The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 15
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I r • ••< mmfr m • , «.wi .'••*• 1^^ • • » MM ON S. F. EXCHANGE t Three Other Issues, However, Go to • New Peaks Proa* Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1,— The now month opened quietly on the stock market hero today. Marchant kept Interest alive on the Stock Exchange, continuing Its Hsing trend with a l*polnt gain to a new high at 24*4, with 1600 shares traded. Schleuinger preferred rose l 1 ^ to a new top at 9ff, and General Paint A knd Crown Zellerbach A reached new peaks on small gains. Stocks up major, fractions were Alaska Juneau, Oliver Filters B, Union Sugar and Pacific Lighting 6a. San Joaquin Power 7a lost 1, Bishop Oil. V6 to a new low at 6 ft,. Crown Willamette 7s and Transamerica settled traded. to 13%, with 1800 shares LA, PRODUCE MARKET (Associated Press Leased Wire) ^ LOS ANOKU3S, Sept. 1.—Beans Local Kentucky "Wonders, best ; 4o lb.. fancy Pole 44£0Cc, fair 2V 4 @3c, poorer 2c; Brown Seed 2@2&c, 11 mas, local and San Diego county beet 2^ Jp3c. Pole 8%®4c, poor to ordinary lH®2o lb. Cauliflower: Ouadalupo and Santa Maria Snowball G5®7Go crate, fancy 86c, smaller, fair GOSpOc; Plsmo-Oco- a;rto best $1.00, smaller 75@SCc; local fit 66@76c ( fair 60@GOc, poorer, mil 2Bc crate. ¥ Celery: Santa Clara county 24 In half crates, best $1.35® 1.50, utnoll Jl.Op; Utah typ<$ 22 In half crates, beat S5(g>1.00, flat crates VBfffSfic; local Utah typo 20 and 22 In 3Gtfj>BOc, best 60c; hearts In Hmoll crates, local Utah type 35®50c. ^ Corn: Local Oregon Evergreen lugs bent 40@4Go, fair 30©35c, No. 2s t 15c. Figs: Local BrUnHWlckB best 2^® 3o, holdovers l%@2c lb.; San Joaquln valley kadotas, beat 3®4c. Orates: San Joaquln valley Heedless, best l%c lb., muscats Rtblera 2U@2Uc; Lady Fingers 3c; red malagaa 2%c;' Lodl tokays Sftc;. local muscats 2@>2»ic; Escon- dldo 2H@>2Hc; local concords 3o lb. Peas: Plsmo-Oceano and ouadalupo pole, best 7H©8c, fair, late sales 7c, poorer B@6c; San Luis Oblspo 7H<3>8c, poorer 4&@>6c lb.; Arroyo Grande best 7V4O8C lb. Peaches: Beaumont and Tucaipa Hales, storage jumbos 4U@4^c, large «%@4c, small to medium 3@3Hc, late Elbertas 2&@3c; Curry seedlings, small to medium 2%@i3c, San Joaquln valley Curry seedlings, small to medium. 2#(8>3c lb.; Klbertas, storage, ordinary 2<g>2Hc; Sal ways, 2<9>2Mio; local Lovells, best 30@36c lug, smaller 26c; Curry seedlings, best 2%@2V&c, fair lH«7'2c lb.; Utah Elbortas, bushel basket U. S. No. 1 in mln. |L75@LS6, 2U In mln. $3.16@2.25; lugs 3H@4c1b. Pears: Lake county Bartletts 3^® 3 ,Jb.,. far rlpes 3c; Placer county 3Hc; Yuba county 2U<&>2Hc; Little- rook, large 2%<5>2%c, small to medium 2®SJU<3, loose l^o lb.;'San Jose Hardys, best 26c lug, •Potatoes: Santa Maria Bussets, U. S,' No. 1 $2.80@2.35; Stockton Wisconsin Prides, good $2.10®2.20; fair $2.00 <&2.-05, ordinary $1.40(^1.60 cwt.; local White Rose, best $2.2D@»2.3fi. fair $1.7G @2.00, No. 2s. small $1.00©1.25 cwt. Tomatoes: Ventura county Stones and Globes 4x6n, lugs S5@90c, Gx5s POc @|l. GxGH 65©76c; Ponderosas 4x5s $1.00(01.10, 5x6s '$1.00(g'1.10, OxCs 85(<r> 7fic; San Diego county Stones. 5x5s 75 p90c. GxGfc 50®66c; local Stones, Gx6B 75<@/90c, fair 66c, 6xG« C0«g)60c, poorer 40c, 6x7s 30@3Gc lug. Watermelons: Tton, Klondlkes and stripes, local and northern, 18 to 22 ibs. $10@12,. small $7; local stripes, 22 to 24 Ibs., $13 ~ «$• r S. F. LIVESTOCK 4> (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 1.—U, S. I>opt. Apr.)—Hoffs: 600; native, strong to 35c higher, mostly 10e up; top $12.25 on part load good to choice 205-lb. butchers, bulk 360-230-lb. Call- fornlas $12.10(5>12.20; package 288-lb. weigi.ts J12.20; sorted two heads IU.70; few Jlght lights $11.66; packing sows strong to 26c higher 18.60® 9.25; » Cattle: 225; all classes active, strong, load good lOfiO-lb. short fed steers $8,00, lightly sorted; half load medium f)8G-Ib. steers, $7.60: package 1196-lb. short feds $7.25, medium 900960-lb. grass steers $6.60. two loads 825-1036-lb. Mexicans $5.25; common to medium range cows $4.00@4.7B, good quoted to $5.60; heavy dairy cows up to $4.50; bulls scarce, quoted $6.50 down. Calves: 150; no early Kales; good to choice vealor.s quoted $9.00@9.