The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
Page 8
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g Tuesdoy, Septtmbtr 19, 1944 gfo SafcertffielD Catitornian A I R PR O G R AM S TIESDAY «:OU In 6:30 p. m. X—News; 6:16, Sonta by Leon Wyni!. KFI—Mynlrry The*t»r. KPMC—(Jkbilcl Hentter: «:15. Screen Test. <i:30 lo 7:00 p. m. KF.RN- Si.nilisht Band*; 6:55, Coronet Story Ti'llrr. KK! — \Voiiis nt War. KPMC—l.Hhor Council; »:4B, Democratic C'ommlttc-f 7:00 (a 7:30 p. m. KKrt.V—tia.vnumd Gram Swine; 7:15. <;<M.irire lli'kn Reporting. KVI —ll"'> H«.pc. KPMC—Great Momenta In Sporla; 7:07, T<vls>> Avar Commentary; 7:15. Low- cii rhomn*. 7::iO to R:00 p. m. KFRN— 1.1" Yourself Qo. Kl'I—Address by Governor Thomas E. Dcwer. KI'MC—Jan King; 7:45. Wall* Time. 8:00 lo 8:30 p. m. KKKV—Watch tha World Uo By; 5.15. and Abncr. KFJ-~Thi Music Shop; 8:15. Roy May- !•>'.;<<. KI'.MO—Count of Monte Cilnto. 8:80 to 0:00 p. in. KI:I:\ -Nitwit Court. KKl .'nhmiy Presents Ginny Simms. Kl'.MC- Frrorlom ot Opportunity. 9:00 to 0:80 p. in. KKRN— Club Good Clieer. KK1-- KverythinB for (h(! Hoys KI'MC—News: 0:1.-,. ROM Miller. 11:30 to 10:00 p. in. KKRN—Henry J. Tuylor: 3:45. Wooily Herniiiii Ort'heHtrn: ii:Df>. News. KI-'I—DnnwHtajfe Center, KI'.MC—Fulton Ijewis. ,lr. ; 9M5, Ne\vs. JO:OO to 10:30 11. m. KKRN"—Bal Taharin Orchestra. KFI—The Reporter; 10:15; Check Tour MUSIC. KI'.MC—Bill McCune's OrrnMtra; 10;15, Carmc i Cavallero's Orclkestra. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. KKRX—Harry Owens Orchestra. KFI—Inside the Kcws; 10:45, Gems of Melody. . KPMC—Joe Marfinla'n Orchestra; 10:45, Air I>ane Trio. 11:00 to 11:110 p. m. KKUN—Contemporary Composer; 11:L'5 to 11:45. Claromoiu llnlcl KK1 —Klevptith Hour NPWN; ll:ir,. Henry Kins's Biltmoro- Hotel nrcneylra. KI'.MC— F. B. Williams; 11:00. .Solid fr'enrlin 1 . ll::ill to r::00 Midnight KKKN'—11:45. T"d Weema and Ilii Orchestra; 11:56, News. KFI—Ted Weems and His St.. Krnncli Hotel Orchestra; 11:55, Musical En- cnres. KI'MC—Silver Nocturne. WEDNKKDAY 0:00 to fl:SO «. m. KKRX—Mil-Ill and Madness; «:1B. Natloniil Farm and Home Hour. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT TONIGHT! from HOLLYWOOD a Special Broadcast * • Starring • c ROBINSON VIRGINIA BRUCE GLORIA STEWART * 6:30-6:45 P. M. KPMC FAITH IN THE FUTURE A frank discussion of the San Joaquin Valley and ils postwar possibilities. TONIGHT 6:30 p. m. KPMC "Labor Views the News" Sponsored by Kern County A. F. of L. Unions Commentator RALPH RYAN Editor-Manager, Union Labor Journal NEW TIME TONITE at 9:00 6:30 to 7:00 n. m. KERN—National Farm and Home Hour; • :45. Jliiiical Reveille. KKI—Chu' k Wagun Jamboree; 6:45. N'ews. KI'.MC—Musical Clock; 6:55, On (he Farm. 7:00 In 7:30 a. m. KKKN—.\ev\s; 7.i:,. .Martin AKrulifky. KFI—Graeme .KleUher; 7:li. 'i'. B. Blakiston. Jvl'MC—News; 7:10, Melodies of Today. