Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on August 16, 1966 · Page 10
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 10

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1966
Page 10
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THE ANDERSON HERALD TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, By JANE TONER SCOTT •<«d. «ofe)_4hl« it the final •r tw* articles cleverly (host - written by a friend, the hon. robert me laughlin, (ports scribe for the cana- dian broadcasting company. his observations are both tacit and taunting, j. t. s.) THE READER'S COURTROOM By Henry B. RothbUt* When they were first married, Joy was happy going to work, knowing that this would permit Jerry to finish medical school. Eighteen years later,, Jerry became a highly successful doctor, but Joy was miserable. After a bitter argument, Joy looked for another place su'edtr a . there remained other tongs| divorce and Won / He a]so t up here in Walloon ... had the „ their p roper ty. j oy painters ... the bat extermi- appealed v ^ ' ' rlintwnt nnftaoars rr*- "Joy deserted me without regarding this sink business |j iators ... adjacent cottagers ... the sheriff... the mounties taken our su* . . . you'll recall how it disappeared in the first episode my husband felt there were just too many for the trailer to to take ad- adequate cause," Jerry argued. I "Her saying that she moved i out because she was afraid of me is pure nonsense." "The trail judge was unfair to grant a divorce on the ground of desertion, and then to deny me alimony," Joy turn by itself vantage of the inviting swim you? aufto'r' won' found d herself i" The decr< * s . houl .f be 'set aside completely convulsed . . . along| a ?, unrfeuas , on ?, ble ' K furlh , er pr °" with other members of thei v ' ded th , at a11 °F P™P e $ group why was i laughing when my heart was breaking? . . . our Canadian friends .suggested that it must have been the work of a local thief who "already" had everything BUT the kitchen sink . . . sorry to report that the sink did not tome to light before light came to us ... with a heavy heart and a long, lost, doleful look at the presently installed antique it was off to bed but not to sleep morning brought the sun and the promise of a better day . . . as usual i was first on the scene . . . internally . . . while the painters with their heavy as lead painting utensils .the honors externally . greeted them with my .ounce of enthusiasm gained as i last . my eyes came to rest on what >simply had to be a mirage . . . .tie trailer . . . and the sink and drawers and all were back There are more than 200 nur- ui then- proper places . . . what sery schools in Canada. had the painters done with my sink <° , hus . band ' . even , ?* , real estate which was bought in both our names." SHOULD THE DIVORCE DECREE BE UPSET? Weigh both! sides carefully. Then, mark 1 your verdtct: YES( ) NO ( ) NO. "Since Joy deserted her husband intentionally and maliciously, she is not entitled to alimony," the Appeals Court held. "Joy failed to prove such j cruelty as to warrant moving I out. Where property is jointly held, and the husband contributed the bulk of the funds for the purchase, the wife's interest is deemed to be conditioned on her faithful performance of the marriage vows. Joy, be deserting that condition." (State laws vary. For personal guidance, see your family lawyer.) needless to say . . . fully about his they denied all ... which one a light began to dawn . . . had -had gone around that bend in my son and his Canadian friend the road . . . i thought the waved a magic wand . . . and painters had . . . there was no pulled 400 pounds of loot in a doubt in their eyes . . . i was disappearing act? . . . i wonder suspect ... by the time the... and what do YOU Blink? plumber arrived to go success-. . . that's all for now . . . ENJOY CONFIDENT CONFIDENT LIVING AGAIN WITH FRONTEAR Hearing Glasses By initinct, we all face toward th« lound toward the perton we are liilening to. That why the tiny microphone in Beltone'i Frontear facei forward. It'i itrategic placement and precision engineering give you more effortless hearing than you ever dreamed poulble. J. E. REHM 1011 MERIDIAN 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE it-It; WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP By WARD GREENE LOOK WHAT I FOUND, SCAMP! AM OLD 8ASBSALU By MORT WALKER and DICK BROWNE FROST/ NUT ROCKET ' WHAT BECAME OP THE PLAIN OLD ICE CREAM CONE: ICE CREAM WHAT? By ALFRED ANDRIOLA WEIL, TOU'RE NOT OHMNS IN.'