&0. Sheep: 1600; lambs mostly 25®50c lower for two days; medium kinds show moat downturn; about 60 per cent of 4 decks woolod Oregon lambs $8.50, part deck good 84-lb. Cttltfor- nlas $8.35, one deck GG-lb, Montana feeder lambs $7.50, long deck 7l-76-lh, Idaho feeders $7.50; ewes steady, part deck good 109-lb. short woo led owes $8.50, Borted 8 heads $2.50. SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS (Associated Frets Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1. High Crown Z«U.. prof. "A'*...105U 1)1 Olorglo Corp. 4< A".... 55 Oen. Paint Corp. '*A".... Oen, Paint Corp.. com.... Marchunt Cal., coin 24 Paf. Ltg.. $6 dlv., pfd..,.105H Pao, Pb. SVB., new, com.. 7U P.- T. & T. t com 129 Pign. Whistle, pfd 4H S. J. I,. Pw., T%. pr. pfd 114 Sohleslnger "A", com.... 1 SchleBlnger "A", pfd 9H HtRndard OH Calif 36 H Tide Water Oil, com 16H Close 10GU G3 37V 24 106H 7U 129 1 114 1 OH 35 H WH Tide WaUr Oil, pfd 104% 104% Transamorica 13?» 13H CASH DRAIN (Awociated Press Leased LOS ANGELES. Sept. 1.—Current local grain quotations were reported by the Federal-State Market New« Service au follown: (Prices quoted are owt, flold run, In carload* only): No. 2 yellow com. bulk, prompt delivery rail. $8.4«es.49. Argentine corn, quick delivery, bulk, California wheat, sacked. No, 1 soft or No. 1 hard white, $L67tfj. California parley, sacked, 44 Ibs. No. 2 bright western. S1.00^1.$2H* No* It 16 lbs. t $1.62*4*^1,60. California yellow nillo. sacked. No, », ^ J v A » HOQE A CO. Member* New York Stock Inertia and unwillingness tb ft<tt In the face of Impending; broad rtiarket movements Is fcomethlnfc . thtt.t has pucxlftd many Interested tii (iecUrlUes, Durlnjc the summer of 1684 such a period took place, since when business in many lines bar .'doubled and trebled itself and. llkawisk many of the pertaining- stocks as wen as bonds. Hindsight; is always easy, but to Rain a clefcr perspocttVe view of the future takes work, thought and energy, Currently we have a similar situation. For example the merchandising and luxury. lines of business are set for a mlltf boom this fall and winter even after an extremely ffood summer. The trend of sales is strongly upward and is expected to do so tho balance of the year. Along with Increased sales have come wider profit margins which gives a double boost to the earnings factor. Tho earnings of a corporation give the leverage to a stocks market possibility for good earnings mean better dividends. In the present instance extra declarations are the prospect at or around the end of the year. Kxtra payments In themselves will in themselves help the merchandising business as those funds will bo spent with the holiday season. Aside from Individual and group situations the longer term money aspects of the market are favorable. Bond prices are extremely high and yields consequently lower than slock dividends. Cash in the bank Is undesirable. Cash in foreign markets Is doomed unwise. As a corolarry foreign funds In this country are more than likely to stay here with overseas uncertainties. And so to go with tho trend to buy good stocks und hold them IH deemed to be prudent management of money and Investment funds. (United Prcta Leased Wire) LOS ANCUSL138. Scot. I. ILKS, Sept. Butter iKxtras, 37Uc. Prime firsts, 3Bc. Standards. 34u. Uiidergraues, 33V^c. Eggs (Candled) Large—Clean extras. 31c; light dirty extras-, 2Pc; clean utandardn. 27c; light dlrtj" standards, 26c! rhecks, 27c. Mediums—Clean extras, 25Mic; light dirty extras, 24He; clean wtandurds, 25c; light dirty standards, 22c; checks, 22c. Small—Clean extras, 18 «,6c; light dirty extras, 17c. Case counts, 22c. ..Poultry Prices Hona, Leghorns, 2U to 3V* pounds, 13c. Hens, Leghorns, over 3',4 und up to 4 pounds, 14c. Hens, I^eghorns, over 4 pounds. IGc. Hens, colored, 3U to 4 pounds, 2po. Hens, colored, 4 pounds and up, Broilers, over 1 and up to pounds, 20c. Broilers, over 1U and up to pounds, 20c. Fryers, Legorns, over 2U and to 3 pounds, 15c. Fryerw, colored, 2^ and up to pounds, ISc. Fryers, colored, over 3 J A and up to 4 pounds, 19c. Roasters, soft bone, Barred Rocks, over 4 pounds and up, 19c. Roasters, noft bone, other than Barred Uockb, over 4 pounds and up, 19c. Stags. 12c. Old. roostern, 9c. Ducklings, 4*ft pounctu A,nd up, I4c. DuckllngH, under 4 l /z pounds, 12c. Old ducks, lie. Qeose. 16o. Young torn turkeys, 13 pounds and up to 18 pounds, 19o. Young tom turkeys, over 18 pounds, 2 1 up 3U Hen turkeys. !» pounds and up, 20c. Old tom turkeys, 14c. Old IIBI» turkeys, He. Squabs, under 11 pounds per dozen, 24o. Squabs, 11 pounds per dozen and up. 26c. Capons, under 7 pounds, 2Gr. Capons, 7 pounds and up, 28c. Rabbits, No. 1 white 3H, to pounds, each lie. Rabbits. No. 1 mixed colors, 3H and 4Vj pounds, each 9c. v Rabbits, No. 1 old Go, GOVERNMENT BONDS 108.11 (Attoolated Press Leased Wire) NKW YORK, Sept. 1.