The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 8/19'lG. BLYTHBVILLE COURIER NEWS 250 Delegates Reach Savannah Group Will Organire International Bank, Stabilization Fund Dthmdn Delves Into Matter Of Proposed Loan To Britain .ALBRO B. GKKOORV Press Staff Coi-resiioiu SAVANNAH, Ga., Mill'. 8. <UP> — Secretary of Treasury Fred M. Vinson alighted from the Capital Spe clal nt ll:30"'».m. today, lending 250 delegates who will orisan/ie tlie International Bank and Monetary Stabilization Fund. Tlie Washington train was met by a cavalcade oC cars which curried the delegate by way of beautiful, azalen-sliroudcc! Victory drive to luxurious General Ofilethorpe hotel, scene of lh e inter-nation conference. Vinson went immediately lo hi' suite in' the '$2,000.001) hotel and Indicated lhat, lie would hold n press conference inter today. official gesture is to be a cocktol party this afternoon by the U. S Slate Department, official host of the gathering. Vinson was to be joined by Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace. Sens. Hobcrt P. Wngncr, u., N. y^ and Charles W. Tolicy; R., N. IL, and Marriner S. Ecclcs. chairman of lhe board or governors of the Federal Reserve System, who head up America's 2G delegates to the collaboration. Six British delegates, nil officials of the British treasury, and headed by Lord Keyncs. as well as the Ki^ench delegation, also were to Join Vinson. Early arrivals to the meeting expressed satisfaction at Soviet sia's last minute decision to observers to the meeting. All K.v FKKDKKICK C. OTHMAN United Press Staff Correspandeiil WASHINGTON, March 8. (UP) — With Time out only for lunch 'bought, with n non-interest bearing silver cerlllicaie of the U. S. A.) I have found out aboul this new loan to the British. can t d escribe lhe whole $3,750,000.000 idea in one word: complicated. It is getting no simpler, ellh- Ihe more the experts explain it to me and tlie U. S. Senate. Let us consider first the secretary of the treasury, tlie mun with the eye-brows. Fred M. Vinson. He nat on one side of u gigantic coffin^ shaped mahogany table and spenl a day and a half lellltiK the members cf ihe Banking and, Currency Commillee why lie believed we should lend our cousins the money. This. Vlhson is an able citizen. His views mijsl be accepted with respect. I was pleased lo observe Hint he wore a black tie with reddish stripes, a cravat which indicated that he spends hot one nickel more than necessary on his haher- ilashery. A man who is cnrctul of little things may be expected, el- celera on lhe big ones. This loan, fellow laxpnyers. ain't lltlle. So a lady In a loud blouse sat in the first row of .spectators knitlintf what looked like the sleeve to a blue sweater. Day. long she counted under her breath, either her purls or Vinson's dollars. It was hard to lei) which. Numerous othe folks were Iherc, too, includlni about half a dozen gents ill dark horn-rimmed eyeglasses. These were Britishers, observing. My man said you could spot 'em by the chocolate shade of their spectaele rims. Americans wear light-colored rims. So Vinson made his statement. He tangled with an assortment, of sen- 0 sure. So we lend Ihe money to the British and charge 'em something uider two per cent a year interest. f business slIU goes blooli 1 . we skip he interest. Strictly as a business oan, Vinson said the scheme was lot so hot. He said he liked it because of its other advantages. We do not have any $3,100,000,000 0 lend across the ocean. Vinson las not to borrow it from the peo- ile. He thinks this should tie easy. If he can sell us bonds that pay l >er cent Inleresl nlid loan the tlouish to Britain at 1.16 per cent, he inlyht n4ke a profll of ubout twelve hun- dredlhs of one per cent. ;-S«n. Tail sold all light, then what's the idcn of charging home buyers four per cent? Vinson said that wasn't his business. The nr- gtlers then look «p British credits South African gold mines and—1 swear It—why mechanical coltor pickers won't work In Bro7.ll. Clayton