The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 2, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 1
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M ^ b I - s~ • • - " -I 'V -*-..' 1 J l' t • -J>.*> <- -f • X ' 1*'- .- ••. ' * ' '- , , \t, K . ." . i--TZ*.' -,-••-:• :^'';^>'^>V^V<VV'^ - i.— * 'V;. -" • - * v - •• *,v -. . ' •- . • -' • • • - , I V, .. •' f I" ' I -. .-,'-"' -. - .'^ • - , . 1 - ' \ > ' I 'l - I < - , , - - \ '• ' "'-*• '.I,, f --..,* . ' • .-,.'" - • •,' ' ' ' . , v * - '*- '. '•- • > '•- ' • ' - ' ," ' ,. * v*. '. , ;•>? > : '^-v'.v:Yn' -..^Tr :••;; . " ...J J ' -^ j L^ _ .- " 'I "L _ J > , ^f . . ', - ' ', -. " <-, - , ,', ^ - ;.'">'^V -, '.it' . , : f " * _ _ •• ri •• ,v t'. • • _V * . • ~ h >•'-' Ji I , -' * >. hi - -,' 1 I 1 - 4 r .-< •>^^^p^^'*>^i.^m •. - /; ^l^'^-^^^---^^^mM ' -I "•-'••v. 1 ^v-:V. 1 , ' \. •* fcfc'-ftvj 1 'fe^-J .--' ''•/ - V :"--•: / •: r- r r-*''Aiv ;;rf$a*H • '- L , .•:•;[-•:• •.• .• "V'^fl^^ *»' i • i ' , VdC.XLVI I L . r - ^ t , ,-1 hV 16 PAGES > *, •••••••lABrillilhpllHVVVHBHlHABBM^V^HlHB^^B^BHP^^^ •i. RS |f._ ._ . ^^ NtWSPA'MR Of THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN YALUY \ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^pl^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^M^^^B^^Bi^^piH^^^^^t^^B^i^fc^^pfc ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^^^^^^^•^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^^•^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^^^^^^•^^^^•^^^^Jj^^^^^^^l^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^_a fc,_,— •^^^•^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^••^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^p^v^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^H^^^^^^^^wiv^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^p^^V^B^^H^B^^PVmH^^^^H^^VWVB^^^^HBHlfll^ i , i, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1MB TJ .• • -^-——i——-—^L—JI-- J -»-— J _^_.J»^^_____mj^_^_^_j_j^.^__^^_^__ — ^» J j_.^^___ J _^_j_ J i JJ _^ _-_-_.— — ^ ._„______ ^ _^. ^h_ _..^.. .. ... ._.._ ^*^^*1^^^^^^*^^*^^^^^^^^^^^*^*^ ^"-^^^^^^^^ • • • ^. ••• I •r^^^^-B.| • ~ "•"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^^^•^^^•^^^^^^^^•^^^••^^•^^^^•^^•^^•^^^^^•^^^^P^^^^^W^P^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^•^^^^•^^^^^•^••^^•^•j^^^^^^fc^fc^jJ^fcU»jfc^^^^^J^^^^*j*^j*^^^^^^M^j^^fc^j^^^^^^^^^^j ^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^ ^^^ B ^^j^^^^^^— ^^^^M • ^MI i J^^^^ ^fr ^M • • • i • a. • i •P^BB^^^^^^^^^^^*^^*^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^*^^*^™^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™^™^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^P^^^*^^^^^*^^^^^^^P^I^^^^^^B^P^B^P^^^HB^^^^^P^P^WWP^^^^^^H^^BB^^^BB^^^H^M|M|HH HULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT . -, •, ,-. - A , , •L .1 *' ' 'it t- TWO SECTIONS No. 28 I I "' 1 1 * '' ') L I I 4 i v -. - \ o '/'M V DEFICIT SLASHED •MM •*S s :«r $5,665,839,000 in Receipts for Fiscal Year Estimated FEWER UNEMPLOYED Industry Is Absorbing Workers Steadily but Drought Costly By WILLIAM S. ABDEKV (Associated Press Leased Wire) ' \SUINOTON, Sept. 2.