Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on July 30, 1966 · Page 7
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 7

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1966
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1966 THE ANDERSON HERALD PAGE U Romanian Red Elite Lives In Luxury BUCHAREST, Romania (AP —"Communist aristocracia" mumbles the grizzled taxi-driv er, gesturing toward a cluster 01 luxurious villas. A sleek, chauffeured cai sweeos out of the driveway of a rambling, terracotta house across the street. An eight-foo hedge of white roses screens of two large homes. A few policemen linger nearby. The atmosphere of quiet ele gance is reminiscent of the wealthy aristocracy that rulec Romania before the war. Bu the men living on Boulevard Ivanonic M. Kalinin today are an entirely different breed. These are the hard, tough Communist bosses of Romania the new dissidents of work communism. Nicolae Ceausescu, 48, a lifelong party official, is their lead er. His neighbors behind the roses across the street are Pres ident Chivu Stoica and Premier Ion Gheorghe Maurer. Ceausescu, the general secretary of the Romanian Centra Committee, has been recently depicted in the West as a hew '•Tito" who wants to break fully with the Soviet Union and go his own way with >an independen rtomania-for-Romanians and his own ideas of communism, Ceausescu, Stoica and Maurer are carrying out a policy laic down by the Romanian Communist party at least eight years ago. The party decided then that il wasn't going to let the Soviet Union relegate Romania to the role of, a corn-grower and cattle- breeder for the rest of the Moscow camp. It saw Romania's great potential of oil and other mineraj wealth. It made a radical decision and threw its trade doors open to the West. In the years since then, if any country has shown that communism can be successful, Romania is that country. It has pulled itself up by its economic bootstraps faster than any country in Eastern Europe, with the help of Western techniques and hardware. The party's policy is to continue this. It is not a one-man decision. It is the driving aim of a "collective leadership" in which Ceausescu, a shrewd, hardened product of the party machinery, is perhaps the first among equals. The regime first began talking about "separate roads to socialism" in 1958. This was when the Romanians first opposed the Soviet decision that UK country should remain an agricultural Balkan nonentity. Tor a long time, the feud was not made public, for Romania still needed Soviet aid. It came into, the open when in 1962 Nikita S. Khrushchev proposed a supranational authority to guide East Europe's economy. The Romanians made overtures toward China, which was beginning to break with the Russians. Khrushchev became worried. In July 1963, Khrushchev agreed to shelve his su- perstate planning body. The Romanians went with the West. on trading With the fall of Khrushchev, the new Kremlin leadership, chose to support Romania rather than use pressure. Under the 1UG6-1970 trade agreement, the exchange of goods between Romania and the Soviet Union will go up 30 per cent. Basic equipment—a container, a tube, a six-foot sheet of plastic, a rock and a hole in the ground, which can be dug out with a shovel or sharp rock. d*IWt'* own motr oavrnsont cftn Ml uxd to l^rifr polhiUd Plastic sheet is placed over" hole" and' weighted at center, over container, with rock. Plastic should not touch sides, cactus or Container. Dirt piled around edge holds plastic in place. Yankee Writer Is Author Of 'Dixie' BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP!) —"I wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not The container is placed at the bottom of the hole with the tube running from container to surface. Chunks of cactus line sides of bole. Diagram shows arrangement and dimensions of solar still developed by Agriculture Department researchers at Tcmpe, Arizona. Sun's heat draws moisture from