—U. B. bonds closed today: Treasuries 4<4s, 47-52, 119.7. i, 43-46, 108.18. 44-54, 114.7. i, 46-66, 112.1!). i. 40-43, June. i, 43-47, 10D.7. i, 41, 109.6. i, 44-46, 108.9. i, 40-40, 306.30. 40-52. 10G.10. 4G-4S, 100.2. 51-55. 105.11. i, 55-60, 103.11. ;, 45-17, 104.12. i, 48-51. 102.27. i, 51-54, 102.1. Federal Farm Mortgage 42-47, 103.2. 47, 104.12. 49. 103.31. <H, 105. Home Owners Loan A, 10a.22. 49, 102.1. 42-44, 102.2. 3s, 3H. SH • • m m ^rv ^F • *• »• P H ^r • SPECIALTIES! L Steels, Motors and 1 L Leaders Weak at N Irregular Close Othe Y.; (Attooiatcd /*re«» Leaned NEW YORK, Hept. 1.—Mining issues came to life In the latter part of today's stock market session and, along with assorted specialties, registered gains of fractions to a point or more. But steels, motors and other cent leaders exhibited falling trends. The close was irregular. Transfers approximately 3,100,000 shares. Business news generally seonied satisfactory to speculative and in* vestment forces and early profit taking was fairly well absorbed. Plus signs were slightly in the majority near the fourth hour. Question marks still surrounded the foreign situation from a market standpoint and many traders were Inclined to stand aside pending clarification of the European scene. Prices dipped in the early part of the session, but camo back later. Allied Chemical, on a small turnover, sot back 2 points of Its ,10-polnt drop of yesterday. About unchanged to as much as a point or so ahead were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Packard, Sears Roebuck,>llun Stores, Schenley, American Commercial Alcohol, Deoro, N. Y. Central, Union Pacific, Santa Fc, Baltimore & Ohio, Great Northern, Waldorf System, Mack Truck, Collins & Alkman, Crosloy Radio, Anaconda, Consolidated Edison, American Chain, American Can and Goodyear. Backward were Douglas Aircraft, Du Pont. Johns Manville and International Harvester. Tho carriers stiffened when Daniel Willard, president of the Baltimore & Ohio, said bis road's passenger and freight traffic for August was 20 per cent over the same period lost year. He added that groan earnings for tho month were the best in several years. Waldorf System shares were given an upward tilt when tho company's directors boosted tho regular annual dividend rate and declared un extra. $> / i (Unite* Press Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Sept 1.— Railroads Close Want President Name Arbitration Bod 4 » 4 4 * 23 T 66 17 * t * * f « 27H 27 . 484 .ins Baltimore & Ohio Chesapeake & Ohio 4/rlfl t*ttl>t»l*«4t**tt*>t** + 4*«ftt4 Great Northern, pfd Illinois Central New York Central . Northern .Pacific ... Pennsylvania Southern Pacific ... Union Pacific Industrials American Can American Tel. & Tel 174 H nt'riaua 9Q VM\l^niC5 ttBVi«l|«l»II*l»«l»*tt*«« •• V Caterpillar Tractor 74 v^llUlS o"» * 1UR «.«t*ttt**tt*4ht*i«i \ Columbia Gas 21H Consolidated Gas 43U Corn Products 6S Curtlss-Wright 6H First National Stores 47% Fox Film "A". General Electric General Foods 87?i Gold Dust 14** Goodyear Tiro nnd Rubber 24% International Harvest 78 International Tel. & Tel 12 Johns-Manvllle ,,114 Montgomery Ward 48'4 North American S2*i Pacific Qua Klectric US& Radio Corporation 11 Safeway 8toro« 28"i Kears-ttoebuck " ' T TT. H. Rubber Union Carbide & Carbon United Aircraft 25 Warnnr Brothers Western Union . WoKtlnghouso Electric 142*; Woolworth ,.,, , J. C. Prnney .' , Transamcrlca Metals American Smelting 00 l .y ... 84 ............. * • « * • HMhlchcm Steel .. International Nickel Kenncrott Copper Republic Steol 21V; V. S. Stoo.1 .... Vanadium Stool Tobacco and Sugar 63 56 American American Tobacco "A" American Tobacco "B" Cuban American Sugar (iront WoHtftrn SuK&r U. J. Koynokls "IV Oils Atlantic Refining ............... 27% 12 '4 Mexican Woabourd .,^ ............ 31 U PhllllpN Peto .................... -42% Prwi* Lca*#d Wire) SAN FRANClSCft. Sept. 1.