—Predicting a new peak in tho government's peacetime Income, President Roosevelt's revised budget summary today forecast a $2,097,1)00,000 deficit for the current fiecal year, This figure, fixed in a recheck of earlier budget estimates, compared V-Hh. $4,764,000*000 last'year, $3,575,000,000 in ,1936 and $3,989,000,000 in *" ™ T _ ^ ' , > .Two Aspects ' " T ' " ' ** l The President'? relief estimates had both favorable and untavorable aspects. Although Baying: that unemployed arc steadily being absorbed into Industry, he balanced this with assertions' that "substantial" expenditures would be necessary for drought relief and that it will b$ several months before it can bo determined whether work relief rolls can be cut sxifflciently to bring them within the limits of present available funds. 13ven should additional appropriations be found necessary* however, Mr. Roosevelt said theso would total lees ( than $500,000,000. $12,000.000 Increase Estimating receipts at $5,665,839,000 for the year ending next June 30, the Chief Kxecutlvo pointed out this was a net increase of $12,000,000 over his original budget estimate last January despite $668,000,000 of unexpected losses in revenue through Invalidation of special taxes under the Agricultural Adjustment Act unfl other causes. Another factor which developed after preparation of the original estimate—passage of tho bonus—also was important in boosting Mr. Roosevelt's previous forecast of a $1,098,400,000 deficit. Debt Not Increased Eliminating $580,000,000 of statutory debt retirement from the gross deficit to arrive at a not figure of tIJiiT.OOOiOQO, Mr. Roosevelt said the public debt would not be Increased by that amount because tho treasury's working balance in the general fund would be reduced by $1.* 100,000,000. This balance on August 2'.) was $1.461,576,000. Mr, Roosevelt estimated tho net increase in the national debt this year at $410,000,000, bringing it to $34,188,543,41*4 on next June 30. ; New Borrowing After record peacetime financial operations during the last fiscal year to raise funds for tho soldiers' bonus and relief needs, the summary yesterday disclosed that new borrowing of $760,000,000 Is contemplated this year. This was exclusive of refunding issues and statutory debt retirement. HONOR LKIF BKICKSON SACRAMENTO. Sept. 2. (A, P,>— Oallfornlann were asked by Governor Merrlani today to join with those of Scandinavian donccnt In observing October 9 on Jx»lf KrlcUson day. ROOSEVELT ON RADIO SUNDAY Press Leased Wire) ASHINGTON, Sept. 2. —The White House announced today that President Rootevelt would return here to make his radio report on his drought area Inspection trip Sunday from 9:46 to 10:15 p. m., eastern standard time. At the same time, It was an* nounced, he will make a special announcement regarding the reemployment In private IndUitry of person* on relief .roUa. t The * .-•* ?'^ •*"v •i - -f '•- ;r :.J-i-. N. Y.-TO-LONDON FLIGHT BEGINS (Associated Press Leased Wire) ROOKUYN, N. Y., Sept. 2. Dick Merrill and Harry Richman took off from Floyd Bennett Airport at 3:37 p. m. today on their projected round-trip speed flight to London. Merrill, veteran air malt and transport r pilot, was at the controls as the fast low-wing monoplane "Lady Peace 11 made a smooth take-off on one of the most unusual attempts In aviation history. The big Vultee ship was heavily loaded with 1000 gallons of gasoline—three tons of fuel. The pilot and Rlchman, singing sta t f of