The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 6
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CAT RESCUED FROM WATER MAIN Innocent Den Hi Mini Had Faced Seven Times in North Cnvolinn iAtituniatr.4 l're»» Leaned Wire I \ KALKIUll. N. ''.. Hnpt. I'.--Clover-j nor 13hrlnghuuH signed a full pardon j AugUHt fi for OIIH Colin T.imtfley. • who seven tlm<-H faci>d fleet mention ! on a murder charge In North faro- ] linn before lio w«« parolfil. but for- | mal IDBUIIIICP wnn withheld pending • a report from New Jersey offlrlal.s j on Ijingley'c rondiict In recent i montliH. dlscloieil the govpi-iifir'n ndIon todny In a elnlrmoni In whleh be gnvp bin approval to u movement lanndn-il »t AHhevlIlp to unit tho Ir-KlBlature to; pay $1500 In restitution In l.nnKley, i •wlio now HVCH In Morrlmown, N. J., i for the time he iipeni In prlmm and j the work he did IIH a prlNoniT. T.angley wu« convicted of Iho tnur- i dor In AHhevllli' on September :!7, IDS;. In a rilllriK Htatlon holdup of , JjOnnlP C. ItUBHPll. \Vlleey Johnson, j Implicated In tin- riiHe. WBM lr|pd. but. | a mlBtrlal resulted ami lie was not ' tried again. The eonimutritlon und parole f"l- lowed n n exhaiifitlvn Inquiry bv Olll I.liugle.v'H HeiitriH-e WIIM rommut'-il on Scpli-liiber 7, I'.'33, im.l l"> VUIH paroled detoliPI- .'II. IC'H Allorncy General Rules if Plunes Mnkc Short Slay, Not Subject to Tax (United Vrein r.rated Wire) SAN FRANCISCO Sept. 2.—Pan American Airways' three tran«pacl- flc flyers thrt China, Hawaiian and Philippine Clippers, will havo to to avoid taxallon in California, ac- l oavold taxation In California, according to the lulout ruling of state luxation authorities. Attorney Oenerul t'. S. Webb has ruled that tho clippers are taxable In California If they are habitually at the Alnmeda airport. The company had demanded exemption from taxation on tho grounds that tho transoceanic clip- porn wnrn veHsfls and UIIIH exempt from taxation under a section of the stato ennstllullon. W"bh ruled, however, that clipper i whips are generally regarded us Hoa- I planes and not vessels Inasmuch aa most of I heir travel Is In tho air. Ho also exprf(mpd doubt that when COMMUNITY NEWS Entombed flvu iluyw In a newly Inid Snn Francisco wutcr main, 20 blocks IOIIK «nd It feet in cllnmoler, n stray cut wns rescued by un S. t'. C. A. worker who workeil bin way through the lunnel, traveling on nn auto creeper. Previous efforts to Hiinre the feline by "catfishlng." nH shown In II'IKMC photo, failed. Pinffriun showH predicament of the feline. L A. Port Foreigr^CaliforniaGranted Bartenders Would I rade, $2,100,000 $7 ; ooo,000 Funds Ban Woman Trade Atsn"tiitfrt I'rritn I nnn"! K'lrri I/OS AN< iKLK.S. Hepl L 1 . l,on An grips bin lior'n furelfdi trade to!al"d JKI.MO.h'.!:! for AIIKUM!, fuirpiinfdHK July by $".IOti.O«i), Iho Mnrllie T.x chnliK° reported fodn>'. Imports of Ul.tJOr. tout', valued m $b,f'47,!i ( in, wcrci more I him f>o per cent ahead of AugiiMl. lll.'l.'i. fli-nn r l-;x|K)ilH dropped below Iho mini" month IHM vi-nr. '.Mi!i,9iM» tons being valued at $:.,o ir.JiM. In July, Id:;."., •t(IO.;KI!i limn worth $(I,IH6,20H wcro exported. IIOKS I'l'SIIKS I'KDALS MILU'ArKKK. «vpt. 2. (U. P )-Henry L. Niinn, preHldenl of Mm Kunn-HiiHli Hboe Company here rides a bicycle dally to and from bin office. Mimt of Nunti'ii HOO (in- ployc.-M UHC automobiles. ftlANT HKAN j HPlClNril'"II i :Ln, Mass . Sept. 2. (U. P.)-A blai.