soil and cactus. Water condenses on underside of plastic and runs into container, can be sucked out through tube. Even without cactus, still can produce two to three pints of water daily from desert soil alone. Polluted water can be purified by pouring on soil under the plastic. Sukarno Romance Little Told Story In March 1965, Ceausescu look: to (,c the ever - . . , , president. Evidently, Ceausescu feels — confident he can continue to play the Soviet Union and China off against each other for Romania's ultimate benefit. JAKARTA (UPI) -One of :he happiest and saddesi international love affairs of al •imes has been going on in Indonesia for a little more than seven years. The affa':r is between Pres- dent Sukarno and his number hree wife, Dewi, a Japanese- Kirn woman of 28 he met in a Tokyo cabaret. The story is happy because )ewi has succeeded in becoming the best and most favored of Sukarno's four present vives, and because she has >een of inestimable value to lim in the difficult days since ast October's Communist coup attempt, as real power slithered slowly from his grasp. It is saddest because of all ier efforts, Dewi has never been able to gain acceptance among the people as either an Indonesian or a woman worthy Small Church Finds Finances Inadequate By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International The majority of U.S. Protestant congregations are too small to support an adequate ministry. That is one conclusion that stands out from a report published this week by the National Council of Churches. ses Why"do7hey "dofhat? ItTs Entitled, "The Church and Its Manpower Management," the report presents statistics for 15 not true." Dewi said she has a whole stack of magazines that "say I was. the best ambassador Indonesia could ever have sent abroad beautiful Indonesia is, howjof them have fewer than 2uo!Not for decisions." friendly the people are, every-jmembers. Only one congrega-' In 1945, Prescott lured some came to California and entered wife of their Death Rate Study Gives Expectations CHICAGO - A study of the Effigies of her are carried in parades along derogatory signs that wives' "Import rice, not less printable slogans. still with read 1 and thing. wrote bad . "I want to make one thin. very clear," she said. "I| Indonesia, to paraphrase a Broadway title, might well be called, "How, to faCl at being Indonesian, while really trying." effects of social and economic I "In the beginning," said Dewi factors on the death rate shows I m a recent interview with that among white Americans, the higher a person's family income and level of education, the 1 United Press International, "people didn't Kke me. Even now, well, I just don't know, .he longer he can expect to live! j Maybe it is because I am The survey was made by [Japanese. I just don t know Professor Philip M. Hauser and:" . Associate Professor Mrs. Eve-! Dewi came to Jakarta seven lyn Kitagawa of the University:^* ago after Sukarno met of Chicago's Population Re-;her in Tokyo's Cococabana search and Training Center. Nightclub during one of his For six years they directed an trips to Japan. Originally it was exhaustive study of 340,000: to be a stay of only a few Americans who died between j months. May 1 and Aug. 31, I960, Vacation Medical Supply Kit Urged NEW YORK (UPI) —Don'Ct forget to pack medical suppliesjjnTto' v the want's of a man. Likci when going on vacation, the: ot £ er ,j apa nese women, Dewi 1 Medical and Pharmaceutical; bclicves j n making home rather difficult to settle down to Indonesia and make the adjustment." she said. "I was only 19 at the time." But her youth helped her, she believes, and so did her! Japanese training in minister- of her trip through Europe last winter. "That made me very mad," she said. "There were people who said 'Dewi is buying fashions while the people of Indonesia starve.' That was unkind and it wasn't true. All I did in Paris was see the fashions ... "But when they read this in Indonesia, they say I have