stage and screen, Intend to halt for several days In Lon* don to await favorable winds for their return. Merrill warmed up the 1000 horsepower Wright-Cyclone engine cautiously, then opened tt up for everything it would give on'the long run across the field into the wind. About 1000 spectators watched as the machine attained a momentum of more than 100 miles an hour. ORGAN BROTHERS HUNTED Priest Rebuked Publicly Attack on U. S. President WORDS DISAPPROVED ^ n h American Authority Must * Not, Hereafter, Be Denounced t Atsodatrd Press Teased Wire) •y"ATICAN CITY, Sept. 2.—The'Os- ^ servatore Romano, authoritative i Vatican organ, today publicly criti- j nuns F *•** ^ -^ r«- r ^f^fc ELCCTION CONTEST LA JOLLA MURDER Smoldering Blaze and Automatic Pistol Fall to Posse men Recount to Vote Be Asked; Judge Race Is Thriller IPS HI GIVE CLUE KIElfR TRAVELING SOUTH cized Father Charles K\ Coughlin'e John Indicated Hunt Will Be Concentrated in Hilt Com muni tv (United Pres* Leased Wire) •yREKA, Sept, 2.—Two NT1NQKNT upon raising of expense funds, Leonard MoOIn- tork,defeated by Supervisor Stanley Abel by an o!ght*voto margin for Buporvtaor of tho Fourth district, plans to rontpHi tho election, Harvey K. WesttfatOt associate of Mr. MuClintock and a Went Sldo publisher, announced today. Mr, Mr- Ollntock could not bo rnnched lor u direct query. Mv, We-Htjjruto »ald he plan* an official awiouneemenl of Mi*. Mei'Itnloelt'H elrrtlon contest in his publication ton\orro\v, Thr» Iml- lot ro-ruunt. If onliM'o«l. \vouU1 bi 1 In Sujirrlor Court. T«M*fto Session recent speech assailing President Roosevelt as "a liar and betrayer.'* j Vrelales, iiowevcr. wahl Kaiher Cotightin was free to continue his political actlvltleH, provided he does not denounce public authority. .^" - . L OsservatorcjKb Landon and President lo Study Drought Relief at Des Moines con8ldered official or stated::.-"'. -,- ., •- - •' '-•• . : '--,- ^ ! .-• KdUorlal "In some American nowspapera it has been said that when Bishop Gallagher (Bishop Michael J. Gallagher of Detroit) was In Home ho was given to understand the holy nee approved completely the activities of Father Coughlin. Not True • "That Is not true. Bishop Gallagher knows very well what was said to him on that matter. (Associated Press Leased IVire t XITASHINGTON, Sept. 2.—Precipi- " tatlng a Uoosevelt-Landon meet* ing on ground termed nonpollticai by both, a search .for answers to the "worst drought in climatological history" again will center national t tomorrow. "Worst" The great dry spell of 1936, officially .labeled the ''worst" by the Weather Bureau in August, but since alleviated In some aectiona by rain, will bring the President, the Republican presidential nominee and six other governors to a Den MolneH conference table. A survey of the magnitude of tho present problem for which they seek an answer today showed: 1002 Counties Affected * A total of 1092 counties in 23 states on the federal emergency list. A sunburned corn crop, officially estimated- at more than 800,000,000 bushels under that of last year. An army of farmers, reported at more than 110,000 by AVI 1 A, working on emergency relief projects. An Initial expenditure of around $10,000,000 bv three drought relief agcnripH, with tcn.s of inlllloiiH more In prospect. None hero today would even guess officially at