The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 7, 1971 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 5
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CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS l.Trippet 4. Marienbad 7. Gemstone 11. Pulpy fruit 12. Cap 13. On vacation "14. Defection 16. Nerve network 17. Misfortunes 18. Icelandic poetry 19. Decisive • 21. Japanese porgy 22. Paragraph 23. Etiquette / 27. Indistinct 29. Brainwave 30. Anoint 31. God 32. Sorceress 35. Thrall 36. Girl's name 37. Exotic 40. Hunting dog 41. Jujube 42. Murmur 43. Charter 44. French marshall 45. Attention HD3 HEE BSESE] ••annua agED •asaas Saga SOB •Bann EH ESQ GPHRB •••ran •••• nraan ••aiiDH ••no amaanaL! ••us Han oas SOLUTION OF YESTERDAY'S PUZZLE DOWN 1. Trophy 2. Salutation 3. Seaman 4. Hushed 1 2. 3 1 H 8~ s- 7 8 i IO II 12 13 IS % % •7 '9 20 21 % 23 24 2S 27 29 ^ % so 32 33 34 35 36 38 HO 1 w HI 43 11 Pnr lime 28 min. AP Newifealuret 10-7 5. Water lily leaves 6. Jo's sister 7. Vase 8. Astounded 9. Information 10. Watches .15. Ornate 18. New-born lamb 19. Elcme 20. Eskimo 21. Small child 23.---0tt 24. Imposing building 25. Steep 26. Utter 28. Gypsy book 31. Kentucky horse race 32. Cicatrix 33. Hercules' captive 34. Chaffy part of wheat 35. Food fish 37. Marsh '38. Tibetan gazelle 39. And not Lunch Plan Is Upgraded (See editorial, page 4) WASHINGTON (AP) — Under congressional pressure, the Nixon administration upgraded Wednesday its school lunch plan for needy children but insisted the aid go only to the poorest of the poor. The Agriculture Department announced federal reimbursement to the states for serving meals to needy school children this year will be an average minimum of 45 cents a serving a 10-cent boost from a 35-cent plan announced in August. r , Special # Prime Rib 4 $3.75 served from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct 9th Also Buffet ^fek Second & Walnut MO 3-«321 1 Hutchinson Theater Guild Presents "Catch Me If You Can" Tonight, Friday and Saturday October 7,8 & 9 Curtain Time: 8:15 p.m. Tickets: $1.75 Reservations: Days 2-6669, Evenings 2-7779 THE LITTLE THEATER Avenue B and Plum mi Serving Daily EVENING DINNER DINNER SPECIAL! As Low as Including: The Finest Quality Vegetables, Fresh (not instant) Potatoes, Crisp Fresh Salads, Our Own Home Made Dinner Rolls Plus Ice Tea or Coffee. SERVING FROM 1 P.M. TO I P.M. - OPEN DAILY • A.M. to » P.M. Closed Sunday ALLEN'S CAFE 507 N. Main 662-8661 South Hutch King Of The Hill MATCH PLAY SCRATCH SUN. OCT. 10th -1:00 P.M. "The Second Sunday of Every Month at" evrsrde LANES 101 f. 7th AVi. SOUTH HUTCHINSON M0 2-S496 Entry Fee. $4.00 Plus Bowling 1st Place Guaranteed $50.00 Old Time Cowboy Snorts at Westerns Tim McCoy Will Join Junior Samples Here By EVELYN STEIMEL Remember the old days when all the kids went to the movies on Saturday afternoon and cheered the good guys — usually one of the big five cowboys: Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard, Buck Jones, Tom Mix or Tim McCoy? "Parents never worried about where their boys and girls were then," said McCoy to a Dodge City audience this week. He reminisced during a bull whip act with Tommy Scott Country Caravan, a show sponsored by the Ford County Volunteer firemen. The 80-year-old performer, who lights matches, triggers guns and snaps off bottle caps with a bull whip, will appear at Convention Hall in Hutchinson at 8 p.m. Friday with Junior Samples and Lulu Roman of lice Haw fame for a Reno County Fire District Two benefit. "You know that Bat Masterson was not a Dodge City marshal?" he asked. "He was a deputy sheriff. I knew him and Bill Tilheman in Cheyenne. I met Wyatt Ear|> in Los Angeles and talked to him many times there," he told a youthful audience. Later, in an interview, McCoy remarked on the many changes in Dodge City since his last visit. "You even have a street named Gunsmoke," he said with a smile. "But it is okay. Give the people what they want." Aide To Scott McCoy then talked of his own life as an actor and soldier, a veteran of 30 years in the U.S. Cavalry. He