spent too much of the state's money to buy expensive dres- I really everything to show them did how mainline Protestant denornina- ions. It shows that two-thirds of Jieir congregations have fewer than 400 members, and a fourth Off Beat Executive Runs Odd Air Line forgotten, look away, look away, look away, Dixieland." The first verse of Dixie, glorious tune of the Southland, sends people instinctively to their feet, smiling, and with toes tapping. But how many are aware that this song that makes Southern hearts leap was written by — brace yourself, Colonel - a Yankee? Or that it had its debut in | New York City and was brought to the South by German immigrant? Dixie's writer was Daniel iDecatur Emmet of Ohio. The immigrant was named Herman F. Arnold. Arnold knew much about music but spoke only broken English. He arrived in America from Germany in the late 1350's. The German was the leader o' the finest orchestra Alabama had in 1859. The group —which consisted of his father, two brothers and another .German — playe d at the Montgomery theater accompanying minstrel shows and stock companies. It was in that year —1859 — that a minstrel show visited Montgomery and played in the old theater. One of the members of the troupe was Emmett —a musician who played strictly by ear and could neither read nor write music. Emmett however had a flair for composing catchy tunes. He was an Ohio native with a rich and varied background, having worked on newspapers, served in the army and traveled with circus bands. In early 1859 Emmett wrote and san? a song called "Dixie's Land" in New York City. He was later picked up by the troupe of Bryant's Minstrels and sang the tune in Montgomery during a show. Arnold was in the audience that night and was so impressed with the song he iiurried backstage to get a copy. Having no paper, Arnold wrote the notes on the wall of the theater while Emmett slowly played the tune over and over on a fiddle. Arnold later talked Emmett into publishing the tune and Montgomery was soon filled with people singing, humming and whistling the catchy song. Arnold also used the tune to serenade and win his bride —an I aristocratic belle of Montgome- —I payroll/;n the early days. Once r y named Victoria Luciana. was CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING THE PEOPLE'S MARKETPLACE Office Hour i: I a.m. to I p.m. 3 LINES OR MORE: W«kly Rate-29c per line per day Three Days—nl'ac per U. per day One-day Ad—»2c per line per day TWO.LINE MINIMUM RATE Charce (1.00: Cash 80c MONTHLY HATE—»6.00 PER LINE Discount of 20 per cent Is allowed for cash or for payment of advertising within seven days after billinj date. The above rates cover the total cost of the ad in both The Herald and The Bulletin Classified. The Ads are set onlv in (J point and 12 point light laced type; 12- point type is charged as two lines. White space may be used but each line of white space is charged as one line of 6-point type. No borders arc used on Line Classified Ads. Ads Start In Morning Edition Anderson Newspapers, Inc. reserves the right to classify ads i under proper headings and will | NOT he responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. Would like ride to Finance Center, hours 8 to 4:30. Ph. (42-UM after' 6 p.m. 6-Tnmip«iiatloi! CHARTER A BEeCHCRAFT^i BONANZA FOR YOUR FLYUtO • NEEDS. PH. MMMlt. 7-Loit and Found Lost—Black, white & tan f*mal« • Bfagle. Pet, Reward. Ph. 6J3-8483. iJost—2 yr. old male brown Chihuahua. Vicinity of 23rd i rietchcr. Answers to name of "Frisky." Call 6-13-0390. Lost — Black Labrador Retriever, male. Reward. PH. 641-8210 or 6183361. 8-lnstruction "" PIANO LESSONS " 3120 W. 53RD PH. 644.1736 W'EEK'DAY~NuSSERY s C~H o 6~S children ;ire now being enrolled at the Meadc-wbrook Baptist Church: Daily for 4-yr. olds, Monday. Wednesday. Friday for 3-yr. olds. For further information call the Church office. C44.6558 Classified Line Atls will he accepted until 5 p m. of Ihe day prior to publication. Credit Is extended to persons who have telephones. Phone 643-5371 10-Beauty and Barber Shops C.