Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on August 16, 1966 · Page 7
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 7

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1966
Page 7
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Ill I *UISPAY, AUttUST 1«, I9« THE ANDERSON HERALD FAG! 7 Physics Lab To Get Data In Sun Orbit CAPE KENNEDY (UPI) -A aba* 77 million mite tan • vm-sh^ed pfcjittes lab is set earth, lor • shot into *ti ortH around Pioneer 7 will be sent on (he sun Wednesday to survey interplanetary space and report will take it to a position on. the solar radiation astro- million mfles outside of earth naute may someday face. orbit on a track between the The 140-pound probe is the orbits of earth and Mars. second in a new series of Valuable Information Pioneer spacecraft designed to "eyes" in solar orbits to keep instrument readings on ._ tabs on the sun's radiation tion and magnetic forces activity. ' deep space. Its reports hav The first of the new given scientists valuable new spacecraft, Pioneer 6 launched information on soJaj physic last December, is cruising cosmic rays and the structur through deep space on an orbit of the -•"'• — <«<•««" «•«"" between the paths of earth and phere. Venus around the sun. It is now' From 'out" course that in a weeks Pioneer 6 to date has radioed give the United States a set of back more than 400 million "aw" In eA%<u> A«kU« *«v biuMt inctnimpNt rOArilnfffi Ml 1'adifl sun's radiation atmos that data, scientist Kings Crown Inn BUSINESS MEN'S IUFFEI Strvid Doily 11:30-1:00 $1.49 MONDAY SPECIAL SPAGHETTI DINNER TUESDAY SPECIAL PRIME RIBS Au Ju« 5:00 to 10:00 $2.95 WEDNESDAY SPECIAL STEAKS Your choic « S:0 ° lo 10:0 ° $2.75 THURSDAY SPECIAL CHICKEN Family Style 5:00 to 10:00 $1.95 FRIDAY SPECIAL PERCH-SEAFOODS 5:00 to 10:00 $2.25 SATURDAY SPECIAL PRIME RIBS Au Jut 5:00 to 10:00 $2.95 SUNDAY SPECIAL SMORGASBORD 5=00 to 8:30 $2.25 KINGS CROWN INN PH. 643-6001 FOR RESERVATION Uu Our Nlwly Povid Parkin* Ana R»r of th< Inn WED. MORN. WED. MORN. ANOTHER MORNING OF MOVIE FUN PRESENTED BY DAVIS DAIRY FARMS THIS WEEK'S FEATURE WILL BE "CLARENCE, THE CROSS-EYED LION" PLUS 2-COLOR CARTOONS-2 Admission 2 Bottle Caps-or-2 Little Chiefs FROM ANY DAVIS DAIRY FARM PRODUCT HAVE MOM START HOME DELIVERY FRESH TO YOUR DOOR —3 TIMES WEEKLY OPEN 9:30 - SHOW 10:00 ATTEND EACH WEEK AND REGISTER FOR THE FREE BICYCLE GIVEN AWAY AT OUR LAST SHOW BY B. F. GOODRICH - 1409 MERIDIAN Attend Each Week For a Better Chance To Win NOW DAVIS DAIRY HAS ICE CREAM TOO FINAL "A Big Hand For ETODAY The Little Lady" irn 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:13-9:15 Starts WEDNESDAY It alt happens at the Tokyo Olympics.^ you'll never guess the winning event! •She said she'd prefer to share her apartment with a girl." "So would I.? GRANIEY COMPANY Pie«M> GARY GRANT SAMANTKA EGGAR JIM HUTTON * ROBERT RUSSEU MntANKROSSMinicb-OUIr.CTJONES Pir«uwJl>»SOLC.aE are attempting to devise way to forecast the movement o great outbursts of radiation from the sun that couli endanger Apollo astronauts fly Uu to the moon.. As the solar storm actfvit; increases during the next year Pioneer 7 is expected to add to man's knowledge of the dangerous high energy particles expelled by great thermonu clear explosions on the sun. Solar Wind The spacecraft will also examine the "solar wind, flow of ionized gas moving constantly into space from the sun at speeds averaging about T million miles per hour. It is the solar wind thai scientists believe shapes the earth's magnetic field, givi a teardrop shape with a tail extending thousands or even millions of miles into space away from the sun. Pioneer 7 will attempt to locate the tail of magnetic forces and measures its thickness and length. