of keys in black case In vlcln its' of Eighteenth and K streets. Phone 7-7551. Room G24. 44 FOUND—Bunch of keys, neur railroad track on Adams street. Casa Loma Acres. Phone 2-8524. 46 LOST—Lady's Klirin wrlstwatch. Monday ntitht. September 18. «t Greenfield. If found, kindly call 18-F-ll or 9-9401. 46 LOST—Female black nnd tan Dachshund in vicinity of Eighth mrcet. Phone 3-1207. Reward. 46 STRAYKD FROM J1OMK—Mttle CoAcr Spaniel <lnp. nam« Btondlo: rewarfl: pet of sorvicpmnn in France. 113 Seventeentl' Htrppt. phnnft 2-ri91fi. WILL THE 1'ERSON that pirkod up new no-gallon garhaKe r«n parly Monday evening on eitlvr South Bakor. California avpiuie or Haley street, call 1M40S? lie ward. LOST, from car nt Beardsley dnnee hall, lady's black patent purne. Finder keep money, return other contents, to Mrs. Nina Black. Route 1. Box 451. Baker*field. 46 Personals HEMOHIIHOID SUFFERERS — No ho*, pltallzatlon nor loss nt time Nn «ureery nor Injection*. New. saf* palnlen method of eliminating hemorrhnld* now available from Dr. l,. R. Pennlngton, D. C.. suite I. Profession*' building. Phone 8-6100. >-«-tf SACRO-II.IAC LESIONS, low back palna, arthritis, constipation and prn*Ut* disorders cortected. Dr. D. U. Pariah, D. C.. 40? Habtrfelrte building Phone 9-9:92. «-9-tf B. D MnBrldr Detective Agency, room 110, Hay bU'ldlng Bakerafleld Licensed and bonded. Confidential Investigation. Phone 2-2800 or 2-G66K 9-7-tf NOT RESPONSIBLE for any bills contracted by anyone other than myself. September 10. 1!)44. Harold Fritts, 1916 Rose Marie Drive. 46 Financial Many auto loans made in :7'.i minutes. No insurance required. No cosigners. No extra loan fees. You get full amount of the loan. S 9.75 repays tlOO In 12 months. (14.56 repays $150 In 12 months. $19.33 repays 1200 In 12 montbf. Loans from 125 to $1000. Just drive up, bring In white or pink slip. Get money then and there as goon as approved. Your car docs not have to be fully paid for to get an auto 'oan. Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed 340 Sill Building (Under the BiB Coca-Cola Sign) 1508 Eighteenth Street W. Verhaatr, Manaecr Phone 6-6595 INCOME TAX PAYMENTS SCHOOL NEEDS NECESSITIES ETC. BORROW ON Automobile* Truck* Furniture Farm Equlpt. Salary "PAID FOR OR NOT" JTou may still borrow for as lone a* 18 month*. Private Sales of Automobile*. Truck! and Furnltur* Financed 100% LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people wbo local condition*. understand W. J. (Bill) Bergman Maurle* St. Clalr 25th and Cheater Opp. Montgomery Ward I'hone 6-«796 Appointment* Made 9-1-tf ALLEY OOP The Alternative By V. T. HAMLIN WELL.' WOW VOU'VE COME IT; WHAT PO VOU THINK HE'LL PO WHEM HE COMES TO? ON THE THEORY LOSS OF DUCED BY A BLOW CAN BE RESTORED BV OME7 WHV I HIT HIM- TO PIMP OUT i T WAS THE GENERAL IDEA! THEN MOU BETTER ^ PRA.V It EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Ca«h for Thirty Dayi Repay $102.60—Total Cost ONLY $2.60, It You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign— No Co-signer* AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Chaste. Telephone 9-9421 8-21-tf Abto Truck Furniture Salary PREWAR SERVICE 1712 Chester Phone 2-3337 9-16-tf UONHf TO LOAN Cong term, all type 'arm loan*. 4H per cent Interest. No eommlMloB to borrower. J. B. WARREN RBALTT CO. TULARE THEATER BUILDING TULAKK. CALIF. PHONE II «-4-tf IQROCKRT store tor sale, good location, ood business! Inveatorie* Mock. *55 Business Opportunities FOR SALE—Mount Shssts, Calif., apsrt- ment building, with five modern apartments. Good year-around income, best location In town. Reasonable. Writ* owner for particular*. Box 304. Weed. Calif... or call 2-2983 Bakerafleld. 45 FOR SALE—Auto court, good Income. See Mrs. Hoffman. 116 East SfcCord avenue, Rivervlew. 47 BEER and lunch room, small (tore. Three- pump service station; S-ronm house; tight cabins, 8',4 acres land. On HlKhway l»D, 2"j miles north of Earllmart. Calif. Blllle ". Aut • Court. Total price $8000. 13000 down. . 4J NEW SOFT' DRINK stand, triangular shape, 29x15x16-foot counter apace. Heavy canvas top. With soft drink and Ice cream refrigerator, can msk» money nn corner or front of vacant lot or at fairs. Stand and top 1300. On display nt 3826 M street. 47 Schools—Instruction LIFE-TIME pleasant work, counseling: others. Represent International Correspondence Schools, good living, start on part-time basis In your community. Alan- Write P. O. Box 431. or phone Lee full. 7-7K36. 45 NEW classes starting now; can enroll six more students. Kern School of Commerce. 129 George Hay Bulldlntc. Phone 2-4714. 4« Transportation—Busos *"RBB MHJAL8 AND PILLOW! Lowest Fares to All Points AI.L-AMERICAN BUS LINE INC. -Oa« Chester Bill* L. Ball Phone 1-3431 I-7-tf SANTA FB AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 8-6-tf DRIVING pickup to Oklahoma. Will Inke five passengers Share expenses. References Exchanged. Phone 2-46U1. f04 Lltnrelt street. 