The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
Page 13
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Can Intn nal Mina 1 l*ap"r -11 •» 4 I ' 1 ~ ' Bremerhaven, Berlin Hit by AW Planes British Dump 420,000 Fire Bombs on Nazi Port skies todiix after ;t night in whioh I British bomber- dumped .iJit.OOn fire ' lunnli'- on the Herman port of Bremerhaven and attacked !J«'rlin for the "lie hundred .-••venty-nin! h ' ARMORED CAR REVEALED WEAPON COMBINES TANK, RECON CAR'FEATURIS (Tlii- broadc ranean Aim' out I The aui:ck miles in l 1 li horn her*. "\ isiil.ih'v ing M i : ininisi rv d> i Bremcrh.(\ debarkation i in the e\enl Norway. H Hi' .•irmnre-l . was dif-r'io herf toda poration. by ept. 19. <JP> — Produc weapon • a. hlgfh-Bpeed ll^r) the "Staghound." u >th army approval General Motors Cor- • Mediter- also was of l was c.l VY BIM ati.-o of its speed and fire j power, tiie vehicle combines the fea? ' tures of ;t tank and ,1 reconnaissance.^ c;ir. in-cording tf M. E. Coyle, vice-"* |.resident rif General Motors and geitfe. • i,i! manager of die Chevrolet dlvfr-* slur, Miirl tn b" ti]i' sole producer thi.- country. i'')•.;.. s;iid the armored car already ii.'is been proved in combat in Italy :mil Franc,-, where ii. has been "par- - j logical tiiuiiirly su.rfs.sfu! a> u menace to troop? j enemy supply lines and in eliminat- , ing maohinogun nests and light ; Allies Nab Dutch Industrial City, Fight Beyond Rhine nn! imi'M From Png< FOR SALE—Male Pointer pup. C months old; excellent retriever and Just right for this reason. Across from Fairfax School on Fairfax Road. 44 PUREBRED brindle Bull Terrier, female pup. $20. 180:1 Orange street. 4_3 WOULD LIKE good home for mother cat and lour kittens. Will uive separately. Phone. 2-.1HI2. Iiil3 Beale. 44 FOR SALE—Red Cocker Spaniel female, S months old. l.'i. 213 Harding. GOOD HOME wanted Phone 2-2402. kittens. 44 Early Trading Shows Trading Brisk Gains on L. A. Market on New York Stock Market FOR SALE—Homing 2-7942. pigeons. Phone For Exchang*—Mi»c«ll«n«ou« WILL TRADE metal Simmons double bed link springs, for single bed. Phom 2-8428 after 6 r. m. 44 Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices NOTICE TO VOTERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the elector* of the State of California that the following Bond Act will be submitted to the People of the State of California for their ratification at ttie next general election to be held on the seventh day of November, A.D. 1944. FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State. FOR THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF 1*4). Thii «ct provide! for • bond iiiu* of thirty milljon dollars (1)0,000,000) to bo uiod by the Vbtcrani' W«lf«r» Board in aiiiittng California war vttcrant to acquir* fsrmi or homti. 1 i AGAINST THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF 1*4). Thii act provide* for a bond Unit of thirty million dollari ($ JO.000,000) to ba nt«d by th» Veteran*' Welfare Board in aitUting California war vet- •rani to acquire farmi or hornet. »Thl» proposed law. hy art nf the Legislature pawned al Its fifty-nflh t •Ion. In HiihmlttPd In the people In rordanc* with the provision* of Section I of Article XVI of th» Constitution » PROPOSED LAW CHAPTER MS An act to add Article 4, compriaing Section* «90 to 991.3 inclusive, to Chapter 6 of Oiviaion 4 of the Military and Veterana Code, authorizing the creation of a debt or debta, liability or liabilitiea, through the issuance and sale of State bonds, for the single object of creating a fund to provide farm and home aid for veterans in accordance with the proviaions of the Veterana Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1943; creating a .Veterans Finance Committee of 1943; defining the powera and dutiea of aald committee and of the Veteran*' Welfare Board and other State officer* in reapect to the adminiatration of the provisions hereof; providing ways and meana, exclusive of loans, for the payment of the intereat of such debt or debts, liability or liabilitiea, as such interest falls due. and also for the payment and discharge of the ' ' M of such debt -or debts, liabil- lisbilities, aa auch principal mature*; appropriating money for the expense of preparing and of ad- vertiaing the sale of bonda herein authoriied to be issued; and providing for the submission of this act to a vote of the people at the general election to be held in the month of principal Ity or li November, 1944. (Approved by Governor May IS, 1943. Filed with Secretary of State May 18. 1943 ) The people of the State of California do enact as follows: SECTION 1. Article 4, comprising Sections 9»n to 991.3, Inclusive, I* added to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, to read : Article 4 Veterans Bond Act of 1943 990. This article may be cited as the Veterans Bond Act of 1943 990.1. For the purpose of creating .a fund to provide farm and home aid for veterans In accordance with the provisions of the Veterana Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1943. and of all act* amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 created by this article shall be and It hereby is authorised and empowered to create a debt or debts, liability or liabilities, of the State nf California, In the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided, but not otherwise, nor in excess thereof. 