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m, KKKN—James Abbe Observes; 7:4J. The Ijistrnin* i'ost. KFI—Reveille lloundup; 7:45, Sam Hayes. Kr.Mi:—Top Tunes; 7:40, Wcill'a News; 7:46, News. 8:00 to 8:30 a. m. KKKN—Fleotwood L.awlon; 7.15. Victory .Marches. KFJ—Johnny Hurray: 8:15. T. B. Blak- isl.on. KI'.MC—Shady Valley FoIkH. 8:30 lo 0:00 a. m. KKKN—Breakfast Club. KFI—News Penud; S:45, David Haiiim. KI'.MC—Happy Joe ami Ralph: 8:4."., In Vour Neighborhood; 8;05. Charuitto Docble. 0:00 lo 9:30 R. m. KKKN—New.; of the World; !':10. Local News; fl;10. The Women'M Pane. KFI—News Period; 0:05. Edward JorKi'nson: P:ir>, l.nrry Smith KPMC—-Boaki' (.'arter'; y;l,";. Names and 1'laces in the News. H:UO to 10:00 a. m. KKfl.V—I5icakfa»t at Sardi's. KFI—-Major H. S. Turner, :i:4n. .Magazine I'liuc; 9:45. Ronny Mansfield. Kl'MC.—liidlaml, I', a. A.: 9.45, Amazing Jennifer l.ogan. 10:00 to 10:30 a. m. KKItX—Tuny Moi «e*l O.I 5, Glamorous Vf.stonl'iy.H In Old Caliluima. 10.JO, To Be Announced. KFI—Voi,« of a Nation; 10:15. Peter de Lima's CIoscups, KI'.MC—News; 10:15, Jack Berch. 10:30 to 11:00 a. m. KKRN—My True Story; 10;;,5, The Aunt .leinirn.i. Show. KFI —Aunt Mary, 10:45. Art Baker. KI'.MC—Tips From Tililictts; 10:45. American Woman'a Jury. 11:00 to ll:.(0 n. m. KKIl.V—P.aukhHBO Talking; 11:15. Island Mclodiwi. KFI —Guiding Lluht; 11:15, 1\ '.lay's children. KI'.MC o-Jils and Knda From Ncw- iH'iry'H; II : 1;'» Walt/. Time:. 11:30 lo 12:00 .Noun KKKN—Ginmnr Hour, KFI—Women in While; 11:45, Hymns. Kl'MC—Nnrnmn (Jluutier; 11:45, Skyline Serenade, l-';tl«) to 1'i-M) p. m. KKKN—News of the World: lU;lft, Local News; 12:15, Hollywood Star Time. KFI—Noon Farm Reporter; 12:15. Ala PerklnH. KPMC—News: 12:15. Noon Time Nock uuts. r; : ;it> to 1:00 n. m. KKKN—Between the Linen; 12:45. Kler- nnn'fl Cui nei-. Kl-M — Pepper Yonnp'H Family; 12:45, Ilinht to Happiness. KPMC—Country Commentator; 12:40. To Bo Announced 1:00 to 1:30 p. m. KKKN—flam Hayes; 1:10, Boh Nichols. KFI — Backstage Wife; 1:15, Stella Dallas. Kl'MC—Walter Compton; 1:15. America at Wur. 1:30 to 3:00 p. m. KKRN—Time Views the NCWH; 1:45. John Coraer; 1:50. Edward JorKciiHon. KFI — Lorennu Jones. 1:45, Young Wld- der Brnwii. KP.MC:—To Ue Announced; 1:46. Handy Man. 2:00 to 3:30 p. m. KKKN—When n Girl Marries, 2:15. We Love mill Learu. KFI—When n Girl Marries; 2:15, We Love and Learn. KP.MC—Fares and Plnccn In the News; 2:15. Mutiny on the High Seas. 2:30 to 3:00 p. in. KKRN—\Vlint'• noln' Ladies. KFI—Just Plain Bill; 2:45, Front-Page Fa rrell. KPMC—Lost Kmplre; 2:45, ICasy Rhythm. 3:00 (o 3:30 p. in. KKRN—Navy KerniitinK Program; 1:15. Victor Food Fnir. KPMC—Orirn-. Reporting: 3:15. Symphonic Swine. 3:30 to 4:00 p. in. KKKN—MiiHlo by Gill; 3:45. Blind Trnuhjtdnre. KPMC— Thlnns Worth While; 3:46, Johnson Family. 