Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on August 16, 1966 · Page 11
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 11

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1966
Page 11
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TUiSPAY, AUCUST 1«, 19M THI ANMftSON HIRALD PAGE 11 Winning Cmitract By .toWM* MlMfcM M* MMMrt b K you are a keen solver of lead a club. This would have bridge problems, the situation worked well on the actual lay , dangei in the diamond suit on this deal out, but there was a will be familiar, but you may West had led from 10-x-x. still need a microscope to spot therefore continued with the winning play. Vuli N-S NORTH (D) * K J 10 5 WEST 497 <?J32 OJ1052 OKQ73 *A2 EAST *84 OAKQ65 04 4AQ632 V109 OA986 *Q9 He bidding: North Eist 10 19 2* P«B» 4 •> All Pus Sculk 1* 40 test Pa» Opening kid: Heul oeuco After spades had been supported, South decided he should raise diamonds instead ace and another heart. Declarer ruffed and pulled trumps. How should he go on? South played two rounds of diamonds, hoping for a 3-2 break. When East showed out,! declarer was faced with a good chance of an endplay. If Bast held the club king, South could dodge losing a diamond trick by simply playing ace and another club. The club king would win, but any return from East would concede a ruff-and- sluff, allowing South to ditch a diamond from his band while ruffing in dummy. However, declarer could also make game if West had the club king. In this case, the play would be to throw West in with the fourth diamond. West would have to lead a club and if he had the king, South's queen would win. South decided to play West for the club king and so was defeated. There is a way to land the contract no matter who holds of proceeding, straight to the the club king BT not pull two spade game in case North had rounds of diamonds. Take only only a shaky spade holding, Since a simple bid of three ace and another club. If the diamonds would not have been defender who wins the club forcing, South correctly jumped plays back a diamond, South can avoid a diamond loser. On to four. Having won the heart opening, EEst considered returning a a ruff-and-sluff and the dhmond small heart so that West could loser disappears just the same. E-W vulnerable, the bidding goes: East, 1 club, 4 hearts, S learts; South, Pass, 4 spades, Q. How can I camouflage £•»• w «f l 'J h( » rt ' Pass ' P*»: Jail nicte and chips in painted ^Double, Pass, HOW CAN I? surfaces? A. Try using wax crayons for your patch job. These come in almost an endless variety of colors and hues, and can be selected to match any paint color. Rub lightly over the marred area, and this wiU both {ill in and color the damage spots in the painted surfaces. Q. What is a good recipe for a "chilled-soup special?' A. Combine cream of mushroom soup with cream of chicken, one can each. Stir in one can of water and one can of milk. Add Vt - cup of chopped shrimp (canned or fresh- cooked), then chill thoroughly before serving. Chill your serving dishes, too. Q. Is there anything I can do about a marble surface that has become etched by acids from fruit or other sources? A. Try smoothing with the finest grade of sandpaper obtainable (a hobby shop can provide this), then polishing with putty powder or jeweler's rouge. BEETLE BAILEY By MOOT WALKER VW4ATIMWO ISA DOS TO PBOTSCT ME S-IA Why Grow OU During the past two years they satisfy you and delay i lots of bird watchers have hunger for a longer time. Also, I turned into gram watchers. I when you cut your carbohy- refer to the popular reducing drate intake from 400 grams a BARNEY GOOGI.K AND SNUFFY SMITH By FRED LASSWELL VOO AN'SNUFF/ OUGHT TO 6IT ONE OF THEM THAR TEE VEE'PITCHER BOXES, LOWEEZV- > That publication became a best seller in 1865. Arctic Explorer arctic explorer and anthropologist, spent much of his life in the Eskimos. He was in splendid —the king. Then exit with . any other return, declarer getsj ment of carbohydrates hi the diet leads to better health and North holds: S: A K 10 9 4 H: 8 2 D: A J 8 7 5 C: 7. What should he bid: For answer, see tomorrow's hand. PROBLEM A DAY Tom and Jerry start together in a race around a 300-yard circular track. Tom at a speed of 9 yards per second and Jerry at 7M- yards per second, [n what length of time will Tom be exactly one lap ahead of Jerry? Answer In 30 minutes and 20 seconds Tom gains H4 second; divide Vt seconds hi equal to 3 minutes and 20 seconds DR. WRIGHT SPEAKS MUNCIE, Ind. (AP)-A noted Negro educator, President Stephen J. Wright versify, will be commencement speaker at Ball State University. Degrees will >e conferred upon about 1,100 graduates. 