The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 20, 1944 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 6
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Wednesdoy, September 20,1944 gfre jtaherrfteH) Calttorntan Hitler Takes Command of Reich Battle, Uses Robots Continued Fi l ho Americans battering forward slowly in a huusc-li'-house, room-to- room advance. Three miles east of Sulberg in the Gressenich area. American liulldo- Zf>rs hi'iipi-d the earth oxer the entrance to a pillbox when tin- stubborn (.iprnian defenders refused to surrender. To the northwuM. Kiruii'iiant-Gen- rral ^ir .Miles C. IVmpsey's British Second Army w.-is drhing ahead through Holland. Hitler's crenei alsbip ;ilira<ly was in evidence all almi:.' the bla/ing battlefront from iiortlirrn Holland to the edge df the Saar \,-il!"y. Front ills- p.'itctu's s;iid cr:itk fl'Tinan troops iiiid 1'an/er unit.- wen 1 being hurled into reckless < nimierattacks that slowed the Allied advance in some sectnrs at .'i iriuhllul mst in Xiix.i Ihos. 1" other-', they resulted only in .1 slaughter M! Cermans without stemming tin 1 Iterlin-liound Allies. The Fuehrer's hand also was seen in the appearance of Nazi robot bombs on the lighting front for the first time. Field dispatches snid two flying bombs crashed into American positions along the Meuse river, exploding with terrific force apparently causing few casualties among the well-dispersed troops. First official word of the fuehrer's new role, similar to that which he assumed with disastrous results rm the Russian front, came from Field Marshal Sir Bernard \,. Montgomery at his forward command in Hel- piuni. .Monty Thankful 'The Allies have a lot to be thankful for in that Hitler has taken ('barge of operations." .Montgomery tnlil officers and men of a Scottish division. "It. means the enemy Is commanded by a lunatic. "In that respect. I'm glad the German generals failed in their bomb attempt against the fuehrer." Hitler's decision to lead the defense of the Reich. be added. Dewey to Talk on Freedom, Security Continued From Piipc One be dependent upon the life span and continued friendship of two or three individuals." The IVew York governor's reference to the "two or three men" apparently was to President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill of Great Britain, and Premier .Stalin of Russia. His allusion to the "life span" •was in line with his previous assertions that the. present Democratic administration is "old and tired." President Roosevelt is ti^, Dewey is 42. Challenges F. 1). It. Greeted with a. two-minute ovation. Dewey drew the biggest applause of his speech with this assertion: "My opponent claims to he indis- pensible to peace and prosperity. In other words, he claims that the United States and the world cannot get along without him. He has chosen this as the issue of the campaign. I accept the issue and 1 challenge it." The plain fact is. Dewey asserted, that 1-' years of New Deal administration "has given this country n continuous demonstration of quarreling, dissension and disunity." "It has set group against group, race against race and class against class," he declared. "Under this administration, business and labor have been sot against each other and labor's own house became divided. Handy with tools? This job may be up your alley This is a good job. And n bit unusual in many ways been use it's got just u bit more excitement mid real he-mini's "stuff" to it than most jobs. The work : Helper in Southern Pacific's big railroiul shops or roundhouses . . . working with skilled craftsmen on locomotives, rolling stock, other railroad equipment. You don't need to be experienced—just willing. If you wish, you cnn lenni railroading on the ground floor . . . learn a line crnff, from men who know their business. You'll be pnrt of a line outfit ... a company whose biggest job still lies ahead: carrying the war load for the huge Pacific offensive. Kegulnr railroad wages. Fine pension plan. Hail- road pass privileges. Medical services. Investigate today. See or Write B. W. MITCHELL S. P. Station. Rakersfleld. or jour nearest S. P. Agent Have Your Eyes Examined Open a Charge Account GLASSES • That are right for your eyes and your Job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1S07 Nineteenth Street Wwne 2-71JS rom Page One strengthened his (.Montgomery s» belief that the war in Europe would end before the close of 194-1. Despite the stubbornness of the German resistance on the First Army front. United Press Correspondent Henry T. Gorrell reported that prisoners still were coming in at the rate of L'OOO a day and that the First Army brig now totaled IXd.Oim men. Tan I,* Deslrovcd At least 14 enemy tanks were destroyed in the Dieuze sector yesterday. Fighting in the .Met/ area to the north still was "very stiff." with the Americans gaining ground slowly and painfully, he added. Far to the west, all organized German resist a iu'i- was ended In Brest and American infantrymen probed through the wreckage of the port mopping up isolated Xaxi snipers. The battle for the channel port of Boulogne also was about ended, despite bitter resistance met by Canadian troops in some parts of the town. Almost 3000 Germans, it was disclosed, have been captured in Boulogne. Brest Capture Confirmed One