— Paci fic coa«t waterfront employers toda proposed that Prentdent Hoowovp act to bring nbout settlement of dis- putew with maritime) unions luid prevent n repetition of tho 1984 strike. A communication from Thomas G. Plant, chairman of the const committee for employers, to the international l-onRshorenion's Association Rug-fTpfllocl thnt tho pro«idcnt name a neutral arbiter on a board or three. "AVe suggcwt," Plant wild, "a board of three members, one to be selected by the union, ono by tho employer*, and we agree to tho appointment of tho third iinrt determining arbitrator by the President of the. United States." Ilia communication was In reply fo nit announcement* by Harry lirltlgcs, roust president of the I. L. A,, that the employer*' proposal for arbitration of disputed points will bo put to a vote of tho umlon membership. BrldR-es expressed belief after a week of futile negotiations that tho union would vote to «trlke t rather than accept the employers' demands for pay reductions and "neutral" operations of hnlls from which men are dispatched to work. The employers have served notice on all maritime unions they will consider present working agreements terminated Kepte-mber 30, Hunt Continues for 2 Bright Brothers (Continued from Page One) LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK (Unttcd Prrjifl Leased }?irc) LOS ANGELES. Auff. 31.— HORB. 500. slow, barely yieudy; Rrnln-feds I11.B5 (S'll.OO, «oine held higher; locals $10.50 ®11.25; sows. $S.50(tfS.7f.. Shell Union ..................... 16« Cjittlo, 3300; plow, undertone 1R<&!2r><; lower; fed yearHiiR BtnerH $8.00^8.25. Home bold higher; KhorUfpd Rteers fed heifers $7. 00(^7. 25. some held higher; graHB heifers $6.50 down; rows $4.75^ 5. SO, few to $0 sorted; cutter grades $3.00©4.75; bulls to $5,85; calves 1500, few sale Klead$ f . undertone lower; veulers to $9.50; ^ood light cows $7; others down $6.25. Sheep. 300; steady; fed shorn lambs $8.60; iyood wooled lambs quoted to $9; medium ewes $3. .Standard of California .. Standard of New Jersey Hocony Vacuum TOXHB Company 38 Tidewater Asa'n, now 16 Motors Auburn Motora 31U ChryBlor 11SH General Motors 6fi Hudson 17 }*aekurd Motors Stui1ebak*»r Tlmkcn Hoi lor HonrMig Equipments American Car Foundry 4(1 American 1-ocotnotlvo Hiildwln Ixjcomcitlvc . (Jenoral Tank f.7% Stewart Warner 20Vi <$> COTTON FUTURES BAR SILVER Sheriffs Martin I,an go, 45, and Jo- Roph Clark, 65, and l'"ro(l Snahorn, 48, former nuvy officer. It \va.n iindoj-Htooii, liowovcr, that if th<» brothorn aro taken allvn thoy will bo hold in u jail onUUIo KislUyou county until vigilante spirit cools. PiirentH 1 Homo Walched While Runnls wero posted near outpoHt mining cahtnn \vhoro tho two men might possibly seek rcfuga and NiipplIcR. othr»i- watohern woro Htalioneil near the. home of tho fugl- llvefl' purenta, Air. und Mr«» Archie Bright. U was learned that shortly after tho 8hootinK, which followed at- temptH of the doputle* to arrest the brothers foi- itH.sault. they appeared at their parontet* home. The father first atlvlHod hlfi sons to flee to em-nun lynching. Later ho sold ho ;. | Avould ndvlHo them to Burrender. t i Mother's Ntnlonionl Bright ifisued a Htatement her Nona to como homo. The (Associated Press Leaned Wire) NRW YORK. Bopt. 1. —Early nd- vanceR on oontlnuod Htoadlnens of l-lverpool and the (rend toward reduced crop estimates wero followed by partial reactions In cotton today. December contract**, after selling up to 11.55 or 14 points net higher, eaBoil off to 11.4fl under realising coupled with slightly Increascil hedging during the early afternoon. At 2 o'clock the market waa quiet at net sains of 5 to tf points. Futures closed very steady 6 to 11 October, 11.47(^11.48; Docomber. 11.62.V; March, ll.BG^ll.SS; May, 11.62; July, 11.84. Spot steady; mlddllngr, 11.87, TREASURY REPORT (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 1.—Tho position of the treasury on August 29: UocelptB, »8,030,S30.87; expenditures, $20,608,618.18; balance. $1.014.731,168.11$; customs receipts for tho month, $82,922,636.06. Receipts for the fifical year (since Julv 1), $624,308,289.911. Expenditures, $962.427.106.77, Including $17,994,880.15 of emergency cx- pendltnres; OXCCSH of expenditures, $338.058.816.78; groBS debt. $83,381,- i»84.a23.48. a dccrea«e of $2.330.332.25 under tho previous day; gold assets. $10,70U9!M81.59. (A&fioclatrd rreis Leased Wire) W YORK, Sept. 1.—Bar silver quiet and unchanged at 44^4. Trio Kinsmen Die; Tried Save Fourth (United rress Leased Wire) FULTON. Mo., Sept. 1.— Hortion of threo brothers wero found today in u gas nnd water-filled coal mine noar here. They died In a futilo effort to savo u 'fourth brother. L,oul8 Metz, 3^. died of deadly monoxide tra«, but it won not known whether tho actual oauso of tho deatha of Karnost Afetz. 23, Freddie Motz, 21. and Hurry Metz, 39, waH gas poisoning or drowning. T. J. Wolfe. Fulton city employe and father-in-law of Louin Molz, MM FOREIGN EXCHANGE LOS ANGELES STOCKS With (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1.