The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 4
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- J < _ J I •>.. • ; *. - . t - • . ' •-,. -. j ' m&» : fH'** "' ' :S.^>/'' ' \ - * ~ - -L rvr •• * f',. , • ' • *',•*• -JV 'M"p|«» • ,.' J'<--- .-'<; \ ^A.-i^Kj.?-^ •;-' ,--" ' . --'.'• "- i 1 ' * •• '•• --> • -:A, ' ' •:£>'> ••••-,;,:?.-V! --- - ^ ^ v--• ; ; i< A*V- , •••,,",- ''•.•Y-"-r.^ t : V I- .1. •I TUB tlAKBRftFItiLD CAMPORNIAW,- Wttm'e8l)AY, SEPTEMBER 2, J99o " I * 1 L * 1-- -",V -" ' • j • ,. -_ ^ :/>^. J - - - -' , 4 Fruitvale Personal Notes ITVAliK, Hopt. :!.— -Mm. Marjoric Stockton is enjoying a work's vacation at bontf Hom-h. Mrs. Stockton roturnort Friday evenhw from San l-Yimrlwo when* Him had passed u Mr. ninl MrH. DoiiKli*** Prhno uiul dfttiKhU'i* Cannon nf olldnlp won* Friday ovonlnK KUOMIH of Mr. nnd Mrs, *Albrrt Smith of Ornon AOIVH. Mr. and Mr*. I'rlnio havo a lot In Orrrii Ai5r»'H find start tlm erection nf a lumic in iho near future. Mildred K'tvlw of An/i''/*rH'W. rinn. trt maUInK |l1 ' oxlmidiMl vlall with II»T nmiU'M, I'. H. Kn-lm and K. 1'. KrebH nf I'Yultvalo nnd Fred KrobH (tf HeardHtoy. Krom hero Mian Krolm oxpfoin lo KO i'» Ban Uli-Kn when* HIM will vlnlt a nlwtcr. Clydvi A'lnt'crit nMiirniMl Hnnddy from OoU'ta xvlu-rc lu> IULN Iwi'ii I tic KUoat for I ho iinut two wr.'fl<H of |I(H brother and family, Mr. mid MI-H. Frank \"lm*ont. 1»* WIIH Icfl home by MH L/rnUifr and Mr«. Cora Townm-nd of I'lrrrr Jioad wan hosli-^M on Thiir-Hdny In tho Ktlth fin •]/» nf U)r i J''Jr;«l ( 'hrlw- tlan Chuivh ol UnkiTHflrld. Mr. and Mi^. It. II. (Irav r,!' VI nf KH«-M!« nf MTH. Vldn pntil'-d hy h»»r I;IIOH|M Mm. I.ninb motored lo LcbM 1 fo visit wllh Iri-n** X'liif^H. M|«M IMH llt'lcr and Vh-inr M r»f Oi'cnn Acri'H Iff I Monday for Hun TYnnulwo wh(To Ihr-y will enjoy a rhort vacatlnii. (loorwro ffpf^vcr and fliinfthlifi*, MrH. Ida jjimb paHRfil thn work end In Ban KnuielHoo whom thny the woddlnK of a c-ouwln of Mr«. Lnmh. MrH, II. T. Do/lor and dfiuwhior Julia ha.vo n>Mirne<l from n. wi»H« nf fjonff IV-ach. They w** lrifi to niikerflfloM hy l>f»/lcrH mother, Mrrt. MoorRO Krnn- rlHf-n. Mr«, JO. I*. Hlpwaort and M<»MM. U'nltr'r nnd JJ^vcrly, wlio ac- com printed Mrn. Dn'/lcr in LOIIK Mcarh are maUlM^ a lonK Ktjjotirn In till' HOUlll. MF-H. r.'nra TownHend ut tended th« ng i-liih of the HpiLiilnh War Vi»t- riH held on I'Ytday nfternoon nt l Hall In MnkerHfleld. , f'llidno nnd T.iicllle f-nrnh, urnnll uwliterH of MPH. Vlrla i<amh havn rrtiirned lo thnlr honn* ufter under- KolnK tonHilhH-totnh'H nl n ttakot'H- fleld IiOHplliil. » KnjnylriK '>• Hunilay pVnin at Kern r'<iunty 1'urU wrrr* MI*H. I*. It, KrobH MIH! f la 1 1Kb I ''i'". Hi»ff ha. Ml f*;)l^abfth and fharl'/tf. am) ( 'bark'H, Mrw K. 1 >. Krehn and H, I tea la 1 1 and Mildred, Jnio- lji*illio| U-r, Marif'irol and Martha lliilfihlHon. Minn Mildred Kff*hH of AnarorteH, SVn«h., t WOMAN SPONSOR OP JUNIOR CLUB Mrs. C. L, Hnlckin Elected Sponsor of Now (Ihtirch ; in Kern j * r elano Residents in News J. MlMH Mitrhd Ilollr-tiberk >,| (Ink<*TN field WHH a rocenl v ltd I or a I I be. Cirei-n Acren homo of M i M. ( ' White. MrH, Sarah Hull of I'Yefmo \H tin 1 Wf*eh with her (liM . (}rf)ffff> Norton of drnnn Arre». Htmday din nor K'lehtH at I ho C. . Whlto homo In (Jroen ACCOM w«re Mr, anrt Mrn. I'M Ifande) uiul con Itonny *'f Hhaflnr and Mr. and Mrn. Illloy C.