The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 11
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THE BAKERSFIELD . CALIFORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1988 Building in City Beyond $1,000,000 (Continued /"com Page Ont) at 1800' "Seventeenth street, W, • K. Michael; contractor,, W. S. Atwood, $4000 home at 2301 Dracenn. street, J. M.' Eggleston, contractor; Freeman Chambler, $4500 home at 210 fottoreon street, Johnaon & Isaacs, contractors; Dr. and "hire. Ray AValt, $6600 homo apd office at 2324 C street, J. N. Harvey, Contractor; Mrs. Florence Schnmblln, $7000 home at 11)19 Baker street, Williams A Qreenough, contrnotprs. Motel Cafe , C. l.i. Tomerlln obtained a permit to build a $7000 cafe and coffro shop oC adobe at his Union avenue Motnl, together with a $350 pumphoiise and $200 In repairs. Carl Ingalls, Inc., Is building an $8545 storage garage for the San Joaquln Light and Power Corporation. A permit for $7235 In alterations was issued to Warren P. HOPS for the construction of the Fopcl City market In tho old Redllck building. Navy Would Sell Nine Destroyers (United Prett Lcaied Wire) \VASH1NGTON, Sept. 2. — The navy department today announced It Is offering for sale nine old destroyers considered to be no longer fit for service. Sealed bids for tho sale of these vessels will bo opened at tho navy department here on September 27. Under the terms of the London naval treaty tho ships must be scrapped, reduced to hulks or sunk by December 31, 1930. Of the ships offered for sale under the new called-for bids, four are out of commission at the navy yard at Philadelphia and five are out of commission at the destroyer base at Han Diego, Calif.. Those at Phlladolphlu are the Harding, Luce, Meredith and the Murray. Those at San Diego are the Morris, Mugford, O'Bannon, Renshaw nnrt Tlngley, all built during the World War. San Diego Beauty Reported Missing (United Prets Leased Wire) SAN DIEGO, Sept. 2.—Virginia Lawson. pretty 18-year-old Coronado girl, has boon missing since Monday night, tho night Ruth Mulr was killed In La Jolla, according to a report to police today. Tho girl, a blue-eyed brunette, was seen last when she started for the homo of a neighbor Monday evening. She did not arrive. About 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 125 pounds, she was dressed In a two-pieco dark blue crepe dross when last soon. She wore a black hat, with red and brown trimmings, and black high- heeled shoes. Solid Front Is Presented by Groups in Negotiations Witli Employers (.Imprinted Prctt Lotted Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2.—Pacific coast maritime unions today presented a solid front m negotiations with waterfront and ship employers for new working agreements by September 30* Notice from three .more unions for modification of present agreements, given before, the deadline for such notice passed yesterday, completed the workers' lineup. Those giving notice were the coast units of the Masters, Mates and Pilots Association, the American Radio Telegraphists' Association nnd the Marino Engineers' Beneficial Association. The employers, announcing they will consider agreements based on 1934 strike awards terminated September SO, had previously entered negotiations with tho International Longshoremen's Association, and the unions representing unlicensed ship workers. Thomas O. Plant, chairman of the employers' committee, renewed his request that each union submit to arbitration of disputed points. The Longshoremen's Association has agreed to. put the request to a membership vote but Harry Bridges, coast president, declared tho dock workers will strike before consenting to employers' demands for pay reductions and "neutral" operation of hiring halls. Absentee Ballots Are Counted Here (Continued,From