4:00 to 4:3(, p. m. KKKN—Secretary of tlio Navy James Fnr resta 1. KPMC—Fnlion Lewis, Jr.: 4:15. Real J.lffl Stories. 4:30 to 5:00 p. m. KKKN—Andy and Virginia; 4:45. News nf the World; 4:55, Ln.-a I News. KP.MC World's Front P.IKC, 4:45, Music. 5:00 lo r>::in p. m. KERN— Terry and the Pirates; 5.ll>, Mick Tracy. KPiMC—Chick f'arlnr: 5:15. Superman. 5:3(1 tn «:(>» p. m. KKKN—Jack Armstrong; 5;45, Hop Ha rrigan. KP.MC—Adventured of Tom Mix; 0:45, NiKht News Wire. A GREAT MORNING RADIO PROGRAM LISTENING POST Nfif POSTED! Listen to HMS* radio stories taken from the current pages of The Saturday Evening Post. Each program complete in itself. Tuesday thru Friday 7:45 A. M. LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Hi. Uouit- i.i tlimin.v Sl.vlr and Itrmitv In Kiirnllnr. f>25 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT THIS Ct RIOIS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON HEAR Gov. Thomas E. DEWEY TONIGHT Frpm Portland KPO, 7:30 o'Cloek NBC Network POOLS OP WATER SERVED THE, ANCIENTS AS THROWING A STONE INTO THE WATER AND DESTROYING A PERSON'S IMAGE WAS SUPPOSED TO BRING HIM FROM THIS CAME OUR. MODERN SUPERSTITION RE6APDIN6 BROKEN YOU PAID POSTAGE ON LETTERS WHEM YOU TH EM. ANSWKIl: I'nnnrnii Ciinal /one. SIDE GLANCES By GALBKAITH Nt* SERVICE. INC. T. M. IHO. U. S. PAT. OFF. "Haven't you read that our coal Kiimity will l>e cut to 75 iicr rent (his w bt'Ufr time cotilcl J pick to buy thin new fur font'*" FUNNY BUSINESS By HBRSHBERGER "And jou, l li, will ilemniiRtralc our diicriiil (win brimli fur poktwar orilerM— U'v're uliurt on HHmiik'H!" THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSIO "Hut Mother, knmcliiivv II I.PPIIIN H|||.T fur n girl like me to study dunu'hllu «elent'« 111 xvliuul!" HOW TO INTERPRET YOUR DREAMS o driilh rlrouniti Inti'iguu UH wttli their cYoj'-clmuKillfl patlemn, nnil.Ho droHiii »iiori>retat ion has been u fuvorllp nuatinie of nmnkind iht-uiiKl) llio aui-8. This a;-pi<Ki' hooklt>l makes no ttttcmut in ui.aly^e Utcani* In thp modern Bi-lciitiric niannci briefly It ralutPK noniodiiiiR of the drpiun Inrp of tlie past HIIC* Bivp« thp rnp»nliiB» of many drrum R.vniliuls Hi-uofiliiiK to am'lent practice It will afl'orcl endleaa IntereMt and ainimempnt to the owner* Ten cents postpaid. Ufce Thli Coupon- The Bakprifleld Call Torn Ian Information llureaii, 316 Eye Ktieet, N. K.. Washington !. D. C. I enclone herewith 10 cents in r.oln (carefully wrai>t>etl In puper> for a ot l^e booklet Dreamv. Nam* Street and Rural Ftuute.. City.... iSute (.Mail to WBUliliiBKin, U. C.) OUT OUR WAV By J. It WILLIAMS SURE, I KMOW THAT IT'LL HIT A6IMST 7H 1 BUILDIM' AW WOW'T TOUCH HIM--I JiS WAMT TO GIVE HIM TH' SCARE OF HIS LIFE- HE SAID I WAS A FATHEAP/ WELL, YOU'VE PICKED TH'BEST WAY IW TH* WORLP TO COWVINJCE HIM OF IT/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB E6AD/WERE.T MfcM.SBT I so MUCH A Cl<5AR.'