-K-cy«'d string bean • .1!) InohPM long WHM found by MI-H. Mary KlngMtou and Mrs. Miirgan-i ftleco In u nearby gnrdcn. / itii'ii-iatfit I' I,rated Wire) OMAHA, Neh., Sept. 2. — Tim Ouiiiha Itiirleiidersi 1,'nlon (oiliiy nn- noiini'i'd Intention uf iieelilng piicHage e|,,| ,.f.,-urll.v ad during IIH flrhl your. ' of " lllul " 1(IW prohlblllng wonidi Julin t; Wlniiiii. diiilrmaii of ilu< from cnlcrlug or pure-bailing beer or fl.nllril I'rrtt l.rtilP'l \\~irfl .••-AN I'M'.ANi 'IHi'fi. .Sept. r. Neiulv $7,00(1.1100 n'lin gninlPd (•iillfonilii under HIM |1 publle. i,|fit;iII''" pn>\ h'loliti "f tlin I>M|CI - II| California Icglslaiors In 1914 cnaclod i Hac.kett; tho prosent utxatlon law n« regardd | Dark; vessels thai they were- far-sightnd enough to havo forenoon and Intentionally Included transpacific airplanes within tho exemptions of Iho law. The tax fight now hinges on tho Interpretation of what la meant by the word "habitual" us rogards tho amount of time the clippers spend at their Aliuneda bate. Officials of I his company say tin average mop of tho clipper ships 'U Alamcda between runs to tho orient IB only eight dnyn. New Books Now in Branch Library DELANO, Sept. 2.~Twenty-seven now books have been placed on the Hhelven of (ho local branch of the Kern county library and Include, "Hear»t, Lord of San Simeon," Carlmm, "Jungle Gold," Pod rick; "Kxllo." Muck; "Old Koldler Sahib," TtlchardM; "llooU of Amnrlca," AVII- BOM; "Hleel Hiiimro Pocket Book," Htoddard; "Hte«J of Empire," (liblion: "Rubber Bifnd," Stout; "Advice Umlted." Opppnliolm; -" Warn- liiK," Hberhnrt: ".tamnlca Inn," Du Maurler: "Uay of Immense Sun," Nllcs; "Let the King Bnwnre," Morrow; "Wny of a Transgressor," Farson; "McaHiirlng Kthlopa," Coon; "Modern Burled Tnvmurc Hunters," AVIIklnn; "Autobiography of Earth," Hradley: "Social Foundations of Kducatlon," Counts; "Destiny's Mrjn," Tweed; "Shining Windows," Norrls; "South Riding," Iloltby; "Crystal Tree," ITauck; "Undaunted," Hurt; "Orecn Lion," "Return lo Coolaml," Silos Crockett." Choao; "Hocking Arrow," Rower. Pastor Announces Brethren Services News From Walkers Basin WALKERS BASIN, Sept. 2.—H. James Cochran made a recent business trip to Bakersfleld. David C. Mills and H. James Cochran recently broke down with a loaded truck at White ak Flat en route to tho Mills here. Mr. Mills stayed all night with the truck while Mr, Cochran walked homo for hetn. largo percentage of voters were present, some coming many mllon. Mesdumea Nancy A. Mills and Elizabeth A. Wood and Messrs. Wilfred Wood and Walker Rankln served on the election board. Mr. and Mra. Leslie E. AVood and daughter, Betty Jeanne of Los An- KPlcs are visiting at the AVood ranch here. William E. Johns and Leslie E. Wood recently spent four days on Pluto mountain riding after cattle. Mrs. Elizabeth A. AVood. Mrs. Los- Ho E. AVood, tho Misses Alice. Florence and Betty Joanne AA'ood and Messrs. Wilfred and Wallace AVood spent last Sunday at tho Kernvllle Beach, Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mills, Mr. and Mrs. AVllliain P. 'Allen, Mrs. Ruth AVood, the Misses Alice and FloYcnco AVood. Hazel and , Nlta Williams. Messrs. H. James Cochran, James Colt and AVallaco and Wilfred AVood attended a dance at At tho election here an unusuallythe Jones pavilion at Twin Oaks last Saturday evening. Mrs. RoVay Billings of Kansas )B visiting at tho Mills ranch here. Mrs. Billings is Mr. Mills cousin. Mr. and Mrs. Fruzo Jones are staying at the Fraze homestead here. . _. . Miss Beatrice Co wart of Weed Patch was a recent visitor at the Wood and Karr ranches. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mills of Bakersfleld was a recent visitor at tho Mills ranch. Miss Hazel Williams of Bakersfield Is spending a few days hero at the Will lama ranch. . ID «B-| HIJ- i b' nniiuunc<-d lo- Hilda I Hi day. Tho imii'iuniTtiiiMil mild California HUM urn- i>r nnlj nix Htati-s lo i-i«ci-lve nil In i>T tin- lirnrfllM. Thoy liu-hldc iiNHlnlitni-n lo I hi! iHM-ily blind, IIH HlHtaiu'o I" Hi" iii'i-dy ngnd, aid to dependent children In tln;lr huiin-H, uniMnplnynn'iil coitipcnuiilliiii, tnuler- niil and chllil htinllh ncrvlc", Kcrvlci 1 for crippled children, child wt'lfarn Hprvli'c, vnriillfiiial ri'lmbllllullon.' pulil!' 1 hi'iillli Hcrvlcf: and fi'di-nil old- UK" lidii-rilH. ..... ---- -4~»~»- -------- I.KiMTMNt. UODH HTOI.KN AI'i il'.sTA. Kan.. Hopl '.'. il'. I 1 ) Somponc Hlitlr tho IlK'tl 'i hi(; i ndn off III" \VrliH|rr Ficlioiillnnihi'. II "IIM r" porl"d lodny. llnuiir ut II.-II-H In NebniHkn. i Thoin-iM 1 iflmonleo, Hocretury and, litiHlni'HH iiK f> nt of tin- union, Hiilit: ; •"\Vi! cnn't Hlop women from patron-I l'-lng tb" bni« now. More \vomun ' than men nn< In Hie burn today. i ! "If HiimethliiK ("n't (loin! about II, i we'ro RUliiK lo luivo problbllluri bai'k I > In it Mbort tlnif." 1 KI'ANKINUH D<) (iOOI) , ! \Vl:;i,l,A.N'I>, Out.. Sept. 2. ft;. H.) A flat Hlnip mid a KOOI! rlKbt arm IIIIH ui'coiripllHliPd "wondor»" In din- rlpllmiry netlon In AVeeland county, iiri-orrllnn In M<iKl>'( rate. .1. I'. MUM Hi". lie Hlll'l tlllit Illll Of SOO I'llHPH In Mlildi iipiinUIng '.vii.H Imi'onoil In MIMI of lin tM'iHoiiiii^nt. tlier' 1 Imve Program for Year Will Be Arranged RIO BHAA'O, Kept. 2.—A program for tin* coming year will bo outlined ut a meeting of tho Rio Uravu I 1 . T. A. on Friday afternoon at 'J:.10 o'clock at the local school. Mrs. Clyde, /.nchery, newly elected president, unfcH all women to bn present. Other officers who will head tho organization are Mrs. Frank J. Hehlcrlmann, vlco-presldon!, Mrs. Albert Lane, secretary, mid Mrs. Floyd Soars, treasurer. rilKI'-UK imi'NKTTKS LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. X. (U. P.)— Managers of tho Nebraska state fair beauty contest found out that blondcu urn not preferred In Nebraska, lu the first 70 local beauty contewtH, winners of which went to the fair. Hie bruncltc!) led Hie blondes three to one. McFAULAND, Sept. 2.—TCeverend J.'I. Coffman, imslor of tho Church of the llrethren. has announced that rognliir services will bo held Sunday. Church Kdiool at 0:-»5; wornhlp at 11 n. m. Christian Worker groupii will meet ut 7 o'clock In the evening arid wornhlp will follow at 7:45. llevorend Mr. Coffman will npeak on the nubjei-1, "Kingdom frontiers" I ut the morning worship nnd In tho I evening be will address the congrc- ! gat Ion conwrrnlng "Joseph." j »-M. — i Duck Hunting May i Be Banned in 1937 lAftuetated l'rt»o l,cnscd Wire) UHAND HAP1DS, Mich., Sept. 2. Ira N. Oabrk-lson, chief of the U. fi, biological survey, said loday a completely closed season on duck hunting may be necessary In 1U37. Vacation Subject at Delano Rotary DELANO, Sept. 2. — Members of thrt Rotary Club enjoyed vacation topics at their Tuesday luncheon meeting ut the Hotel Kern when George AV. McCllntlck, club president, presided. Samuel Valente was In charge of tho program and called upon Henry Sellers, who told of an enjoyable vacation Over the Redwood Highway Into llutnboldt qpunty: and upon Frank Panero who gavo a brief sketch of his 10,000-mile trip through an states, Into Canada and through the New England states, AVushlngton, D. C., New York and tho southern states. Harold AV. Olson a.lso spoke, telling of a recent vacation trip Into Oregon which Included the Columbia River Highway and other notable scenery. George, Sullivan, recent arrival here from Santa. Ana, was a club guest. • i » Fellows Girl Is Honored at Fete FELLOWS, Sept. 2.