The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
Page 12
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II2 Tuesday, September 19, 1944 gfr e gahtrgfitto Californfelt For Sal*—Improved Property house, clow In on Q ttreet; has thre« larit* bfrtrooms. §un room. lam Jlvtnir room with fireplace, beautiful rtinlTis mom and kitchen, lares •ervlce porch and basement: lawn and »had» tr«w*. This is » real buy for •omeone. Full price $6000. nubntantlai •"OUR-ROOM home with !ars» screen porch, close In in southeast district. I On larere lot. has nice (had* and fruit [ <r««. sanJen epaoe, chicken equipment, I double carace. Well cared for lawn. f Full price J3500. J1000 down, balance ,S35 a month. DUPLEX and 4-room home In hlBhly desirable ^cation. All are completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for S80 a month. Owner sret» rent free In 4-room house. On large corner lot. shade trees, large garnce. On bus line, and near markets. Full price, J1500, 51350 down, balanc* JLO m month. 5 f^ — .TITI _ _-_ 1665 Cheater Fhon* »-9S8» 8-14-tf Dcwey A. UPI-J>X—Thi re larce room* and frrvice porch ea< h i^dr; n IPO ono .'i-rooin u pa rl- tnrnt and a fi-roorn apartmpTit,. All fur- Dished with nice furmtuie ex-'ppt inq; one tide- of duplex. Flat top ranges, refrigerator, two wanning; ma chin PH. etc. This property IB in excellent condition. Income $1^5 per momh. $13,500, $5000 down, balance JSfc per month. PRACTICALLY NEW s-iwiroom i»nm<\ choice location, tompletely furnifbed. Hardwood' floor*, floor furnace, plenty of til* 1 . \ery clean inside and out; nice Int. sprinkling system, double earage. tTSOn. HESTKR LANK—Two-bedroom home. Thii is one of the older homeH, however you can't beat the location. Nice comer lot. Full price $4000. furniture included lOMB AND TNCOMK—]-oca ted in jrnod rental dint rift. This property in lens than three years old, in excellent condition. Hardwoort flonrn, tile drainp. etr On* completely furnished. $7000. $1 V 000 down. 1704 K Street > rimaverR Park — Completely furnished 3-bedroom home, veneteian blindt>. t ;u- TetifiK. fireplace, floor furnace, all tho tljcetie.p. 2-car garage, yard fenced, lot s of fruit. This home Ja furnished and equipped to plcuse the most d iHcri mi- Vie t a TI-H' 1—Two-bedrnom home. 6 ire old. Kxtra large 2-car g;i raga, and lot. Yard fenced nnd well shaded. Rooms extra large, nurd wood floors and Venetian blinds. Terms. ta Verde Tract— Beautiful 3-bed- roora home. Bath nnd hair, BI eel VPMP- tian blind* throushout house; fire-plat P. floor furnace; L'-cur KII raire. ui'inent drivewav. Terms arrune'-d. lix Unitn—Apartment and duplex, near West High. An excellent investment buy. #ftfit Bakersficlrt — Bountiful 2-bodroom home, extra lance rnnniH and ilo.«M?», thermoBiatcontrolled floor funiHCP.;dininK room wilh built-in cupboard, yard completely fenced and nicely landecapud, Frenl W. Harvey 203 Brower Etmldliifc PluuiP. li-41.'fiO any tnim ___ 44 $13,000.00 three-bedroom home only •even years old. Located In southwest section in attractive neish- ! borhood. Three bedrooms, two baths, two-car garage, patio, fur- nac© and cooler. This home is of better than average quality construction, built under V. II. A. supervision, and has many attractive features. We will show by appointment If you have cash or can arrange finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1803 H street Phone 2-8946 9-14—tf SALE—On j\ltii' Vista Drlvo. corner, 03x150, 3-bodroom house, living room, dining: room, don, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, small basement, screened poivh, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Hod need to SOiiM). ' $3250 down. J. J. Consani. Phono '9-3014. 9-18-1 f FOR SAJjR—One L'-bedroom houno. HH rd- wood floors, l lie Hink and bulb. Itea I fireplace, ba Foment, garage and oiil- i tni lid inffs: R i-nire lot in Garden Arrow. ' S6000. Call 4-4004 afu-r fi P. m. Key at 459 '^rl MH r in fasa ' i°. niii _-___ 1 f •liEAVING Tuesday evenliiK. like two pan- nenpera to Fort Smith, Ark. 2B31 Cnli- fornia avenue Kdna Uevlll, phone _ 2'"374. 43 •0JLDALB—Two-bedroom house, screened porrh, phower bath, ronrrelp foundation. double Karate, corner lot. wood local ion. $2750, Jl"">0 down, JlT) monthly. Immediate possession. Phone Mr«. Warnock. ^CUR-ROOM houpe. two lot.", 100x12.1 feet: well equipped for rhtokens, shade, fruit trees, garden. $31.10, $1850 down. Thle is a pood place- fnr you. buy it. E. W. Bo I en, 11'8 ',•» Wilson st reel. Oil• dale. 4 4 £ \VONDERKi:L fi-room hoiipe: throe bed! rooms. New and modern, up lo d;itp In every detail: tile drain, tile hath and tile kitchen. As good a** tin* veiy hr«t. Ton will love It. yf>p it soon. I'rice 58500, worth the money. J'opFesMnn T^anonahly p;tr)v, R. A\'. Bnli;n, 1 US '_• M'ilson PI reel. Otlrlalf, 44 >OR SALK—East Baktrxfield. completely furnished 2-bedrooin home. Cnn\-(»nlent location. Inquire Granada Sweet Shop, 616 Kentucky Mrect 4J FOR SALE, by owner, furnished bouse. Earage. Lot 60x20". near Ma^uiulm on Garden Row. $.500. dish or ICIITIP. Apply et place. 