The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 8
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-. ^ v^r:-.v;-.. . v- - • '-;. ••-:'-; . v,'--" , v •- = .. 1 -:=;'.r >-••' .-\, " r -. •-.••!:.';•'"' .v, .-•• ;• '•' .-:.".? ;; •••- - 1 : 1 /.; - : ; •;•;>•• v = _••,•' •••;.•/,•,••/• :• ' 'I ' ' • . " - , ' K L . - - - . L - 1. . - I . (• . , • |T t I J,- r I "i ,'* 'i ,- 8 •. I .i - . '- . ' 'MUNI PLAY IS CHORCHMAN Archbishop of Pompeii Says! Drama "Sninl Sebnslian" ! I.S fJf'On I.OIIN IN DRAMA OF TWISTED LIVES TUB BAKEK8PIELD CALIFOUWAN, WEDNE ^^ i i __ _ _______ __ - ." ' Dr. Thorpe Given Childor While . ^ fl -»—' f \awlntrti Prra/i l.tntfil M «"' KOMIO, Srpt. H.- -Tho Arrhhlnhnp Of T'nmpfll protested tndJiy aKaliiHt | tho prowrnintltiti. nndn 1 K" Vfl play. Saint Sflui^t Ian. and forbad* Cutholl'-H i'i nil' ml It The ("mini pn»t»'Nl wn.s Hnnounrn by An-hhlNbup AniiHtnstd HMMP). whit alNM Is pntilnrHi i.f ( 'otiMlniil In'.pl' WrllU n In IMt I . tin pliiv IH Hi'lu- fin pff f-'fiiiitil'-t' nl ll« Hain T "f I'nmpHI S''pt»-nibrr Ifi un drr tip' anvpl' 1 ' s "f the tfo tourl^i liin-r.-Mi hi n f HIHI i \ al "ic Hornunn. rall« i ij I >'An nuir/.l') "tin- ton well known poi-i " nnd rt't'rrvcil to III^ play ah "Pagnn ." 11^ forlnuln Ciilho H to a!t»'tnl ll (. tovfi-ninf nt h ulliorUlfH have takrn imdrr <'oiml*lcnitlon. tin- HUltl. nho to heated VHrt) Sept. 2- Krnnklyn Thorpo took charge of bin 4-ycar*o1d daughter, Marylyn, today and described b(m«c1f u« "awfully happy." Tbo little tftri wan the center of « bitter oiiHtody dlflpulo between Hoctor Tborp« *"«! 1> |M dlvorcod Wlfo, Mnry A«tor of tbn fllmn. ruder thn term*. of an .igrnomc spond Ihrmi inunthH of each year with her father mid tlio romalndor with h»*r niolbr-r. "I plnknri hor up (him morning and took ht.r to my aptirlmont," nald Doctor Thon».». "1 mn awfully happy to hfiv" IHT with ino again, It Ko.onin JiiHt like (fid tlmoH, "Aflor <»MP horonu'H im:iintomf»d to a homo nnd child, nmJ Htiddonly 1» without, olthpr r things uro very flit*- finiH." Murylyn will remain with bnr fnthfr' until tbo on.1 of September nnd Iht-n return to hor molhor. Doctor Thorp" Wll<l M O bud e11 * MIHM !''runoo8 Manly HH nurao for Murylyn. _• - -•* S COMING 10 NILE ' L All-Star Cast Assembled for . Filmland Version of ^ Famous Novel Donul iiiul ICMhMii Lntnll 40* TJMU.I'.KT UuNAT nnd * * I*n it'll nrr- ninrr«"l 1 I limn it "The Count of Montr I'rlnio." uhl«-h n turns to the Nile Un-nler tomorrow on it Rrand revival program with I'iddli- f'jinior in "\\'honpe<-," innki- tine- of the ni"Mi heart wannliiK '" rnnnll* 1 I* HIHH the ncreen |I;IH He»-n In vf-iii'H. In I he enflv CM'-in M of the film they play with fn-nh /ind KaKl'iK i-hariii the youthful toy- M, Mrl n tf 11 u I and Men -e lined to I"- HO niihkHHly lorn from f.'.rh (iiiirt M arniH by ihn boy'H on**- nili-H nnd In UP- Inter H«'f*nfH. whfn Kdnmnit return*. OH tho fabulrnlrtly wrallhy "Count of Monte I'rlHto," nnd flndM Mcrri'don married to the mortal enemy whn had raiiH»*d him io la T i K u Mi lor yIMII'M In I hi: K''l"i prlmm of tho ('.mU'Hii d'lf, they porlray Ihe mntitnl yarnlnK of I he mnliire mnn nnd woman ullh nnd hrart-wi bikini? imdi-r- Ginger Rogers in Hollywood Again l>rr.n* l.rnitr.d Wire) HOLLVVVOOl.). Hcpl. 2.