The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 27, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1963
Page 4
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j^rtv,* **•''' HERALD Wednesday, March 27, 1988 To Your Good Health Just A Friendly Visit V Franklin County and Ottawa may have seemed a little far afield for a friendly visit from a Congressman from northeast Kansas several days ago. While it wasn't mentioned, publically the real reason for Rep. William Avery's visit here was to renew old acquaintances and tb check into sentiment about his chances of being elected governor of Kansas. ernor's race are two other well-known Kansans, Huck Boyd and William Ferguson. Boyd lost out in the primary two years ago to Gov. John Anderson. It's no secret that the Phillipsburg publisher would like to try again. Ferguson, serving his second term as attorney general, is a familiar figure at all Republican gatherings, has strong support among the Young Republicans Avery, whose home is Wakefield, is and is known to be eying strongly the 1 1 1__ ^l»A! __!•* «••• governor's chair. Disconcerting, however, for all three, Boyd, Avery and Ferguson, is Silent John, the governor. No one knows what he will do at the end of his present. Will he bow out, or try Heed "Don't inhale'' Label well known in political circles and in his own congressional district. He is in his fifth term in Congress, which makes him one of the Republicans in Washington with the greatest seniority. Several years ago he considered quite strongly tossing his hat into the ring in the governor's race. Now he is back again second term, for three? As usual, the governor keeps his own • *-* ~ ~~~i «—•— o •**»«»*^» *•. vv« f-Sv J,A10 \f jTf A* and is termed by many already as an counsel, leaving the aspirants to wonder "unannounced candidate." and to make friendly visits around the Also waiting in the wings in the gov- state to keep followers rallied. This And That by jph Rabbit Food With Spice JPH BOMBAY — I had breakfast the other morning with an editor in an interior city. We each ordered toast and coffee. It is one of the few menus that is both vegetarian and nonvegetarian. He spinkled his toast heavily with black pepper. To give it a little flavor, he explaied. That's typical. Here spice is the variety of life. Chili powder is a staple which goes on almost everything. Paprica is plentiful. Curries always accompany the rice which is served as the final course to precede the sweet, and this usually is of the sickish sweet variety. The* there are all nanner of peppery flavored feeds sprinkled over the table in small dishes, whole or ground, with which each dish is further flavored. The vegetarian meal usually begins with a soup which is slurped with a spoon. Following come one, two, or perhaps as many as 30 dishes if it is a red repast. For dining the vegetarians prefer fingers over forks. There ire all manner of salad combinations in which onions and cucumbers are familiar ingredients. Painful looking vegetable balls. Vegetable stews. Pancake-thin but crisp breads. Concoctions I cannot identify. But all have this in common. They are so highly seasoned that after I have taken one mouthful of something that has been presented to me as "sweet," I have to swallow a glass of water to regain the use of my voice. I have evolved a theory, to explain this Indian diet, which scientists and dieticians probably would scoff at, but it satisfies me all the same. These indians eat what I would term rabbit food and for centuries. But over that time they have developed a most sophisticated school of high seasoning. They have done so to prove to themselves that they are not rabbits but superior humans who are faithful followers of Shiva and the Myriad other Hindu gods. It is good for their ego and it doesn't seem to to hurt their digestive tracts. Whoever heard of a rabbit asking for as much as salt to flavor his cabbage? How many Indians are strict vegetarians and eschew intoxicants and tobacco as well, as a matter of religion, I do not know. Probably no more than 25 per cent. But they are the elite and the elect. They are the Brahmins, who are the highest caste Hindus. They are the professional men, the top industrialists, the higher government officials, the journalists, and the leaders of every field. It