43 C4SK-S)—$2.':fO with SSSO i large 3-bedrornn home, no lot 60x2*1(1. immeiliale po Greenfield. I'hone 2-uti.1J for Sale—Improved Property A divinely fitting nightgown and a smint little Jacket lo wear over It In the "-nily of the morning" or take wilh you for week •Bdi t* a. simple matter to concoct, ot in,h- tel or white rayon satin, rosebud patterned rayon crepe or sheer and fine white cotton. Pattern No. &506 1* In sizes ]'-'. H. 16. K, St: 40 and 42. Size 14. bia« skut gown, regulres 3% yards of 33-m.ii rnu- »»ri»l; jacket. IVw jards. The smart new Issue of the midsummer ftyl* book—Fashion— hum 82 pages of cnol- lookln*, crisp new uporlweiir and summer e!«y (rock* and accenjioi leu. Order your COW now. Pi ice 15 cenii. i for In o jjsrn £tu I for Uil* attractive pattern. 8*nd 20 cent* In coin*, wltli your name, addrens. nat- ' i number and vlze to The Hakem/teld IfarnioH Today's Patttrn Service, lull >KJfi««f0M Street, San Fiaticitce i. Furnishril TirimrdintP pORfiofinlon ; 200 bloi k Flowrr Htrfr-t; nn rxira ni< o S-ljffl- ronin «nd iloti homp. In nr«» hvinjf room •with f ii f plin -v, knuii v i>mr <1en t»n«'k nf dinme rnmn ; \\r\\ fui nislipi], ini ludinE piano HIM! );npo i.'iilu.. m. f> yard, rxiia toilr-t In en i jtK*'. Prii f\ S!)50(). Vft'-nnt. .\e\v I'-l.r'lK' riAnic: Inrpe ]lv- iru- rno:n !»*[.- of tile. Pay JlUUU now, 1h*»n S4" PIT ni'inlli. North ]•*« kei . T\\ o hou5=r-s nn enm« Jot <">np f ivo rooms on tin *»*> f in iii month. ner. nml on nia nvpr car.iKe; throe i ooms JliOUO du\vn, (hen JOu pe mont. Homakrr P,i rk. Vrry ni»^ "-bodroom home for J.TT',0. l^ojin (nmidiny will Ionn SfcltOO nt 3-C2 prr niniilli. balance c;iMh. 2*2 a< irs Tei iav c M'ny. Onp nearly now r-bpflromn hnnic ht-inif rrcondit ioiiril : one t'-ruom home. Nii-e frutt. Trice on re- nnept. SkvliHA 7'nrk, An outslo nillnir bomp with h*»* u t i f 1 1 li v n rra n wtl hn -'k > a rd . hn rh*«- riif pit with sink nnd hot und c nUl x\ air-r. The beat buy \vc have ever bad Inr ?snoo. P utri-ft. npar Califnrnia. e ni< e lift If l-h*-(}] oorn H ml RlpeiMnj,' jiorch; hardwood floors, fnr JlST.n. Fave rir-ai ly new furnished <-oiirt(« rnnl iriK for $11 " f.O jK»r nvnii h. l,orn led wh'-ro >•<»!! .>•• huu id ncvor liavc a vacancy. jyoOU, ti'i'int*. "\'» ' a ut 2-brdi onin hump on lot 1 00x3'l r t Cfird^n A'ic-8. $;;»() down, balance $30 prr nioni h. Wo Jui VB Hf vrral small fa rms. well 1m- pi <i\ IM|, nr-a r td\vri. Some with fa rm- JMK r-fjuipincnl; all havp Bond water conditions. ('.-ill UK abmit them. J. T. <S\j Wicker. ] t;i;n oheMi-r. I'hone 2-0;';; It. _Kv*-n;>ufB 2-3Hi>."> or l' fl poaHpnsion. Close In on Terrace A'.'ay. Two bedrooms, Jiving room, with floor furnace. Kitchen with I UP drain and dinette. Bath has tile and ban wall heater. Cooler through duct. Two-rnr earaRe I_*ot in 50x206, and has nice fruit, nhade nnd chirken equipment. A Koou buy at $f>750 wilh Jl500 down. HiKh on the hill. One of the really beautiful 4-hedronm homos. Double living- room with fireplare. LarRe dining room. K itrhen with dinette. HnrnpUH room, ]a i«e two-car Karate; AND a be/ml Ifnl HWimmins* pool, with drenBlnff room P. The prripert y has 305-fooi frontage, and la well landscaped wfth fine trees, ahruhff. fruK and IN wnteied through the ni)rinkllnt »ystern which UPPK the water from tlic pool. Pi ice J10.000. Hisrhlnnd Park. Two-hed room borne with nice livinfcsroom. Tile in hath and kitchen. A r enetian blinda and cooler: two-ra r Ka- rnue. Thin IH less than b years old, and the prlre IB J-lsr.O. Skyline Parki I.arce lile roof home with thrt'j bedi ooms and dt.-n. Large dirilnff room an 3 nk-e breakftiRt, room. Basement Ittm unit heat through dnrtn to all rooms. Two tile ba ( ha. Ben ut fful yn rd wit h lota oi fruit a nd nut trees. Two- car ffarape. Price $1.1,500. Duplex, close to 99 I-liehwny. Both pidpi ofcuplrd by Bteady tenants. Income $38. Pr!r,. J3.100. ^ Southwest district. oCenrly new 2-bedroom home with larne living and dining room. Bath has tub arid tile utall ahuwer. Kitchen has tile dra in and breakfast nook. Home ha* floor furnace, vpne- tinn blinds, and lovely llehtinK fixtures. Price $G!»50 with 13350 down; balance $3.1 per month. Oildalo diHt rict; 4-year-old stucco home. Two bed i ooniR. living and dining 1 room. Kitchen nns tile drain. Nice large ha«e- ment. Price $0000; abou* half ca«h. Nor)hwest district. Three bedrooms and den. f^nrife JivtnKroom with fireplace and cooler. Basement hni tin it lieat. Two 1 ll« batlis. Carpet In livingronm nnd dinlnp room. K'ico corner lot. Price J I 7.000. POYDSTI'N A. I-ANCASTKR 1817 Ji Street — I'hone 8-8C:!U After fi. •"all 9-947R 5 aries fine veKeljtlOp land in fro.stless belt: nil in i ultivii t ion, tuud water cou- dilic.nH. }27."ill. Twn lii'ilronin home, 704 "Kl Tejon street. hn-ce Int. S-7. r iii full price. Twii-lii'droo'ii mullein IIOIIHC, Twenty-fifth Mrcel, < IOH*' to nriiool, A buigiiin ut J^;. : >ll. full price. Twn-bi'drooiu IICIIIHC. V street. rhlcicen fl'iipineiil. fruit jitul nut trees. ilniiiKt', cxtrn luit^e int. *'!iiHC to markets and bun line. *42iiO. Jinr.n down. I 1 ,.; nrie* smith oi" town, Utilities in; a KOcirl buy at Jl^.'ill. Call .Tnlin KmiliK. phone 4-4S.11 43 KOR THAT L ARC Ell HOMR A lovely larKi* 2-bcdrnom homo wilh den. "Wide lol, Well la nilscapcil, rinse to IHIH. n< l!ni.tln. stnres a tnl pa rk on Kast Side. AYill irade fnr smaller home, prefer wenl liakcrslield, or will sell for 1711,10. ball 1 raMli. 