The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 2
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.1" rf> '!• • ' "V".'' • , ' - y]( h ,-*'•'-•*•-'?• -1'H W' r — - 1- .1-" I--——- '-.' ., THE - ; -» .;- V -', . -f •' - ''.A- ••• -' l'. fl h 't \ • . i- i • ^ n L . ' < EXPLORERS' CLUB BY BOYS L j Boys Who Have Braved Peril in Distant Lands Band Together in Group ^•-r' ; ^'''^' : '^ : -H'-,-- ''-- 1 -",-•'•••'•••[''''. -'W' ."'•.•••«<• '• '••";• -• l . .."'• ",'•' '!.-'.\:-^"-;.v/-- . • *• • - \ -- r *'».,-,•.'.*• r . - ' . ' r - '- - - . f • . --...>.. --,-•-.'' r •'.:'•,• ''-''•-••.?• ^ • .. • • • i .-, / '- • ,v, :••• . .•-. > ' •*. - -. . ..-'---. - - ' - . • , - I V^:. :: ; .7.,;;--:-\:'-;-;..-. ..•>;..-"•;•,••:- . - •'::..• ^•-• ; :, v; v? -:. ; : Radio Programs Tonight h L -Hi-. KGO-KPO-NHIflnil Brtfttaftlni C«mBtny-««Hll€i 0r»»r*mt fit Kfl, KftOA, KflO, KOW. HEX, KOMO, KHO, KJft. KflA, KOA, KOHL, KDYL, KOIK, HtAtt. KfRO-Oe§—D*ft U* ftftd C»hli»Ms—B«MHH KM" mi t»( KHJ, KOI, KDS, KMJ, KOW, KfRK, KERN, KOL, KVI. K8U K01N. KIPY, * 5(00 to 5(30 p. m. KNX—Nfiwlyvvcclw; 7:46, Klnfr KHUN and network—Andre Ko». Cowboy. Orchestra, , 8iOO to 8(30 p. m. NW: network—Army ttftnd Con- KWlfs mid nnlwurk--Ooouc Crook rori. PHrHon; 8:15, ueorgo Olvor Jla- WftXAI—Hocordlnffa; R;tB, Mao dlo rirriiH, NHf! network—Town Hull To- HENRI .- . t . f I - ,-': t * F J I .'• iWJV. (Vnttctl f'rc*a .LONDON, Sept. 2.—Moro than 100 boy pioneers, who havo braved perils and privations in wild, distant lands, havo formed a club hero to pcrpot- uale memories und develop lifelong They aro inftmborn of tho Public HrhoQls KxplnrlriR Mocloly which, In the lout throo yenr*. h«H «ont dltlonH into Ijfipiimil. Klnlnnd tinflurvuyocl roffintiH of Newfound land. In their Hub, In ("n HOUHP, Tjoncltm, will In 1 found tl«t« and oxplororH of the finunv Tho Inspiration haw come from Snrgaon-Comnmmlor O. Murray I,o- vick, Who ficcoinpnnlcU Iho lato (.'up* tain Soott'n anlnrrtlo expedition and founded Iho oxplnrtiij; HoH<»ty. Thin HtimriKT tho coinnwnddr loadn 120 [ItiiR H!X IIM.VH from work- tinmen, on tbo noclety'jj fourth advnnturc to tho arrtlo fire/in of lowland. "At leant nnothnr hnndrod mnin- wlll bo nddfd to Ihn rlub ,\vh**n return," he said, "Many travel :H to men! onrh othrr, Tim r.lub will ho an Idn/il pl.'iff to ilirHp hnnn>." KN\V Dick Tracy; &:1fi, Maurlr-fi'fl m, c:oin« on Mftvo- 6t30 to 6iOO p. KIBflN niul network 8fng. nutwork— W8XAI KNX--M&, Mnnlra) In CtOO to 6i30 p. KHftN and network <Ufi. m. Mimt- H, «;Ki. Hln : lift! work— -Hit WrtXAT— N*wn nnr rmicnrt 6l30 to 7(00 n- m. KKUN and nciwnrk-- Murrn of ifl; «:4f», HtnuiKn AH It I Nlir Mftu'ork- ..... IIH \Vfi.XAJ-~6Mfi, MknUhoH In MHotly; KNX — MMoclIn Vnrlfllleii; 0:45, Houvonlrn of Sony, 7-'00 to 7i30 p. m. KKHN nnr| nMwork .In* Uolt'h rnan Orrlu'Htrn ; 7 -If. ••— Uenfruw nf Mount*/!. N H< ' ii«l work AmiiH and Andy;>, hunt iirnl Ainu.'!'. WGXAI— IGli Arid /nb; 7:15, World KNX Klmr-r On*n Hollywood; 7:Ifi. Mrury Nano. 7i30 to BtOO p. m. KKIW ami network—Clydu I.uciiJi Orch<:Mra. NFH' nniwork tt'iiirilnff Mm \WM. W»!