— Little Miss Mary Lou Roeder was the honored guest Saturday afternoon when friends gathered at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roedor, on tho C. C. M. O. lease In honor of Mary Lou's fifth birthday anniversary. The afternoon waa spent In play> ing games on the lawn after which refreshments were served by Mrs. Roeder. Rosealle Mills won the prize for pinning the tall on tho donkey. Pink was the color scheme used by Mrs. Boeder. Those present for this occasion wcro Lorita- Zoyn Simons, Barbara Dean Richards, Mary Ann Jones, Lois Jones, Mario Corbin, Ruth Koedcr and Rosalie Mills and tho honoree. Rio Bravo Holds Missionary Meet RIO BRAVO, Sept. 2.—MISS Max- Ino Moons waa hostess to member* of the Rio Bravo Christian Endeavor at a Missionary meeting: on Sunday evening In the patio of her Spanish homo near Rosedale. Special muslo was given by the Misses Evelyn Unruh, Qraco Weyand and Rosla Unruh of Shatter, who sang two numbers accompanied at the piano by Miss Venona Stone, also of Shatter. Talks were given by Mlsa Ceclla Haag, Donald Suydam and Miss Prances Wilson. Present at the meeting were th» Misses Marjorlo Smith, Patty Rock« well, Myrtlo Haag, Nadeone Kruger, Venona Stone, Eudora Baldwin, Trene Martin, Evelyn Unruh, Vivian Bartel, Orace Weyand, Cecilia Haag, May 'Haag, Frances Wilson, Roslo Unruh, Lenore Smith. Maxlna Moore; Messrs. Virgil and James Bussell, deorge Dean, Harlen White, Merle Calder, Walter Bergen, Paul AVIlKon, T. M. Martin, Edward ah<J William Haag, Theron Totton, T. J. BuEsell, J. E. Haag, Donald Suddam E. G. Kruger, Norman Bussell; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil White, Mr. and Mra. Harlln Wilson and Mrs. Glenn Wood. 4 » » SHAFTER 1TCU KPIDKMIC TORONTO, Ont.. Sept. '.'. (U. P.)— Tjai;iYolson"riddrc's8efl" the"thirteenth < Ontario governmental authorities annual convention of the Interna- I have appealed to Michigan experts i.lonal Association of Game, Fish and In an effort to stop a fisherman B Conservation Commissioners. i Itch epidemic which has spread He Maid the survey should be able j along tho eastern shore of Lake Sl- 10 determine after thin season i mooo. Tho itch, similar to a former whether the flocks can bo brought ! disease In Michigan Is believed to buck to nearly normal numbers with- j be. caused by Invisible parasites OIK a complete ban un ducl< hunting- I from snallH. Dionnes See 207,000 Visitors in August (United Pros Lcated Wire) TORONTO, Ont., Sept. 2. — Tho Dlonne quintuplets entertained 207,300 visitors during August, AVelfare Minister David Croll, their guardian, announced today. This figure exceeds by 65.958 the number of visitors to the Dafoe nura- ery during July, when the total waa ' n 33.. Out Dack hi 1933 hundreds of these hogsheads packed full of mild, ripe tobacco were rolled into our warehouses to age. Everybody knows how ageing improves fine wine. Well, ageing improves tobaccos the same way — adds aroma and flavor, Now three years later, these same mild ripe tobaccos arc being made into Chesterfield Cigarettes. Mild, ripe tobaccos make a milder bcttcr'tasting cigarette. When you smoke a Chesterfield you'll notice they have a different aroma pleasing taste... ^ MILD RIPE TOBACCO .., AGED 3 YEARS x ... that's what makes Chesterfields milder and better lasting %.