3'1-lc'iNK TOV> AY FOR A I'POl \T.\I KXT TO SlilO THIS HliAFTIKL'L HOME 411 Nineteenth Klieet. T'lione 3-01'75 •J-18-lf HH'illLAXn PARK — Four-room home. JMM i edet orateci. Laundry runin urn! Karate. I.III'Ke corner Int. t'lnse Ul *< hnnl nnd buu. Varant now. $3lJ7!>, SHMMI dm\ n. FI'UMSIIKU— Twn-bcclinnm liome. large s« recneil purrh, KiiiaKi* and Hire lar^e Ini , home IMiil rinse to iiiis anil H<-|mnl. ALT A VISTA DH I V K—Nicely furnished fi innrn bump on Kood corner lot. 1(MI\140. (Ins.. |,i IJtMntHl. Severn! Uimln of IriMl trees. i:,",0 fine chi-'kens. with f'linpimnt and innm to dmilile flncU. \\iiliilei-lnl location. Total prirc. $73.111: half (lmvn I'linm- J-7HMI. _ 4JT SOrTllxVKST—lloro is the country liiinii' you've hi'i'ii wauling—L'-beil- rnoiii, jilmoKt new plucco. situated just off Slorkd.'ile highway—completely furnished as you would furnish your own home. Now garage, L'ii\-1. The linesl of equipment and buildings lo handle SUO chickens. Twenty-one fruit und nut trees on nearly an acre of land. ?S'I5U total price, reasonable terms, l^ols of water, lawn, and shade. In Sunset 1'aik — Very large iMjed- room home, hardwood floors, flour furnace, stall shower and tub, extra large closets, cedar lined linen closet, Kelinish'-d and vacated, ready fur occupancy. A spacious home for gracioii* living. Krcul \V. Harvey, L'";! j-iruwer building. I'hnitb "--IL'lkl. lOveningN IMl-i;!. •1:1 1J1.MJ-J1UATK rCJSSKSSrON — Mod- : cm live-room house in Sunsel Park tract, near high school. Xice la\\ n and shrubs, rear yard, fenced. L'-car garage. $r,L';,0. $175(1 cash. balance $:'.."> per month. Phone _"-\L'-i:i. i. .!•:. .Moore. -1:1 HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IF WE HAVEN'T WHAT VOU WANT. WE'LL FIND IT. SAN .IOAQUIN ACKNClEfv KDWARD MOODY. 1812 _"HVI2." I'HONE ^-01..',:!. _ 9-1-H BY OWNKK— Two bedroom*. Venetian blinds, tile km-lu-n anil Inith. Fenced liarii ynni. ilouliie Kaiagc. extra lol. K-nreti. with bt-i r:cs und fruit. I'luuie __-'-«l"«._ _ 4f. For Sal*—Lota FOIt SALK— Tivo-lie with tciii-Hl in \ai _ sin et. I'lume ^-4 FOK S'AI.K — line arie inont. on Wood strc on in em ises. dronni fin IIO il. Inijllin; 413 Deia IIKP and two linnsi-*, I.a- l. Si e \\'. A. .lolin- llonse No. ^1'4, 40 .MODKKN :i-lieiliiii field. one lilmk ,m home in Fust Hnkers- liom bus. $.1.100. tcniis. J''lll'H IlOil.MS ami l.iiih; l:iru<- HlcrpuiK Jniirh. \\UNll llijilsi- \\ilh l:iltltll]^' llJO^. '* »<•!••. I'm i. j:;,,ini liish. :i::i .Mnn- _incjiv,'ini<v .\IAIII 47 'J'W< )-)(!•;! Mil IO.M luiusi- ;inil ^-Imilll i-ilhill nil litli;^ lot T\\ti uiilfs riisl ull KiiiBun IliKliMMV. flfilltf S, I'.nv L'S. 4S HIGH-CLASS business lot facing en Ornnd avenue at Plimo Beach, near Eighth street. Lot «. block »5. This Is an Ideal comer lot for any kind r,t hudlness. Lot Is level, snxe 60x150. Price J400 cash. Includinr title. Phone t 2-0452. 43 For Sal*—Improved Farms 1440 ACRKS scinl-rnountain hog and cattle ranch: S40 nrres of farm l;ind, balance grazing. Very good improvcrnnnts, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 413 AOUKS of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay ]:; per cent on investment. 160 ACRKS well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACKKS near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Knrpe. _J'hone, 9-!»r,7L. 7-29-tC FOTl RALE—160-acre rnnch. bent of Mil, fiO acred In alfalfa hay, IP ncres In fall »ivpot corn. 10 acrps In milo maize, 1 nr'-p bnvfl«?nbcrrie8; tivn water wella. All fa i m Unplementfl go with rnnch, tnclud- l»s traf:tor. One new rock well with new plfrtrir motor. HOUHC nan UghtM, runninK wntcr All crops BO wilh ranch. Ti-rmi. Write r. O. Box 2. Arvin. _J'aJjf. 4.1 18'i AiTlKS on no Highway, only few milos south of Bjik^rsfir-td nn Kprn Island f;uiHl. InVjil for subflividlnp. Full pine JTfiori, poioe tprniB. T«ylor & Taylor, IflfiO I'hester a\ r cnuc. Phone fi-65! <6 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles I Wanted to Buy—Automobiles Dewey A, PAT.'MDAT.K—4SO arrrw. 500 acre« In al- fn lf», HO n'-rns milo. 270 acres could bf put into cultIvalion with a minimum anvnni'. of pffort and exppnditurp. WP!! fpurcd nnd crons fencpd. four \velln. 1 Tli niiU-8 ]>ipe HUP. Comfortable ranch Imnio. walk-in rpfrijpprator, 2fi hpad dairy cal UP. fl hpad good hor«pa, ample farm ln« pqniprnnnt to ha ndle. Some terms to rcwpoTiaibip buyer. 60 Ai'liKS rhoic-e ruillonwillow Innd, lo- rntfil fi'-j rnilf'H woiithpnat of town, «uit- jiliUt for cotton, alfalfa, KUKfir bpi-tp. elc. '1'wo t!iiod IIOIIHPM and outImildinKM, chi'iip wntpr and taxes. Kood woll. L.vnn (.'Ml- IIHII. I'hnne Btmnnvvillov\- Tifi^T. 4;t (4fi4-lj>—}57,",0 with JL'«75 down and mlKlit consider a little I' I HM down on tlii.s 10 acrr-H. bPHt of soil, fencpil. T.iveable Mhnik and outbuildings. Very cloHp _ l'iM.nc_L'-»iiri:i_or L'-r,^:ii[. |i-id-if (1SR-I.)—J4!)SO with J2SRO down and mlKht cnnwidpr' ITHH down on this ?i coinmer- cuil acre. hlKhly Improved. Two-b'-di-oorn IUHISP with encloHecl porch, plpnty out- bulldinRK, forral. rlucken yard, etc., fruit nnd nut t rens. lawn, shade. Krapps. room over Kfii'aBp; ynrd all fenced. Only etc., elc. J'hone C-O'I.Mi or 2-, f iS:t6. 