^ombH and rtaiiKhter, Mover I y Ann of hamoni. In The VnHfnrninn ) l), Hopl. 2.--Mm. I tat ok In has boon electnd span* nor of the, tu.'wly urKanl/ml Inter* * mod Iain a,nd junior U'fiRUo which win ronvorm at <h*« nrirne hour a« tin; Kpworth Ivcaffiio at tho c'nrn- rnunlty MethodlHl fihurch. (Jlhe Hervk'fH will lie hold at the usual llmo arrordlnff lo Hrwrrr-nd Clifford .Kor/1, pastor of tho church. The now l^nguo wus organbod ta younff prnjdrj who are not yrM. In high school. Thl» ^roiip will from Ihe fifth to tho IncliiHlvo. All young pnoplo «re rorrllally lnvU/.»d in attend. Sunday schciol will convnnn nl 10:00 and church service tit 11:00 u. in. The ffwrmm Htihjeri. will ho "ChociMc you this day whom ye will nerve,." I'ipwortb l^naRim will bo lield ttl 7:00, with Wiiyiu* \Vlrtif»erMy lendliiK on tho topic, "Tho KoJltflonH of India." t'fttlilerm />ycr will ho leader for thn younger league on tho subject, "What tho Mlbln has to nay abo.ut light." Church iwrvlc« will b« conducted by Itovorend Mr. Ford at 8 o'clock p. nt. Mo- ac v\\ *\& •A fvy V>f*9 0<^ «* St* 11 \w«- A DTCLANO, Sept. 2.—M(HB Annasue ttuffht'H and Afrn. ISart C). Uodlng motored to Vlwalla on Saturday night and uttended tho dedication of iho now Vlaalla dlty library of which &TIHH HuglioH will IK! librarian, bo* Hoptembcr 15. Mraoo iUmfley . motored to RP|PH on . Monday morning and Hpuht (wo days there on buslnena. Mr, and Mrs. A, It. Hrnllh have re- turner! from a two wanks' variation nt Hnnta Barbara, 'Morro Hay and Han I.tilM OhlMpo. Mr. and MrH. Krfld I-oploln r-ntnr- talnod ON Ihulr l^rlday night Mr. and Mrs. If. H. Carter of Kar lurid, Mrw. it. It. Krct'lH returned to her homo h*»ro on Hundny /iftoi moiuhH at the Hlony Brook him at Ktwne. Mnr daujchter, HuUi Fre^lH motored there to company hor home. Mr. and Mm M. U. llughea nml thnlr dauKhter Iluth of Krc«no woro rcnonf. KuoMta of Mr, HughwT alster, MI-M. A. H. Charllon and family whllo on tholr way homn from a two muntha* motor trip to Ula*K"W, JCen- tticky, Thoy also vlalled tho Mammoth Cave« and Mtoppcd at tho Ornnd Canyon, MrH. Momer A. Bower and her MrH. Htuart \Varron wero . vlftltorH on Friday. all-day KUcatH fif Mr. and • Adamn wero MrH. A.darnH* llupori Hehatlgpn, Mrn, and Uji'h' rlfuijrhU»r Mary Janti and MIHH Mntty Krlend. all of Lnmooro. Mr. and Mrs, Carlylo Adainw worn also dinner guests, Mr. and Mm. Kdward M. Smith had an Ihulr Hunday dinner giiuata, thn Uovpronrl Clarenro Wagner. Mr. and Mr«, Jfonry Hollcra havo returned lo town from a two vncatl<HI In llumholdt county. Mr, (Hid Mi'H. ltolx*ri Mim left MoM(la,y for l ( 'rf«no wlu*ro Mr. ))ILM Hfciired worlt aa rjf n callln ranch. M r. iincl MI-H. hit wrenco Kalua. of Mnlu*r«i'lnld nprnt Hunday hero with Mr, HnlHu'd mother who Is 111. I'VInndH havn received wirds un- the roc-nut murrlagh »tf o Kvurd nf Kreano nnd I'Mward M. ItlrhardMon of "IjOH An- goloH. b(»th of whom aro fornior lor-nl yotniK poopln. They aro at homu to thnlr frlfiulN in ixia v\ngok*H. Mr. and Mrn. .laupiT Nowton flow- hay and thi-lr mm LoNlle roturn^d county Hiifidn MrH. ho brothcir, homo Hunday night from a three day visit In Han Lulu QbUmo aa of their «on and brother, Bowhay