was reared in Wyoming and after World War I service became an aide to Gen. Hugh L. Scott, Indian fighter of the late 1880s who later became Army chief-of-staff. With Scott, McCoy traced Custer's route to the Little Bitr Horn and talked with his scouts and with his enemy survivors, the Sioux and the Cheyenne. McCoy was adopted into the Arapahoe tribe and visited with several of them who were at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. He said his own findings ab^ut the Custer battle were incorporated in three books by Col. W. A. Graham wh'ch have been used for source material by recent authors on the Custer story. "My own son, a graduate of Arizona State," said McCoy, "is doing a study about Indians. He took all my information about their beliefs, their mysticism and culture." He shook his head adding, "And all about the awful impact of the white man, trainloads — one from Wyoming and one the way we broke all our treaties with them." McCoy went into motion pictures when he was asked to get 500 real Indians needed for the movie "Covered Wagon" while serving as adjutant general in Wyoming. "I got them," McCoy smiled. "Took two Tim McCoy from Idaho with warriors, squaws, children and dogs right into Hollywood." 'No New Westerns' When asked what he thought of the new Westerns, he replied with a snort, "There are no new Westerns. There is only one kind of Western — the good guys against the bad guys. It was all black and white, no greys or rnauves, and the good guys always won. Pure escapism — that is why movies were invented. "People want to be entertained, not to come away with all kinds of new problems to solve. 'Gunsmoke' is the only television Western I will watch. It is an old-time Western and has never tried to be anything else. It is just about Dodge City in the 1880s, a good solid Western." Children's tickets to the Hutchinson benefit are fl. Adult tickets are $2 in advance and $3 at the door. Advance tickets will be delivered to persons calling 2-5891 or can be picked up at fire stations at 1910 West 4th and 1912 East 30th. Guarding Hopefuls Becomes Expensive PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Mayor Terry Schrunk said Tuesday that Portland may not be able to afford visits by presidential candidates in 1972. Schrunk told a City Council conference the 24-hour visit of President Nixon Sept. 25 cost the city $12,000 for police overtime pay. "If the federal government expects all presidential candidates to be protected," Schrunk Tomorrow Noon at HICKORY GABLES 822 West 4th French Fried Shrimp Special 97' said, "it is going to have to provide money to the cities for protective services." r; DRUMMER BOY. COAST-TO-COAST SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANTS 1712 N. Plum MO 3-1831 Special Of The Week DOUBLE HAMBURGER Reg. 4»0* 39c £y Thursday, Oct. 7 thru Wednesday, Oct. 13 American Legion In Ramada Inn Steak Night Sot., Oct. 9 Luscious Charcoaled Steaks Served 7:30 to 9 p.m. then Dance to Jaimi-Jimi Jon 9 to 12 p.m. $<*} Per Only ^ Person Legionnaires and their guests welcome. Reservation—Please MO 2-0573 RENT BAND INSTRUMENTS Choose from Our Large Selection of New and Used Instruments. NELSON Music Company 408 North Main 662-4816 Hutchinson, Kansas HAMBURGER SPECIAL! tarrgJYillbiinf^ Reno County Fire Dep't. presents IN PERSON direct from HEE-HAW TV Junior Samples PLUS * Lulu Roman * Junior's Band... Jim Southern, Bill Blaylock, and The Modern Sound of BLUEGRASS all join the entire Col. Tim McCoy- Tommy Scott's Country Music Circus and Stage Show! Friday, Oct. 8 8 p.m. Convention Hall Hutchinson. Ks. Ticket office opens 6 p.m. Adults $3 Children $1 PLUS The first 200 persons buying tickets at door will receive a free autographed picture of Junior Samples. the small society by Brickman aa o a VeA^ A&O IT THE T |4F5 VAUJ& OF A R?LLA£- MOW iTfS JAPAN, ——A>-7 TV Tonight THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7 eiM— President Nixon'i Addreu, 1, 11, 10, 11, e, 7, 11 Yeu'r. mi, t 7:0«-Bearcatat «, 7, 12 French Chef, I Flip WlUon, 1, 3, 11 Alias Sr.iith 4 Janet, 10, II J:M-Wa»hlngton Week In Review, I l:0fr-CBS Thuridey Movie, «, 7, II "Butterfleld 8" Nichols, 1, 3, II Hollywood Television Theater, I Longslreet, It, 11 t: 00—Dean Martin, 1, 1, 11 Owen MarthaH: Counselor At Law, 10, 11 World Press, I t: 45—David Llltlelohn, 1 10:00—Folk Guitar, I Newi, t, 7, 12 News, Weather * Sport*, 1, 1, 11 Scene Tonight, to, '1 10:30—Tonight Show, 2, 1, 11 Olck Cavelt, 10. 