— -Traders apparently took a vacation on tho LOH Angeles Stock Exchange this morning as Interest failed to develop. Volume at mid -season was less than 10,000 Bharea and there were only 19 issues traded. Of thc«n t nix were down, 4 up and ft unchanged. Tho market was irregular moKt prices on tho down Bide, Quotations wero aa follows: Stock— High Claiidn Nnon El. Prod ..... 1114 General Motora ........... 66T4 Hancok OH A .............. 22 Holly Develop ............. DO Klnner Aircraft ........... 42 L. A. Industries ....... .... 4 No»-don Corp'n ..... ...,.., 12 Pacific Finance ........... 20 Republic Petroleum ..... .. 8 So. Calif. Kdison .......... 81H Tranianterlca, Wellington Oil ............ 9 Mining Stocks Blapk Mammoth .......... 41 Cardinal Gold so 42 12 sy* 31 9 .41 l.SO LOS ANQELES HAY I (Associated Press Leased Wire) NKW YOUK. 8«pt. 1.—13ngland t pound 5.03%, up .00 3-18. Kngland, 00-day bill rate B.03H, up .00 3-10. Canada, dollar 1.00, France, franc OC58H* Italy, lira .0787. Belgium, bclga .16S8, off .OOOOV4- Oornmny. mark .4022. fiwiuorland, frano ,32(10. Holland, guilder -6790^, off .0001 Sweden, krona .2696, up .0001. ' Norway, krone, .2^0, up .0001. Denmark, krono .2247, up .0001. Japan, yen .2946, up .0001, in a critical condition at Calluway hospital of jeras poisoning. Louis Met 8 and "\Volfo wore draining water from tho abandoned Mhaft mine whon gan from tho exhauttt of a gajsollno englnn overcame them. Ono by ono. the throo youngrer MeU brothers olid down a ropo Into tho mine and to their deathn. Whether tho deadly fume* killed thorn, or they were overcome by the gas and drowned will not bo known until the bodios am brought to tho Btirfacc. The father of tho four brothers, MJlB Mel/,, Sr. t waa bodfaftt rocov- oring- from eurgery when word of hl« sona' fato reached him and hU wife. Ruth Bryan Eager to Aid Roosevelt METALS MARKET (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Kept. 1.—Copper nujet; fcctrolytlc spot and future $0.76, ex- part $9.70. Tin barely steady; spot anil nearby $43.12^4^43.25; future $48.62H 042,75, I^itd steady; upot Now York $4.60^4.86; Ea«t St. I^ouis $4.45. Zinc quiet; East St. L*6u1i cpot and future $4.85. Quiokellver $78.00Q» 80.00. Iron, aluminum, antimony, platinum and wolframite unchanged. CHICAGO GRAIN (Associated Press Levied Wire) U>8 ANCHDLB8, Sftpt 1.— Hay, t. o. b, Lo« Anaelos, per ton: Oho oe barley. $1S.00«W4.00, Choice oats, $14.000 $16.00. Alfalfa, delivered Ilynw* or El Monte; U. S, No. 1 extra leafy rabbit, $18.50 0110.00, S. No. l f $J6.50#$1«.00. 8 leufy, t .11 WO, (Associated J*r«t Lea ted Wir<t) C1UQAOO. Sept L— Orain0 dosed Wheat— 8«pt«mber, ft*02H« Dftoember. «J.07Vi01.07tt;-Mfty # $1.06 Corn— Sent «mber, $1.05^1,05*; December, fll'AWHc; May. OaU— September, May, May, — Septembe Me. .• Hecember. Prest Leased Wire) NEW YOUK. Br-pt. 1.—Mm. Ruth Bryan Owen Rhode Bald today that ahe roHtffntt] her poflt an U. S. min- Utor to Denmark "entirely of my own volition." "1 have found since I have been hero that I could IMS of more a»»t»i- o-nco In the campaign for Preuldent Koofitovelt'ji re-otocUon n« a private citizen than In office," «he aald. Mrs. Hhodo. who recently married Danish Cuptaln Uoorge Ithodo, will Jeavo with hor hunband tomorrow on n two-mouth ranipulffn Hpoaking tour, travollnir In a trailer. Th« former minister, daughter of Ihfl late William JonnlngK Bryan, wilrl that In reBlgmlhg, «ho hud 'plured party above office." , Dour .Johnnie and baby: Get in touch with us and, for (iod'K f*alu% come home to Mother nnd Dad. The flherlff haw ifeil a Hqunre deal anil I am he will Keep his promlnc — county nnd all protection. If you don't give up I fear lynching. I'lenso mine homo, to Mother and Dad. I love you. Mom," Mm. Bright, in a dramatic mooting with Hhorlff Chandler, bogged the officer to promlne not to flhoot her HOUS in the event they arc captured. Sheriff's In reply, tho Hhorlff u JIB u rod her that he hud ordered his men to takn every possible precaution to prevent mob action. He wild H!IO could help In avoiding violent death for her sons by appealing to them to give thommtlven up peaceably. TI was this that prompted Mrs. Bright to Issuo her appeal to tho fu- gltlVOH. "If they surrender/ 1 Sheriff Chandler wild, "I promise to take them to a foreign county and hide them until tho feeling hern dlo« down." Meanwhile, a general call u*a« Issued to all amateur radio op* rat urn In California, uttklng them to communicate with army authorities at San Krancisco preMdlo with a view to contributing nhort wavo sct« to