.. WAIT TltL I RELEASE THE NISHT LOCK.. AND WE'LL SIT OUT HERE if VOUR MOTHER HfARD 'S ..LET'5-.WAtK US SHE'D COME DOWN AMP MKXIND THE BLOCK GOT TO TALK TO you ..SO WE CAN HAVE SOME PRIVACY.' By BOB MONTANA I MEAN IT/ DON'T LOSE IT.' YES, I WANT YOU TO SIR,' FOLLOW IT; /I'LL BE UNDERSTAND? /PJGHT BACK; DID YOU FORGET YOUR WRIST WATCH? ARCHIE, IF VOU'RE. GOING TO CAODY FOR ME, I WANT YOU TO KEEP YOUR EYE ON IF THE BALL./ _/M1SS THIS V ISN'T MY WRET WATCH / Service and Suppliet for All Mokei PHONE 643-5621 I GET IT.' IT'S STOKES DAUGHTER. ISN'T JT 2 JET...IWT flSKMETOPO THflT.' WE HAVE TO WIN THIS PRIMARY; WHflT DIFFERENCE/ JUST PHONE THE PRINTER; HflRKY... I'VE CHflNSEP MY MINP flBOUT THOSE CIRCULARS/ IT/LIKE YOU TO PHONE TOE PRINTER flNP CANCEL YOU KNOW THflT, PDNT I'M LOYAL TO CHICKENSOUPERMAN.'.' RIGHT.r V MANBAT AMD / HIS BOY, K WONDERBRAT7. r THEY RE RGHTIN' CRIMEOMT.V. NOW? IOYALTO A LEADER THAT I DON'T LEAD US TOKO Mother: "In giving Ann her medical check-up see if. you think the cause of her crying so easily is physical or emotional." I'M 40RUY VJ BUT AVONNE WILL. Y6U WML WEN K LEAVING MOM' FRANKLY, TONV, 1M -' SURPRISED AT YOU.' IT ISN'T LIKE YOU TO BL RUDE TO A ' YOUR MAID NEEDS A LK50N IN 5HE 15 ENGAGED TO A TEACHER IN OUR HIGH SCHOOL^ NOW, OEARI-.-TULME. AIL ABOUT VOUR WORK ,IN THE PEACE: CORPJ AND YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE! ft DI5LIK.E TO EACH OTHER, TONY" ".i. Knnures •to. Bestowed -. Astringent fruit. 43. Plight color •!.">. Him Rl ^ELECTRONICS WARFARE PLANE JAMS THE SAM EAPAR EQUIPMENT ROUOWIN6 COME "THE ATTACK PIAHES DOZENS OF PLANES TAKE OFF FROM THE ^CARRIER "<W7Y.Wi:W 'ON YANKEE 5TAT01. CLOBBERING THE SAM SITES By WALT DISNEY SEVEN-POUND BEAUTIFUL GIRL- HAVE A CISAK, WELL,THAT SHOULD BE ENOLJSH TO SET STARTED ON! CONGRATULATIONS.' - '/ CONSr?ATULATIONQ ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST •y SYDNEY OMARR FOR AUGUST H "Iht *»• man controls hit dtstiny . . . Mtology points Iht wuy." ARIES (Mar. 21 • Apr. it): New moon highlights pleasure, intensified emotional reactions. Tendency to be childlike in giving your trust can be balanced by using logic. Don't base everything on impulse. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20): Home, domestic affairs dominate. New Moop spotlights security or lack of it. Review prospects . . . make necessary changes, adjustments. Discuss plans with family members. GEMINI (May 21 • June 20): Vacation travel featured so is exchange of bright ideas. Since forces appear scattered . . . humor now essential to keep emotional balance. You could overlook important details; unless wary. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): New Moon accents economic situation. Be aware of value received. You may have to take action which appears selfish. Be fair but firm. Don't permit others to force issues. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): All indications emphasize forthright actions. You come under public scrutiny. Fine for personal appearances, entertaining. Give of yourself — permit personality to sparkle. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Actions you previously feared turn out to your advantage. Be daring . . . live up to potential. If you adhere to principles, day glows with success, fulfillment. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): New Moon accents favorite project, creative hobby. You could begin significant relationship. Open mind now could spell future happiness. Be receptive . . . and giving. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Responsibilities highlighted. Fulfill obligations. Stress centers on COMPLETION of projects. Needless delay proves costly. Finish project. . . spread influence for good. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): Fine for vacation travel. Accent on adding to knowledge through increased contacts. Also good for study of special documents, books. You can gain through CREATIVE DISCUSSION. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Check possibilities connected with savings, streamlining projects. You could cut away waste motion. Key is being open to creative suggestion from professmoal. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Work with one closely associated with personal efforts favored. Be cooperative .. . strive for maturity, understanding. If you throw false pride out of window ... progress indicated. PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): Accent on basic issues, work, relations with those who perform essential services. Be lenient . . . understanding. The more considerate you are ... the more you go ahead. # * * IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY ... you tend to be introspective, analytical. You are able to perceive hidden meanings and would be excellent reporter, attorney. * * * GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA. Special word to ARIES: You may receive news which is puzzling. Sleep on it! Is This Your Problem... ? By DR. JOYCE BROTHERS VACATIONERS! Tofce your camera where the fun is! Mak* Oifoll's your hfadquortvn for Film, Supplict, Accaison«i, Fin* Photo Finishing, Printing, Enlarging, Come in for a FREE Camera Chickup. No Obligation. ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS MAIN AT 19th ST. CAMERA t SUPPLIES PHONES 642-4493 or 443-3170 Not This Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- • Mother: "I don't blame your brother for calling you a cry-baby. You are one. What silly thing now is making you cry?" Finding the cause of excessive weeping is the most accept able way of controlling it. CROSSWORD XI. Cereal DOWN" 3. Soldier's shelter voice S. King' or f|ticon 4. Characteristic 5. Mannequins 6. Mother of Peer Gvnt 7. \Vord of inquiry S. American \\ i iter and DAILY ACROSS 1. Datum 5. Jackdaws 9. Of the sun 10. Theater attendant 12. Additional 13. Full of substance 14. Metallic chemical element 16. Foot digit 17. Hawaiian bird 15. Journey 20. Canadian province: abbr. 21. Forearm bone 2-t. Tidy 26. Percolates 28. Glossy 31. Narrate ."3. Whirlpool 34. Exclamation 36. Xp.vigata -•' SS. Peach :- State: abbr. 39. Ingredient - in a recipe 41. Kind of paralysis M. Arrive at 16. Lurk 47. Kind of musical comedy 48. Lifting device 4f>. Ovule • 60. Places : DAILY CRYPIOQI'OTK — Here's how to work It: AXYDLBAAXR In L O X G F E L I. O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A IK used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apo.s- trophies, the length and formation of the words arc all hiots. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram RE.COLLEGE undergrads today REALLY so different! - than those of forty years ago? Here's a story that appeared in a May, 1966, college humor; agazine: A worried ung man approached e pastor of his church d asked, "Heverend, is OK for a man to profit the mistakes of tiers?" "Certainly not, 11 : s n a p p e d the pastor. "That's fine,' 1 enthused the young man. "Now I . wonder if you'd consider ; returning the twenty bucks I paid you when ;you married me to my I wife last April." That vary story appeared in the Columbia Jester in 1913—and probafi^ in the Harvard Ijampotai in 1899, too! SPREAD AILMENT Have you ever heard of * disease called IFD? Chances are hat you haven't, and chances are just as good that you know | someone suffering from it, and never knew its name. IFD was isolated and defined by Wendell Johnson, and further by S. I. Hayakawa, a leading semanticist. Semantics is the study of words and their meanings, and has a great deal to do with psychology. Dr. Hayakawa worked with IFD in connection with the lyrics of popular songs, mainly those dealing with love and marriage. IFD stands for Idealization, Frustration, and Despair. How do popular songs give a person this disease? They do, by jiving an untrue picture of life and what to expect from it. Our jopular songs, those sung and istened to by teens and by just about everybody else, tend to dealize love and "the girl (or x>y) of our dreams." Our future mate, in our songs, is perfect, a Prince or Princess Charming. Love i t self, as sung about, is some kind of magic, and marriage the goal, with a vine-covered cottage where you will live happUy ever after. That's idealization. That's what we sing about. Life Isn't Just A Song Of course, it doesn't work out that way. Love and marriage seldom work out the way they do in our popular songs, and this leads to frustration and eventual despair. IFD, there- ore, stands for the making of mpossible demands upon life; frustration, a result of the demands not being met; and