12:00 Lunchtim* 12:15 Cartoons 12:30 Umchtime 12:45 Cartoons LOWES.Inc "Where Insurance Is Not A Sideline" 'ouglas 1:15 Mike Douglas 1:30 Mike Douglas 1:45 Mike Douglas SOS V6 CAN GIT TH' NEWS FROM ALL OVER CREATION EMER'BIESSETHOUR" THAT'S PER WHAT SHUX-WIF ELVINEV LIVIN' NEXT DOOR —I GIT INSTANT NEWS By CHICK YOUNG I'VE BEEN |[ BARBER1MS SO LOWS V I'LL BET! COUUD ^—1 CUT HAIR B; ALEX RAYMOND MY60ODNESS,MISS WHEELER, IREAILY il HATE TO TAKE THIS. ESPECIALLY ? I WHEN YOU HAD SUCH A GOOD HAN yards each into 300; 200 of Fisk Uni- the Aug. IS TOMOMMYSJWA.SH WHEKE'P vou <seT "Don't tell me you and Mabel are feuding again?" "... And all of us at the office were real happy to get up a collection for you ..." Relax — Save — Every Day In Herald • Bulletin Classified Ads by Fugaly & Shorten LAFF-A-DAY DR.ZIICH IS OUT 10 LUNCH ••• WJ. GVJIiCH IS IN SURSER/f THE DUTV IUTERMES ARE .^xj BUSV.'-BOTSOMEBODnLBEBACK. /^! IH AK HOUR OR WO ORTrlCEE AMD WHEN THEY BEACHED THE HOSPIWL I don't know whether to throw him out or sig to a recording contract." « idea of holding your carbohy- day, which the usual diet has, _ M drate intake to 60 grains a day to 60 a day, you have also cut , L f%,Li „«,„ «>i,,rrm *«• and forgetting about calories, out a lot of calories, since there .' have read your column for This is easy to do and also al- are four calories to every car-1 f. , f i lows many foods which you bohydrate gram. " ul * Ieel could not otherwise have when Under Supervision reducing. Fats are not restrict- if you are lm d er medical sup- her work done ' ed although starches and sugars ervision or have any abnormal- when mv first child was born are cut very low. !ty you should , alk ( 0 vour doc . When ff**™?™S. The idea is not new. In Lon-tor before trying this diet. If ni never forget the day when don, more than 100 years ago, you plan to follow it for a long a f r jp n d dronnBd in at 1-30 om a Mr William Banting, who was time; consult him. and I was^ifo in mv robe U?e te <Tibly overweight, went to see P . s . To my readers. I want usch dishes on the table, 'dust a Dr William Harvey to ask to answer a question which hun- an inch thick, and I was rock- for help in losing weight Poor dreds rf you have asked me ing ^ bab ' Jf HiS J S . 'fl? aUasorts " you are gram watching in- My friend had a 3-year-old. of diets to no avail. He was ex- stea d of calorie counting and a Her child, herself, and her certain food has no carbohy- hone were i - drate grams, you can eat as Three Children a met m uch of it as you wish. In oth- I now have three children, «, '"" sweew.i er words, you can eat a b i g 6 and 2. I do all the paper work ana lost M! steak as well as a small one, for my husband's business and -,. ... ,,- . ,'• Be was S0|sj nce two times zero is still zero, am a den mother for 8 Boy enthusiastic that he wrote about O f course, if you gorge yourself Scouts. ' ' Vilhjalmur Stefanson, famous a carbohydrate gram watcher about what doesn't get dor*. you may want my booklet "Carbohydrate Gram Counter." If so - . , . the arctic and ate the diet of send 15 cents and a stamped, ------- , ------health and overweight was not your request for it. Address for herself, reading, music, or a problem. The diet consisted Josephine Lowman. of lean and fat meat, fish and eggs. When he returned to this jcountry he was hounded by •overweight and arthritis. He re- •erted to the Eskino D.iet which he called the "Stone Age Diet" with very happy results.. Highly scientific investigation las indicated that the curtail- Ami by Myni* Mcyor EMM* NEW MOTHERS _ _ . I manage to keep