990.2. After the Issuance of the proclamation of the Governor announcing the ratification of this article, and Immediately after adoption of any resolution by the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 hereby created, provided for In Section 991.1, the State Treasurer shall prepare the requisite number of suitable bonds of the denomination of one thousand dollars (fl.OOO) In accordance with the specifications -contained In auch resolution. The aggre- fjate par value of all bond* Issued under this article shall not exceed the sum of thirty million dollars (130,000.000), and the bonds Issued under any such resolution shall bear Interest from the dat<- of Issuance of said bonds to the date of maturity thereof, at a rate to be determined by the said Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 and specified in such resolution, but In no case exceeding 6 per cent per annum. Both principal and Interest shall be payable in lawful money of the United States, at the office of the State Treasurer, or at the office of any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer, and shall be so payable at the times specified In aald resolution or resolutions. All bonds Issued under this article '•hall bear the facsimile signature of the Governor and the facsimile countersignature of the Controller and shall be endorsed by the State Treasurer either by original signature or by a signature stamp adopted for each particular bond Issued under this article and the bonds shall be signed, countersigned and endorsed by the officers who shall be In office on the date of Issuance thereof, f and each of aald bonds shall bear an Impreso of the Great Seal of the .State of Calif *" counter) when so 'valid and The bonds so signed, endorsed and sealed. " be and constitute a State of California, although the aale iwhlch the ofBcers having signed, coun tenlgned and endorsed aald bonds, or any or either of aald officers, shall have Iceased to be the Incumbents of the cUJcss held by them at the time of gnlne. countersigning, or »n<inr«lng salrf bond* Bach bond Issued under this article shaJI contain • clause or rlonapK stating thai Intermit nhall rttMp to aorrue thereon from and after the date of tnaturity thereof and referring tn this article and to the resolution of the Veterans' Finance Committee of IS4.1 hftreunrler by vlrlu* of which »Ald bond In Issuer! 990 X The requisite number nf null- able interext coupons, appropriately numbered. Khali he attached In each bond Issued under this article Said interest coupon* Khali bear the faonlmile signature nf the State Treasurer who Khali be In office on the date of taiiuanre nf the bond to which nald coupon* pertain 980 4 All bonds Issued under thin article and gold ahall be deemed to have been called In at their respective dates of maturity and the State Treamirer shall, nn the respective date* nf maturity of said bonds, nr a* noon thereafter an said matured bond* are surrendered to him. pay the name out nf the proceeds of the Controller's warrant* drawn In hi* favor a* provided- In Section 990.5 and perforate (he bonds so paid with a Rultable device In a manner tn Indicate such payment and the date thereof He Khali aluo, on the said respective dates nf maturity, cancel all bond* bearing said dates of maturity and remaining unsold, by perforation with a suitable device In a manner to Indicate such cancellation and thf date thereof The provisions of this section shall be applicable alKo to the Interest coupons pertaining to the bond* authorised by this article to be Issued, and shall be applicable, as far a* practicable, to any duly authorized agent of the State Treasurer 990.6 There Is hereby appropriated 'roin the General Fund In the State treasury such sum annually as will be necessary to pay the principal of and the Interest on the bonds Issued and sold pursuant to the provisions of this article, as said principal and Interest become due and payable There shall be collected annually In he same manner and at the same time a* other State revenue Is collected such a sum, In addition to the ordinary revenues of the State, as shall be required .o pay the principal and Interest on said )ond» as herein provided, and It Is lereby made the duty of all officers charged by law with any duty In regard to the collection* of said revenue, to do and perform each and every act which shall be necessary to collect such additional «um. On the several dates nf maturity of said principal and Interest In each fiscal year, there shall be returned Into the General Fund In the State treawury. all of the moneys In the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund nf 1843, not In excess of the principal of and Interest on the said bonds then due and payable and, In the event of such moneys so re- :urned on said date* of maturity being Jess than the said principal and Interest then due and payable, then the balance remaining unpaid shall be returned Into the General Fund In the State treasury out of said Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 a* soon thereafter as It shall become available, to- rether with Interest thereon, from such lates of maturity until so returned, at the rate of 6 per cent par annum, compounded semlannually Both principal and Intereat of said bonds shall be paid when due upon warrants duly drawn against said approbation from the General Fund by the Controller of the State In favor of the State Treasurer or in favor of any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer, upon demands audited by the State De- >artment of Finance, and the moneys to >e returned Into the General Fund In the State treasury pursuant to the provisions of this section shall likewise be paid as herein provided upon warrants duly drawn by the Controller of the State upon demands duly audited by the State Department of Finance. 