the total and final cost to the nation of the disruption brought about by too much of ono element of life, heat from the sun, and too little of another, moteturo. Nor has any ono "answer" been generally agreed upon to offset tbo "The holy see iHshes to respect all liberties and all conveniences. "It IH extremely notable that an orator offends when lie inveighs against persons who represent Mi- preme social authority, with the evident danger of disturbing (he respect due tfie authorities theni- »elves by the people. "The inconvenience is greater as well as more evident when the speaker is a priest." In high Vatican circles, It was stressed tho oaservatore comment did not moon tho Vatican wholly disapproved of the Detroit radio pricut. The Vatican, It was staled, approved the work Father Coughlin has done in interpreting the Pope's encyclicals on economic matters to the public. Disapproves Attack However, high sources said, the . Vatican disapproves Father Coughlin's attack on President Roonevelt as an attack on a constituted authority. The Vatican, as the osservatore comment pointed out, does not want to .see the respect of the masses for their authorities shaken by such attack. What happens when the mouses lone respect for their authorities, the prelates stated, now may be seen In Spain. The prelates also made It plain tho comment was not directed, in uuy ; sennc. against Bishop Gallagher, but today found a smoldering camp; I'Ut? ynstonlny. utmost in tho lost fire and a ,o2-caliber pistol believed i niln ". le of ." <*anya*H of absent voters' owned by John or Court Bright, and at 0 a. m. three posses f "Hi ~PARK DEDICATED TO WILEY POST Ofiieers Ascribe Slaying of Welfare Worker to Crazed Person Press /,ra«r<f O KLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 2, Wiley Post Park, named In honor of the the Oklahoma flyer who craihed to his death with Will Roger* August 15. 1935, waa dedicated last night. Mr. and Mrs, Post of Maysville, Okla., parents of the aviator, were present at the dedication. SUSPECTS CHECKED Assailant Creeps l.'p on Victim, Strikes Her, Drags lo Ravine ballot t*. Nuppt'vlHor Abet oviMvamo the |i MI it Mr. Mrt'llniork gained In , .the primary and cnu*rg<Hl at the '-ml converged upon Jleaver creek, on! of a amimulc ro\mi wuu an Sterling mountain, convinced they j voin majority over hi* vounirer on L *•«•"•' ** • ^1 • - I 4 had established an "air-tight" trap for tho fugitives, <3. Chandler lod ono ponent, a West r lvll ^vWlCi Hviipiher inoVetl 'hS from creek on th# west, and another loft Hilt from the northeast. !>avo Hurriedly The oamp'Mre, found udmUC tracks * and other markings \vhirh Inillrattid that whoever litid lit It hud nban- rlonod It hurriedly, wan locatoil up- pruxlmutely mldwny botweon tho fu- clflc highway and Uorno oi**»t»k t not fur from tho mining cabin whoix* tho two purt-lndlniiH aHBm-todly phot and klllnd two dupuiy MherlffH and a former navy offlcnr. tho Colin Hundreds of poBsemen pr<*Hsnd a search through the wild area went of Yreka, Cultf., for two tnou shown above who are accused of murdering- three men, two of whom were peace officers. "Shoot to kill" orders wore given and "lynch talk" \van heard. FOUR The untiie sort of ln»*t minule drama tlevelopocl fliiHng the count of the absent voter**' ballots In the 8fcf>eHriK ! Court' jtidlelnl