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said this information could help show how interplanetary and earth's magnetic fields are related. The spacecraft w£ll be launched by a 92-foot Douglas Delta rocket using three solid rockets strapped to its first stage for extra blastoff power. The rocket, making its 40th space launch, will attempt to give the Pioneer a 24,400 mile ui hour push away from earth. The spacecraft will first soar ahead of earth but will soon )eg5n to fall behind the planet. In 28 weeks, Pioneer should be 34 million miles behind earth, and 105 million miles from the sun. Britain Drops Auto )runk Test Plan LONDON (AP) - A plan to give police power to stop drivers at random for alcohol breath tests has been dropped by the government from its new! road-safety bill. Now police will have to have reasonable cause to suspect the driver of having taken alcohol or of committing a traffic offense before asking for a breath test. AUGUST SATURDAYS WORSE CHICAGO — August js the most dangerous month, Saturday the most dangerous day, and night the most dangerous time for driving. Fatality rates are highest then. INDIANA BEACH IAKE SHtfER - MONIICEllO INnl«N« S audits and more extensive prosecution of Indiana tax cheaters eventually will save honest tax- £jj" —j~j j£, ™ »^T Other recommendations will payers many thousands of dol-the state-brings in six doUartjoe that the intangibles tax re- lars, William L. Fortune, state commissioner of revenue, said He 'added" that" hVwili ask employment agency licensing _ . ... . for an increase in per diem!>j e transferred to the Indiana Fortune will recommend spe- (ravel allowances for auditors jdepartment of labor and that cific steps along that line to a since present grants are so low I th6 cigarette tax law be given —.:... ., u.- ,„:.,-.=... ... (hey discourage auditors from| mor e teeth to halt bootleg here. meeting of the Legislative Advisory Commission Wednesday. hat personal liability be extended to corporate officers, partnership members and their ed in the department, accord- employees who fail to remit sales taxes they have collected necessary for legal advise, to^ginning the practice in 1907. HOOSIER MARKETS BUYS RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION 4-H CLUB STEER - which was exhibited by Cathy Clouser, at the Fair Grounds, Alexandria last week. The 960 pound Black Angus steer brought 50e per pound at the 4-H auction sale. Shown, pictured with the Reserve Grand Champion Steer, at Emge Pocking Company, where this and other show calves are being processed, are John Seipel, meat manager at the Meadowbrook store; Marvin Buntin, meat manager at the 7th St. store; Mark Kimmerling, manager at the Meadowbrook store; Charles S, Hughes, president of Hoosier Markets, and Cathy Clouser. - Courthouse News - STATE'S LARGEST J-SPAN SUSPENSION BRIDGE * NEW PARKING LOT OPEN FINE DINING il lh< Patio & Skyroom Rul'turanli DANCING NIGHTLY 2 FREE SKI SHOWS Dally 2i» I I|30 GALA LABOR DAY WEEKEND OR VACATION MAP.DI GRAS AFLOAT BOAT PARADE A FESTIVAL Sunday, Sigf. 4 FREE Fireworks Display labor Day, Sept. 3 PHOME 12:9) 583-7777 for Rejections in •'•*•:"«! or Coilagej CHAMPIONSHIP BOAT RACES-1-5 P.N. Sunday, SepL 3 NOW SHOWING DIRECT FROM ITS RESERVED SEAT ENGAGEMENTS! 