\'A i* - Wtmrfrttn; 7'4i», '>rll nnrl Hally. WflXAI— Hollywood on Pttrado; 8:16, Krarik WnlAnabo. KNX— Officer of tho Day; Silfi, Tudor William*. Bt30 to OtOO p* m* KKUN and network— -Burns A Alton. NIK? network— Town Hull To- flXAi'-llomft Kolk«; 8i4C, To bd nnnounned. KNX— Mu*lraJ; 8;45, '• Jlepubllcan < 'Miiirnltl^o. 9:00 to 0:30 p, m. KKKN finrl rm( wttrk — Noclurno Wllli KntnUlyn MrCormlok; H:ir t , Larry Kent. N'(U' riM work -flolcl HtMtnarck on -tifHira. WHXA!--N«WH KlAHh«»; OiIC, Out of tho Pa*t to 0:4fi. 9»10 to 10:00 p. m. JOCHN and netwurk— Krom ftono- Inlti. Nln f nolwork — I'uhu'.o Ifntcl Or- Plucc Where Famous Author Edflcd Newspaper Now Definitely Known (United /'rrw Leaned Wlrcj AUSTIN, Texan, Sept. 2.—Settled T1UNIONJOBS t.< .' NEAR GOMPLEIION "Tho Rolling Wone," wh»o hero Jn Austin, A plaque had boon placed on tho corner of a local building which marked that spot a« tho ullo of tho building in which Editor O. Henry worked. H wa« placed thnro by Ihn froHhman claHs of tho University of TOXJJH In 10110, Many Texan writers h Wells in Areas Opened Years Ago to Be Put on Production Others Hnirl that tlio plaque nhuuld have bboen )>Iaci?fl on tho Mruogor* hoff Building Just aoro»s tho Htrnot. Two Union Oil iho Wont Hldo are elated for completion this week In two different Areas which the company pioneered In the early days. In th« Lukevlew area of Hunset field, near tho old Lakovlow gusher, which tho company opened up U5 yearn ago, Unlon'H crew has flrHshed ita deepeninff Job at Lake- vJow No. 0, and the well is ready for 30:10, WflX A 1—0:45. nhythm unil Ilo- Itllini-n, KNX-Crocknttfl. 10:00 to 10;30 p, m. KKHN World In Rnvlew; I*;itlH Klinhall Orcli^fi NIK* nut work—NBWH l/>.ir,, ilotoi Ht, KrancU Or- ProRram. p. m. W«XAl--Atl 10:30 to 1t;00 VVrtXAI—-All HfniinMt paper wa« marked, "PiibllHhod in iho liruogorhofr Hulldlnsr." Uoan T. U. Taylor. rcilrJnj? hond of tho CrdlAgn of ICnglnoorlng and oldest member of tho faculty in yoaru of Hervlco, upholds iho clfutfTR contention that the plnauc han boon properly placed. Ho naya that ho known H JH corrnct bcmiuso hu rocul- loctn recolvlng iho paper in a build- nn thnl Hltn from the hohd of U. Henry. fc' C-A^, hour- r. -*1 t * «»«rt •»- r * Ml +F ^ — e.ts SroSt'^ool """ . .^.. otes i* i. (D) Two -TTJ •.r (F) Hon«ycwib or«p« «^*V ^. -Ai««i«Vr-wib«-«r»-r J*r^ ?rlnoii« fro«* »i^ •»- fulln*** •" ^-0«t»rwt**WP« Anfl you hi«n •nrryit - .^ ;"w»t_a£jpi Mi tnd •I ••• / 't • _•••_•* •^ ^ ^ ... . '». •*> /, h. •*. t ' f 1 ^ 1 l b /i.-** V) ^f <tt r c "* •^;.^f/Ai _ ,"ftd»T^/* -'.^"n^ V/^fy.^C •-•^ '' it -./>v^. "*. 'X X X. F 28aO'203fi feet. ttuclt In tho 'Williams area back of Taft, at Kcmio No. 2, section 22, 32-23, a string of 8%-lnch casing ha« been CMnonlod at 1602 feet on tho second wind, and bottom drilled to 2005. Several years ago Union's Williams No. 1 discovered the top sand of this structure, and drilled Into tho HCC- uml Hand but hacked up and produced only from the first sand, Uffficcst Well a fjOSB Neither of the foregoing discover* bcnefUted the company as much it did others- ;i common occur- mico in tho oil bUAlnoss. Completion of Iwik-cvlew No. 1, whoso 00 ( 000 barrels per day IB an all-lime record for California, came at a time wlmn tho demand for oil won not hacked by automobiles as of today. Crude oil dropped in price, and damage sultA from tho well's flowing wllrl for months, aro said to have made Iho discovery a financial Joss, 1 n tho Williams area, leases elapsed, and at present tho company holds only a fraction o'f the acreage It unco held then*. WH8TI5KNER8 TIIRILLUD KAN MATKO, Hept, 2. (U. P.