The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 26, 1963 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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Tuesday, March 26, 1963
Page 2
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2 THE OTTAWA HERALD Tuesday, March 26, .1963 Coaches Lead Cheers For Placers «/ The coaches were cheerleaders at the Ottawa athletic banquet last night in the basement of - Memorial Auditorium. Ottawa High and Ottawa University coaches introduced and listed achievements of their players who helped make up the crowd of 285 at the annual dinner co-sponsored by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the schools. Volney Ashford, vice president, athletic director and head football coach at Missouri Valley College, was head cheerleader. He had "yeas" for players, coaches, parents and fans. The crowd for the fried chicken - ham dinner was thought to be the largest in the 15-year history of the sports event. Earl Guist and Erwin Elder guided the C of C committee making arrangements. C of C president Harold Crawford opened the meeting. Rev. Leopold Hoppe said a prayer. Russell Crites, hailed as a former fast runner by OrliS Cox, Ottawa High athletic director and, basketball; H.VK. Stevens, OHS track coach since the days when track coach since the days when Russell could run, was master of ceremonies. Coaches in this order paraded to the microphone to list their players: J. W, Emerson, Ottawa High football; Harold Wallace, OHS sophomore football and ALL THOSE COACHES AND NO TEAM - Posing with Volney Ashford, Missouri Valley College athletic director, at last night's Ottawa athletic banquet are Ottawa coaches, from left, H. K. Steven., Ottawa High basketball; Orlis Cox, OHS athletic director *-' '\f\ ,«<jj- «,i;' •.:-.' Sles Of The Game and track coach; Bill Frear, Ottawa University basketball; Ashford, Dick Peterson, OU athletic director and head football coach; Bill Boucek, OU track coach, and J. W. Emerson, Ottawa High football. (Herald Photo) The following "Rules of the Game" were presented by Volney Ashford, vice president, athletic director and football coach at Missouri Valley College, in his speech last night at Ottawa athletic banquet— The Editor. (Author Unknown) The Chaplain's advice to my son Bill on Graduation day — "I am giving you the ball, son, and naming you the quarterback for your team in the game of life. I am your coach, so I'll give it to you straight. "There is only one schedule to play. It lasts all your life, but consists of only one game. It is long with no time but and no substitutions. You play the whole game — all your life. "You!ll have a .great backfield. You are calb'ng the signals, but the other three fellows Ui the backfield with you have great reputations. They are named Faith, Hope and Charity. "You'll work behind a truly powerful line. End to end, it consists of Honesty, Loyalty, Devotion to Duty, Self Respect, Sturdy Cleanliness and Good Behavior. "The Goal Posts are the Gates of Heaven. "God is the referee and sole official. He makes all the rules, and there is no appeal from them. "There are ten rules. You know them as the Ten Commandments and you play them strictly in accordance with your own religion. "There is also an important ground rule. It is, 'As Ye would that men should do to you, do Ye also to them likewise.' "Here is the ball. It is your immortal soul! Hold onto it. Now, son, get in there and let's see what you can do with it." College Post For Ex-Raven LAFAYETTE, La. (AP)- Tom,the University of Southwestern Cdwell, native of Kansas City Louisiana. •nd a four-year basketball man at St Benedicts, has been named an; assistant basketball coach at Cdwell has been head basketball coach and a football assistant at New Iberia, La. your best, buy in house point