1»I!IPOPUUIR PRICES! AT 9:10 BATTLE OF ULTRA-PANAVISION- TECHNICOLOR 9 FROM WARNER BROS. PLUS-AT DUSK THE ROAD RUNNER SPEEDY GONZALES IN "BATTLE OF THE DRAG RACERS" NORTH LAST TIMES TODAY FREE SUPERVISED KIDDIE PLAYGROUND FRANK SINATRA -VIRNA USI "MOMENT TO MOMENT" "ASSAULT ON A QUEEN" A "° STARTS WEDNESDAY 4 BIG DAYS PLUS CO-HIT TECHNICOLOR* NEW SUITS FILED Superior Court Nettie S. Lewis vs. the 01 Cquity Life Insurance Com jany. Breach of contract. A S. Woolbert. Ted Clyde Kiger b-n-f Grac !. DeArmond vs. Donna Mari [iger. Divorce. DeArmonc Jooram, and DeArmond. Barbara L. Milam vs. Nor man A. Milam. Divorce, sup wrt, attorney fees and costs Ralph F. Mattingly. Harold D. Brondon and Mar; . Brondon vs. Raymond E nd Pauline J. Dailey. Petition or mandate?/ judgement. Ke ey, Arnold and Kelley. Alberta Mae Allman vs ames C. Allman. Divorce Ralph F. Mattingly. Keslow's Incorporated vs James B. and Olivia Beezeu xwer. Complaint on Judgi nent. Davisson, Davisson, an )avisson, Anderson Banking Compan; administrators with the will ai lexed-of the estate of Arlie S ililan, deceased, vs. Tom Wi ams. Ejectment. DeArmonc jBooram, and DeArmond. Milford Mortgage and Realt Company vs. Lyle McMahan Ejectment. Daryl E. Scott. Thomas S. Baker vs. Blair' West Side Texaco Service Sta tion. Suit on contract. Chambers, Byer s and Gaus. Anna Lee Hickman vs. A. V Hickman. Divorce. Fred. P Robertson. Rosetta Page Wilson vs. Rich ard Anthony Wilson. Divorce Fred 1 P. Robertson. General Finance Loan Com pany vs. Bruce M. and Donn Smoody. Suit on note. Harry P Thornburg. Liberty Loan Corp. of Ander son vs. William and Dorothj Hamilton. Suit on contract. Wi liam F. Lawler Jr. Overhead Door Company Hartford City, Inc. vs. Ace Air port, Donald J. and Miriam Munspn. To foreclose mechan ic's lien. William F. Lawler Ji Loberty Loan Corp. of Ander son vs. Leroy and Betty Patton Suit on note. William F Law ler Jr. Liberty Loan Corp. of Ander son vs. Charles C. and Nancj Quensenberry. Suit on note. Wii liam F. Lawler Jr. Liberty Loan Corp. of Ander son vs. George H. and Carok Sue Moran and Arnold Moran Suit on note. William F. Law ler Jr. Liberty Loan Corp, of And erson vs. Thomas L. and Mary L. Carter. Suit on note. William F. Lawler Jr. Liberty Loan Corp. of Ander son vs. Lundy Ray and Juldine McClelland. Suit on note. Wtl liam F. Lawler Jr. Liberty Loan Corp. of Anderson vs. Vivian Gibbs. Suit on note. William F. Lawler Jr. Liberty Loan Corp. of Anderson vs. Orville and Viola Elling wood. Suit on note. William F. Lawler Jr. Superior Court 2 David L. Webster vs. Rodger Paxtpn Cook. Damages. Busby, Austin, Cooper, and Farr. Insurance Company of North America vs. Sewell Bennett. Damages. Busby, Austin, Cooper, and Farr. Continental Insurance Company vs. Stephen L. Morris. Damages. Busby, Austin, Cooper, and Farr. St. Paul Insurance Company vs. Lawrence Wiegcns, John E. Johnson, and William S. Jones. Damages. Busby, .Austin, Cooper, and Farr. St. Paul Insurance Company vs. Michael L. Duckworth, Ronald E. Brown, and Ronald Estell Jones. Damages. Busby, Austtn, Cooper, and Farr. Wilma Benefiel vs. William Benefiel. Divorce. Fred R. Robertson. Karen Simmons vs. Robert Eugene Simmons, Divorce. Kelley., Arnold, and Kelley. Nyla Lorene Godby vs. Ray Godby. Divorce. Robbins and Dietzen. Theodora Gully vs. Theola Gully. Divorce. J. Baync Burton. Carolyn Seegraves vs. Oliver Seven Burned Fatally In African Collision JOHANNESBURG (UPI) Seven persons were burned lo death and two others injured Friday when two trucks carrying negro workers collided with a gas tanker near Mskuti, it was reported here Saturday. Seegraves. Divorce. Robtens and Dietzen. M. and