The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 20, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 2
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2 Wednesday, September 20,1944 fflfte gaherflficCb CalifOtnian PEANUT BUTTER June War Advertising Totals $8,254,036 YORK, Sept. 20. (U.PJ—AVar effort advertising in United States dnily and Sunday newspapers in June amounted to $8,254,036, of | which $6,G8n,828, or 81 per cent, was | for advertising the Fifth War Loan, the bureau of advertising, American I Newspapers Publishers Association, ; reported today. ; J'Yom August 1, 1!M3, when the figures wore first compiled, through | .Tune, 1044, expenditures for war effort advertising in daily nnd Sunday newspapers readied $."15,541,144. Waste paper salvage campaigning rose from fifth place- in .May to sec- mid place in Juno with $197,5;):). Gasoline conservation, in the second month of its campaign, came up from twentieth to third place with a .Tune figure of $154,1US. Thirtyfour different projects were supported by dally and Sunday newspaper advertising in June. Allies Throw Strong Blockade on Crete , Sept. 20. W)—A strong Allied blockade has been thrown around Crete to prevent the escape of the German garrison and enemy forces there are being subjected to a succession of sea and air attacks, an official announcement said today. Cnrrior-bNsed planes from an Allied naval task force operating in the Aegean destroyed 11 German motor vehicles, damaged many more, and wrecked a JU-52 on the ground in an attack on Crete three days ago. The next day naval planes knocked out. at least 25 more vehicles. The British warship Aurora on September 17 bombarded Melos, a tiny Aegean island midway between Crete and the Greek mainland. A German wireless station on Melos was the target for both the Aurora and the British destroyer Terpsl- chore the next day. U.S.toAskCurb on Enemy Aircraft WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. <U.E>— American proposal at the International Aviation conference beginning November 1 will include a, demand that all forms of aviation—private, commercial and military—in Germany and Japan be virtually immobilized for an indeterminate period after the war, it was learned today. The principal air powers are believed already agreed that the enemy countries .shall not be permitted to retain, manufacture or import military aircraft. In addition, this country, presumably with support of Britain, Russia and China, will insist on keeping down enemy civil aviation for years to come, bearing in mind the threat that once was imposed In this hemisphere by Axis airlines in Latin America. Army Transport Plane Missing Over Alaska EDMONTON. Alberta, Sept. 20. (U.R>—A United States Army transport plane carrying 16 passengers and three crew members has been missing since Monday morning on a flight from Anchorage to Fairtanks, Alaska, army authorities announced. The plane, flying for the Alaska division of the air transport command, last was reported over Talkeetna, 100 miles north of Anchorage. Later a trapper reported hearing a crash near Lane Creek, 10 miles northeast of Talkeetna and 40 miles southeast of Mount McKlnley. Gas on Stomach Kdiif e4 in S mim*u w feohU TMT MM* hick When eicess itoraach icid cauiei pilnful. luffocit- Ini l»s. tour itomich ind heartburn, doctori uauillr prescribe the futest-trtlnf rnedlclnea known for syrontoraitic relief—medldiwi like thoie In Bell-iM Tihlrti. Nn Unlive. Bcll->ni brlnM comfort In * JUfr or return bottle to ui for doubl* money bick. 25c. SAFEWAY farm-Style Produce; ~ -. /-. . ..^ -^ s . ^ - ^ ^ s* ->. ^-~ ^^ Here's how to make catsup and chili sauce! TOMATO CATSUP 3 large (about % 1!