Kisklyou poHHumen to aid in their search . Volunteer "Go Hetwemi" Tt was tindonttood Sheriff Chandler had accepted tho »ervioe« of a young Yreka rancher who volunteered to act a* "go-between" in tho event tho two men wro found. It "No Man*s Land/* a 1500 square mile nrea high in Colorado's Rocky mountains, la now officially part of the United States after being unclaimed by any nation for more than a century. Governor Edwin C. Johnson is seen above raising tho American flag at the climax of annexation ceremonies in Brcckenridge, one of the towns in the area. 75,000 Killed and 300,000 Wounded (Continued from Page One) -' < n- - _ • •& F V - -l. | woman deputy sought HrtuM. AYnnhlnston, following tho bomb- liiK of tho l. T . 8. S. Kane- by an unidentified airplane, hantrncd preparations to wind up rescue- work nnd Ret KM warship* out of Spanish waters. About, 500 Aniericniifl remain In Spain, mostly through preference. The fighting factions: Tho United Left The Socialist government, supported by Connmmisu, anarchists, HynrtlculiMn and liberal Republican*. Their army: Largely a Workers militia of both men and women. The United night Out-and-out KiuirtatP. army traditionalists, Conservative. Republicans, tho church, landed und prop- ertioH cloHBes. NallonnlistH. Monarchists, Aristocrats, advocatos of Kpanfsh reaction. Their army: Virtually all tho regular flffhtlng forces, a Kiuicist Foreign Legion, Moorish troops, Monarchist peasants. Aim* and Causes The left, supporting what U ban tried to make Into a liberal, tolerant, republic of workers, han alms that rangu all the way from atato Socialism to actual collectivization of Industry and natural resources and puro Communism. Tho right wants a ntrong government, a utronir army, a strong church, an nbKoluto state ruled by I hose "capable of ruling; at first ihi-oiiKh a military illctutoruhlp; later, perhaps, by tho Hourbon monarchy which WHH ond(»d In 1931 — after five centuries—by the bloodless method of ballots. Tho Huttle Map Tho rebels hold most of tho nouih and west and an arou In north reii- tral Kpuln. From the Moctorn they are driving on Madrid. Tho «ov- ttrnment holds thft territory south of thn nuadurnima mountains throiiKh Madrid and on to the, Hoa; tho rich IndiiHtrlal section of I'iar- celonu and Catalonia which, how over, is autonomous; tho Important e-antorn MpaportH of Valencia and Allcanto and strong posltlonN on the northern coawt. roverty-HtrlcUeu Although tin* rtiboln porhapM command tho greater amount of territory, the southern and western divisions of Andalusia und Kstrenia* dura ore, with thn exception of Homo important mineral deposits, largely poverty-stricken. Dinner Fete Held for Delano Couple Jurist Condemns Black Legion Body (Continued From Top*? Ont> euro tho curso of blRotry. prejudice and 'playboy' antics which lend adult men under the moon at night, in hood and robe, to tinker with the constitutional safeguards which our forefathers vouchsafed nearly 150 years ago. "U has taken the world 19 centuries to learn the golden rule of tolerance." Disrupted by fllckcrlngd Judoo Hart rick, who has boon conducting hearings for several weeks. Haiti that the Black Legion in Oakland County wn» disrupted by the bickerings of politicians who sought to gain votes. "Tho first 200 members wore Klansmon who dyed their white rubes black. As a penalty the Ku Klux Klan revoked the charter of tho rebel group, and a general edict was Issued forbidding other Klana- men to dye their roboa. Drawn wore the lines of battle, und tho lUuck Legion and tho knights of tho Ku Klux Klan became mortal enemies, each Others in Slaying bf Chief Engineer ^__^._..__ _ . ' •. • • LATE BULLETIN Sept. 1. (U, P Frank Connor, indicted on murder charges In the slaying of George W. Alberts, engineer on the freighter Point Lobos, has been arrested In Henttle by department of Justice agents, Kalpli Hoyt, assistant dis* trlct attorney of Alameda county, said late today. (United Press Leased Wire) AKLAND, Sept 1.