The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1949
Page 10
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7>'>' \ '?• . ' ' f PACK TEW BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' TUESDAY, .OCTOBER It, 1949 HOUR HOME Fuel Problems May Rise Again Insulation Is Seen As Way to Cut Down On Costs of Heating . Fuel shortage* and ilslng fuel pi ices mil soon hit American houie- ho!4ern With the heating season • till seieral weeks av\aj there are many signs of Iheir approach Fuel oil puces In many sections of the wintry haie been increased u much »3,2 cents a gallon from •tmimer lows In some sections, heating oil useio are paying an additional one-half cent pel gallon becuse their' tanks Mill not hold more than 300 sallows The petioletim indiLitrj savs llieie Is no likelihood of * severe fuel shortage such as was cxpenoneed t»o seasons aso, but that if weajh- er becomen seipre enough to interfere with deliveries theie may be some spot scarcities J * In view «f these 'conditions, home- ouneis v,ere ^Allied loda\ by the Construction Research Bureau, New York clearing hou«e Jor building Information, to take Immediate »leps to save fuel during the coming heatine season ' -SubsUnlia.1 ''Savings First requhement, the Bineai Mid, is to insulate homes full-thick with mineral »ool, uhich Aill s,i\e »t I«ut 35% of the fuel binned Tills Is accomplished 05 haling walls and other maccewible space. blown full of the Jlully, \\ool-likc material, and appljing batls and blankets of mineral wool in attics - table ends and around dormer wheie theie is sufficient spnce • » man to work. Installation of storm window »nd doors, caulking of all ciack In the, exterior siding and applies " Won of -weacherstripping to door •nd windows will sa*e anolhe 1«'4% of the fuel i At today's fuel prices, such im jKovemente will pay for themselve within three'or four years, Ihe Bu f««u Mid On the basis of 1,800 gal loos of 13-cent. fuel oil burned in Muon In, the average 8-ioom horn the 35% 'tailing with mineral woe insulation'alone will amount to »7 For complete itlnteriung as recon mended by the Construction Re- *c«reh Bureau, fht saving will total more than $110 Real Estate Transfers Tips; Help Moke Building a Picket Fence Easy Job Here are some tips on Biilldinf * picket fence First, rtivlde the distance Into equal parts : for post •ttes, 8 feet is a good distance; post* should not be spaced.farther than t 10 feet Rent « pesthole digger and make holes 3 feet deep and no larger in diameter than the digger Use 4'xV posts and creosote the end which goes Into the ground Put stakes beyond each end of the.fenceCrun and stretch a tiglit cord between them Set the posts against this cord to keep the fence straight; and use a level to keep them 'vertical. . Put some crensoli In the bottom of the hole, and fil In,the dirt a little at a time, tamping It hard Top and bottom hori?,ona] rails should be 2x4's, given a. price coa. of paint before nailing or bolting them to the posts Space pickets their own widtl •part, using a picket as a guide Dutch Door for Nursery A Dutch door for nursery,which the lo«er half can be latchet while; the" upper half is open, \vil .remove a child's fear of being lockei in .yet keep him out of mischief. Standard baseball bats are mad from a.«h wood. Dhtctasrwba District) George G. and'Vlrginla'R. Hodges i Sanford B. and Prances Bonne, ot 17 or Jackson .Second Addition, ,500. H. H. and Lucy Hoiichlns to J. E, tevenstm, Jr.. Lot 8 in Block 4 of Country C)uu Drive, JI.OOO. / . E. and Elva' Larklns lo D. L. nrklns, Lot 5 of the W. E. Larktns ubdlvislon of Lot 3 of (lie Edna ail Third Division, 510 and other onslderatlon. Russell and Mary Ann Gill to 13. V. and Crystal E. Cran'-'d, Lots 1, 3, 4, 5 in Block 3 of the First tdttitlon to Del!,-$8,500. Winfleld arid Ada Mick to C. O. iiomnson, a' plot 95 by 200 feet in iection 'lO-llN-HE, $1,900. E. - B. and Rovenc '". David to ;emp Wliisenlumt ami .lames R. 7eal, Lot -! of Block .1 of the D.ivhl Subdivision- oml I-ot. 5 of Block 1 of David Acres Subdivision, l.BOO. D. S. and Lorena Hay to W. M ud Bessie Mae Deuton; pnrt of SW4 of NEJ4 of Section 28-lftN-llE. $1.450. O. S. and Eulfi Rolllnson to K<l G. and Frauds .loan Murff. Lot 19 of the Rental o( the O. S. Rolllnson Subdivision' of Section 3-15N-11E, 16,300. H. K. and Lucy Houcliins to L. O. Gill. Lot I of Block 7 of I' vCount!y Club Drive, $800. M. C. and Llla Groom to W. p. and Josephine Carter. 