SttlllWIN-WlUIAMS • Now better than ever • Stretches the years between paint jobs • For all types of exterior surfaces e Eaoier than ever to e Beautiful, fade' resistant colors e Endorsed by leading painters SMMWIM-WJUMMS PORCH and FLOOR INAMIL Top-quality enamel for indoor and outdoor wood and cement floon, deck* and atop*. Stands up under tough weather and wear. West Coach Fears East Cage Power LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) Cliff Wells, coach of the Wes team in this Saturday's East-Wes college All-Star basketball game knows how David felt when he went out to fight Goliath. Wells' team faces the task o stopping the likes of All-America! Art Heyman of Duke and Jerry Harkness of Chicago Loyola, plus such performers as Tom Thacker of Cincinnati, Rod Thorn of West Virginia, Nate Thurmond of Bowling Green and Jimmy Rayl of Indiana. "The only thing I can promise you is that I won't stall againsl this great team," Wells quipped, "but it sure beats me as to how we'll stop them." The West team will be headed by two fine performers from the Rocky Mountain are—Big Eighl scoring champion Ken Charlton of Colorado and Bill Green, the nation's third ranking individual scorer this past season from Colorado State. "I think the key to beating a team made up of Heyman, Thorn, Harkness, Thurmond and Thacker will be defense," said Wells, who just retired as head basketball coach at Tulane. The West probably will start Charlton, Green, Lyle Harger of Houston, Gary Hill of Oklahoma City University and either Willie Brown of Texas Western or Nolen Ellison of Kansas. The contest is sponsored by the National Association of Basketball Coaches, with proceeds going to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame at Springfield, Mass. 2 Drivers In INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Ed Kostenuk, Victoria, B.C., and Bob Mathauser, Gardena, Calif., were nominated today to drive cars in the 47th 500-mile auto race May 30. Exhibition Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Monday's Results St. Louis 4, Chicago A 3 Detroit 17, Washington 3 New York A 5, Los Angeles N 2 Baltimore 5, Pittsburgh 4, 10 innings Philadelphia 2, Minnesota 0 Kansas City 11, Cincinnati 4 New York N 4, Milwaukee 3, 11 innings Chicago N 7, Los Angeles A 4 Cleveland 11, Houston 3 Boston 4, San Francisco 2 Babe's Trophy Goes To Dawn LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Babe Didriksen Zaharias trophy for Women Athlete of the Year for 1962 was en route by sea Tuesday for Australia and its new honoree, famed swimmer Dawn Fraser. The Australian lass was voted the award in the annual Associated Press poll. The large trophy, put up by jeorge Zaharias, husband of the ate, great all-round athlete Babe, was turned over to Capt. Mervin Stone of the Matson liner Monterey. Capt. Stone will present the trophy to Miss Fraser when the ship arrives in Sydney April 8. basketball; Harvey Drake, OHS golf; Dick Peters, Ottawa Uni versity football; Bill Frear, OU basketball, and Bill Boucek OU track. Among the diners were some parents of the athletes. Guist am Elder alternated athletes and fans at the tables. Ashford mixed some laughs with his philosophical pep talk for the young athletes entering the long important game of living. He said young people now have a wonderful opportunity for learning, with better teachers and better facilities. "The day of the big dumb foot ball player is gone," he said. It's more difficult to play, a boy has to think more now, than used to be the case, he added. Ashford said he hopes the young people will take advantage of every opportunity for learning. Athletes, he said, have a tremendous obligation to set a living example of what they're expected to be. "Lots of kids look up to you," he said. He said he sees no place for drinking and smoking