The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 30, 2001 · Page 19
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 19

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 2001
Page 19
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BIO MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2001 THE SALINA JOURNAL W NEXT GENERATION INTERNET PROJECT IS RIGHT ON SCHEDULE. IT'LL BE DONE SOrAETIf«\E IN THE NEXT GENERATION. IF YOU KNOLJ ANY CUTE SINGLE UOhAEN UJITH LOU STANDARDS, IT UJOULD REALLY HELP. Baby Blues ForBener orForlAftirse ThWNK VOU ,;riM .THflT WAS f\ UOMEi-ll MOVIE 1 3UST WONDeR IF He "<5 <mHe <5iRL" INTHEENDl VOFCOURSEHEDID!; BUT tOE DON'T') KHOM FOR —-^THE CHARM OF IT 1/00 <5eT TO use. 40UR. jMA&iMflrrioNji "ROO PEOPLE WHO /APPEAR TO BE PERFECT FOR ONE ANOTHER MEET... AND l/OO'RE LEFT . WONDER|M<S"WHAT I HAPPENS THIS ROOM WOULC LOOK BetTER WITH LESS CAT HAIR THEREB NO CAT HAIR IN HERE EXCEPT WHAT'S ON KAE Pickles ewe PLAV, -Trte /'BE TOSORVl>JE IM LOOKATAMiPFIKi... HER PREV. Unscramble these (our Jumbles, one lener to each square, loform (our ordinary words. LIWLT 02001 TrtWM UmM SMVkn, Inc. WHASA m D VIRLED SMAICO - A A J, This was a lovely meal mm FOR A GOURMET PINNER CAN BE THIS, Now arrange the circled letters to (onn the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. (Answers tomonow) Saturday's Jumbles: SYLPH LUSTY f^EEBLE PERSON Answer; A good thing (or a tired witch to do— REST A "SPELL- Cryptoqulp DK EDXF, EOH DFUOHNEFS THTRHFN TSMH S UDKUHFEHM HAADFE ED GISJ NXGHFRIJ. Saturday's Cryptoqulp: THE OLD MATH PROFESSOR FIGURED HEAVILY IN THE UNIVERSITY'S CALCULUS PROGRAM. Today's Cryptoqulp Clue: D equals 0 The Cryptoqulp Is a substitution cipher In which one letter stands for another. If you thlnl< that X equals 0, It will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. The Lockhorns O*»iwuH0UTD(ttwfms.»c.DM«M>tfi>rK^FtMratr><*Mtt. if.^Q "I UIKE MY MEAT RARE, UORETTA, NOT EXTINCT." Family Circus O2001 BIIKcanaJno. out. tiy King FMIUTM Synd. Blondie "You don't hear them saying, 'I don't like this, Mommy,' do you?" Born Loser BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION BY EUGENE SHEFFER ACROSS 1 "I — Rock" 4 Microsoft boss 9 IRS employee 12 Satchel 13nim director Sidney 14 Border 15 Swamp dweller 17"— was saying..." 18 Sapporo sash 19 Make beloved 21 Short sock 24 Judicial garb 25 sland adornment 26 Turf 28 Ancient anatomist 31 Neighbor of N. Dak. 33 Play with robots 35 Ray type 36 Scottish cattle breed 38 Move up and down 40 Scull tool 41 Squad 43 For the most part 45 Hair color 47 Throw in another paragraph 48 umbrella frame part 49 Cousin of 15-Across 54 Listening device 55 "A Fish Called Wanda" actor 56 Coloration 57 Altar constellation 58 Michael­ mas daisy 59 Schedule abbr. DOWN 1 Vintage Jackson 5 hit 2 Ruin the veneer 3 Past 4 3-D maps 5 Uncredited student 6 1979 meltdown site (Abbr.) 7 Moray catcher 8 Office worker, for short 9 Shady lizard? 10 Mexican money 11 Islamic bigwig 16Amiy rank: Abbr. 20 Quatrain rhyme scheme 21 — mater 22 Night light 23 Hamadryad 27 Fix the soundtrack 29List-end- ingabbr. 30 Not any 32 Rotate 34 Lettuce Solution time: 21 mins. UMf3 ••BO ••SCI ••ma Eum ams IZIIIISDBDDBQQDCIS auma aaas DOB mamm SQQQ mam Saturday's answer 4^ 37 "Calendar Girl" singer 39 Wisconsin emblem 42 "War of the Worids" writer 44 Rhode's mom 45Tar(Sp.) ; 46 Second story man? 50 Torched 51 Definite article 52 Away 53 Roulette bet For answers to today's crossword, call 1-M(M54-e873l 99c per minute, touch tone/rotary phones. (18+ only.) A King Features service, NYC. Ziggy O 2001 Son tnd Fif«n«. kwTM. by IJnhrvrial nw SrnAcM som WISE suy J WOULWT IT BE JUST CALLEP \ FUNNy IF HE AI^P ASKED ME IK ^ REALLV WAS MYREFRISERATOR )l SCm&OQY WAS I?UNNIN6.' _-i^FI?OM THE: ELECTRIC .CDMPASJy? Bex Morgan, M.B. BPSAjtfAsr, Rsx mes TO nemse SAKAHS PBRPOIiMANCe OF TUB PRBVtOUS BVeNING... com on. MONEy...TEUu Mom/ YiMr yoysAip TO p/uppy LAST NI^HT/ W'RE NOT OKUME mmo FOR 30B, ARE SOU. CffTHS? SOU SAID WOUl Ml&HT NOT UWNT ME ANYMORE. I SAID I /ni6HT NOT. I DIONT SAW I tXWT IriflNT MOU. rm NOT 5AMIN& ILL TAKE ANOTHER OFfER... ' ...I'm 3U&T SEE- IN& IP SOPflEONE EtSE IS IMTEReSTH). If SOMEONE ELSE IS INTERESTED, THEN rm OeflMlTELW INTERESTED! PROm UJEEK. IN CORPORATE AIMERiCA. Peanuts SORRV, MAAM, I UJA5 ASLEEP.. ANP I PREAMEP I U/A6 5LEEPIN6,6UT IN THE PREAA\ WHERE I WAS 5LEEPIN6,1 PREAMEP I WAS AWAKE... THEN IN THE PREAM OJHERE I WAS AWAKE, I FELL ASLEEP, ANP INTHEPREAMtAlHEREI WAS SLEEPING I HEARP YOUR VOICE ANP WOKE UP ANi /WAY, I THINKN THAT'S HOU) IT WAS.. PIP YOU ASK ME A auesTioN? PLEASE PON'T CRY, AAA'AM.. GW« you fUASuYC, VOOMAH vJUo Of* Kow+e ANP HAK€ JoKe^ HAYYllVtte i« if ^"^ , '

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