9806 The- sum of thirty-five thousand dollars 4 $15,000 > I* hereby appro- irlated out of any money In the State reasury not otherwise appropriated to pay the expense* that may be Incurred jy the State Treasurer in having said Kind* prepared and In advertising their •ale. Bald amount shall be refunded to the General Fund In the State treasury out of the Veteran*' Farm and Home Building Fund of 194S on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose t»0.7. When the bonds authorised to be Issued .under this article ahall be luly eiecOted. they ahall be by the State obligation upon the Treasurer sold at public auction to the ilghest bidder for cash. In such parcels »*»mw «• v*M •••»••••«•• «»fl»a»VMmB« »••» MIV 111^ MQ»» WI^AWVI KWI WMMIi ••• VUVM §*•»• bWIB th«r«of b« mute M • date or dau* upon and numbm an the aald Treaaurcr ahall ,Aug. 1, S, IS, 22, tt i Sept. S, 12, 19, 26; Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 21 _. directed by tht Governor of QIC State, under eeal thereof, after a revolution requentuuj mich sale shall nave been adopted by the Veterane' Welfare Board and approved by the Governor of the State, hut the Treasurer must reject any and all bids for said bonds, or for any of them, which "hall be below the par value of said bonds so offered plus the Interest which has accrued thereon between 4he date nf sale and the last preceding Inter est maturity date , and with the approv al of the < Inventor, he may from time to llmB, hy public announcement at the plat* and lime Used for the sale, con Untie such sale, as to the whole of the bonds nffered. or any part thereof offered, t» surh time and place as he may select Before offering any of said bonds for nale the said Treasurer shall d»larh therefrnm all coupons which have matured or will mature before the day fixed for such ssle 990 ft Dim notice nf the time and : lare nf sale of all honds shall tie given y said Treasurer by publication In one newspaper published In the City and County nf San Francisco and also by nibllrntlon In on* newspaper published n in* City of Sacramento and by publication In nne newspaper published In the City of Los A ngele* once a week during four weeks prior tn nuch sale In addition tn the notice last above provided for. the Stale Treasurer may give such furthor notice as he may deem advisable, hut the expense and cost of such additional notice nhall not exceed the sum of flvr hundred dollars (fSQO) for each nale so advert Ised The proceeds of the Hale of surh hnnds and such amount as may have been paid as accrued Interest thereon shall he forthwith paid over by said Treasurer Into the Veterans' Farm and Horn* Building Fund of I94S and mum he lined exclusively In aiding veterans In the acquisition nf, nr payments for, farms and homes, In accordance with the provisions nf this article and Article 3 nf this chapter, provided, that the proceeds from the sale of said bonds may be used tn pay the debt created by the Issuance and sale thereof 990 9 The Veterans' Welfare Board Is authorised, with the approval of the State Department nf Finance, to Invest any surplus moneys In the Veterans' h'arm and Home Building Fund of 1943 In bonds «>f the United States, or of the State of California, or of the several counties nr municipalities or other political subdivisions of the State of Pallfnrnla, and to sell such bonds, or any nf them, at the governing market rates, upon approval of the State Department nf Finance. or the Veterans' Welfare Board may, with the approval nf thf Director of Finance, Invest moneys In such fund. In interest-bearing certificates of deposit of State banks laving a paid-up capital of five hundred thousand dollars (1500,000) or more; provided, that the total amount of money so deposited with any one bank shall not exceed a sum equal to 50 per cent of the paid-up capital of such bank . provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall Inhibit or be construed to Inhibit the depositing In banks In accordance with the provisions nf an act entitled "An act to authorise and control the depositing In banks of moneys belonging to or In the custody of the State and to repeal all acts or parts of acts conflicting with this act, approved April 12, 1923. and of any and all acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, of moneys of any of the 'unds subject to the control of the Veterans' Welfare Board or appropriated for Is us* Interest accruing upon the deposit of moneys of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund nf 1943 shall be paid Into and credited to said fund. 991 There Is hereby created a Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 com- losed of the Oovernor, State Controller, State Treasurer. Director of Finance, and chairman of the Veterans' Welfare Board, all of whom shall serve thereon without compensation and a majority nf whom shall be empowered to act for said committee. The Attorney General of the State shall be the legal adviser of the Veterans' Finance Committee of 194.1 Upon request of the Veterans' Welfare Board, supported by a statement of .he plans and projects of the Veterans' Welfare Board with respect thereto, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1141 shall determine whether or not a bond issue under this article Is necessary or desirable to carry such plans and projects Into execution. 