rare with" Attorney W, L. Hnutahaw almost winning liU eampaign at Hie primary over his nwireftt rival. Attorney Krril \Vrlsh. und Attorney Samuel Taylor. An unofficial total gave Attorney iradahnw i»G3a votew against 7820 for Wolah and \SU> lor Snimu>l Taylor Thl« tnudd UIP aKgrrKuto. Inc thf ulmentpo ballot*. ttO.'Xl for a\>tl Tuylor. , Thun fovir votp« In the ulifM»iiti*ti ballot count would wt ,*,,,. . , havo won the Hfctlon for Mr. Unid- Tho men who found tho flro and f Bnitw nt thc pr i miu . y O| . Iui Attor . pistol said they followed a trail lead-j nny Hrad«haw hlniHelf wild two m j. Ing northward .toward Hilt and the Oregon alule lino. Within Klvo Miles Sheriff Chandler mild ho believed either one of the thrco POKHUH %va» within five mllon of the uecunod wlayers, who havo been the object N of ono of t'altfornta's ffrruinHt man ht>ntfl, slnct! Sunday nltfht. UlHtHct Attorney Jumt*R Davis offered iho brotherw tho comparative Immunity of an involuntary nmn- Blaughter charge In the event they Buvrendered voluntarily. Protection Promised llo H!BO promlMud protection from mob violence. I UN offer wan to expire thlH morning however and if the pair does not return to tho parents' homo today, watchers and guards will be rnpontod nearby. Evidence found on the new (rail, which twlnted through thick under ffrowtb far from a winding road which cronaea Kterllng peak, hull- f Fighl W«y lo Outskirts of Hchobin, Suburb of Irun; Gory In- )'re«* i votow t-a M ( for him nt tho primary would have given him the election tin they would have inado hl« total 0035 cal I*t534 for bis '. Pnmco-Spaiilflh Hord«M', Sopt '-'. -An overpowering fltn'K* 1 oi Spiinlwb robf'l fightorft fought thflr w;iy tonight to tho outflklrtH o* Hchobin, Ktirhurb of Jonjf Irun, In a bloody. duy-l<n\K At 7:40 p. m. tho KsiHctsl (Mitn. nftor HtonnliiK the hlllv- fruHOH of KovvrnvnoiU m \vfrv t'ni*»ring tbo corporate limits of Hrhobla. an bypothotl- Iwo opponontH. <ialiiH 107 VoloM j Attorney Bnidftlutw gained a total ' of 407 votes ouHt for him by nbsen- top cloetorM. ! The novornineiil forroH tibaidonod Attorney \VelMh roretvnd 1!25 ub- \ their lrenchi»H at I'\ientu rldjre. leav- HenU'o ballotH and Attorney Taylor j I«R the rebels a cleiir path to tho obtained !M. | Jrun Huburh. Tho arithmetic drama of iho aft. ! HobelH advanced from the n«»\vlv ernoon nnd ovenlnK runnt wan Hot ! won redoubt to rnnture Mamolon In t^nntly antl pace |>y DM- Huj>or- ' tr*»nch—the govornmonrH hiHt post of defenwe outHlde tho clly of Irun. Then the rebeln dnsren<I'M| t)u» other Nldo of the hill* to cut off tlio rustonihoiiHe where 15 goverunxeut mrichlne gunnorn remnlned at (beli- pOBt. Three trim ctofendern o»r»ped In «ii Page. •"H Prominent Persons Dead in Collision; Two Are. Injured rcporU which represented nio holy on Paae Ktcvr.n) >.• !-•'• •i: ____ * Lincoln Steffens Leaves Trust Fund (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAUNAS. Sept. 2.—The will of Joseph Lincoln Hteffcns, noted liberal writer who died at Carmel August 9, created a trust fund for hits only son, Peter, 10. All of Sleffens' estate up to $100,000 la to be plated In trult for the boy until ho In 21 yeans old. Any amount beyond that num goea to Mrs. Steffcns. known aH Ella Winters, who wa>* with him when he died, The will wa* drawn in Uiverside, Conn.. March 10, 1938, before divorce proceedings were instituted. I'LAXS OWN KUNKRAL Sept. 2, (U. P.) — Albert J. Ferbert'* funeral today will bo conducted according tb n mopta.ho made'himself. Tho mapuf^cturcr iwid civic lender wwnt Uo Maro fcrothwtf clinic* \%-a» loUl ho ic-Jh 1 up tho bi«hof> an approved Father Coughlln*a political actlvlticR. 