my unreasonably on any food y o u head above water, will gain weight. My advice to this mother a If you are going to become to plug along and not worry Her baby is still dependent ipon her for everything includ- ng amusement. I would advise self-addressed envelope w i t h her to allow at least one hour Anyone desiring to communicate with Josephine Lowman ma\ reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, DCS Molnes, la. BODY IDENTIFIED SALEM, Ind. (AP) - The Dera Mrs. Eldred: ust sleeping. This will renew ler spirit and allow her imnd o rise above her four walls. I She should get a competent baby sitter at least once e:ch weak so she can get away, love her baby, take care of its needs, and the rest will take care of itself. 'Mrs. JAM. body of a man found Friday on a farm 9 miles west of here o why this diet works. One is state police Saturday as that ol hat proteins and ftas "stick to Isiah Harry Smith, 53, Rt. 1, he ribs longer." In other words Scotsburg. TELEVISION SCHEDULE 6-NBC WFBM 8-CBS WISH 13-ABC WLW-I The Symftol C Below Denotes Program in Color TUESDAY MORNING *PUT 01 tepox Silent luans Silent mans Summer •par UT tfepox Semester Silent Silent International Zone Today (C) Today (C) Today (C) Today (C) Chanel Door T.. Country (C) Mike Wallace News Good Morning 1 Good Morning Sootlight Kintergarten Today fC) Today (C) Today (C) Today (C) Movie Movie Movie Movie Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo Kanearoo Movie Movie Movie Movie Kindergarten College Kindergarten College Paul Dixon (C) Paul Dixon (O Paul Dixon (C) Paul Dixon fC) 10:00 Italian Fashion Movie Movie Bonnie 10:15 Show(C) Movie Movie Prudden 10:3n Italian Fashion Concentration The McCoys Donna Reed 10:45 Show fC) Concentration The McCoys Donna Reed Chain Letter (C) Showdown (C) Showdown (C) C Specialists In Package Type Policies WISHING WELL Rtf ittered U. S. Patent Office. 3 A 8 y 4 s 3 R 8 E 5 y a ii s j (i D 8 A 5 C •1 L 8 a 'i L 2 A 7 0 0 i 1 8 U •t. T t> K 2 U 7 Y a O 7 L, 4 P 3 U '! V a o 5 P 2 E 6 S 7 O 8 H 2 N S F 4 G X O 2 L, « H 1 A ;i J 4 L, „ H ft R ,i D X R b P 4 K 8 T ,1 .W 4 M 4 S K T 6 R D 0 « Y fi G 7 tr n E S F 2 U 8 A 5 S 1 8 O 3 3\ T t O 0 T 7 0 2 E 7 Y 5 E •>, A ti T 7 K 3 L 7 E ;t B 4 E f, I 8 P H B 4 R « P 4 E 6 O 8 P 3 E 2 H 5 A 8 R 2 P There are many theories as was tentatively identified by to this mother. First ding _v.. ^... .,.•-,. _^,._ — =_ ^_._ _ ...... „...._, „._. ofm flj e morning j change mi feed my baby (16 mnoths old:> Then he goes to the toilet and afler this to his playpen. He stays there an hour while I wash, dress, do the dishes, and straighten up the house. Play About Then I let him out of his playpen to play about. After his lunch, I put him down for his two hour nsp. While he is sleeping, I do the heavy tasks, washing floors, ironing and so on. I pick a different heavy task each day. When he wakes up, I take him out, and then I relax a little myself. •Mrs. B.S. It is difficult to tell any person exactly what to do in the way of housework, as each parent differs in speed of work, in the work to be done, and the equipment necessary to do it. But what is important, as this last mother has discovered, is a system. Some way of working each day which accomplishes what needs to be done. I agree that when work can't be done, the mother should not worry too much about it. But there is a difference between iust sitting down and saying, "I can't get all of this done," and making some plan of action which eventually keeps the home in a livable condition and the baby adequately cared for. New mothers have to discover what plan works best for them. New mothers have problems adjusting to the busy routine of baby care and housework. Mrs. Eldred's booklet "The First Six Months" can help those who find themselves in this predicament. To obtain this informative booklet send 25 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Myrtle Meyer Eldred. Tomorrow: "Off to War." Anyone desiring to communicate with Myrtle Meyer Eldred can reach her by addressing letters in care Syndicate. Des Moines, Iowa. of the Register and Tribune Andy of Supermarket