\TALi'NA~BEAlif\ r SALO!T ~~ 8L»9 .Marine Dr. (So. Brown St. T> Open III! 9 p.m: Ph. 642-305S PEHMANENTS SPECIAL! I1—Funeral Directors Personal attention to every detail ]nnd sympathetic understanding i* Vhat you expect from the Brown & Blitz Funera! Home. IliKOWN A: HUT/, PH. 644-6658 | —_•_ . jllA-Cemeterv Lots For Sol« 1-T" Iot7~ iiTTlemonal Park7~Blodc i"J" Ph. 64^.076*3. LOS ANGELES UiPD . . . ., Robert W. Prescott, president! he needed $140,000 for that item j When Jefferson Davis like $200,000 but Prescott went to the underwriter and said of the Flying Tiger Ltne, is a but didn't have it. Coincidental- genial, off-beat executive who ly, one of the firm's Budd has boosted his air freight (Conestogas crashed at that company from an original j time. No one was hurt but the investment of $178,000 into the plane was a wreck. $200 million class. Typical of this Texas-born pilot who flew for the Chinese Nationalists under the fabled Gen. Claire Chennault against the Japanese in World War II the normal delay is a plaque on the wall of his the claim, outer office in company headquarters at Los Angeles International Airport. The plaque reads: "Care and feeding of presidents For success in dealing with presidents Go to presidents with decisions. inaugurated the first presiden of the Confederacy Feb. 18, 1861, Arnold and his musical group burst forth with the notes of Dixie —a song that became It was insured for something]tJi e most beloved music to the Southern States. A German immigrant,, an he'd settle on the spot forjohio Yankee and a New 'York $140,000 immediately to avpidjdelmt a n combined to give the "The underwriter thought I was crazy," said Prescott, "but he paid and we met the payroll." , Natiev Texan Prescott was bora in Ft. Worth, Tex., May 5, 1913. He worked for his father in the! trucking business but then! in processing!south a legacy maintain. lone s Bul the newspapersjtion out of eight has as many!old buddies from the American!Loyola id things about me/' : as 1,000 people on jts rolls. | Volunteer Group ^-more popu-; Angeles , Small congregations mean consider Indonesia my home- small budgets. More than half law school Angeles Means Small Budgets llarly known in China as the| In 1939 he left school to enlist " nlliW-r ^ South African Color Line Shift ijTo Be Perilous ! ."*j CAPE TOWN, South Africa! 1 . 1 ;"" " )b (AP) -For years "trying forl — n't neglect the selection of a cem- rv lot in your plans for the fu- e Call G42-;nN. 643-6129. 642-7136, i-omplele de-tails. MAPLKWOODCEMETERY O For Fast Results Use Bulletin- Herald Classifieds 0 12-Business Services, Gen. I For Itetter Imilciing — we specialize in nouses, apis., i remodeling. Call Boliny Scon. Construction. Ph, 643« . Fox. General yard maintenance & mowing. Pt. Moss. 643-7186. Plumbing. Roofing. SidinR. & Gutter • rk. Ph. 642-8480 or 724-2996._ ~SPECIAL~IN~P~AT«2LTlNG THIS WEEK ONLY! PH. 642-2524 KAURIS TREE SURGERY, i STUMP REMOVAL. 642-3338 Anderson Industrial CLEANING CO. 709 .Main St. 644-2531 JANITORIAL SERVICE COMPLETE HOUSE CLEANING SERVICEMASTER ANDERSON Window Cleaning Free Estimates 644-8275 _ ; c — Service — Installation on all makes auto air-conditioners PFOHL'S AUTO SERVICE 2704 MA1N__ PH.JHMOOJ . Dave's Lavn Maint'n. Mowing, Ikht grading, plowing, discing. 642-6137. PHONE 642-00.11 LAND SURVEYING ; HAROLD E. SMITH REG. ENGINEER 4 SURVEYOR • 810 Main St. _ Ph. 642-7254 ' j 13— Appliance Service ! No need to send Sunbeam appliances ; to factory — We repair them here. Provence Electric 1005 Mam Phone ,642-7670 ' ANY~~»iAKE SE,WING~MACHINE • SERVICED IN HOME Reg S6.99 • Now only $3.75 ; Singer Sewing Center ' 11311 Meridian Ph. 642-0238 3—Personals VACATION SPECIAL"! REG S6.95 PEDAL PUSHERS SI WITH A $10 PURCHASE CLEARANCE SALE STILL GOING ON THE GINGER BLUE ROOM Anderson_Trailer_Sales_Bld«:. ~ WE SERVICE most makes and models of MAJOR APPLIANCES. ROBY's 4 E. Main. Chesterfield 378-74M-' — KOECrs~EleritfkrCo7lnc. Ph. 644-4444^ i Electrical contracting and repair. !wa?hcrF, dryers, refrigeration. Also- 'expert small appliance repair. | Might emergency call 644-4449 • " Reconditioned TVs and appliances.