6 Persons Overdue 2 Days on Airship (Associated Press Lratfd Wire) ANOMOIIAGJS, Alaska, Hopl, 2.— Two dayH overdue from a flight to the KuHslan river on the Konul pen- in*ula. an airplane pilot and five pan- Hangers wore sought uiiBUCcoBsfulIy by Pilot Kenneth Neese. Pilot Steve MHlB and the passengers, Mr. and Mrs, George Markta, Mr. and Mm, Uawronce David and Angu«t UH Telk, all of Anchorage. left here tiunday to fish.the Russian Hver and to return that night. The HufBtun river In about an hour's flight from Anchorage. After flying over the Ken til peninsula, X«*ese returned last night, with no trace of the plane or lu occu- panu. llo refused to comment further today. Rough weather prevailed In the vicinity of the river when Mills' plane left here. REPUBLICAN KKKOR MKUPlilS. Hept. 2. (A, P.K-E. H, Crump *aiil today lie had a letter from the Republican tlonal Ooinmilt^o asking for a cam- ptilgn contribution'- but uaid be w»w» oor^ pr*»pcct,*' Crump U national committee nwu for (Associated Press Lratfd \\'4t-r,i BISHOP, Sept. 2.~-Four porsons ^ aro dwid and two othors are In a serious condition as tho renult of an automobile crash 1 mile south of hero Ian I night. David N. JJooher. former proaldcnt of tho rnnrulrrw Chunilw^r of <^oni- morce, was killed af thf wheel of his ear. HlH wlf«, KmeMtlne, UkewlBe killed outright, and bin year-old son, MnrMiiill. was crltlrnlly Injured. OUicrw Killed Baseball Results NATIONAL LEAGUE Al nilrago— It. 11. J3, Brooklyn 0 7 0 Chicago -• 4 S 0! Batterirs: Hulfhr-r, \VhiMon und ; CarlPton and llarinntt. count in Die Fourth district. AI th'- primary Hupi-rvlHor Stanley Alml n*ci>lvpd :!Wi vol<>n whlli> nliM'k ohiufiK'ft u ttital of "-Ht, giving tlm latd-r a majority of 50 votrn Hut tho UtillotH of tho "absent voters" won* tu bi» t-otintod. This was mado uftnr n i-nrcful f * t i ^ by a fipi'clally dr»HlKnntPd clccllon bdiird of prom limn i local mm. t I^iMiO lnrrcits<'H i Hup«*rvl«or A!M-| gained Htradlly for n tlmo nnd Ihoii held approxl- •mad^ly /i I'Q-vuU' lead. I«atp In the ; af«'rnuriM lltn total \VUM 70 to 41*. , Htlll lalor tin- roiint wa« 95 to G7. i Koch ballot HH It wan rnnovt.d fn>m l ho narh was Hcrutlnlxr*d <*arpfully! I by Attorney K. !•:. l|n ur und F. A,' | Hhodffl. AUonify .laincn Tolrinl, j Ham Toblafl und I'hll (.'ollhi» i checked n nd rr-c-onlfnl *• vory • a car aloiig the road to Rehubia but ) lhr«»o othT 1 * u-oi'" blown up by hnnd clHt rebclfl. last residents of Hoh<»bia the InVrvnnUonnl hriilgo ovt»r ilm Midatfloa river Into France the baltlo ntgerl. Hy UOHKUT MYRKS i.toriuffd Prf 1 ** Incased H'irf) T A JOLLA, Kept. 2.