Mayberry Sweep Dick Van Dyk« Dating Game Dick Van Dyke Dating Game TUESDAY AFTERNOON Jeopardy (C) Love Of Life Ruth Lyons Jeopardy (C) f.ovo Of Life (C) Easy Money Search Tomor. Ruth Lyons Easy Money Guiding Light (C) Easy Money News, Weather Ruth Lyons Easy Money News. Weather (C) Make a World Turns Dark Deal (C) World Turns Shadows 2:00 Mike Douglas Days of Our Password Game 2:15 Mike Douglas Lives (C) Password For Us 2-30 Girl Talk Doctors House A Time 2 -45 Girl Talk Doctors Party f C) Newly wed Another World (C) You Don't Say (Cl 4:00 Mighty 4:15 Hercules 4:30 Fireball XL-5 4:45 Fireball XL-5 Match Game Match Game Movie Movie To Tell The• Truth Edge of Night Edge of Night General Hospital The Nurses The Nurses Secret Storm arly larly Early Show Winchell- Mahoney You Asked For It 5:00 Rocky Show Movie 5:15 Popeye, Movie 5:30 John Bee Movie 5-45 Popeye. Movie Early Show Early Show Early Show Early Show Of Lands and Seas (C) Of Lands and Seas (C) 6:00 Roger Ramjet 6:15 Roger Ramjet 6:30 Leave It 6:45 To Beaver 7:00 Twilight Zone 7:15 Twilight Zone 7:30 Alfred 7:45 Hitchcock TUESDAY EVENING Movie Westerners Peter Jennings Movie Westerners News Huntley. CBS News fC) Have Gun— Brinkley CBS News (C) Will Travel 8:00 Alfred 8:15 Hitchcock 8:30 One Step 8:45 Beyond Neivs, weather News. Weather. Rifleman News, weather Sports Rifleman NBC News Daktari (Cl Combat Special Daktari (C) Combat NBC News Daktari (C) Special Daktari (C) Dr. Kildare (C) Hippodrome Dr.Kildare (C) (Cl Combat Combat McHale's Navy McHale's Navy 9:00 News Movie Hippodrome F Troop 9:15 Spts.. Weather Movie (C) FTroop 9:30 Merv Griffin Movie Petticoat Peyton Place 9:45 Merv Griffin Movie Junction (C) Peyton Place [0:00 Merv Griffin Movie 10:15 Merv Griffin Movie 10:30 Merv Griffin Movie 10:45 Merv Griffin Movie CBS Special (C) CBS Special (C) Fugitive Fugitive Fugitive Fugitive 1:00 Movie 1:15 Movie 11:30 Movie 11:45 Movie News, Weather, Sports J. Carson (C) J. Carson (C) News, Weather Sports Movie Movie News, Weather, Spts. Divorce Court Divorce Court H ERE is.a pleasant little game that will give you a-message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spelt out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number-of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letterg under the checked figures give you. C) 1B«- by Wllllun J. Miller, Dlitrlbutcd by King Ft»tuiti Syndicate, Inc. 12:00 Movie :2:15 Movie 2:30 Movie 2:45 Mqvie__ 1:00 Silent 1:13 Silent J. Carson (C) J. Carson (C) J. Carson (C) J, Carson (C) "J. Carson (C)' News Movie Movie Movie _Movie_ "Silent Silent Divorce Court Divorce Court Spotlight _Jnternational __ Zone News *** ************** ^ COMING SOON 2ND LOCATION I THZRE OUGHT TO BE A LAW RC\\ 1C lt)R \m .-sfcrWdifck* THE AMBULANCE CRen 1?SKED LIFE AMP LIGAMENl HIGHBALLING M CASE TO THE HOSPITAL Headquarters 1531 Meridian Color TV Ph. 643-6995 Service aSales C»«ei ^' r1 ' Open Dnily 9 'til 9 Sot. 9 'til 5 Free Forking Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time ® IN..THE MCVIES, CAR DRIVERS ALWAYS PARK RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR DESTINATION' TAKE HOME . . OietzM't of-twi Always • treat Holsum SUMO Ui|ir<Uitlic $UT IN REAL LIFE-, JUST TRY AND FIND AKI EMPTY CURB SPACE IN THE ENTIRE CITY— I have a very good system which I would like to pass on The Shepherd TRICKERY "That he should offend one of these little Ones." Luke 17:2 If you should trick a child expect ... To lose his love, trust and respect . . . And if you lie to him you'll find . . . That he will always be inclined ... To treat you with suspicion and ... You'll find that you do not command ... His love and confidence so try ... To act so children will rely ... On fairness in the things you do ... And justify their faith in you. Julien C. Hyer GAS EQUALS 63(1 DAMS HOUSTON - The energy that flows through U.S. gas lines each day is equivalent to tha daily output of 630 Hoover Dams. Channel Chuckles e-i* "Guess who's on in the d«yw •time! Spring Byington, Donna Reed, Robert Young, Groucho Marx, Lerettt Young, Bob Cumming,,,."

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