^ Complete TV and appliance service.-* Save 50 per cent on TV picture ' tubes. Appliance warehouse. 1407-' Main. Ph. 643-5936 till 9 p.m. "" an age 63-65 : Contractors I Flying Tigers — to raise I in the Navy as an .and now, and I will always be where my husband needs me." No one has dared to ask her function on budgets of less than yet—and possibly she has not The saga of Dewi's stay in dared to think herself — about what she will dp when Sukarno, now 65 and ailing, is gone. $20,000 a year. Small budgets in turn mean small staffs. Nearly two^thirds of the congregations have only one salaried employe—the pastor. Only 36 per cent have a paid sexton or janitor, only 28 per cent a church secretary, only 16 per cent a professional director of music, and only 10 per cent a religious education director. Furthermore, the pastor who Information Bureau reminds. If you are on regular prescription medications, take along a sufficient supply. Have comfortable refuge for her husband from the bruises and torments of the world outside. In return for her tender the doctor give you an extra h ov j n g care, Sukarno has given prescription 1 in case _ something 0 ew i a sprawling ranch-style happens to pills and capsules. Also take along extra glasses- plus a prescription from your eye doctor in case both sets get smashed or lost. New Song Wanted For Exposition MONTREAL (UPI) -Remember "Meet Me in St. Louis?" Well, a hit song along that line is wanted by "Expo 67"—the world's fair-type expo- --.-. , sition slated to open in 1987 in reception, after the army Montreal I takeover. One of her more home that she has tastefully decorated with Indonesian furnishings and art objects. Dewi spends some of her time taking lessons on her adopted land with a group of other Japanese women married to Indonesian men, in entertaining the wives of vis'tmgi dignitaries and in attenidng! social and political functions, At His Side She was at Sukarno's sUe the night he made his first public appearance, at a Pakistani ., ,„,,,- of $5,000 is offered.!recent public appearances was Officials said the winner will : when she accompanied him to retain normal author's rights : |he National Poop es Congress for publication, recording andjl" makc a Wl(lc ^ cnlic'.zcd performance. There arc at least 250 known species of asters. 'Progress Report." One wny in which Sukarno was obliquely but strongly attacked was through criticism of the local churches covered by the survey are trying to $178,000 to start the airline. i cadet at Pensacola, Fla. He They had tough going. They i became a flight instructor after nv ,-.,| inn igame played by some South Af„, d T,"Iricans of mixed blood — those rented a two-car garage at Long Beach, Oalif., Municipal Airport and started with four Budd Conestoga freighters which looked somewhat like the prairie wagons after which they were named. In In The Black some years the goes it alone in a small church, without any staff to assist him, lally paid far less than his colleagues in larger churches. The median salary ' graduation as an ensign but then resigned to join Chennault in Burma. He shot down s5x enemy planes while serving as a flight leader for the AVG. The AVG was disbanded in July, 1942, and Prescott came home to become a commercial pilot for TWA. | Later in 1942. he went back revenues!to the Far Bast to fly for the s domes-1 China Natonal Aviation Corp., ... _„ a 36 per|ferrying military supplies over cent gain over the $1,376,047 injthe "Hump" route into China May, 1965. The line started with the slogan that it would anything and it sQl Fly-Jig Tiger Line lost 'money but overall, it's in the black. For May of 1966, » -. I from India. people known here as coloreds. Many with light skins have been able to slip