991 1 Whenever the said Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall have determined that a bond Issue under this article Is necessary or desirable to carry such plans and projects Into execution, t shall adopt a resolution to this effect. The said resolution shall authorise and direct the State Treasurer to prepare the requisite number of suitable bonds and shall specify: 1 The aggregate number, aggregate par value, and the date of issuance of the bonds to be Issued 2 The date or dates of maturity of the bonds to be Issued and the number and numerical sequence of the bonds maturing at each date of maturity 3. The annual rate of Interest which the bonds to be issued shall bear 4 The number, numerical sequence, amount or amounts and the date* of maturity of the interest coupons to be attached to the said bonds. & The technical form and language of the bonds to be issued and of the Interest coupons to be attached thereto. In determining the date or date* of maturity of the aald bonds and the amount of bonds maturing at each date of maturity, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1*43 shall be guided by the amount! and datea of maturity of the reVenuea estimated to accrue to tht Veterans* Welfare Board from .the transactions to be financed by each Issue, and shall flx and determine aald date* Mid amount* Jn such manner that together with the date* and amount* of Interest payment* on the Mid bond Issue, ther •hall oomeloe. as nearly M practicable, with the date* and amoun r of such estimated revenues; provld* that the bond* tint -to mature In ear Issue, shall mature not later than flve year* t rom H* fet*of laitwiwe Ujereof i IWWIT mm <•• ut d amount* Fterm provided, refund re In each warn: provided further, that specified number* of bonds of specified numerical sequence shall thereafter mature at annual Intervals, and provided further, that the bonds last to mature In each Issue shall mature not later than 45 years from the date of Issuance thereof The rate of Interest to be borne by the bonds shall be uniform for all the bonds of the same Issue and shall be determined and fixed by the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 according to the then prevailing market conditions; but shall In no case exceed 6 per cent per annum, and the determination of said committee as to the rate of Interest shall be conclusive as to the then prevailing market conditions The Interest coupons tn be attached to the said bonds shall be payable at semiannual Intervals from the date of Issuance of said bonds, provided, that the Interest coupon first payable may, If the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall so determine and specify, be payable one year after the date of Issuance of said bonds 991.2 All actual and necessary expenses of the Veterans' Finance Committee nf 1943 and of the member* thereof Incurred In the performance of their duties arising out of the provisions of this article shall be paid out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943, upon approval of the State Board nf Control and on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose, and shall constitute expenses of the Veterans' Welfare Board 991.3 The State Controller, the State Treasurer and the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall keep full and particular account and record of all their proceedings under this article, and they shall transmit to the Governor an abstract of all such proceedings thereunder, with an annual report, tn be by the Governor laid before the legislature biennially, and all books and papers pertaining to the matter provided for In this article shall at all tlm?s be open to (he Inspection of any party Interested, or the Governor, or the Attorney General, nr a committee nf either branch nf the Legislature, or Joint committee of both, or any cltl- sen of the State. SEC I. This act, If adopted by the people, shall take effect on the fifteenth day of November, 1944, as to all its provisions except those relating to and necessary for Its submission to the people, and for returning, canvassing, and proclaiming the votes, and as to said ezcepted provisions this act shall take effect Immediately SBC 3. This act shall be submitted to the people of the State of California for their ratification at the next general election, to be held In the month of November. 