is human nature for everyone to emulate (or on occasions destroy) his betters. So in India it long has become the pattern for the lesser to copy the mighty and turn to a vegetarian diet as well. Besides, the lessor's income is pitiably small, and various herbs and grasses can fill the stomach at much less expense than beefsteak, or even hamburger, will. So, aside from the European hotel in the largest cities, the vegetarian meals is the pattern of the Indian day. Even the nonvegetarian meals deviate little from the general pattern. As an example, I was served a box lunch on my recent plane trip. The contents proved to be two cold fried bananas, two pieces of fruit ,a small piece of cake, and a sandwich spread with some sort of paste so potent I could not risk a second bite. There were two slices of bread and butter in the box, however, and they were excellent. Of course, the visitor who is persistent, and specifies not only nonvegetarian but western meals, can come across some bits of meat occasionally. Choice of chicken or mutton. The chicken, however it is prepared, will come out tough and scrawny. The mutton will be of the sort to indicate that the old ewe was about to die a natural death anyhow, and the contents of the plate are about half desiccated meat and half fragments of bone. By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: What about the hazards of sprays to hold the hair in place? I have heard that they involve a certain amount of danger to the lungs, particularly those that advise on the label, "Do not inhale."-M.C. This danger applies, as you suggest, to some sprays and not to others. If you but pay attention to the "do not inhale" labels, you will be taking adequate precautions. The problem involved is that certain materials contained in some sprays can reach the lung tissues and adjacent lymph glands, and can produce a shadow on an X-ray. In all candor, we must admit that much remains to be learned about this condition, but it appears to be reversible: that is, if use of the spray is stopped, the Dr. Motet lungs clear up. Indeed, there may be no symptoms anyway, but I certainly am a believer in the philosophy of Dr. Frances Kelsey, who refused to approve distribution of thalidomide: If there's anything suspicious or even not explained, keep digging* at it. I have no evidence to impel me to scare anybody as to the use of hair sprays, but since an unusual condition does develop, it is no more than good sense for people to take reasonable precautions, and further study is warranted (and being carried on). From the practical point of view, I merely suggest that you note the label on whatever spray you use. If there is a warning against inhaling then be careful to aim the spray at the hair, not at the face, and inhale as little as possible. Holding a handkerchief over mouth and nose could be an easy precautions, or you could use a simple gauze mask. Should there be further developments of significance on this, I'll write about them, although, because I have to follow a rather rigorous schedule with this column, if anything of urgent importance appears, you'll see it sooner in regular news columns. Dear Dr. Molner: My daughter is bothered by itching dandruff. She has a severe rash on face and forehead and thinks this is due to the dandruff fiaking off.-A.W. Td have doubte about "dandruff" being thfc n vj> cause. The description much more resembles se- • fayCT V OT In my state — and yours — such manufacturers are required by law to use only harmless stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc. For interstate trade, U. S. law restricts chemicals to harmless amounts. Most ingredients are standardized and need not be listed under U. S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. NOTE TO MRS. B.B.: I regret that I have no sure-fire formula for getting husbands to go to the doctor when signs point to an obvious need. Sometimes you can make a bargain: "I'll do thus- and-so if you'll go to the doctor." When such a bargain is made, get an appointment for your husband, and hold him to his promise. How to get rid of leg cramps and foot pains? The answer may be simple. Write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., for a copy of the leaflet, "How To Stop Leg Cramps arid Foot Pains," enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5 cents in coin to cover cost of printing and handling. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. James 0. Seymour of near Rantoul observed their 50th wedding anniversary. Mrs. C. E. Nichols of Richmond was here for a nose operation. H. S. Hicks, manager of the Gas Service Co., Ottawa, sprained his left wrist. 50 YEARS AGO John Lloyd of Princeton topped the Kansas City market with 126 hogs for which he received $9.12 a hundred for a total of $2,100. The county commissioners announced they planned to have desk telephones installed in the office of the clerk of the district court, so the office employes wouldn't have to stand at wall telephones to conduct business. Miss Signe Bildstone was here from Kansas City for a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bildstone. Television Log Channel 4, SBC Channel* 5-13, CBS Channel ». ABC Wednesday borrheic dermitis, a skin disorder which, in addi- dition, can be a cause of dandruff. My advice is that she see a skin specialist rather than tinker wth "dandruff remedies." Dear Dr. Molner: Why aren't manufacturers of ice cream compelled to label the ingredients of their products, such as those on canned goods, etc. I think we have a right to know what we are eating.-MRS. J. H. Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever. (Psalm 119:160.) PRAYER: Heavenly Father we thank Thee for the Bible and the wisdom we find in it. As we read from it this day, help us to grow in grace and understanding. In Christ's name we ask. Amen. Tonight's TV Highlight* Perry Como, on Channel 4 at 8 this evening, will take his viewers back when he presents members of the late Glenn Miller's band of the 1930s. He will also have Carol Law rence as a guest. Lola Albright, that glamor gal you used to see on the Peter Gunn show, will make a guest appearance on the Beverly Hillbillies show this evening on Channels 5 and 13 at 8. Earlier in the evening on the "Portrait" series of specials, Channels 5 and 13 at 6:30, Millionaire Farmer Winthrop Rockefeller talks with a reporter. Among the late movies will be "Above Suspicion," a 1943 film starring Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray. Channel 5, 10:15. Deeds Richard O. Harms to Robert L. Sayler, lots l-J-3-4-5-fl-Blk 14 Princeton; Anna Maude Billett to Robert L. Say. ler, lots 7-8-8-Blk 14 Princeton; Oscar J, Baker, etal to Everett Roecker, etal. NWVi Sec. 34 1(18 160 acres; Elolse O. Smith to Eugene V. Powell lot J3-NV4 Lot 95 Blk 3 Sheldon It Ramblln; Wm. E. Calder to Amherat Mllliman, Lots 30-32-34-Blk 3 Sheldon Hamblln City also E 91.BO* Lots 2831-33-Blk 4 Sheldon it Bamblins; Lloyd W. Kern to Merle Caylor, 11 lots Blk 2 Eltea'i Add. Rantoul; J. Wesley Trout to Ronald L. Haug, BV, Lot 38 all 4(M2-Blk 25 Univ. Add. No. 2; Raymond W. Price to Elmer O. Deweese Ntt NWVi Sec. 28 15-21; Raymond W. Price to Marvin Clayton, S'/a NWft ezc. Tr. Sec. 28 15-21; Robert J. Wein- helmer to Wesley Stevenson, lots 2123-Blk B B8T Add.; Earl P. Hart to Chas. E. Hill, lots 137-138-141-143-East C St. Pomona; Homer A. Reeves to Wanda M. "Bald," S62H' Blk 27 Univ. No. 2. lot 6 9-11 C KbC Futon Jr^tat* IM. U»s. W*H* iwrni. "You'll drop what pill in while who holds what mouth open?" Ottawa Herald 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS 106-101 •. Published dally ezmin Sunday aao Holiday*. Second CUM pottage at Ottawa, Kama*. Robert a. WelUngto Editor ADO Publisher auhscriptniD rates lo trad* area—B) mall, one month 11.00, three months 83.00, six months, 15.00. one year 0.00. duoacriptiuD rate* outalde trade »r*» -By mall, one month. 81.60; three monuu 84.2o: «U month*. 18.00; on* year. 116.00. MEMBER OB TRS ASSOCIATED PR1CM The Associated Pre** i* entitled *»• sluuvely to the use (01 publication ol j IfJQ • • •-• - J • -- .