said it was too hilly there. Or if you coiUrt lend me about 15 cents, with interest at a token rate 1 could buy a headache |>owder am tell,you more about high fliiatici tomorrow. Otherwise not. Sec? The principle's the. same. Lnxora Socfety—Personal daughter, Mrs. Mr. Gownn. Hays Gowan and Oren Heffington and funlly spent the weekend visiting In Conway, Ark.'They were ivccompHnt«l by Mrs. Nomle llayncs, who vjs- iled her daughter, Mrs. CKorge •arker. • • • Mrs. Solomon Llmunt has re- lumed to her home in Mexico City after » week's • visit with her brother-in-law, Abe Mveiant,,.a»d lis family. Mr. and daughters, Mrs. Mtss M. c. Cook* and Evil and Mrs. J. Wunderlleli of islytlievllle, were Memphis, where Mrs. Cooke consulted her physician. Junior Wyntl of Columbus, Miss., visiting his sister, Mrs. Roscoe Coltman. PA01 RVtt Research Program Opens New Field In Hearing Aids speculated as lo whether this meant I ators including Robert A Taft of that Russia would scoK membership j Ohio, Abe Miirdock of Utah, and the S8.000.0CO.OOO monetary Ernest W. McParland of in the S8.000.0CO.OOO monetary Fund and 10,000,000.000 bank. .•• For several months the U.S.S.R. had made no answer to invitations to participate with 35 other mem-' ber countries in the Savannah money meeting, u was understood that Russia's cooperation with Lhe United Nations in monetary and economic matters would Kimle lhe United Slates in her consideration of Soviet requests for a $1,000.000,000 loan. •(In Washington, it ,was announced that Prof. Fedor Byslrov, economic advisor to lhe Russian purchasing commission, \\oukl lead the Soviet group.) Eight other nations have also indicated that they will have observers at the conference. Among chief objective. of the conference will be selection of a permanent site for the baud ami fund, with New York or Washington favored. By-lnws will Ue adopted in Ihe Savannah gathering, ami directors for the two institutions chosen. Alsa to be considered are terms by which new nations may join the organizations. The Washington delegates were greeted by Julio I'ena, Costa Rican •esentalive; Francisco Alves Dos |.ilos Filho, of Brazil; /Arturo iichke, of Chile, and Dr. Franklin Anti-Zaun Pas, of Bolivia, who had arrived earlier this week. A long list of entertainment hat: been planned for those attending the meeting. The state department Ernest W. McParland of Arizona over such esoteric* as invisible incomes (even as yours and mine), gold credits, sterling balances and dollar pools. With your permission, "'11 skip those. Assistant Secretary of Slate Will Clayton, the big cotton man In :i fine colton sliht, cnlne along then •\iul told the same story in difler- enl words. He also got into Ihe same nrgunicnts with the same sen- tlors. - ,., It is peculiar hofc a head like mine (or maybe it isn't) begins to iche from the strain of a session ike this, but I believe I have the deal figured out. Vinson and Clay- .011 claimed the British have got :o have this dough so they can buy stun" from us. If they don't, there'll oe an International depression, anc whooic! I'm still quoting Vinson & Co. some of the senators nreii'i lo live up to protocol, will give r reception tonight. Press headquarters for some 101 newspapermen had been set ui near the main entrance to the ho lei scene of the conference. Direc telephone connections have bee: established with the State Depart ment and news headquarters ii Washington. Th c General Oglclhorpe is located about nine miles from up town Savannah, of Wilmington Is land.' Special telegraphic connections had been laid to the island. WKSLEYAN GUILD MEKTS Mrs. Sam Coats and Mrs. Norma Wilson were hostesses to the Melh- odisl Weslcynn Guild. Society in menl of public he home of the Hev. J. T. Self, VcdncHlnyi evenlngg. Mrs. Wert Steed, program lead- •r, introduced the subject, "World Order and peace" and read the de- 'otional. She introduced the Rev. J. T. Self, who gave n talk on, •Free Speech and Religion." Mrs. H. E. Stanford talked on "The renl Heritage. During the social hour which followed refreshments were served. Mis. Charlie Thomas. Mrs. A. U. Rozelle, Mrs.T.D Wilkins, Mrs. Sam Con Us, Mrs. Charles Lev,''-', Mrs. T. u Stanford and Mrs, George Doty, members of the Lux- orn Book Clutj, wer guests of the niy- theville Woman's club to hear the Rev. Dr. Prank Smith discuss the author, Lloyd C. Douglas, and his books. Mrs. Charles Lewis is in the Methodist Hospital where she un derwent a tonslleclomy. Her little daughter, Carolyn, is visiting in the home of Mrs. T. ~\>. Stanford while her mother is gone. Urges Bill To Aid fotm Marketing CHICAGO (UP)—The Council of Slate Governments has proposed Hint stale Legislatures meeting i" consider legislative action on n farm products market facilities Bill. The measure is designed to pro mot*; improvement of market facilities for farm products, pttrllcu- Inrly perishable items Mich us fruits nnd vegetables, and llnis lower the consumer costs. Before the outbreak of World War II, CO cents out of every dollar spent by the consumer for frulls and vegetables wcnl to pay the cost of distributing the product's from lhe farms lo the consumer, a Council spokesman said. Surveys of urban produce markets drive shown thai Inadequate facilities are a factor In these high marketing cosls. The Bill calls for the establlsh- coi'povutlons euv powercd to build produce markets and lease space lo sellers. Itv KI.MKR. BROZ v Hulled 1'ress SUff Correspondent ST. i.ouis iu.»>> The ' Army and Navy progi-ftin to rehabilitate SIM vieciwii deafened hi battle has been revealed for the (list time by Dr. Hlcluml Sllvermiui of the Central institute c f the Denf in St. Louts. Alter two yenrs of research ill Centra] institute and Harvard University scientists have found that huiiniH speech can break through HniietietrnbU-. In thousands of expel Imenl.s vohmiopr human "Kulucn pigs" were subjected to danger and |n- Kouud. The results may well i-evo- ImSonl/i' the innmitaclure of bear- IHR nids. The befilnniin,' of mini's latest, flfilit lo pcnclrate (he silence of deafness goes back to shortly after the war- began. There wns nu In- creasiiij; number of (lenf casual- Itles Horn (ho roivv of guns, violent chan({; : tn tcmiftrauues, 1,'atllc hysteria, severe shock nnd other causes. ,t Sr-rvlcrs South! Aid Confronted with' this the armed services turned the problem over 4o tin- Federal Oftlcc of Scientific Research Development in October, 1041 Th ( . OSKD In Him plunked U Into Ihe laps of Harvard und Central institute. Tlie first objective of SI. Louis scientist* was to determine how Ihe deafened ear handles abnormally loud sounds. .Their purpose was lo raise the deelblc reading of the common hearing aid. Thirty deaf and 30 persons ot normal hciu'lng volunteered for the experiments. Tn « specially consluicled room each of the 00 St. Loulsans look his turn, week niter week for two these tremen- sound crash long years, to linvo dous quantities of ubolit. his ears , III.M* Tests In 16.1XW M'parate observullvns the scientists experlmenleil wllli leacllons to noise far more Intense ami [or more piilnful limn ever before used in such research. Tlu> Inost lm|M>rUini result was lhat human speech with enough amplification can breakthrough deafness once believed Itnpehe- SI, wuls. There they detelopd invaluable Improvement In both construction and th« u*e 'M h*u > - ng Bids. They already h»v« produced Instruments that, will tm- l>Ufy above to declbl«s. . The new principles have riot yft liecn Incorporated Into commercial use but word or'lhem lia< KOIIC out to alpinoiiufacturers of heiir- InSi nlds. it l.s hoped they will'be on Die market soon. ' When (hfy do it will be another Instance of the men of science The ini'estlisatlons eHtiibllsheil new notce llucsholds of dlfycomlort, llclile mid pain, These are lev nt whk'h nolso may cnusc dticom- (ort, then mi IN'Mutlng tickle, ami finally afuto puln. This incatlt, Unit improved effec liveliest of lieavliifr nkl^ m the fnluie will be limited only by Hie nblllty or Ihe instrument to nm- >llfy sound and lh ( > deafened |wr .son's threshold of pain. find New l.rvrl I'resenl heni'lin; ulds have n [leclbio nitlni: i>! nhout !)0 for It wns l>eUr\ i ('(l spofrli could not be heard above lhat. Si. I-ouls f;clen- tlsls iiave proved that speech can bo heard nl H5 cli'flbli's. tt of lijgh fidelity. They proved that (lie average person felt faint nl HO decl- bles. that the llckle threshold wim at. '130. tttUl dlscnmforl felt at 120. 