Pag? One) cast. Tho count was made slowly and carefully, tho special board working Hlrnight through the day without leaving the supcrvlsorla\ chambers. Abel Takes Lead As the count proceeded Mr. Abel's total rose to 13S against 86. \Vhen his total vote reached 146 ho obtained a lead of one vote over his opponent. From then on the arithmetic race took on the Intensity of a last-minute touchdown drive In a scoreless college football game. The final totals wero 1B6 for Abel and 92 for MoCllntock. Count of the "absentee ballots for the Wisps Hair Only Clue toMwrderer (Continual l-'r.nn Page. Oat) Bullel-likc Planes for Famous Tune Dash Next 1 Monday county, and federal officers posted a close watch on tho Mexican border Up leading Into Tijuana. Motorists Visit Scone A steady procession of motorists continued to visit tho crime scone (United Pre», Leaded Wire) ' od! ' 5 '' ' nn "- v , °»«»WnR down the T n«! AVPVTWO «»„. •> i" i Brot>n slol " ? to th " oncc ! >0 >»ilar LOS ANC,KI,hS, Sept. J. — Iwirl "lovers' bench" when- Miss Mulr sat Ortman, tow-hended daredevil, today Mon <Uxy night In tho moonlight. ?° m t?n MI "n " S c ? nle ? tan * '" "We found out." Captain Kellv the *JO,000 rhompson trophy dash Hnllli ..,,, llt shn ,,nd , w>| , hero ul)iml of the Nntlonal A r Kai-es after ho ,,„.„„ W(M?k8 ,, om in K h oro froll1 h or gunned his Kelth-Ulder plane around | work „, ulvorsldl , rnllf „, Jolll ,,„,. tho pylons at nearly 300 miles an hour. Flying the plane In which he set a. For the Democratic nomination the absentee ballots were: Hoeser, 40; Thornber, 17; Turner, "15; Thornber, 17 and \Valtman, 35. Woollomes Gains Chairman Hoy Woollomes, of tho I in Board of Supervisors, re-elected at the primary election, received 41 absentee ballots yesterday against 7 for Branch and 2 for nightnilrc, his de• feated rivals. In the fifth supervisorial district, to be contested at tho general election Supervisor Charles Wlmmor received 70 absentee votes against 92 for Magec, 32 for Smith and 43 for Wll- son. The totals nt the primary, unofficially were; Wlmmer, 1772; Magco, 1058; Smith, 601 and AVllson, 929. Sakdalista Chiefs Put Under Arrest (Annoe.late.d Press Ideated Wire)' MANILA. P. I.. Sept. 2.—Sought for more than a year for their part in tho Sakdalista uprising which cost nearly 60 lives, Froderlco Cadiz, Sakdal leader and Dlonlplo Cruz, his chief aide, were arrested today. Constabulary men arrested tho pair in San Jose Del Monte. They woro charged with attempting to overthrow tho United States government In the Philippines by force and attempting to assassinate Loon Gu- Into, undersecretary of Interior. » « » Clash Over Coughlin Using L. A. Coliseum fAsiiorlated I'rent Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES. Sept. 2.-- Tho question of whether tho Los Angeles memorial coliseum may bo used legally by Father Charles Coughlin, Detroit radio priest, rested today with County Counsel Everett Mattoon. Tho Board of Supervisors requested Mattoon to give an opinion whether city ordinance No. 20534, which prohibits the use of city parks for political purposes, would bo violated 1C tho clergyman was given use of the coliseum for a speech the night of October 25. 6-Year-OId Girl Kidnapers' Victim (United Pre.m Leased Wire) ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Sept. 2. — Patricia Ann Parker, 6-year-old datuch- tor of Fountain Parker, was Kid- naped last night by u man and two women or whom police woro searching throughout this section of Missouri today. The girl was taken forcibly from the homo of the Misses liertha and Florence Marshall. Neighbors reached tho house In time, to HOC an automobile bearing a Kansas license drive away. Parker said ho know of no motive for tho kidnaping and ho had not boon approached with ransom demands. Tho father disclosed he and his wife had been separated for four year and she had been living In California and Honolulu. He said ho did riot believe his wife had anything to do with tho abduction. Probation Period Ends; May Marry (United I'rctt Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sopt. 2.