1944. and all ballots at said election shall have printed thereon and In a square thereof, the words. "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1943," and. In the same square under said words the following In brevier type "This act provides for a bond Issue of thirty million dollars ($30.000,000) to be used by the Veterans' Welfare Board In assisting California war veterans to acquire farms or homes." In the square Immediately below the square containing such words, there shall be printed on said ballot the words. "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943," and In the same square Immediately below said wonU, "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943." In brevier type shall be printed "This act provides for a bond Issue of thirty million dollars ($30.000.000) to be used by the Veterans' Welfare Board In assisting California war veterans to acquire farms or homes." Opposite the words "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1943" and "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943." there shall be left spaces In which the voters may place a cross In the manner required by law to Indicate whether they vote for or against said act, and those voting for said act thai) do so by placing a cross opposite the words "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1943" and those voting against the said act shall do so by placing a cross opposite the words "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943." Provided, that where the voting of said general election Is done by means of voting machines used pursuant to law In such manner as to carry out the Intent of this section, such use of such voting machines and the expression of the voters' choice by means thereof, shall be deemed to comply with the provisions of this section. The Governor of this State shall Include the submission of this act to the people, as aforesaid, In his proclamation calling for said general election. SEC. 6 The votes oast for or HtntinKi. this act shall be counted, returned and canvassed and declared In the same manner and subject to the same rules as votes cast for State officers, and if It appear that said act shall have received a majority of all the votes cast for and against It at said election as aforesaid, then the same shall have effect as hereinbefore provided, ana shall be Irrepealable until the principal and Interest of the liabilities herein created shall be paid and discharged, and the Governor shall make proclamation thereof; but If a majority of the votes cast a* aforesaid are against this sot then the same shall be and become % °g»C. 7 It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State In accordance with law to have this act published In at least one newspaper In each county, or city and county. If one be published therein, throughout this State, for three month* next preceding the general election to be held In the month of November, 1144, the costs of publication shall be paid out of the General Fund, on Controller'* warrants duly dnwn *J r that purpose and anal! be refunded to the deneraJ Fund out of the Veterans' nrm Mid Home Building Fund. Bald ™d shall be made upSn Controller', drawn against said fnd by I,OS A.NfiRLKS, Sept. 10. </P>— Knrly tiviriiiiK registered gains today on tho Los Angeles Stock KxchiuiRC with 1 issues up, H down and unchanged OH a turnover of SilOU sh.'ircs. Blue Diamond Corporation. Menasco Manufacturing, Ryan Aeronautical. Sinclair Oil, Southern California. lOdison ti per cent preferred and Solar Aircraft were fractions to points higher. Stoi-k Blue Diamond Corporal km.. Mi'iiayro Manufiirturini; Kyun Ai-ronaulical Sinclair Oil Snuthi'rn California Killson Southern California Kdiwon 6 Snlar Am rafl Close 1 1 'i .97'a pfcl. 4't 9 ',3 Cotton Futures NKW YoriK. Sept. lit. (A*)— The <ot- lon market rallird about Jl n halt- inday nn nuKressivp mill and romnii«sion Imnpe buying, si i mn luted hy Washington inn VPS in ra ise cotton prices to 1'u II parity. T'riros rt'iu tpj purl in Hy on profit (nkinK 'ind hediie selling altrnrted by ihe advance. Lit IP afternoon values were 2."i 1o 70 cent H a bale hipher. prtoher 21. 50, De- Comhpr ?l.M nml Maivh 21.33. Futures closed 45 cents to H a bnle h inner. October lM.;i,".. December 2 1.4 it (W:M.lfi. March 21. IT*. Mny LM . 1 :> >» 21 , 1 B. .Jtrly :M>.S8f» 20. S'J. Middling spot. 22.08 nominn I, up 1 6. Los Angeles Produce T-OS \N<"iKLKS, Kept. 19. OF) — Trad hie in fruits nnrl vcRptnblea wan r ul her slow today. Peaches firm on Rio OKO (".Jems. stoady on- otho-rs; celery nnd let luce was firm : avocados slight ly si roiiKer ; white cabbage and peas plightly weaker; beans, corn and cunt a loupes firm lo slight ly strnflKer; tomatoes dull (a nhgtitly weaker. Peac-hen: Benumnnt-Yiicaipa Hio Oso riers. .60s and larger 9. 7« Ib. ; Valyermn ( 'u'rry seed lints. 7 Of nnd In rger 8 ($ DC lh. ; San .Ton tint n Phillips flings, packed 5 ( fr l 6c Ib. : Yin-aipa Champions and Curry seed- liiiKs, <!<>s and larger 7e Ib. Celery: 1 jtcal Pascal, field pack. L'O -22- inch crate'* S.1<ft;3.7r>; Stnrdee, crat"s 54. M); Oregon. 20-inch $4 : Golden Heart, Santa Clam county, 20-inch SUtS'R.fjO. Lettuce: Dry pack. Panl.i Bnrhn ra nunly and San .loaquin Obinpo county, era ten 4-*"> dox. $4.10. Avocados: Nabnta 20^ LTic lh. ; Ana- beims 1 S (T; 20c Ib. : Hynns, 209-248 $4.45; Dickinsons $1.ri5tfi ! 2. Peas: Mendocino county 1 2 ft 1 4c Ib. ; Santa Clara county 1 4. !te Ib. ; San Luis Ohisno county 1 2 ftf 1 4c Ib. Beans; Kentucky,**, lor al. Pan T)ieso n ml northern 12<ir lllo Hi. : yellow wax 1 1(irl2c Ib. ; Limns, local and Son Diego county 7l?/-fl«* Ib. ; Pole U)tfT 1 lr lh. t 'orn : T-om 1 lugs, c.nldcn Owa 3-[t ' j - doz. S 1 . 