across the color line into the more privileged world of the white man. This is to become increasingly dangerous. Prime Minister Hendrik Ver- spite constant footsteps WOerd's all-White government 4 save SI. Many other reductions - FAMILY SHOE CENTER Chesterfield Shopping Center Open 9-8 Daily except Sunday^ demands that by early August every nonblack citizen must register and possess an identity card stating his racial group. Blacks have always had carry reference or passbooks ^ which rigidly control their rights- am no longer respon: cnts contracted by a f. Albert E. —,_----_ ible for nyone Hear: <• «">; Painting, roofing, roontt additions, general home irepair. Ph. 642-2929. ;'; financing. 20 yrs« Frrss est. 10(T?o exp. insured ---- .: --- ,, ,--, A. BOOTS CONTRACTOR KEEP your carpctcs b«y"_' ul ..*: ; 644.S345 or 644.3663 ALL PURPOSE CLEANER Call Vada Woulf, 642-47S8 of a busyi familv Get Blue Lustre. Rent elec-!We specialize in Remodeling! Fre» trie snampooer $1. Hook Drugs. ^Estimates! Room Additions, G»-' WEDDING INVITATIONS I rages, Custom Cahinets, Built-in ;nliances. you name it! Financed' Fast Service_—Jmprinted Napkins;| oca ,| v nothing down, small month' ly payments. Call the LUMBEB, NUMBER 644-6631. .',-, Madison Co. Lumber' • Also Painters avaUable now — Day time call 644-6631. evenings CALfi' 643-7203 THE SHOWPLACE 1120 MERIDIAN Ladles sheUs, 2-53.99. BiousesTlniy 2 Earl's Watch Repair In Caravellc Watches S10.95 up '- :i Wedding Set $29.95, up ! ST. ACROSS FROM YMCA JROOM ADDITIONS — GARAGES ALUM. SIDING — REMODELING FREE ESTIMATES NO HONEY DOWN UP TO 5 YEARS TO PAY Petersen Lumber Co. .2 pastors serving congregations smaller than 200 persons is about $1,500 a year less than •hat for pastors serving congre- ations larger than 500 persons Ross P. carry does. f or [ Prescott pioneered the aerial 'transportation of race horses The Points Up Rev. Dr. of Churches, said points up the Scherer. director of ministry studies for the National Council •' the report need for Protestants to do some creative re-thinkin? of the way then- local churches are organized and staffed. "Prcbably no other institution . ea v e s the employment and compensation of its professionals to such a sporadic, quixotic, inefficient and inequitable system," he said. The Salvation Army is distributing to its supporters throughout the country a little brochure entitled "Will, Power." Just a Reminder It has nothing t» do with resisting temptation. It's just a reminder that you can go on helping the poor and outcast after yotu- death by inserting a bequest to the Salvation Army in your will. Other religious SNAPPY PAJAMAS or a long gown? It's hard to (ell •with this fall style. Labeled i dresses," the «ar- bodies also are making a bid for bequests. Remember the " " ' Your Will" has Chir.-ch become m a famlllnr exhortation in stewardship literature. The campaign apparently is educational institutions, jyielding results. The American , . mcnl combines x Mousey [Association O f fund Raising bodice with flowing, filled Counsel reports tiial philanthro- botlorns. P'9 bequests rose from $484 million in 1064 to more then and this is still a big thing. Before a recent meeting at Santa Anita Park, the line made 16 race horse flights, carrying 20 horses on each. Prescott recalls that he became president of the Flying Tiger Line rather reluctantly. He was in Washington. D.C. with a pretty fair bankroll after the war and decided to go into the business of buying surplus j planes from the government. "I bought 14 surplus planes for $400,000 and then sold four of them for $50,000 each, getting half my money back," he said. "I could have become a millionaire in a year, 1 guess, but 20 years later I'm still not a millionaire but I've had a lot of fun and I've got a million dollar education anybody with any sense wouldn't go into this kind of business." Before going to Washington Prescott had been hired as a consultant by a group of Los Angeles businessmen who wanted