— San FranclBco'H probationary women school teachers will be free to marry after next week, the city's board of education ruled last night. . Heretofore, faced dismissal if they married during tho three- year period of probation. Six hundred local women were affected by the now ruling. - .» « » Candidate Landon , Given Good News (Cnited Prem Leaned Wire) HALFWAV, Mo.. Sept. 2.-- Silas Jump failed at Republican headquarters and said he had "an (insurance" that Governor Alf M. Landon would b« elected. "Candidates whose names ended In 'on' always win," Jump said. "Look at Washington. Jefferson, Madison, .lackson, W. II. Harrison, Johnson, B. Harrison, Wilson and next. Landon." President on Way to Big Conference ( United Preio Lfatcd Wire) ABOARD PRESIDENTIAL SPECIAL, Sept. 2. — President Hoosevelt, aboard his special train, retraced an easterly course through the drought area today, on route to Des Molncs and a conference tomorrow with Governor Alt' M. Landon, Republican presidential nominee, and other mid- west governors. Mo attended funeral services of George It. Dern, secretary of war, in Salt Laku City yesterday. Though the President had no comment, "Washington dispatches reflected official fear of some disturbing Incident so long as American warships remain In Spanish waters and American nationals are In Spain. Had bombs from tho Spanish piano struck tho Kano, the resultant situation would have been gravo. OklahomaninPlea for Prompt Relief (.1 modal r<t Prctt I.cateH Wire I OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 2.- Senator Elmer Thomaw asked for Immediate drought relief for Oklahomans today because, ho said "wo arc facing a famine." Thomas, suggested an Increase In tho WPA quota, enabling W. S. Key, state AVPA director, to put all CCC applicants to work and a grant of H separate fund to be administered by Governor IS. W. Marland to aid In overcoming delay. "I believe Key's organization could put all those to work on Its rolls If the quota were Immediately Increased," Thomas said. "But If there Is a delay of several weeks Involved, there must be sot up a fund for Immediate relif, because wo are facing a famine. . . ." his ship for next Monday's race. Michel Petroyat, famous French avlaior, after witnessing Orlmiin'a performance, mode another test run his Cruidron-HonauH racer, sending It around the pylons at about the xame speed Ortman reached. Harry Crosby, another favored entry among the 20 men who will compete In tho nlr classic, took off In his Crosby .Special yesterday for th,o first time since he made a forced landing last week. The bos Angeles flyer was said to have gone nt a speed of 2T.O miles an hour In the test run and reported upon landing that ho had the throttle open less than three-quarters of the way. Test flights also wero made by Art Chester in his tiny (''hosier Special and 1-ec Miles who flew u Mllos- Atwood special. Both exceeded rJo miles an hour. With tho start of the National Air Knees only two days off. the city wan crowded with visitors, mnny of whom were reported to be observers for foreign governments who will nolo flying technique and raring plane design. Among arrivals here yesterday wero Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. llnr- nor. He Is president of the National Aeronautical Association, under whose sponsorship tho races nro hold. Army and navy planes which will participate In the opening ceremonies with demonstrations of mass flying and fighting technique have been practicing over municipal airport, where the, races are held, or tho past week. Tho four-day program opi'iis Friday following tho arrival of planes racing from Now York In tho. Hen- dlx Trophy competition. Although the Uuth Chattel-ton Derby ends Its competitive laps at San Dlogo, Calif., j tho participants will continue on to IMS AnReloa in a mass flight for tho start of tho races. COXTKST HOARD ( ZAU HAS DKLICATK IH TV I.