2r> Hi 1.40; Washington, sacks 5-5 '-j- t\nx. L'5cf(rtl. i 'ant a loupes : 1 .oca 1 and Snugus. 1 la lea best, .lu mhos. 3 (is and larunr $2 ffi 2.50 ; Crenshaws. San Jnaqmn valley Jumbos, 4s-*i« $1 . fiO (.1! _ ; Persians, San Juaquin valley Jumbos. 4s-Hs $2 ft 1!. 25; Casaba?. Sun Joaquin valley Jumbos. tis-8s $1.50<{£2. Tomatoes: Local. San Diego county and Centura county, lugs Ox, "is nnd ilxGs Jl . 50 2: Srmtii ttarhiira, 2-layer, &xf.H and " Poultry and Eggs T.OS ANCELKS. Sent. lit. (UP)— Whole- Hale prices consumer grade: L'ai'KO. grade A ii.'!{f'G5c. grade B Slitf* '34f: inudium si'adu A 45©' -I (it-; small, grade A lU^liOc. Re la i I prices to t-onwiimer grade : Ln rpe, grade AA ti3fr67r. ...rude A 58fi[i64c. grade H 4 0 1M :ic ; mod i u m . grade A 4 0 fy u 1 c ; ymall grade A 28 H. lg '!Pc. Candled graded egKM to ret .'tilers (ca.«es): T*arge. grade A A 57 '-j fa riS l _.c. grade A r>5((i'fM 'i;<'. grade B Stiii 3Xi.-; medium, 8rHde A 4Cfr .'Stflai 1 : small A 23ftJ27c. Butter: r; r:i <lf.> A A A :ic : grade A 4 2 ',i c ; grade B 42'/*c; grade C! 4l%c. Pou II r.v: Broiler Leghorns under 1 s i Ibs. .TOiii' .T2c; broilers. Ley horn 1 :i i -2 V* Ibs. 30 <& .TJc : f ryerf. Leghorn 2 U <?i< .'i Ibs. 2l»®31c; fryer U'tfliorn* 3-4 Ihn. SOfiPSIc; roasters. Leghorn, over 4 Ibs. 29 <&> 'Mr ; fowl Leghorn ^-4 Ibs. 20<to 22c fowl Leghorn, 4 Ihs. and over '.!fl ; 'i 2'ic: t'owi col- nred, all weights U5 ' - ffi 1^7 l ,\>c : ducks, nil weigh is 2ti (8 1 2 fie; domes t ie rabbits unfit r 5 UM>. . wlii te 24c. dom us tic rabbits under j Ibs. . colored 22c. Los Angeles Livestock LOS ANdlCLKS. Sept. 1!». .(UB— Cattle salable 1000. less active, hut fairly steady. Tew choice fed yea rl ing steer-* $17, few common .1 medium steers $1 0. firj C{i 12 : common lo medium hfil'ers $10. 50 '« 12,50: medium to good omys $10 75 fi 12 .SO, cutter to common $S.;10 & 10..V), canners and cutlers Jfi. 25 ^i 1 8.2.1: common to wood bulls $2. flr> ffi 1 1 1 ; medium to soocl feeders 19 #•11.10. Ca 1 ves KH 1 a h 1 e 700, slow, « t ea d y to weak; mediOm good ran Be calves Jl 2. 50 (U'14.20. Hogs salable 7'td. active, steady; nvdium to choice ISO-: 4 n Itm Il5,7.'i: heavier weights mostly $ l."j ; good to choice HO\VH $14. "ill *ff 1.1. Sheep salable nnm 1 ; gnod to choice woo led lamb* * iiolc'.l $LJ 50 or above. Los Angeles Cash Qrain LOS A.ViKLISS, Sept. ]!i. (ypi — prices oied are cwt.. Held run. in «-arlol8 only. Cn liforn.ii \m ricy. grading 4'i Ibw . bulk $2 lot/- 2 1.1. Texan yellow milo, Nn. 1!. bulk S2.0!»?f 2.10. California wheat, \rc\v YORK. sopt. to. <u.p>— Slocks rallied briskly (his forenoon anil ran up for snips in the rpcojs- nixod traders, ranging to more than a point. .Some of the optimism was traced to the action of President Roosevelt in ordering the hudget bureau to beKin now planning; for demo- bili/.'ilion of the vast government not work of wartime agencies and biirniuis and reduction of the federal payroll to a "peace footing." Rails, railway equipments, steels, chemicals and selected motor and senior utility issues scored the widest Rains. Pere Marquette preferred rose 2 points and gains of a point or more wore noted for Santa Fe. Alle- phany preferred, Louisville & .Nashville and Atlantic Coast Line. C. S. Steel, Bethlehem. Chrysler. V. S. Rubber, Kloctric Power and Light $7 preferred. Monsanto Chemical and Hercules Powder all were up more than a point. Board Cites Need for Prison former. 21 -28 SACRAMENTO, Sept. 1. UP)— Members of the state board of corrections arc agreed upon the need in California for a new prison for men between 21 nnd 28 years oC age, Richard A. McGeo, director of the department of corrections, said today. The 11 members of the bonrd. meeting at Folsom prison yesterday, agreed the prison should take first offenders now sent to San Quentin and older juveniles who are "too hardened" for the Preston School of Industry, but who are now sent there; because no oilier facilities ure available. Although the institution, which probably would be built in southern California and have an ini- tlr.l capacity of 1000, wouldn't be built until after the war. the stnte architect is already being consulted on plans, Mc(!ee said. The prison will be included in a building program to be asked of the next Legis la Lure. • of Arnlieim. Arnbeim is on the north i The bank nf thf 1 Rhin" branch which flows lo the Xoiih sea through Rot-; tcnlain. The landing force* were operating north of .\rnhc-un and thus > established north of almost all the , main u.'Ht'r harriers slantlin^ between the British Second Army and j northwest i iermany. i The force in the Xi.imegen area 1 L 1 j miles south of Arnheim comprised an intermediate link between the ! Kindhovcn and Arnheim forces. "Officially all the airborne landings wore successful and it appeal's that all achieved their objectives." Clark reported. Columns Reinforced i An airtight censorship blackout. | prevented further details on the progress of ihe Arnheim and Xi.ime- \ gpn columns, both of which were i powerfully reinforced and supplied with heavy equipment yesterday by a massive fleet of transports and gliders. Clark revealed, however, that the third wing of the Allied First Airborne Army had joined forces with armored spearheads of the British Second Army around 'Wehgel. ]i> miles north of Eindhoven. Part of the paratroop force apparently teamed up with the British to capture Kindhoven. Ksp. 4 miles to the north, and (Jeldrop, 4 miles east of Kindhoven. Cross at Throe Points The Brish Second Army has across Ihe Belgian frontier into the Netherlands In great strength at three . points above the Kscaut canal—north their of fJheel, Loinine! and Hechtel—with Allied paratroops strung out all across Holland holding open a path for their tanks and armored troop carriers into Germany. Front dispatches said the hard- hitting paratroops were spreading panic and confusion through the enemy rear, raising the possibility of a British march Into the Ruhr similar to'uloiiiUit-Genoral George S. Patton's whirlwind drive across (.