'tin' work at Harvard neatly dovetailed with what went on In ivachlm out to patch up , the nlrnctlou of war, de- Univtttlty G«ls Ptctob Houtts tor Vets CHICAGO (UP)—Tile rirsl of 190 prelabrlcfttad liouslng units for m Billed veterans who n re siuctciits at the Unli*rf«y'erf WMwiKI, Mcanb* •«•;<*»!* 3 ceUor Hobtct K. rWrfcha iTJT S .The bulWln«»,'f<>nn«rtjr put «t ttar homtnc <*nter> at,--B*4fcv, ' assigned for uai'at the imdin^ft »y the Federal Public ltou£«x Authority, , , . The project U ptrt of m bukiU housing expansion pn*r»m M«fcn " by lhe university to irromnjitc" MO addition*! m»l« student for the spring quarter. , A WELL KNOWN HAKE Jt'i the i " ' look 16 far hithest Dually in «vbtiC 1'sst action, <U;|Kn«l«bllity *o4 parity, • nuko St. Joseph a name, to trtuW Mrs. Sue Brown has returnee from Stuart, Fla., where she has been vlsiUng her son. Jack Brown and his family. She was accom- panicd j home from Memphis by hei RECAPPING THAT STAYS PUT WHIN YOU CO PLACES You can depend on fast, low- cost'Goodyear Extra-Mileage Recapping to see you safely over thousands o[ FARM LOANS Low Intarart •4 Fair Appraisal 4 Prompt Swrlo* RAY WORTH! NGTON Bervinf This Sfcikjn for XI Yon 115 So. 3rJ. Blylhevltle, Ark Tone In Pruileiillal Protram Sunday at 4 p.m. aver WHtt) NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DFL/VfRY Suitable for Sawmills, Un loader font, Irrigation Pumps, etc. NO PRIORITY REQUIRED ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. extra miles. See us today lor FREE leaner tires. $7. GOOD,'YEAH ' TIRES - GOOD/YEAR 470 W. Main Phone 2492 TIME... The Spring Has Sprung . . . The Flowers Have Risen! It is Time to bring out those Summer Clothes and Let HUDSON give them'a FINE Cleaning. ' Then Have Your WINTER CLOTHES MOTH-PROOFED for the Summer! Of course you can have them RESTYLED into a 1946 model. We have the Finest in TAILORING AND ALTERATIONS. Bring us your O.D.'s—hare the ones you want to wear DYED, the rest put in storage, moth-proofed—and guaranteed against 1 moths for TEN YEARS. > * For Better Cleaning - Quicker Service - 8 Hours— Try HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER 320 West Moin St. Blythexille, Ark. TAILOR Phone 2612 You'll find a complete stock of the neW : pppular Records in our modern record 1 bar.- Also a complete stock of record supplies. - -• ELECTRIC APPLIANCES We are franchise dealers for MAJESTIC and STEW ART-WARNER RADIOS,. HUNTER OSCILLATING FANS, ATTIC FANS, ELECTRIC HEATERS, and SUPER-FLAME OIL HEATERS. We have just received a large stock of ELECTJUC TOASTERS, ELECTRIC CHURNS, and other small appliance*. See our display of the famous EUREKA CLEANERS, EUREKA Electric Cordless v Iron, GIBSON Electric Refrigerators, Home Freezers' and Ranges', and BLACKSTONE Washers. All ready for immediate delivery." HEALTH LAMPS ;.. You'll be interested in bur display of INFRA-RED RAY LAMPS and the famous SUN-KRAFT ULTRA-VIOLET RAY LAMPS. Every home should hav* one. ' i '• __SETS.r: 3f you can't come In we'll lie glad ''• " , -^~ , 10 MIUI someone to .sec you. See the. new portable BROIL-AIR Barbecue for the back yard! for Spring and Summer. Automotive Supplies.. We carry a complete line of AutonwHv* supplies—also Tractor"Tir« and Twfctt. COM! IN *» Today for a f«l Demonstration • Chamblin Appliance Co. JIM HARDING, Monofcr Now Ready to Serve You \. . : .CH&MBLIN APPLIANCE CO. Come in and See This New Modern Store 219 West Main * .' ' MUSIC RECORDS . . : f '-v-zi

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