/z cups vinegar Ib.) sweet red 94 cup sugar peppers 2 tsps. paprika 3 medium (about 2 tsps. mustard 1 Ib.) onions seed 1 bud garlic 2 tsps. celery seed 1 bay leaf 1 tsp. whole cloves 35 medium (about 1 tbsp. whole all* 10 Ibs.) ripe spice tomatoes 3 inches stick 2 tsps. salt cinnamon Wash vegetables. Remove seed cores from peppers. Grind peppers, onions and garlic in food chopper. Add to cut tomatoes, bay leaf and salt. Cook slowly in large kettle until tomatoes are soft, about 30 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove bay leaf and sieve tomato mixture. Return to kettle and add vinegar, sugar and paprika, mixing well. Add remaining spices tied in a bag. Cook slowly until thickened and volume is reduced about one-half, about 2 hours, stirring frequently. Remove spice bag. Pour immediately into hot sterilized fruit jars, filling to top, and seal. Makes about 4 pints. Fruits and vegetables at Safeway are "Farm-style"— naturally fresh! Because they are whisked just as swiftly as possible from farm to store, they retain the maximum amount of vitamins. They taste just like you were eating them on the farm! Depend on Safeway for "Farm-style", naturally fresh produce ... always! CHILI SAUCI 42 medium (about 1 qt. vinegar 12 Ibs.) ripe tomatoes 10 medium (about 2 Ibs.) onions 4 large (about 1 Ib.) red sweet peppers 2 buds garlic (may omit) 3 cups sugar 1 tbsp. whole all* spice 1 tbsp. whole cloves 2 inches stick cinnamon 1 tbsp. grated nutmeg 1 large head celery 2 tbsps. salt Wash vegetables. Peel and chop tomatoes. Peel onions and remove seed cores from peppers; grind onions, peppers and garlic in food •chopper. Combine with tomatoes in large kettle; cook slowly for 2 hours, stirring frequently. Add vinegar, sugar, spices tied in bag, and salt. Simmer about 1H hours longer, .stirring frequently. Remove spice bag. Pour into hot sterilized fruit jars, filling to top; seal at once. Makes 8 to 10 pints. PERSIAN MELONS Make popular breakfast dish. Ripe, sweet. YOUNG CARROTS Just pulled tender carrots. Tops have been removed. BELLFLOWER APPLES Tart apples. Perfect for pies or sauce. BARRETT PEARS Ripe, sweet. For lunches & fruit bowl. ITALIAN PRUNES Firm, sweet, purple prune-plums. Delicious. BELL PEPPERS Fresh picked, crisp and green. For salads. FRESH GREEN BEANS Crisp, tender Kentucky Wonder string beans. BANANA SOUASH Thick-meated golden squash. Enjoy it baked. PORTO RICAN YAMS Bright, firm, smooth. Bake sweet & moist. ;^cx^« Ib. Ib. Ib. Right to limit is reserved. No sales to dealers. LIBBY'S PUMPKIN Golden pumpkif• for •«• feet pie«. 'Now Free". Note »ho ... Point low price! 29-oz. cans LIBBY'S JUNE PEAS New "Point Fr««". Sweet, Buy «t your Safeway. 2-01. WYLER'S RICE DINNER Extra low i inirtditntt SUNNYBANK BEANS, RICE, CEREALS BEVERAGES 12' MM '••'!• ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN A IT MEETS EVERY TEST -YET COSTS YOU LESS n Ib. Plus 2 Red Tokeni pka'se-or your money back! (13) SIRLOIN ^42° Steok, cut from GUARANTEED beef »' » (14)T-BOHE A^5Qc Alto Club ond Porterhouse steoU (15) ROUND Fine flavored beef $»eoks- (10) ROAST Prime Rib Beef Roost. 7-ir- L (4) LAMB rr.?.:::::::: :3 T This Grade It "POINT FREE" Baby Lima Beans 1; Now Point Free! 2-pound bag, 22c Large Lima Beans 1;?' 13° No ration points! 2-pound bag, 25c Blue Beauty Rice Post Bran Flakes \ Shredded Wheat»'SMO" Cream of Wheat ! JT 13" 26-oz. pkg., 22c. Cream of Rice ^t™ 'pkg*21 e Kellogg All Bran 7" lftc Gerber Cereals 2 XV, For baby. Wheat cereal or precooked Oatmeal TYPICAL SAFEWAY VALUES Mellow blend Ib. Airway Coffee Edwards Coffee Vacuum packed in re-useable glass jar. Nob Hill Coffee S Chase & Sanborn 27 Ib. lb . Two grinds Regular or drip grind coffee. Instant PortumSj-**" '•"'' ^W" l »kg. * Drink your vitamins end like em! Hemo Chocolate Ovaltine RATIONED FOODS Tomato Juice CornMuf ^ Mix Drome Grade AAorA Ib. Grode AAorA Ib. Prime Rib Beef Roost. 