— Her first vacation In two years ovor, Olngpr UogtM'H rnturni'd to lior studio today to bngln work hi a now picture in which she IH being starred. The ac- iress arrived In lais AngeloH yttHtor- day after HprndliiK he,r vacittlon In New York. P^*_r_-rfew* -fr 1 I I bl II T" V *"t* ^™ t STARS GALORE AT FOX c MARCH Warner BAXTER Lionel BARRVMORE BANK on Seeing TONIQHT THCSE / Art HITB WILL ROGERS In "STATE FAIR" "WALKING ON AIR" TOMORROW 7 P, M, 1UNE LANG* ti RAIO LSD ATS LLY LLY THE HEAD AMD HtROINEVOU LOVED TOON—NEW Scandal That Rocked America The Gorgeous Hussy TODAY | TOMORROW 3 GRAND HITS IT'S COOL Your l>l>nrilv ThMtr* IIARHV CAKHV riOOT flIBSON "THE LAST OUTLAW" Jcmlc MATTIIRWS Rohcrt YOUNO "ITS LOVE AOAIH" PfTC SMITH AQUATIC AII '••Biwipja * -' m '+~. -Ji *•- -M^t mm I CTAI ^ Kni \\iu-m-r llu\((-r, TAKS KiiJurn appi-Mi In tin' pro- n oprnlni; a) I IH |-'ox titiliix . Mi "l t h» r (i In l *!'• \ • n t •• ninMt )tn I-CMH|M- < ant tn i )M' cr (i ni 1ov»» (Iri.MlH t'l I h»- Kf'Mt \\'ni l<l VV III '"riic Kninl HP Ultiry." Mlarrin^ Mat rli. WnriH-r MM xli-f, iiuiK. l.t'-n' 1 ! Mn iT\'iii'M»' ami (injury llnlnfr. HIM'in id, fnur a II i'<. MUM! v Htai'H xvlll nppoitr tn t'O iintniii-H nT wrn-cT. jniK, Krcdrle Mnrrh Jt»y in "Kolly the Hocond" with l'alH>- K'flly, Charl'-y ChuRn, (Juinn n\\x Hoy) \\'HUiiniH and 1'frt KoJ- Lori ln*aillnK lh«« 1'iiHt. A rolortMl ctirloou "Hawaiian MlrOn" und Atftrotono n*iws featuring th" nlrniiKo opldrnnlc of "Knock Knock" that IH ft weeping Iho nation, cornploton lhl« pro- unun, which runfi through Hntur- day. llorvcy Allen'*! monumontal literary clusHic, "Anthony AdvorHO," bi'otiffht to tho Ncreen with all Rs wefttth of color ancl dramatic fire, liufl boon booked by Managor \Valtcr Morrln for tho NHo theater, Whore It will bn nhown for ono clay only In two p<.rfprmant.ttH on \Vcdnowdny, Hr.pirjinbcr 0. I.cacrved scat tlckcta will bo on tmJo tomorrow. Krodric March has tho etcllar role, with beautiful Olivia DolTavlllartd plnylng tho Inadlntf foininino role, Thoro has novf-r boon a ca«t to approach this one In «lxo, and few that will equal it In talent. Thero are 98 principals with speaking parts and 2650 bit players and extras, whllo nearly 3000 artlHans and techl- elaiiH worked behind the cameras. More than 1000 scones were "shot" for Ihe production of 131 mammoth sets. Tho backgrounds nrc set in five counlrlfjH on tbreo contlnentH. Tho sceneH open In a Krone h chateau, swoep through tho Hwiss and Italian Alps to I ho quaint city of Leghorn; Italy, th^n to Havana, Cuba, on to Africa and I ho groat slave marts of other days back to 1 taly and ngaln to Krnnro to tho court of Nitpolnon Honaparte. Kteffl Dnna hns tho part of tho half-Amorlonn nweothnart of- An- thoiiy lit tho time, he IH conducting a slnvo innrknt on thn dark contl* n«nt. The roU» of Anthony's grandfather's Monsuouis houHekoepcr Is plnyod by Oalo Hondergaard, The Knindfathor, a rich HeotUsh mnr- rhant doInK husinoHS in .Leghorn, Italy. Is purtniynd hy tho noted KngllMh actor, Kdmund Owenn. Anthony's mother IH portrayed by Anita. TvouiKe. ('latide Haltir* plays tho role of the grniulco of Spain who slays his wife's lover In a duel. Tho latter part IH enacted by I-.oi.iH Hn y ward. Billy Matich plays tlio part of Anthony when ho Is a boy of 10. EDDIE CANTOR A(iitn \V()M'M(MM)S (M'AUI) UANCII tn ih* IIHBT MUAICAL TMIUMIMIi WHOOPEE Wltli th* Ulorloui (lutilwyn Otrli iM.AKKNI'ON. 