44 WILL TAKE four nasaenisers to Pan Antonio, Texas. Route through Phoenix • ml 101 Paso* Leave September 22. Phone 5-01!) 2. 45 LEAVING TupHdny evening; like two nan- »eiiBPra lo Fort Smith. Ark. 2631 California avenue. Edna Bevlll. Phone Contractors and Builders FOR At.f/ rpmodclliiB and repair work cull 3-1571; free eaiimates, by llcenant rontractor. * 46 INTERIOR and exterior palntine: reliable work, spray or brush. M. L. Hcrron. Phonp ^-43:10. 49 Occupational Services HAVE your car glazed In the modern way. A smooth, long-lasting finish done by an expert. The cost is reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Also steam cleaning and car washing. Make your appointment today. PHONE 6-6457 FIRESTONE STORES TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVE. 9-2-tf FOR GENERAL contract am', repair work. Dhona 3-0676^ BJ BRAKES RELINED AND ADJUSTED WRIGHT'S BRAKE SHOP Hwy. D9 at Circle Mohawk Corner Jack Wright, Prop. Phone 2-9101 68 WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING S1MONIZING MACK AND SON California Avenue. Phone 2-1220 45 TRUCK HAULING—Anything, any time, anywhere. Furniture moving a specialty. Phone 2-8226. Whltle Morehead, 106 Decatur street. Olldale. 61 IS YOUR radio In need o: repairs? We will do our best to repair your radio with partu still available In the best equipped repair shop In California. Radio Den. 1731 Eighteenth street, opposite post o lc.\ Phone 2-2923 44 TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local. 812 North Chester, Oildale. Phone 2-8914. 66 WE DO TREE topping, removing: fence building, team work, plowing, general work: Just work; have truck. Phone 6-6740. (19 GENERAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR M. 8. Druey. phone 2-6300. Spray or brush. Home or industrial. Estimates free. 44 REFRIGERATORS overhauled; cooler Ice. We also move refrigerators. 328 Washington, Olldale. Phone 2-7878. 47 PAINTING and repair work. Paint now. In good weather. Phone 2-1639. 45 Pruning Shaping Topping Taking trees out Free estimates L. G. Floyd Phone 6-6674 47 REFRIGERATOR SERVICE—All makes. Aluo stove?, washers and floor furnaces. Phone 2-7607. 47 TREE SERVICE CO. Pruning. Shaping, Topping Also Trees Taken Out B. Parker Free Entiinating 1807 H Sticet Phone 2-3189 12 SIZE .10"x90' BLACK GOLD STITCHED CANVAS BELTS, 37% OZ. DUCK. HICKEY PIPE & SUPPLY CO. 3375 E. SLAUSON AVE., L. A. JEFFERSON 2275 VACUUM SWEEPERS, hair dryers. Irons, heat pads, toasters, motors. Everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Will pick up and deliver. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs, 917 Water street. Ph'one 2-4670. H«lp W«nt»d—M«l» WANTED—PARTS MAN. GOOD SALARY AND WORKING CONDITIONS. THRASHER MOTORS COMPANY. 2531 CHESTER. »-19-tf WANTED—Milker. Three-quarterg mile north Pumpkin Center. Mllkhoune Dairy. Phone 6-F-4. 41 WANTED—Mllklnir machine operator. Wayne J Dairy. 4050 Cheater. 47 WANTED—Service station attendant. Experience helpful but not necessary. Benzlno'n Auto Service, Twentieth and K »treet«. 44 WANTED—Two helpers for portnbl* drill rig. «13 Washington, Olldale: phone 2-7779. . 47 EXPERIENCED service station attendant. Rood salary and workinit condition. Men- derhauven's Standard Service Station. 801 Nlles. 47 MAN for routine laboratory work In refinery. Shifts. 6-day week; time and half for sixth day. Experience Wit necessary. Phone 7-7531. 41 EXPERIENCED TIRE MAN. GOOD SALARY. EXCELLENT POSTWAR OP, PORTUNtTY. FIRESTONE STORES, TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVENUE. l-S<Mf WANTEV--AT ONCE. AHTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PERMANHNT WORK: TOP WAGES. APPLY BAKER-ADAMS PON. TUP OARAOK. 1701 OHBBTER. CARRIER helper wanted In River' view. Phone Verne-Wilson, 2-8623 or call 383 Belle avenue. 9-5-tf HELPERS WANTED for ceophyilcal crew. tOxnertcnc* not required. A(« 18-60. Steady work In an essential Industry with a vnori chance to advance. Availability certificate required. Apply 126 Qimr»i» Hay building »-t-tf SEWING MACHINE REPAIRING. 1609 West Eighth. Guaranteed. Phone 9.9487. 49 WANTED—An Individual whn 1* Interested in working (nr a permanent company as Janitor: BdsquaU salary. Must be able to furnish references and birth cer- tlflcme. Call 4-4586. »-7-tf T.'ANTBU—TWO MEN FOH RECAPPINO DEPARTMENT EKPEHIKNr.ED RRB- FERRItD BUI NOT NErMBXSr? GOOD BALART 1C •TART riftaV BTOrTC 8TORIM. TWBNTflfOURTrl ANOOHKBTBH AVBNIIiq i-ti-tl WANTED—Oil field workers, roustabouts, rotary helpers, firemen. < and 7-day work week schedules. Phone •-I481 Tidewater Associated Oil Co. "j BXnCRIISNCED ehne ssleslsdy or salee- rle Bo. °-"'- t .|^ Cslltornlen. T.i&^'W'-'- *- " I " w " *'•

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