40.G3 acres n N!2 of Lot 3, lying East of B. L and A. S. <now Cotton Bell Railway), 410,50(1. Daniel and Maty Qur: .11 to Anna L. Brown and Mrs. Emily Brown Sales, Lot 130 In Block 11 of the Original S'irvey of i.'Riiihi, $300. Joe and Tclsia Oration to Eddie and Magdalene Mlnyard, South 40 feel of the E2 of Lot 8, Block 2 of-the First Addition to Dell, sl.800. E. B. and Rovene C. David to E. N. and Lucille Webb, all of Lots 7, 8 9 111. Block:5-of.the David Acres Subdivision, $3.000. Tj. M. and Sophie Richardson to H. L. anil Dorothy M. Hond, West 33 Feel ol Lot 2 of BiocV. 12 of the Highland place Second Addition to BlytheviUe, S1.650. Maude J. Shanks to John Shanks, Jr. S^2 of Lots 9 and 10 In Block "B" of the Morris Addition, $1 and other consideration. Rivers Gill to Ira Gill, S'2 of NEU f SEJ4 of Section 27-14N-9E. con- aiding 20 acres, exchange ot prop- ity Irn Gill to Rivers P Glll.ipatl of lie.Wj2 of tlie.NE:4 of Section 2- 3N-9E. containing 20.38 acres, exchange of property Arthur Wolforcl and Zelbliln'.Wol- oid to Otis and Neva Wolforn, Lnl 2 of Block 3 of the Hays ^Addition o Leacliville, S300. Neta Bunch to Hlldrcd .Hunch. 14.12 acres in Section 33-16N-HE, HO and other consideration. Hildrcd and Eutopla W. Biuich to Nela Bunch, NW14 of the SW'4 of Section 2B-1GN-I1E,$10 and other considevation Susnn Moore to Albeit Jefferson, Lot 16 of Block 9 of the W. W. Holllpeter Second Addition, $200. H. H. and Lucy Honchlns : to R. M. Jamison, all of Lot 5 ot the Country Club Drive. $1.000. Susan Moore to Kvillf. Mae Brooks. Lot 13 of Block 9 of the YV. W Hollipeter Second Addition, $200. J. K. Stevenson, Jr.. mrtl Mnry K Stevenson fo Jnmcs nnd Helen Ruin Hall, all of Lot 14 of Block 7 of the Highland Place Addition, S5.500. J. E. Stevenson, Jr., aiid Mary K. Stevenson lo William T. nnd Opal Dean Stewart, all of Lot 6 of the subdivision .of Lot 16 of the Bnrron and Lilly Subdivision in SE'4 of Section 15-15N-11E, .$4,800. .Charles nnd Dovic McKcmle to Charles Eugene and Vivian Irene Evans, all of Lot 12 In Block 10 of tlie Ruddle Heights addition, $5,450. Abner Driver to Richard and Phyllis Fought. West 50 feet of Lot 11 in Block 3 of the Gosncll Estate, SIO and other consideration Dewey Jackson and Annie Mne Jackson to Max and Bertha Jack- ton, 80 acres in Section 7-15N-8K, Most Home .Fires, Avoidable; Carelessness Biggest Cause Tlnee-qimrlers o( the natlon'n home tires may be averted during the • next twelve months if citi- ens follow a'fen simple fire prevention rules, safety officials assert. Otherwise, flames are expected;'to consume 10.000 American lives and damage property worth $700,000,000. Safe habits In the iiome are recognized as being the most effective preventers of conflagrations, because studies by the National Board of. Fire Underwriters have proved that,three out of all home fires'start as a result ot careless- l/ed steel gasoline or oil cans. 'Hi'ese containers are of fireproof construction. .; ••:• Misuse of electricity and carelessness with electrical .appliances are the filial leading cause! of home fires. Amateur electricians arid forgetful housewives are--the ciflp'rits. The rccommcndede i practice 'is. to let skilled eltctriclans' handle all household wiring lohs'aud .to disconnect irons arid toasters before leaving rooms to answer telephones Children playing with -matches and .nduUK who toss away lighted smoking materials provide .the sparks which' stnrt approximately thirty per cent of home fires. Thus, these ' fires may be eliminated If matches are kept away from youthful hands and If grownups remem- bti lo pslmuuish cigars and cigarettes before discarding them. Cleanlinr.sq Stops Kire As added insurance against this niost r common fire causes, authorities sij the "rounds around a home should" be kept spotlessly clean at all times. They recommended galvanized steel ash and iwbage cans