'IVxan. Si-pt. 2 \ ft* I 1 > KiiHHlaii uuirhutinds today tin* ra?iK' l M of HIM h.Htorlt- .1 A i ain-h In Pain I MHO ranyoiiH. vlKllancn t(i protoct y ii'ilnuilM I'nlll a • j fr\v yearn aK". d rt'KitJai 1 parli of wolf WITO (Mil COWBOY STAR tti ri(tllt pU'dntni 947 ONt DAY ONLY. WEDNtHDAY. HEPT. tt GRANADA NOW -TWO I1IU rEATUntE.8 wvenl LAW Ton nee AND rox FUN FUATURE "EVERY SATUHDAY MIGHT" AUo Now» nnd abort SuhlacU 3800 Hoot fonluroH niaHo up tho proRrnm nhuwhiK today and tcnnorrow only nt tho Kox CaHfnrnlu thoutcr. Th«? fh-Hi frn- tur<! In "Tho l*nnt Outlaw" ntarrlnff four MK woHtorn HlarH, Marry ( 'nroy, I loot Mllmon. Tom Tylor and llonry M, AVulthall In a H|X- Kun \vi»Htori| nhow. Tho HIUHIIU! foa- turo IH "It'H Ijovo ARnln" a beautiful muHlrnl romance Marring JI>MH|O Matthown, tho liaiu'lnK divinity, with I Cohort VOUIIK Motro- lono N'ou-H with I'MwIu ('. lltli H the proffrum. ALT Granada Booking Mystery Romance "Tho I.nno Wolf Uolun.H" Colun.-' m»\v iny»li»ry rontanro rmtitir- ! Molvyn I »ounlas, (Jail Patrick; Tala Wlroll. I»|»OI.M tmhty nt tho (Iranadii thrutnr. Tho flint IH baned , on thi» fan.oitH Hlury hy I.ouln .Iiw- , i'ph Vaiu*o and ronthutcH tho ox- H of tho fubuluuH liono Wolf, in- ; trritatlonnl Jownl thlrf nnd iloboimlr lover. Othorw in thr i-asl uro Doug-, IMHH Dntnhrlllo, ThurNton Hall, Uny- inoiul \Vnllnirn HIM! Nairn Mryant. : i'otiipl^Hiu; tho o!oiiMo bill IH "Kvory SaUinlay Night." a Fox fun; flint tollInK (hr Rtury t»( a happy/ 'nippy family. ll\ Injr. loving unit ; UiUKhtng. Juno Lung. Tlioinaw Mock.: Pnni(y itiul SprhtR Mylngton ! aro fratnrod. i d Arlen Bac Screen Cait ^^^~ w ^^^^^^^^^^^^^~ T ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BAKERSFIELD Friday Sept. TULARE AND KENTUCKY STS. i (tawfated .'ITJI* / rilm-iJ HoM.YWiH»D. Srpt. _!. —Aftor six of lliitlsh pU'tvu'o ntuUInK In anil t'anatla. Ulcbard Arlon today lit Holly wood on lil.H blrthtliiy and tho twelfth at hlM uctlvti i-atoor tn tbo V )oMpU*» Arlon'it lutiK almonro young won, Ulokoy. bad no difficulty In recoKiilftluK bint at Union Air IVrinlnal. Arlon aitd bin wlfo. tho i forinoi- Jobyna ItaUton of , flow ovorntKht from Uovol , (Canada, TR»UMPH OF COLOSSAL ACHIEVEMENTS Bigg«r-Belier-6nnoer-ln*n Evir Bitore ANECLiASiNO EPOCH tN fHR WORLD'S GREATEST AMUSEMENT INSTITUTION YARDAGE DEFT •L v .• . J • • ^ _ 1^ ^ — _r 1^ ^J_^^ fc» 1«-»—^^ m± ^j_ 1 _^ a ^fc^_^ a _^^^^ M ^^t^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^B^B^fc^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B i(*M«p"ii'ta™.**">«***""'i>*'"""* — "*^^ 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ * L Silks and Woolens n f woven wilh Hie url of real craftsnicn, introduce Fall's fuscinnling nubs—some witb an overlay of gleaming hair, also Ihc flat, dull surfaces to be found in crepes and suitings. Fall materials challenge your skill with a needle! *IVIflVltlH*VIHV«I^Bl,^H^h«HI|HIH«,**ttl*aiMHIHVMHiat^^ HEATHERLANES 54-IN. 1 ' 1 .* \ H -• Woolens in checks, stripes, solids, plaids and mixed weaves, P pt* vil tvl I'i. J HI I_I • **« ••«*•••****•• J\J ll UO 9 $1.95 FANCY WOOLENS in smart new weaves for school or work; yd.. $1.79 SUDAN AND SUDARE Hytones and Featherspims in a new wool challis effect 39 inch; per yard •••••••••••••^•••••••••••^M ^^^"^^•^^"^^•^^^•^^•^•^™^*^^™^^™^^"^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^^^H 6 Exquisite Fall Shad CREPE in all the gorgeous fall tones and black; 39 in.; per yd.... $1.00 Velvet *fmr m m> ' • 1 r Is a Fall favorite for tho after-five o'clock affair, for tho matinee or tho strictly formal occasion. Silk back, 39-In. wide. . . Famous "Nevo- wet" make. Per yard$1.95 SCOTCH HEATHER Gallon suiting and rayon crcpc; per