The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 26, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1963
Page 6
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ijjis^fisbwwjajjagi^.isri • » • THE OTTAWA HERALD • Tuesday, March M, 1«8I Hints From Helolse Use Hammer, Tenderizer On TEe Meat By HELOISE CRUSE Hey Gals!! If you do not own one of those meat pounders. . . that's one of those -gadgets that looks like a sledge hammer and has a bunch of little squares on one end of it that is used for tenderizing your meat. . . then try my method. Use your husband's hammer! By golly there no use to buy somethin' and have an extra gadget in your drawer if you can get along without it. Especially when we don't use it too often. I don't see a sense in cluttering up your drawer with a bunch of odd stuff when you can keep it clean and find your favorite paring knife. Anyway, while I was preparing round steak tonight — I chicken-fried it — I could not find my "checkered sledge ham Helois* mer" and so I picked up my hits* band's new hammer. I used it to pound my round steak on my dough board. It not ony served the purpose but doggone if it didn't do a swell job. The little pieces of chicken- fried steaks all of a sudden expanded to a larger/size. But. let me tell you what I did to the round steak before I 'even pounded it. I used unseasoned tenderizer. After I played tiddly-winks with my little piece of steak, I then put the tenderizer on it and left it for nearly four hours. (Gals, there are directions on the bottle which do not say to laeve it four hours. This just happened to be convenient with me and made a perfect steak.) I then threw the little pieces of steak in some flour and pounded it with my darling husband's hammer. This beat the flour into the round steak itself. I threw it in some bacon grease and browned it thoroughly on both sides. Put my seasonings in. . . covered it with the old lid and after pouring a cup of water on it let it simmer for 30 minutes. , Ladies, ple*se believe me, this is a grand way to tenderite your meat. Get. put, your husband's hammer. Wash it with • piece of steel wool and pound that meat of yours. It's much better for tender eating! Heloise Dear Heloise: Would you please Just tell me how. . . a woman can hang a cup up on her metal kitchen cabinets? I have just moved into a new apartment which has metal fabricated cabinets. One cannot possibly screw a cup-holder into the top of any cabinet. Not only would I be grateful but so would three hundred other tenants in our apartment building. Lois Jones Please, someone tell us. We sure would be 1 grateful! Send answers to Heloise, care of this paper. Heloise Dear Heloise: I thought I should pass this bv formation along: Coffee is packed at sea level and when the jar is opened at • higher altitude where air pressure is lower, there are time* when the greater air pressure within the jar is released all at once spraying the coffee out of the jar. Here are a few tips to help prevent this: Place the unopened jar in the freezing compartment of your refrigerator for several hours or overnight. The low temperature causes a decrease in pressure within the jar. Open the jar as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator this way: Turn the jar top away from the face and unscrew the cap carefully, there may be a hissing sound, and with a pin make several holes around the rim of the paper seal with the jar still turned away from the face. No more troubles. Anastasia Ries ALL THESE CUTS came from beef hind quarter in meat cutting demonstration by Phil Weiner, K-State extension specialist (left), and Kenneth Boughton, of the State Board of Agriculture. Weights of the various cuts from the 125-pound quarter were listed on the chart along with the per cent of the carcass weight. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) All That Meat And No Spuds What should one look for in a beef carcass? What cuts can one get? What happens to the pounds of carcass for which one gets no return? These are some of the questions answered hi a meat cutting demonstration yesterday in Masonic temple by Phil Weiner, K- State extension specialist, and Kenneth Boughton from the State Board of Agriculture. The men were introduced by Don Brown, county agent, who also recognized Mrs. N. V. Hudelson, Pomona, who was recently elected president of Kansas Cow- Belles, the auxiliary of the Kansas Livestock Association. Mr. Weiner explained that one should look for thickness through the round in a hind quarter which was used in the demonstration. Also desirable are shortness of shank and fullness through the loin. There should be no excess fat which the retailer would have to trim away as waste. He told that the homemaker will not buy more than 1 A to % inch of fat covering. One of the points brought out was the importance of slow cooking to get the most out of meat in flavor and amount of servings. Mr. Weiner displayed a meat thermometer and explained its use. The point of the thermometer should be in the center of the largest muscle. Internal temperature of well done meat is 170 degrees, medium, 150 to 160, and rare, 140 degrees. Women learned that 1-3 pound boneless meat is considered an average serving and Vt, pound a more generaous serving. Allow at least Vz pound per serving of meat with some bone and % to one pound of bony cuts such as short ribs. Other points brought out were types of cooking suitable for various cuts of meat. Those cuts classed as most tender may be cooked with dry heat, on a rack n an uncovered pan, or under he broiler. Less tender cuts hould be cooked in moist heat, n a covered roaster cooking uten- il. At the close of the demonstra- ion it was found that 30.8 pounds, )r 24.5 per cent of the hind quar- was waste fat and bone. This accounts for the loss in pounds if edible meat for locker or reezer in comparison with the veight of the carcass paid for. It was pointed out that mar- iling, which is a reasonable Peoria-Cole Meeting Mrs. Maude Evans arranged the entertainment for Peoria- Cole community meeting in Cole School Friday night. It featurec talent from each family. Include* were skits, pantomimes, voca solos, accordion numbers and humorous readings. Mrs. Wesley Hymbaugh anc Mrs. Jim Bun-ess served refresh ments. It was announced the nex meeting will be April 26. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by 9 reader. WEDNESDAY Tot's Day' 15% Discount on all Baby Portraits made on Wednesdays. No Appointment Necessary Applies to children up to five years of age. Free Parking at Seller Studio 1525 S. Main Phone CH 2-4893 amount of even fat distribution within the muscle is desirable. It is associated with juiciness and flavor and helps make the meat tender. The speakers pointed out that those muscles which are used most by the live animal are the ones which are less tender. They added jokingly that one should never speak of meat as tough- just tender or less tender. OTTAWA HERALD'S BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL GUIDE OPTOMETRISTS professional miTOM MYCLEAMM Arvid Berglund, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 316 S. Main CH 2-2796 Olin G. Wollen, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 110 W. 3rd CH 2-4303 Be ready—when the Big Day comes! With our expert care and Sanitone's special Soft-Set® fabric finish, your clothes will look their very best. Call on us today—before that last-minute rush. A. G. Madtson, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 205 S. Main CH 2-4233 Rodney McClay, O.D. OPTOMETRIST Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-3793 CHIROPRACTORS 125 S. Main R O Y A L BOND'S v CLEANERS Phone CH 2-1810 Davi: Paints Anniversary Sale Continues this Week by Popular Demand IATIX"22" WALL PAINT All the modern features of a Latex Wall Paint —real value for thrifty home decorators. Wide choice of colors. Gallon SEMI-LUSTRE FINISH Beautiful sheen between high gloss and Flat —for woodwork, trim, cabinets. Special Group Price WALLPAPER B SALE Buy your paper now - save on these special priced papers for every room. See them now on display. 