40 A< '!tKS with good ranch house, Implp- nifiila, work n(ock. alfalfa, new this ye;i r, coi-n, family orchard. rhirken e.jMipmeiit. Sold all In one or rjm be ilividpd in two 20-aci'C ti'iictw. Klwood'n, _192« "K.\p.^ 4_4 30 ACRKS of fine farm land, all piped for irri (ration, with Rood well and 4-room bonne. < 'lope to producing oil, onp-half oil ripbts KO. Oil popBibility looka good. * ';i !1 L l -7<iS4 for further Informal Ion. 45 For Saf«—Unimproved Land 480 ACRKS grain and KrnzlnR land; fped. wood and water. $8 ppr HCI e. 12 miles •\v«\«t of Coallnga in Section 98 10 21-13 Frt'Hiio county. Mieht trade namp. B. AV. Bolen, 128 \'i Wilson street.. Oildale. 44 Beach and Mountain Property SANTA CUU7—TtnncliPfl, bouse.**. Income prnpi'rty. Wrile fur our Prosperity >.'C\VH. It'» full of real Imrgnins. Rnd- forfl & J hies inn n, 'Reiiltorw, 1 '15 Pacific nveniiP, Snuta i.'rux. Oil and Mining FOR LEASE—!)000 feet 4'.j-lnch range 1 A. P. 1. full hole drill pipe, Kooil condition. P. H. Frank. Inc. Phone 8-86117. 48 For Sale—Trailer* 1942 I'ONTINEXTAL house trailer. 2C-foot. excellent prewar tiren, 7.f»Uxir>; electric brakes, excellent condition. 11'8 Justine. llie,llland_Park. phone D-6KI2. 47 FOIt SALE—All-steel body. 2-wbeel trailer. linoil eomiilion; price }100. 10U1 South I'liester, 44 KKADV Cash for Your Trailer. Trailers .sold on easy payment plnn. We finance our own contracts. McLKAN TRA1LKR MART 100 Union Avenue 8-13-tf 1941 MASTKRHILT house trailer. Sleeps two. Ilutaliu enilltipe.d, vacuum brake*. til»7 \Voiulrow a\'ciuic, _ pildale j _ 4» Fdll SALE — 1842 Indian trailer house, 26 feet IOIIK. prewar fi-ply tires. Venetian blinds, etc. Triced to Bell at *16f>0. Can be seen at Shady Acres Auto Court. locaieil S miles Mottlh on llishwny 99. A I .-\yren. ______ __ __ ___ 47 FOR SALE ...... Tnivolalr IIOIISH trailer, model 1!I4J, IS feet lonK. Hpil divan nnd Move. complete. Sec at L010 ICimt California 19:19 SCIIL'J.T'S IS-fnot trailer. sleepH 4: Kasoline stove, lots of huil!-li!8, gooil tirep; sloratie tank for water, connected for innnniK water. Camp I'omfurt. 31M.1 Chester. Mrs. T. F. Pnvis. 4.1 For Sal*—Automobiles At'TOMOBILB AD COPY must contain llrflnne. nnniber; If out of state liceime. _ntii_te inn si _ he Included in copy. 3-4-1 C 19116 FOUL) coupe U'lllif. 2KN671), Knod condition. good tires. 105-A Gndey Uoad. Kern liomeN. across road from _ Minlei-J-'ielil. ___ 44 FOR SALIC — l!Ki!l Hudson A-l condition, radio and heater, five good tirei. (!H'48SS I Will sell or trade for cheaper in r. J " o.i I 'a I m_iiij c i • I . ___ 4 3 llillti DODUE sedan (40QS6SL 1912 Belle 'rerrace. ^ _ 4 4 FOR SALE — l!i:U Ftnil coupe; Bond shape. very sood tire.s. ttiS-.146.l Inuuire 1-1N Xtilt'teelHll HI reel. _ 44 '. JIKIO Chevrolet on l»iu k (9C^3t>l>. 45 KOI I HA 1 .K— Iti-i. KOIIB hi ciiii]>e wilh tr'itck bod _4(l.', jlet-c'li. laill MO1JKI, A Korrt Hfilim (21MH 12-Callf.). _ tond '•nnilltlnn. J17S. r-hono 3-i:iS7. i'.i:iB roun v-s !rps. eriKine p oai h (60-124r> Xeb.). good erteit. Price Jlt7r» cash. enllt street. Baker.Hfield. lHii CIIF.VKOI.ET sedan, private narlv i;tlO-!l4:l-ArU.), Rood tires: no ileiilern. :fti^l Califoinia n\'enne. phone :!-"!K4. _ '13 Fill! SAI.F, — l!i:i» lliidsou 4-iloor sedan. A-l t onilit ion. railio and beater, five Kuoil lin>«. fSC4KSS). Trunnforriim \\iiinn I\MI ila>s, Avill sell or trade for cheiitier cur. L'L'09 I'alm street. I'bone I'.'Kl lUMCK husiness '-oupe. extra sent (sr.ti^MI. A-l iiinililinn. radio, heater. spolliKlit. m w pnmt .lob. Call after 6. No denier*. Jinn Soulh "Kyc" sueei. in SoulliKale in HaUersrield. _^^ 4f> I'JL'il MODEL A Ford Ut'l'JS). $75. I'hdlle l!i:ili CIIEVKO1.HT 'i-lon pii klip IRI Vi 11.11. 4-speeii transmission. 'I'ake clun rolel (ir A Funl i-oltpe part Hade. VJ34 ('hesier avenue alter il p. in . Miilo en- lian. e _ _ 14 FOR SALE — 1!i:i4 Foul ,1-iloor scilan l |i:l'TO:'i. In miod lonililion. Cood rubber, hmuire first IUIUM- in rear of l-'i nttva le Si bool. 1C. R, Eminersoii. _l'hone ;-7o:ll. _ _ V.III MlCltlTRY town sedan |:tC0041). ex- rellent ninilllioll. I'lnine 4-4!l.iri : 4S FOR HALE—193li I'Mrd truck. Eaton rear end. 34x7 tinv. air brakes. Li- c-ense number HE-V7401. Recislered in Caliloinia. New eiiwine. See at 3(1 Slieiwooii avenue. McFitrhnid. <'£lif.__ 43 FOR SALE by member of armed forces. 19.11I O'llsmobile ICiilif. 6\,1JIIO) 4-door seiian. Exrellent cnmlitlon. a real good buy. Can be seen before 10:30 a, m. al SI! II! Nineteenth street. 43 WE BOY ALL MAKES OF CARS SELL ELSE BAKBR.ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue) Phon* 9-8746 7-11-tf FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO st aid I [SALE TOUR CHEVROLET. BUICK, CADILLAC DEALER 8-24-tf WILL PAT THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH IN S MINUTES. 8-11-tf Before selling your car driv* to Twenty-first and K streets. W« need cars. Motor Center Used Car Department. S-6-tf WANTED—Good work rar with extra trood tires. 19171 lOcli.ion Highway, Cabin 6 43 WANTED—A late model car. Will pay rash. Must lie in good condition. Call '2-0 U78 or 7-71S5. 44 WANTKD FOR CASH, light car. coupe 2711 Twentieth street, phone 2-7223. 43 For Sal*—Automobiles SEI.I.KH OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional ca«h to complete purchase of car? 1C so. just phone or drop by th» A<:ME FINANCE COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential lervice. W. ,1. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone 6-6TI>fi. 1-12-tf If you wish to sell your car for top price but can't properly show It, consign It with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain our plan. 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) 9-2-tf Automotive Service, Parts CO^rPLETB body and fender repairing, also front wheel alignment. Charles Viustrom'n Gamete. 1520 Twenty-eighth street. Phone U-7937. 4-12-tf GRANT piston rings last longer. Motor timed up. greasing and oiling: car stor- ase. Blue Ribbon Garage. 1916 Nineteenth. Phone 2-0674. 1-lB-tf WE CAN PAINT Your Car Immediately. GMAC Budget Plan Call for A. Carter FRED C. SWE1T//ER OF.DSMOBILE DEALER Phone 6-6997 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf For Sale—Lumber WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 1xfi "• 2x2 L'x6 2x12 6x6 3x4 3x6 3x12 Locution, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. ("Hosed Saturday and Sunday. KKRX WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 ' 9-19-tf LUMBER Sure we have 1x12, 2x4, 2x6, etc. Some of it without priority, too. And, another thing, all our lumber comes from Oregon and Washington and that is where the good lumber conies from. We do not handle local mountain pine. A good supply of doors and windows, roofing paper, moldings, etc. Oh, yes, don't forget our paint department. Outside white as low as $1.49 a gallon. It will pay you to pay us a visit. HOUTS & BOX CUT RATE LUMBER YARD 2200 EDISON HIGHWAY 9-13tf XO, WE HAVEN'T HAD A FIRE. \VK JUST WANT TO REMIND YOU THAT OREGON AND WASHINGTON IS NOT THE ONLV I'LACH THEY HAVE GOOD LUMBER. YOU HAVE SEEN THE OLD FAMILIAR SIGN AI^ONG THE HIGHWAY (,WE BUY JUNK). WELL. WE DON'T BUY JUNK. WE HANDLE I'ONDA ROSA PINE IN 2x4, L'xti, 1x12 SHEETING. MOUNTAIN PINE I.UMBEK CO. 300 WEST BELLE AVENUE RIVERVIEW 47 USED LUMBER—2x6. 2x8. 2x10, Jjrl2 and heavier timbers. Wlngland Lumber Co. Phon«J!-IH08. 600 Norrls Road. 8-11 -If FOR SA1.K—iCnough new lumber, shingles nnd sheeting for L'OvlS 2-car garage. Ko priority. Phone 3-1852. Motorcycles and Bicycles FOR SALE—Man's prewar bicycle. 2123 Bunk «"'eet.__ 44 FOK SALE—Lady's bicycle, in good condition. Call 1311 Robinson street. 43 For Sale-—Furniture, Fixtures Baby buggies, all-steel prewar construction, $14.95 and up. Baby walkers, 3 only, to close out, $3.95. Platform rockers, spring construction. $39.95 and up. Two-piece living room sets, full spring construction, beautiful tapestry covers, $154.50 and up. 3-Piece solid rock maple bedroom set, full diistproof drawers, $89.50. Fiber rugs, 9x12, reversible, $15.95. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of courthouse 47 ONE DAVENPORT set and coffee table; also kitchen table. Call 2-7554 between 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. 2-3087 after 6:30 p. m. 4J FOR SALE—Tile top coffee table, writing desk, hardwood play pen, car seat and .lumper combination, duck rocker. Phone 5-5271. 43 TWO-PIECE prewar Chesterfield net. 125 _Ni]e s. 43 USED 4-hurner high-oven cookstove. J10. Call 1316 Eureka street. 43 USED FURNITURE wanted. We call any place in city and give free estimate!. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy White Furnlturo. Phone 7-7021. 6-12-tf USED FURNITURE, tools, atovea, miscellaneous oitlcles of all kind* We will buy anything. Call 4-4828. Authorized Maytag service and parts. Furniture repaired. Bob Morley's New and Used Furniture Store. 1800 Q. 4« SEWING MACHINES end vacuum cleaners repaired. We also buy machines. 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-8437. 63 SINGER AND WHITE MACHINES Good, clean, guaranteed machines. We do hemstitching. Also repair machines and vacuum cleaners. 1509 West Eighth, off corner of ^Chester. Phone 9-9437. 47 GAGGER & SATTLER high oven stove? Good condition. Phone 2-3914. 1322 Jefferson street. 44 PREWAR living room set, pullup chair, Frlgldalre, two wool rugs, cooler, library table. Sell cheap. Eight miles north of Bakersfield on Highway 99, first house by W. H. Melller shed. 43 FOR SALE—Solid walnut bedroom set. Bold with or without mattre«s and springs; full dining room set. If you're interested in good furniture, call at 1617 Alia ViHta Drive. 44 BEDS, birds. iprings, baby bed and 1912 Belle Terrare. canary 44 FOR SALK—Living room heater and bath room heater. .Both for 112. Phone 8-8201. 44 NICE clean prewar mohair Chesterfield; roil spring construction, good condition. 1109 Sixth street. 43 FIVE-PIECE Chrome porch set, chaise lounge, one yard table, one cabinet radio, tilt-back studio couch, like new. and miscellaneous items. 308 Magnolia avenue. 44 FOR SALE—Blue rug, 9x12. $15. Dining table, $5. Buffet, 110. 203 East Seventh. Phone 3-2384. FOR SALE—New and used mattresses; all kinds of furniture, radios sold, traded and repaired. First class workmanship. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store.' On Taft Highway, Hi miles west of Green__£] eld. 68 O'KEEFE & MERRITT table top stove. Perfect condition. 9x12 Wilton rug. like new; one 7x11 rug. throw rug to match; dining room set. Stewart-Warner console radio, end table, coffee ta.ble, dishes, pirturrs. shower curtain set and mirrors. 