ynrd 39-inch Challis Finish RAYON PRINTS in lovely Paisley patterns; small or medium figures in fall's allur- Ivo *»»*«»****t***** Also JACKADEE RAYONS Something Quite New! A 36-inch Washable Suiting Called MANHATTAN STRIPES It is a fast color cotton rayon A in rich, warm fall tones; yd..., TC ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^^^•^^^••i B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^~^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^~^^^P^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CREPE VOGA An A B C rayon print quite new and different ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^_^^_^k^££0^^WK^^^^^^0^^^_^^^^^^HA^^^^^^^H^^H^^^gfl WORSTED SUITING in flattering plaids, checks and mixed weav "The Soap That Agrees With Your Skin" MANHATTAN'S Sweetheart Luxury Bath Bars 2 for 25c Sweetheart Skin Charm r Toilet Soap; per doz COSMETICS DEPT.—MAIN KLOOR ART DEPARTMENT on 12asl End of Balcony Visit our department. New fall Yarns, Books and Models arriving daily. Instructions free! START THAT NEW FALL SUIT NOW! It's Cool at Bakersfleld's Moat Unique Cafo TWO BIG ACTS Speotal Added Attraoiion by Popular Demand Return Engagement of Rex and Betty Powers World's Champion Skater* and Those Fast Danoers THREE SOCIETY STEPPERS IV L L ¥ Palsy Delano, Mary Belli Mary Lee TRY US NEXT FOR Chicken—Steaks— Chops Served at All Hours Three Floor Shows Nightly 10 p. m,, 11 (30 p. m. ( I a, m. No Cov«r Charga Except Saturday AIR COOLED ^^^^^^^^^^^ H ^^^ M ^ H ^^^^^^^^ H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^K^_^A^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^V^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PAB8T ON TAP h - . -' • *•* M _**- - -**- : . ' ,t -1.H 'I.AHA MOW HKTTKll U)S ANOKI.KS. Sopt, i?. (A. P.) 1 rtam How, tho former "It" «lrl of, ' Hvroon, if*. rocoyorbiK from an • nek of ptvMitahio |uilm>nlnK on tbo ; i Nrvmlu nttu-b of tu«r hUMbajul, Uo\ ! "'•'»"• "• I f « « «m , Hoii : 10IOPEOPLC- 400 ARENIC STARS —111 WILD AMI* MALS-IN ORIAT 5 CONTiNENl MENAOEMt » 10 ELEPHANTS- 500 HORSES - 9 TRAINS Of DOU* 8U LENGTH H. R, LARS-* $7,100 DAILV EXPENSE ^^•^^^^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^ ^F^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M OAU DOLOtN irmimlnt a%*r MI •v«tl n«*«tl«nt an* Wtn- Am«(lnk *«alur«% Ir«m All ftnnf• REAT ZAVAHA T U O N L D FLYING HAROLDS Of AMKHICAANDCON* T INK NT A I KUBOP1 ^^_^^^^^^ t ^^ t ^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^fc^fc^^^^^ a _^__ M _ M _^ a _ M _ _ 1 _ — _ M ^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ STftm HtADI M 4 M, TWICE DAILY 2 P * * OOOWI n§i«rv«d «nd Aflml««lon Ticket! on Sfllft Ciro\(* Day At A Stone. Drufli, Nhn«t»«iUh nnd Chester. KNOCK KNOCK! Tin Juana learn to play "Knock Knock!" and other nong hits on the piano? Enroll Now With EVERETT JONES in one of his simple, modern courses in Popular (jazz) Piano No previous training in music ncceftiftttry. PHONE 8370 2-129 Nineteenth Street * Breakfast Plates Bread and Butlers Cereals Cups Saucers Chop Dish Round Vegetable Dish A Service for 6 * 32-PIECE FIESTA WARE SET r In five assorted and breath-taking h colors! Created by true craftsmen to add joy to any table. A distinctive idea which enables YOU to arrange your owu color scheme. SPECIAL ..;.-. * * * * Reg. $12.95 Value! * i t: I • I - • * J' !,'-- "•---; » -'• --• • . ' ^* ^ ^ _*> -' ' -.

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