to start an airfreight line. When they heard about his surplus plane deals, they called him and in effect told him to knock it off and start an airline. He did. He had trouble meeting the HISS HOLIDAYS —Meet $760 million in 1065. About two- Sylvianc, 21, and a native 1710 OHIO AVE. PH. 644-880t' - - , , . ,- iLadies purse handles, shoe tri.'S, to move or seek work in whlte ! sprayon shoe color, accessories. areas. Hughes Shoe Repair -Jnnn ^"th " umbe , rin S ^ « w. i2_ A CRO_ss FROM_YMCA Comp , ele homc , mDrovemenls Ljn luwu, are tne racial group .CHRISTMAS IN JULYI Kits to : furni£h .'inancine. can 543-3337 likely to be most affected by thelmake your Christmas decorations.j7 a.m._to 5 p.m. after hours Caff new registration. It will become) Bernie's Knit Shop iggjj 0 ^- — . increasingly difficult to quietly; 805 w 5th Ph. 643-4634 ;l6-Cement and Masonry cross the racial color line into 1 „ T?r~I—i : - •the white world. i Ants-Fleas-Watsrbugs ;cement_«-ork of »n kinds. Fuiiy i REMODEL NOW! thirds of the bequests go to I of the West Indies. The rhcVcrnalniiifi"oiifrtn'ird J 'divi(!cdi lovc 'y lass was recently among religious organizations, named Miss Holidays in Hospitals, charitable agencies p ar js. nnd cultural institutions such us orchestras and art galleries. working as a white and his family enjoy a better standard of liung and greater social status. They can dine in plush white' restaurants, stay at white ho-l"'—- tc'j, enjoy white movies. 4-Sp«ciul Notice! churches and theaters, or ride buses and trains labeled whiles only." Many border-line coloreds are! dodging the law that requires them to register. They fear the consequences of an official probe into their family background which may prove them to be living illegally in a white ar -a. The law, effective Aug. 1, makes it a criminal,offense for; For your concrete work call RiU,. Patronize a local company that|Hilligoss. No job too large or sinalL. operates only for local people [Work done to please you. 644-2053. . Bryce Watkmj Empirt KinanceiSTE™E^<r~•CONCRETE. AlS 'Ph. 644-2523 On 109 By-Pass,^ 13 --, ' T ^ Ccir.cnt Work. Walks, stc, ! av.s patni.s. dr. Ph. 7IM-45GO. ASPHALT ALUMix :'*A-Gravel, Sand, Stone NO SD66 UM ROOF COATING IS SH.95 fireTf.^^dir KOR 5 GALLON CAN. <lm •rushed ' NOT $4 !tt AS IN FI.YKR. sonny FOR ERROR. MADISON CO. FARM CO-OP COL-AVE BAIT i TACKLE SI will he closed Monday, August Isl PRECISION FITTING SHOE SIZES 3 TO 18. an;> white, colored or Asian ( O !UHTOIBII Thursday. Ausust-ith be without a registration card. It must be produced if demanded by a law officer. Anyone who fails to register under the law will draw a $50 fine. Excellent d.irk top soil, crusl stone and gr.ivcl. Ph. 643-9824. _ CRUSHED STONF. BLACK H>*. BROWN TOP SOIL. PEAT MOSSi fill dirt. J>»nd_i_gravcl._6«-J3[M.^ i D.-tnk run gr;.vel top, fiil dirt. grad-. inn and driveuay^cut. Ph. 643-6802.,' GRM'ELl-STONE^DIRT ^ GRADING A. H. KELLY PH. 643-5314^Special extra rich topdirt: fill gravel; stone y. 642-9057 or 642-7965. T Wickens Shoes & Serv. 2.1RD fc COLUMBUS AVE J _ Garage Door Screens ZIP-BOLL FIBERGLASS SCREF.N PROVIDES INSECT FREE SUM. MF.R ROOM THAT EASILY "- ~~ I1F.STORE CORNER SHOOTOUT EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (APIA corner Shootout Friday killc<|;RoY.LS • u r TO Ezckial Battle, 36, and seriously RAGE USEi injured Curtis Harris, 32, bolh of East Chicago. Police said the two friends started arguing, then holh pulled guns and started firing at each other. Stone Gravel & Sanc: PHONE 378-3311 ' Driveway Gravel CRUSHED GRAVEL: GA. MYERS SAND * GRAVEL A1 "" ndr " p ' k « ph " ne Harris was to ill to say what caused the argument. ALCOHOLICS ANNONYMOUS P.O. BOXES 1013 ANP 326 PHONE 642-009! Carpet"Linoleum Tile j 1 '." 17-Houling and Moving clit li;iuliiiR. yard work. Hca LARGE SELECTION, LOW PRICES DURGAN'S »TH * MAIN PH. *•_ _ _ i4ui JT fc GARAGE CLEAN", HKAS. PH. i ~ . , NG QIMCK , LIGHT HAULIN

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