601 Kl Serenn Drive. Phone 8-S904. 45 FOR SALE—A decorated wicker bassinette, complete with mattress and Htand, $15. Phone 2-59CB. 45 WE ARE OVERSTOCKED! Drastic Price Reductions $69.9'i bed divan, coil spring* 155.00 $59.92 Hollywood bed complete, extra value 149.95 SS. r > halt-filled mattress with 63-coll box spring, soft p<lKe $fi9.95 $39.95 platform rorker sprincs f29,!i5 $21111 spi'inK-filled Chesterfield aelo JIT.i.OO "A Small Store BulKinir Wilh Values" AT/.-8MITH. FURNITURE Eighteenth and L Phone 2-G277 FOR SALE—Kitchen stove, dinette set, refrigerator, bed. Phone 2-3837. 50-POUND ice box, $1250. Floor lamp, $12.60. Oon.1 oil heater, $3.r>0. Table lamp._$2 ; 1130 Jeffrey street. 44 ONK pair ladles' hiking hoots, size T'i-D; two twin bedsteads, one twin mattress and box springs: breakfast set and dark bedromn_Bpt.__Phone_3 : Oj!7.'!. 45 BEDROOM SET, dinette set. table-top stove, two-piece llvinsroom net. end tables, elect ri' 1 sewing nint'liinc. Philco iiidli), two blower type coolers, lawn swing. Phone^fi-nfie^i^ 47 FOR SALK—Livinc room suite, rocker, hiiih-oven gas stove und Ironer. $97.5". _X02'i l.inroIii,_Oilda]e. 45 FOK SALE—One high-oven cookstove. one circulating healer, one lawn mower, one studio couch, one rug. one floor lamp, one table. 'J_?_ Wssri j n ?!_ on '_P"! R '''L_ 4< OVERSTUFFED divan nnd chair, prewar, Itnnd condition, price $50. 2712 Txven- t ii>ili_st_rpel. __45 PREWAR all-wool rug. Simmons couch, heating stove, play pen, buggy and ba«- stni-tlf. 127 Douglas. Highland Park. Phone 3-0(112. 45 For Sal*-—Furniture, Fixtures USED FURNITURE SPECIALS All-steel day beds, $7.50 and up. Two- piece living room sets with springs, $25 and up. IMnlngioom table and 6 chairs. $40. Large leather rockers, $15. Mattresses, $5 and up. Gasoline range, as is, $15. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue 47 SINGER sewing machine; cabinet radio; 5-picce bedroom set; two living room seis; dressers. $15 each; chest of drawers. $11; flat-top desk; dining room sets, (hnirs and miscellaneous. After fi p. m. at 3531 Chester avenue. 44 PREWAR hed and springs. Call after 6 p. m. 2531 Colton street, one block south of Brtindage and one block west of Hughes Lane. BLOND hardwood, distinctively styled, full-sized bed with prewar springs and Innerspring mattress. Condition like new. Phone 2-1172. FOR SALE—Spark lid-top gas range, white enamel high-oven, oven control, $50. Call 4-4934. TWO-PIECE living room «uite. Call 2-9015. 43 For Sale—Miscellaneous VACUUM CLEANERS, Irons, toasters, heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs, 517 Water street. Phone 2-4570. 54 NOW IS THE TIME to fertilize before the rains begin: 100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized: $1! per load, delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy. 2-4027 or 2-9351. 54 ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or service, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring, 2-R970. Electrolux Corporation. 1831 Orange street. 66 .38 COLT PISTOL, D. A. model, and box of shells. 12-inch oscillating fan, silver plated Bowman-Manning electric coffee urn, sugar bowl, cream pitcher and tray, steel mop wringer, American numbering machine, fine action, model 3: No. 24 aluminum fan, three blades, for cooler; hydraulic door stop, large size, fall between 7:30 and 11.JO a. m. Phone 5-5479. NEW SOFT DRINK Htand. triangular shape, 25x16x15 feet center space. Heavy canvas top. With soft drink and Ice cream r?frigerator, can make money on corner or front of vacant lot or at fairs. Stnnd and top. $300. On display st 3 6 26 M s tree t. 47 CHRISTMAS TOY STOCKS FOR YOUR EVERY SELECTION BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE CO. 2015 CHESTER AVENUE FOR SALE—Hot water heater. 606 Charlana Drive, Wlngland Square. 14-K. YELLOW GOLD engagement ring, set with 15-po)nt diamond and two rubies. Cost $176. sell reasonable. Can be seen at 1300 Nineteenth street. After __7 p. m.. 1024 Flower street. 44 FOR SALE—Like new 7'.ix9 Axminster rug; 7-foot old model 2-nian saw, reasonable; one set double hung windows, complete. 2R Chester avenue. FOR SALE—Large blower type cooler, good condition. Phone 3-2627. 45 FOR SALE—Standard size. 3-wlre, rubber tired pickup hay baler and rubber tired power lift tractor. For Information, write to O. A. Hansen. 1205 Luanne. Ftillerton ._Ca_nr 45 ONE LADY'S black wool suit, size 14; one red coat, size 14, also one French mirror; one small what-not. Phone 3-179S. 47 FLYING FORTRESSES Solid B-17-E Model Parts Ready to Assemble STEWART'S MODEL SHOP 2211 E Street Autumn's Here—Summer's Gone Purchase now for ficlu or lawn Dairy and stable fertilizer. $6 per load. Supply limited. ?Jd L. Akers, 920 Twen- ty-tifth street, phone 2-3841. 47 WATER WELL spudder machine, all steel: electric welded construction. Strong built but light. Trailer mounted with dual tires; has 34-foot telescopic derrick, rubber shock absorber sheaves. Have some tool*. Machine needs a little work to put it in good working condition, but it is a real buy at the price for 5375. Bring your truck with trailer hitch and see. If interested call Ferryman, phone 7-7748. 