7-inch cut. SHOULDIR Grade ROAST AA or A Ib. Round bone chops or« on. LAMt RIB lb. 33-ei. ' Pkg. drond—easy to use. Corn Bread Mix £3 JJ TJ- ^-.;_T_ The modern, quicker 40-oi. < DlSqUlCK way to bake biscuits pkg. VI AI i «• Harvest Blossom Brand 10-lb., r AOUr 25-pound sock, 99c sack Sno-White Salt ESS J SM Morton's Salt Ee? 2 ££* Royal Sqtin '£22 9 3 Pure vegetoble shortening for improved boking. Venus Glac6 Fruits '£; 16" Orange, Lemon or Mixed fruit. Del Monte Raisins '£'• 12" Seedless. (Seeded Raisins, 15-oz. pkg., 13c» Camay Soap HI SS r Pity 3 ^O* Mission Bell T 2J ^ 5- Boraxo B ,Z x t'± Ds 2'£.' 25' Libby's 18-01. Brand can Plus 20 blue points. <47-oz., 23c, plus 40 points) Canned Milk <*£* ™9« Plus I red point. (Small cans, 2 for 9c, V? point each) 14 Hi-Ho Crackers Duchess Miracle Whip Kern's Jam (7) CHOPS Rib Lo«bchot»s-*ic« to broil Feet's Soap Borax, plus toilet soap Granulated 33-or. size. >k ( . Gn £; twl PURE SNOW-WHITE LARD, IN ONE-POUND GradiB White King Kitchen Klenzer 2IV:. 1 ' 1 !• iH-os. Afgi '•am *• 60" TYPICAL SAFEWAY PRICES Campbell's Soup lo ;ir Beef^-noodle variety. Soup is now Point Free! Soda Crackers 1 -Ib. 2-lb. pkg., 30c pkg. ': lb 20« pkg. **» Fine Salad Dressing Pint 01 C '/2-pint, 12c; quart, 38c Jor •* Dressing. Pint Quart, 40c {or Blackberry U'/i-oi. Point Free! far . Luncheon Meat BKreo : d ^nr Chicken Raviolis ";" Superior Brand. Just heat and serve. Gravy Master VJ£ Tomato Sauce "22 '£*• NATIONAL DOG WEEK Feed "Man's Best Friend" with the best pet foods on the market!' Buy them at Safeway's low prices. GRADE A FRYERS , b fto = Cleans porcelain, glass, < etc., without scratching ' ' Cleans painted walls ' and woodwork safely quart 3-flavor Dog Food Cube or Meal Dog Food SAFEWAY TlMMPtkM fresh prefect) •M fffecHv* tkrt«|li tervr* MONTGOMERY WARD'S 72'"' : />;MH WARDS FARM STORE BIG CAPACITY, LOW COST HAMMERMILL 10170 Grind up to 9500 pounds of feed per hour with Wards Model "0." Sturdily built. Free swinging hammers. Grinds any dry feed. Complete with bagger. Sold subject to government rationing rules. ' COMPARE OTHERS • PRICED UP TO 100.00 500ft. cop. 74.70 Separates 80 quarts in 20 minutes ;;. and leaves less than Vz ounce of butterf at in 100 Ibs. Adjustable for 18% to 55% fat. Easy to start ;; . and easy to keep running. Self-balancing bowl. BABY CHICKS -* 15.00 100 A* Hctthed Whit* Leghorn* Wards chicks are all from U. S. Approved flocks and hatcheries, produced under National Poultry Improvement rules. Bred-up for top profits. Buy them Wards... and savel Reg. 37e Now Onl 100 iy 32° You get quicker, more thorough filtering with these long-fiber cot* ton J&J disks. SAVE ON FARM ROPE AT WARDS 7/16 Is now reduced from 1.75 per 100 ft. to 1 55 p«r 10O ft. Good quality war rope for farm use. Replace worn rope now . ; j it's dangerous! Economy Glass Substitute Reg. Price 18!/ 2 c per ft. U c per foot Admits ultra-violet rays. Heavy paraffin coating on a heavy cotton mesh base. CLASS POULTRY FOUNTAIN 98 Famous "Drink-More" fountain, mad* of specially toughened glass Squat, wide jar fits on wide base. Flange on jar mouth and high center on fount make tip-proof unit. Holds 1 % gallonsl ROTARY HOO OIUR 7.95 Heavily constructed cast-iron rotary oiler,, lets hogs oil under flanks. Oil reservoir holds 1 % gallons. Mounted on heavy lugs for anchor- Ing to ground. Built for years of service! i IVlontgomery Ward 2526 Chester Avonuo Telephone 7-7871 "Whoro Parking Is Easier" LET "Things Worth WhBe" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Th* Horn* »f Qiulitr. Strle ••« Boutr In furniture 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 44711 RECORDS p^ A 6W HARRY BROCKS Expert ••d QairaaUctf Watch

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