—A few strands * J of brown hair provided pollco today with tholr main hope of solv- lho seaside attack-killing of Tvuth Muir. 48-ycar-oUi so*:ia^y prominent wolfuro worker. Convinced the slaying was the work of a HPX-C raxed assailant, officers turned their Investigation away frotu Ua Jolla and s^arvhed in San Of ego "for the "killer, 1 ' "\Yo believe someone away from 1 T*a Jolla, possibly in San Diego, committed tho crime." said Detective C'aptaht Harry Kelly. Dozen Quetillonod , Mori* titan a .score of mon who ha»I prevlouflly hc»-n arr»»Mted on morals t'hai'K^H \V«M-O nicked up hero find l i closely qiieHtionetl n.s lo their move* ' ments Monday nljrhi. but virtually | all of th"in \veix* released before | dawn, i Tin- body of Miss Muir. former SAn Antonio. Texas, society girl, was found yesterday In u wrussy ravine 1 on I-ii Jollii'M famed Iw^arh front. Wlhps of Hair Her head bud boon beaten, as !f l*y a nx*k. In her hand were several L \vlsp« of human hair. "They nix* our onjy clue right nov." ruptaln Kelly Hald. "If wo , run find out Honiethlngr about them, wo may have something." The hair will bo sent, alone with samples plueUed frotu the head.s of Hoveral Huspprt*, to romoim, California, College, for lestn. "We may be able to find out • f*la>i-r from those hafrs--his type, for in*ianee.** the officer explained (lotted lilood < Mot t ed blood found under Miss Miilr'n flnpernall« nlso will be sent to Pomona for aim]y*l», alonj: with threo HOK^V pnprr towels. IwHeveil •fl 8ojike<l, u hleh were found In ;t Jolla oil ptfUton Monday night. Sheriff's dcpuMe* werv instrucUst to check susiMH-tj* throughout r \ KKI1K AI'PKAr TO FIUNCK KOU AH) Two Soviet Airmen Arrive at Kerensk ftn Pnyr ''1 on at tMnrlnnatl. pOHlponed, rain. Pilot Blamed in In PariH, the Spunisib woman flop uty. IM PAAlonarln, mode a Bti appeal for Frem-h aid, d«»olarln« "jj i Kuropean neutrality m bo a wmctlon niralnHt (lemoonioy. OfficlalH of tho Italian fMubuswy followed the lead of (Jennany In trnnsf erring their quarters Madrid to AHmnte. «uulhea«u»rn Heapori. where their battle*«hip8 cun \ **'*ciatf tl »\V. Sept. 2; oiiatrJiL fro w^ww^^^^^F^"^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^"^"^^^^^*^^ i Calif., to Mosrow H'irrJ Two Slt*erlu. fromi ftnot ^ r ***« lrf tlu>tr Journey. ! pair, SlKl^'nunn I.**vun*?v*k today surveyed nt Kor«ni*k. taking off on Tho an«J Tragic Air Crash to from th* 1 mouth of tho !«ena Philadelphia nt PtrtfthurK", porvd, ruin. AMERICAN LEAGUE ai*oredlte<1 to Madrid, now Mlatloned on the I*'ranc<»-S|mn- I8h border, announced they had ft ntlrtl prrtf I,nunt \\lrrt i tftbllHh'Ml rmnrnunlfAtloil wllb WAHMINUTON, Sept. 2.—Tlio ! lho ^Panl 8 ^ ffovetnmont and bureau of ale eomiwrn? today ' **'' li<> l "rupluil" in ilu»Vr efforln lo 1r Tfc ^ . d_A ^ ^ rlv^r. At N«-w York Cleveland H. 4 n i In the car thul onishod wltJi th*> inaebim*. JCdwln H. \ViiiiuniH. formerly of Trona and an employ** j New York of the fulphur works oa*t of Hig j UalterlPM: All«*n and fJ«*org«»: Muff Pine wai Hin«a, and Frank Heglks ling and Jorgenn. j bltunotl poor judgment MM ihe» part j chork atrocities of the war. . j of Pilot Otto FerjpiHOM in Httempt- i M<*bo1 t'onunnnder Kmlllo M*da '.; i in« flying without hl» InHtnimcntu KllM 1>n <"-X»M*CI*HI "completely to 3 0 prornlnt'ijt Owens Valley automobile (Sealer of Big Pirn? and Luna PJm», died last ulfrht of JUK injuries Paul Jennen of Itlu Pine, driver of the car In \vhich \VIIUmnM and Hegll« wero HdlnK. was ««r|ouN)y Injured. He and young fioolrer are ' in the UUhup HoHpUaK The two earn cullldoil ulino»t head- on, tel««copInR them and puahlng the exiffihen back Into the front oeaU. Jensen wu» driving uouth. and the Boohera were driving north i At I'liUudclphia— It Ht. LouiM ................ 