-*v6PUTT-TT// HOW COULD A MftW Of- INTELLECTUAL, FORSET VJHERE HE HID *l,000 COOSlNi 60MPEO HIS CROCK THE ROOF OP A PATROL, WASONi, TWE TEhi VE^R.S OF HIG UPE HE UNDER. RD6S,6UT \NIFE DENJELOPEL5 ANi UMLESS VOL) CALLED HIKA PAUL REMERE/ _ LOOK ACT VOU'RE GUMPS Elijah's Dumb Like a Wolf T1MMIE!TIMMK! >Duen?'tTOU> yOU THESE 6UMPS'P FIHP MV JEWELS. OOPS! T1MMC.' I WANT TO SPEA TO >DU. PRIVATE /V\R. HAWK. I MUST INFORM VOU THAT THK HOUSE ANPALL rTCCnVTANS \ HOLP It IS OJJS PROPERTY.- ANPAS FOR YOU— * ^^ p 4\ -'•--*. . t By GUS EDSON JEWELS?MSTHAT BUZZARD TALKING SENSE, OR rS HE AS NUTTY AS HE I'VE <50T A PLAN.' PONT/V\ENTION >MR.<SUMR THE JEWELS! TBLL) ELIJAH NEVER 'EMIVA CRAZV- ANVTHIN<S/ Qurre<soToveR LET THE»A ME ourroF THE SHOCK OF HIS HORRIBLE BEAUTIFUL LAPV— GASOLINE ALLEY With Princes a Dime a Dozen By KINO JJ I'M CLAP TO HELP SURE W THE IN V0J CAMS US, NINA. I'M • MUST HAVE SOLDIERS WE'LL KEEP THE SUPPLIES GOING . LONG AS THE AMMUNITION ANJ OLP WITCH HAS 8EEN HIDING VOU IM THE KITCHEN- I KNOW.' 0uf i TO HELP IN 1HF KITCHEN! ONLY, JESSICA. CO AHEAP, NINA. WHAT DO YOU CAgEi WE'LL CET ' ALOHG. NINA .CAN'T YOU i HELP MS out: I'M ALL AL0ME AT THE .SERVING COUNTER. WELL, LOOK WHO'S CINDERELLA : FRESH THE CHIMNEY CORNER. 11 ItOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Morning After By EDGAR MARTIN \ MOST COKrrt'b'b "\ A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Playing It Safe? By MERRILL BLOSSEft HILDA'S MAD AS A HORNET .' AND SHELL ee EVEN MADDER. WHEM SHE SEES THE LATEST MASAZINE / SHE'S IN THf? HOUSE. J CAN TALK TO HER OVER THE. . TftANSOKA/ THIS is NO TIME TO TALtC TD ME, LARD SMITH —YOU'RE NOT APT TO RUN OUT OF THE HOUSE . SCREAMING/ COULDN'T BE A BETTER TIME/ NOW WHEN I TELL YOU WHAT I GONNA TELL WASH TUBBS Fugitives By LESLIE TURNER THE FEW RCTORT6 WE'VE HAP.CAPTAW. PLACE SEfMEANT LINK'S MEN SOMEWHERE IN THIS MOUNTAIN! AREA HMMt I KNOW THE BE6IOW A LITTLE TO THE WEST 0'THAT... CAN START MY SEARCH FBONA THERE Jy WE DIDN'T MOVB AW TOO BESIDES. I WAMTA CONTACT JOSE... AST A REPORT FROM HIM, AMP SOME WEEDED SUPPLIES COUNTRY flf WORT EASTERN LUZON. PHILIPPINES... THAT PATROL FROM APAftPl WAS 6ETTIW6 W<SHTy CLOSE.' WE'LL CROSS THE CA6AYAM RIVER ... LAV LOW IN TH 1 HILLS WEA« TU6EO R>B A WHILE RED RYDER Flash! By FRED HARMAN NrCE, JBUSINES5\ THAT BIS STRIKE ViE <5OT HERE 7 UP NUGGET _ . TONIGHT, J^CREEK. IS PAflrt'% SUCKERS, HAYES / VX ^E DlVIDErJDS.' r^OLLY SAYS tO TILL YOU SHE VOON'T TE1L HER SHE WOfi'T SUCKERS PI.AYIN TONIGHT ooe.' ALLEY' OOP One Last Try By V. T. HAMLIN I 1 BVRT ABOUT ME BEING A 6RHA.T WABRIOR X LIKEC? BUT TH' REST, PHOOEV.' 6O 'WAV NOW, I'M WEARV' WAIT! I'M NOT SO SURE IT l«f THINK, ALLEY.' CANT VOU REMEMBER. THE PLACES WE'VE BEEN TOGETHER? DR. WONMUS AMP HIS TIME-MACHINE?? SOM6WHERE, I FEAR

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