45 FOR SALE—One set "My Book House." Two black dresses, sizes 20-38, never worn. 2628 Lake street. FOR SALE—.30-06 rifle, scabbard, 2»i- power telescopic sight and two boxes of shells, $90. Phone 3-18G2. WOMEN'S CLOTHING, shoes and many olhrr thlnga; some bedding. Sale all week. 2206 North Inyo street. TWELVE-GAUGE Savage over and under shotgun, $50; some shells. 1620 Bernard. 7',4-H. P. Fairbanks-Morse gas engine, wilh 2-inch pump. $65. Phone_2-2042. 45 GIRL'S COAT, skirt, sweater and dress. size 12: twn boys' sportcoats. size 12; boy's shoes, size 7A; woman's black coat, size 16. Phone 2-2335. 44 ELECTRIC portable sewing machine for rent. Phone a-1144. 45 FOR SALE—Hoover vacuum cleaner, $25 cash. Phone 2-9144. _45 NURSERY DECALS New Stock Hours 1 to 7 p. m. STEWART'S MODEL SHOP 2211 E Street EVERHOT oval electric cooker. $16; Ever- hot Well electric cooker, $6; walnut metal bedstead, vanity nnd bench, $20; fan-type cooler, $25; radiant heater, $8: tile lop coffee table. $1.50; mahogany occasional table, $4. Rear 1408 Pacific at reet. Phone 2-0652. <U FOR SALE—Electric train. A-l condition. Phone 8-8844. ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S 801 Niles Phone 3-1402 68 FOR SALE—Large quantity used galvanized corrugated sheetiron. Phone 2-3338. 48 FOR SALE—Reo truck (EE9327); Philco car radio, builder's level. 100-foot steel tape and hand tools; new Texas saddle. FOR SALE—Large floor furnace, bassi- nette, 16x22 waterproof tarp. round dining table tmd six chairs. Call at 2116 Lester street after 6 p. m. FOR SALE—Two water pressure system pumps, *i-h. p. motor and I'/i-h. p. motor. 62-gallon tank and 110-gallon tank: both pumps hnve 1'/4-Inch suction and Hi discharge. Phone 2-4028. 44 INLAID LINOLEUM CONGOLEUM CONGOLEUM RUG'S Large selection at low prices DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue 47 F-20 FARMALL on rubber. A-l condition, and 2-row cultivator, $860. Phone Mc- Farlnnd «725. J. C. Shoemaker, 1 mile north of Pond. 1 mile west and mile norlh. 46 BUTANE LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GASSES SEASIDE GASOLINE DIESEL FUEL STOVE OIL CAR AND TRUCK LUBRICATION SERVICE. STATION HOURS FROM 7:30 A. M. TO 10 P. M. BUOKMASTER SEASIDE SERVICE STATION. 230 TWENTY- THIRD STREET. PHONE 2-9591. 44 REFRIGERATOR CAR. equipped with a Parker Ice Machine Company refriKera- tor unit that sold originally at $3500; priced for quick snle. Phone 2-70S4 for __ furOier in_formatjnn, 45 FOR SALE—A John Deere tractor, die and plow, or trade for electric welder. 1'hone 3-0008. 45 BUCK KOGKKS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. Invention Backfires! By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS HUEP'S BRAINLESS ROBOT FINALLY CAUGHT ITS * CREATOR K aOIEVERMAKC •mis PLASTIC RIGHT\ THROUGH THE . WAIL? PLVMPTHIS WEREN'T IAPPCNING tOH*, -5! WOULDN'T Far Sala—Miacallanaeua For Sala—Miaeallanaeua AT WARD'S FARM STORE OUR LARGE STOCK OF DAIRY PAILS CUT 10% FOR THIS SALE! OTHER VALUES ARE 1945 STOCK OF FALL SEED CUT 10% ALL HORSE COLLARS SLASHED 10% COME IN AND SAVE 2526 CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 44 THE OFFICE Or PHICB ADM1NSTRA- T1ON has i«t dollart-snd-centt celling prices on used refrigerator*, washing machines, rseuurn clesnsrs. typewriters, bed sprints, csmeras and photoirapble equipment. These maximum prices apply to srery seller, even to an Individual selling his oersonul household effects. For information concerning these and mil other celling prices, call the Bakersfield War Price and Rationing Board. Phone »-»41«. (-ll-tf Hot Wste Heaters $35 Laundry Trays $10 Fruit Jsr ?5c doz. Plotfu-m Scales Show Cases Stools Ics Cream Maker Beverage Cooler Wooden Bowls Dishes Stock Pot- Steam Tables Brooms Mops Coolers Hundreds of other Items Onwald's Restaurant Supply 714 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9S17 CO Bud and Pete Klassen. Phone 3-1759 or 3-1546. • 46 Flyinp and balsa model plane kits. Jeeps, trucks, tanks, ships fittings, balsa wood carving knives, dope and cement. Come in and look around. Edward's Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street. 8-22-tf GET TOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's only rubber stamp company. You will be satisfied with its prompt service. Pads. ink«, daters of all makes. 180S "Bye" street. Phone 8-8102. 43 RECAPPING Bring your old tires !o us for recappinK. We use Grade A rubber: 24-hour service. BBN/INO'S SERVICK Twentieth and K Streets 8-5-tf FOR SALE—1800-gallon galvanised water tank, used one year, together with 22-foot wodden tower, 20 feet 2-inch galvanized pipe, 40 feet 3-inch pipe. $150 complete. Phone 2-7869, or call at Sawyerville. 43 FOR SALE—One 1942 Star spudder machine, mounted on 5-ton Fageal truck with complete drilling equipment. Also one set 7x€6-inch hydraulic jacks, complete. Call Southern hotel, room 125. Bakersfield. 46 .30-30 WINCHESTER and box shells. $40. Ladles' Bulova watch, $20: Indies' diamond ring, $50. Phone 2-9879. 1412 Chester, Apartment 10. 43 TWO WOOD heaters. $7.60 and $15. Phone 4-4644. 43 RADIO REPAIRS Quick serivce. General Service Company. 313 Baker. Phone 2-9278 4-24-tf FREB FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Tourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway » 3 Miles South of Town 9-5-tf TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAT SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 1717 K STREET PHONE 6-8069 2-29-tf "Parin Liberated" and "Tanks Capture Guam" and other newsreels. 