13 Philadelphia ............. H DattttHeH: Knutt arid HOMH, Hhodi'H, KiHenbf*- and >J. JO 12 K. 0 3 at* pr<ibubli> ratine of the Trunm-on- ' <loin * nn|n " lll(1 Mjnlrld tlncntitl rind \V(»HU-m Air liner rnuih l>y J^niwry I -Inu-i |>r^U*d UN ai -KtUrchiiiu'iv J»a.. April 7, which i r«?aHwition tbo war. n«>u 47 days old killed 12 <if Mi* M porKons aboard. ) would be a long and blttor The report n"ii« Hnhmltted 2 t * * me*foft, Chicago ut Uowton, |>ot4ipoiu^d. rain, into Bishop in a tfon trip. Cause Not Deierniinod Captain Otto Buor of tbo fornUi Highway Patrol wdd tho oau«e of tiio crash 1m** not boon determined*. An Induisst ,-tv,W tint lee of the o<? held - lief oro A. Break All Records (Associated Press Leased irtr«) ANUICMCfcl. Sfl-pt. 2»-«Jx)8 Angeles i>o«UU receipt* for August broke Mil provJotiM rccoritl« t Pout mentor II. H. Hi'lgffn nnnounrod toduy. , The Auff«nt rcwipia \s*or« 37.2.77 compart with the former* j«ark of $870 b_». .1 . - ' —. : '' - - . ' by Ku- ; VJdal. director of air com* > ti» Hftrretary of Commerco ; linntol C Ho|i«r. Hllot I'VrpiiHon of i UIB.IH City \\-QB among th«.H«" killed, Tho report Hald contributory tb ' tho k<fcldi*nt w**iv Per- fallure to Identify »ccurut»]y | I'iltK- i * 4 13 4 Presidential Poll on RadioTonight • it i 7 NKW r?t; ' 'i Press Leased U'irf I yOHK, K«{>t. .L 1 ^—The lunv ; ,. .. . . i— - -^il IK»I| «4*rie»i will bt? brvKid* : County Airport Uv t \VJ'/-KUC tit 615 » in ; for, d^ndlng tor hi. ..cI.e.luM ^^ ^]^ l m ^K hi a mi landing und hia failure to fullu\v the right hand- Hide of the \ve«t leg of thai HairrinburR radio range ixmracr. WOULD ABAXI10K USB ABHIN0TON, Kopt, 2 <r. Tho Ix>« AngPto* and 8all I^ike 1UU1 road Ctrwp»»y today u^Ked th« In- I will be rv|»eat(LHl at 10:l& j>. m., for the benefit of wcfttvrn radio Uatcnvra. Politiciil offertngn on tho air to- ntorrow night bring Colonel Frank Knox* the Republican vle«*presiden- tial OLndldato, and Mra. CurtU Bok of PhlUid«?lphUi to th^ microphone, r Colonel Knox* addr* 1 *^ to u Lewis-; j i pomtncrce Conimiiuilon for * ton f Me., parity rally will U? broadcast n to .alxindon 21 mltea ot over..WAJC^fcBS nt 8 u. iw.. und Mrs. INDEX TOJDVERTISERS ' PAGE ATLAS MACHINE WORKS 3 BROCK, MALCOLM. COMPANY CLUB OASIS COFFCE. HARftY . . COLE BROS. CIRCUS . CRAFT SHOWS Ct ADOBE MOTOR INN FEATHER RIVER INN FCOCRAL SAVINGS FLICKINGCR-OIGICR ... roX CALIFORNIA FOX THEATER GOODRICH SILVERTOWN GRANADA THEATER HCLLCH. MILTON DANCE SCHOOL HCLM. £0 HOQLE i CO . J. A.. HUFF JOHM M JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES- JONES. EVCRETT KIM BALL, A, STONE MANDARIN. THE NILE THEATER « PEKIN HERB CO... II PHILLIPS MUSIC CO 3 PRESTON. DON C H M r* rurATcit . A &A. int***t* .s.i..*,«.-.,.-•-»,«(.•* w THEATER .»,.. * S HERB...,,. J K THE UNION CEMETERY"*;>'."*. VIRGINIA TMtATER TPT CI vi-4 ^** I Hv> ^ ,.-..**» . - s • WICKERSHAM'S JEWELHV CO WtTHAM 4 BOQtN,*.,.'.. ,.A IS It 2 I tt * * • » * * • ! * Mne, from MJl/ord • . . - . • - ' • speech fyuturca u uverWJ2-NBC at 12:15 p. ' \- - •. "i._ B ri - r * - ' > i 3 .^:: -:, — ^ *c-*; - V ^i. VL f- r .;. . -'**#. f.. 1-j ^;.«-". ~t*. - •.-/ t., ,_"-.?,. ... :..:. -<--i-l i v -j.i' •» • s* , .V-^.A,',* i -tl-* 1 *&&$&%& ..•-vt-*'

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