-O.S ANOEI.KS. Sopt. :. <C. 1M— Tho ticklish task of weeding out throe women pilots from a list of 11 entered In tho Amelia Karhart trophy race fell today upon William n. Knyurt, contest board "czar" of family from Texas, an annual cus- I torn. I "Miss Mulr frequently at night, as do many of our Ln .lolla residents. , I HI rolled along the beach walk nnd sat on this particular bench Ap- .pnronUy she walked down Monday night when there wa« a near fuil moon, and decided to Ml down ; awhile. Creeps Krnm liehlnil "The slayer crept from behind on I tho soft sod, struck her nnd drugged ; her from the bench Into tho ravine j a few yards below. Wo don't believe i anyone In l,a Jolla did It. simply because wo never have anything llk'» that out hero. Why, the telephone ' at tho substation seldom rings more > than once u day." Kelly admitted the assailant might have watched Mlsa Mulr's activities j previously and mapped out his at- ! tack. i One Man SI 111 Held Kllll In custody for further quos- j Honing was K. Carl Kckdohl. 41 year- ! old sandy-haired war veteran, who { saltl ho cnmo here recently from tho i National Soldiers' Home at Sawtollo. I "1 came to my hotel hero from j San Dlogo about 10;.10 or in^r, p. n , _ i Monday night, and after getting ui cup of coffee and walking around | tho block, headed for bed." Ki kdohl j hald. Residents told of seeing "a MIS ' plclous looking dark rnnn" loitering > on tho walkway near tho "Lovers' j llench." I I'nrrnls Itloek Away ' I'p the hill, a block or so away, the I welfare workers' par-cuts, Joseph ' Mulr, San Antonio bank director, nnd Mrs. Mulr, remained In their | summer homo, where they havo j come for several years. j Miss Mulr was secretary of the ; Young Women's Christian* Asuoela- ! tlon at Riverside for several years, and prior to that was with the Y. W. : C. A. In San Anlonlo after gradual- i fashio 35,000 TICKKTS SOLI) POMONA, Sept. 2. (A. P.) — Advance sale of tickets to the Los Angeles County Fair, expected to exceed 35,000, began today. The fair opens September 18. Veteran Physician of Tularejs Dead (L nttrit 1'rrtt I.rattii Wire) LO.S ANGELES. Sopt. 2. — Funeral rites will be conducted Friday for Up. Thomas E. Taggert, 7f>, veteran Los Angeles and Tularo physician, who died In hla sloop ut bin homo yesterday . Taggart retired from active, practice savon years ago after 43 years of service. Ho practiced In Tularo until 100U when ho came to Los Angeles to take over the practice i of his twin brother. Dr. Charles i Taggart, killed In the San Frunolxco j earthquake and fire while performing rescue work. He IB survived by one daughter, Miss Krnrn Taggart, and n son, Thomas E. Taggert, Jr., both of Los Angeles. - *• » Ing from \Volleslpy Cullcg able girls' school. The slaying again brought fears to residents of San Diego county of a repetition of Hie gnu-Koine HOI-ION of glrl-murdoi-B, all unsolved, whlob took seven liven between l!»31 anil Saw \Voiuan Heading Tlie neighbors, Mr. nnd Mr* it. S. Uogoi-H. laNt POI-.MOIIM Have tin, Hlnyer to (too Miss Mulr alive. HUM i they first saw her reading on Hie i porch uf her parents' bench homo at » p. ni. Monday. An hour later the national air races " i '''«>' ^turned and she was Hitting on Jfidffoty as a Juno bride. Knynrt i "'I.