and family. Mr. and Mr«. JL B. llamafey, their daughters A rah and Dorothy and tton Donnld, spent Hunday at Arvin vlBltlng with relutlVflH. McCortnlck f« spending nfcv- who 1« enjoying u vagaUon oral duy« In Low Angelen with hla of Hflvorul woekfl fn tho Mouth. Mr, and Mra, O. H. Hmlth of Ar- vln wpeiit Hunday hnro UH Kucntfl of Mr. Hinith'a daughter, MrH. A, l^ Smith, Their grandchildren, Hlan- If.y arid Norman, who have been their gufiath for tho past two weeks while their parents were away on a vacation, returned to their honift hero with them. Mr. and Mra. If. W. Dormandy and children were recent vlnltors In Jlakorsfleld with relative*. Mrs, Leslie AflamH and daughter motored to Hanford on Krltluy where they visited with Mr. and Mra, 1'^rcd Thomua, and to Corcoran where tliey viHlted MI-H. T. 1C. Cochtrane, mother of M)*, Adams, and to Lo* rnooro where thoy worn gucHtn of Mra. AdanriH' brother, Rupert Hchatt- gen and family, Tho Reverend Clarence Wagner ia Hpondlng thla wnok at Camp HIerra find will bo accompanied homo an Haturday by Mr«. \\ f agrier nnd their three children who have boon num* at the camp. Myer« of the fticrra V'lata ranch spent Sunday at Portervlllo whcrn he wu« beat man at tho wod- rilng of frlendH. Raymond Unmany n trended Mp- worth League at the Karltmart •thodlril Church on Hunday night. Mr. arid Mr«. A. 75. Charlton had tholr Hunday afternoon nnd evening KuenlH, Mr. and Mm. Hoy Morgan and their throo cblldron. Hilly Carroll lion returned to tho homn of hlH parunu in Oakland after Hpondlng tho aummor In tho Colum- hlm» illHtrlc-t, working. Tho fatnlly formerly rtmlded there. Mr. and MrH. 13. B. Bhano nnd their (laughter 1 felon and Curtis Bar- ni'tt motored to Oakland for 'tho vvoMc ond. MrH. Hhunn and daughter I If Ion remained pending tho location of thn family In Oakland. lltl.'i Jiarton of Katmun nty, Kan- BUM, arrived hero Krklay un*1 has ee- rurwl omploymont at the HIerra VlHtii ranch of the ISurl Fruit Company. Items of Note in Wasco j WAHCO. Hopl. 2.—Mr. and Mm. •A. !•<. KlaNHon ntturnod rocontiy from a two wwkH 1 vacation Hprnt in I-ON AiigolfH and vldnlty. Kddln MorrlHfin and Keith Little roturncd Hunday from a vacation Hpnnl at Lou AngulbH anUkHnitthorn • _ ^ b _ L K ^ ^ K • -• - ^ M ' P nnd I.OIIK Honrh iho past month luivo relurnod lo their homo hero in \ViiHeu. iJcidor Ratellffo IH pastur i>f tho fon^reRnllotial Church. lloynt Neighbors will hold meeting next Fritlny Masonic templo with PINCPAL AC M LONG TRIP i Dr. Ben Crandall Reports Interesting Journeys in Sumjncr Months nd Mrs. T. 11, Hatcllffo nnd j mm who havn boon nt hem I Iht-li- night Alrn. at tho IV'.-irl Andorson, tho oracle, i First tftrm or Iftil l«rm-ichool lime is cxp«ns« fimfll Our I Coil Aulo tofln Plan ii lha quick way to matt il No co-tigners; no Miignmenli, planty of Invctligal* now! lim« to CONSUMERS C MH Ulh STRUT Phon* 114 Mr. and MrH. l-'rod Hertkau and ilJiimJUm'H Kloiioro nnd WJnnlfred hud a tlcllKhiful trip to I'lnmo, Car- pfiilurla and Nun la Uiirburu liint \\eoU. returning- to \Vuw,*o Kunday ovonliu*. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Klasaen of and Mr. rind Mrn. Milton of UoHodalc worn Hunday of Mr. and Mrs. C. U Wll- klMH of I'auanuu Illolinrd KlmU'ill left \Va.sro Sunday ovfiiliiK for WyuinhiK With a K»!ophyHlt!fi| crow for whleh ho IH om- plnyiMl. Mr. Khuball will rolurn lo Mnrtiln. NobruHkUl for his third your ut iho Nohranku Hluln Uulvervlty whleh opens September 'Jl, after a In AVanno. and Mrp. Gordon Wooden nnd of ItiLkerHflolil wero Hunday tit Mr. and MI*H. .fames M|HH I5lhrl Uohorlwon. Ulster Ijllllu who has Hpont tho da.vH nt tho LIU to home, ro- lo |u«r hointj In UaUorfifleld Sunday evening. Let lorn from M!MH llolon Tenner nnd her father Pot tor I'en nor who aro vlMlthiK relutlvcH In Kurupo, report that thoy aro Htlll In HwlUorlnnd and will visit later In Germany and other Kuropoan i to The WASCO, Bopt. 2.—Dr. and Mrs. Ben H. CrandaU havo returned from a summer trip which included many of tho states of tho United States aa well aa a trip Into Canada. The Crandalla loft hero by train about Juno 1 and went to Detroit where they purchaaed a new car which they drove on the n»at of their Journey which was 7385 mllea long, One of the outstanding enjoyable weoka of tho aummer was spent nt Alfred University In New York where Dr, and Mrs, Crandall attended tho Centennial celebration of tho Unlveraity of which they are both graduatcR and in which their son burton Crandall la un instructor. Both Dr. and Mrs. Crandall via- ited at their parental home« and Binco Doctor Crandall visited with hia mother at their home In Andover, New York, tho mother passed away at th« age of 1)0, tho birthday having: been celebrated whllo thoy wero there. Vialta and stops wero made with friends and relatives at Niagara Kalis, Washington, D. C., Charlottesville, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, Old Jamestown, WilllamH- burar, Maryland. Annapolia, Delaware and New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, at Cornell University, Mass., and than west again. A. week's visit was .made at Denver, and stops wero made In Wyoming whora Doctor Crandall formerly resided. Doctor Crandall expects to bo In Wasco the remainder of tho summer preparing for tho opening of tho Wasco High School of which ho la principal. Needle Club Meet Held inJPruitvale FKUITVALifi. Sept. 2.—Honoring Airs. Thomas Drury of Rlvcrvlow, tho Sterling Neodlo Club mot with Mrs. C. K. White on Thursday afternoon at her Green Acros homo. Mrs. Drury, who has boon a member since 1014 Is ono of tho club's oldest members. She recently celebrated hor eighty-sixth birthday and Ihe club pleasantly surprised hor on Thursday afternoon wllh move nil lovely bouquets and a beautiful gift. Tlofrcsbmonts wero served tho following: Mcsdames Uruce Timgalc, Walter Cannon, Cynthlu Oldham, Marl ha Heaton, William Eloy, Kthol Lutmfnnl. J'Vod Cannon, Del Good- alo, *'ImrleH J'owers. Kverott Klm- ble, Rvelyn Vineyard. Luwrenco Min-Hlim. miey Combs. lOd Handel, C. JO. \Vhlto and Miss Virginia J'ow- ern. Children prcncnt wero Kenneth and \Vandaleo.Vfncynrd, Nancy Bell, Margaret nnd Wnlly rannon. Konnelh Lunnford. Velda l-eo Cioocl- alo, Uovorly Cumbu and Ilonny Handol. Little. nf MI-H pivfctl J(t turnt'd NOW CKTAILS Alcoholic Acidity Goes In Jiffy with Bcll-ans BELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION BtlbANI Hor Swrt Come Where It Is COOL At Blotrsden, Plumas County, California STAN COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA HORSEBACK RIDING