>— TlPMldents of tho city, especially of tho present generation, were given tho thrill of their life, when a team of horses from tho William Srocker stables ran away on tho historic 1*31 Camlno Real. It took throo hours to overtake tko runaway team. AHOUrOTNAI. TWINS BORN HIUHBANtf, Hept. 2, (U. P.)—The prldo of the Welpu mlHKlon station, on tlio Gulf of Carpentaria, are the 'Vooonut twhiH." 'J'hesrt two black nn- thn flrnt full-blooded ubo- twins to bo born In Auntralla iniin t*nrM, Miners Sinking New Shalt : . , . - - ^BB^ * * - „ - > ' .'j L • B ••"'•*''" j ' **"v '" j n '• ; '"' "" •'•'• ; ^STI"''"' ; «' : '• "•• urton Brothers Claim .:•"!'.' Sept TI/TOJAV73, 1YX BrotherB 1 Kid Claim a shaft la belriff flunk to, connect with the 600* foot lovel of the Tropico mine on the Tropico homo voin. The shaft hau reached a vortical dopth of more than 100 foot andjt IB catlmatcd that a hookup with tho Tropico workings will be made In ahothcr 175 feet. The now shaft will bo us,ed an a working outlet for tho xveat end of tho Tro- plco mine. . On tho Fairvlew lease on tho Tropico homo vein* Henry Kelfloy is making preparations to sink the shaft another 100 feet. P. P, Mason, who has boon In charge of many machine shops in tho Los AngdloB Urea, is noW In chpge of the machine ahop at the By J. II. JACKSON , S.—On Burton Tropico mine. He Is asslstOd bjrJV And6rson. , Five new houses, completed on the flat below tho Tropico mine.ore all occupied by Burton Brothers 1 employees. In addition, three new cot- luges,, remodeled from outmoded refrigerator cars, have been finished and 12 more are under construction.' Tho streets have been named An- deslto, Telesilo and HhyolHe. Deakln and Scars made their first shipment of ore from tho Sunfihlne nilne, where they are screening and sorting an old mine dump. The ore, which la being shipped to the Burton Brothers' mill at Tropico is running better than $20 per ton, according to mill assays. The ore Is a chist arid quartz and is free milling. It ,1s estimated that there aro more than 200,000 tons of ore remaining on the dump. 4700-Barrel Gusher Flows in North Belridge Oil Field • T HAT tho days of big gushers In Kern county are not over, • is demonstrated by Belridge Oil Company's latest completion, No. 18 In North Belridgo field, section 35, 2720, now flowing 4700 barrels of 36 gravity oil and 20,000,000 cubic feet of gas daily. This issues from tho lower portion of tho Wagonwheel zone at 8121-8475 foot, North Belrjdge. field at present, Is rated tho premier field of tho state as far as size of individual completions is concerned. Ventura field Is rated second and KetUtiman Htlls third. and both fields produce slightly lower gravity oil and con- alderably less gas. Los Angeles basin fields JEUHS out of the picture In comparing 1 "' size of now completions. North Belridge field has boon developed In an orderly manner with wells widely spaced. Most of the field* is still undrilled. Belridge Oil Company, which is tho largest land owner and keeps two strings of tools constantly busy, now la drilling No. 6-and rigging up No. 32, both at the southeast end of the anticline on section 1, 28-20. C. E. Coleaton is manager of the company. - - i , Banker, Publisher Claimed by Death (Associated Frc*9 Leased Wire) SANTA MONICA, Sept. 2.