•astern Franco. Ono 3 new threat nf invasion came threw crack dlvi« sions into n series nf bloody counterattacks farther south that slowed the American First Army push into the Reich, but failed to close the breaches already torn in their Siegr- , tried Line. _ . , Nil/is Lose Brest " ..'1 At the same time. Berlin tacitly \ admitted the loss nf the big- Atlantic port of Brest to American troops. _, There was no immediate Allied *•• confirmation nf the capture of Brest/--' j where, one of the bloodiest battles of -• l the French campaign has been rag- .• I ing for more than a month. i | A Herman high command coinmu-^ n In tie. however, said the Nazi garri- ' son had "withdrawn" from the once- * .trout port believed to have been par-ri tially raxed by Allied land and air" bombardment and enemy demoli?-,. lions. . -' Today's Allied communique said i only Unit American infantrymen j breached the fortress wall in the I northern part of Brest in two places . i and partly occupied the westernJ' : suburb nf Recouvrance. | About 20,000 Germans, including. j land-locked l*-boat sailors and other"" ; naval personnel, dug into the city. ! when the Americans broke into the ; Breton peninsula and held out stub; bornly under heavy attack .from land, sea and air to prevent the Allies from obtaining the use of the first-rale porl facilities. I'atton Breaks Stalemate As the Nazis conceded defeat tn isolated western pocket, Patton's Third Army broke the stalemate on the Moselle with a power-;' ful eastward thrust toward the German frontier that carried at least 20^ miles beyond Nancy and tightened 1 the ring around Metz.' Simultaneously, the American Seventh Army squeezed in closer to the Belfort gap against stiffening: opposition, and Canadian First Army troops on the French channel coast fought into the streets of . Boulogne al bayonet point. Legion Urges Army \ Dewey Outlines Control of Japs 5-Point Program nnfi whiti* $2. :i;> IbH. . bulk $2. tiU U bulk. No. 1 hard 2.62'.*. No. 2 oats, 2 tJ.1. Los Angeles Hay LOS ANC.KLKS. Sept. 19. (&>) — Alfalfa and gra in hay prices were unchanged today. Car lot a r rivals: "0 wheat . li bai ley, 4 corn. 1 oals, 2 milo. 9 flour. 2 cei- eul. 7(i hay. Government Bonds NEW YUKK. Sept. Ifl. OP)- -The ' l"si: m k-nn n* bunds on the New York Stock Germans Defy Nazi Evacuation Order \vrni rxiTKu STATUS FIRST AU.MY XKAK KTOLBKIH:, CUR- MANY, Sopl. 1!). (UR) — C.T- man documents revealed todny thai the -\ax.i party "n September 1- ordered the evacuation of the entire Coloyne-Aafhen area with tin enti- niiited population of at least -,000.000 Germans. Actual marching orders were issued to numerous villages which l.'nited Statew troops overran later. Among them was Kornelymunster, southeast of Aachen. Jt was noteworthy thut the Germans remaining ill Aachen were estimated at fewer tlmu 'JO.000. The city was encircled by 1'nited States troops. A sisnificanl test of the Nun! party strength lias been the refusal of many German civilians to leave their homes despite the literals of .storm troopers. Russian Nobleman Weds inJLas Vegas I'/AS VKGAH Xev., Sept. H). OP)—- I'rincc David Aldlvanl. only survivor of the thro.o Aldlvani brother who were members of the nobility in Tiflis. Georgia in old Russia, married Virginia Sinclair, daughter of the oil magnate. Harry Sinclair. In an early morning cetvmony here Sunday, it was disclosed yesterday. A baptist minister, the Reverend Frederick l.ovett. read the ceremony at his home. It is tiie first marriage for the 2!l-veur-old .M'ss Sinclair of Great Neck. Long Island. X. Y. Mdivanl. •l-l. m' Los Angeles, previously was married to Actress Mae Murray. " l .yt. 6U-64, Dec. 1(10.10. Flax Futures RA.V rnAN'ci.sco. SPIH. is. (Ul?>— nth. flax fuiuri?n um'hanKi'd. Mmneupr •ipptfinbi'i- flax, no trudinK: l>*cemlnM- | J09 1 ;!, up 1 <ent. May. no (fading*. Mather Field to Become Air Transport Unit SACNMMENTO. Sept. 19. (URI — Mather Field, Army Air Forces train- j ng base which has graduated him- j Jreds of bomber pilots now flying In j alt war theaters, will become a unit | of the Air Transport Command Oc- j :ober 1, officers announced today. Jta training activities wilt be trans-i 'erred to the Douglas, Ariz,, army j air field after present Mather classes ' Jliiuor but once threw three cocktails graduate, the officers said. ' i In her face CnntlniHMl From I'iijtu Onn fleet, they heard that conquest of the Philippines would be the job of General Douglas MucArthur's southwest Pacific forces, with the navy supporting- and protecting the campaign. From General Jl. II. Arnold, chief of the Army Air Force, they heard (hat the aerial nrin had been built up to carry air warfare "into the