for storing waste materials svhich flare np whenever a match or lighted tobncco is thrown into them Galvanized steel ash and sarbage cans have .close-fltling covers.'arid fire proof bodies to protect refuse, Defective heating equipment '.is Ihe second most common cause of home fire.s, The suireested precaution is to Inive chimneys, stoves and ' furnnce.l inspected at regular Intervals. Specli! attention is advised for gaol-filled o r. cracked chimneys, which let collect, in walls of buildings, often resulting in Ilics Safe-Is l>ry Cleaning Next in importance, as a home (ire hazard Is the misuse o( gasoline and other flnmmablc liquids'.' Such fluids never 'are recommended for mine .dry cleaning, since their fumes may be ignited by any spark within . a radius of two hundred feeti-Cnrnori letlachloride is regarded ns the only safe liquid for home dry cleaning. Because of the low .'Ignition poliit of most liquid fuels and 'cleaners, sa(etv officials recommend storing them in underground tanks away from'the buildings. Small amounts, however, may be stored 'In salvaix- Lumberman Named Dixie Man ofY<ear NRW ORLEANS.- Lii., .October 11 lfl+9 — Ernest L. Kurth, past presl dent of the Southern Pine Assocla lion and industrial leader ol Kcltvs .Texas, has been elected '-19-1 Sonlh's Man of tnr. 1m - by Dixie Ril.slness Mflg^zine of Athnta, Built-in' Closet For Refreshment Stock Is Handy [A 1 -refreshment closet built- Inlo ivlhg-room, dining-room or even the hall Is a .•convenliet and excellent space-saver iinrt Stecjw everything at hand lot entertaining. A lloor-to-ceillng space 3 . teet wide ; and 13 Indies deep Is sufficient. ' Storage "shelves built against the wall are 1 essential, and (or a work surface bracket, a shelf to the inside of the door 36" from the floor. When not in use and the door Is closed, this 'work siirace swings beneath a wall shelf. A pull-out slide at comfortable «orklng height can be provided if preferred. Paint (he inside of the refreshment closet a bright color. Enliven plain'paint with decalcomaniasjor free-Hand designs. Give Die shelves a stain-resistant finish. Light the closet Interior with a small Hoars cent tube hidden In (he closet behind the top of the door frame. j 5M Flmer and Snnh Jackson lo Mnx nnd Bc.rtha Jickson U Mr interest in 80 • aero in Section'7-15N 8E main $1,500. omy ' Georgia. It was today announced by H. C- Berckes. Secretary-Manager of the Southern pine Association. Mr. Kurth is President of the ''Angelina coiintv Lumber Company. Keltys. and President of the Southland Paper Mills. Inch.. Lufkin. Texas, and is recoanized as one of ;ilie .lending citizens of the. Lone Slhr state. •While Ernest Kiirth has contributed his share of'.trail blazing', toward Ihe developnienl of the Industrial .South," said Mt: Berckes,' "It is In the lumber manufacturing In (luslrv that he niorinered- With a snwmilling opei'ation that wns,starl- ed more thati fifty .years ago...the Angelina Coiinlv- .Company stands as a :the permanence of the Southern Pine: Industry through constructive forestry prac tices and" reforestation." Aihong the fifty "candidates who were "running" ..for: the honor, of .Ihe'Soiilh's'Man of the Year,-.Mr. Kurth was the oiily Unnbe'rman Tlie "election" was determined, by L votes and Mr. Klllth's '.host, of friends in the lumber Industry jznve him excellent support, as judged by llie result. "I feel that the honor accorded to" Mr. Kurth Ms richly deserved," Mr. Berckes stated, .*;became'- he has shown- by: his .faith and. confidence in the Southern Pine In- diistii that tniber is an Impoitant ienew able resource and one of the stems of tlie South s econ few Building Permits Sought in Past 2 Weeks Heat Loss Stopped In the average dwelling, 44.4% of the hear I* lost through roof and walls and it _Ls to prevent this loss that both new. and old homes'are Insulated with mineral wool! Boilers in Colors Steam and hot water boilers arid enclosures for warm air Jurhanc&s are now available in numerous colors that will harmonize with alniosb any color plan in a basemen t rec re lion room. '' Applications for building permit ulaccii on tile during the past tvvi weeks In the office of city Englnee ! Carney have amounted to abou 522.000, in construction. App{tratton.i have been filed by— Frank Hunt, for a U'o-roon fiame residence in Wilson Additio with an estimated cost of SHOO an for a three-room frame residence j on:South 14th, with an estimated | cost of SI.OOO. j Builders Supply, for a six-room frame i evidence at Bio Pecan; esti- i mated cost, $8.000. j R. 