—Salo" mon Wenzlaff, 70, retired South Dakota banker and newspaper publisher, will be burled today. Born -In Husata, \Vensslaff formerly published tho Frno Press at Yankton, S. D., and server! aa United Klatcs 'lanti office registrar and county treasurer there. Absentee Ballots Beat Sen. Dif ani (Associated 7'rcw Leased Wire) IUVEKSID12, Sept. 2.—By the margin of 288 absentee ballots, ./6hn Phillips of Banning defeated State Senator Leonard Dlfanl In his race for the Republican nomination, final tabulation ahowod today. Difnni led by 11 votes before the absentee ballots were countedinnd gave Phillips a plurality of 288. I 1 I -1 T' * ' 4 4 n-, 1 '- .*.•.'. f ^mm .' .• v« i* t* :-«' *:•: :.;*•* JM •#?£ % **^*> ,^i-.»••* r-fy ^P4 * >s.y ; :?* >:;: * r ' m K •Ki .-.*. r .- P r vft F r * Li V--' Vi :ses ^•.•j LVl |iii| if mJmirm m:.lm-¥.&0r ii^:: : L-.' m.' • * -. - •'.'! f - T r * m- mm. i^l •»* :?*&$ rx-:-:i'<-a? v;-! : .-; -'I'vivti'V-Jfi %^|; : ;.^:fea ::v r v : ^:;o:-vj'.-^: : %v L r L- '. :«:v •-*•: •m- ,- • ' '.*.' •j. •*- < •> . •.*. '^i '.**'* . f .m Ngr^ -- *>i * •!.-: M: :*>:i ;s* Vs >' -i •».vA f H -» - ' ."^ XXJ •*:K,t H - ..- ^;. i - •_ Id 1 ' vr ;i • ' .'.-:-,-:' L>.. **• "•*• .'•.''. - n •S5 4 I •'•1 n E-'.-M m .»-. :V 4 I f r-, ^ k^^« TA * i. ' i '* ; < •' <• •'*. ' h . • ,•"-•-•- ^ Oil Gompaiiy's Is fourth in Northeast _. - • . - ' n tain View *-• up oil sand between 1750 and feet. pick 1SOO Arizona Democrats Avert Party Clash j (Cnltcd I'rctB Leased Wire) AJ-UUQUKRQUB. N. M.. Sept. 2. UcmocralH of the state believed thoy had avoided an tntraparty fight today uftor tho «tato convention yes- lerday ronominated .Uet)r6sont«Uve J. J. Uompsey l Govornor Clyde Tingley, and both United States senators. Senator Carl Hatch wua chosen for the long term and Senator 'Don n Is Clmvos, appointed to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Bronson M, Cutting, - Republican, was nominated for the short term. The political differences between Reprcnentatlvo Dempscy and Governor TlngJoy were patched up outside tho convention hall. '. f i * i - ^ . - t • . Bringing the number of project* seeking ah eastern extension of Mountain View field up to four;;Buf« : fulo OJ1 Company has spudded Us No. 4 In the northwest quarter of section 19, 30-29. Tho three others are Barnsdall Oil Company's Nighr bert No, 1, Sheldon Oil Company's Hofte No. 1 and Allied Petroleum Company's No. 20 tohloh Is drilling at 1200 feet in the southeast * quar^ ter of tho same section. Future In Balance 1C all these aro successful, considerably more .'drilling is expected, while oa.the other hand, 1C results aro unfavorable', therf •' active* development in this field la about con- cludod, it is said, except In th(e Harrow southeast end. A'"fe'w ;;;: . more slteH are aald to be possible in the northeast quarter of section 24, 8028, and on the south of sections 13, 30-28 and IS, 30-21), but small yields are expected and no" locations have been chosen. In Good Location It Is estimated that Buffalo Oil Company's No. 4 has a good chapce of succeeding since it offsets Allied Petroleum's recent 700-barrel