very heart of Germany and Japan" and that the army long had been planning on "all-out" punch nt the .Japs. Both addressed Legion members last night—Arnold in person and Ximitx by radio—after General George P. Marshall, army chief of staff, hail disclosed that 00 American divisions had reached the fighting fronts and that S more would sail this month. Ximitx. discussing the general • drive westward in tiio Pacific, said I completion of the seizure of Palau { would isolate the' Japanese in the ' ( 'arollnes. render their Truk base j "next to useless" and put the Yanks ! In position to strangle communications between Japan proper and Japan's conquered territories in Xew Guinea rind the Dutch Mast Indies. "Finally," he added, "when Pulau falls, a formidable obstacle to our eventual return to the Philippines is swept away, and \v« will have a base from which to cover and support MueArlhur'.s Philippine campaign." General Arnold slated maintenance of the air forces in top fighting form Is essential to our future safety and termed universal military training u necessary national policy. He also submitted that "we must have air liases under our control— spread out far beyond our shores where they are needed." Hrigiidier-Gciioral Frank T. Hint's, administrator of veterans affairs, told the delegates today that "victory iu Kurupe would seem In be within our grasp in the not. too distant future." and thai "tins lime Aineiican doughboys will march down the streets of Berlin." lie asserted, in a prepared address, the relurning warriors must have "full employment." John H. Blandford, Jr., Xmional Housing Administrator, reported his agency was working with the War Production Hoard "in the hope that following the collapse of Germany the green light may lie turner, on for an immediate start toward a fully adequate housing supply for relurn- ing veterans, military families and all American families iu need of housing." lie estimated, in a prepared address, that. 1,100.000 married men now in the armed service would need houses upon their return to civil life. Continued From Page Ons ^ of more than 6000 persona in Seat-" ties eivii» auditorium, Dewey outlined a five-point program he would inaugurate if his White House bid Is .successful. •«• Outlines Program They are: 1. An able secretary of labor from the ranks of labor; L' —Return to the labor department. jail the functions of such a depart-"" j merit; ! ;!—Abolition of "wasteful, compel- j ing bureaus filled with men quarrel- j ling- for jurisdiction"; j 4—Establishment of a fair em—. I ploymertt practice committee as a? | permanent government function; | 5—Abolition of "privilege for one group over any other." i Dewey defended the right to strike I ns "one of the fundamental rights of ! free men," but he charged that it. has been abused and the blame for such abuse lay directly with the Roosevelt administration. Defends Strike Right "The Xew Deal Is exclusively responsible for most of the serious wartime strikes." he said. "The chief blame goes directly into the White House and to Ha agency created at the top of all this chaos of agencies—the War Labor Board. "Th:it board has supremo power over the vital matters of wages and- conditions of employment. Whether by design or sheer incompetence, its practice has been to stall—weeks, mouths, sometimes years—before issuing decisions." Dewey read political implications into tiie delay. "Tills policy of delay, delay and more delay serves only the Xew Dual .-ind its political ends." ho charged. "It puts the leaders of labor on the) spot. It makes them come hat lit hand to the White House. It makes political loyalty the test of a man KetiiiiB his rights. . . . "This strategy of delay sets tha stage for a great gesture—a big favor to labor before election day—a gesture carefully designed to make labor believe Uiut something it is .justly entitled tn Is a special Rift from on high from the Xew Deal." Dewev said he would "refuse td believe that workers In this country will play the roln of supplicants to anv throne. ' IN APPRECIATION » -h !•• ,'M'ie--s 'Mir uppro'.-tation for Mm'ss and wMiipmny of out' friend* r th'.,r I'OauUful floral offerings . lit rt'n-iit tiriva vt-nK'nt. (Signed)?J Mrs. Louis Mniery. Mr. and Mrs. U.iuiiiUM. Mr. u M] Mi*. Percy •!•. Mi. and Mrs. f!»org« Gardiner, . and M:». Deri Cl.uomtjr. SKVKN 01 T OF CONTROL SACRA.MKXTO. Sept. 10. UP>— Seven forest fires pro now out of j control in Mendocino county, W. D. i Winters, fire control officer of the j slate division of forestry, said today. | Although not burning over partlcu- i larly largo acreages, the Mendocino Mazes are difficult to control because of the rugged country, Winters said. DIVORCED LOS ANGELES. Sept. 19. (UR)— Mrs. Helen B. Engel. New York socialite, today divorced her third husband, Fred W. A. Engcl, retired textile manufacturer, whom she charged not only drank large quantities of UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOUKK CONTAINERS CRAVE MARKERS , AT LOWEST PRICES Olflce Within the Grounds Monumental Display af Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral i Service at Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 Chtitcr Avtnu* at ThlrUtnth J. C. Fliehiiitr Frwk Dliter AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT

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