'D. Hughes, to inove a house ; from 612 Main Street to Gosnell. I J. M. Stevens. Jr.. for three four- ! room frame residences in Country j Cluli Aica; 'estimated costs, 5-1,000 j each. ' •: ! TURFMAN ILL - Col. Malt Winn, above, the "grand old jiion" ol the turt, was reported in serious condition following a major operation at a Louisville, Ky., hospital. II Was the second operation in two weeks for the 88-year-old president of Churchill Downs. "We Follow 3 Your Doctor's Prescription.' Nichols Drug PHONE 4GOJ '' Mnr Milidy's Furs About. .30.000.000 fllr-bc.uing. aii- imals are killed annually in the United States to meet the demand for furs. Sonic 20.000.000 .of , these consist ol nv.'skvat, opossum, .mole, lamb, kid marmot; and squirrel. PREEMPTIONS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Fresh Guaranteed Slock Hesl I'rires Kirby Drug Stores 4&i^, Painting is one of the greatest improvemenls yoiKcan make. Keep your honib young and bright looking — prevent premature aging. Today's neglected painting becomes loinorrow'slnirden. Neglect causes decay outside — falling plaster and peeling wallpaper inside. Be Win* — Specify ... *>•' *<" ->~ VAHE-CALVERT PAINTS NORTH LIGHT ON EVERY SIDE OF YOUR HOME WITH lUTS-Q-W3uD ilME w»« when you eitKer stood the glare of direct snn, or put up with darkened interiors, depending on whether you hid no iwntng* or awnings that admitted almost no light. Now, Slats-o-wood —• graceful, colorful, individual in style and appearance—filter direct sun and glare through a s l a*ft c r e il stat arrangement, giving a. soft, diffused lighl throughout every room. Not . only that, but S\ats-o-wood—made of fine, light, top-grade, permanent wood, from. West Coast • forests—ntcd never be lakcn down. With merely an occasional coat of paint they will maintain their good looks for the life of your home. T : or these and olher reasons, home owners in every part of the Solllh are now installing permanent, year-round Slats-o.wood. Budget plan available. Please phone tis today for free literature about Shts-o-wood, and an estimate if you wish. You will be under no obligjlion, ot course. , Iff . £T~Ttlll ===• DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main Street Phone 4469 Paper complete jroom for only Yes, you can paper an average 10.\12- ft. room for . . <il Lliis low Ward price! Choose t'roin wide selection of b-.Hitifully styled fjulepi'oof-washable or embossed patterns! Priced lo save you . decorating dollars! Better WoJIpaper for Less at Wards =/ ill KtC new}&^ m woj<t/ THE BUDGET PLAN WAY Why watt lo enjoy (lie convenience and comfort of a - - smart, new Crane b;iihroom— a modern Crane sink, or an efficient Crime healing system for that muuer. Let us help yon rmnlerntxe now, the easy way—(he budget plan way. cisk US... about the .convenient Crane Budget j Plan today I "PETE" ThePliimber 309 North 1st E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. SOYBEAN SACKS . Sire TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BEANS AT ALL TIMES Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 So, I'hone 2S60 ' Pictures You Will Like We socialize in commercial and home portraits.. .pictures which'.you will enjoy throughout (he years. Call for appointments. Phone R011 FAUGHT'S STUDIO 112Sou(iris(. ' ' (Night Phone fi321) IF YOU LIKE THE BEST -A TRY NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Jitt .>unu,J Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance LEGION ARENA SAT. OCT. 15th. '.';.••.• .".with .••"'.;•- '-. Jack Pennington 1 and -the' Garretfs Snuff Variety GANG Those Who f.ike fo Square Oance ' ••'••• ^ ve Cordially Invited! Adm, Adults 75c - Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dance

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