39c 49c 69e Boll Roll Roll DAVIS PAINT Associate Store Gifts - Housewares Harold Leitnaker, Owner 129 S. Main Ph. CH 2-2491 Quart Quart Reg. $2.10 Quart Save Sic a Quart PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL Top quality guaranteed Davit Enamel. Use inside or outside. Ideal for porches, floors, outdoor furniture, work benches, pipes, etc. Use on wood, metal, linoleum or concrete. All popular colors. Gallons On Sal*/ Too If you pr«f«r to buy Perch and Floor Enamel in Gallon cans. Rt|. $MS GlIlM Don L. McKelvcy, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 116 W. 2nd CH 2-4777 J. C. South, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 116 E. 15th CH 2-2166 Residence Phone CH 2-3961 S. M. Brockway. D.C. CHIROPRACTOb 1408 S. Main CH 2-2386 R. C. Capron, D.C PHYSIOTHERAPY Ground Floor 113 E. 3rd Office Ph. 2-4100 Res. Ph. 2-2270 OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN HOMER N. FLORA, D.O. Osteopathic Physician Medicine and Surgery Zellner Building Phone CH 2-3746 DAVID L. YOUNG, D.O. Physical Medicine Phone CH 2-3844 222 E. 3rd St. FLYING SERVICE SKY SERVICE Jack C. Kille, Mgr. SMILING JACK'S SKY SERVICE Municipal Airport, Charter Trips, Sight Seeing Rides, Flight Instructions CH 2-8775 or CH 2-4230 23 Years Flying Experience INVESTMENTS INVESTORS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES, INC. exclusive distributor for Investors Mutual, Inc. Investors Stock Fund, Inc. Investors Selective Fund, Inc. Investors Inter-Continental Fund, Inc. Investors Syndicate of America, Inc. Investors Variable Payment Fund, Inc. prospectus upon request from Hazen L. Richardson 1438 S. Hickory CH 2-2773 INVESTORS SYNDICATE LIFE Insurance and Annuity Company Barret-Fitch-North MEMBERS NEW YOHK STOCK EXCHANGE Mutual Fund* — Stocks — Bond* Robert Dillon — 425 S. Main — CH 2-2445 MEDICAL DIRECTORY J. F, Barr, M.D. SURGERY Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-1268 Frank A. Tramp, M.D. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-1620 Louis N. Speer, M.D. General Medicine and Surgery Office: 109 W Fourth Phone CH 2-1257 Res. Phone CH 2-3401 David 6. Laury, M.D. General Medicine and Obstetrics Professional Building Office CH 2-1620 Res. CH 2-187 R. A. Collier, M.D. Surgery - General Medicine CH 2-1182 Res. CH 2-2393 Professional Building Chester H. Strehlow, MD Surgery — General Medicine Professional Building CH -1279 Res. CH 2-5675 Sylva Lofgreen, M.D. Victor J. Lofgreen, M.D. Physicians and Surgeons 3rd & Walnut CH 2-2126 R. S. Roberts, M.D. Professional Building Surgery — Medicine Office CH 2-4325 Res. CH 2-1594 Hewing Bros. — 484 S. Main — CH 2-2641 For Prompt Ambulance Service Coll CH 2-1331 Ottawa, Kansas JOE TOWNER'S CHAPEL THE ANTHONY CLINICAL LABORATORY Gladys Anthony Allergies, Bacteriology. Serelogy Hematology, Bio-Chemistry, Parasitology Room 15, Professional Bldg. Ph. CH 2-5296 Home CH 2-3407 ELMOR CRAVEN ASSOCIATE First National Bank Bldg. Phone CH 2-1243 General American Life Insurance Co., SL Louis Veterinary Service VETERINARY SUPPLIES HESS, FRANKLIN and Others Mann-Bell Drag Store 501 N. Main CH 2-3924 BEAUTY SHOPS Ella's Beauty Salon Specializing in Permanent Waves and Hair Styling Mrs. Cecil McArdle, owner, operator. Beverly Cole New Location. .134 So. Hickory CH 2-4198 BEAUTYLAND Styling Salon 114 E. 2nd CH 2-4347 OPERATORS: Eloise Milton, Marion Ishang, Sharon Brill, and Wiloma Babcock. owner and operator. Millie's Beauty Salon Specializing in Hair Shaping and Current Styling Millie Engles — Owner •operator Rose Marie Baxter- US E 3rd CH 2-3395 Pharmacy Is Our Business Your Prescription Will Receive Our Careful Attention BRISCOE DRUG STORE 847 S. Main CH 2-4133 PREVENT YOUR NEW BABY FROM FOOT ILLS... FIT HIM IN THE FAMOUS DR. WIKLER SHOES BY BUSTER BROWN The New Concept in Shoe Lasting... Perfected by Simon J. Wilder, D.S.C. 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