8-min and lii-mm scenic, adventure and nporii pictures. New cartoons. Little King, Donald Duck, Mickey Alnuie. etc. Gd- ward'a Camera Exchange. 1603 Nineteenth. 9-19-tf FOR SALE—1200 feet of 8H-lncb seamless grsde J second range. 36 casing; 4500 feet 2'i-inch drill pipe. Hughes tool .lolnts; 800 feet 2',2-inch drill pipe. Imperial tool joints; 950 feet 4Vi-lnch line pipe. 8-thread. Arthur P. Anderson, 109 Supply Row. Taft. Calif. 44 WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward. Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf VACUUM CLEANER, irons, clocks and all small appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company, (13 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf WARDS FARM STORE HAS JUST RECEIVED A LIMITED SUPPLY OF COTTON PICKING SACKS AND COTTON PICKERS KNEE PADS. COME IN FOR YOURS NO\V. WARDS FARM STORE CaL'tf CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 44 FOR SALE—Light mixed tweed coat, new. size 44. Phone 5-5589. 44 GARDEN PLANS POTATO CUTTING KNIVES, GARBAGE CANS. ROOFING PAPER, EGG BASKETS, EGG SCALES, COTTON SCALES, GAS AND ELECTRIC BROODERS, FEEDERS FOR CHICKENS. WATTENBARGERS 2a'2l East California. 47 FOR SALE—Medium upright piano. No dealers. See after 6:30 p. m.. 225 Wooil- row street. Oildale. 43 FOR SALK—Hay Phone 2-6032. baler. Case pickup. 44 NEW fuel oil heater. Call Arvin 49-J-2 after 6 p. m. George Neeley. 43 FOR SALE—14\a-foot outboard runabout. 32-horsepower seahorse, excellent condition. Phone 2-7721 after 6 or call 1510 Qulilcy. 44 FIVE doors and four window paHhep. wilh the glass In; hot water tank and healer. Phone 2-2994. 44 SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes, we deliver. Pioneer Alercantilf (.'nm- najry._Phon_e._8-S581. ;i-in-i f FOR SALK—Massey Harris 4-wneel-di iv« tractor, excellent condition. $:1GO. Call 4-4934. FOR SALE—Model 71-348 Winchester. Weaver 3-30 scope. Shell.i. Excellent condition. *1')0. rail 4-41134. COLT D. A. ..18-calilier. 2Vi-inch barrel. excellent, holster, $52.50. Phone 2-87611. 4 ,-j STEPPING STONES, camelias nnd ear- denias; shrubs, palms and beponla. Renovating and landscaping service. Fowler's Nursery, 1124 and 1316 Third street. Phone 2-4587 and 3-OS8S. REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good slock of leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth stree^ L-JM! LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons bavins: old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts anl service. Tall Weill's service department, 5-5S51. 7-5-t f DECORATE your home with mirrors. We specialize in mirrors and mantels, walls and doors. Bakersfield Glass Company 17_!5 Nineteenth sireeL 1^10-tf FOR SALE—One 35-horsepower Allis Chalmers track-layer tractor. butane equipped. One 30-horsepower Caterpillar tractir, butane equipped. One 8-foot x 60-foot land plane. One 14-foot Atlai scraper. One 6-bottom Molino disk plow. Less than celling price. George Haddl- can. Ninth and High streets, Delano. Phone 7641. 45 My VACOL1TE Is fitted to correct my own individual hearing loss. Clement Hershey. 2735 Center street. Phone 2-0571. 9-15-tf FOR SALE—Smalt compressor unit, $32.50. 423 Baker. 44 FOR SALE—One 6x9 all-wool Axmlnster rug, one jersey dress, one tweed jacket. both SIM 14. Phone 3-1952. 43 FOR SALE—Large barn, to he moved from property. A. H. Karpe, phon» 9-9671. _44 ONE STEEL Venetian blind, 70-119, two 6-panel windows, 32-48: two Iron curtain rods, 62 inches long. 308 Magnolia aj'enue^Skylme. 44 MAHOGANY inboard motorboRt. in goml condition. Phone 7-7637 or call SL'O Truxtun avenue. 47 Radio*, Musical Instruments FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials Installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-L'7-U BARITONE horn, almoKt like new, carrying case, music stand, music book; suitable for school band or church orchestra. Phone 2-871.1. 45 MILITARY LEADER dctrrr lo Prrvio>« Paid* . KJH W v • LI Mil HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured U S Army man, Ma j. -Gen r ll Fixed look ,12 Employers H Editor (ab ) 15 Property charge 18 Toward 20 Like 22 Spills 24 Exist 26 Airplane part 243 Sot 31 Prattle 32 Shouts 33 Paid notice 34 Diminutive of Albert 35 Vegetable 38 Stage performer 41 Assembly 42 Sweltering 43 Of the thing 44 Plays the part of host 49 Therefore 90 Pound (ab.) 52 Aleutian island 53 Mother (65 Draws closer <S7 Bellows '00,61 He formerly commanded the Air VKKTICAL I Rupees (ab.) 9 Dined S Youth 4 Pair (ab.) 5 Assist 6 Undersized 7 Bone 8 Still 9 Blood money 10 Electrical term 13 Insect 16 He a native of Marquette, Mich. 17 Early English (ab) 19 Belongs to her 21 Odd 22 Indian 23 Eye tumor 24 Roars 26 Wireless 27 Note in "UKIM UUlzJ C!»-i GDI ^K Guide's scale 29 Whirlwind 30 Dish 35 Boat paddles 36 Either 37 Burmese wood spirit 1 38 Onager 39 Court (ab ) 40 Indian peasant 45 Headstrong 46 And (Fr.) 47 Near 48 Sod 50 Hawaiian wreath 51 Prohibit 53 Spoil 54 Circle part 55 Names (ab.) 56 Right (abr.) 58 Hawaiian bird 59 Symbol for selenium

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