-iper oateft. local new* printed lo tbe Dew*. a« wall a* all AP oew* <|» PBOBLENS — Eddie Foy, Jr., playiag Eddie Walker, receives some advice fro* Us «MI, Lwry, portrayed by Flip Mark, on "Fair Exchange," wUch returns ui new half-hour gt M •:» p.m. ThurMlay, March M, Chnnnels $ and 13. Comedy series recounts adventure* *«e.vafed daHfktm •! a» Amerkaa aad «. Engirt family, each Uvipg with other's family let* Peter, Paul and Mary CONCERT University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas March 30,8:30 p.m. Allen Field house i Tickets Available Through Campus Representatives Or At Door 75c, $1.00 and $1.75 6-Sea Hunt •—Tore* MM mend* 13-Qulci Draw IseOraw 6:16 6-Whirly Bird* 4—Drainet •—Rebel 13—Scope-Kansas Onlvetwtty 6:46 6-Mew* 13—Upon* With D«* IMlMd 6:66 13-Waathet 4—New* •-New* •-New* U—New* . •ill. 4—Sport* 5-0-Weather Iil5 4-News with RuntleyBrtnkley »—flport* •—New* 13— New* '»—Speak-Hp 4-Virginians 6-13—Portrait — Wintron Rockefeller •—Wagon Train T:00 8—Pace the Community 13—Controversy' i:30 6-13—Doble QllUs 8—doing My Way 4—Perry Como 6-13—Beverly Hlllblllle* 6—Dick Van dyke •—Our Man Hlggln* 13—Donna Reed 4—Eleventh Hour 5-13—Circle Theater •—Naked City 10:00 4-5-8-13— New* 10:10 S-v Weather 10:16 4—Johnny Canon 6—Movie, "Above Suspicion'' •—Steve Allen 13- Weather (0:30 13—Tex Winter 10:35 13—Stoney Burke 11:3A 13—Peter Ounn 11:45 •—Man From Cochis* 12 :M 4—New* tt:05 4—Unity Dally Word IZ:U 1*:16~ MOV "' " Betwe * n Two Women" '•—New* 12:30 B—Almanac Newsreel •—Faith for Out Time* Thursday B:5» 4— Dally Word • :00 4— Continental Classroom 13— Continental Classroom ft— Postmark Uld-Americ* •:30 4— Operation Alphabet 13— College of the Air «. •:40 f 6— One Way to Safety 6— Farm Tact* 1:06 4— Today 6— College of the Air 13— Ruib Bout 7:30 6— Moment of ItedltatloB I:3B 5 — Cartoonlaad 7:48 5— King and Odl* 7:50 •—Call to Worship 7:55 •—News CM 5-13 — cantata Kangaroo •—Columbia Lectures 8:30 •—Deputy and Fells •:ot 4— Say When 5— Jack LaLanne •—Romper Room 13— Calendar 8:25 4— New* •:30 6-13 — 1 Love Lucy 4— Play Your Hunch 8 — Divorce Court 10:00 5-13— McCoys 4— Price I* Right 19:30 6-1J— Pete and Oladya 4 — Concentration B — Day In Court 10:55 •—New* 11:00 4 — First Impression 6-13— Love of Ufe •—Jane Wyman HURRY! Ends Tonight Box Office opens 7:00 p.m. Shown 8 ;00 Only COLUMBIA PICTURES precis A JERRY BRESIB PRODUCTIW DIAMOND HEAD 6-13—New* U:30 4—Truth or Consequences 6-13—Search For Tomorrow •—Yours For A Song 11:45 6-13—Guiding Light U:65 t—New* •—Fashion Review 12:00 Noon 4—Hi Noon Cartoon* . 0—Ernie Ford 5-13—News 12:10 5—Speak Op 5— Sports 13— Farm Report •HUMS CM) Starts TOMORROW Box Office opens 7:00 p.m. Shown 9:15 Only CO-HIT Shown 7:30 Only TEENAGE REBEL Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri. 7:30 to 10:00 Sat nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon., Tues and Thurs. Sun. Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children U and under 4— Mews, market* 8— Local Interview Ui* 4— Accent •— Father Know* Beit 5-13-As World Turn* 1 100 \ 4— Mem Orltflo 8-13— Password •—Movie, "Station West" |!10 S-13— House Party 1:« 4— New* t:M> 4— Loretta Young 5-13— To Tell The Truth f:25 6-13— Newt •—New* 1:80 4— Award Theater 8 — Seven Keys 6-13— Millionaire i:W) 4— Match Game -613 — Secret Storm 8— Queen for a Day 8:26 4— News »I30 4— Make Room For Daddy •—Who Do You TruitT 6-13— Edge of Night 4:00 4— Superman 5— Cousin Ken'* Carnival 9— Torey and Friend* 13— News, Weather 4:15 13— Turban's Land of Magi* 4tM 4 — runtime •—Mickey Mouse Club »:00 4— See Hunt •—Quick Dra* UcOraw 13 — Magle Ranch 6:15 5— Whlrly Bird* •:80 4— Dragnet •—Rebel 13— Dick Harp *:46 6— News. Walter Cronklte 13— Sport* 6:58 13-Wcather , 4— Newt 6— New* •—New* 13— New* 4— Sports 5-8-Weather •lift 4— Huntiey-Brlnklay RepeM 6— Sports •—New* •:28 6 — Speak-Up «:3* 4 — Wide Country •— Ozzie and Harriet 5-13— Fair Eichang* 7 toe 6-13— Perry Mason 9 — Donna Reed >:M 4— Dr. Klldare a— Leave It To Beavtt 9HW 6-13— Twilight Zone 8— My Three Sons 1*3*3 4— Hazel •— McHale* Navy •:M 4— Andy Wlllamsl 8-13 — Nurses •—Alcoa Premier U:W 4-5-8-13— New* Wilt 8*- Weather 4— Johnny Carson 6— Movie, "Anna Karenlna" •—Steve Alien 13— Wecther 10:26 4-13— Sport* 13— Lifeline 10:36 13— Film Feature 11:86 13— Peter Ounn 11:46 •—Man Prom Cochlse 12:08 4— New* 11:06 4— Unity DaOy Word lt:U 5— Movie, "Exclusive Story" 12:15 8— News ll:SO 8— Almanac Newsreel 12:36 •—Faith for Our Times RADIO 6 Transistor with Gift Package Only Winner of Free Dryer in our Drawing Thursday Night was Mrs. Ralph Garrett, RFD 2, Wellsville. Keen Company 114 S. Main CH 2-3490 —•^™"—^^^^^•••••••iBBiMMi^gBI Don't Forget!! Tenderloin Sandwich and French Fries Wednesday and Thursday Kimball's Burgerferia 1512 S. Main CH 2-41731

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