11 NOW! 2nd BIG WEEK! Just a person who protects children and other living things BIUYJACK TECHNICOLOR* [GPJ <3S> M .WAV 3I2N.MAIN. T-O-N-l-T-E AT: 7:10 & 9:15 Doors Open G:30 P.M. Stereo "8" TAPES $198 OVER 700 at Or 75c with a Trade Whal Kansa-: Dmlds Hinlds Buy Hoodyear The Only Tue Built in PARROTTRSI H0DNETT ?9 WtST SHTRMAN ST. TUEPHONE MO ) t.iHI PIZZA HUT Announces An All New DELIVERY SERVICE With our special new portable warming ovens we will now deliver a piping Hot Pizza Hut Pizza right to Your Door . . . Just 35c per order for in-city delivery and 50c per order for out of city, and South Hutchinson delivery. Just Call 663-2211 or 662-2133 KFRM-550 Radio-Proudly Presents The First Annual Regional "All Night Singathon" Saturday, Oct. 16-8:00 p.m. Sports Arena, Hutchinson, Ks. HEAR: The Plainsmen Wendy Bagwell & The Sunlightcrs The Singing Ledbetters Klaudt Indian Family The New Breed Singers Betty Foley (Red Foley's daughter) GET YOUR $5.00 TICKETS FREE FROM OUR SPONSORS IN YOUR AREA: HUTCHINSON: Botlomley Oldi Cadillac Jack • Jill Supermarket! Kay'i Jewelry Start-Start Plata Self Service Druse Wllbeck Mfg. Company NEWTON: Fithera Trantmltilom Oraber Hardware LYONS: FtfttI Coll •rilling McPHERSON-LINDSBORG: Cldon't IOA Foodttore KINGMAN: Calvert't Department Store GARDEN CITY: Flthere Tremmittloni GREAT BEND: Pint National lank Millar Platllct W. W. MoMIe Hornet Piahert Trantmltilom HAYS: Plthers Trantmlttlont PRATT: Owtton't Jewelry Co-tpontortd by: •etti Ralnbo takery, Hutchlnton, Kt. Thlet Packing Co., Oreet Bend, Kt. Makers at tin* meat products with "Ttw CJ«a* Tatta ¥ Thlta," Kay Werk ClethM and Kay Country Pante Football—Don Pambrough, 1 Merv Orllfln, e, 12 You're On, I 11:00—Merv Orllfln, 7 12:00—Movie, 11 — "The Veils of Bagdad" • TODAY • The Hutch Downtowner 1st & Muin has Calf Liver and Onions 97* a new Sylvania Color TV or Stereo Rent applies on purchase. LETT TV \ 508 E. 4th • MO 3-1181 ^^pe^Bwn^to 6 p.m. Page 5 The Hutchinson Newt Thursday, Oct. 7, 1171 HELD OVER! THE UNPUBTJSHABLE NOVEL 13 NOW AMERICA'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL TttMl 'ewfindes! STEREO VISION • SROWS WEEKDAYS AT: 5:45-7:30-9:15 ALL SEATS »!.75 (INCLUDES ID GLASSES) rffw^iuin 'fVHUEia Zoles Rnniversory Spectacular 7-Pc Teflon H'Cookujare *!0 88 ZAMCS Regularly $12,88. Enjoy no-stick, fat-dree cooking/ no-scour cleaning. Cholceof colors. My, lay away now for Chrietmae. Or, chart* It. ft— Smll« lullon when you op«n • Z«Ui n. „,„ n. i i i f^_^) Cuittmttua <wZiltiR<voMn |Chii|«. <-">~W 'M»M «uuf»iOf »«»kAj»«rk«r« Zale's Jewelers, 1 S. Adams, Hutchinson Plaza. now... hear it like it is SONY STR-6065FMStereo/FM-AM Recelvtr Unique is the best way to describe the new STR-6065 Receiver....Only Sony engineering could have combined FM and AM tuners, professional quality preamplifier and stereo amplifier In one attractive unit. With 255 watta of power (IHF into 4 ohms) at your command, the STR-6065 has power to spare for FM and AM broadcasts, records, tapes and multiple speaker systems. The tuner portion uses Field Effect Transistors (FET's), solid-state ceramic I.F. filters and symmetrical limiting for increased sensitivity, unmatched selectivity and distortion-free tuning, even in metropolitan areas where stations abound. Preamplifier control features are tastefully organized tor the ultimate in tonal tailoring. As for the power amplifier, its low-distortion, direct-coupled output circuits rival those of any "basic" amplifier made. Sony's new STR-6065 really lets you "hear It like it is." Sample SONY SOUND at: 510 N. Main W Hutchinion, Ks. RECORDS - TELEVISION - STEREO Sales & Service

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