major triumph was confirmed by Allied headquarters today—the capture of the great Atlantic port of Brest and the elimination of the Germans from the neighboring Crozon peninsula, ending a month- old siege that, virtually wrecked the harbor. Two Palau Islands Conquest Near Cnntinuprl From PaKf. 1 One ; through the curtain of American alr- i craft ruling the skies over Peleliu.) ! I'nited Stales Ships Sunk I Sinking of the first American war- j ship in the Palau invasion was announced by the navy in reporting; the losing of three ships, including the mysterious loss of the submarine Flier. A cryptic navy announcement indicated the Flier was either captured by the Japanese or sunk and i part of her crew of 05 was rescued by other American craft. It was the thirtieth sub lost from the undersea fleet which has torpedoed 381 Japanese ships, including a record bag of 2!) announced yesterday. Tokyo radio reported the submarines victims included !*.')() prisoners of war, among them 7,">0 Americans, aboard two Nipponese transports torpedoed off the Philippines. The navy acknowledged the loss of the. minesweeper Perry off Palau, with a small loss of life. The transport NOH sank after a collision with <i United States destroyer. There were no casualties. RENT CONTROL BRIEF FILED PLAINTIFFS CHARGE OPA IS LEGAL POWER that the Office- of Price Administration \s tlm legal administrator of ront control and that this area had never been designated as a defense rent control area, Kendall. Ho'.vell and iJpadrlch, local attorneys for Srmde and IJIloy Combs-, plaintiffs in the local lest case of the county ordinance naming; the county board of siipfrvisnrs and the Ka«t Ba'<ersfleld rent control board as defendants, filed their opening brief today in the Kern County Superior Court. Xorbert RaumKarten, county counsel, reported a copy of the brief bad been served on him anil he has 10 days in which to answer. The plaintiffs will have an additional 10 days in which to counter reply before fhe case KOCS before the juil^e for decision. Kendall. Howell and Ueadrich is the law firm representing Shade and Itiley Combs, owners of Paradise Inn on Union avenue, who were originally defendants in a complaint broupht. by tenants charging rental raises in defiance of the East Bakersfield Rent Control Board's orders. In the subsequent action, attot- neys for the Combs Brothers filed the, test case of the, county ordinance. Thousands of Nazis Trapped in Baltics Continued From Page One ». clause providing for complete Russian control of Finland's communications abroad, including telephone, telegraph, mall and travel facilities, for at least two months. A second clause, it was learned, requires Finnish troops to disarm all Hermans remaining in northern Finland and to fight under Russian leadership. |j*ts Eight Points Born listed only the following eight terms which, he said, were the "core" of the peace treaty eventually to be signed: 1—Finland to withdraw behind her 1!M» frontier, ceding Karelia to the .Soviet Union.' 2—Cession of the Petsamo area in northern Finland, site of some of the world's richest nickel deposits. :>— Lease to Russia for 50 years of the Porkkal.-i headland just southwest of Helsinki and an unspecified land and sea area nearby. •i—All airdromes in eastern and southeastern Finland to be placed temporarily at the disposal of the Allies. 5—Finland's merchant fleet temporarily made available to the Allies. 6—German troops in Finland to be disarmed. 7—The Finnish army to be placed on a peacetime basis. 8—Payment of a $300,000,000 indemnity to Russia over a six-year period. Hearing Set For Mrs. Ann Freeman Mrs. Ann Margaret Freeman. 28. of -HiS Fourth street, was arraigned yesterday in .Justice Court of the Sixth Township before Judge Stewart Magec on a charge of contributing' to the delinquency of a minor and her preliminary hearing was set for October 4 at 2 p. m. Waiving preliminary hearing on a charge of lewd and lascivious conduct, John Jot, 44, was bound over to the Superior Court yesterday by Judge Magee Leonard A. Davis, 18. 171 South M street, was arraigned before Judge Magee on a charge of burglary and was held to answer to the Superior Court. Two Kern Men Reported Wounded in Action Demobilization Bill Sent to Roosevelt Continued From Pase One rights" in the administration of unemployment compensation. L 1 . .Machinery for the disposal of $100,000.000.000 of war accumulated government property, under the supervision of a three-member board; .'!. A system of terminating war contracts, involving billions of dollars and intended to facilitate industry In speedily shifting from the production of weapons of wur to civilian goods. 4. The "C. I Bill of Rights," pro viding benefits for war veterans. JEWISH BRIGADE SET LONDON, Sept. 20. OR—The Brit ish war office anounced last night that a Jewish brigade is being formed for active operation In a theater of war. Part of the force will consist of Palestine troops already in the British army. The war department announced today Private First Class Karl L. Dickey resides at Route .'!, Box 592, Bakersfield; and Private First Class j Paul C. Grimes, whose mother, Mrs. Kdith V. Grimes, lives at 314 Lierly, Taft, have been wounded in action, according to a release received from the Associated Press. Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wabble when you talk, eat, laugh or sneeze? Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps. FASTEETH, an alka. line (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on y.-uir plates, keeps false teeth more firmly set. (lives confident feeling of security and added comfort. Xo Rummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Get FASTEETH today at any drug store. —Adv. What's the Rush? IT'S m nUPHOM RUSH. Every night thousands of service men and women dash to the nearest telephones to talk with families and friends at home. Most of the Long Distance calls from camps and naval stations are crowded into a few short hours. Many circuits are likely to be crowded at that time and it helps a lot when you keep the lines clear from 7 to 10 for service men and women. THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1920 Twentieth Street ••kerefleld Telephone 4-4SS1 "Girls and young women: Interesting telephone jobs are now open. Important in both peace and war. Talk it over with our employment people." Valley Farmers Get Weather Forecast The weather forecast, for the farmers 01! the southern San Joaquin valley as prepared by the United States weather bureau in co-operation with the Kern County farm adviser's office of the agricultural extension service is reported to be: "Considerably cloudy, especially over the mountains, with scattered showers over the mountains late Thursday. Rain is not expected to reach the valley. Raisin drying processing will be slowed. A mod\ eratc low humidity will prevail. A i maximum of 80 today, and S4 Thtirs- I day and Friday is expected. The i minimum at night will be approxi- \ mately ."in degrees. The highest i temperature yesterday was SI." Boy's Pet Sought for Week Found Dead The week-long search for tiie white Fox Terrier puppy, (Jhlqulta, who strayed away from her master, Bobby Folk, 13, mo California street, is over. The. dog was found dead Saturday, having apparently been struck and killed by a motorist at North Chester avenue and Norris Road. Three youngsters discovered the pup, who had apparently been lying dead at the roadside for several days. They buried her and brought her license tag to her master. HEALTH QUIZ TliNO Di KM km pnr difistiii? Q D Di ym del bn.achy iftir utiRf? D D Dt rt< lit swot.pit usily? OD Mptfiiltirri-listlus? DD Do you feel headachy and upset due to poorly digested food? To feel cheerful and happy again your food must be digested properly. Each day, Nature must produce about two pints of a vital digestive juice to help digest your food. If Nature fails, your food may remain undigested- leaving you headachy and irritable. Therefore, you must increase the flow of this digestive juice. Carter's Little Liver Pills increase this flow quickly — often in as little as 30 minutes. And. you're on the road to feeling better. Don't depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion—when Carter's Little Liver Pills aid digestion after Nature's own order. Take Carter's Little Liver Pills as directed. Get them at any drugstore. Only 10* and 25*. ABC PERSONAL LOANS This is LESS THAN HAlMhe charge made by meit loan} companies in California for similar small leans. HOW YOU SAVE! Here's an example: • With Anglo Bank's lower rate, the actual saving on a $200 loan, repayable in twelve monthly payments, can buy you a Series £ War Bond ($18.75) and some War Stamps besides. WHY NOT SAVE THIS BIG DIFFERENCE? Prompt, confidential, friendly service Loans from $50 up. No red tape. Call at your nearest Anglo Bank office, or telephone if you prefer. LOANS BY PHONE - 6-6771 or 8-8675 Ask for the Personal Loan man BAKERSFIELD OFFICES Chester Avenue at 18th Street Baker and Jackson Streets Member Federal Depeiil Insurance Carperalion Personal Leant to man and waman with regular weekly •r manthly Internet are an Important and valued part •f our bvilnett. US! PERSONAL LOANS FORt Accumulated bills Insurance premiums Mortgage payments Automobile repairs Hospital expenses Home repairs Recuperation Taxes Dental work Tuition Doctor bills Vacation In faff, tor 1 any iwoot. This ft Anglo Bank's 71st year Member Federal Reserve System a Registration Closes September 28. Be Sure and Register Cozy 'n Warm The little old pot-bellied stove, the red flannels are certainly practical ways of keeping warm. But we've some warm ideas on the subject of chilly rights ourselves—and here they arc in fleecy, light-'n-comfortable outing flannel gowns and pajamas ... in luxurious rayon crepe gowns and matching bedjackets. Night-lime chill-chasers! ,SWEET HOMe, Downy .soft, warmly cozy outing flannel nightgowns and pajamas. Nightgowns with pretty Peter-Pan collars, generous yokes for lit and comfort. In many colors; floral patterns. Pujuinn preferring people will luxuriate in these. Pretty and practical. SIZES 32-46 $1.98-$3.95 Exquisitely dainty printed rayon crepe nightgowns with matching bedjackets. Lace trimmed or tailored. Tea rose, blue and pink. REGULAR SIZES Gowns, $3.95 Jackets, $2.98 OUTSIZES Gowns, $4.95 Jackets, $3.95 MAIN FLOOR FREE CLASSES FOR ADULTS Main Plant—Fourteenth and F Streets. East Bakersfleld High School—Mount Vernon and Quincy Standard School—Oildale (North Chester) WRITE CALL TELEPHONE] BUDGET SHOP

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