**? was keeping close counsel us to how ho would decide what entrants to prune out In order to limit tho entry list to eight women. No quail fylng tests were scheduled so It was j , , , ""' up to onynrt to make an arbitrary i * l ., . ',' | h Holoctlon sis diplomatically as possl- • ' '"'lock. ,, h ,, d| . pn of , o]in ph|] lip Sousa. .Tr.. mm of the band lender. were pl.iylng "troaMire hunt" In the vicinity about 11 p. m and did not see Miss Mulr. Hence, pollen fixed murder between 10 1)1". Humbles of u "strike" udilod to hln concern. The women flyors, none- of whom IH willing | () drop out of tho IK.On nine without a flRht, nro Mart la Howmun, BurlwnU; Glndj-H O'Unn- ni-tl, I.os AiiKPl"s; 'iencvlcvo K«v age, Coronmlo; Edna Gardner. Nrw Orleans; ISvolyn IluilKon, I..OH An- R-eloH; Melbn Uonrd, Altiulnnn: IV'tty Hi-ownlng, AVlchltn; Henrietta Sum- nor, I./OH Angelas: ICthel Anno Sheeny, Kontann, Calif.: Jcunctu* U-mpkp, Bay City. Mich.; und Myrtle Mnntz, I-.OH AngelcH. Thn raco in HOheiluled for Saturday, second day, of the nlr allow i>ro- gram. Tho theory of restricting tho event to eight In that mom entnuitN would make It loo hazardous. Merle Spot The place where Mln* Mulr \\;IH killed Is an eerie P p,,i „( n| K |,t. -pi,,, Hiirf rniNliInK ngaliiHt the roi-kH nt tho font of H low cliff would Imv.- MAIL OFFICER PRISONBD SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 2. (V. P.) Edward A. Macauley, 47, superintendent of malls In Oakland, convicted of stealing money from "dead leltoi-K." was sentenced to Imprisonment for 18 months today by Federal Judge Michael J. Rocho. A* SEPT. 5-14- ^+€OtuJumj(i Greatest Agriculture! Exhibits in Nation Largest Horse Racing Card in History Amateur Contest •& Fireworks Nightly 4-H Club and Future Farmer Emits Million Dollar Stock Parade Beautiful EFFICIENT Dependable Missing Boys Are Drowned, Believed (4»»t>eiatfd Pi-en* Leaned Wire,) ASHLAN'U, U'lH., Sept. 2. — Spiirnh- Ing purtleH anld loduy they he I loved five youtliH, ranging In tigi- from M to 17 yearn, drowned In Uike Superior lute yesterday xvhnn their 15- foot nnllboat was capsized by a strong wind. The upset craft WHS found on the laku shore about four mlleH from Aehland at midnight us n wide urea WUH covered for trn.ce of tho Indn. A heavy fog hampered of fort a today. Tho mlHNltiK youths arc John \Vlschk, 17; Unn Weir, 16; Phillip Jensen, 1C: Henry Mitchell, 1&, and Kilgene Kulllvan. 14. drowned out her cries. The plan- Is dark even when there IH a full moon such as Monday night. The nearest residence Is 100 yards away. Cove .Shrubbery Trampled Shrubbery growing In tho cm e was torn and trampled. Officers said they believed Miss Mulr had been accosted, then drugged lo the bottom of the cove whore sho wus ravished and boa ton. Her skull was crushed by repented blows with a heavy object. Her underclothing was almost torn from her body. According to Mr. and Mrs Mulr, their dii lighter had no men friends In I-.a Jolla. They harl summered hero every season for years. This year their daughter came to spend a month with then Three Men Arrested After Movie Girl Claims Trio Kidnaped Her / f 'nitfd Pren* Leaned \\ Ire.l 1,OS ANCJKLKH, Sopt. I!.—Declaring she had been kidnaped and at- tucked several times by throe men] who hold her for six hours. Mrs. Mur- i vol Ken, 3,1. fnrm»r star of w.'stern '• films and a famous bathing beauty In 1031, today caused the arrest of throe men. i Tho suspects nro Daniel Hnlly, 23:; ; Harvey Hike, ;>>>. an OMiard former, , and Klwood lildney. 