and horsing around for boys who want to be athletes and coaches. Ashford urged the young men to take an active part in their churches. "We've been fortunate in athletics," he said. "We have more coaches, better equipment and the entertainment dollar has been kind to us." "I don't know how long it can last," he said. "We read of the fixes, the scandals. We need to do a better job of selling our program, need to b've the thing we stand for. "If training regulations are good during the season, they should be followed out of season," he said. Ashford told of a boy he had coached, a young man who had lost an eye and a hand in the war. He became, said Ashford, the first-string quarterback, the best passer and the best down- field blocker on his squad. "He did it with determination," said Ashford. "No classroom or lab could have given him what the gridiron gave him." There's no place in sports for alibis, said Ashford. On another thought, Ashford said use of profanity doesn't denote strength but a weakness in vocabulary. He told of a group of paratroopers who learned the source of their strength at jump time. They were praying and reading Bibles instead of "flexing their muscles" and using foul language, he said. "I never saw a successful businessman who wasn't a Christian, and I hope I never do," said Ashford. The speaker closed by reading "Rules of the Game" which appears under separate heading. Garnett Here Tomorrow Cyclone In Openin With the advent of a somewhat •fc'i warmer climate, Coach Oriis Cox's Ottawa High thinclads have joined the 50-mile hike group as they go through their paces in what seems like double the work- but necessary to belong to the club. Cox, a veteran of unlimited patience and energy, is entering his 38th season at Ottawa and at the helm of the Cyclone track squad. Assistants J. W. Emerson and Harold Wallace help Cox put the team in condition as the Reds set for their opener here Wednesday against Garnett. Fifty-four boys lave reported out with 13 lettermen back to bolster the attack. James Baldwin, Roy Dunn, Rick Jamison, Ben Park, Rick Snider, Paul Stephens, Rick Win- hester, Craig Davis, Robert ray, Jim Lewis, Brad O'Dea, Charles Bowling, and Rick Wood M-ovide the experience, while VI ike Shepard is a provisional etterman. Other aspirants in training for a job in the first meet are Roger Ferguson, Pete Martin, Chuck Sims, Earle Doman, Lester Edwards, Bill Ferguson, Dennis Motelet, David Shotwell, Ray Tillery, Jerry Turley, Dave Alic, Terry Bon Jour, John Fogle, Joger Buck, Jim Fox, Greg Gilroy, Bill Greene, Gary Hendrikson, Bill Henry, Tom Hickman, lichard Korte, George Louderback, Bill Lister, Daryl Jameson, Terry Lay, Curtis Langdon, any Maloney, Gary Mavity, Steve Mury, Wayne Parker, he Patterson, John Presley, Bob Schoonover, Tom Shepherd, Keith Saathoff, Jeff Weien, Don Wieneke, Bill Wheeler, Jim Williams, Dan Woodward, Charles Minck- ey, and David Spears. Here are Ottawa junior and senor high schedules: SENIOR HIGH Wednesday, March 27, Gamett, Here, 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 2, Quandrangu- ar (Emporia, Olathe, Turner, Ottawa), Here, 3 p.m. Friday, April 5, Saturday, April 6, Ottawa Relays. Thursday, April 11, Triangular Turner, Rosedale and Ottawa— B" and Some "A"s), Turner. Saturday, April 13, Emporia telays "A." Thursday, April 18, Lawrence B", There. Friday, April 19, Pittsburg Re- ays "A." Saturday, April 20, Olathe "B", There. Saturday, April 27, Baker Re- ays "A". imsday, May 2, EKL, Argen- Thu , GILLETTE J v Super Power Bar ^ • Tractor Tires • • See Us for J * PAST, EFFICIENT ** TIRE SERVICE J on All Tractors! J 110 West 4th St T Right Down Town T •Cam r Tire & ^ *3dm S Supply, Inc. i ; <* OTTAWA BOWL 41Sy a N. Main Phone CH 2-9741 BRUNSWICK IOOF No. 24—2 1st 2nd 3rd Ttl. O. Morrison 155 148 1M 488 E. Lowrance O. Breckenrldge 130 177 143 450 141 137 178 457 L. Turner 178 136 134 447 F. Hamner 121 148 160 430 Helen * Billi Cafe—8 J. Doty Ottawa Lumber Co. Bob McCrea, Manager . Main CH 2-1196 R. Sohultz .. ".' 