««- * ion eno th* SHAFT1SR, Sept. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Kroecker returned Friday from a six-weeks' visit In Kansas. They slalo that Iho reports of drouth and grasshoppers aro not exaggerated, however, there is feed for stock In the part of Iho stato where they were guests of relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wedge hava returned from a two-weeks' vaca-, lion at Long Beach visiting their Don and his family. Mr. AVcdge or loved deep sea fishing, between the mainland and Catallna. His largest calch was a 2S pound one. During their absence Ihelr daughter, Annabel acted as librarian for her mother In tho Kern County Library Branch here. - ' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hare and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Henderson have returned from a two-week fishing trip near San Diego. They took their 28 foot fishing motor boat, which I* kept anchored In San Pedro bay. anfl*" brought back 350 pounds of yellow tall and spa bass. Tho fish will ha kept In cold storage hero to be used] aa needed. Mr. Hare caught a 2S^i-nound yel-* low tall, the largest one caught on this excursion. Mrs. Hare and Mrs. Henderson stayed In San Diego part of the tlmo and attended tho exposition. Mr. and Mrs. Hill McClain and Mr. and Mrs. 15d Ruub were members o£ the parly several days and enjoyed fishing from Iho boaot. Mrs. Haro vlsltc* an old friend. Mrs. Evelyn Jumper Ctustlln. who lived here formerly but who nov/ lives In Orange with hpr husband and two young sons, Phillip and Dale. OILDALE OILDALE, Kept. 2.—Mlsa Hattla Meacham. former local resident, now residing in Los Angeles, visited Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stevens and daughter, Mary Jane, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Loland Simmons and sonaj have returned from a two weeks' vacation passed nt Cupertino and olhor southern points. , Ernest AVatlcnbarger left last week for Linden, where he has accepted a position as teacher at tho Linden High School. Mr. AVatlen- barger was graduated last year from Davis Agricultural School. Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell aro homo from their two weeks' vacation passed at Lake Arrowhead. S. R. Buumnn of Rlvervlow left for Laramle. AVyo., Monday, on business. Mr. Baujiian plans to be away about six w.vks In the Interests of th»> Standard Oil Company. AVcek end visitors to Long Beach included Mr. and Mrs. AVIlllam Smith and daughter, Mrs. AA'llla Mao Butcher. Tho Smiths havo recently returned from a vacation at Santa Cruz. Ira AA'attenbarger, employe of tho Taft AVoll Drilling Company, has i bcpn transferred to Stockton. I Friends of S. O. Easthouse, well- j known local resident, will be glad, I to know that ho Is Improving from 1 his lllneBs at Good Samaritan Hos- , I pltal at Los Angeles. Mr. Easthouso i has fccen in the southern city for ; the past six weeks undergoing j treatment. | Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hamblett and I Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brockway motored to Tohachapl last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur AA'altors returned Monday from Oregon, where they enjoyed a two weeks' vacation. . UOG»TT * MVIM FINANCING by means of WAREHOUSE RECEIPT may be the answer to your CREDIT PROBLEM We make loans secured by staple merchandise such as grain, wool, cotton, oil. BAN K of AMERICA MIMIEI f. 0.1. C BaJeeredfld Branch Kiut Dakcrefleld Branch

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