2L\ All woro' booked on suspicion .if rap... They denied the accusations. Mrs. Uea told ..fleers sho was walk- i ing In an outlying section of the- city about 11 p, m. when the men! seized her and placed hero In n rod j truck. They took her to an Isolated! lot and attacked her. sho alleged. At j » P. in., according to Mrs. Koa, the men placed her In the truck and drove her to suburban Cnmplon. There she leaped from tho truck and wont to tho pollco station. The three men were arrested by radio police after a description of tho wxixpccts and the truck was brondcasl. Mrs. Itoa was under care of u physician. She suffered from shock and hysteria. Posses Find Clue to Two Brights < funtin uf it I'rntn I'ftvr Mnri ciited that tho two men wero traveling south and wore In a hurry. Cnnceiilnile Near llllt " All reports Indicated that the search was the concentrate in tho vicinity ot llllt. just south of the Mnlo Hue. Itoports circulated j through the mountains late last i night that the fugitives Imtl been ' captured then-, or won. on the point nf being captured. These reports, however, were unfounded. Another report In re said that Walter 1'Yeshour, „ rancher on the K la math river had seen the Hrlght brother-* In the company of two other men whom he Identified as ex-con- vlds living near here. It was understood Hint If they nro <aptur>-d In the vicinity of llllt. they will be taken to the Ashland, (ire. .In 11 for safe Keeping. AsK Hallway Aid Sheriff Chandler roi| nested the Southern I'aciric liallroad Company In posl guards along Its tracks near Hill Two deputies wi-ri- ordered from Horse creek-scene of (he Minting iil'n-ay In which Martin Lunge JoHi-ph Clark and I'rod Sou burn were flalii- to llllt to direct the posse irareh Iheie Mrs I'.rlght l..1.1 officers last nluh 1 Kile was certain h>-r sons were m.i In Iho area Hurrnun.llnj; h.-r home "\\> took our dug. Smoky, out nround tin- plu.-e trying In several il'fferont dlriM-tl»ns to pick up their trail. Wo thought ho would raise Coke's scent* If It was there. Hut It wasn't nny use " Brave Ex-Officer Is Killed in Crash HF.HKK1.KY. Sept ;• Man \\ ....'. ley. (>?, former I lei-k.-l.'y pulleeman Who tw.i \ears MK"' "ff. re.l htin-4. |i as a human guinea pig In a scientific life ivMnrlng e.xperlin.-ni vvn-' ileml tn.lay foil.iwlng an aiilomoblle »i"cld"iit. I'ollce salil he apparently suffered !i h»nrl attack as h" thri.iigh llerkeley He lungeil furwanl on tin- iicceler.-itnr i-aiinltig the machine i,. o\'erlurn thro\\tng him through the roof nnd oni.. the pnvemenl. lie struck tin- . in I. on his head and was Instiinlly killed. \Voolley olfero.l hllllKelf to | i|- Uobert ('ornlsh wlm was r-ngagi'd m killing ilogH and iitiempllni; M hi Ing them liaek to |if.« MILK REVENUES BEST IN 6 YEARS tl'niled Prtii Leaned Wire) MEW YORK. Sept. 2.—Cash in'» come from milk received by American farmcrg In July was the best since 1930 and $16,000,000 over the corresponding 1935 month, the Milk Industry Foundation said today, The Increase, which was 14.1 per cent over a year ago, was largely due to higher milk prices as result of the drought and brought the 1936 total farm Income from milk to $812,000,000 for the first seven months this year. That represented a gain of $44,000,000 over the 1935 period and of $192.000,000 over the 1932 period. ;0ne Said lo Have Given ! "Signal" in Slaying of ' Alberts Arrested Roosevelt, Landon Meet Thursday ! iSKi fl'nlted 1'rrtt t.eatrd Wirt) O AKLAND, Sept. 2.—Frank J. Conner, asserted "finger man" In th" slaying of rieorgi? Alberts, chief engineer for the freighter Holnt Lo- bop. was ordered rvlurnpil from Seattle today to face murder Indictment* voted against five men, four of, whom are now under arrest In the Conner was arrested yesterday by ilrpnrtnient of justice ,-igents on Information supplied by I'lRirlot Attorney Karl Warren. The federal ago.nta I were brought Int.. the case when it ! was learned Conner had crossed the • stall- line, presumably to escape prosecution, thus making himself to department of justice \VOMAN 1'UOVKS SVUAC|-,«|0, N. V S, ,,| •; ,,\. p ) MI-H. II. II Dowiioy \\alKo>l out the 'rear iloor of her IIOUHO lov.;ml the gsirnge. TAKKH H\W i I in.