161 H. Doman 153 160 187 183 538 B. Wenthe 188 152 502 148 126 427 185 143 173 511 D. Heckman 148 186 187 542 MuCracken Electric—1 G. Flinsbaugh 161 163 158 483 C. McDanlel Hubbard Lumber B. Jones J. Taylor .. ..'.'.... 172 155 168 486 P. McCracken 150 166 148 465 R. Bettge 140 177 146 463 203 184 202 588 176 185 146 507 R. Carey ".. 117 144 143 404 L. Cordle 138 150 186 485 R. Davis 148 170 158 476 R. Crane 168 188 177 534 Mobile Home Service—0 I. McFadden 130 126 120 376 J. Swinehart 188 157 141 486 C. Foster 156 146 144 446 C. McFadden 145 118 114 377 O. McFadden 142 Flrit National Bank—4 153 136 431 N. Brown 178 137 208 525 R. Shlsler 161 224 168 563 D. Brown 160 145 147 452 M. Allen 201 175 160 536 O. Domnanish 177 167 148 482 MONDAY NIGHT LADIES NHcheri Floor—1 1st 2nd 3rd Ttl. E. Whltacre .. ..... 117 14'0 117 374 H. Shofner 85 11* 131 334 A. Evey UO 125 114 348 D. Johnson 117 110 76 302 Why walk when You Can Ride? AMERICA'S finest Riding Mower Newf RED RIDER M-4 No Money Down 34950 3.6S Per Week Look! AAor* pow*r~-«v«ry deluxe tur*. Heavy duty automotive type transmission. Larger 25* blade. Power for steep grades and hills. Mulcher. M-MM M. Brandon Ottawa Savlnci * Loan—3 111 141 143 385 D. Toumberlln M. Barber U4 B. Spats 135 112 131 125 368 102 135 351 127 148 410 120 US. 358 130 1S5 458 M. Weldner .. 182 131 133 466 R. Mclntosh 123 C. Honn 164 Lee'i Cafe—I M. Smay 148 117 163 428 V. Ferguson 158 180 148 486 8. Ferguson 141 131 148 420 Ottawa Bowl—« D. Doman 130 125 131 386 A. Fredeen 148 140 144 432 E. Crawford 168 1J3 135 416 V, Bloomer 117 132 138 388 J. Speer ......... 118 138 87 354 Betty B'»—3 184 481 108 334 107 132 148 388 102 130 102 334 167 110 162 438 152 132 138 402 R. Carlson 136 W. Cooper 108 D. Smith .. .. I. Ishara .. .. P. White .. .. Elki BPOE—* E. Crandall 181 117 — , ,__,_ „ „ . . , _wv m~m «W ••»•• H. Ogle 1M 126 134 308 R. Brady ...... 113 114 104 331 E. Strickland 130 183 134 448 M. Lewis 125 164 124 413 Apply Scofis Turf Builder Now! For a Famous Scott Lawn This Spring $4.95 Bag Covers 5,000 Square Feet Use Our Spreader Free See The Complete Scoffs Lawn Care Program of Gambits ON THE MARK - Ottawa High Senior Paid Stephens is set for sprint against Garnett in opening track meet Wednesday. (Herald Photo) Tuesday, May 7, Lawrence Relays. Saturday, May 11, Regional at Manhattan. Friday and Saturday, May 1718, State Meet at Wichita. JUNIOR HIGH Thursday, March 28, Bonner Springs, Here, 3:30 p.m. Monday, April 8, Olathe, Here, 3:30 p.m. Thursday, April 11, Rosedale, There, 3:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18, Turner, Here, 3:30 p.m. Friday, April 19, Chanute Relays — 8th Grade. Thursday, April 25, League Meet, Rosedale. Tuesday, April 30, Chanute Meet — 7th Grade. Thursday, May 2, Emporia Invitational. Thursday, May 9, Lawrence. West, There, 3:30. For Insurance On dwellings, household goods. buildings and automobile* See Dean Berlin. Agent 109 E. Second Phone CH 2-2804 MUST ram? PAA One good reason: Plymouth beat Ford and Chevrolet in 8 out off 10 events at Riverside! No doubt about it any more, Plymouth is the performance champ of the Plymouth-Ford-Chevrolet league. It proved itself by winning events like zero to sixty, passing tests, the quarter mile and even the economy run. If this is the performance champ you'd like to own, come see us today! •Based on Plymouth sales figures for December, 1962, In comparison with sales figures for December, 1961. Plymouth's on the move... see it at;, BOB WHITE MOTOR CO. 118 8. Hickory, Ottawa, Kansas CH 2-4425 111

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