No. 19. BarnadalVs well also offsets this farther out and its outcome will be known soon since the, Hole Already to drilled to 4707 feet and Allied'Set casing at 4870. • " \ Suspend Work on Rex Company Test 1 ^^ n • Because of poor showings , tho cores and the Schlumberger electrical survey, Rex Oil Company has suspended operations In Us outpost, k : ^tabry No. 2 in Premier field, section 4, 28-27, the hole was, drilled through the Kern river formation without picking up much, and down Into the Miocene formation to 2804 feet, . •-,./..":': % No casing was set and no announcement of further work has been made. Tho poor showings In this hole, only one location from the company's No, 1 pumper, may' be accounted for by tho north-south fault cutting- off 'production. Wells to tho west and south hit tho Kern river oil sand at about 2600 feot. j Huntington Crude Plans McBurney 1 — —!---•_ *^ • r • i Huntingdon .-Crude OH Company IB preparing tp, drill a test well on a recently acquired leaae R^.StiUes west of Taft, it was announced today by K. W. McBurney. The new project, to be known as MoBnrney .#0. 1; Will bo put down ph section 23, 32-22, on what is known as >the PheJps anticline. s McBuVney declares tho company has acquired approximately 6000 ufcres of land adjacent to the proponed wildcat. It is hoped to I :v/.y-r It's School Week in t-hinu Oof fees love \' II .' 1 f NEW SHOP FOR WOMEN hance of finding everything y d for th f i Harry Coffee's . . . and pleasant if you select hat the camp r beautiful our initial your ward re P w h k w ,d y.,.y t a big th w Women's Shop wh series thrills when you see the lovely things we've assembled for y TWO PIECE KNITS . . 6.9S to 17.95 WOOL DRESSES . 8.95 to 12.95 3 PIECE SUITS . , COATS *•••*•• SWEATERS and SETS . , 1.95 to 4.95 SKIRTS JACKETS LINGERIE • • . . 1.95 to 5.95 , 11.95 to 14.95 HATS and BERETS . , . 1.00 and up HANDBAGS * I • * . 1.00 to 2.95 » * * • 1.19 and up HOSIERY 50c to 1.95 ROBES » • t t • t * * o*9o '•1 B A '-- ^ I -J ' r ••..¥- w -'. • *.* m .-. I. _> -^ .*.' L* ^V'.W-f ».v. Months ago we started comparing cords to get you the very best cord value to be had. The product of the foremost makers was examined and carefully tested.., and our selection is shown below. We believe you'll find them the best to be had at their price. GRIDDER CORDS A «p«ol*i valutt cord mad* to m»»t the domandi of thos* who must get th« molt out o! thair clothai money.. CONFERENCE CORDS Made from the finest corduroy obtainable and tailored to the strictest of specifications. Reinforced at pointsof strain. STADIUM CORDS An excellent quality corduroy made up with th» pop* ular cipper front. Reinforced at every Essential point . . . F R E N O B A,K E R S F I EL D •« Gasoline Portable and Steam Unitized Rotary Outfits for Rent Casing and Drill Pipe Straightened PORTABLE PUMPING UNITS 1G-B LORRANE GAS TRAPS New and used oil well supplies bought and rented. • r •4 Atlas Supply Co. L. 0. ARMSTRONG, Manager 3700 Chester Avenue OppoHitc Fairground! Phone 1598 Avoid! arrtst UwAs 81' PE* WEI K BUDGET PLAH Johnson's Flristono Auto Supply and Sirvloi Stores, Inc. Okittir it Twinty-fowrth Strut MIO L - « *t « . * . - .- -f. . -- , -i • . . * '* I . * ' ' - * 1

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