—District At* : torney Earl Warren today sought further confessions In the alleged "paid murder" of George Alberts, conservative maritime unionist, na the International Long* shoremen's Association denounced tho state's case against five indicted men as a "frame-up against the labor movement." George Wallace, sailor, arrested in Brownsvtlle, Texas, assertedly admitted that ho and threo other sailors had been.;; hired, for a down payment of $10, ; to kill Alberts, chief engineer ot, tho freighter Point Lobos. Alberts' body waa found in his stateroom aboard ship, March 22. Five Indicted Warren at the same time an* nounced the county Grand Jury had returned murder indictments against. Wallace; Earl King, secretary of the- Marine Firemen's. Oilers'. Water Tenders' and Wipers' Association* B. H. Ramsey, sailor; and two men whoso names wero not made public:* Warren's Charge Alberts waa slain, Warren charges, because ho was active In his oppo* sltlon to "radical" elements of local maritime unions. Tho district attorney has accused King of being the "kingpin" in the asserted slap- Ing conspiracy. Ho also ordered the. arrest of Lawrence Ross, editor of a left-wing newspaper. Deputies were unable to tind him at his Francisco office. Prosecutor's Version ^ According to Warren's version of Wallace^ confession, tho sailor and' a supposed accomplice, whom the district attorney has designated as Bon Kftchowltz, received $10 each after the staying, and then fled. In an attempt to get more money. Wallace returned to San Francisco to seo King but ho could not find the union secretary. He said h« -was tak«n Instead to a Communist head* quarters and advised he would b* given assistance to Russia. They gave him $50 and sent htm to Brownsville, to await further in-' utructlon. While he was waiting I Ij - T. L . *. ,-s- ntrlvlng In the communities for po lit leal domination and control.! there, ho was arrested, whether directly or Indirectly, both giving vent to prejudices against Roman Catholics. Negroes, JOWM, communists and aliens." Will Oust (iuiKy Immediately after tho report was made public, CJov. Frank D. Fltx- gorald announced that he would recommend immediate removal of any stato official or employe who IB a "pi-oven nnd active member of the Black Legion." Tho trial of the 12 men of luring- Poole. a young WPA worker, to a lonely road May 12 and shooting him to death In punishment for falso gossip that ho had i beaten his wife, botfun In circuit court with preliminary steps In the selection of u Jury. U.S.Will Get Out of War-Torn Spain (Continued from Onf> DELANO, Kept. I,™Mr. and Mrs. .. 1*. Quinby wore honored guests at a no host dinner party on Sunday night at 7 o'clock at Hunt's cafe. was reported the Intorrnedlury nan j Tuhles woro dt»coratod with flowers, arranged to approach tho brothers j and covers wore laid for M^Hsrs. and with a white flag of truce In an effort to pormmde them to give thonmr-lvoH up without reBlfttanco. L. 1(. Qtilnby. Arthur John M Haborf<*ldn f Leonard Hurr M. KrlmlwitK. Huy coaHt i»f Hpuln Iruit Sunday, tho on> bnwwy at Madrid Informed tho stato dc'purtriU'iU today. ICrlc C. \\VruliOln, third Kocrrtary In charge of tho embassy, telegraphed Secretary of Stato Cordell Hull that ho had delivered tho vigorous* protest which Hull had instructed him to mako to tho .Spanish foreign office concerning tho bombing. Wondeltn said tbft foreign oft'lco had promised to mako a prompt Investigation of the Incident nnd to inform thlfl government of the result. Wendelln had been Instructed to "Inftlst" that InHtruetlonH bo given immoillntely by the Spanish government "Jn tho stmngoot terms'* to it« fighting forces to annum t hero would bo no repetition of tho Kano incident. AVendelln's cable to tho Mtate department did not way whether he had received assurances that such In- HlructionM would be The I. L. A., In a statement signed by members of the publicity committee, said: I. U A. Statement "There, Is no doubt in the mind of any member of the maritime fed- oration that the charges on which brothers King, A. M. Murphy and Kamsey wero arrested amount to nothing more than a frameup oh the part of those who want to again impose their will not only on the maritime workers but on the work*- ers in general. "To placo behind the bars leaders of unlonH who are attempting to ne» gotlate new working agreements in a sincere attempt to settle differences with employers In an amicable manner to a plan carefully worked out In order to demoralize the rank and file. (Longshoremen at present are engaged in negotiating with shipown- ers, for a new working contract.) See Effort to Destroy "The entiro plot dovetails too< nicely with the program of the ship- owners, which Is to disrupt and destroy tho unions of maritime workers. It is obvious that such plans are afoot. . . . There shall not be another frameup like the case of Mooney and Billings." • i were were being used In tho inirnulf, bill It WUH bHIrvrd they would nn louii«-r bo uHnful bcciitiHA (lie trail of (he fugitives IIUH groivn 'Void." Yesterday (wo of the nnlnmlH followed a trnll for prwl inilwn but lo*t It whon It led them Io u utretrh of i TAtfe; KILLE Into nty Farmer; brother ivlun com! Chandler reported ho hnd received word from 8yd Urown, Jai'knon county, Oregon, sheriff, that he had nrguiiUfU a POBHO ucrnag tho etate Una and had given ordern to hU men to "shoot to kill." Th« Orvgoti | group was utationed on tho upper reaches of the J^Jttio Applegate river. Farmers Ask P. D. R. for Crop Insurance Associated Press Leased Wire) ST. PAUL. Sopt. 1.