- ' A great blue heron, a young u no WAI v, M ,„,„?, , "I""«'"'B f""'- foot tall and having a \\ AJ,,M I ( liKI'.K, Sept ". wlngHpread of eight feet, stood In the (1 . P.) Jack 11. Swiifle),!. I*, ofjwuy. B3S^ Nunnyinei-o avoniie. DHlilund.j The bin I flapped "« wlnns wildly ended bin life here early today by ; for si getaway, bin Mr* liiiwney'n Inhaling the 1-jthal funion from the exhaust of bis automobile, officials report oil. getaway, -'Mhoe-laoe tackle caiiKlil th, fore he ro.»«. I! foot. N ()W ,h,. heron In In the /. >o effects of the current drought and guard against those of the future. : Hoosevelt linn Data 1'resident Koosovolt. heading eastward from Salt I.ako City for the parley, had with him the report of his special dr night committee, drawn after u tour through the heart of tho drought land. Tho committee, headed l>y Morris 1.. Cooko, rural electrification ud- nilnlstralor. recommended among othfT thlmts the coiiHtructlon of thousinds of small dams; the re ninval of NubiiKirKlnal lands from commercial production; soil conserving practices, such as rcgrasslng, flood Irrigation, long term credit for farmers and crop Insurance. l.anilon May Have I'lnn Uox'ornor Lnndon, preparing at Tnpokii, Kan , for his meeting with the (•resident, bus l>een ropresented by so:no of his advisers as likely to ailvocale a federal-state plan of water conservation. This plan was urgi-il by him during the 1<»;!4 drought Speculatlnn already has arisen horo over whether the fvtlonil emergency expenditure:' 111 tile pIVSelll (In .1114 hi might not he held considerably under tluiso of 1'..:n The dry spell of that year bewail earlier, and Congress, he- fore Its summer recess, ai'propriateil KI'.'.VIHMI.OIII.I ai a special drought fund. Alliicnlliuis It uas allocated im fulluws- Federal emerui'-iicy relief admin- Istratlon, J'."-':',,r.'.i'>.,'. U'. ngrlcultural relief $ill' .Sii,", nnit, eilleruen.'y confer vatton work. J.'.S.nflrt inin, farm credit , admlnlslratli.n. 51 4i'),7*.~> "(MI: and iv- setilemont udmlnlMtnitli'ti. JI! aS'.i.-txT The three chief drought relief agencies the I'NVA. the AAA nnd I h, revttlcineni ailmliil.'trillion - thuij far hn\o rep..i led expenditures that are only a fraction of th»so flgvircH. Tho drought committee of the agrl-; culture ileparlnient ^as sot asld» J,', ood.nrtn for emergency purchase of , .•atHo from drought Mrlckon areas, but onl\ a slnall part of this has been expended for buying about .VHUI head. (•"ariners Already Aided WPA estimated roronil;. :l,at smii.-. thing over J I il.imn nun n m | 1,,-eii spent t". dat. 1 lo put Ifirm.'rH on payroll:". • Afl.-r i he n-c,n! valns, h.t\\ .-\-i-r. Harry Hopkins. NVI'A head, reported thai Jol. applli at I'.iis di-i.ppeil from .•.Dun weekl\ to iiboiit -'."im. YA'I'A h»M eslltnaied II i an care tor a maximum of I MI nun t-iriners up to Jan unry nt a .'oft of }:tii.iiiin.e.n., Webb Rules Must Call for Checks j i I nltr'l Prent l.nltril \\irri ' SAi'KA.MKVI'O. Sept :'. State i ,>. l|.-f clients In larger centers of pop- ulail.ei niiit-t call personally for their chocks Instead of receiving them |,y mall, Slate i •.ml roller Hay I. Illley said today, afler he took over control of all direct relief payments. The new system. Itllev l.ell.'ves. will reiluc" admlnli'i nillve cost" con slilorubly and cut down "chiseling" •by pel mill l-ig ii n.ore acem ate eh»'*k , of pei SOIIH who actually receives the relief mon.-y]United throughout | the Mule. The now plnn will be Immediately efiecii*.- In 1 .os Angeles, Sun IM.-go. San Bernardino, Riverside. Oiango and . counll<-». l.ntrr the t-yste'n .vlll he extended to Sun Fran Cisco count \ . Gave Signal, Alleges \Varren charges Conner "gave th» signal" fur the Alberts' killing last March ?2 \vhen the ship's officer was In his stateroom preparatory to sail- Ing from Knclnal Terminal. Alnmeda. Ills knifed body was found lying across his sea chest. Connor, the district attorney alleged, was involved with Georg* \Vallaoo. sail..,-, and Hen Sachowil.