AT FEATHER RIVER INN j • Golf in Ihe scenic Sierra ... Swimming in a beautiful outdoor pool... Fishing in rivers, lakes and brooks ... —Horseback-riding over safe mountain trails ... Cool, breezy evenings ... Union UPB AT ITS BEST, at California'* Outntanding Mountain Ketort—Blevation 44W Fett, New Reduced Rates Until September 10, $4 Per Day INCLUDING MEALS OP HIGHEST STANDARD Wire at our expense tor Information and renerratlona~FKAT!iKR TUVKR INN, BUirBdeiu*CaUfarnU *' '*'* : ' fcj& : 1 RtCi BRAVO, Sept. 2.—Mh dh'd. Mm. F, \V. Ho&g Of Martinez recently potscd a few «d(iy« with Mr. and Mrs. ^VaJter 13. Hang. They were en route to their home aftoi* vaca< tlonlng on White ttlVer. Mr». \V«il* tor B.Maag and son Bobby returned to thflir homca after spending three weeks Jn the mountains near the Jack Banch. M|HS Frances Wilson returned homo after accompanying hor uncle, E. V. Harmon of Marlposa, and couftln, Mrs. I^aura Miller of Los Angeles, on a three weeks' trip to southern Idaho whore thoy visited relatives. Mra. P. L, Borgcn and son Wai- tor, and Miss ISiale Bergen of Shaftor aro homo after having passed several weeks at Balance Hock. Mr. Bergen spent the week end at the mountain resort nnd Mrs, Ike Pe* torn of Shaftcr also Hpont several dnys with Mrs. Bfirgon! Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mnlhis and children are visiting relatives in Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Zachery and sons, Philip and Donald, passed tho week end with relatives at Big find. They wero accompanied by Jack, Holand and Warren Fansloy, who have spent tho summer at the Zachery homo. K. L. Phillips and sons, Klbert and Dan, of Taft, were recent busl- ness callers at the homo of Mr. ami Mrs. Walter IS. I-tdag 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Lylo Calder and son Merle havo returned home after an extender! visit with friends and relatives In Seattle, Thoy returned via the Columbia river highway. Mrn. Walter White, Harlen, JQrva and Lora White motored to Los Angeles and spent the week ond. Mrs. Mary WelUncin, who resides In the nouth, accompanied her daughter, home to spt*nd a fe\v dnys. Clark Williams and T. N. Knight are deer hunting near Fralor tnoun- taln. Donald Suydam was a Sunday dinner guest at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Zellers In Bakersfield. Mra. Ernest Gray and Mra. Willis Griffith recently culled on tho Misses May and Myrtlo Huug. •lames 13. Hnag was a recant IJUH!- ness culler of Mr. and Mra. J. W. Mayer. Carl MIMer of Siuigor passed tho day Haturday (it the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Sehierlmann. Mrs. W. J. Hchierlmann passed Thursday and Friday with airs, Roy Newman at Lake of the Woods. Mr. and Mrs. Wytoy Martin of Tearlngton Nov., speiit tho past few dayn with Mr. Martin's parents, Mr. and Mra. T. M, Martin. They worn hero by Mrs. TV M* Martl'n who has been visiting them for the post several weeks'. » ' Air. and Mrs. Frank Munsey ftrid Whiting Martin motored to Los Angeles for the week ond. ., Miss Wilma Scott, hor father, A. At. Scott, and Arnold Sumner, all of Los Angeles, word guests at thn home of Mr. and Mrs\ D. O..Mo6re on Sunday. Mr. Scott remained at tho Mooro home. A Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith ot.BAR- fersflold caned at the homa of Mr. and Mrs, W. J. Wilson ott Saturday evening. Mrs. Smith will bo remam- inered as tJto former Miss Edna White. H. Williams and family and his mother, £lrs. Anna Austin, recently returned homo after vacationing in Santa Cruz. . • The Misses Irene Martin of Bak- ersfleld and Maxine Moore wero. week ond guosta of Mias Frances Wilson. T. M. Martin recently motored to Visalla on business. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rolston Were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Winter and family at Hhafter. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Curtis and son Robert were callers of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Coble on Sunday afternoon. ' Mrs. Virglo Sanders of Bakersflold passed the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray McCIuro. Jlmmio and Ray McCIuro Jr., spent tho week end with Mr. and Mrs. Luther Pierce and family at tihafler. Quests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wilson on Thursday evening were Mrs. Charles Norton of Phoenix, Mrs, Ida Wilson and grandson, Keith Flanders o£ Long Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Cllve Wilson and Leo Wilson of Bakersfleld, Mrs. Laura'MIHer of Los Angeles, Mr. * and Mrs. Ilarlin "Wilson of Shatter and IS. V. Harmon of Maricopa. Mr. and Mra. AV. B. Wilson and eon Calvin, Mrs, Charles Norton, Airs. Ida Wilson and grandson, Keith Flanders left tfriday for a two week**' trip to, southern Idaho. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil White were week-end guests of Mr. and MrH. GJcnn Wood. Miss Hudora Baldwin was an overnight gut;8t of Miss Maxine Mooro Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Griffith and sons, Jerry and Darrell, accompanied by WIJHo Griffith and Tod Tta- por p.'isflcd tho week end In Los Angeles with' .relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Krnlo McKInnon, formerly of thia district, havo moved to Bakersfleld whero Mr. McKlnnou Is employed. BREAKFAST and LUNCHEON and D I N N E R 40i and 45* e low-cost meals are available to all passengers on Santa Fe trains stopping at those conveniently and attractive Fred Harvey Dining Stations that are a ue feature of Santa Fe's transcontinental s un Lower Dining Cav Prices, too, on the California Limited and Grand Canyon Limited. Breakfast SQ£ and 75jf, Lunch 90^—Dinner $1.25. ; \ *•. r . h '¥. . i... M» NEVER BEFORE HAVE SANTA FE TRAVEL DC BOUGHT SO MUCH—Air-conditioned ooachee, tourist sleepers and Pullmans... Low Summer Xcursior fares.., and the finest food in the travel world, at new low nric»n. Bftnta Fa SUtlon, 1004 Fifteenth 6treat or Any 8«nta Fa Railway Agent 40, Bftk«nfl«id ^to, i * Fllckinger-Digier Chapel \ ' oftara the aervioes of a WurlUxer ptpo organ and the golden voicoU chapol soloist, thus excoptionally • L . Beautifying the Last Good-by * lloro you buy ouly tho caakot at B variety of prlcoB™ aorvlco itaoU is free. Telephone 97 -r, c PLICKINGER FRANK DIG18R 1227 OHKSTER AVENUE i'« «••» •*** 4bt^ ' »f'*t«H '«-<-••* ' ' . ' . t , J ? . * i -> ••. .-i '. - • •. -r -f j ' _ r ^ i * • *• * •' :•••> . •* * i . .. f L ' b 'VS.* ;>^<fQ: - " . 3' : J *""••. * •' "I . '•'l^.lfi'l jft? 1 i.

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