despair. Analyze your own favorite popular songs and see for your«lf if what is sung about is a true picture of life or not. If symbloic representations of ife and what we expect from t arc false, then we are often ess prepared for reality,-and lence in a worse position than £ we had no idea, of what to expect at all. This is true of not only popular music, but of iur novels, movies and televis- on dramas as well. According to the science of semantics, there are two important functions of literary symbols involved in songs, in respect to our emotional life. One is to allow us to organize the experiences we have already had, and let us come to grip.', with them. The other is to prepare us for the emotions and situations we have not yet encountered, so that we will, in a sense, be ready for them. The blues of the jazz singer asually is concerned with what las happened. The lyrics of our popular songs are concerned with what is in store for us. Unfortunately, their idealization of our future leads many a romantically minded youth down the trail to IFD. Different Words DEAR DR. BROTHERS: Why is girl talk so different than man tlak?-H.B. DEAR MISS B.: The answer might be that they're not speaking the same language. For exmple, "No, don't bother," a man eventually discovers may mean: "Yes, please do." According to psychoanalyst Theodore Reik, the two sexes use different phrases all over Ihe world. In America, for instance, if a man found himself jin a circle of women, he might hear phrases such 'as "Honey," "Dearie." "I could ju'st scream," and "Isn't that darling!" On the other hand, if a woman were seated in the midst of males, in addition to hearing a more liberal sprinkling of four-letter words, she'd and told the waiter, 'Tve decided to have the Chefs Special." The waiter came back from the -kitchen, a, few momenta later to tell her, "I'm very sorry, madam—but the chef ate it" * ** * j DEFDHTIONS: GIGOLO: A fee-male. HANGOVER: The wrath of grapes. HECKLER: A fellow who ribs you the wrong way. JUNK: Something you keep for ten years and then throw! away two weeks before you need it. \ RACETRACK: A place where they open the Windows after every race to let -in some fresh money. TROUSSEAU: The clothes a. girl wears for seven or eight years after she is married. (It was MRS. Webster who made up this definition!; C 1966, by Bennett Ceif. Distributc4 by King Features Syndicate -—Believe h or NotI ," or "I'll make him pay through the nose." However, even when men and women use the same words, like: "love, sex — that's what I want." they often mean different things. Perhaps ^jh^we need is a new dictionary — one that will give the double meanings — his and hers. Send yonf problems to Dr. Joyce Brothers, The Anderson Herald, care of The Bell Syndicate, Inc., 220 W. 43rd St.', New York, and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope lor a return reply. D I. T W T X X, A X T B' D I' t' K W 0 1* W O . STIIDPOLL KSDfA.1i H S O H T D K H U K Q BDNDPLOF Yenlerdiiy's Cr.i'iiloqiint'': GRKAT MEN ARK OVKR-SCRLTrLOUS IN THK ARRANGKMKNT OF THEIK ATTIRE.-DJCKENS tt MK.K1IK VuUBMftuMMtfc lac* THE PUNCTUAL FLOODS " == - ^*c Galt-m .IndkV T^SVETA VADI RIVER NUNPATES THE VIUAGEOFGANGAVALU EXACTLY1 HOURSAFTER EVEKVRAIN •AHD ALWWS SUBSIDES4HOMSLATEg HOUSEHQLi SCRAPBOOK BEE HIVE HOTEL, in Biwlec, Eniland, IS A KCAt SKH/fE BASIL GlLDERSLEEVE (IB3I• TO4) FIRST PROFESSOR OF GREEK at Mm Hopkins University REftD THE BIBLE FROM COVER TO COViR a m AGE OF s Cleaning Jewelry Jewelry can be cleaned nicely hi warm water and soap. If very dirty, use a soft brush on which a little .soap has been jrubbed. Another excellent cleanser is a teaspoonful of ammonia in a teacupful of warm water. 'After any of these cleanings, be sure to rinse the article in cold clear water. The general care of costume jewelry is de\tt with in my new household-hints book. i Elbow Cleaning Those "trouble spots" — ths creases of the elbows and the backs of the heels — will clean ever so nicely if you scrub over them with your back brush or washcloth and dampened baking soda. Prevent Milk Burn Milk will not be so apt to burn if the saucepan is first rinsed in cold water. 1851 COD) CAliVlRST OGDENSBURG, N. Y. - The first railroad refrigerator car traveled here from Boston July 1, 1851. It. carried eight tons of butter.

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