-, In I bo actual kHUni.'. Wallace, un- ili-r arnst ami charged with murder. Msscrtedly has confessed his part of the crime. lie said he received j|o down payment for hia "services." S.-u-llowiti-. Still is at large, and is Nought in Now York. 'Warren said W.illnoo named Earl King, also held on a murder charge. as his "employer" In the slaying King, a maritime union official, supposedly objected to Alberts because ho had opposed vigorously radical trends or local labor organizations. Also held for murder is K. H. Tlam- sev . a sailor, said to have conspired | with King. Kly to Seattle rvpul.v' Mlstrlot Attorney Leonard Moltzor and Inspector Chester Flint • if Warren's office flow to Seattle to bring Conner back Another Warren .assistant. Owen llotlo. took extra- i illtion papers u« Sacramunto whore they were to U' signed by < iuvornor ' Frank F. Merriam. Connor. It was recalled, was qu'-a- i Honed HI tho Alberts' inmiost and ' iliuled any knowledge of the slayint: Me will be arraigned tomorrow with King. Kamsoy and AVull- :ici- on the murder Indictments returned by the county (iranil Jury. Want Bay Bridge Fete Nov. 12-14 1 1 nitfd I'rrit Leaned Wire) OAKLAND, Sept. ". — The bay iu-ea harmony committee met here today In un effort to Induce East Bay Cities tfi accept November 1- to 14 as the ilMes tor the Man Francisco- Oakland bay bridge opening celebration At ;i mooting yi participation in the lso,l ihikliind by f thi 1 II.: nti-mbors till' I'.:IM •sterday grouler fevo v.-is prom>• San l-'ranclsco Miinilttee. provided city would drop lt» up to tllllt .•ml., i be tnovotl I'Hl M-: I'M HKK KIl.l.Kl) SAN .IIIM: s,.pt j. ir. i> v—car- lo-- I.HIT/. .'.». i.r Castrovllle, ;i prune picker. >\.-is killed Instantly lust itlght when, according to officers, he Jumped in i rent of an aulomobile driven by W. K. filfford. 34. of L0H i Jali»s. The Morning AfterTaking Carters Little Liver Pills W, tjr CHINESE HERBS Rtll»ve» chronic «llm«nti of alt kinds. Mile «nd female trouble!, SI.00 PER BOX PEKIN HERB CO. 20 Year* In Biktrtflild 1317 Twentieth Street, Upttalrs GRUNOW Rofrigerators—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phone 2420 18M Qhtittr AVIBBI BUY or RENT Lowest Terms Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Strangers Wickersham Co. •«• H Ey* n Strait! 60 Claimants to $400,000 Estate IlEDWOOD r-ITV, Bp|it. L'. of 60 rlalmantH to thu $4(10,000 of JunicH l'r<iy.i'r. 1'nlo Alto msnt Ntore ownr-r who died a yt-iir . ago, wero on Clio todsiy tiofore Supr- ! rlor JudK«.' Maxwell McNull of San ; Mutoo county. i Safe, Quick Relief for DEAFNESS Head Noises—Earache MTI,, dkehwfe, ctrynm. itcfiini, or p»ln in e>n —» lew dropi or Ourine In e»eh ear daily lot « < •hort time It guaranteed to help you. • . Or-. Edward KoJar. M. D.. Mid: "Ourlra | belptd CMM I had riven up u hopcteM. A truly ' remarkable tcientlnc remedy." j R P. Maxwell, a well known Deputy Sheriff. , aayi: "HaT« Juit fSnlahed ray flrrt hoYOe: jlad ] to «tate I can now War my watch 2S. fod»y I WM the Ant .time 1 beard the church bdl rbv ' In fwo year*. • Slop worrvlm; ute CJirtoe. (OOWO people haw enlovM nromot relief, KIMBALL & STONE The Particular Druggist* Phone 53 of 54 \ f/ Y oodricK OF UNSAFE TIRES LJ ii i-n Get New Goodrich Siivertown Tires o Don't risk trouble and delay on worn-out or inferior quality tires. Now you can get Goodrich Tires and pay as you ride, on your own terms. NO RED TAPE* NO DELAYS Jiut (elect what you need and tell ut how you can pay. No credit detail. No waiting. We iiutall or deliver your purchase "on-the-ipot." BOYS! LOOK SET YOUR OWN EASY TERMS Gopdricli Silverto\vn U • • JT~» • ' • ' ' • UALITYi Twenty-first and K ores U J, BENZINO iSERVIC'gi Phone 723

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