™ Official* of tho National Ifamiem' Holiday A* relation today lolegruphed l»re«tdent Kooscvelt a demand for Immediate CHUblinhment ot crop inwurunce. "Kwmeiii upon whom ha* 4e* acended a major cutamropho should not b» forced Into pa«perl»m/' »ald th* mewture. «lgne<S by John Houch, prettUteht, and Dal* Kramer, Mcre- uiry. Thouaanda of forniera, th« wire added* ore Muttering bocauno prldo prevenU thorn from oaWng relier. U nuked that "eax-h farmer b0 oom- ponaaled for blu drought lowi," Henry H*«llfrN und Puvld Following dinner they ad journey to the Hit Iff lot homo \vhore table* for bridge wore arranged on the lawn. MrH. Leonard Fuylo and Htniry KelliM-H received prlxoH for high score. Mr. und Mrs. Quinby were presented with a gift, by their friends aw n token of appreciation of th*ir frlendHhlp. Mrs. ShlffM pro- Honied th« Klft, and Mr. Qulnby ro- uponded. UAI;GUTKK HORN Mr. and Mrn, Louis C. Tedrow of Oorman are receiving congratula* tloim of frlendH upon the arrival of a daughter, Lu-Ann, born Saturday afternoon at Kan Juaquln hospital, Thv llttlo girl IH their first child. Mr*. 7*odrow is the fonner Ml** Helen Kawtay. the duughter of Mr. and Mrn. L. W. flawloy. Mr. Tvdrow la the won of Mr*. J. Tedrow. I IP \fffia ^ii'niiicn PAT' VP • i ^ » » * J ~ IT | t I»l f m* l» \.. \.f I. » ^ & CHICAGO, Sept. 1. (A. P.>— Koland Mtmrop, Ifvycur-oUl choir boy, won reported nunuM by the Orand jury today In a truo liill charging miirdor in lh*> hnrnmor ftluylnK of MrH. AK"«*« Hoff«lH, Sfi. crlpplfil widow, boat on to d^uih in her homo Saturday nltfht. THE WEATHER Sacramento. Santa Clara and San Joaquln valleys: Fair weather; normal temperature; northwest wind. San Francisco bay region: Fair and mild tonight and Wednesday; mitdf*rftto w«t wind. Northern California: Fair tonight and \\Vdnesday; fog locally on the coast; normal temperature; mod- prate to fresh northwest winds off coant, Sierra Nevada: Pair tonight and Wednesday: cooler over northern region; moderate winds, mostly Salinas valley: Fair and mild tonight and Wednesday: morn in* foe In lower vulleV; northwest winds, South*™ California: Fair tonight and Wednesday; m online clouds tuul fo»r near coast: little change In temperature; moderate northwest winds off coast. INTENTIONS TO WED AYNKKWOHTH-WAl-KEH — Robert H. AyneHWorttt. 24, and Dorothy II. Wulkrr. S3. both of Bakersfleld. MOKKKTT-nATKUAKK — Alvln Moffftt. 2H, Dlnuba. and Bertha UatJElaff. 34. COAKLKY-KBS8LKR— John G. Coak- Icy. 3i» f mid Fri«da Kesslcr, 27, both of Napu. MAimiAOK UCKNSE A wedding llcentttt was obtained In Ueno August 31 by John L. Znmora, 22, Qllrtulo, and raullne Johnson, 19, BalterBfleld. KOHFEI^D-HKINIUCHS — Irvin Kohfftld, 21, I^JH Ang*li»«, and Syl via A. HelnrtohM. 21, Bakerafield. KINO-BROWN—Yernon M. King, and Nellie M. Urown, 37, both HakeritfMd. RYANS-KINO Hubert and Opttl King. r t IN APPRECIATION *• i I We wish to thank our fri«nd» for their kind t-xpr**slonN O f sympath and for the beautiful Uoral off durlar our r»rent bereavement. ftfKJS. \VATTlJSt PBW. SON etery kiaplnc Serving estern nvestors Since /p/5 J. A. HOGLE & CXX stir TO*JT irocx Phone 2340 omcu ^•'•"i^ T'^ ~f^** ^J^^^^F -• . I.. - . *j4Xk^Js -^^^ «* ,,..,. ' - . . - • • " •; •'. ';; •: • . ; --.."'"•- -. - : .,--\'.'- ; :. ^'^:J^^)^^i'A^47^ , - - • - L - * ' -. - : t , ,. '*T. ui 3.^.1 'JL^ *'<''. Cl <-"i --"i • ,>- ^".•."'V 1 ' t, - ' •, - .:• '•..•- --'-:-v -- '.- . •': : .v •'• " ij /''^ - * i.-V ^.-v^/r^^ ,'- •.< - ', - ,- ,-- • . ' - . -'-, •/. -' '•- ,._.;-,' L . - , ;' . p i.v -.>\,.v-;-^'v'r.'H-: . •- ,-- : - - " •• -'-.v-- ; ^ . \ : :.:- -'v r-; 1 . -;^.-- -;. --. ".-- :^ •,**';*• $i^^r&& . *.r: <.:. -- ,.<:^V^- : -^vV^V',,:;.-xS^> v 'J\f^^. ^' V^te^^^i^S ^ / .\^\-,: r >L :..v;:'v\' r v-^ :v ."'^-- r ' ' '.4'" '^"'^^^K')^^ .,- .,.' ''-i -..??.->•><'•/!'. --¥\?''.. _, -i.".i^Ji -. r i'^'jt.^r-. .,v _-T,i*ri-SH:ai^vJiw*4^*rf^-^a« : .1-. i^V^v-'^EtX^.-^^X'- /^a*** '-i^^Vft^ilrf.iij.-fcAliCW

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