Agnes K. Clore, and Gulf Oil Corporation vs. Jack William M. and Margaret H. A. Stanislaus. Suit on note. William F. Lawler Jr. Billy Joe Street vs. Linda G.I Street. Divorce. Chambers, Byer, and Gaus. Mae Bell Davis vs. Thomas f. Davis. Divorce. DeAnnond, Jooram, and DeArmond. Circuit Court Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company vs. - - - ' pany Suit c 'enrod. Suit on note. Daryl E. Scott. D. Guy McMullen vs. Claude Swafford. Suit on note. Joan C. Bashaw. Commercial Trades Institute vs. Billy Jones. Breach of contract. Joan C. Bashaw. Carol Shupe vs. Terry D. Shupe. Divorce. Joan C. Bashaw. Liberty Loan Corp. of Ander- John Cecil son vs - John iand Diane BrowB Suit on note. William F. Lawler Jr. State Studies Tax Cheaters Crackdown INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)-More which are held in trust for the niov, i-uiivuic oaiu a ICTJC1H — . ° f —. --------study indicates that for every [prosecution of tax offenders. y| A ii n « *«««* ;« : *„*„ in- I fWhpr rprnnmiAnnAriAIK wi state. Also, Furtune said a recent prepare regulations and circulars, to act as hearing officers ar.'d to gather evidence for and for out - of - state audits, there is a revenue gain of $10. turn no longer be filed in dupli cate or notarized, that private traveling and they now pay! sales. Fortune said he will urge part of their expenses out of their own pockets. A full-time legal staff is need- UCENSE PIONEER HARTFORD Connecticut claims it was the first state to ing to Fortune, who said it is ! license automobiles drivers, be- LOOK... it's STEWART'S! YM, our new home seems to be catching everyone's eye these days. If you are one who truly appreciates the beauty of fine home furnishings and accessories in every style, do stop by soon. Ask a Stewart's qualified decorator-salesman to assist you with your planning and selections for any decor. If there are questions concerning the selection of a new floor covering, we invite you to shop our new and expanded carpet department where you will find hundreds of selections in popular colors, textures and fibers. Convenient Credit Termi Plenty of Free Parking Open Evening! Til 9; Closed Saturdays at 6 Stewart's Furniture DALEVllLE State Road 67 (Just East of Interstate 69) Telephone 378-3382 "WHERE LIVING IS MADE MORE COMFORTABLE" 60 SECONDS AFTER YOU RING OUR RED PHONE, WE'RE ON THE WAY TO FILLING YOUR TANK WITH AMERICAN. HEATING OIL. HOT LINE SERVICE ANNOUNCING NEW SERVICE Hot Lin a_first modern streamlined Oil heat service—now yours from Standard Oil! When you call our red Hot Line phone, you get the fastest service ever offered. It's as near as your phone for emergencies, completely automatic for your everyday needs. What you expect from the leader. 60-second processing of emergency calls. Sta-Ful automatic Delivery. Night and day emergency service. Cruising Hot Line repair patrols. More trucks, trained experts, advanced repair equipment. Instant credit with your Standard Oil Credit Card. Free overnight modernizing estimates. Our own AMOCO,, Sta-Warm line of furnaces, boilers, burners, water heaters and humidifiers. Oil heat goes more modern with Hot Line service! Yet it costs no more than the old-fashioned services. Call Hot Line for full details now. One call does it all! Oil heat—the safe heat. IN ANDERSON DIAL 644-4481 or 642-9458 or 644-7340 or 644-8103 For Hot Line Service in other areas see below. You expect more from and you get it!* Alexandria...317-724-4002 Elwood 317-332-2171 Frankton 317-754-7612

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